Disney dropped a totally 90s throwback line and we need all of it immediately

Disney dropped a totally 90s throwback line and we need all of it immediately

Who knew VHS tapes could be so chic?

disney flashback collection
Moviestore Collection/REX/Shutterstock

Remember back in the 90s when you would slam your Disney VHS tapes into the machine and watch Hercules or The Lion King over and over again? Kids nowadays won’t ever know the frustration of having a tape get stuck in the machine or manually rewinding a tape with a pen. Well, the house of Mouse out to help you relive the magic of your 90s childhood with a brand new Oh Oh My Disney 90s Flashback collection and we’re totally obsessed.

It’s jam packed with scenes from our favourite 90s films, ranging from popular flicks like Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin through to more niche choices like Hercules and A Goofy Movie!. (I still stand by the fact that Eye to Eye from A Goofy Movie! is the best Disney song of all time.) From cool magic carpet denim jackets through to bits and pieces we’re 150% sure we had in our house growing up, we want all of it and luckily it’s dropped online already.

According to Oh My Disney, the line was ‘inspired by the decade‘ and aims to celebrate some of their ‘favourite animated Disney classics from the ’90s’ and they’ve definitely delivered on that count. I’ll take one A Goofy Movie! VHS clutch bag and a Hercules mug, thanks. Here’s our favourite bits below…

Oh My Disney VHS Clutch Bags

oh my disney 90s flashback collection

Priced at £17, available at shopDisney

Currently available in Beauty and the BeastAladdin and The Lion King

Buy now

Oh My Disney Aladdin Ladies’ Denim Jacket

oh my disney 90s collection

Priced at £50, available at shopDisney

Buy now

Oh My Disney Beauty and the Beast Glasses, Set of 4

oh my disney 90s collectionPriced at £18, available at shopDisney

Buy now

Oh My Disney The Lion King Desk Clock

oh my disney 90s collection

Priced at £12, available at shopDisney

Buy now

Oh My Disney The Lion King Multi-Coloured Pen

oh my disney 90s collection

Priced at £4, available at shopDisney

Buy now

TBH we’re just thrilled it’s Friday because we’re scheduling a 90s Disney marathon ASAP.

You bring the wine, we’ll bring the Oh My Disney goods – let’s do this.

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Prince Harry was caught by the internet stealing samosas at Meghan Markle’s cookbook launch

Prince Harry was caught by the internet stealing samosas at Meghan Markle’s cookbook launch

Yeah, we all saw you.

prince harry samosas

Now that the Hubb Community Kitchen and Meghan Markle’s joint charity cookbook has launched, we’re keen to grab ourselves a copy as everything in it sounds delicious. With 50 different recipes spanning from aubergine masala through to coconut chicken curry, there’s one person who’s very familiar with the recipes – and he’s been found out. During the launch of Together: Our Community Cookbook yesterday at Kensington Palace, Prince Harry was filmed sneaking away from a photo call to grab a handful of samosas.

The moment was caught on camera by ITV and one of their reporters pinpointed the moment, tweeting, ‘I could be wrong but I reckon we’ve caught Prince Harry red handed stealing some samosas from the Meghan’s ‘Together’ cookbook event they were at today!’

And, well, the footage speaks for itself. While the camera initially focused on the crowd posing for the cameras, it quickly panned over to Prince Harry who is spotted walking very quickly away from the marquee before slipping into a inconspicuous stroll. (Not at all obvious, Harry.) Although he did his best to hide his stolen goods behind his back, the camera caught the whole thing and you can see the very tip of a samosa peeking out of his little haul.

