Gigantic Harry Potter wands will light the way home for Londoners this winter

Gigantic Harry Potter wands will light the way home for Londoners this winter


harry potter wands

We hope you’ve practiced your swish and flicks and memorised your incantations. It turns out that London is set to get a little bit more magical this month, as nine gigantic wands are going to be installed nearby one of the capital’s biggest attractions: St Paul’s Cathedral. Beyond being a super cool nod to the wizarding series, they also light up at their tips to guide the way for those finding their way home.

The installation is officially called Fantastic Beasts: Wizarding World Wands Supporting Lumos and will be open to the public between 18 October and 12 November. Forget going to see Oxford Street switch their lights on, as you’ll be able to murmur your own Lumos and watch the fifteen foot wands light up the darkness at 6.45pm every night.

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Exciting news in London! Next month, as excitement builds for the 16 November release of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, an installation of nine giant wands will illuminate the walkway between Millennium Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral in London to help raise awareness for Lumos, and our mission to end the institutionalisation of children around the world. Standing fifteen feet tall, the wands – bringing to life those belonging to some of the most beloved characters in the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films – are the centrepiece of the new installation, Fantastic Beasts: Wizarding World Wands supporting Lumos. It is set to light up Peter’s Hill every night at 6:45pm from 18th October to 12th November. The installation also kicks off a series of exciting activities for fans every “Wizarding Wednesday,” including wand training and a live performance of music from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films by a military marching band. Come and see the wands from October 18th! #lumos #wearelumos #wands #wizardingworld #harrypotter #jkrowling #fantasticbeasts #thecrimesofgrindelwald #warnerbros #magic #london #cityoflondon

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And while we’re on the topic of the Lumos spell, the installation is all in support of J.K. Rowling’s charity of the same name. Aimed at bringing orphans a better life and ‘ending the institutionalisation of children around the world’, the gigantic wands are intended to spread awareness of Lumos’ mission.

If you’re around the area on one of their Wizarding Wednesdays, it’s also worth popping down to see what’s happening as apparently there’s going to be a whole range of Potter-themed activities: think live musical performances of the films’ stunning scores and wand training sessions. (Note: no Unforgivable Curses allowed.)

harry potter wands


It’s also been speculated by The Evening Standard that Daniel Radcliffe could potentially be involved in some way, as the wands will be installed just a stone’s throw away from his old school City of London School for Boys. We’ve reached out to his agent to see if there’s any truth to it, but fingers crossed we’ll get to see him in person at a Wizarding Wednesday.

Josh Berger, the President and Managing Director of Warner Bros. Entertainment UK, said, ‘London has played a huge role in the on-screen legacy of the Wizarding World…Fantastic Beasts: Wizarding World Wands supporting Lumos is emblematic of this unique relationship, celebrating the magic of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts here in London while raising awareness for the vital work being done by Lumos on behalf of some of the world’s most vulnerable children.’

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald will be released in the UK on November 16.

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5 major things we learned from the new Chilling Adventures of Sabrina trailer

5 major things we learned from the new Chilling Adventures of Sabrina trailer

Plus a first look at Salem…

chilling adventures of sabrina official trailer
Courtesy of Netflix

Remember when Sabrina the Teenage Witch was adorable, wholesome and mostly about a regular high school girl with magical powers? Those days are well and truly gone now. The official trailer for the much-anticipated Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has just dropped in time for the spookiest month of the year and it’s both cute and eerie AF all at the same time. We’re pretty convinced we need to take a strategic sick day on October 26th when the series drops on Netflix.

The new trailer gave us a better idea of what the upcoming reboot is actually going to be like, since before this all we really knew was it was going to be creepier than Melissa Joan Hart’s version. But the video basically showed us that creepy was an understatement, as while it starts off pretty sweet and light-hearted – it soon takes a nosedive into the truly horrific. Think pentagrams, bloody magical rituals in the woods, skull-faced girls haunting Greendale and straight up murder. Here’s a few things we’ve learned from the trailer…

Forget everything you know about Sabrina Spellman

chilling adventures of sabrina official trailer


Sabrina, played by Kiernan Shipka from Mad Men, is like her predecessor torn between two worlds: regular human society and the darker, more magical underworld. At the start of the trailer, it’s made pretty clear that she’s going to have to choose between them on her sixteenth birthday. Although Melissa Joan Hart’s Sabrina was a bit of an outsider, this new Miss Spellman seems to more popular: she’s hanging out at house parties and she and her new Harvey Kinkle already appear to be together. She also seems to be way more confident and headstrong, her declaration at the end, ‘My name is Sabrina Spellman and I will not sign it away’ gave us chills.

