Everything we’ve learned about Beyoncé’s Coachella performance from watching her Netflix-documentary ‘Homecoming’

Everything we’ve learned about Beyoncé’s Coachella performance from watching her Netflix-documentary ‘Homecoming’

Frank Micelotta/REX/Shutterstock

Only a week after the trailer dropped, Netflix released Homecoming: A Film By Beyoncé. The highly anticipated (at least for the last seven days or so, as this is how long we’ve had to process the news) documentary offers fans an intimate, in-depth look at what really went on in the months leading up to her incredible 2018 Coachella performance.

The Formation singer – who made history as the first female black artist to headline the annual music festival in California – wrote, directed and produced the film and like anything Beyoncé Knowles-Carter does, the documentary does not disappoint.

For about 2.5 hours, Homecoming explores everything from the three sound stages for rehearsals to the design of the costumes (did we mention they’re custom Balmain), whilst finally showing footage of her jaw-dropping performance. In brief, there’s a lot to get into, so here are the most important takeaways.

‘Homecoming’ is a celebration of black creativity

It was really important for Beyoncé to have a black orchestra. Her ‘Homecoming’-themed set was inspired by HBCU traditions and included roughly 200 musicians, background singers and dancers, all recruited from historically black colleges and universities.


Frank Micelotta/REX/Shutterstock

‘I wanted different characters; I didn’t want us all doing the same thing,’ she states in her documentary. ‘The things that these young people can do with their bodies and the music they can play, and the drumrolls, and the haircuts, and the bodies. It’s just so much damn swag. It’s just gorgeous, and it makes me proud.’

The performance took months of preparation

‘When I decided to do Coachella, instead of me pulling out my flower crown, it was more important that I brought our culture to Coachella,’ she explains. ‘There was a four-month period of rehearsals with Derek [Pixie] and the band before we started the four months of dance rehearsals. The music and those vocal rehearsals – that’s the heartbeat of the show.’

She handpicked every single detail of the set

Beyoncé personally selected all the details. From each dancer and every light, to the height of the pyramid, the shape of the pyramid and even the material on the steps.

Talking about the incredible costumes (the entire crew had two completely different sets of outfits for each weekend of Coachella), she reveals: ‘every tiny detail had an intention. There were so many meetings with Olivier [Rousteing].’


Frank Micelotta/REX/Shutterstock

Beyoncé was supposed to headline in 2017

Beyoncé was originally set to headline at Coachella the year prior, but she got pregnant unexpectedly. ‘It ended up being twins, which was even more of a surprise. My body went through more that I knew it could,’ she shares openly.

‘I had an extremely difficult pregnancy. I had high blood pressure. I developed toxaemia, preeclampsia and, in the womb, one of my babies’ heartbeat paused a few times so I had to get an emergency C-section.’ 

She followed a very strict diet to get into shape

This performance was the singer’s first time back on the stage after giving birth to Rumi and Sir Carter, and she struggled to get back into shape. ‘I’m creating my own homecoming. And it’s hard,’ Beyoncé admits.

‘There were days that I thought I’d never be the same. I’d never be the same physically; my strength and endurance would never be the same. She shares that she had to rebuild her body: ‘It me a while to feel confident enough to freak [the performance] and give it my own personality.’


Frank Micelotta/REX/Shutterstock

Beyoncé was dedicated – cutting out bread, carbs, sugar, dairy, meat, fish and alcohol, in order for her to meet her goal. ‘I definitely pushed myself further than I knew I could,’ she says, ‘and I’ve learned a very valuable lesson. I will never push myself that far again.’

Even Queen B struggles to balance her work and personal life

Taking on a performance like this when you’ve just given birth to twins, isn’t an easy task. Beyoncé is very honest about how, when they first started rehearsing, her mind was not there, but with her children. ‘What people don’t see is the sacrifice,’ she says. ‘I would dance, a go off to the trailer and breastfeed the babies.’

