Ellen Pompeo’s call for more diversity is very important

Ellen Pompeo’s call for more diversity is very important

Gabrielle Union’s face says it all.

Words by Emily Lambe

Ellen Pompeo is known for speaking her mind, calling out her struggle for equal pay on the set of Grey’s Anatomy and pushing for an end to workplace discrimination. And this week was no different.

While in discussion with Gabrielle Union, Gina Rodriguez, and Emma Roberts to talk sexism, equal pay and racism in the TV industry in an interview with Net-a-Porter, she took her time on stage to make a very powerful statement and call out the lack of diversity in the room.

‘This day has been incredible, and there’s a ton of women in the room, but I don’t see enough colour, and I didn’t see enough colour when I walked in the room today,’ she announced.

‘As Caucasian people, it’s our job. It’s our task. It’s our responsibility to make sure that we speak up in every single room we walk into that this is not OK and that we can all do better. It’s our job, because we’ve created the problem.’

Speaking about including people of colour in her own productions, Rodriguez added, ‘From the PAs to the top producer to the money man to the money woman to the lead actress, everyone’s treated equally. Kindly.’

Union also weighed in, ‘I wonder what the shoot would be like if it were a female photographer. But I never, never would have thought to say it in this space because I don’t want to appear ungrateful.’

Unsurprisingly, Ellen Pompeo started a Twitter movement with her comments.

These are some of our favourites…

This is great.

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The Princess Switch cast has confirmed Harry and Meghan as their inspiration

The Princess Switch cast has confirmed Harry and Meghan as their inspiration

And we knew it!

The Princess Switch was released on Netflix less than a week ago, and already we’ve seen it too many times to count.

The Parent Trap esque film (this year’s answer to A Christmas Prince) sees Vanessa Hudgens playing the two leads, involving a European Duchess switching places with a baker from Chicago, who looks identical to her, just one week before Christmas.

Inevitably they fall in love with each other’s partners, want each other’s lives and somehow everything ties together perfectly in the end.

The Princess Switch

The film has gone viral for a number of reasons – Margaret Delacourt’s wardrobe, the gaping plotholes and of course the hilarious Twitter responses.

But one of the main reasons behind the film’s intense popularity is the rumours that it was inspired by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship, something that The Princess Switch cast has just confirmed.

That’s right. According to Sam Palladio who plays Prince Edward, the Netflix original film is loosely based on the royal couple.

Geoff Pugh/REX/Shutterstock

‘Literally the day we arrived [on set] it was the royal wedding so it was, it actually was a really good character research,’ Sam explained to Bustle. ’Our story is very much the Harry and Meghan story. Well, I guess without the double “Meghans,” because that would be a bit weird.’

Going on to talk about his performance, he continued: ‘I think there’s some human elements of Harry that are in there. That’s what I kind of wanted to do. You realise at the end that he’s a normal guy, he just wants to find somebody to love, and I think that those parallels are definitely there with Harry and Meghan in terms of the… yeah, OK, they have these huge duties to perform, and they’re very much in the spotlight but you know you can totally see at the end of the day that they’re both smitten with each other and it’s a true little romance, so I wanted to capture a little element of that.’

So The Princess Switch and Harry and Meghan are linked – this might just be the best news we’ve heard all day.

Be right back – we’re off to watch it again!

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The Waitrose Christmas advert mocks John Lewis and it’s brutal

The Waitrose Christmas advert mocks John Lewis and it’s brutal


Waitrose Christmas advert
Credit: Waitrose

The John Lewis Christmas advert has become a huge deal in recent years. As Christmas day edges closer, we’re treated to an offering from JL that is usually tear-jerking/uplifting/funny/all of the above.

And while we also enjoy the countdown to the 25th December because there are so many amazing advent calendars around nowadays – just take a peek at our favourite alternative advent calendars – the many Christmas adverts give us all of the festive feels.

It’s not just John Lewis who get us balling our eyes out every year. Sainsbury’s, Aldi, ASDA… they’re all at it.

However, Waitrose has stepped forward with what many are hailing the best Christmas advert ever.

Just days ago, John Lewis released their 2018 Christmas ad featuring the one and only Sir Elton John. It’s Benjamin Button-esque, starting with real-time Elton playing on the piano and following him backwards through the years, ending with a little Elton getting his first piano for Christmas. It’s all very sweet.

But hot on their heels, Waitrose has released their own forty-second commercial – and it has a lot of people in stitches.

Why? Because it mocks John Lewis – and all of us for eagerly awaiting the advert year in, year out.

