Forbes’ highest earning actress wasn’t even in the top ten last year

Forbes’ highest earning actress wasn’t even in the top ten last year


Credit: Rex

Words by Rebecca Fearn

Forbes has just released its annual top earning actress list and surprisingly, the number one spot has gone to a star who didn’t even make the top ten last year.

Scarlett Johansson raked in a mind-blowing $40.5 million, largely thanks to her role as Black Widow in the Avengers series. She has quadrupled her 2017 earnings to take the number one position.

Other top earners who made the list include Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis and Gal Gadot. A number of last year’s top ten did not make this year’s, such as Emma Stone (she owed her number one spot last year mainly to her La La Land success), Emma Watson and Amy Adams.

The list takes into account not only the actresses’ movie payouts, but things like endorsement deals which can boost earnings significantly.

Take a look at the 2018 top earning actresses here:

10. Gal Gadot ($10 million)
9. Melissa McCarthy ($12 million)
8. Cate Blanchett ($12.5 million)
7. Julia Roberts ($13 million)
6. Mila Kunis ($16 million)
5. Reese Witherspoon ($16.5 million)
4. Jennifer Lawrence ($18 million)
3. Jennifer Aniston ($19.5 million)
2. Angelina Jolie ($28 million)
1. Scarlett Johansson ($40.5 million)

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Michael Caine has finally explained that frustrating Inception ending once and for all

Michael Caine has finally explained that frustrating Inception ending once and for all

Thank you for putting us out of our misery.

inception ending

For one fleeting moment back in 2010, one film united the entire world in absolute rage: Inception. It wasn’t because it wasn’t a good film – it was a great film. It was more because the ending was one of the most frustrating cliffhangers in history, leaving people wondering if Leonardo DiCaprio ever got his happy ending or was actually a prisoner of his own imagination. Well, one cast member has finally weighed in and cleared things up for us.

During a Film 4 summer screening of Inception, Michael Caine popped his head in and dropped the mic when he clarified the film’s last nail-biting seconds. If you need a little refresher, at the end of the film Dominic Cobb (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) is finally able to return to his family after successfully completing his mission to incept an idea into businessman Robert Fischer’s mind. As he’s reunited with his family, Michael Caine watches on fondly and the camera pans to a table where Cobb’s spinning top totem – a trinket used to differentiate between the real and dream world – spins and spins and spins.

According to the rules of the universe, if the top falls over then he’s in the real world. If it just keeps on going however, he’s still in the dream world. As the top begins to teeter however, the film cuts to black and we never get to see if it actually fell over or not: meaning we never conclusively know if he’s the real world or trapped in his own mind. It was a real throw-your-drink-at-the-screen moment.

Inception a complicated script to follow at times and even Michael Caine needed clarification while filming, so he went straight to the source for help. He explained an encounter with director Christopher Nolan and said, ‘When I got the script of Inception, I was a bit puzzled by it, and I said to him, ‘I don’t understand where the dream is.’’

‘I said, ‘When is it the dream and when is it reality?’’ Michael continued. ‘He said, ‘Well, when you’re in the scene, it’s reality. So, get that — if I’m in it, it’s reality. If I’m not in it, it’s a dream.’

And well, Michael Caine is in the final reunion scene between Leo and the kids. Which means that Leo/Cobb makes it back to his family in the real world and that Inception actually had a happy ending.

VALIDATION. Closure has never been so sweet, even if it took us eight years to get an answer.

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Ariana Grande was on Carpool Karaoke and of course she killed it

Ariana Grande was on Carpool Karaoke and of course she killed it

Her Celine Dion impression NEVER gets old.

ariana grande carpool karaoke
Carl Timpone/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

There have been many beautiful, amazing, wonderful Carpool Karaokes on The Late Late Show with James Corden. None of them come close to Ariana Grande’s IMO, though I am also horribly biased and literally have a countdown to the release of her newest album Sweetener on my phone. The God is a Woman singer stepped into James’ car and proved that her powerhouse vocals are just as pristine live as they are on her records and she also bust out her comedy chops, channeling her inner Celine Dion and demanding to be carried by the host into a Starbucks.

The singer had been teasing the segment for a little while and James even called it his ‘favourite ever’ instalment of the show, which are some pretty big words given they’ve had guests like Mariah Carey, Harry Styles and even Paul McCartney on. It’s easy to see why though below as the pair get on like a house on fire.

