“What I Want Her To Know… But Won’t Tell Her!” 7 Guys Spill The Beans!

It is safe to say that boys are very private creatures. You may think that your friend shares everything with you, but just like you, he retains some things. And it's not from disrespect or malice, or because it cheats you, just telling you straight away is something uncomfortable about it. He prefers to understand yourself!

Now they are not big secrets, and they will not change the dynamics of your relationship in any way, but they will help you better understand your person before! Here are 7 things your man wants you to know, but you never say, as the Coura men share:

1. "We can tell our girlfriends that I love you a thousand times a day, but these are our mothers who come first when it comes to unconditional love. "

You know it's almost the same for you, so do not be surprised if your man put his mother's priority! This woman gave birth to him! If she has not done this and educated him properly, you would not have that incredible person with whom to be. So, take it for what it is and do not be offended

2. – When we meet you, our friends respect you in the same way as your sisters respect. We sacrifice the marriage code to the last drop of blood. "

Man knows you inside, even when he does not pay attention to the clothes that the girl you hate, he knows your real potential, and he is fully aware that you can do a lot more in life , if you just direct your energy in the right direction, which you do most of the time, but it can be done when you're angry. "We are motivated to change ourselves after rejection or disintegration. So, girls, do not be surprised if you dismiss a fat boy and the same guy comes to you after one year with six ABS package! " – Pulkit Gupta

The rejection can look like a cruel thing on the surface, but for one man doing miracles! to make a positive turn of rejection by making all the right changes in oneself and improving for the better!

5. "We love our privacy. Do not let yourself imagine things and blame you for your imagination. If we are loyal, we are loyal to the core. "

And you think he just says about it! Give your guy some credit. harder and more macho and inexorable and away from time to time, but actually he's just soft in. A person who cares deeply about you and wants you to know you're safe and healthy – even if you come back home 3. "When you return home from a tiring day of work during a strangely even distribution when the DTC buses are clogged, we slaughter AME to stand up to you. We leave the seat only to stop the man behind you – who is trying to bite you – keeping an eye on him. " – Shibam Pandi

The boys are very protective of their girls, and instead of saying so, they do it silently. You may not be your dreamer in shining bumper but they are no less fierce than one if they see your safety threatened by a sexual predator

If you want to know more about what the boys want to know but always hesitate to tell you directly, read the full thread of Quora here Also share this post with a friend who can use some insight into her husband's mind

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