The show has our new favourite reaction GIF

chilling adventures of sabrina official trailer


Seriously, the short clip of Sabrina dancing on the stairs and kicking her legs up after Harvey smooches her is a total mood. The possibilities are endless. Payday? Sabrina dance GIF. One extra biscuit in the box? Sabrina dance GIF. That cute guy at the office finally asking for your number? Sabrina. Dance. GIF.

We’ve still don’t know if Salem talks

chilling adventures of sabrina trailer


Okay, this one hasn’t totally been confirmed but yes — there is a grumpy black cat in the trailer. It’s right after what somebody who appears to be one of Sabrina’s teachers disciplines them, as the trailer cuts right to a split second of a cat hissing in disdain up at somebody. Total Salem move, so I’m convinced it’s him. The trailer sadly hasn’t answered whether or not the cat talks in the show, but fingers crossed we get some sassy feline one liners.

Don’t mess with Aunt Zelda

chilling adventures of sabrina official trailer


I only picked up on this after watching the trailer a couple of times, but the woman at the end who full on nails Aunt Hilda in the face is Aunt Zelda. The two eccentric sisters don’t seem to have a super warm and fuzzy relationship and Zelda actually admits to murdering her sister ‘because she annoyed me’ and burying her in the backyard. Though it seems like not even a fatal head wound can keep Hilda’s optimism down, as she seems to claw her way out of her grave at the end of the trailer.

There’s no sign of the Riverdale kids just yet

chilling adventures of sabrina official trailer


Ever since it was announced that the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina would be in the same universe as the brand new Riverdale reboot, we were over the moon about a potential crossover. Sadly, we didn’t spot Jughead, Betty, Archie and Veronica skulking around the corners of Sabrina’s town Greendale but fingers crossed they’re just saving it for a later surprise.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will hit Netflix on October 26, just in time for Halloween.

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Would you watch Sex and the City without Kim Cattrall? SJP can’t imagine it

Would you watch Sex and the City without Kim Cattrall? SJP can’t imagine it

Well, that’s a depressing start to the morning.

satc sarah jessica parker response

Even though the girls from SATC are all busy with other projects and/or feuds, we’ve always hoped that they’d band together again and redeem the sins of Sex and the City 2. At this point, we’ve basically accepted that a third film just isn’t going to happen and Sarah Jessica Parker’s latest comments aren’t giving us much hope either.

A fellow diehard fan of the show commented on one of SJP’s Instagram posts according to Us Weekly, writing, ‘you are still my hero. please replace or write her out kim/samantha if she is not interested and bring back sex and the city movie #3. the fans need this.’

It’s normally a nice surprise when a celeb responds to an Instagram comment, however Sarah’s answer just really bummed us out. She wrote, ‘not sure if I can imagine doing another one without her. X’

She also added a purple heart emoji at the end of it. IMO she should have posted a ghost emoji instead, because the comment killed thousands of fans’ hopes and dreams.

Our new favourite Instagram account @commentsbycelebs managed to screenshot the moment, saving you the hassle of scrolling all the way through SJP’s feed to find the devastating response.

If you’re not up to date with the current Sex and the City drama, basically Kim Cattrall said she didn’t want to do a third film and also called out SJP in a Piers Morgan interview saying ‘she could have been nicer’. She also went to add that she had ‘never been friends’ with her SATC co-stars, but she was more than happy to step aside and even suggested potential actresses to take her place as Samantha.

She named a super diverse line-up of actresses on Twitter, saying, ‘I am partial to @TheEllenShow but @Oprah was always my 1st . But then there are the goddess’s @TiffanyHaddish or @SofiaVergara So many fabulous actresses to choose from that will make Samantha their own!’

We’re here for any of those women to step up to the plate.

