How To Choose The Perfect Bindi To Match Your Face Shape!

Desi girl seems undoubtedly the one in which Indian women shine brighter than diamonds! And the pride of this look lies in this small point on the forehead, known as the bindi. In fact, a bindi is the most important part of Indian ethnic clothing, and without it the whole appearance may seem very incomplete.

So you just can not clap with any kind of bind on your forehead and expect to look great, You have to choose a type that matches the shape of your face and complements your functions. Which means you have to be careful of your choice.

However, if you do not know which type of bindi best suits your face, do not worry. We are here to help you. Just keep reading!

1. Heart Face

Probably the most common face type among Indians is the heart-shaped face. The shape of the heart is characterized by a wide forehead, a small chin and broad cheeks. If this is your face shape, we suggest NEVER wear oversized bindis. This can make your forehead look bigger than it already is!

For heartbeats, the best bind type is small. They look sweet and greatly emphasize your features. Take a look at Privanka Chopra. She has a hearty face and you will never find her as a big bind!

2. Oval shaped face

Oval face is a forehead and cheekbones that are more or less equally proportionate to one another. Think Madhuri Dixit or Sonam Kapoor to get an idea of ​​this face form.

If you have such a person, think about luck! You can carry all kinds of bindis, regardless of their shape or size. So, go outside and put your forehead in every bind you want!

However, a word of caution. Although you look good with all types of bindis, we recommend that you do not go because they are too long in size. They can give you unnecessarily extended appearance. Also, make sure that the color of the lips and the color of the bind are complementary and not quite different.

3. Round-shaped face

From Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to Sonakshi Sinha – Bollywood has an abundance of splendid heroines with round faces. Round shape does not need to be presented, because you already know what kind of features it consists of – soft and rounded.

If you are the owner of this type of face, our recommendation is to choose a long bindis. Vertical designs can balance your face and improve your features. The bindis ring will not look so good for you. Unless, of course, they have a sophisticated model that develops or is extremely small in size.

4. Triangular shaped face

The trademark of the triangular face is the strong jaw line, the slash and the small forehead. This is another form of the person who, if you have, can be called luck. Triangle-shaped faces can also pull all kinds of bindis!

We encourage you to experiment with your bindis as much as possible, as the shape of your face allows. You can even try sparks and look great in them! Or you can emulate the style of Bipasha Basu and go to a huge circle of bindi. Big, brave and beautiful!

5. Flat face

The fourth face is often found among the women of Gujarat and Maharashtra. The flat face is determined by the broad cheeks and forehead as well as by the chin. Actresses such as Diana Mirza and Anushka Sharma have square faces

For this face shape, the crescent or crescent is very good. Even a round shape bindis will make his face justice by balancing his squareness and lending him with some softness. Again, make sure your makeup complements the type of bindi you intend to wear.

Bonus Bindi Tips To Help You Make The Perfect Choice

Although we have developed the bindi type, shape, choosing the right one can be confusing. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Before buying a biennial, pay special attention to your haircut, cut face and hairline, and then make a decision
  • If you have big eyes outside. If you have a strong chin, a sophisticated bindy pattern will make you feel better.
  • As we mentioned above, the heart-faces should only go for small rounded binds
  • Although ladies of oval shape may carry some sort of binds, Keeping them in the class is vital. (19659033] For round faces we think vertical bindis are best
  • Triangular faces should go for bold bolds in bright shades Even the binds sun will look good on them
  • Taking the right bindis for square faces it can be a bit challenging Although bindis in V or butterfly will surely be good

All we have to say, we can not emphasize enough that your make-up and bindi color should be complementary. the only way you can channel the girls and make them look like a million dollars!

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