Samantha And Chinmayi Trolled For Slamming Sandeep Reddy, Their Epic Reply Burns Trolls

Kabir Singh The already scandalous sheriff of Shahid Kapoor, who entered the club for two hundreds just a few days after his release, spreads as a social media epidemic. People have taken sides based on the myozogical content of the movie, and this includes people in the industry. Even after many articles have been written to criticize the film to resist such an image of the relationship, there is still much waiting for this controversial film and its team. Samuelka Akkenien, a singer from Tamil / Samiland and singer Chinmei Shripaada, shot Sandeep Reddy, the director of the controversial film, to glorify abuses. Now the trolls are on a field day with Sandeep Reddy's answer.

The actress and singer, who are known to have strong opinions, turned to the internet after seeing Reddy's interview with Anupama Chopra. In the interview he said, " If you do not have the freedom to strike one another, then I do not see anything (love) there."

Well, it is not really surprising to hear this from the director of Kabir Singh after watching the movie, right? Now let's take a look at how Samantha and Chinmaye's comments sparked ugly spitting online within just a few hours after the interview.

  Instagram </strong></p>
<p>  Samantha shared an article in Instagram on Sandeep Reddy's interview with Anupama Chopra as her story and added "deeply disturbing" </p>
<h2>  "Deeply disturbing" – Samantha </h2>
<div id=  "Along with her. However, she was criticized by people who said she had "double standards" because she appreciated <em> Arjun Redy </em> and is now offended by the director's comments. They also dug scenes in which Samantha was tapped by a male actor to call her a pseudo-feminist. [19659909] Samantha hit the comments and troll of hate with her epic response – "I love the movie … and disagree with the comment are two different things </p>
<div id=  Samantha and Chinmaye trolls hustling Sandeep Reddy, their epic response Burns Trolls . I loved the story of <em> Arjun Reddy </em> "… not a summary that love means having the freedom to slap people around." With her latest movie <em> Oh Baby </em> does very well in the box Samantha probably stands at a level too high to hear the haters. <strong> The Commune </strong> believed that "<strong> If a person is deeply connected with you – He will never put his hands on YOU" </strong></p>
<div id=  Samantha and Chinmaye trolley for slamming Sandeep Reddy, their epic answer Burns trolls

chinmayisripaada / Instagram

Reddy's Interview to Social Media. She writes: "If a man is deeply connected to you – He will never put his hands on you. He will NEVER slap you. HE NEVER WILL BE GOOD WITH YOU without your consent. The women (and the young boys) have been told that eons that beating is a sign of * Love * / * Discipline *. This is an abuse! "

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She publishes a long topic on the same theme to make it happen

And as expected, Sandeep Reddy's supporters and his idea of ​​"male" love did not let Chinamayi get away with his tweaks. They dragged film references from centuries ago and criticized it for not believing her words.

Not only Samantha and Chinmaye express disagreement with Reddy's idea of ​​love. His comments on love are clearly reflected in Kabir Singh and the Netizens, who did not support his ideology, lost him this time after the interview. They slammed the director to justify abuse in Twitter, while the rest of Twitterat took Reddy's side.

"What arrogant sexist punks this guy #SandeepReddyVanga is! And insecure as hell. His film is a monstrous hit, and yet he's worried about what critics have to say. And no Mr. Vang, you call someone fat – it's gross, insulting, indifferent and very politically incorrect "- Aseem Chhabra, expressed in Twitterat.

Rady applauded his remarks about the love and depiction of the reality he made during the interview, appreciating his honesty and courage to speak with his consciousness without worrying about the criticisms his film faces. they stepped on Anupama Chopra to point out

"They are all fake feminists who play smart, but the audience is not a fool, they slapped, laughed and applauded, because the maker of #Sanju is the husband of Anupama? It is also a kind of Nepoptism and I support #SandeepReddyVanga #KabirSingh – writes Tarun Sharma, an offensive fan

It is surprising that even young girls support movies such as Kabir Singh . With this kind of collection and fan after Sandeep Reddy and his movie we can not stop wondering what the love idea is for millions of people who really like the movie. Do you like Kabir Singh ? What do you think about Sandeep Reddy's remarks? Let him know in the comments below. Samantha and Chinmayi trolls for Slamming Sandeep Reddy, their epic answer Burns Trolls appears first on Banner Image Credits: shahidkapoor / Instagram STYLECRAZE .

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