Why Women Don’t Get Out Of Unhealthy Relationships (Real Stories)

Have you ever been in any malicious relationship before? Or do you know someone who was in one? When we hear about someone in a bad or unhealthy attitude, our first question is always such – "Why do not you interrupt it? Why are you staying?" And if you are a person who has never been in such a relationship (* touches a tree * I would never want you ever to. It is always easy to throw away couples and continue with your life. But here's what I'm trying to say in this very complicated article – it's never that easy to "go". Trust me!

Saying NO to malicious relationships and getting out of it can be difficult for many reasons. So here is what I did: I talked to some women who, unfortunately, experienced difficulties in their relationship. They talked about how they still prefer to stick to it for a while when they could say "NO" and choose a better life for themselves. So I understood why they chose to stay; I've put some real stories from real women why they chose to stay in unhealthy relationships. Let's read together.

1. "I stayed because I did not want to be seen as a failure"



Here's what Sneha, whose purpose in life has always been to be the obedient daughter of her parents and now obedient husband to her husband, told me:

"I thrive to be proud of my people. as an achievement for me, I thought that if I do more diligently to satisfy him, I will forgive him a little longer, it will all end, you know, just as the rest of my life has developed more from a child, but it took me a while to figure out that I'm still failing in a phase of my life that never la intended to be successful. "

Should I even explain something here? He wanted to stay because he believed he would do the job anyway. She lived for the happiness of her parents and continued the same pattern, even after her marriage, living for her husband. But, oh, dear women! Do not we have our own lives? If there is any of you who responds to "no", please make a life goal for yourself. A goal that does not fade due to any relationship or other people.

2. "I stayed because I had"



This is what Angels told me, a beautiful mother of two.

"I had to stay with my husband for my two children, I thought they would miss fatherly love, support, and care, yes, he abused me, especially when he came home drunk, but I took everything for my kids. , I finally decided to quit If you wanted to know why, again, my children were the answer, I understood that when I was living with him, I taught my children my sons do not pay attention to women. "

I was so proud from the decision of Anjali. Although she did not do it for her, she did it for her own world, for her children. Nothing can defeat the pain or suffering that a mother spends voluntarily on her children. Neither can anyone dare to fight with a mother who confronts the well-being of their children

3. "I stayed because I was afraid"



This is what Ranny, a 22-year-old girl turned into a stronger and more independent woman, told me: "The main reason I wanted to stay I was afraid I was afraid. I was left alone and I thought I would never find anyone I stayed because it made me feel like I was not worthy to be a partner to anyone It seemed to me that it made me a favor by making peace with me Some of me wanted to get rid of me while another part of me just talked about doubt, because of it, I was convinced that it was worthwhile That was the best thing that life could give me But then things changed when he went to the US to do his masters and I was only in India Then I started to communicate and soon I realized how wrong I was thinking I fell in love with him again, I fell in love with the incredible man who loves me more than I ever loved, and we even plan to get married soon. "

It is extremely important to maintain self-esteem in you and it is even more important to love yourself before loving someone. Thank God that Ranny soon realized that she was an incredible face and that she needed no one to prove she was with her

So these are some stories I thought it was important to share with everyone you. We can never really understand what is happening in the other person's life, but we can always try to understand why they chose to make the decisions they made. Many causes such as children, the fear of extinction on their own, society, financial security, etc. make it difficult for most women to get out of unhealthy, miserable, and malicious relationships

Have you ever been such a phase in life? What do you propose to make a woman at that time? Write us in the comments below

Note: To protect the identity of the author, their names and pictures have been changed.

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