It starts with a teenage girl gathering her parents around the telly to watch the latest John Lewis ad. Soon enough, however, the mum suggests that they fast-forward the short film and the dad snatches the remote from his daughter’s hand to watch the whole thing on super speed.

Shortly after, the parents are happily munching on some Christmas food in the kitchen, talking about how ’emotional’ the ads always are. The dad goes on to say he ‘prefers the one with the penguins.’ Lol.

Twitter is absolutely living for Waitrose’s brutal takedown. One user wrote: ‘Ok so, it’s official: @waitrose has THE best Christmas ad this year! The look on the girls face at the end is what I can imagine @jlandpartners executive’s faces looked like after seeing that ad!’

Another added: ‘Question. Do John Lewis know about the Waitrose ad?’

The answer, however, is yes. Waitrose and John Lewis are partner companies and the masterminds behind this year’s Waitrose advert are the same agency behind John Lewis’ The Boy and the Piano.

Craig Inglis, customer director at John Lewis & Partners, says: ‘Frankly, it’s hard to believe our colleagues at Waitrose & Partners would choose a stollen over us.

‘However, as a big fan of the chocolate orange combo, I suppose if anything can trump an ad starring Elton John, it’s their amazing stollen – some food IS just too good to wait for.’

So is it just a VERY clever way of getting us to talk about the John Lewis advert even more?

Probably. And it’s working.

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Jude Law, Eddie Redmayne and the whole Fantastic Beasts cast have sorted each other into Hogwarts houses

Who needs a sorting hat?

You would have to have been living under a rock to be unaware of the upcoming release of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, the highly anticipated second instalment of the of the prequel series.

Does Jacob Kowalski remember magic since being obliviated? Will the Niffler be making a grand return? And how on earth are we supposed to focus on any of this or the other story arcs when Jude Law is playing a young hot Dumbledore??

There are so many questions left unanswered, so Junior Digital News Editor Jenny Proudfoot sat down with the Fantastic Beasts cast to talk favourite stunts, the secrets of apparating and to hear what Hogwarts houses they would be in. Spoiler alert – there are a lot of Hufflepuffs in this ensemble!

The results?

Eddie Redmayne – Hufflepuff

Jude Law – Gryffindor

Katherine Waterston -Hufflepuff

Ezra Miller – Slytherin

Claudia Kim – Slytherin

Dan Fogler – Hufflepuff

Alison Sudol –

Callum Turner – Hufflepuff

Which Hogwarts houses would you sort each other into and why?

What were you favourite memories/ stunts from the film?

Talk me through the apparating process…

Sum up the whole filming experience in one word:



Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald comes to UK cinemas on 16 November.

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Why did Tom Hiddleston upload a video of himself crying to Twitter?

Why did Tom Hiddleston upload a video of himself crying to Twitter?

Who hurt our sweet summer child?

tom hiddleston's twitter video
James Gourley/REX/Shutterstock

If Tom Hiddleston is the James Bond of your heart and you can’t wait till his standalone Loki TV series next year, have we got news for you. The Avengers actor puzzled fans when he posted a very bizarre video to Twitter, without any explanation. The mesmerising clip, which showed Tom Hiddleston walking through a graffiti-covered tunnel towards the camera, instantly caught the internet’s attention as he flexed his acting chops and teared up on cue.

After a solitary tear slips down Hiddleston’s face and he lowers his head, the word ‘betrayal’ in gigantic capital letters appears onscreen. Given that the actor’s nothing short of a precious buttercup and needs to be protected, people instantly started to rage and speculate over what exactly had made Tom Hiddleston cry – and what the betrayal refers to.

The mystery plagued the internet for a good few hours with people wondering what the secret behind the video was. Some pointed out that this was a pretty big deal, given that it was Hiddleston’s second tweet of the entire year (and we’re in November!). However, other savvy fans with a knowledge of theatre instantly honed in on one major hint: the word ‘betrayal’ at the end.

A couple of fans in the comments shared a photograph of what appears to be a recent leaflet from the recent gala at the Harold Pinter theatre. The gala was a celebration of the acclaimed playwright Harold Pinter’s birthday and featured a few big names stepping up to the plate to perform iconic scenes, including a scene from Pinter’s drama Betrayal. It turns out that Hiddleston actually starred as one of the play’s protagonists Robert alongside Zawe Ashton who took on the role of Emma.

Even though he and Ashton only performed a bit of the play, the video was a major hint that there could be a longer version of Betrayal to come. And lo and behold, The Guardian revealed this morning that Tom Hiddleston would be starring in a production of the play early next year at the National Theatre.