In a moment right out of The Office, he spotted the camera halfway through a conversation with one of the attendees. Clearly knowing he’d been done for, he poked his head out from behind the crowd and grinned guiltily – knowing full well he’d misbehaved. Honestly Harry, if you’d just waited a few more minutes…

prince harry samosas


Prince Harry wasn’t the only person who attended to support Meghan, as her mother Doria Ragland also showed up to support her daughter’s meaningful project. Meghan, who first met the women of the Hubb Community Kitchen while volunteering to cook for Grenfell Tower survivors, developed the charity cookbook alongside them to help raise funds for the those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire.

prince harry samosas


With recipes from places as diverse as Northern Africa and the Middle East, she penned a foreword to the book and many of its dishes were available at the launch luncheon.

Want to support a good cause and find out if the samosas are as good as Prince Harry thinks they are? You can grab yourself a copy of the book titled Together: Our Community Cookbook on Amazon for £9.99 – it’s already a number one bestseller on the site despite just dropping yesterday.

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This charity event at Ibiza Ushuaia will melt your heart

This charity event at Ibiza Ushuaia will melt your heart

We can all agree Ibiza Ushuaia know how to throw a great party right? Their legendary pool parties are not to be missed and this charity event is no different.

ushuaia ibiza beach club
Credit: guillegs.es

The Night League in association with Music Against Animal Cruelty otherwise known as M.A.A.C are coming together with Ibiza Ushuaia to present ‘Wild’ and we are very much here for it. According to M.A.A.C 90% of the Worlds Rhino population have been lost in the last 40 years and up to 30,000 elephants slaughtered for their ivory each year; its safe to say we have a global crisis on our hands.

So if you want to party the night away and support animal cruelty at the same time, er yes, then this event could be right up your street.

Ibiza Ushuaia


Thursday 13th September expect a line up of stellar DJ’s at Ibiza Ushuaia


DJ’s including South African’s finest, the man of the moment Black Coffee, Swedish DJ Adam Beyer and Art Department.

Johnny White of Art Department and co-founder of M.A.A.C explains that ‘This isn’t just techno against animal cruelty. This is music against it. This is a global force against treating animals like they have any less right to be here than we do.’ All DJ’s are contributing their time and performance for free and all profits will go directly towards wildlife conversation projects. So far, so good.

With the music industry uniting at Ibiza Ushuaia on this global cause lets hope its sends a message and we can all come together to support the cause and raise funds for such a worthwhile cause. Boom, we are in! Buy tickets here

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MEET THE PUKKAS: Anna and Matt discuss forgetting their anniversary

MEET THE PUKKAS: Anna and Matt discuss forgetting their anniversary

In this week’s #TrueRomance column, Anna Whitehouse and Matt Farquharson are celebrating another year of marriage. Or are they?

Does every anniversary come with existential angst?

He says…

By Matt Farquharson

When we picked wedding rings, our (male) jeweller asked if I wanted the date etched on the inside of the band, ‘in case you forget’. Anna was by my side, and I gave an indignant huff. It was a huff that said, ‘forget? Forget the greatest day of my life? The day I became bonded in an ever-lasting union of souls? Impossible. And also: she’s right here, dude!’

But before I could form these words, he said, ‘most people forget. It’s normal’. And so he etched it on, and ever since, I haven’t been able to give a convincing answer to, ‘when did you get married?’ without removing it. I know it’s in ‘late August’, but official documents do not normally accept such vagueness.

Anna is no better, and were it not for the cartoonish cards my mum sends us every year, I think we’d usually get to mid autumn before realising we’d missed something.
We’re not alone, either. Four years ago, Norwegian University of Science and Technology released the results of a study of 48,000 people. In it, they found that, while men forget more than women, most of us are as forgetful at 30 as we are at 60. Names and dates tend to cause the biggest blank spots.

‘Every anniversary seems to mark time running away’

And I think I know the reason why. Past the age of about 21, every anniversary – be it wedding, birthday, or something else – seems to mark time running away, rather than an imagined peak that you’re running towards. I might be more content now, more certain of who I am, but I am much less carefree.

