Ranking Of Worst To Best Girlfriends According To Their Zodiac

Every woman is different. Some of them have more shades of gray and some are flawlessly white. While your nature acts as a key factor in your certification as an "ideal" friend, it is not the only factor that plays a role. Your zodiac sign also plays an important role as it is responsible for the control and even the determination of your central personality traits!

  Rank № 12: Scorpio </h2>
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Women with Scorpio as their sign for sunshine proves that the following ranking of the worst to the best girlfriends according to the zodiac is the worst girlfriends If we can believe in astrology The scorpions are very honest and do not bother talking about the harsh truth no matter how For them it is difficult to deal with difficult situations and have a bad language and they make mistakes, albeit as loving as they are!

Rank No. 11: Virgo

  Rank No. 11 Virgo


They make a lot of effort in their relationship but always think that their partner is dissatisfied, which leads to some strange behavior They get jealous and insecure easily, constantly need comfort from their partner

Place # 10: Aries

  Location № 10 Aries

Shutterstock [19659005] Aries's casual friends always have many thoughts moving in their minds that can make them change their flip key. They always rush into everything and dominate, ruling over their men with iron grip. Their impulse can be the death of a bond.

Rank No 9: Taurus

  Rank № 9 Taurus


Taurus women are not very expressive and usually act as hesitant lovers. As friends, they tend to escape the problems instead of facing them. They are also very independent and consider links as a constraint. The women of the bull's board prefer to stay alone, not to settle with a partner who is not perfect.

Rank # 8: Cancer

  Rank # 8 Cancer

They are emotional, expressive and drown their partner in love and warmth! They are also caring and passionate. But they can be very demanding and expect their partners to do whatever they do for them.

Class No. 7: Leo

  Rank No. 7 Leo


Comes almost in the middle, the women of the lion sign are very brave. They are adventurous and love to explore everything, expecting their partner to share their enthusiasm and experience. Leo women are also very loyal partners. The only warning is that they are hard to love because of their too strong personality!

Rank № 6: Aquarius

  Rank № 6 Aquarius


Aquarius are perfect partners for those who have a strong sense of appreciation and understanding nature. Aquarians are quite decent and respect their respect for themselves. That's why they tend to leave when someone deliberately tries to hurt them.

Rank # 5: Gemini

  Rank # 5 Gemini


We are officially in the top 5 and enter 5 th From dual nature, they can be both angelic and demonic friends. They have a fascinating personality and prefer the adventures of stability. The love of freedom, Geminis are not suitable for those who are looking for a stable relationship.

Rank № 4: Libra

  Rank № 4 Libra


Both equality and respect. They are quiet and calm with a very exiting and attractive personality. However, they are not very expressive. So it depends on your partners to create a safe environment for them to express themselves

Rank № 3: Capricorn

  Rank № 3 Capricorn


Occupying 3 rd ] position in the list of best friends of the zodiac, Capricorns are determined and ambitious with a strong desire for a dream perfect relationship. Although they may be dominant partners, they are always ready to cope with any challenge in a relationship. They are advocates, caring, loyal and honest friends.

Rank No. 2: Fish

  Rank No. 2 Fish


An interior of nature, Piscean's girlfriends do not express their feelings easily. They are extremely reliable and keep the darkest secrets and wishes of their partner. That's their willingness to sacrifice everything for a beautiful future and the safety of their loved ones, which makes them great friends! They are loyal and honest with emotional touch.

Place # 1: Sagittarius

  Place # 1 Sagittarius


It's time for a royal drum as the best friend of the Sagittarius zodiac! Sagittarius women are passionate and devoted lovers. They work hard to link their last relationships and are the most understanding partners. However, they can get insecure from time to time. So, it depends on their partner to assure them that they are as committed to their relationship as their loyal friend of the Sagittarius.

Do not be disappointed and discouraged if your zodiac does not reach the top 3. We again emphasize: every woman is different. And we're sure you're a beautiful girlfriend in your own way!

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