Totally love SATC, but they could really do with more diversity on the show if they really do come back. (That said, maybe leave Abu Dhabi out of it this time round.)

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Bradley Cooper cast his own dog in A Star Is Born

Bradley Cooper cast his own dog in A Star Is Born


bradley cooper Glastonbury

Words by Rebecca Fearn.

Big news for Bradley Cooper and cute dog fans (a niche yet I predict wide band of people): Bradley has confirmed he cast his own dog in recent movie A Star Is Born.

The pooch, named Charlie, plays the role of Jackson (Cooper) and Ally (Lady Gaga)’s dog. We wonder what kind of audition process he had to go through?!

Speaking to People, Bradley commented:

“There was no nepotism — I wanted this relationship with the dog… [Jackson and Ally] don’t have a child together but they have a dog together, and I wanted it to be part of their story. I love dogs.”

He also joked that since his appearance in the movie, Charlie has become pretty big time: “[he] has an agent. I don’t talk to him much anymore. He doesn’t return my calls. He always walks away from me unless I have food.”

Charlie is named after Cooper’s late father, meaning he holds a special place in his heart.

The actor does have two other dogs however: German shorthaired pointer Samson and Chow Retriever mix Charlotte, both of whom are rescue dogs.

Let’s just hope Charlie received a fair salary.

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This is why you should care about Nagini in Fantastic Beasts

This is why you should care about Nagini in Fantastic Beasts

The casting of South Korean actress Claudia Kim has ignited a major debate about race in the Potter universe

nagini casting controversy
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald / Warner Bros. UK

Another day, another Potter casting controversy. The internet was set on fire after the final trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald dropped and I’m not going to lie, it looks awesome. However there was one detail that rankled both me and a number of Potterheads as a character called Nagini – yes, Voldemort’s pet Nagini – was unveiled.

It turns out that Voldemort’s faithful reptilian servant and Horcrux is actually what’s called a Maledictus, a woman who ‘carries a blood curse from birth, which is passed down from mother to daughter’ according to J.K. Rowling. As you’ve probably guessed, Nagini’s curse is that she will eventually become a snake. Nothing wrong with that, it’s a cool magical concept. However, it was the choice to cast South Korean actress Claudia Kim in the role and J.K. Rowling’s defense that sparked controversy.

Let’s start with something vitally important: this isn’t about Claudia Kim. Nobody should be mad at Claudia Kim, she’s an actress who got a once-in-a-lifetime gig. Like many of us would have, she took it. However it’s everything surrounding the decision to cast her which doesn’t sit well with me as a half Asian woman, as it seems to reinforce stereotypes and it feels like a poorly conceived afterthought – a way to bring diversity to the film without really thinking too hard about it.

So, let’s start with what we already know about Nagini. In the books, the snake is essentially Voldemort’s slave and mostly non-verbal (except for when Harry parselmouths his way into understanding her). If you know anything about problematic Asian stereotypes, this smacks of them even if it’s not totally obvious on the surface.

nagini casting controversy

The Quiet American / Snap Stills/REX/Shutterstock

There’s this backwards stereotype of Asian women as submissive to male men, an idea perpetuated back in the time when Asian countries were being colonised left, right and centre or written about by Western powers. In the books, Nagini is literally a servant enacting the wishes of a dominant white male, Voldemort, and is never given any real personality or voice – she’s defined by her relationship to Voldemort. It goes without saying that nobody should be defined by another person, but there’s a colonial undertone here that reinforces white superiority that’s kind of gross.

As one Twitter user put it, ‘I feel like this is the problem when white people want to diversify and don’t actually ask POC how to do so. They don’t make the connection between making Nagini an Asian woman who later on is the pet of a white man. So I’m going to say it right now. That shit is racist.’

Another more obvious stereotype that you’ve probably heard thrown around is the idea of Asian women as ‘dragon-ladies’. Nagini is literally an Asian woman who transforms into a scaly reptilian creature. Even to the untrained eye, the parallel is pretty obvious.

