This Is The Real Truth About Lying To The Love Of Your Life

We all have lied to our partners at some point in life or the other, have not we? The reality is this-we often end up deceiving the ones we oh-so-honestly love with some big or innocuous lies. Not all lies are told with a bad intent, right? We lie to the love of our lives with the intention of not seeing them go through agony. And sometimes, we just lie to save both of us the pain of a fight that could lead to serious cracks in our relationship. Yes, lying is not the best thing to do, but sometimes you choose to do so because you love him / her so much that you would rather add more sins to your account than hurting them

We all know that there is no definition for love and we strongly agree that the same applies to "a lie" as well. You just can not define it as it could be for both good and bad. Keeping this distinction in mind, we've laid down a couple of lies that we often end up telling our partners even when we know that lies lie to sin.

"I'm Fine"

 "I'm Fine."


You'll have surely heard this phrase and we're also sure that you ' in uttered the same words umpteen number of times even when you were not a tad bit fine. This is one of the most commonly spoken white lies.

We know why you must've told this – it could be as simple as that you just were not in the mood to talk about your problem to your partner.

Whatever the reason might be, we still suggest that if it's a problem that your partner deserves to know then be vocal about it. 19659003] "Umm … I Have Only One Boyfriend"

 "Umm ... I Have Only One Boyfriend"


The fear of being judged is what will make you lie about the number of exes you've had in your life. We know it! And we totally get it. But if you're already dating the person to whom you say this, you'll know for sure the reaction of his nature. And if your partner is very understanding and broad minded then do not lie about this. "I Agree With You"

 "I Agree With You"


Being in a relationship is all about having each other back in times of happiness and distress. We are sure that you have often caught yourself agreeing with your partner when they are in argument with someone else just because you did not want the love of your life to lose the word war. We'll call it the solidarity of a relationship and we're proud of you if you've done it

But when it's just you and your partner makes a statement that you strongly disagree on, be vocal about it. Do not give in and say, "You're right. I agree! "You have your own mind and you have your own ways of making sense of things in this world. ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

"I Never Think Of My Ex" ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

"I Never Think Of My Ex" ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


It's practically impossible to peeps unless and until you're a person like Ghajini or you've permanently lost your memory. Your ex is definitely a part of your life. And you will surely remember some moments (good or bad) spent with your ex. It's clearly not intentional, it's just your brain doing it's work of keeping alive alive. Let the brain do it's work, be happy it's working fine. And you, on the other do not have to lie about it to your partner. Let them know that you have no feeling for your ex but that chapter is just a part of who you are today. If your partner is possessive then we would suggest that you give them the assurance that there is nothing more to that thought

"We'll Go If You Really Want It"

 "We'll Go If You Really Want To "


Do not say this. If you do not want to go with your partner outside, just say "NO." This is a lie we do not recommend. Because if you end up with your partner when you are in no mood to do so, you will not have a good time. Half-hearted presence is not what your partner wants. It's a good thing to say no and let your partner go and have a good time on their own. (19659002) We often assume that if we are lying to our partner with a "good intent", it's not really a bad thing. But, if things can be done right, never lie and complicate it. All we're trying to say is that you are the best judge here; you know what will work in favor of both the relationship and you. So choose that path and walk on it. What's your say on this?

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