Our eight years of marriage has been good, but seeing that number laid bare forces a mental totting up of achievements, and they mostly seem to be grown-up things – mortgage re-payments, job moves, ownership of two children that don’t smell like old dishcloths. I’m happy to be married, but troubled by the marker of time, just like those Facebook reminders that pop up to clarify how much more fun you were having that time your face was a bit thinner and your eyebags less full.


She says…

By Anna Whitehouse

Our anniversary is usually marked by a Forever Friends card – complete with amorous poem – from my mother-in-law. This year there was a call from my mum, who said, ‘shall we take the kids for your anniversary weekend?’ I had to ask her what date that might be because it’s not something that has been etched in my mind (despite it having actually been quite fun). I simply said, ‘yes’ because being burden-free for two nights is worth pinning to anything – wedding anniversary or bunion removal.

But why are celebrations edging further down the list? Date of vaccinations for the kids? Done. Date of school term? In the diary. Anything relating to Matt or I seems to get a quick, ‘shall we leave it this year?’ Before ploughing on with the life admin and looking into each other’s slightly sunken eyes for any hint of the person we signed up for.

‘Do we have to career across the Mediterranean Sea in pursuit of celebration?’

And we’re happy. It’s not a case of simply having given up and resigned ourselves to trudging towards the bitter end like a knackered cart horse all too aware of its destination. It’s just, perhaps, we’re all or nothing. For our first anniversary I flew Matt to Milan (via Moscow because flights were so much cheaper) and made him a love cake with his face centre-stage. Anything after felt like he was getting short changed.

That’s possibly where our celebratory plans are scuppered – expectation versus reality. My happiest moments with Matt have not involved careering across the Mediterranean Sea in pursuit of celebration. As saccharine as it sounds, they’re in the small, everyday gestures of appreciation. His delivery of a cup of tea every morning even though it will most likely remain undrunk; offering up a cheeky bum squeeze in the glow of an open fridge. A deep hug when I’ve lost something, someone (possibly myself) and his willingness to sit next to me while I find that thing, person and sense of self again. That is something to be celebrated – and who would say no to a child-free weekend, anyhow?

Also in the True Romance series, why talking about your feelings with your other half is an ongoing challenge

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Why are Chrissy Teigen, Kim K. and Tan France wearing chokers made of faux human flesh?

Why are Chrissy Teigen, Kim K. and Tan France wearing chokers made of faux human flesh?

Would you wear one?

a human fashion brand
Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock

We were just casually scrolling through our Instagram stories the other day when we screamed at one of Chrissy Teigen’s newest photos, promptly shut down the app, then curiously opened it up again to try and digest what we were looking at. If you don’t already know what we’re talking about, we’re referring to a grotesque yet oddly beautiful video of Chrissy staring into the camera, showing off feathers made of her own flesh sprouting from her decolletage.

If it sounds creepy, that’s because it absolutely is. And, she isn’t the only celebrity to jump on the faux body modification bandwagon so it could be the start of a very bizarre trend.

The wild body mod is a temporary one, as it turns out it’s actually a creation from A. Human who specialise in the eerie accessories. According to their site, they describe themselves as ‘a fashion brand from the future where self-expression isn’t defined by what you put on your body, but how you change your body’ which sounds very Bladerunner to us. Chrissy Teigen rocked a piece called ‘Human Feathers’ – which does what it says on the tin, we guess – however you won’t be able to get your hands on a pair as they were apparently made specifically for her.

While A. Human haven’t started selling their stuff just yet, a few celebrities have hopped on the A. Human train and seem to have been gifted some creepy pieces. Never one to be late to the party, Kim K. flaunted her own A. Human original on Twitter: a flesh choker embedded with lights that flash along to ‘the rhythm of [her] heartbeat’ according to the star.

We don’t know if we’re 100% on board with the pieces, but if anybody could make us change our minds – it’s Queer Eye’s Tan France.

The style guru rocked easily our favourite piece from the collection called the Tudor, which A.Human describes as a ‘living ruffled collar’. Sure, it’s nightmare fodder but it’s chic nightmare fodder.

