How Acid Attack Survivor Daulat Bi Khan Rose From The Ashes To Help Other Women Like Her Live With Dignity

Women: considered to be the vessels of our society, its abundant resource and bearer of the most perverted instincts of society.

For centuries, our patriarchal society wanted to keep the women chained. It links them to the restrictive rules in the names of the customs and deprives them of the opportunity to rise. Still, women have managed to move forward and reach the stars. And this article is devoted to such a woman, Daulat Bi Khan, who has not left her personal tragedy to keep her, instead she uses it as an opportunity to help others like her!

The French author Anas Nin said: Life is shrinking or expanding proportionally to a courage . "And the great courage of Dawlatt in the face of the difficulties has definitely made her life to legends!

Who is Dawlat Bi Han?

The attack left her spirit wounded. She spends months in the hospital and undergoes a lot of surgery, and when she finally gets out of the hospital, she realizes that nobody is ready to work a makeup artist with a disfigured face. "I spent almost a year in my bed at home. I started hunting for work, but no one was ready to give me one because I was watching. I was a professional make-up artist. There was no room for me in the industry anymore. "

Can you imagine yourself in such a scenario? Can you imagine the mental and physical trauma that Dawlat had to endure? It's enough to get even the bravest to quit, but not Dawlat. Instead of succumbing to despair, she decides to fight the stigma faced by surviving acid attacks by creating a safe haven for them in the form of her foundation.

How it became the voice of the defenseless

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