What Is The Difference Between Womanism And Feminism?

Not so long ago, women were not even given the most basic rights. Ordinary things like opening a bank account, taking birth control, practicing law, attending Ivy League, appointing a jury, or even watching the Olympics were part of the few things women could not do. Fast forward to a hundred years later, and the unpleasant remnant of oppression remains firmly embedded in our society. In addition to the sad reality that some women are deprived of rights even today, there are plenty of new obstacles that we face in this supposed "equal" world.

The resistance movement appeared in the picture with a vision of promoting an inclusive society and achieving gender equality. through reforms on key issues such as women's selective right, reproductive rights, equal pay and maternity leave. At the root of this fight for women's rights, we find various intertwined movements and social concepts such as feminism and femininity.

If you are reading this to get a clear understanding of the differences between the two, you are in the right

What is femininity?

The concept of feminism is synonymous with equality. The scope of the movements and ideologies that it shares is a common goal: to establish, define and achieve social, economic and political gender equality and Fighting Sexual Stereotypes

]. the Feminist Movement refers to a series of political and social reform campaigns on these issues, such as the selective right of women, equal pay, domestic violence, reproductive rights, maternity leave, sexual harassment and sexual violence, of course, the priorities of the movement differ in different communities and peoples

In the West, feminism has gone through three waves. First wave feminism revolves around electoral law and political equality. Second wave feminism strives to continue the fight against cultural and social inequalities. Third World Feminism continues to address social, cultural and financial inequalities by re-launching the campaign to increase women's influence in the media and politics. It also focuses on our reproduction rights, such as the right to abortion.

The fourth wave of feminism began around 2012 and only reinforces the urgent need for justice in terms of harassment and assault, equal pay for equal work, and positivity of the body. It is gender-based and trans-inclusive. Also, this wave is digitally fed. Feminist discourse on the Internet also plays a huge role. On-line forums and hashtega activity help create a massive community, encourage debates and encourage action.

So, what's the difference between women and feminism?

The most contrasting difference to be taken into consideration is the fact that black women are dealing with three levels of oppression: racism, sexism and classism. This is the place where "long-distance" appears. As a concept, cross-sectoral feminism recognizes how different dimensions of people's lives, such as their sexual identity, gender, race, and class, unite to shape their individual experiences of discrimination.

Although the battle of white women against oppression has come a long way from the struggle against the Victorian model of a weak woman who can do nothing for herself, she is still largely one-dimensional. Women struggle not only for gender equality but also for justice against this tripartite oppression against black men and women

In short, women are dark shadows of feminism that include and represent women's voices and perspectives and color. It sheds light on the experiences of colorful women who have always been in the forefront of the feminist movement and are still marginalized in historical media and texts.

Dr. Lawrence, an American writer and poet, once noted that "the future of mankind will be decided not by relations between nations but by the relationship between women and men." The concept of gender equality highlights the simple idea that both men and women are affected by gender injustice, and each needs the other for true and complete healing.

On a global scale today, we are still obviously struggling against numerous problems. But feminists and women have found their common ground, and this fight for women's rights is becoming more and more comprehensive. Because today the question is: if your activism leaves some women, who do you really fight for?

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