Here’s What A Couple’s Texting Style Reveals About Their Relationship

In the past, communication in every connection was determined by a series of face-to-face conversations that occurred over a glass of hot coffee or copious food. Nowadays, we all rely on some social media posts to keep in touch with our loved ones. Whether it's a WhatsApp broadcast for the family group or the heartwarming messages exchanged between you and your partner, social media has undoubtedly revolutionized communication in relationships. now it's easier than ever. Gone are the days when you will have to wrap yourself around the stationary line of your home, waiting for them to call. In this day and age, social media plays a major role in any relationship, whether you are "just talking" or in a committed relationship or even married. Many couples resort to social media posts to sort out issues, convey real feelings, and discuss important issues in the relationship. However, what exactly is the impact of social media messaging in one relationship and how it shapes our relationship is something we are not aware of. This was what the researchers at the University of Birmingham tried to do and we decided to share our findings with you ( 1 ). Intrigued by the results? Read on.

What do your texts say about your relationships

  What do your texts say about your relationships


Researchers began their study by asking 276 young adults to complete a questionnaire that checked them on the role of technology in their relationship. 38 percent of these respondents say they are in a committed relationship, 46 percent are married and 16 percent are married. Of those, 82 percent say they have exchanged texts with their partner several times a day. These texts weren't just about asking common questions or sending sweet messages. In fact, a majority of these participants used text messages to discuss follow-up issues in relationships .

Researchers have found that text messages in one relationship affect both genders. It was noted that in relationships where there was excessive text message, men had lower satisfaction than relationships . Similarly, women who have used social media posts to sort out problems, convey feelings and give or receive apologies also experience lower quality relationships such as this way proves that a text message can seriously damage your relationship .

Obviously the use of text messages for communication often leads to miscommunication and misunderstandings between partners. This is because it becomes difficult to decipher the tone and feelings in a text message. Correctly said by one of the researchers, Jonathan Sandberg, "The reaction of frustration and reality test happens faster face to face. There is a narrowing of text messages and you do not see the width of the person you need to see. "

Is everything bad? Silver lining from text links

  Silver lining


However, this is not all bad news. Researchers have found that text messaging also has its advantages. Couples who used social media posts to exchange heart messages had more secure relationships. These messages helped to strengthen the relationship between the partners, thus improving the satisfaction and quality of the relationship. The study also concludes that sending a thoughtful message gives greater satisfaction with the connection than receiving .

Text communication, like any other form of communication, has its advantages and disadvantages. Its convenience has undoubtedly improved communication by making it much easier, but the chances of misinterpretation have only complicated the process. You can't rely on social media to manage your relationship. And it seems more reasonable to stick to important issues with your loved one face-to-face rather than relying on social media or text messages (or even a pigeon post!)

The Other Side: Breaking Social media [19659015] Disconnect from social media ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


Our inability to break the relationship began to lead to more of our love life. Most young people think that using social media to keep in touch has started to negatively affect other relationships in their lives. In fact, many young people are slowly beginning to "clean up social media", where they delete all social media applications from their phones for a period of time. Most people who took up the challenge said it had a positive effect on their lives, claiming that it allowed them to be present more and gave them peace of mind.

A break from social media can have a positive effect on your relationships as well. Digital detox can dramatically improve the quality of your connection. Spending time outside your phone can make the time you spend with your loved one more meaningful. A full night out of meetings gives you and your partner the opportunity to appreciate the moments and each other. Going back and making love for old school style could really help put a spark in your romance!

As with everything in life, technology must be used sparingly. So if you prefer to see your partner online rather than IRL, we suggest enhancing the romance by going on real dates instead of virtual ones. This will only strengthen your connection.

What kind of communication do you prefer while communicating with your partner, online or offline? Share your thoughts and thoughts with us in the comments section.

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