Usually, James Corden is able to hold his own during Carpool renditions of popular songs but even he was relegated to back up singer as Ariana riffed, belted and whistle-toned circles around him. They covered songs from her upcoming and old albums, which included God is a Woman, No Tears Left to Cry and Dangerous Woman.

After explaining that she learned how to do her signature runs by listening to ‘the divas’ (Celine Dion, Beyonce and Destiny’s Child), she reprised her own iconic Celine Dion impression. While she’s bust it out on SNL and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon before, she turned it into a full little sketch where she pretended she was Celine at a concert before launching into a note-for-note perfect cover of her song It’s All Coming Back.

She explained, ‘It took me a minute to find my own sound because I was singing [Celine Dion, Beyonce and Destiny’s Child’s] songs so much growing up.’

There were also a couple of comedy bits that would have made her funnyman fiance Pete Davidson proud, most memorably when she referenced an old rumour that she was carried everywhere. In response, she and James Corden made a little pit stop at Starbucks where the host carried the singer into the store as she ordered – you guessed it – a Grande-sized coffee before vanishing.

One major mystery has yet to be addressed though, as apparently right before starting filming Ariana injured her left hand (you can see the bandage throughout the video). There’s no doubt that it happened while she was with James however, as she tweeted out a picture of her injured hand and tagged him in it.

She wrote, ‘i LOVE my bandage it looks sick @JKCorden i’ll be ok one day’

Although she teased to a fan in another tweet that we would eventually see what happened and that it was ‘stupid’, sadly there’s still been no mention of what actually went down. We just don’t understand how it could have happened – did she slam her hand in the door? Did she slice her hand open with her fierce mani-pedi? Enquiring minds need to know.

In any case, we’re so happy to see she’s doing well and after seeing that bit – we’re making it a priority to snag tour tickets whenever they become available. Her new album Sweetener will be released on August 17, so buckle in and get ready for the ride tomorrow.

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This is what Olivia Newton-John’s audition for Grease was actually like

This is what Olivia Newton-John’s audition for Grease was actually like

‘She didn’t know if she wanted to do a movie.’

olivia newton johns grease audition

Steel yourself to feel incredibly old – Grease is 40 years old this year. It’s hard to believe that it’s really been that long since the boppy tale of Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko blessed the universe and the crew’s all been feeling pretty nostalgic. In fact, the director Randal Kleiser even went as far as to reminisce on Olivia Newton-John’s Grease audition and revealed that ‘she didn’t know if she wanted to do a movie’.

In a chat with ABC News, Randal revealed that Olivia was top of not only his, but also John Travolta and their producer Allan Carr’s list to play the doe-eyed cardigan-wearing Sandy Olsson. Prior to stepping into Sandy’s shoes (and her slinky black trousers), Olivia was living it up as a solo artist on her way up the chart list. However, it turns out that Olivia had her doubts about tackling the silver screen.

Randal explained, ‘She wanted to have a screen test because she didn’t know if she wanted to do a movie.’

In fact, Olivia’s spoken about her initial reservations before. In an interview with Vanity Fair, she explained, ‘I was very anxious about making another film, because my music career was going well. And I did not want to mess it up by doing another movie that wasn’t good.’

olivia newton johns grease audition


Luckily for us, things all worked out and the film we now know and obsess over came to be.

‘She did the screen test and she loved it,’ Randal continued, ‘and she loved working with John and I – and the rest is history.’

And it literally was, as Grease became a landmark piece of American cinema and Danny and Sandy became one of the best film couples ever. If you ask John though, it never would have been if they hadn’t been able to lock down his co-star in the lead role.

He told, ‘There was only one person on the planet that could be Sandy, and that was Olivia Newton-John. And I was hell-bent to get her in this movie.’

As for what Miss Sandra Dee was like when the cameras weren’t rolling? Randal only had glowing things to say.

Randal explained, ‘Olivia is exactly the way she appears on screen. She’s loveable, beautiful, friendly. I can’t go on and on more about her.’

olivia newton johns grease audition

Stewart Cook/Variety/REX/Shutterstock

It warmed our hearts to see that a lot of the old Grease gang were actually reunited the other day at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science. Cast members like Didi Conn, who played Frenchie, and Barry Pearl, who played Doody, were in attendance and naturally, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John were about too. We gushed over the photos of Olivia and John grinning at one another and began mentally writing fanfiction about Olivia and Danny’s life decades after the film ended. (You can’t tell us they’re not still happily married and as badass as ever.)