With Nagini, you get a one-two punch of conflicting yet pretty harmful Asian stereotypes – the subservient Asian woman and the Asian dragon-lady, defined by Penn State University as a Western trope of Asian women being portrayed as ‘oversexualised’ and ‘deceitful’ villains in a position of power. And then given that Harry later in the books has to actually kill her, as she’s a Horcrux and literal fragment of her master Voldemort’s soul, it’s a troubling image at its best of of white superiority. At its worst, Nagini’s own agency and identity doesn’t even come into question – she is her master’s object, and therefore, without her own right to existence.

nagini casting controversy

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 / Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock

There’s also the fact that not just Asian women, but other Asian men and women of colour are usually relegated to sideline supernatural or alien characters in films that are generally dominated by white humans (and especially white human males). Think of Pom and Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Magnus Bane in The Mortal Instruments and Teen Wolf‘s Kira Yukimura. It’s not enough that we’re people of colour, we’re also shoved into yet another box that others us and sets us up as a deviation from the ‘normal’.

I know these things are complicated and might seem like a reach. As is the case with debates like this, there’s a lot of people in the Asian community who are mad and a lot of people who couldn’t care less: Asian and otherwise. But the fact is that it’s not just me that’s picking up on this, it’s a whole chorus of people on the internet that have noticed it and it needs to be called out for perpetuating these harmful myths.

However, J.K. Rowling explained on Twitter that the Nagini myth was rooted in Asian tradition to defend herself and it opens a brand new can of worms – or well, snakes.

She wrote on Twitter, ‘The Naga are snake-like mythical creatures of Indonesian mythology, hence the name ‘Nagini.’ They are sometimes depicted as winged, sometimes as half-human, half-snake. Indonesia comprises a few hundred ethnic groups, including Javanese, Chinese and Betawi. Have a lovely day’.

There’s a couple of things here to unpack.

Claudia Kim is a South Korean actress. Even though the Naga myth is an Indonesian thing (according to Rowling, but we’ll get into that whole mess later), Rowling’s defense boils down to ‘it’s an Asian thing, so it’s okay’. She doesn’t take into account that the film cast a woman who is not Indonesian or even any of the other races she name-dropped, but I don’t know how involved she is with Fantastic Beasts. She may not have any power over casting, so I’m not going to point fingers at her for something that might have been out of her control.

I will however, take her to town for her response. Even if J.K. Rowling didn’t mean it this way, by implying that it was okay to cast a South Korean actress in a role that is Indonesian-inspired is almost like she’s saying that all Asians are the same. It’s a pretty insulting claim. And if you think I should get over it, just remember that British people get mad all the time when you get their hometown wrong, let alone which country they’re from. We aren’t all the same, we have our own unique and different cultures that we’re fiercely proud of.

nagini casting controversy

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald / Warner Bros. UK

J.K. Rowling actually got the origin of the Naga legend wrong. In fact, an expert on Nagas actually chimed into the Twitter conversation to tell her that the legend actually originated in India.

Amish Tripanthi, the author of The Secret of the Nagas, said, ‘Actually @jk_rowling the Naga mythology emerged from India. It travelled to Indonesia with the Indic/Hindu empires that emerged there in the early Common Era, with the influence of Indian traders and Rishis/Rishikas who travelled there. Nagin is a Sanskrit language word.’

Casting Nagini as an Asian woman, or even introducing Nagini at all feels like a feeble, ill-thought out attempt at diversifying the Harry Potter universe. I’m not making a controversial statement when I say that it’s always struggled with a lack of racial diversity and when it did dip its toe in, we got Cho Chang. Her name kind of says it all.

Although this might be the Potter team’s well-intentioned attempt to right their previous wrongs, Nagini is actually a harmful form of Asian representation for the community. I would have been happier if Claudia Kim had just played a regular non-Nagini witch who happened to be living in either England or Paris, where the new film is set according to CNET.

nagini casting controversy

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald / Warner Bros. UK

I’m still going to watch the film though, in fact I’m super excited for it and really enjoy Fantastic Beasts. (Why else would I have written several articles dissecting every new trailer that comes out?) But this is something that I feel is getting lost a little nowadays – you can love a franchise, watch and enjoy a film and yet still be able to call out and recognise why it’s messed up. I’ll still watch Sixteen Candles every now and again, even if Long Duk Dong makes me want to throw my TV out of the window when he comes on.

At the end of the day, the debates about representation in Harry Potter, Star Wars or anything in the Avengers universe stem down to the clear fact that people in the Asian community love these franchises. Like the rest of you, we just want them to do better.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald will come out in the UK on November 16, later this year.