It turns out that A. Human will actually be launching their flagship store during New York Fashion Week this September 5. They’ll be kicking things off in style, as they’ll be hosting events all month long that are part live performance, part exhibition and all parts unsettling.

The ticketed event will run the curious $40+ a pop and those who attend will be able to peruse their collection of ‘bespoke hearts for you and your lover to biological heels that stem from your legs’. It sounds like it’s going to be a pretty big deal and a major spectacle as they’re bringing together actors, tech, set design and ‘theatrical surprises’ to make it a fashion show that you’ll never forget.

We don’t know if we could see these pieces making it mainstream, but you never know what’s going to pick up speed nowadays in the fashion world. Who knows, maybe we’ll all be wearing handbags made from faux human spines in a month or two.

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The hackers behind the CelebGate photo leak have finally been brought to justice

The hackers behind the CelebGate photo leak have finally been brought to justice

‘In committing this offence, Mr Garofano acted in complete and utter disregard for the impact on his victims’ lives.’

celebgate photo hack
Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock

Back in 2014, a major event happened that opened the floodgates on a discussion that was long overdue – namely, the hacking of personal accounts and eventual distribution of celebrity nudes. You might remember that big names were hit including Kirsten Dunst, Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence, the latter of whom became a very fierce advocate for punishing those who participate in revenge porn. Well four years on, we finally have a conclusion to the case: all four hackers have finally been punished for their crime.

George Garafano, one of four hackers involved in the sex crime, was charged with eight months in prison. Following that, the judge ruled that he would be released under supervision for three years after that and also would have to perform 60 hours of community service according to NBC.

According to the BBC, Garafano pretended to be an Apple staff member and sent out fake security emails to a number of celebrities and Connecticut civilians to access their usernames and passwords. After that, he then hacked their Apple iCloud accounts and was able to access all of their photographs – particularly their nude pictures in the case of many female celebrities.

celebgate photo hack

Carl Timpone/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

‘Mr Garofano’s offence was a serious one. He illegally hacked into his victims’ online accounts, invaded their privacy, and stole their personal information, including private and intimate photos,’ the prosecution wrote, via The Guardian. ‘He did not engage in this conduct on just one occasion. He engaged in this conduct 240 times over the course of 18 months.’

‘Not only did Mr Garofano keep for himself the photographs he stole, he disseminated them to other individuals. He may have also sold them to others to earn ‘extra income’. In committing this offence, Mr Garofano acted in complete and utter disregard for the impact on his victims’ lives,’ they continued.

Garofano was one of four hackers at the centre of the FBI’s ‘celebgate’ investigation, however he is the last to be charged with a punishment. These included Ryan Collins in 2016 (18 months in prison plus a USD$3000 fine), Edward Majerczyk (nine months in prison and $5700 in restitution fees) and Emilio Herrera who took an undisclosed plea deal last October.

celebgate photo hack

David Buchan/REX/Shutterstock

The photo leak – which was coined grossly by some on the internet as ‘The Fappening’ – occurred in 2014 and affected a number of high profile celebrities. While it was obviously a horrific situation, it also kick-started a much needed debate around stronger punishment for those who engage in revenge porn. (Sadly though, there were a number of people who still fell into the problematic camp of blaming the victims for taking the photos in the first place.)

Jennifer said at the time per The Independent, ‘I feel like I got gang-banged by the f***ing planet – like, there’s not one person in the world that is not capable of seeing these intimate photos of me. You can just be at a barbecue and somebody can just pull them up on their phone. That was a really impossible thing to process.’

celebgate photo hack

Yvonne Tnt/BFA/REX/Shutterstock (9724813z)

‘A lot of women were affected, and a lot of them reached out to me about suing Apple or suing [others] – and none of that was going to really bring me peace, none of that was gonna bring my nude body back to me and [former boyfriend] Nic [Hoult], the person that they were intended for,’ she said. ‘It was not going to bring any of that back.’

