Sara Ali Khan’s Weight Loss Story – How She Beat PCOS

Sara Ali Khan is the most talked about Bollywood celebrations at the moment. The 25-year-old, almost sleepy beauty has caught everyone. Moreover, people let people wonder: "Is not she the same dumb child that we saw in the wedding of Saif and Careyna and other paparazzi?" She embraced her new role as a Bollywood actor with ease. But it was not for her. Because Sarah is fighting PCOS, a hormonal disorder that causes weight gain, excessive hair growth, irregular periods, and even infertility. Many women around the world are struggling. That is why talking about Sara Ali Kahn's weight loss travel is important. Continue reading to find out what she has done to lose 30 pounds and become comfortable in her own skin

Sara Ali Khan Fights with PCA

] her fight with the PCOS of Koffee with Karan. PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal disorder affecting women of reproductive age. The main symptoms of PCOS are excessive weight gain, irregular periods or no periods, hair and face growth, and male baldness

If you look at Sarah's old paintings, you can clearly see that it has come a long way. In Koffee with Karan, Karan Johhar showed several old videos and asked about her weight. She said, "I was 96 pounds." It would be almost rude to call you fat, "he told you (pointing to his father, Saif Ali Kahn), actually I had a PCOD, and I still do it, and that's why I think I've loaded with weight So there was a hormonal problem. "At that point, she was interrupted by her father, Saif, who asked," Was it nothing to do with the pizzas you had? "

She said," Of course, I ate a lot. I had a lot of time. I was a regular child. It made it very difficult for me to. lose weight and b. the level of hormones is very high. So, as you can see, there is some degree of delusion that was in me … I was confident I was misguided. "

This answer revealed that Sarah's diet was not healthy, which leads us to the next question, how did he lose 30 pounds [19659903] How Sara Ali Khan lost 30 pounds

Sarah Ali Khan revealed that she works regularly. She said: "Every day, training the Bollywood music on a treadmill as quickly as possible." She also trains with Nora Purrochit, instructor of Careana Capor Kahn (mother of Sarah) Pilates. Pilates was originally invented to restore soldiers and help them recover from injuries. It includes training for body strengthening, training and flexibility.

Sarah Ali Kahn also trains under Cindy Jourdain, Shoe Trainer for Shahid and Mira Kapoor. The training camp includes a combination of aerobic and training exercises that help build endurance and strength.

Sara Ali enjoys a mixed workout and prevents her from getting bored with the same routine.

Here I want to pause and tell you that Sarah Ali Kahn does not believe everyone should lose weight to look good or join the movies. In general, symptoms of PCOS improve when your diet and lifestyle changes. Looking or feeling good is just the by-product.

Asked why she felt the need to lose weight, she said, "Of course, in many ways, we as industry progress and accept, but after saying this, it is not just a reception, it is also a personal thing. trying to have a zero figure will not happen and I'm fine with that But you also do not have to be 96 pounds In addition to acting just that is not a healthier way of life I was really big and without reason This mixes your hormones, your health – mentally, physically emotional – it's just a bad place. "

"I have never gained confidence in the way I look, but I think people more than me think it's important to people, not to me." [19659002] Simply put, she wanted to be healthy and what it looked like did not matter to her as much as to others.

weight loss, especially for people with PCOS, can be really difficult. But Sara Ali Kahn showed her utter determination and desire to lose weight in order to improve her health. She has made her place in the hearts of millions to show such grace by talking about a healthy complication that not many women have the courage to discuss on national television

Take inspiration from her and do not give up your fitness goals, Eat and exercise regularly. You will surely see an improvement. Back to top View user's profile Send private message Post Reply with quote View user's profile Send private message Send e-mail Visit poster's website

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