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Sophie Turner said a lot of Game of Thrones fans ‘will be disappointed’ or ‘over the moon’ about the finale

Sophie Turner said a lot of Game of Thrones fans ‘will be disappointed’ or ‘over the moon’ about the finale

‘I think it will be really interesting to see people’s reactions, but for me reading the script it was just like heartbreaking.’

sophie turner game of thrones finale
Sky / HBO

Any Game of Thrones fan by now will know that the HBO fantasy will never give you what you want. A happy family unit? For a few episodes, then your wife and kids will be forced to watch your public execution. True love? Sure, for a second, before somebody murders your pregnant wife in front of you in cold blood. And now that the series is drawing to an end, apparently the show’s grand finale is going to be a divisive one too and GoT’s Sophie Turner thinks it’s not going to please anyone.

Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, spoke to IGN about the anticipated final series next year and was pressed on the end of the entire show. She said, ‘I think a lot of fans will be disappointed and a lot of fans will be over the moon.’

There’s a lot to unpack here. You can take this a few ways: does this mean we’ll get a miserable ending that makes total sense for Game of Thrones, but keeps all our favourite characters from true happiness?

sophie turner game of thrones finale

Sky / ©2016 Home Box Office, Inc. All

Or, does this mean that we’ll get a happy ending that would make no sense because joy and closure are things that don’t exist in Westeros? If we were betting people, we’d put our money on the first TBH – especially after what she said next.

Sophie said there were ‘a lot of tears’ and continued, ‘I think it will be really interesting to see people’s reactions, but for me reading the script it was just like heartbreaking.’

Okay, now we’re really worried. Heartbreaking?! We had steeled ourselves for the death of at least one of our favourite characters, but now we’re prepping to have joint memorial services for everyone in the show.

sophie turner game of thrones finale

Sky / ©2017 Home Box Office, Inc. All

Even if she thinks the ending will be divisive, Sophie’s pretty happy with the way it all turned out. She said, ‘As an actor it was really satisfying. I think for everyone, everyone’s storylines — to be able to act out the way that it all ends. It was really satisfying for us. Who knows if it will be satisfying for the fans.’

Well, there’s only one way to find out and it’s a long, hard few months away. The next and final seven-episode series of Game of Thrones is set to drop next year, though no exact release date has been announced yet. We know that the show’s motto is Valar Morghulis, a.k.a. ‘All men must die’, but we really hope they don’t double down on that in 2019.

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This unexpected actor wants to be in a Harry Potter film and sent J.K. Rowling his CV and a reference

This unexpected actor wants to be in a Harry Potter film and sent J.K. Rowling his CV and a reference

Those Home Alone traps were nothing short of magic TBH

macaulay culkin harry potter

There’s been a lot of buzz about the new Fantastic Beasts sequel and more specifically its cast, as it’s been the subject of a lot of celebration and a handful of controversies. From Jude Law’s suave young Dumbledore to Johnny Depp’s casting in the wake of his domestic abuse allegations, the new faces to the Potter universe have been stirring up a lot of emotions and the upcoming Fantastic Beasts will be interesting to say the least. However, there’s one person who wants to be in it – and we need this to happen immediately.

So, who is it? Well, Home Alone’s Macaulay Culkin has publicly made the case for why he should be in the next Fantastic Beasts film. He tweeted J.K. Rowling herself and even provided his CV and a reference – clearly, this is a guy who knows how to apply for a job.

macaulay culkin harry potter


He tweeted at her, ‘Can you write me into the next movie? I’m Macaulay Culkin (From Home Alone: The Movie) and I was also a Pagemaster (experienced with magic).’

He also then roped his ‘real life’ friend Dan Fogler, who will be reprising his role as Jacob Kowalski in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, for a bit of extra help. He said, ‘Hey @mrdanfogler put in a good word for me. There’s a back rub in it for you. ;)’

His friend Dan Fogler later chimed in, telling Macaulay that he has ‘the same colouring as [the] Malfoy clan’ and that he could see the actor ‘as a grad student at ILVERMORNY‘. Ilvermony is the American version of Hogwarts, which we didn’t know till just now either.

