People Who Are Late: Things You’ll Relate To If You Are Late All The Time Everywhere

We all have that friend who comes late no matter what. Even if they just sit at home and get bored, if someone calls you to hang out, you'll still be late. If you are the friend we are talking about, we feel you. It's not that you do it on purpose, right (or not)? Either you remember all the things you need to do before you go out only when you call from your friends, or you just don't want to get out of the cozy sofa where you are sunk. Or sometimes you forget that you have to be somewhere and people are waiting for you. That's an honest mistake, isn't it?

Being born as a distracted person is not your fault and sometimes you really wonder what the big deal is in being a few minutes late. Well, that's the irony of this – you'll never know what it's like to wait for someone. In fact, it is quite annoying. But, we also understand your problems. Laughing, shouting, lecturing and much more about being late. So, we decided it would be funny to show you the mirror for a while (without making any judgments) and here it is!

1. When you say you're leaving, time just flies!

<img class = "size-full wp-image-564404" src = " Time-Just-Flies.gif "alt =" When you say you're leaving, time just flies! You're so bored that you just want to go out and be with other human beings. Finally, when your friend called you, you too say you will meet them, hell breaks loose. You remember that you have to wash dishes before your mother goes home, take your dog for a walk and clean your room. And you don't know what to wear, so you have to to remove the pile of cloth from your closet to your bed. Now it starts The auditions and the ramp walk in front of the mirror, right? No wonder you're late every time.

2. You go in and see angry faces


Well, isn't it nice to go into a room full of people ready to throw themselves at you like a pack of hungry wolves? You get glare and the verbal version of glare before you even start explaining your apology for coming late.

3. Your friends never trust you in emergencies


Well, what did you expect? You obviously won't be there in time, so your friends never rely on you whenever they need something urgent to do.

4. Feeling Too Lazy And Tired Of Nothing


Even if you do nothing all day long and feel relaxed, once you know you have to go somewhere, you become a whole other person. This man is lazy as lazy and slow as a snail. Finally you will be late as usual.

5. You get long boring late lessons


Your friends continue to give you long lectures about the value of time and how you play them each time. Oh well, you probably didn't hear much of it because you were going to play Planet Of The Apes inside your mind. There is also a great chance that your mind will only sleep while your eyes look straight at their face.

6. Get creative with excuses


If there was a prize for the best excuse, you would definitely receive it. You devise storylines and characters to make your story believable, though people almost never believe you. And sometimes, when you're nervous, you may even come up with really crazy ones that make your friends drop their jaws.

7. You lie to them that you are on the road


When your angry friend calls you after losing your patience to wait for you, you often have two answers: "I'm on my way, friend" and " I'll be there in ten minutes. "You know you won't do any of them, but they are always helpful. They are classic excuses.

8. You have the trademark "Sorry" Person

You were born with a puppy who can melt anyone. So you just go in and attack the angry person in front of you with your liquid eyes and puppy face. It may not affect your friends or teachers so much, but it will certainly save you if you kept your parents or your lover waiting.

9. You are fucking joking about breaking the ice


You know everyone is angry with you and is almost on the verge of starting a blow. This is your protective shield. You start to make awkward and awkward jokes so that the tension in the air dissolves and you get a chance to escape.

All the jokes aside, being late all the time is not really a good habit. It can actually get you in trouble during emergencies and at work. Are you late? Or do you know someone who has all the qualities above? Let us know in the comments section below.

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