All this news has made us think we need to get a headstart on our mandatory annual viewing of Grease. We’re cancelling all our plans to stay in, do a face mask and belting Summer Lovin’ as loud as we can tonight.

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Zoella’s brother confirmed as latest Strictly star

Zoella’s brother confirmed as latest Strictly star

Youtubers hit the dancefloor.

Image: Rex

Words by Rebecca Fearn

Zoella‘s younger brother Joe Sugg is set to star on this year’s series of Strictly Come Dancing.

The BBC’s official Twitter account announced the news, writing: “He’s swapping the Sugg life for the #Strictly life, and YouTube for dancing shoes… Welcome Joe Sugg to our 2018 line-up!”

So far, the young YouTube star will be joining ex-Steps singer Faye Tozer, campaigner Katie Piper and actor Danny John-Jules.

Addressing about the news, the young star said:

“My knowledge of dance isn’t the best, so I’m just going to go into it completely open-minded.”

He continued: “I’m honestly so chuffed to be involved in the show this year! Not going to lie, I’m very nervous about it, it’s totally out of my comfort zone and I know it will be a huge challenge but that’s what life is all about I guess.”

The vlogger also referenced his family’s reaction, stating: “Funnily enough I’m writing this statement whilst on the way to surprise my grandparents with the news. They are going to be so happy which will definitely make up for any embarrassment or cringe caused by my questionable rhythm.”

We can’t wait to see Joe’s behind-the-scenes vlogs when the series begins…

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The cutest animal in the Harry Potter universe has just been revealed

The cutest animal in the Harry Potter universe has just been revealed

We still stan Hedwig, though.

new harry potter books
Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

It’s a fact that Hedwig will always be the best Harry Potter animal of all time, however there’s a new bundle of cuties in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts sequel giving the snowy owl a run for her money. If you saw the first Newt Scamander adventure, you’ll remember that there was a cheeky little bugger called a Niffler and – well – it’s had tiny adorable children.

A glimpse at one of Newt’s fuzzy friends was revealed by Entertainment Weekly, who shared a still featuring one of the baby Nifflers alongside Eddie Redmayne as the magical protagonist. It seems like the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree as it appears to share its parents’ love for shiny things – in the picture, it appears to be carrying some kind of golden trinket that’s bigger than it is.

Entertainment Weekly revealed that Newt would have to deal with a number of Niffler hijinks once again, as in the upcoming film Newt ‘tries to wrangle a litter of newborns which are just as mischievous as their parents’.

Eddie Redmayne said, ‘They’re wreaking havoc.’

Original concept art from the film was also released and showed a baby Niffler with badger-like markings clutching at a shiny coin, date-stamped 1912.

Nifflers aren’t the only magical creature to make an appearance in this film, as it was also revealed that Newt would have to contend with a few other magical beasties. Like Harry and the original gang, a younger Newt Scamander has to face off against a boggart during one of Professor Dumbledore’s Hogwarts classes. Other mystical beings to make an appearance in the new film include a Kelpie, described as a ‘Scottish underwater creature that can be mounted and ridden’ and a leucrotta, ‘a large moose-like creature with an impossible huge month [sic]’. The film’s official Instagram shared a quick look at a kelpie below.

Hold on tight. #FantasticBeasts

A post shared by Fantastic Beasts (@fantasticbeastsmovie) on Mar 19, 2018 at 10:00am PDT

And for those of you Harry Potter and the Cursed Child fans? One significant beast from the Harry Potter stage play will also be making an appearance: the Augurey, an ‘owl-like creature whose cry is believed to foretell death’. According to Hypable, the film’s official Instagram confirmed that it featured for all of two or three seconds in the newest Fantastic Beasts 2 trailer. You can take a peek at the 2.10 minute mark below.

In the stage play, a character named Delphi Diggory has a tattoo of the Augurey’s feathers inked across her shoulder blades. The beady eyed have also pointed out that the feathers in the play’s logos are also a sly reference to the ominous bird.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is set to be released in the UK on November 16 later this year.