Culkin’s also clearly been on Pottermore as he fired back, ‘While I may look like a Malfoy I’m actually a Gryffindor and my patronus is a Mastiff which is a dog. So that’s cute!’

He also threw in his own hashtag #MakeMeAWizard. It’s time to get this trending, people.

However he was brought low by another Twitter user, who pointed out why he probably wouldn’t last a day in the wizarding world. Referring to his death by bee in the film My Girl, @andymilonakis said, ‘Don’t do it he can’t even handle a bee sting.’

Although J.K. has yet to respond, fingers crossed the pair have just taken negotiations off Twitter and that Macaulay will poke his head into the next instalment (if there is one). We want to see hilariously over the top traps being laid for Grindelwald and we want to see them now.

Macaulay also threw his hat into a recent Fantastic Beasts casting controversy, referring to South Korean actress Claudia Kim who has been cast as Voldemort’s pet snake Nagini.

Since the new trailer dropped, it was revealed that He Who Shall Not Be Named’s reptilian servant was actually a Maledictus. Don’t worry if your Potter knowledge fails you here either, it’s a new concept. J.K. Rowling revealed that she’d known for twenty years that Nagini was a Maledictus, which she explained wa  a woman who ‘carries a blood curse from birth’ and eventually becomes an animal according to J.K. Rowling.

At the moment, fans and especially members of the Asian community have taken issue with it as some perceive the casting as an ill-thought out way to diversify the film. Others have pointed out the issues of playing into a dragon lady stereotype, as well as framing an Asian actress as somebody subservient to a white man like Voldemort.

He defended the casting in his message to J.K. Rowling, saying, ‘Hey @jk_rowling I’m with you! Nagini can be whatever she wants to be! She’s a strong woman/snake.’

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald will be released later this November 2018, starring Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander and Jude Law as Albus Dumbledore.

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Brace yourselves: Making A Murderer Part 2 is coming

Brace yourselves: Making A Murderer Part 2 is coming


Making a Murderer

Words by Rebecca Fearn.

Clear the snack shelves of your local co-op, get cosy and batten down the hatches, because the follow-up series we’ve ALL been waiting for is finally arriving.

Yep, Part 2 of Netflix’s groundbreaking series Making A Murderer is hitting the site on 19 October with ten new episodes – and it’s launching just in time for the perfect snuggly Autumnal weekend in.

Series one followed the story of Steven Avery, a Manitowoc County, Wisconsin resident who was accused of murdering photographer Teresa Halbach. The show ended with [SPOILER ALERT] Avery being locked away for life for the crime, while his nephew, 16-year-old Brandon Dassey, was also imprisoned for his supposed involvement.

The true-crime documentary offered a thrilling insight into the criminal justice system in America, and offered up an alternative account on events where Avery was innocent and being framed. What actually happened we will never know, but series 2 sounds as though it will reveal more and delve deeper into the case.

CBS has reported that the second series will show Avery and Dassey’s post-conviction processes and how they affect the people who care about them most. It will also feature Avery’s current lawyer Kathleen Zellner, who has been very vocal on Twitter in recent years with her insistence she knows Avery was wrongfully convicted.

Commenting about the new series, executive producers, writers and directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos said in a statement:

“Steven and Brendan, their families and their legal and investigative teams have once again graciously granted us access, giving us a window into the complex web of American criminal justice.”

“Building on Part 1, which documented the experience of the accused, in Part 2, we have chronicled the experience of the convicted and imprisoned, two men each serving life sentences for crimes they maintain they did not commit. We are thrilled to be able to share this new phase of the journey with viewers.”

Hurry up October.

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There’s a Downton Abbey movie on its way and we cannot wait

There’s a Downton Abbey movie on its way and we cannot wait

From your Sunday night fix to a feature length film

downton abbey

Words by Zoe Knight

It’s been nearly three years since we said goodbye to the Crawleys in a charming Christmas special and we’ve had separation anxiety from the aristocrats and a Maggie Smith shaped hole in our hearts ever since. But that’s all about to change…

That’s right, the Crawleys are making a come back! The doors of Downton Abbey have reopened, with the original cast returning to set to shoot a movie adaptation of the award winning series.

