My Story: “I Walked Away From My Abusive Family At 2 AM With Rs 750 In My Pocket. Today, I Am A Successful Lawyer”

We all grew up listening to stories that glorified self-sacrifice and dedication. Love is highly associated with sacrifice by almost everyone and this is indeed true. We must be able to sacrifice when our loved ones need it. However, many people find it difficult to love themselves simply because they are taught to take care of the family first. And life with toxic family members becomes a duty, and moving away from them becomes a sin. But once you learn how much love and respect you deserve, you will learn to protect yourself from all the toxicity you suffer from. It doesn't matter if it's your parents, siblings, partner, or laws. Toxic is toxic and you have every right to stay away from them.

To prove this, we will tell you the story of an extremely strong woman, Vandana Shah. Vandana Shah is one of those brave hearts who stand up for themselves, even if they are against their own family. She left her abusive family at two o'clock at night, with only Rs 750 with her. It happened 18 years ago and after that night she never looked back. Today, she is a successful lawyer who handles divorce cases and offers advice to those who suffer from broken marriages, just like her. Want to know more about Vandana? Read on.

Strong Core Values ​​

Vandana lost both her parents to cancer when she was in her early twenties. Coming from an army family, Vandana has always been strong in dealing with difficult situations. She continued her education even after her parents died. She grew up in Ambala and later moved to Mumbai where she completed her education. Vandana has a psychology degree and this ignites her desire to study law. She owes her ability to handle her parents' difficulties and upbringing.

"My father always insisted that I read newspapers daily so that I was familiar with my environment, it helped me greatly. He is also the one who guides me to become financially independent. My mother taught me that life is what one makes of one's choice. She always believed in me, telling me that I could do whatever I wanted, as long as I worked hard for it, "she says in an interview with an online media portal. The Unforgettable Night

Vandana launches a support group that helped give a voice to women like her. She was going to do it a paid service, but whenever she heard a helpless woman talk about the difficulties in her life, Vandana couldn't charge them. So she decided to offer a free consultation. According to Vandana, when a woman goes through the difficulties of her married life, all she wants is to be heard. She doesn't need the countless hours of advice offered by her family members for free. She knows this is true, as she has never received much help from her family members.

"I would not exaggerate if I said that I had fought the whole battle alone. Today I am a lawyer and I am loved and wanted. What kind of lawyer am I? I will leave my customers to decide this. All I can say is that money has never been a motivator for me, ”she said in an interview.

Vandana helps women understand that divorce is not the end of life and there are so many other things to live for. Her support group not only helps women, but also men in need. Against popular belief, men cry and experience emotional problems just as much as women do. And they also benefit from counseling sessions.

Today, Vandana is a successful lawyer who handles divorce cases in Mumbai and she is one of the top lawyers at NCW (National Commission on Women). The mission of a Vandana woman is an example of how successful you can be if you love yourself and believe in your abilities. Do you think this story is inspiring? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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