Six Bridal Shower Games That Aren’t Super Boring

Yes, we were all in the bridal shower, who was lame and dull to say the least. You do not want to be a party, so you play, no matter how boring. It's easy to mess things up when it comes to games to play during bridal showers. You do not want to throw a bridal shower or be in one that turns into a festive fest. So how can you make things exciting and entertaining?

1. The New Game on Wednesday

  The New Game of the Sun


Aah! Classic game with honeymooners. You must have seen funny videos of it. This is a good way to start the party. Make a list of questions like those you paid at the first date? Who made the first move? or who first? You can make a video of the groom and play it to see if it corresponds to the bride's answer. Your curious guests would like that. Do not forget to entertain him. You can move it by asking her to shoot every time something wrong happens by asking some interesting, less obvious questions. If the bride does not drink, you can make her chew gold or put candies in her mouth every time something wrong happens.

2. Find Guest

  Find Guest


You will have guests who meet for the first time. This game serves as the perfect icebreaker for the ladies. Every game that is interactive is fun. You can make a checklist like the one who does not like pets, or who is the wild, and many others. Ask the ladies to know who is on the list. This will make them speak for sure and will be fun to watch.

3. The Ring Game

  The Ring Game


Get a bunch of plastic rings for every guest. Give them at the start of the shower. When you hear someone say "wedding," you are allowed to steal the ring. Whoever has the most rings at the end of it, wins. And guess what, get a reward.


  Ideas for night-time


Prepare yourself with a pile of beautiful cards and shiny pens. Ask everyone to write their favorite night-time ideas. You can read them aloud or put them in a box the bride can read later. It can be of benefit to you for the many days of the weekend that the couple expect. You can also offer ideas on how to fix things in the bedroom or share some funny stories about your night.

5. Cold feet

  Cold feet


No, we're not talking about a game that will change the bride's mind. We would not want to do that to the bride. This game will give you literally cold feet. You can put a bunch of toy rings in a bucket of ice cold water. You do not need to have toy rings, you can use everything of that kind to have fun. You can set a time of 1 minute or 2 minutes. Guests can immerse themselves in the icy water, including the upcoming bride.

Anyone who pulled out the most rings within the set timeline will win a prize. Chinese Whisper

  Chinese Whisper


Who does not like this game? You can add an exciting twist to it by asking everyone to whisper a short toast for a wedding. You can whisper a wishful thinking to the future bridegroom, sit back and relax when you hear that the latter says loudly. And it does not have to look like how grass grows. We hope that we have made your work with these bridal games easier. All you have to do now is send an invitation to all your guests to join the fun. Do you remember Monica fucking Rachel's baby, forgetting to call her? Make sure you invite everyone who would like the newlyweds to be there with her. ].

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