But there are so many questions. Here’s everything you need to know…

When will the Downton Abbey movie be released?

So when is the film set to hit the big screen? As the cast and crew are still currently filming, we unfortunately have some time to wait, but a release date has been announced. Diehard Downton fans – make sure to clear your schedules, put together your best post-Edwardian ensembles and circle September 13th 2019 in your calendars.

Who is in the cast of the Downton Abbey movie?

The confirmed cast list sees the return of firm fan favourites. These include Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley, Hugh Bonneville as the Earl of Grantham and Elizabeth McGovern as the Countess. But we have to give a special mention to Dame Maggie, who will officially be reprising her role of Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess.

Downton Abbey Movie


Maggie’s presence in the motion picture has been the biggest surprise to viewers of the show, as the icon has previously voiced her concerns about the potential blockbuster. When asked about the film last year at the BFI & Radio Times Festival she said, ‘I just think it’s squeezing it dry, do you know what I mean?’ Well we’re nothing less than thrilled by her change of heart.

What is the plot of the Downton Abbey movie?

For now specific details of the film’s plot are unknown. However, Focus chairman Peter Kujawski is calling it ‘the Crawley family’s next chapter.’ So make of that what you will. Until more info comes to light we will continue to analyse the cast members’ somewhat cryptic social media posts.

View this post on Instagram

And…we’re off 🎬@downtonabbey_official

A post shared by Michelle Dockery (@theladydockers) on Sep 10, 2018 at 9:01am PDT

Michelle Dockery took to Instagram to share an artistic black and white image of the set on the first day of filming, while her co-stars continue to post behind the scene selfies that tell the fandom very little. They really aren’t giving much away are they?

Even though so little about the film’s narrative is known, expectations are sky-high. Excited fans are already calling it as a future Academy Award winner. The show’s creator, Julian Fellowes, told BBC News, ‘I’ve done my best, I know the cast are doing their best and I think it will be fun. But I won’t count any chickens, thank you, until it is out, until we know how it is doing.’

Now if you’ll excuse us, one must prepare for what is sure to be an absolutely spiffing movie (by binge watching all six series again of course!)

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This is the one moment from The Crown that upset the Queen

This is the one moment from The Crown that upset the Queen

‘That simply did not happen’

the crown season two review
The Crown. Credit: Netflix

Even though it feels like season two of The Crown has just left our screens, we’re already looking forward to its third season – and mourning the loss of its stars from the episodes ahead.

It was announced last year that this season would be the current actors’ last, with the characters recast to older actors to reflect the passing of time – something that is set to happen every two seasons.

With Claire Foy and Matt Smith leaving impossibly big shoes to fill, fans have been obsessed with news of The Crown castings, from who will take on the role of Princess Margaret to whether the Queen’s corgis will remain the same.

But it wasn’t the first photos of Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip or the startling pay gap between Claire Foy and Matt Smith that got everyone talking this week. Instead, it was Queen Elizabeth’s thoughts on the Netflix show.

It is public knowledge that the monarch is a fan of the show with one of its stars Vanessa Kirby overhearing Princess Eugenie claim that ‘Granny is a big fan’.

It emerged this week however that there was one particular episode in season two that Queen Elizabeth wasn’t such a fan of, saddened at how her family was portrayed.

The episode in question? Season two episode nine – the episode where we see a young Prince Charles sent off to Gordonstoun, the same school Prince Philip attended when he was younger.

Claire Foy and Matt Smith in The Crown

Claire Foy and Matt Smith in The Crown

Viewers were shocked by the interaction in the episode between Philip and his son when he calls him ‘bloody weak’ for crying at being bullied.

This is something that the Queen it seems was also shocked by when watching The Crown, insisting that it is not factual.

‘The Queen realises that many who watch The Crown take it as an accurate portrayal of the Royal Family and she cannot change that,’ a senior courtier told The Express. ‘But I can convey that she was upset by the way Prince Philip is depicted as being a father insensitive to his son’s wellbeing.’

The insider continued: ‘She was particularly annoyed at a scene in which Philip has no sympathy for a plainly upset Charles while he is flying him home from Scotland. That simply did not happen.’

Well that’s that then.

The post This is the one moment from The Crown that upset the Queen appeared first on Marie Claire.