If You And Your Partner Have These 6 Habits Before Bed, They’re “The One”

Being a couple means many challenges in everyday life. It can range from connecting the ends, dealing with business, billing, children, cooking, housework and, of course, taking into account social and social obligations. In the midst of this, many couples forget how their love journey began. The love in their story and how they had butterflies in their stomachs the first time they met. What began as a sweet, mushy love story continues to be nothing more than a practiced set of moves and schemes. This is one reason many couples break up over time or lose fire in their relationships.

Against this background, it is vital for the couple to be satisfied with themselves. Feel and nurture love for one another and be able to give yourself quality time … even if it is only ten minutes before you fall asleep. So, what makes a happy couple? Well, according to relationship experts, if a couple does these 6 things before bed, then they are considered a happy couple ( 1 ). Read on to know more about the things you need to do to find a little connection.

# 1 They lie together as often as possible

  They lie together as often as possible


According to experts, couples who lie down at different times have a small interruption. After completing their respective professional work and tasks, the couple almost spent the whole day separately. And then, if they land at a different time, there is almost no time to spend together. So if you and your CO go to bed at the same time, you will certainly get time for an intimate relationship and this will certainly help you build a relationship.

# 2 They tell each other "I love you" [19659008] Saying to each other "I love you" ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


Yes. This is something that today's generation finds very cheeky and considers it old fashioned. As the Everly Brothers song says, This is old-fashioned, so must love . Beyond all the annoying quarrels, stress, work, housework, traffic and everything else, it's important to let one another know that you love them. Even if you have just had a dispute or disagreement, it is important to let them know that you will still love them. Note: Say it the way you feel it.

# 3 They attach importance to quality sleep

  They attach importance to quality sleep


This may not seem as obvious as ordinary couples advice. However, when a couple attaches importance to good sleep habits, their mind is more refreshed to start the day with a thunder. This in turn keeps them more accessible to each other emotionally throughout the day. If a good night's sleep is hard, you may need to give it more weight and see a doctor.

# 4 Switching Screenless

  Going Screenless


What's the point of lying down together and turning off the lights just to scroll through your Instagram feed until your phone fall on your face? Let's say it. This is not an unusual sight. The problem is after a busy day, commuting and other stressors; we want to scroll meaninglessly through entertainment and gossip. The problem is that the social world is created to bring people closer. However, it only pulls them. In addition to basic research that says why bedtime phones are bad, scrolling your phones before bedtime will rob you of quality time together. That doesn't end well. Try and apply time without phone one hour before bedtime. This can go a long way.

# 5 They don't resolve difficult arguments at bedtime

  They don't resolve difficult arguments at bedtime


True, we are all told not to go to sleep with a problem unresolved. On the other hand, going through difficult topics and solving problems will leave you feeling more exhausted. This is true of common sense – at the end of the day you are tired and patience is not exactly your strong point. Do not currently choose a battle and do not attempt to resolve an older battle. Just tell your TO that you love them and go to bed.

# 6 They talk about the day and their feelings openly

  They talk about the day and their feelings openly


It's been a long and busy day, and now it's time to get out a little. Happy couples are the ones who allow each other to steam for external factors. But again this should be limited to a maximum of 20 minutes. Going on all night may not be the best idea. That's too much negativity. It is important to show each other support and to listen. This act of support for one another can help build a stronger bond. It can also give a deeper look at what makes each other tick and twist.

So, this is a list of things that happy couples do before they go to bed. It is not a matter of moving from one day to another, and finally, counting the numbers of days in life together. It is important to add life to each of these days. Get started now and this can go a long way. So, what do you both do before bed? How does this work for both of you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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