Neeta Lulla – An Incredible Story From First Sewing Machine To Fashion House

Who would think that a girl whose favorite clothing is a pair of jeans and T-shirts will continue to win national awards and prizes for dressing people in the best clothes? Well, surely not the girl.

Long before her official entry into the world of fashion, the national winner of fashion and costumes, Netta Lula's first contact with him was established when she was introduced to fashion glosses. As she scanned their pages, she found she was gravitating to the world of Bollywood and fashion, fascinated by her glamorous appeal. Want to know how these first steps have proved to be a tool for her journey to become a giant in the fashion industry? Read on.


As a child, Netta leaned over to the academics, which was the source of her mother's concern, which she thought constantly worried about NetA's estimates. She wanted to shape her daughter into the perfect woman who would also know how to cook and stitch. On the other hand, her father encouraged her interest in sports. In fact, he is responsible for Neta's first brush with fashion because he has provided fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Seventeen . While these magazines sparked a lifelong spark with fashion, Neta's path to turning it into a fashion factory was still far away.

Being nourished by her disinterestedness from the world of academics, Neetta is looking for a way out of marriage! Yes, you are reading this right. At the age of 16, she marries a well-established family. Alas, her departure became her way when her new family decided she would finish her education either in the field of cooking or sewing. It was then that she began her fashion education.

Speaking about this time in an interview with an online portal, she says: "My short but exciting meetings with magazines have made me pursue a diploma for modeling and garment manufacturing. in Mumbai University SNDT. I had a brilliant guru at Haemant Trived, who saw my talent and courted me in the art of makeup, fashion choreography and the styling show. "

Soon her innate talent was recognized by a guest lecturer at the college, Jana Naorjoi. who also proved to be a very popular fashion choreographer. She recognizes Net's skills for fashion choreography and offers her a position as an assistant. This duration lasted almost two and a half years, and during this time Netta was asked to be a lecturer in her alma mater, in the fashion coordination discipline. Her previous dark academic life turned 180 degrees!

But life had planned something more exciting for her. While her career is finally on the right path, there is no spiritual performance. So when there is a chance to work on Tamancha a film that is made by her brother-in-law, she takes it. This was the beginning of a new era for her. From the beloved designer of the star to the Empress of her own fashion kingdom

  From the beloved designer of the star to the Empress of her own fashion kingdom

From the beloved designer of the star to the Empress of her own fashion kingdom

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<p>  While <em> Tamancha </em> paved the way for her in Bollywood, Shridevi <em> Chandi </em> received her recognition and put her on the map as a new costume designer to watch out for. Soon other suggestions. Soon after, she was able to work with the leading actresses of that time, such as Juhi Chawla, Aishwarya Rai, who made her more famous. Her prolific and brilliant work in movies makes her force to conform. </p>
<div id=  From the beloved designer of the star to the Empress of her own fashion kingdom

neeta_lulla / Who can forget the costumes in movies such as Devdas, Manikarnika, Jodha Akbar? The fact that she has won 4 national awards for her work is testimony to the magic of her themes.

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