Although the hackers have been brought to justice, for many of those affected – they’re going to be followed by the consequences of their crime for the rest of their life. The hackers’ sentences may come to an end, but nothing ever dies on the internet and their victims have to go on knowing that people can access images of their naked bodies whenever they want – without their consent.

We don’t know, but it feels like there needs to be a stronger punishment for that.

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This story about when Kate Middleton first met HRH has confused us

This story about when Kate Middleton first met HRH has confused us


Credit: Rex

Words by Rebecca Fearn.

Way back in 2008, Kate Middleton first met the Queen. It was obviously a momentous occasion, and one Kate (understandably) remembers very well.

You see, in 2010, Kate and William were both interviewed by Hello! magazine following their engagement. Speaking about the first time she met the Queen at William’s cousin Peter Phillips’ wedding in Windsor, Kate explained:

“Well I first met her at Peter and Autumn’s wedding and again it was in amongst a lot of other guests. She was very friendly, and yes, it was fine.”

Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, here’s where it gets confusing, because William also commented on the meeting, saying:

“She was very welcoming. She knew it was a big day and everything was going on with Peter and Autumn, she had wanted to meet Kate for a while, so it was very nice for her to come over and say hello, we had a little chat and got on really well.”

The thing is, William was actually not in attendance at the wedding. He wasn’t even in the country, instead at a friend’s wedding in Africa. Hmmm…

We wonder why Wills told this story?!

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The best hair salons in London that we 100% approve of

The best hair salons in London that we 100% approve of

We’ve done all the groundwork, so you don’t have to

best hair salons in london

Whether you’re after a simple trim, balayage or a complete colour and style transformation, these are the best hair salons in London, approved by Team Marie Claire.

The best hair salons in London – All over

1. Bleach London

Blackcurrant burst by @jadesux

A post shared by BLEACH (@bleachlondon) on Oct 28, 2017 at 12:21pm PDT

Why is it so brilliant? 

Because they can make you look like a mermaid if you really wanted them to. Or give you the blondest hair you’ve ever clapped eyes on. Or they could even put 10 different colours into your hair and you’d still leave with locks so soft you want to constantly stroke them. Because that’s the thing about Bleach – yes they know colour, but by god they know how to take care of hair that’s coloured. When you go in for a consultation, they don’t just do a patch test behind your ear to make sure you don’t react to the dye; they also snip the tiniest weeniest bit of hair from the back of your head and apply dye to it, to make sure that your hair can handle the chemicals and colour.

Pop onto their Instagram and you’re sure to find some styles that aren’t for you – red and black stripes don’t suit everyone, we know that (as do they) – but Bleach employs the best and most adventurous colourists, who know what it means to work with every colour. If you’re considering going blonder, dark purple or just want to have a temporary wash of pink then we really must insist that you look no further and pop along to one of Bleach’s three salons.

Where is it?

There are three to choose from – Brixton (195 Ferndale Rd, Brixton, London SW9), Soho (2 Berwick St, Soho, London W1) and the original outpost in Dalston (420 Kingsland Rd, London E8)


2. Blue Tit London

Why is it so brilliant?

Disclaimer: this reviewer loathes getting her hair cut. Dentist? Fine, get her in the chair. Blood test? Cool, bottle up her blood. But hairdressers? Well, hairdressers are her downfall (you can thank their industry standard metric system whereby an inch really isn’t an inch at all for that).

But, BUT… she liked the guys over at Blue Tit! Her time in the Crouch Hill salon was nothing short of joyous. The salon is cool, but not pretentious – think laid back Brooklyn loft vibes. She was handed tea on arrival (served in these stone mugs from Trouva that she immediately purchased afterwards for her house), plus a soothing head massage that put her at ease ready for The Big Trim.

