What Matters Most To You In Relationships, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Relationships have always been called complicated no matter how many good times or special moments have gone by. Why do you think this is the case? In our point of view, it could be because we expect the person who loves us to be exactly like us, could be, right? What matters most to you in a relationship may not matter so much to your partner. And that's probably why you feel that being in a relationship is a very complicated thing

So, how do you know what matters most to you or what matters most to your partner in relationships? You do not have to be an intelligent fortune teller for that, just look up in the sky. Do you see stars? There, your answer is up there – we mean in the zodiac signs Your zodiac sign or your partner can give you this information. Read on to know what your zodiac says.

1. Aries



If your zodiac sign reads this, you know that you're ruled by Mars – the planet of motivation and action! Which is why even you are extremely passionate about everything you do. You feel special when you are accomplished with attention, when you are complimented with little surprises, or when you are made to feel like a VIP. The Aries fire in you wants your S.O. also have the same kind of passionate energy, your attraction to your partner will spark if your partner is not enthusiastic

2. Taurus



Being the sign of the Earth, you are known to be very logical and practical. That does not signal there's romance missing in your life. Because hello, you're ruled by Venus which is the powerhouse beauty and love! You love materialistic gifts when someone goes out of their way to please you; you instantly get wooed by them. Also, you love taking things slow, yet in a sensuous manner.

3. Gemini



As a Gemini, you can not hold your interest on one person for long. You live a very busy, fast-paced life and as long as your partner does not ask you to slow down and walks in sync with you, you'll be their partner. You do not get wooed by romantic dates or gifts, what interests you most is the intellectual aspect of your partner. You will remain engrossed with your partner when they take you to untamed locations for vacaying or introduce you to new bedroom ideas – the very idea of ​​keeping you closer to them.

4. Cancer



Hands down you are one of the most emotional signs, you are either 100 percent completely in love or you are 0 percent in love. You will stick to a person when he / she lets you completely into their life. You want to know and be a part of everything that your partner does. You love having ridiculously gushy, romantic moments with your partner.

5. Leo



You're an attention lover! If reassurance that you're the center of your partner's world keeps resurfacing – that's all it takes for you to call your partner forever. You will have all sorts of public display of affection be it giving a kiss on the cheek or your partner making it official on social media. Also, you are a very generous sign who love to give everything. But you even expect return gifts as well. Only then will you stick around.

6. Virgo



You're someone who will work rigorously and endlessly to make your partner's life easier. So when your S.O takes time to pamper you or help you out, you're overwhelmed and overjoyed! You are not the "I'll get you flowers" or "I'll pen down a poem" kind of a person. You are a sign that believes in actions speak louder than words. When you find a person who meets your level of taste and standards (which is rare) only then will you stick with the person

7. Libra



You will love a partner who loves to spend a lot of time. You want your partner to have intelectual conversations with you along with a touch of witty sense of humor. You want your partner to be the real self with you, because even you are the real you with him / her. You love to work with your partner as a team

8. Scorpio



It's a serious thing when you agree to be with someone. You expect transparency with your partner, however, you take your own sweet time to open up and be your real self in front of your S.O. You need a partner whose level of patience is high enough to keep up with your constant probing questions, discussion over taboo topics, and most importantly someone to keep up with your bedroom performance

9. Sagittarius



For you, commitment is scary and you are always on a lookout for a person who can grant you enough freedom. You always want to have your me-time, go on solo adventures. You love doing your way and even when you ask for help from your partner, who expect your partner to do it in a way you will never feel bad about. You are in a lookout for a person who shares the same level of optimism as you do

10. Capricorn



Being a Capricorn, you can never be easily accessable. You present yourself as a very serious person who seems very cold. But the moment someone has successfully passed through this shield of yours, you easily warm them up to them. You become confident only when the other person expresses their love in a serious way to you. An ideal match for you will be the one who is as reliable as you

11. Aquarius



You can not handle relationships well because of your detached nature. You definitely do not believe in love at first sight. You like friends better, so you need a partner who will become best friends with you first and slowly elevate it into a romantic relationship. You are always in a lookout for a partner who will come along to explore the unconventional ideas of yours

12. Pisces



Pisceans are the most emotional zodiac sign. You have the ability to shifting moods from North Pole to South in just the blink of an eye. You want a partner who can accept this kaleidoscopic side of yours. A romantic dinner date, a touching love letter is your favorite way of affection. You want someone who can cope with your emotions and at the same time lets you be yourself

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