Please Don’t Tell Me That You Aren’t Looking For Anything Serious

I do not intend to fight the men there. I have always wanted to write an old article about them, not to engage in courage, just to make them understand that women and their priorities in today's world are a little irritated. And yes, a little about how women think about their relationships (these days).

What is what blows the woman these days when it comes to relationships? Think, think! (Take a minute or more) If you think you do not give enough attention to the woman or you ignore it, there are serious blows, you are wrong! Maybe it was the 80s. Now, if someone abuses the woman, she will take her crown and hit the door of the man's face. She will regret the man losing a woman like her. Yes, women are not relaxing and no longer diving. They just want a simple and less complicated life.

So, what's the main Blow Off then

  So, what's the main Blow Off then


that you're all familiar with this line: "I'm not looking serious. Did you know that a sudden outburst of anger and a sense of frustration from head to toe? I can feel you completely! This can be considered the most violent blow you ever had.

This is a different thing if you both have begun a mutual connection in the note that this is a casual ejection or that there is no future. But if you have spent months and years with each other, and if things have evolved and progressed into something more than you have imagined, it is something that can be obtained from a woman's nerves. As a woman, if you find yourself in such a situation, go ahead and ask, "What do you mean when you say the word serious here?"

But women are looking for something serious

<img class = "size-full wp-image-482044" src = " Well, ladies, you all have to be a little frightened of engagement. You are afraid that if you give us an important, concrete place in your life, you may lose control of your own life and put the opposite sex, which you have always considered to be insignificant on a pedestal (rolls) .Not every woman is looking for a "serious relationship." And that said that every woman has her own way of dealing with her relationships – some of them with but in the long run and others just for fun.Maybe your friend's lady is waiting for you to get up on her knees and marry her But that's his wife Not every woman there is looking for a lasting commitment Maybe everything, we are all in the age of "we can not eat, sleep, or live without you" and we've made our lives all for ourselves.

You must understand that not all women there are looking for the same kind of seriousness. Perhaps, their understanding of serious relationships is different; it can be as simple as a date for the weekend and nothing more. "Serious" does not necessarily mean marriage. This can only mean exclusivity. Not all women are like the heroes of romantic movies where everything they want is arranged life with their romantic partner

Probably we are serious about our lives

  We are probably serious about our lives

Shutterstock [19659006] that there is nothing wrong with women who want to touch and start living in a family, there are others who still do not hear wedding bells in their ears. Yes, maybe 5 or 10 years down the driveway, when we're sure of you and we know we want to take our relationship to the next level, we can expect you to make such a commitment from you that you kindly show to your videogames or that couple riding boots. But for beginners, we just need fun time with you (when both of them have time)

That's it

Are not you looking for something serious? Good for you

  You do not want anything serious about you


I say this because we women have too many things in life to be serious – bucket list, getting favorite hedge pairs from the dream design taking our parents to sleep, spending the frozen lake in the Himalayas and many more. And honestly, every time you say you are not looking for something serious about a woman, on the other hand, she can think the same, maybe she does not want to have anything serious about you. It is not the one that tries to change you as a person or tries to leave you on a radar that covers her idea of ​​perfect relationships. Perhaps it is the one that allows you to be yourself and do your thing. But if you push it for your own uncertainty, you may not be mature enough to deal with it, or you're just skeptical about getting into something worthwhile in the long run. If you tell a woman that you are not looking for something serious, make sure that you do nothing to feel that it is a huge part of her life. Do not stand at the door or block the door, or go in or out.

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