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This new photo of the Disney princesses in comfy sleepover wear has broken Twitter

This new photo of the Disney princesses in comfy sleepover wear has broken Twitter

Snow White is a big mood.

wreck it ralph disney princesses

We’re sure that you probably had a Disney princess dress (or twelve) hanging in the back of your closet when you were a kid. There’s just something about Belle’s stunningly detailed golden gown and Tiana’s billowing dress that sets off the part of your brain that never quite grows up. However, it turns out that the girls are ditching their heels and corsets for a change and stepping into a 21st century wardrobe. We’ve been treated to a peek at the princesses in their off-duty gear, complete with leggings and bomber jackets, and the internet is loving what it sees.

The iconic shot was shared by Entertainment Weekly and it’s a still from the upcoming sequel to Wreck it Ralph named Ralph Breaks the Internet. (You can see it in high resolution here.) In it, Ralph’s friend Vanellope sits in the centre of our dream sleepover alongside Pocahontas, Snow White, Rapunzel, Moana, Cinderella, Ariel, Elsa, Tiana, Mulan and Anna. There’s not a glimpse of tulle to be seen anywhere, as they’ve instead opted for casual wear which makes total sense. We bet running around all day in a stuffy dress can get tiring after a while, no matter how cute it is.

It’s the details in their outfits that have us giggling though, as they’re chock full of references to each of their movies. Elsa from Frozen is perhaps the most obvious of the lot, as she’s literally holding up a frozen treat (get it). As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also wearing a sweater with the words ‘JUST LET IT GO’ stamped across it – a reference to that song Adele Dazeem sang at the Oscars.

Snow White’s outfit on the other hand was morbid as all hell, as she chose an off the shoulder graphic tee depicting the poisoned apple which literally killed her.

If we were to pick a look to wear out, Mulan’s is definitely one we’d go for as she’s the epitome of cool girl chic in a silky bomber and comfy Converse. She’s naturally never far from her little fire-breathing guardian Mushu and if you squint, you’ll be able to make out two identical embroidered Mushus on her shoulders.

We’re also living for the other easy to miss details, like the fact that the sparkles on Cinderella’s blue bean bag look awfully like the ones from her magical dress transformation and Rapunzel’s wearing purple trousers covered in a yellow sun pattern – the emblem of her kingdom. A few Twitter users also pinpointed the significance of Tiana wearing her natural hair down, though we screamed over this ‘missed opportunity’ below.

A few of the princesses seem to be missing though and we’re keen to see what Belle and Jasmine – arguably the most stylish princesses – are going to dig out of their closet.

As for why the girls have all had a pretty dramatic costume change? We’ll have to wait until the film comes out later this winter to find out, though based on what we’ve seen before, it seems like it’s going to be a wild ride. In a previously released trailer for the film, we saw the princesses decked out in full costume ready to straight up murder Vanellope (Cinderella shattering her glass slipper to make a shank is everything) so they’ve clearly had a change of heart since then. You can see the moment at the 1.30 minute mark below.

Co-director Phil Johnston did drop a few hints in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, saying said, ‘[The sequel is about] what Wreck-It Ralph was about: What happens when the arcade is closed and how do these characters behave when no one’s looking? And it’s very similar to what happens when you’re backstage in the princesses’ dressing room. What do they do? What do they look like? What do they talk about?’

We can’t wait to find out.

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Danny Dyer set to delve further into his ‘royal heritage’

Danny Dyer set to delve further into his ‘royal heritage’

Long live King Danny.

Credit: Rex

Words by Rebecca Fearn.

Danny Dyer is set to discover more about his ‘royal’ heritage in a new episode of Who Do You Think You Are. In Danny’s initial episode on the series, he mapped his ancestry right back to the 11th century, discovering he was in fact a distant relative of William The Conqueror and had links to King Edward III and Thomas Cromwell.

The 2016 episode showed a stunned Danny reacting to the news, telling cameras: “I can’t believe it. I don’t know what to say. I need a moment to digest this. A kid from Canning Town is related to Edward III”.

He continued: “It’s ridiculous to think that someone of my stature shares the same bloodline. I can’t compute it”.

Filming for this follow-up episode has apparently already began, according to The Sun. A source from the BBC told the publication: “The reaction to Danny’s episode was huge last time, so bosses thought they should go back and have another look”.