It’s going to be directed by Jamie Lloyd, who is currently rounding off a mammoth Pinter marathon at the Harold Pinter theatre. Set to run between March and June, the play centres on the infidelity that ties two couples together and it’s regarded as one of Pinter’s best works.

Hiddleston told The Guardian, ‘Betrayal is a masterpiece. Jamie Lloyd’s Pinter at the Pinter season is terrific and I am so pleased that he’s asked me to be part of it.’

You can bet we’re going to book tickets as soon as they go live. Fingers crossed we snag some, we have a feeling they’re going to go quick…

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Here are the most convincing Game of Thrones fan theories

Here are the most convincing Game of Thrones fan theories

Spoilers ahead…

game of thrones season 8
Game of Thrones. Credit: HBO

What could be going down in Westeros?

When we left last time, there was a lot of stuff going down. From Jon and Dany, to Cersei’s pregnancy, to the Night King breaking through the wall… it was epic.

But how is the series going to finish? Let’s take a look at potential endings…

Game of Thrones fan theories

Jon and Dany – not sitting in a tree…

goodbye game of thrones

Game of Thrones

We were kind of conflicted when Jon and Daenerys got together at the end of season 7. Tyrion didn’t look too convinced by the match either, tbh. While everyone has been hoping for the pair to join forces, when they did there was an unforgettable reminder that they’re actually related.

However, many are guessing that at least one of them will die by the end of the show. Boo! We don’t like that one. But there could be something in it, as some think that Dany could turn on Jon and murder him.

There was a prophecy that Azor Ahai (Jon? Dany) will plunge a sword into the heart of his loved one to save the world. Gulp.

Bran’s a man with a plan

Bran told Littlefinger 'chaos is a ladder'

The army of the dead are coming, so before the Starks and Lannisters fight it out for the throne they’ll have to deal with the Night King and his (rather terrifying) gang.

Brief recap: Jon Snow went far up north with his mates and Daenerys’ dragon, Viserion, was killed so is now a super ice-fire breathing baddie. And he melted big chunks of the wall, meaning the Night King et al are on their way.

This is where Bran Stark’s ability to warg will come in handy. All along, we’ve been wondering when Bran’s unusual power will save the day – could it be time for him to shine?

One theory suggests that he will be able to control scary dead Viseron to attack the white walkers, and another reckons that he is, in fact, the Night King. Dun-dun-dun.

Jaime will take Cersei down

Cersei Lannister

Cersei’s death in Game of Thrones has been a hot topic for fans.

Remember when Maggy the Frog prophesied that Cersei would be strangled by her little brother? In the books, she said: ‘Three [children] for you. Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds. And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.’

Fans took that to mean that Tyrion would be the one to take her down – but actually, Jaime could be responsible for her death. Oooh.

Ed Sheeran’s cameo (remember that?) was divisive, yet his song held a special meaning. It was called Hands of Gold which tells the story of a man filled with ‘shame and bliss’ for his lover. And guess who has an actual golden hand? Jaime.

Tyrion gets all back-stabbing

game of thrones

Credit: HBO

Yep – people are speculating that good old Tyrion is going to turn on Dany. Why? Because a) he might be in love with her, and was not happy about her Jon Snow hook-up; b) a prophecy said that Dany would be betrayed once for blood (the witch who killed her unborn child), once for money (Jorah) and once for love; and c) we never saw the end of the conversation between Tyrion and Cersei, when she asked him: ‘Have you ever considered learning how to lie every now and then?’

Could Tyrion could have potentially promised something to Cersei? Many fans believe it to be that her unborn child will take the throne after Daenerys. Tyrion has been vocal about his wish to find an heir for Dany – a promise to give the throne to baby Lannister would ensure that his family remains in power, and that there is a ruler after the Mother of Dragons.

If he has made this pact with Cersei, it would explain why he is looking so concerned at Jon popping over to Dany’s cabin for a bootycall – they could potentially end up with a child together, throwing a huge spanner in the works.

So there we have it – four fan theories that make total sense.

Now we’ve just got to wait until April to find out whether any of them come true…

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A top ad exec explains why John Lewis adverts actually make us cry

A top ad exec explains why John Lewis adverts actually make us cry

And how they go about avoiding a Kendall Jenner Pepsi disaster…

John Lewis

Words by Victoria Fell

‘Tis officially the season, thanks to the release of the John Lewis 2018 Christmas advert today, featuring Elton John.

Since 2011, the retailer has been making us laugh, cry and occasionally scratch our heads (we’re looking at you, Moon Man) with their yearly offering.

