Dutee Chand: India’s First Openly Gay Athlete

Dutee Chand, an Indian sprint champion who is considered to be the fastest Indian woman, is no longer winning races. In fact, she stands high and faces the world as a matter of her love life. If you ask us why? This super woman came out and became the first athlete in India, who openly admits she is in a same-sex relationship.

She says she has finally found the courage to take this bold step and find her after the tallest. the court in India, the Supreme Court, abolished the ban on gay sex in 2018. Dute, 23, told Indian Express: "I found someone who is my soul mate. I believe everyone should have the freedom to be with everyone they decide to want. She said her focus was on upcoming international competitions, including the Olympic Games, but "I would like to settle down in the future ( 1 )."

She added that the love of life comes from the same little village (Chak Gopalpur) from which it comes. Duthena acknowledges that she has been in a good relationship with her for five years now. However, she did not reveal the identity of her lover because she did not want a negative light to affect her partner.

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And this is not the first time Dutee is fighting a battle against the world. She has already overcome many obstacles, which are remarkable. In 2013, she made India proud after winning two gold medals at the Asian Athletics Championship in Taipei. In 2014, just a few months after this remarkable achievement, Dutee faced the horror of having to prove his sexuality to the Sports Authority of India (SAI).

Dutee suffers from hyperandrogenism, a condition that makes her body produce testosterone (male hormone) at levels higher than normal. As a result, the athletic leadership of the Indian Athletics Federation decided to ban it from further races, including the British community games to be held in Glasgow.

Even with a broken heart, Dutee did not give up. Her family and her legal team turned to the CAS 2015 for her injustice and her determination as "feminine." She won this battle and was allowed to run for India of Asian Games in her family, especially her older sister, was her strongest pillar. [19659904] The family of the supporter does not support her relationship

But in this battle of love her family seems strongly opposed to her. Akhji Chand, her mother, a weaver, said she could not come into contact with her daughter. Even her older sister, Saraswati, who fought for her rights a few years ago, was not happy with Dutee's decision. He explains that she is constantly trying to make her family understand that it is perfectly natural to fall in love with another woman, but she has failed to do so.

Twitterati radiates love for her

. By supporting her, the unwavering attitude she has told the world about her relationship, the Twitterat family praises her courage. The Indian LGBT activist + Harris Iyer writes her support for her by calling her a "beacon of hope ". Twitter

Another prominent person, Mahima Kukreja took on Twitter to praise Dutee says she did easier for a few girls out there to feel good about their sexuality.

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Payoshni Mitra, stating that he is proud of Dutee for coming out and saying this, even though he is part of the Orthodox Society. ” width=”500″ height=”604″ />

Twitterati bathes the love of Her2 ” width=”500″ height=”604″ /> ] Finally, she has talked about her personal life and made it clear to everyone, and now for a brighter heart, she can continue with her training for the coming Olympic Games, she said she would think to establish herself with her partner after her return from the Olympics.We could not be more proud of this super woman, is it? She shines bright as a ray of hope for many couples of the same sex there.

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