Luckily, Blue Tit Crouch Hill manager and partner Chris knows what an inch really means, so in-between reveling in their shared love of the early noughties Milton Keynes punk scene (niche), she got an actual TRIM. Not a newly acquired bob. Also, he’s thinking about getting a salon dog very soon. So if that’s not a reason to go back, she doesn’t know what is.

Where is it?

Or should we say, where isn’t it? Thankfully, these boutique salons can be found across London, from Dalston to Portobello to Topshop Oxford Circus. Find your closest one here: https://www.bluetitlondon.com/salons/.

Call them up, or they have a handy ‘last minute booking’ button on the website, that lets you check availability for same day appointments.

3. Taylor Taylor London

Why is it so brilliant?

The flagship Shoreditch salon is well known for being, well, nothing short of awesome, really. Most of the senior stylists and colourists have been there for yonks and will always recognise you and say hi, so you’ll always feel part of the club. Loads of celebs are regulars here, so you might even spot an A-lister while you’re sipping away at your bar-grade espresso martini’s – on tap BTW. The main washroom is one of the most tranquil places you’ll ever have your head washed (and massaged). It’s a moody, bouji, golden palace of dreams and you may well find yourself drifting into a snooze, as it’s that zen. Their chic sister salon lies West in Portobello and is known for perfecting polished glossy styles K-middy would seriously approve of. For top-ups and brilliant blow-dries, you’ll want to swing by their Soho spot – on the 3rd floor in Liberty. All complete with complimentary cocktail bars. DREAMY.

Where is it?

Shoreditch (137 Commercial St, London E1), Notting Hill (309 Portobello Rd, London W10) and in Liberty (Regent St, Soho, London W1B)


Best hair salons in London – Central

4. Hershesons

Why is it so brilliant?

Well to put it simply, it’s so much more than a place to go and get your hair cut. The 5,000 sqft space on London’s Berners Street is the ultimate beauty destination. The hair gurus have paired up with some standout beauty brands, like Sunday Riley – offering facials, DryBy nail bar – THE people to see for subtle nail art and long-lasting manis and pedis, Ministry of Waxing, Dr Barbara Sturm, The Light Salon and Suman Brows, to offer their customers a completely 360° approach to the salon-experience. Why stop at a blow dry, when you can get everything done all under one roof?

The new space is quite different from their old salon on Conduit Street, which they were based at for 26 years. Gone are the muted marble tiles, separate sections for colour and cuts and simple ‘Daniel Hersheson’ lettering above the door. This time there are hints of jade green and turquoise, seats dotted allover and a neon lit up ‘Hershesons’ sign on the glass door. It’s industrial chic meets Elle Decor. It’s #interiorgoals at every corner. Even the staff have had a slight upgrade, they’ve swapped their starch black uniforms for Reebok trainers and J.Brand tops.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s a seriously tasty cafe where you can either grab lunch or if you’re a freelancer, while away hours on your laptop. There are little nooks everywhere, where you can grab a magazine – there’s a full, and very varied range available – and just take some for yourself.

Essentially, what we have here people is a really cool and smart hangout that you’ll walk into and won’t want to leave.

Where is it?

29 Berners St, London W1


5. SALON64

Let’s take a look downstairs..What’s your favourite seat?

A post shared by SALON64 (@salon64london) on Jun 23, 2018 at 9:10am PDT

Why is it so brilliant? 

Salon 64 is slick. It looks more like a cocktail bar than it does a salon. Which is why we highly recommend you go and hang out there and while away a couple of hours, getting ready for a night out. There’s actually is a cocktail bar – which serves their own branded coffee during the day and harder drinks at night – so you’re always be suitably refreshed. (You can even just pop in and get a coffee before work – no blow-dry necessary.) The workstations are in a circle formation that surround these insane fire pits that make you feel like you’re at Hollywood party in the 70s. In the best possible way. You’ll struggle to spot the back washes, as they’re hidden behind panel doors, out of the way of the aching cool bar area. Each styling table has it’s own lift up mirror and charge point, so you’ll never be caught short before heading out.