But what’s the magic formula for a perfect festive advert? We spoke to Vicki Holgate, chief strategy officer at FCB Inferno (the agency behind Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign) to ask her why John Lewis are so successful with their campaigns:

How do you go about making a great ad?

‘The first step is to understand your audience and their hopes, dreams and goals in life. People are driven by their goals, and once you understand those, you can work out what the product can credibly offer to help achieve them.’

How do you avoid a Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad disaster?

‘It is easy to get blinkered if you persuade yourself that what you are doing is right and you don’t allow any questioning.  Often people are too scared to raise their hand to challenge a particular direction, and once money has been spent it is hard to pull the plug. Working in diverse teams can really help here because it naturally brings different points of view which acts as a checking mechanism.’

Do you think there is a ‘magic formula’ for John Lewis Christmas ads?

‘There are lots of layers to people’s needs with regards to adverts, and this is particularly true at Christmas time. The pressures of gifting, bringing people together, coming home and family relationships, as well as the nation’s mood, come into play.
 It sounds simple, but it is based on the work of a number of scientists, anthropologists, psychologists and economists.’

What can bloggers and social media influencers learn from advertisers about creating a strong personal brand?

‘Definitely the art of understanding what is driving that audience. Conversely, brands can learn a huge amount from the honesty and authenticity that bloggers and influencers exude.’

How does the ad compare to previous years?

The Long Wait (2011) was probably the first one that really started making them famous and is still my favourite. It was the first of its kind and had such a surprising twist that caught everyone out – that he was waiting so eagerly to give, not to get –  and the story and execution were an absolute masterpiece.’

Why do John Lewis adverts make us cry?

‘It’s well known that advertising that capture people’s imaginations and triggers emotions is more likely to be successful, and, as previously mentioned, emotions are heightened during the Christmas period. John Lewis realised both of these things,  so they changed the nature of their advertising to specifically target this.’

Is the mini feature film advert formula here to stay?

‘Christmas has become the UK equivalent of the Superbowl.  The size of the audience and the anticipation of the advertising has become a phenomenon, but this kind of build-up only works if that ad is of the highest quality.  It is a perfect value exchange – the ad is selling something, but also brings joy into the lives of the people it is selling to. Get it right and ads will bring joy to both your customers and shareholders.’

For extra #festivefeels, we’ve rounded up the past six years of John Lewis Christmas adverts – enjoy!

The Long Wait – 2011

Vicki’s favourite, this was the first time John Lewis used its Christmas ad to tell a full story.  If that wasn’t enough of a gamble, the ad doesn’t even explicitly feature their products AND the whole thing was soundtracked by a Smiths song, a band not traditionally known for being uplifting. Despite all of this, it just works.

The Journey – 2012

The Journey gave us all major relationship goals when the snowman travelled for days to get his snowlady wife a pair of John Lewis gloves and a scarf. Make your partner watch this before Christmas shopping to set the bar high.

The Bear & The Hare – 2013

A sweet friendship between a bear and a hare, a Lily Allen soundtrack and a very special present – enough said.

#MontythePenguin – 2014

We simply had to include this gorgeous depiction of a little boy and his favourite toy. A combination of picturesque winter scenes, haunting music and unbelievable CGI makes this one of the strongest John Lewis ads to date.

Man on the Moon – 2015

The man on the moon made us more emotional than most John Lewis adverts, with the chain choosing to spread an important message about loneliness around the festive time instead. Just the name makes us grab for the tissues!

Buster the Boxer – 2016

Moz the Monster – 2017

Dogs are great, trampolines are great – but combined? They’re seriously, seriously great. For pure Christmas joy and escapism , John Lewis‘s 2016 advert cannot be beaten.

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David the chimp from Dynasties was found dead and we’re all heartbroken

David the chimp from Dynasties was found dead and we’re all heartbroken

Nooooooo :'(

david the chimp
Credit: BBC/Dynasties

We’ve been eagerly awaiting Sir David Attenborough’s latest series, Dynasties, since we watched the intense trailer last month.

And the first episode did not disappoint. It followed a community of chimpanzees, battling the extreme conditions in the jungles of Senegal and Guinea, West Africa, and to say it was dramatic is an understatement.

The alpha male, David, was the protagonist of the episode as the longest-reigning alpha in the group’s history. We watched in awe as he defended his leadership; we were devastated when he was left for dead after a brutal attack from two younger chimps; and we were amazed when he made a miraculous recovery, found his pack and retained his position in the group as leader.

It’s fair to say that everyone was cheering for David by the end of the episode as he went on to become a father to the cutest little chimp we’ve ever seen.

