First Date Rules: What To NOT Order For Dinner

No matter how many dates you have, every first encounter with a person should be complicated. Because you meet a new person and always worry about making a good impression. You become more aware of the fact that you are not making any wrong moves that can lead to your chance being reset for a second date (that is, if you accidentally like the person).

There is a list of things that can go wrong. You may encounter a burglary while talking, you may realize that there is nothing in common between you, your beautiful heel can be interrupted, everything can happen!

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Given the fact that most of the first dates happen during a romantic dinner, let's think about all the things we need to pay attention to. The dress comes first. Ladies are always in a confused place when they choose between a LBD (a little black dress) that can let them tremble on the date, and the hot red dress that can make them look too interested. Then comes the way you talk and behave. Well, now it's something that only situations can control. So, which is the most secure part of the date? Order, of course! You see what you want and you order it. It's so simple, is not it? But we're afraid it's not that simple. There are many things to keep in mind when ordering food at your first appointment. You definitely do not want to order something that will make you go wrong to look cumbersome, right?

Here's a quick, short list of the items you should avoid on your first date.

1, The Long Island of Ice Tea Will Leave You Drunk In A Very Gentle Way


Ordering long island iced tea is like saying "I want to tear." LITs are definitely one of the best cocktails in the world, but they should not be the usual choice of a beverage for a date. At dates, you have to order drinks that will help you to be in your senses and still have fun because who would like to sit down and talk to someone who is lost, right? Instead, choose sparkling wine or old-fashioned martini; which will let you buzzle soberly.

2. Do not order food to which you are allergic

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Well, please do not order anything from the menu to which you are allergic. You can explicitly ask the waiter for a detailed list of ingredients or simply mention the foods that cause an allergy to you. If you are not able to do this, leave your date for it. It's important to play safely here because nobody would want the first date to end with a hospital drive, right?

3. Do not be aware of the price

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We receive it; maybe you're a bit tight, especially if it's the end of the month. But, the order, looking at the price of any dish, can send wrong signals to your date. Your date may be a delusion for being a money-holding person! And if your date wishes to order something that could cause the bill to burn a giant hole in your pocket, cravingly try to offer another foodstuff but be careful!

4. Spaghetti and meatballs? No, definitely NO!

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This is yum and everyone knows it! But the order for spaghetti and meatballs will make you look like a messy dish. You do not want to interfere with your conversations with ladies that are heard by chewing and noisy noises, are you? The red sauce with which this dish comes will surely leave a few spots on your clothes.

5. No shell because you do not want to look like a bully

You just can not expect your date to look at you romanticiously while sitting on the table with tools to open a piece of shell, right? So do not forget to order any of these types, which will make you look like you're breaking the food on the table. Order food that you can eat without creating a mess.

6. Do not Order Spicy Food and Sweating


You know your temperate range better, so if it's knitted, you can handle it and nothing more, then just stick to the muzzle. Just because the date you like spicy food or an asian, do not stop ordering a spicy food you can not use. You definitely do not want to use your napkin as a sweat pot for a date, right?

7. Do not order foods that will let you smell with your mouth

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This is given, people! Do not order anything sharp, which will leave you with bad breath until the end of the night. Say not the raw garlic and onions especially. Never eat it, no matter what date you are, first, second, third, or even last.

These things sound funny, but they believe they are important. Therefore, the next time you go to a restaurant on a date, remember this. It will save you from shame. Do not you want to add others here? Let him know in the comments below.

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