Your Gynecologist Wishes You’d Stop Doing THESE 9 Things

We often run to a doctor or start taking medication when we have fever or stomach pain. But there is one area that we do not pay much attention to – gynecology. Reproductive health is something that most women are not as aware of as they should be. This is especially true for Indian women because of the reproductive health taboo. Sexual awareness is considered a sin crime even today in many parts of our country. From everything related to reproductive health, from the knowledge of the changes that will occur in your body to the love and pregnancy, every woman should be educated. Unfortunately, from the bits and pieces of information they receive from their parents, friends and teachers (not to forget pornographic videos and magazines), people think they know all this.

However, to know that something is more harmful than to know nothing at all. And you can do things that can harm your reproductive health. Although some of these mistakes are not so harmful, others can lead to infections and infertility. And these can be long-term problems that will affect your self-esteem and love life. So, in this article, we will introduce you to the nine most common mistakes made by women.

  • Assuming that heavy bleeding is normal
  Assuming severe bleeding is normal


Nobody likes to have their periods, However, periods can tell a lot about your menstrual cycle and reproductive health. If you know your body, you will know how much bleeding you have every day from your period. If you think you have very high bleeding on one of your days or have more than seven to eight days of bleeding, it is a good idea to consult a gynecologist. Also, untimely bleeding and irregular menstrual cycles are something you should seek medical help for.

  • Use of tampons and pads for too long
  Use of tampons and pads for too long


Use of tampons and pads for more than six hours is not healthy. In fact, you should change your pad every three to four hours ( 1 ). Otherwise you may be vulnerable to vaginal infections, urinary infections and rashes ( 2 ). This rule applies even if the flow is not very heavy and you just have spots.

  • Applying Sugar Foods During Suburbs
  Applying Sugar Foods During Suburbs


We try to make our love life best by adding naughty nuances to spice things up. One such fun thing in the partner bedroom is the use of sweet foods like syrups, chocolate sauce and jams in a woman's vaginal area. This is not a healthy thing because it can lead to yeast infections ( 3 ).

  • Using Raw Chemicals in Your Lady Parts
  Using Raw Chemicals in Your Lady Parts


Very often we come across fantastic packaging and advertisements that tempt us to buy harmful products for women's parts . It is not even a good idea to use soap there, and the best thing to do is to stick to your genital wash recommended by your doctor. Always seek the advice of a healthcare professional before purchasing and using any such product.

  • Resumption of love without enough lubrication
  Resumption of love without enough lubrication


Love is passionate. But, couples often forget the importance of lubrication during the action. While the body of men and women produces natural lubricants when excited, it varies depending on many factors. For example, if a woman is not erotically charged by some point, her body may not be able to produce the natural lubricant. The skin inside is very delicate and rubbing, aggravated by dryness, can cause bleeding and pain. In such cases, an artificial lubricant can be used, which you can buy from the shops to avoid injury to the women's parts.

  • Following poor hygiene
  Following poor hygiene


Shower regularly and wear clean clothes daily. Follow good hygiene practices when going to the toilet and pay extra attention to cleanliness when menstruating.

  • Wearing too tight clothes
  Wearing too tight clothes


Wearing bikinis or pants that are too tight can stifle your lady's parts. In fact, if you do not wear breathable clothing, humidity and sweat in the area can attract infections. Also, tight underwear and pants are very uncomfortable. They cause sensitive skin in your personal area to rub against each other and this can lead to painful rashes. To avoid this, always stick to clothes that are loose or that fit perfectly.

  • Unprotected intercourse
  Unprotected intercourse


This is not just something your gynecologist wants you to do. This is something that everyone who loves you wants to do, because unprotected lovemaking can cause STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Herpes, gonorrhea, AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) are some of the most dangerous and even fatal PDBs out there. Also, unprotected lovemaking can lead to an unexpected pregnancy that you may not be ready for.

  • Do not consult a gynecologist when necessary
  Do not consult a gynecologist when necessary


Many women are afraid to consult a gynecologist. This is due either to the initial discomfort they are experiencing or to the taboo attached to reproductive health. These include people who consult with doctors even for a cold. This is something that can be very dangerous for you as infections and problems related to your reproductive parts require as much medical attention as any other part of your body.

To be sure that you are healthy in every way and never suffer because of ignorance, make a conscious effort to educate yourself about reproductive health. Also, make it a habit to perform routine checkups every few months to find anomalies in your early stages.

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