However, we’re sad to report that David was later found dead after filming.

David Attenborough recently admitted that his one rule is not to interfere when animals are dying, but many are devastated that David the chimp has passed away.

Jill Pruetz, a director of the Fongoli Savannah Chimpanzee Project, has been following and studying the group of chimps for twenty years. She confirmed the news to The Telegraph, explaining: ‘He died from wounds inflicted from what I’m sure are these young males.

‘There aren’t other animals that would have inflicted wounds like that – especially when you have multiple individuals attacking a single individual.

‘He was very aggressive that’s why he held onto his dominant status for so long.’

She continued: ‘He was pretty clever but our best interpretation of what happened is that these adult males jumped him.

‘Jumkin who was a beta male is now the alpha. There’s a huge absence. It’s like more than one chimp is gone.

‘The dynamic is really different. I imagine Jumkin will be alpha for a while. However, you can see Luther [another beta] already challenging him a bit.’


Next week, we’ll be following emperor penguins on the coast of Antarctica – and we’re hoping for a much happier ending.

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Asda’s Harry Potter advent calendar is here and it’s packed with magic

Asda’s Harry Potter advent calendar is here and it’s packed with magic

SO cute

asda harry potter advent calendar
Credit: ASDA

Harry Potter is an integral part of Christmas. As the cold nights draw in, there’s nothing better than watching one of the movies on the sofa while drinking a hot chocolate (and pretending it’s Butterbeer).

And as the countdown to Christmas begins – yes, we know we’re early but science says celebrating in November can make you happier – we’re enjoying all things Harry Potter. There’s a new Harry Potter bar where you can create your own cocktails (with a wand, natch), there are some very cute Harry Potter baubles to make your tree extra special, and you can also get your hands on some brand new Harry Potter pop-up books that will make perfect gifts for true Potterheads.

But something even more magical is hitting the shelves and we cannot wait to get hold of it. ASDA has launched a Harry Potter-themed advent calendar, and it’s packed with the cutest charms we’ve ever seen.

Seriously, it looks awesome.

asda harry potter advent calendar

Credit: ASDA

Behind each of the 24 windows lies some gorgeous themed jewellery. It contains 12 charms – so that you are equipped to build your own charm bracelet – three beads, and nine silver, gold and rose gold rings.

Each charm is, of course, Harry Potter themed, including Deathly Hallows symbols and a sorting hat. Cute.

The calendar is a mere £15 but they’re proving hard to get hold of. Some are already selling on eBay for twice the price, and many fans cannot find it in store and are expressing their disappointment on social media. At the moment, they don’t appear on the supermarket’s website – but it’s not clear if they’ll be online soon. We’ve contacted them to find out more info.

So we’d suggest getting down to your local ASDA pronto to see if you can get your hands on your very own magical Harry Potter advent calendar.


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Keira Knightley can’t remember who her Love Actually character ends up with

Keira Knightley can’t remember who her Love Actually character ends up with


keira knightley
Credit: James Gourley/REX/Shutterstock

Love Actually is a Christmas classic. Whether you’ve seen it once or a hundred times, absolutely everyone can agree that Emma Thompson‘s character deserves a big hug and Hugh Grant is a terrible dancer.

Oh, and Keira Knightley’s noughties baker boy hat deserves a special mention, too.

But while we’ve been watching the film for years and wondering if Andrew Lincoln ever found true love, it turns out that Keira can’t even remember who she ends up with.


You know the story – it’s Christmas, Juliet (Keira) marries Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor), his best friend Mark (Andrew Lincoln) is secretly in love with Juliet, so he turns up at her door to show her a bunch of signs declaring his undying love.

Love Actually sequel

Some fans are rooting for Mark and Juliet, others are convinced that Mark actually deserves a restraining order, but there’s one thing we can all agree on – Juliet and Peter are happily married, and together, and that’s it. End of.

Except it isn’t quite as clear cut for Keira.

During an interview with Wired, the actress was asked who her Love Actually character ends up with, but she was a little unsure.

‘I don’t remember! Who do I end up with in Love Actually?’ she asked.

‘I’m with my husband, aren’t I? Aren’t I with Chiwetel Ejiofor?

‘I’ve only seen it once! And it was a really long time ago! Am I [with him]? Yes? So I don’t go off with Andrew Lincoln? No? I’m with Chiwetel Ejiofor!’

Keira – what? How do you not know how one of the most iconic storylines of the movie unfolds? And she’s only seen it once? How does anyone get through the festive season without catching it on the telly at least once?


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