Science Explains 6 Reasons Why Kissing Your Partner Every Day Can Help You Live Longer

We all know the good popular saying, An apple a day keeps the doctor away but we offer you an exciting twist to this proverb. How about A good kiss a day keeps the doctor away? Although all the elders may come to us with the moral police broomstick to erase this "wrong" thought, we have more than one reason to pay attention to these words and go ahead. The kiss is considered to be the most beautiful expression of love and desire. But science has supported this magical expression of love with some facts that work to our advantage to reap great health benefits. Yes, you are reading this right, kissing your partner is actually beneficial to your health. It seems we have more reasons to kiss our partners now!

After all, a kiss is all she needs so here is the list of reasons why you should start to tilt the path to your good health –

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1. Kiss Away Seena fever

  Kiss Away Seena fever


No jokes! As science has, a 30-minute kiss session can actually weaken the symptoms of hay fever, allergy caused by pollen or dust ( 1 ). Throughout these years of fear of passing microbes together and preserving virgin lips, here is another fact – studies show that good kissing can prevent the growth of immunoglobulin E antibodies in the blood 2 ). Why this is important, you may ask. Well, the presence of these antibodies leads to the release of histamine, resulting in allergic symptoms such as watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing.

2. The kiss reduces the blood pressure

  The kiss reduces the blood pressure


Well, too many kisses can pump the blood to the wrong places, but usually kisses can soothe hypertension 3 ). Making it does not just make you emotionally competing your heart, but also make it a healthy way. This lowers blood pressure and expands blood vessels. Therefore, blood flows steadily to all vital organs in the body.


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<p>  If you have menstrual cramps or a breakhead headache, all you have to do is kiss your partner ([No<a href= 4 ). No one in the proper state of mind and the poor state of pain would want to enter a hot make-up session, but believe us in this, the expansion of the blood vessels exported by a long flame can actually alleviate the pain. Instead of shrinking in a pain of pain, ask your partner to snuggle up to you and kiss this pain literally! No wonder Enrique Iglesias sings, I can be your hero, dear, I can kiss the pain.

4.Cutting Cavalry Struggles

  Caught Cavities

Shutterstock in Your Mind When We Call A Kissing Marathon? Like the smooth? Well, whatever this picture is, put it into action because it can give you the freedom of life for the dentist. That's right, kissing can hold the cavities. When kissing, there is a lot of saliva that is secreted (I know it sounds rough when it is explained) and that's the mechanism that gets rid of the teeth plate that is responsible for cavity formation 5 ), Who still has time to garter when you can kiss the cavity?


  Shutterstock [19659907] We often see characters in movies that warm the screen with passionate kisses and making love even when their characters are facing a crisis in the movie. Well, there is a reason for that. When you feel stressed or depressed and exhausted, everything you need is a bit of happiness, is not it? Love and kissing can release these happy hormones - serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin (<a href= 6 ). It helps you revive, relax and refresh. This makes your brain feel good.

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No, you can not miss the gym and stay at home kissing your partner hoping it will help you burn calories, but you can always add to the burning of your calories. On average, a vigorous makeup session (like those you probably see in movies and you feel uncomfortable because your parents are around) can burn up to 2-5 calories per minute ( 7 ). As long as you are fully involved in making, be sure to burn calories. So how many minutes will you miss today? * wink wink *

Additionally, kissing is a barometer for sexual compatibility . Before you get into your birthday suit and before you warm up between sheets, kissing can be an excellent way to determine if your partner is sexually compatible. Also, obviously, kisses can give you a lifting (look) . ( 8 ) When you are engaged in language and facial muscles in the fight with your partner, you actually help tone your facial muscles. Pretty good, huh? This saves us money!

With all these health benefits there's no reason not to kiss!


Now we know why Sean Mendes sings the song … Without my kisses I will need stitches If someone has been devoid of kissing and related health benefits from kisses , they would prefer to hold their lips! What do you think? Will you use these benefits to your advantage now?

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