Why Romantic Love Can’t Last Forever And How To Save Your Relationship When It’s Gone

Love is a beautiful sensation and the love of the person you love is invaluable! The clash of emotions that our mind feels when it's in love is all-encompassing, but it still focuses on a man confused, still moody and inexplicable, but it can come up with a million reasons. In short, this is confusing and enchanting in the same spirit.

This muscular feeling of love creates a dream romance when the relationship is in the nascent phase. But over time, the relationship moves to the next level, love can remain (though unexplained and bottled), but romance begins to die. Romantic love does not last forever because there are other priorities that press it against the back. If you have felt strong that your relationship has only a small amount of romance, and it may soon end, read to know what you need to do to save your writhing relationship

Love makes an euphoria

  One Euphoric


Before we get to why romance takes off the window, why not look at what it brings to the muses, romantic feelings of young love in the first place

Donatella Marazziti, researcher at the University of Pisa, Italy decodes the reason behind the crazy feelings that love submit to him. She says the level of adrenaline and phenylethylamine (read: nerve transmitters) increases when two people are attracted to each other. Increasing hormone levels (found in chocolates) makes lovers crazy. In addition, serotonin (ie the "feeling hormone") also increases and this makes a person feel obsessed or lost in thoughts in which one keeps remembering the time spent with his love 1 Hormonal Cocktail Inside The Body

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<p>  A lot of research has recently been conducted to rely on the science of love. When we are attracted to someone, a cocktail of hormones erupts in our body, making us a bit euphoric, a bit lewd, a little protective and very, very dreamlike. Here are the hormones that go crazy in our body and make it Kubid's favorite laboratory! </p>
<li><strong>  Oxytocin: </strong> This hormone is responsible for the feeling of emotional attachment. The feeling of an emotional connection between two strangers is due to the fate mixed with oxytocin in the work. </strong> This hormone is the one responsible for the loyalty. When you love someone, you automatically get protection from the sense of care for each other is nothing but a vasopressin in play </li>
<li><strong>  Dopamine: </strong> This hormone is often called the "hormone of pleasure." The happy and dense feelings when you are with your beloved is because of dopamine. </li>
<li><strong>  Serotonin: </strong> Serotonin is the mood for lifting It is responsible to help us experience happiness and to lighten our mood, which makes us feel cheerful </strong> This hormone is called "stress hormone ". According to experts, the level of cortisol in our blood is high when we are in the early stages of the relationship </li>
<li>. In addition, these are <strong> produced by the sweat glands (both men and women) that cause excessive sweating in the very sight of our beloved </li>
<p>. These hormones form a cocktail and lead us to the edge of almost madness. In the early stages of love, insomnia, lack of appetite, dilation of students, excessive sweating, faster heartbeat and this stunned, lost sight of our faces can easily be attributed to these hormones </p>
<h2>  But Why Romance Forever Forever </h2>
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The feeling of crazy in love is beautiful but temporary. The sharp rise in longing fades over time. During the evolutionary process, human beings needed this jump in the emotions of survival. It would be difficult for our ancestors to eat, seek food and other needs, and protect themselves if they were alone. Love not only creates another generation but also helps couples find a common motto of survival. However, in a period of less than 3 years, our nerve endings become less responsive to the growth of these "love cocktails" hormones

Does this mean the relationship ends

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<p>  We all want to experience the magic of falling in love again, is not it? But did you know that this increase in emotions can cause us a lot of stress? Stable heartbeat and a quieter creature are much more helpful than ever to be euphoric! The end of romance or the disappearance of romance is certainly not the end of the relationship. Oxytocin and vasopressin will continue to maintain the bond in a living couple as well as strengthen it while the couple embraces, kisses, loves or just talks </p>
<p>  If you feel monotonic in your relationship if you think your partner is not your bring flowers and chocolates as it was in the first days if you feel romance Lost … let me tell you that this does not mean deception for your relationship! A comforting embrace, a deep sense of understanding, a kiss, or a long walk can do more wonders for your relationship than anything else. On this note, you and your partner want a blessed relationship. </p>
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