Once your hair is done, there are a set of bar stools and more workstations by the door, which have smaller mirrors and area to do your make-up. There’s even a secret VIP room, with it’s own entrance. If that doesn’t make you want to go there, we don’t know what will.

The salon very much falls into the emerging breed of salons, which offer so much more than your standard cut and blow-dry. You can actually hire the whole thing for a big event too. Hen party heaven.

Where is it?

Slap bang in the middle of Soho at 14 Bateman Street, W1


Best hair salons in London – East

6. Ralph & Rice

Why is so brilliant?

In 2018’s woke climate, more and more customers are demanding eco services and products. So it’s no surprise that Anita Rice & Dan Ralph saw a gap in the market for a sustainable hair salon that offers both. Stocking only Davines – a brand that prides itself on it’s green approach to haircare (it uses natural renewable energy to power its offices and plants and uses as little plastic as possible), the salon also steer clear of using towels (which would use too much water for their liking) and instead have chosen to use recycled and recyclable paper towels, as well as offering customers a discount if they bring back their plastic packaging for refills of products

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the treatments don’t deliver though – they have an SPF treatment that protects and restore hair back to it’s former bouncy, hydrated glory.

Where is it?

Tucked down a cobbled street just off Brick Lane. It surrounded by really cool boutiques that you’re sure to pop into on your way back to Shoreditch High Street Overground station.

12 Cheshire Street, London, E2


The best hair salons in London – South

7. Paul Edmonds at Battersea

Why is it so brilliant?

It’s difficult to decide which bit of Paul Edmonds new Battersea Power Station outpost we like the best. It could be the incredible stylists, who’ll do exactly what you knew you wanted, but weren’t exactly sure how to describe it. It could be the horizontal backwash beds, which are quite frankly the best in London. We’ve never, ever, had a comfier hair wash. Why hasn’t anyone else got these?! It might even be the rose gold loos that are so wonderfully fabulous, that you deem it appropriate to consider it for your master bathroom at home? Or could it be possibly the Champagne bar that also acts as the reception? Because you never know when you might want to quaff a few glasses? In all honestly, it doesn’t matter which bit is our favourite, because there are so many incredible parts to it that you’ll coming here.

Where is it?

Battersea Power Station. Well not technically inside it, but right next to it in the new schnazzy complex.

Battersea Power Station, 3 Circus Road West, London SW11


The best hair salons in London – West

8. Larry King

Why is it so brilliant?

The Larry King salon has plenty of features that sets it apart – an Instagram-ready powder room with a mountain photo backdrop, a rose gold cocktail station and a strictly Dyson-only hairdryer policy – something Larry tells me he’ll never ever go back on. And let’s not forget the selfie hot seat with perfect lighting and the Huawei 360 degree hair selfie option, allowing you to film your treatment and learn to perfect your own styling techniques.

The salon’s real unique selling point however has to be its vibe, with friendship at its core. From celebrity regulars (Zayn Malik, Jamie Dornan and Poppy Delevingne to name a few) to Kensington locals, everyone is in on the action, bringing along dogs, partners and friends to sit and enjoy the homemade signature strawberry tarts while waiting for highlights to develop. It’s like one long, relaxed and inclusive drinks party – hosted of course by Larry who circles the room, giving everyone a bit of love.

Where is it?

The salon is in South Kensington – just a stone’s throw from the tube station, but don’t worry it’s also an Uber hotspot if you need a car home to protect your freshly styled locks.

34-36 Harrington Road, London SW7 3ND



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The lesson Michelle Williams is passing onto her daughter from Heath Ledger is something we all need to learn

The lesson Michelle Williams is passing onto her daughter from Heath Ledger is something we all need to learn

She ‘never gave up on love’.

michelle williams daughter
Carl Timpone/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

When you find people who unconditionally love and accept you for who you are, they leave a handprint on your heart that time, distance and even death can’t erase. For Michelle Williams, one of those people was Heath Ledger and it’s a difficult lesson that she’s continued to try and pass down to their daughter.

