Low-Histamine Diet – How To Lower Food Allergy Triggered By Histamine

If you suffer from chronic food allergy, you are not alone. Fifty million Americans experience different types allergies each year ( 1 ). And for 6% of children and 4% of adults are affected by food allergies ( 2 )

. one of the causes of food allergy . This can cause itching, sneezing, runny nose, abdominal pain, or diarrhea . This article will tell you about histamine how low-calorie diet helps you cope with food allergy eating and avoiding foods ]

What Is Histamine And How Does It Work
  • How Does Histamine Cause An Allergic Reaction
  • What Is Low Histamine Diet And How It Decreases How To Determine If You Are Sensitive To Histamine
  • How To Determine If You Are histamine-sensitive
  • Foods High in Histamine
  • Hr
  • The foods that block the DAO enzyme
  • What is histamine and how it functions
  •   What is histamine and how it functions


    Histamine a nitrogen compound produced by histidine (amino acid). It is produced by basophils and mast cells and it influences the immune / inflammatory response of the organism ( 3 ). In the body histamine increases capillary permeability (expanding blood vessels), smooth muscle bronchial constrictor, gastric secretion stimulator and central neurotransmitter [thusallowingwhitebloodcellsandproteinstorushtothepathogenorforeignbodyThevariouseffectsofhistamineonimmuneregulation depend on the expression and regulation of four histamine receptors ( 6 ).

    Basically, histamine is produced in cells in some foods) that help protect the body by regulating the immune response. But then the question is how to trigger food allergy Learn more

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    How Does Histamine Cause Allergic Reaction

      How Does Histamine Cause Allergy


    an allergic reaction when there is an imbalance between the released histamine levels and the histamine depleted (the enzyme diamine oxidase or DAO) (19459002) This can happen when consuming ] or contains a large amount of histamine or induces a cell is to produce more histamine

    Excess histamine in the body leads to the occurrence of a histamine-mediated inflammatory response () .

    Or your body can not produce enough diamine oxidase to degrade histamine. Here are some cases in which levels of diamine oxidase or DAO enzymes decrease:

    • Foods that block DAO or rapid release of histamine
    • Medicines that block the production and functioning of DAO
    • , DAO Function
    • Disorders such as intestinal leakage syndrome and IBD

    Medications and gastrointestinal disorders may not be in your hands. But you can take care of what you eat. This is where a diet with a low histamine presence in the picture.

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    What is a low histamine diet and how it lowers histamine sensitivity

    Low histamine diet is strategically created diet for people with histamine sensitivity It includes foods that do not contain large amounts of histamine or suppress release of histamine from your cells. And this shows that it can help treat allergic reactions like urticaria and atopic dermatitis removal of the source of excessive histamine or compounds, which induce histamine release and help to prevent a chronic allergic reaction.

    But before you follow a low-histamine diet, you have to make sure you are sensitive to histamine. If You Are Histamine Sensitive ” width=”500″ height=”650″ />

    How To Determine if You Are Sensitive to Histamine

      How To Determine If You Are Sensitive To Histamine

    How To Determine If You Are Sensitive To Histamine ” width=”500″ height=”650″ />


    • Ask your doctor if you continue to suffer from pain or have an allergic reaction
    • Your doctor will ask you to keep a diary for one week to record everything you consume. 19659030] You will be asked to remove some foods from your diet and keep a record of how you feel and if you are still developing allergic reactions

    NOTE: This process has to be done under the supervision of a professional

    By this we have come to the place where we can discuss the foods you need to remove or avoid

    ] Foods with a high histamine content

    The content of the food in the food is difficult to determine . Depending on aging and processing, the same foods may have a different histamine content. As a general rule, foods that are fresh contain the least amount of histamine And foods that have fermented are high in histamine.

    Consider these points, check out the following list of foods that are high in histamine:

  • ]
  • ] Kimcha
  • Комуча
  • Cucumber
  • Cucumber
  • Cucumber
  • Cucumber
  • Cucumber
  • Cucumber [
  • Яйца
  • Яйца
  • Яйца
  • Яйца
  • Какао
  • Оранжеви
  • This block of DAO enzyme
    • Green Tea [19659029] Alcohol
    • Energy Drinks
    • Мате чай

    It seems that every food is out of the table! Well, some of the best are left for you. Here's the list of foods you can consume. Talk to your doctor before consuming any of these medications

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    Low Hissamine Foods (after consultation with your doctor)

    • Quinoa
    • White Rice
    • Apple
    • 19659029] Eggs
    • Herbs
    • Fresh vegetables, excluding spinach, tomato and eggplant
    • Coconut Milk, Rice Milk and Hemp

    these simple tips mentioned below

    (19659030) Avoid consuming junk food and processed foods

  • Do not keep this diet plan for more than four weeks
  • Take vitamin supplements after talking to your doctor.
  • Talk to a dietician to get a personalized diet table
  • Record everything you eat
  • Rec
  • Get the enzymes after consulting your doctor
  • Before clicking back and contacting your doctor , you should know several advantages and disadvantages of a low histamine diet.

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  • Decreasing so many foods can cause vitamin and mineral deficiency Diet with low histamine serves as a diagnostic tool Very, very restrictive diet help take up your everyday life


    If you are sensitive to histamine, it is best to have start taking a low-histamine diet. Follow the instructions put by your doctor Talk to people suffering from the same problem join support groups and Have questions to ask about a low histamine diet? Please leave a comment in the box below.

    No, it is best to avoid coffee or tea when you're on a low-histamine diet.

    Yes, tomatoes are high in histamine and should be avoided if you are sensitive to histamine.

    No, turmeric is not high in histamine. However, since it is a spice, it is better to consult your doctor before consuming turmeric in any form


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