Types Of Body Fat And Ways To Get Rid Of It Without Stressing

From Sonam Kapoor to Sonakshi Sinha, there are many celebrities who have gone through rigorous workouts and diets to get a physique free of fat and yeast. But there is a question: are they all following the same pattern of exercise? Why not? It's simple – body fat in every person's body is different. You may have a pear-shaped body with a heavy lower body while your friend may have an athletic body but with a lot of back. There are different kinds of body fat, but it is definitely not a universal logic. So, we've done homework and listed the different types of fat and the ways you can melt them.

1. Lower Abdominal Fat

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If you have not filled your stomach until you feel it will explode and you still have enough fat to live happily at the bottom of Belly fat is usually the result of depression, anxiety, or stress 1 ) This is common in women, but nowadays men and women tend to cause Because of stress, we indulge in and unhealthy habits, and this leads to unhealthy eating.And the stress hormone – cortisol plays a role here

Try to meditatingor to save yourself in yoga classes to calm down, and start eating cleaner

2. Upper Body Fat

  2. The upper body fat


Daily average is believed to consume a limited number of calories (the upper limit is about 2800 for men and 2000 for women) based on age, lifestyle, physical activity, n. ( 3 ). If you do not burn even half the calories of what you consume, then obviously there is more food in the body than you need. This way you build the upper body fat. The body continues to accumulate this and therefore puts weight. Save Your Calorie Consumption Proportionately To Your Physical Activity

How Do We Deal With This?

Include at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise like walking or swimming in your routine. Stay away from sugar and see the changes for yourself ( 4 ).

3. Lower Body Fat



No matter how smooth the upper part of your body slides into this nice dress you've picked up at the mall, these thundering thighs will surely steal the thunder, not allowing the dress to fit. These heavy thighs are disturbing. They can cause rashes on the inside of your thighs, cause knee pain, and reduce your flexibility in many ways. The reason for a heavier lower body is the excessive consumption of gluten 5 )

How To Deal With This

While we can still get to the sky to the end it can move on the stairs to weight loss. Tune your legs with a lot of climbing. And most importantly, they do not contain gluten because it is a culprit that increases the body's lower body fat content

4. Santa Claus

  4. A Santa Claus Stomach


We all know the good old belly beer, right? The swollen stomach is usually the cause of regular alcohol consumption ( 6 ). So, the next time you get drunk, if you think your legs are gone, look closer. Your big belly covers it

How to deal with this?

Number of your photos! Reduce alcohol because most of the calories from drinking alcohol become fat in the belly. Also, take off your food and eat small portions every few hours. This will increase your metabolism.

5. Fat in the legs

  5. Fat Legs


Those with leg problems such as pain or varicose veins usually have heavy legs. Also, if you are pregnant, you will notice a heavier lower body and thicker legs due to swelling

How To Deal With This

Excess fat in the legs can be avoided by keeping salty foods off by hand, the sedentary lifestyle is a direct ticket for lower body fat ( 7 ). So, make it point to move every 30 minutes. You can also lie down with high legs to prevent fluid filling in the lower legs.

6. Severe stomach with upper spine

  6. Heavy stomach with upper spine


So far we have noticed the fact that inactivity is like the golden obesity and fat ticket, is not it? So, here is the same fact. Too much sitting and feeling of processed or unhealthy food can add more pounds to your stomach and upper back.

How to deal with this?

To keep your stomach in pack, eat more fiber ( 8 ). It helps digestion and will keep your body functioning to break down fat.

With age comes the big responsibility for making money (reading like peanuts), the stress of coping with social life (if you have one, you are lucky) and the management of our families. If there is time at all, we dedicate it to our bodies. And that is how we make the way to fat. Let's change the game a bit and focus on our body. Guess your body type and burn fat with these techniques. You can send us a big fat thank you later!

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