Kareena Kapoor On Being A Successful Working Mother and Dealing With Hateful Comments

After a two-year hiatus after the birth of her son, Timur Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan returns to Bollywood for more than just fun. With the success of the box office and the positive reception of her comeback film by Vere Di Wedding she is about to break the barricades put out by society.


Kareena Kapoor Khan has always been in the news for the right reasons. Starting with her natural stellar performances, moving from being a size zero to being a champion for a healthy body image and finally marrying her true love at the height of her career, Kareena Kapoor boldly followed her heart no matter what people have a say in their choices.

However, the Internet has never been easy for her. The Bollywood industry is known to be ruthless; it takes courage and stamina to get back in the game, and that too with a mojo. The 39-year-old actress did the same when she headed straight to work shortly after her son was born. She started shooting for the movie for a female friend "Veere Di Wedding", which was released in 2018. She also starred in various other projects including radio chat shows and several humanitarian projects. With multiple projects in line, the actor shows no signs of delay.

The Reaction

Until recently, the tradition among Indian actors had to have a remarkable career and disappear after marriage. This goes on for so long that it has become more social. Indian society respects the tradition and therefore some have publicly expressed the actor's dissatisfaction with breaking away from the tradition.

In the age of trolls and social media, dealing with such hatred can affect your personal and professional life. Since then, the actress has opened up about how she handles negative and unwanted media attention. Especially her adorable son, Timur Ali Khan, was a constant target of paparazzi. Although they were concerned, the celebrity couple remained reserved.

Back and forth

Kareena Kapoor Khan kept her grace throughout. Postpartum body image is a major problem for women. In addition to the agony, the insensitive comments that people pass on to women who have gained weight during pregnancy are complementary. At the end of this bitterness are mostly celebrities who are fighting for privacy.

Actors go out to regain their right to privacy and normalcy. Kareena Kapoor Khan has spoken out loud about how pregnancy has changed her and how she enjoys every part of it, including weight gain.

Indian society expects women to sacrifice their careers and personal passions for the sake of their families. If a mother's attention is drawn to other areas of her life, she is often labeled as a "irresponsible" or "bad" mother. When Careen was seen engaged in other projects, people's reactions were no different. Again, the response of the actor was graceful and quite dismissive of the public's judgment. It was reported that her agreement with her son was not a public concern; also, being a good mother is not directly related to how much time a person spends with their child.

The actor is grateful for the support he receives from his husband Saif Ali Khan. He reportedly urged her to return to acting. In a recent interview with film critic Rajeev, Masand Kariyena said, "when it comes to being a mother, my experiences are very personal and my own. There is no perfect reason to "follow" him. In addition, answering the bold question, she said, "People called me (on the eve of their marriage) to ask me, 'are you sure you want to do this?' You know, your career will end … "I don't think it has anything to do with my professional decisions."

On a positive note, Bollywood welcomed the beloved actor back, strangling her with great designs. The actor is well ahead of the game with many anticipated projects along with leading stars and Bollywood directors. Some of the projects in the Kariena pipeline are The Good News with Akshay Kumar, Dilith Dosanj and Kiara Advani; Angrezi Medium which is a sequel to the acclaimed movie Hindi Medium ; Takht a historical drama directed by Karan Johar; and also, Laal Singh Chad the proposed remake of the famous Hollywood movie Forest Gump with Aamir Khan.

Careyen, who comes from a long line of actors and directors, is excited about these upcoming projects and said she is open to doing web shows like Netflix's "Sacred Games" in which her husband plays an important character. She also expressed her desire to continue playing because it is her passion that she wants to follow for a long time. She does not want to let the Nazis stand in her way or take her away. Now we love Baby more! Career Kapoor's post about being a successful working mother and dealing with hateful comments first appeared on STYLECRAZE .

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