“There is only so much of the genealogy journey you can show in an hour, so viewers will get to have another delve into the deep, dark history of Danny Dyer and Co. He could be like a more ­accessible Simon Schama and front history shows in his unique Danny Dyer way”.

Now THAT we would pay to see.

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Friends is officially the most streamed TV show in the UK

Friends is officially the most streamed TV show in the UK

Better luck next time, Stranger Things.

most streamed tv show
NBC via Getty Images

Though Ross and Rachel may (or may not have been) on a break, one thing’s for certain: the UK’s love for Friends has never waned. Ever since the noughties sitcom hit Netflix, it’s easier than ever to just fall down a rabbit hole on the weekend and stream hours of the gang’s antics – and well, a new survey has noticed. According to its results, Friends is actually the most streamed show in the UK – beating other in demand Netflix series like Stranger Things and The Crown.

Now, Netflix famously never releases its streaming data but Ofcom stepped in, did the groundwork and released a Media Nations Report. They surveyed 2,500 viewers about their viewing habits on services including Netflix, Amazon and NOW TV, ranking the most watched shows accordingly.

It seems like the newer kids on the block still have a lot to learn from Friends, as fourth fifths of those queried (1985 people) said they had streamed the show on Netflix. In contrast, the next most popular show Amazon’s The Grand Tour captured just under half of the audience with 911. Clearly, people can’t get enough of the American series and to be honest after reading those stats, it’s probably prime for that Friends reunion movie people keep hinting at. I mean, we already know what Monica’s apartment from Friends would look like now – we might as well keep the ball rolling.

friends coffee

A few Netflix originals managed to work their way onto the chart, with The Crown and Stranger Things neck and neck in third and fourth place respectively. It seems we’re not the only ones who have fallen for Cillian Murphy’s baby blues though as Peaky Blinders slid comfortably into fifth place. Some of our personal favourites, Brooklyn Nine Nine (which thankfully has been renewed) and The Good Place, also snapped up spots in the top ten.

The full ranking of shows is below, if you’re keen to see if your favourite made the cut:

Most streamed TV shows in the UK

1. Friends

2. The Grand Tour

3. The Crown

4. Stranger Things

5. Peaky Blinders

6. Black Mirror

7. The Big Bang Theory

8. Brooklyn Nine Nine

9. The Good Place

10. Vikings

the crown season two review

The Crown. Credit: Netflix

11. Lucifer

12. Altered Carbon

13. Orange is the New Black

14. Designated Survivor

15. Grey’s Anatomy

16. Breaking Bad

17. Homeland

18. Paw Patrol

19. Riverdale

20. Peppa Pig

As you can see above, shows that are either on Netflix or are bonafide Netflix originals tended to dominate the chart and their global takeover certainly doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. It’ll be interesting though to see what happens early next year when Disney releases its own competitor streaming service Disney Life.

Just imagine: every single Disney animated film, Marvel feature and Star Wars film ever all in one place. We’re saving up our annual leave for the binge fest to end all binge fests once it drops.

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Ant McPartlin confirms he will NOT be returning to I’m A Celebrity this year

Ant McPartlin confirms he will NOT be returning to I’m A Celebrity this year


Ant and Dec host I'm A Celebrity 2013
Ant and Dec host I’m A Celebrity 2013

Words by Rebecca Fearn.

Ant McPartlin has confirmed he will not be hosting I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here this year alongside long-time best friend and TV partner Dec. The star revealed he is taking the rest of the year off to continue in his recovery since his drink driving incident earlier this year.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Ant stated: ‘My recovery is going very well and for that to continue having spoken to Dec and ITV, I have made the decision to take the rest of the year off.

‘I’d like to thank both Dec and ITV for their continued support and I look forward to getting back to work in the new year.”

Ant has been absent from his usual TV hosting duties for shows such as Britain’s Got Talent since his charge and this move signals a continuation in his rehab recovery in for alcohol addiction. It has also been confirmed that Ant will not be taking part in Saturday Night Takeaway in 2019, most likely meaning we’ll be missing it from our screens until 2020.

The Sun also revealed that Dec will still be heading to Australia later this year to host I’m A Celebrity, but whether he will be presenting alone or alongside another TV personality is yet to be determined.

Dec commented:

‘Whilst I am obviously sad at the thought of being without my best friend in Australia this year, I am proud of the work Ant has been doing privately. And I am fully supportive of his decision.’


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