How To Hem Pants Properly

Hemming pants is the story of the horrors for most of our lives. That's how the story goes. You find that a pair of jeans that fits perfectly, glides seamlessly into your thighs and sits wonderfully on the hips. That would be an ideal fairy tale. Since we do not live in a perfect world and every story is followed by "but," most of us must eventually fold the trousers because they are too long and are busting around the ankles. In this way the endless journeys begin to the tailor. If you have a good tailor, great. If it is not, it's stupid for another day. And what if I tell you that you can fix this problem with a simple trick?

Jeans, trousers, trousers, skirts and any other bottoms have a recess that is essentially the fabric folded on the edge. There is a standard measurement value depending on the type, size, and pattern of the garment. Since we are all different heights, for some, the length may decrease. However, for most people it is usually longer. That's why we need to learn the technique of folding. Hemming can be done very easily and there is a great chance to find all the supplies at home. Let's see how to do it.

Easy Ways To Dress With Trousers

1. How to make pants by hand

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<h5>  What you need </p>
<h5>  Needle and thread </li>
<li> </li>
<li> </li>
<li>  Instructions </h5>
<li>  First, pull out the old tie of your pants [19659011] Do this by using an envelope or paper knife that makes it (19659010) Make sure you are delicate and remove only the suction thread and not the fabric </li>
<li>  Wear the usual shoes and then drop the pants. (19659010) Stay in front of the mirror and fold the pants inward. </li>
<li>  Go, walk and see what it looks like. The ends of the trousers should not be too short or look bad. (19659010) Make sure that the folds are symmetrical on both feet after making the final adjustments </li>
<li>  Take a few safety pins and screw right onto the folds </li>
<li>  Now you can take the pants </li>
<li>  Check the length of the fold and make sure it is the same on both legs </li>
<li>  Mark it with the tailor's chalk that will be an indicator of their arrangement </li>
<li>  Repeat this on the other foot </li>
<li>  Remove the pins and prepare to cut the extra tissue </li>
<li>  Measure another 1.5 inches under the iron folding </li>
<li>  Fold the pants along the line you just spotted under the ironing crease and make sure it is not too distorted </li>
<li>  Fold along the smooth crease </li>
<li>  Now you can sew the corners with a needle, leaving a half-inch gap </li>
<li>  Follow the same procedure for the second lev </li>
<li>  Try the pants and look for some anomalies </li>
<h3>  2. How to make a pants with a sewing machine </h3>
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Raising your pants with a sewing machine is the easiest and quickest way to do it. the reel is loaded with a thread of the same color as the trouser fabric

  • Set the machine to a small or medium stitch
  • As mentioned earlier, leave about 1.5 inches and a half of the frame and start sewing
  • the tour until you reach the starting point
  • Do the same for the second leg
  • 3. How to Make Pants Without Needle / Thread or Sewing Machine

    and thread or sewing machine (19659050) Open the original suction cup and carry your pants

  • Fold it and follow the same procedure as above for marking your soles
  • Use a chalk chalk to mark a line and trace
  • Lift excess
  • Be sure to do this carefully to avoid asymmetry and funny looking soles
  • Fold the strap on the inside of your trousers along the line
  • Fold the strap over the ribbon
  • Repeat this for the other foot
  • Put a spare cloth on the frame and place the iron in the appropriate heat setting
  • Press and adjust the frame. This will help the tissue stick and stay in place.
  • Try this and tell us how it happened. If you are not very confident in painting, try it on an old pair of jeans or a pair that you do not mind experimenting. If not, you'll get an extra pair of denim jeans. Official trousers are a bit tricky and need a little practice. But this is nothing you can not manage. Have you tried to hit your house? Do you have any hacks in your sleeve?

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