Top 15 Designer Jewelry Brands In The World

Diamonds are our best friends and this is a cliché that we should not apologize for. No matter what one says, jewelry remains a big part of our dress and personality. While some of us dream to buy rock Tiffany for our wedding, some of us want a set of original earrings from Chanel. Either way, we all have our dreams. But when you dream, dream big or nothing. So, today, let's look at the top 15 most expensive brands designers.

15 Most Popular Brand Designer Jewelry Brands

1. Tiffany & Co.

  1. Tiffany & Co


Tiffany & Co has a powerful heritage attached to the name and is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about designer jewelry. Initially, he set up a shop in 1837 under the names Tiffany, Young and Ellis, and later became Tiffany & Co. and expanded its base to London and Paris. He is known for making world class jewelry, whether it be diamonds, solitaire or platinum. Jackie Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor and many famous people are all their loyal customers.

2. Cartier

Louis Cartier, a French designer, founded Cartier in 1847 in Paris. In a few years, she gained popularity in making fine jewelry and expanding her base in other major cities around the world. In 1947, Cartier created the legendary panther brooch with splashed diamonds and the most beautiful gems. It attracts the attention of the world as well as the Princess of Windsor, who is really enchanted by this masterpiece. Cartier makes a different version than what is still the most anticipated piece every year. It is also famous for the best and rare jewelry auction

3. Bvlgari

Bvlgari is an Italian brand that began at the end of the 18th century by the Greek immigrant Sotirios Voutazaris. Bvlgari signature jewelery is made of multicolored stones and diamonds that are truly exquisite and unique. His most famous collection is "Serpentina", where jewelry such as watches, necklaces and bracelets are wound in the shape of a snake and are covered with diamonds and colored stones

4. Harry Winston

  4. Harry Winston

Harry Winston launched the brand in 1932 and died in 1978. The company retained its name and continued to produce costumes and designer jewelry using diamonds and precious stones. His jewels are very sophisticated, elegant and structural, and you will know when you see them. Celebrities continue to choose Harry Winston on red carpets even to this day because designers keep a vintage aesthetically intact while designing modern jewelery.

5. Van Cliff and Arpeles

Van Cleef & Arpels is another French designer of the Art Deco era. It was started by Alfred Van Cleef in collaboration with his uncle Salmon Arpeles. Her jewelery is all about the old world charm and the road breaking gems techniques for making watches, rings, earrings and necklaces. Van Clef is also known for his futuristic designs as "Mysterious Adjustment," which is a setting that produces the best exposure of any gemstone.

6. Chopard

Started by David and Sybil Yurman in New York in 1980, this American brand of jewelry came much later than the other big brands. But hey, that's no less than other big names in the industry. It makes jewelry to meet the many needs of women – whether it is for a red carpet event or as a daily essence. Her signature piece is the "cable motif", which includes everything covering a silver, platinum or golden strand and stones-covered or polished left. Celebrities are often spotted to wear David Yurman

8. Buccellati

With rich cultural heritage and culture, Buccellati is famous for its incomparable quality and design in gold and silver jewelery with diamonds and stone sprawled forms of insects and animals that are beautifully crafted in exquisite pieces.

9. Boucheron

Chanel is a French label that is not news for any of us. The luxury fashion house was launched in 1909 by the legend – Gabriel or Coco Chanel. Coco Chanel is famous for his revolutionary projects and for the faith, the utterance and the making of clothes that marry the female elements with the male element in a way that does not stereotype women, but takes the best of them. Chanel is in the design of sophisticated modern jewelery and luxury sculptured diamond collections.

12. Dior

Christian Dior is the master of his game, whether it's clothing, handbags, perfumes or jewelery. The brand's expansion in jewelery production occurred in 1950 as it is a natural progression and something that complements its existing product line. Dior is in jewels that fall on both ends of the spectrum – from intensely inlaid multicolored gems to gorgeous jewels – they know the pulse of the market and its customers. Mikimoto

If you are in pearls, you should have heard about the Micimoto, a company creating pearl jewelry with the highest quality and design. It starts with a Japanese designer named Mikimoto Kokichi, who first made cultivated pearls. It began in 1899 in Tokyo and then spread its wings to all major cities in the world such as London, New York, Bombay, Shanghai, Paris and others.

14. H. Stern

Stern is a Brazilian designer shop that was launched in 1945 by Hans Stern, of German origin. After his death, his son Robert Stern takes over the company and focuses on taking on his father's legacy by expanding his business with innovative designs. H. Stern's jewelry collections are unique in nature because most of them are made with creative inspiration from man or cultural event in history. From Hollywood celebrities to everyone else in the world, H. Stern has a strong presence and a loyal customer base

15. Graff

  Laurence Graff began his career as a designer in England when he was only 15 years old and continues to work as a great jeweler to become his profession. So he started creating a Graf diamonds company - with his first store in 1962 and several stores soon in London. Besides designing exquisite diamond jewelery, he is known for buying famous diamonds and resets them. His best work involves working with a 600-carat diamond, which is a testimony to his talent and his command of techniques. </p>
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