Here’s everything to know about how to delay your period

Yes, it’s possible…

delay your period

Delaying a period is something that we’ve all panic-searched at some point – trawling through the Internet (usually in desperation) to see if it’s possible to put your period off for a few days, whether it’s for a beach holiday, a last minute date or just to get a few more days of normality before ‘Aunt Flo’ pays her monthly visit.

The good news is menstrual suppression is totally possible, and there are all kinds of ways to go about it, with varying techniques depending on time, situation and effectiveness.

Some women employ the classic technique of taking contraceptive pill cycles back to back, thereby skipping a period altogether. If, however, you’re part of the new millennial movement coming off the pill, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered too.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to delay your period…

delay your period

How can you delay your period on the pill?

Delaying your period with your contraceptive pill is a tried and tested method, and as long as you don’t suffer side effects, it’s definitely an effective option.

The method is simple – once you have got to the end of your pill cycle, you simply take another full round of your pill back to back instead of leaving seven days to menstruate like usual. You may experience spotting or breakthrough bleeding but you should skip the period all together.

You can also delay your period on other forms of contraception. If you use a contraceptive ring or patch, simply miss your week-long break and insert a new ring or patch in place, thereby skipping your period.

It is highly recommended with all forms of contraception that you don’t skip your period for more than three months.

How can you delay your period when you’re not on the pill?

For those of us who aren’t on the contraceptive pill, it’s a little more difficult to put your period off, but don’t sweat – it’s totally possible. If your period’s coming at an inconvenient time and you need to delay it, Norethisterone, the well known period-delay pill, is your answer. You’ll need a prescription to get it but the method is simple. You should take a pill three times a day, starting three days before your period is due, continuing for as many days as you need. A couple of days after stopping your Norethisterone intake, your period should start.

delay your period

Is it possible to delay your period naturally?

This is a heavily debated question. Some people swear by natural remedies to keep the crimson wave at bay while others rubbish the rumours. Supposedly menstrual suppression can be accomplished through methods as easy as drinking lots of water, controlling stress levels and exercising regularly. There are however also some more complex remedies that people swear by. Cutting spicy foods out of your diet is highly recommended, with some people championing the wonders of eating lemons and gram lentils. Drink-wise, it takes a bit more dedication, with the two most highly recommended remedies being tablespoons of vinegar and gelatine mixed with water.

If you’re unsure about delaying your period or need a second opinion, consult your GP.

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