In an honest and mostly heartbreaking interview with Vanity Fair, Michelle Williams revealed that she had experienced a kind of ‘radical acceptance’ from her former husband. In the years that followed Heath Ledger’s death and as she raised their daughter Matilda Rose Ledger on her own, Michelle made sure her daughter understood just how special that was.

She said, ‘I always say to Matilda, ‘Your dad loved me before anybody thought I was talented, or pretty, or had nice clothes.’’

michelle williams daughter

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Even though Michelle revealed ‘never gave up on love’, she spent the next ten years looking for something that came close to scratching the same surface. And thankfully, the Brokeback Mountain actress has found it with singer-songwriter Phil Elverum – who she just married in a secret ceremony. She revealed that her relationship with Phil, whose previous partner passed away of cancer, was ‘very sacred and special’.

michelle williams daughter

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She said, ‘Obviously I’ve never once in my life talked about a relationship, but Phil isn’t anyone else. And that’s worth something. Ultimately the way he loves me is the way I want to live my life on the whole. I work to be free inside of the moment. I parent to let Matilda feel free to be herself, and I am finally loved by someone who makes me feel free.’

After everything that Michelle and her family have been through, we’re so thankful she’s finally found freedom and love ten years on from Heath’s death. Everybody deserves to be loved the same way Michelle has generously shared she has been: fully, unapologetically and by somebody who will help carry your baggage over the threshold.

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I have found the best place to get a spray tan in London. And I’ll fight anyone who disagrees.

I have found the best place to get a spray tan in London. And I’ll fight anyone who disagrees.

You can apply all the best fake tan you can get our hands on, follow the fake tan tips to a tee and even know how to remove fake tan if things go wrong. But sometimes all of that just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes a special event, like a birthday party, a wedding or a hen do (which is what I needed to be bronzed for), calls for the best spray tan in London.

Luckily, I have found the place and the person.

If you want to look the most tanned and most toned (isn’t it wonderful that tan has the most incredible slimming effect?!) you’ve ever been, then you need to head to Piccadilly straight away and book in with James Harknett at the Away Spa.

You’ll find the spa on the 6th floor of the W Hotel. Here’s a fun fact – the hotel smells just like chocolate because it sits on top of M&M world. YUM. As ever with W Hotels – it’s a party hotel, filled with tourists hoping to enjoy a good time in London, but the spa is a completely different story – it’s calm and serene. This is where you’ll find James. Lovely friendly James.

James has the most incredible ability of making you look like the best version of yourself, armed only with a his spray gun. Walking into his little tanning room, you’re surrounded by pictures and notes of thanks from the celebrities that he’s tanned – from Geri Halliwell and Emma Willis and to David Gandy and One Direction (scream!) – so you know you’re in good hands. There’s also a framed signed photograph of the Princess of Pop, Kylie Minogue  – one of his idols. The other is the Queen of Pop. Get him onto this subject and you’ll be amazed to learn that he has the largest collection of Madonna memorabilia in the world.

He starts by asking you why you’re getting a spray tan – because, just like an outfit, each occasions requires a different look. Once you’ve decided how light or how dark you’re going, you get your kit off (apart from a lovely pair of paper undies) and pop into the little booth. Then the show really starts. James doesn’t just stand in front of you and blast you with the brown liquid, he performs what can only be described as ‘a rhythmic tanning dance.’ His arms move gracefully from left to right as he ensures every inch of you is bronzed to perfection.

Once he’s finished, you’ll look and feel a million dollars. (Which is marvellous considering it costs £50.)

best spray tan in london

At my hendo, everyone commented on how healthy I seemed and how natural the tan looked. Which is all you really want from the best spray tan in London isn’t it?

Book in now, by calling 020 7758 1071.

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