‘It was a lot to juggle,’ she confesses. ‘Just trying to figure out how to balance being a mother of a six-year-old and of twins that need me, and giving myself creatively and physically. It’s not like before when I could rehearse 15 hours straight. I have children. I have a husband. I have to take care of my body.’

To quote Netflix (or should we say Beyflix, as the streaming service changed its name for a day to celebrate the premier of the documentary), what a time to be alive. Homecoming is incredible film, and Beyoncé is an incredible artist. That’s something every music fan, whether or not you’re part of the Beyhive, will have to admit after watching this groundbreaking performance.

So sit back and enjoy.

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Did you spot these celebrity cameos in Game Of Thrones?

Did you spot these celebrity cameos in Game Of Thrones?

goodbye game of thrones

Words by Maisie Bovingdon

Game of Thrones has FINALLY returned for its final series, with the first episode premiering this weekend, but in all the excitement you may have missed out on some vital celebrity cameos.

We have been going absolutely crazy over this eighth season, with some flocking to medieval Air BnBs to pretend they are in the HBO series, while others will be chomping down on GoT inspired Easter eggs this weekend while watching the second episode.

sophie turner game of thrones finale

Sky / HBO

Some eagle-eyed viewers have paid extra attention they noticed a new face grace Westeros on Sunday’s episode. But did you notice this?

Rob McElhenney made his cameo in the first episode.  The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator was seen on Euron Greyjoy’s ship, but was tragically killed off when an arrow was shot through his eye.

But Rob was not the only cameo, as Martin Starr from Silicon Valley also made an appearance.

Rob and Martin join a long list of A-listers to join actresses Sophie Turner and Emilia Clarke on set, as Ed Sheeran, Sigur Ros, as well as Coldplay band member Will Champion and Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol.

We wonder who will appear in the next episode?

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The fate of Ed Sheeran’s Game of Thrones character has finally been revealed

The fate of Ed Sheeran’s Game of Thrones character has finally been revealed

ed sheeran grammys

Two years ago Ed Sheeran made a surprise cameo in Game of Thrones season seven. And while the backlash was so intense that the ‘Lego House’ singer quit social media, it hasn’t stopped viewers wondering about the fate of his character.

The cameo was a Lannister soldier singing ‘Hands of Gold’ in the forest, but following Daenerys’ attack (featuring dragons) at High Garden, it was thought that he could have been burnt to a crisp, something the episode’s director Matt Shakman confirmed to The Daily Beast happened to ‘a few characters, for sure’.

‘We were all quite young, those soldiers. I doubt I’m going to survive for that long, to be honest, when there are dragons in the world,’ the singer explained to MTV News after season seven. ‘No-one wants to see me come back. I wanted to be a cameo in it, and I’ve done the cameo. I’m cool with it, though. I enjoyed it.’

game of thrones souvenir

2017 Home Box Office, Inc. All r

But despite Ed’s pessimism, it looks like his character is alive after all, with the first episode of Game of Thrones season eight (returning last night), putting in a sentence about his fate – just to clear things up for the fans.

The revelation comes about during a conversation on the battle between the Lannisters and the Targaryens, where one of the women announces Ed’s character’s fate.

‘That boy Eddie,’ one woman started, to which another replied, ‘the ginger?’. ‘That’s him,’ the first woman confirmed. ‘Came back with his face burned right off. He’s got no eyelids now.’

game of thrones dragon

©2017 Home Box Office, Inc. All

So there we have it – confirmation that he came under dragon attack AND that he made it out, even if his fate was pretty gruesome.

Ed seemed thrilled by the news, taking to his Instagram stories to live-post the dialogue.

‘Thanks Game of Thrones,’ he captioned the conversation. ‘I knew I was a survivor x.’

So, now we finally know what happened to Ed’s character, but who’s going to end up on the iron throne?

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The 4 Facebook Watch shows that need to be on your radar this Easter weekend

The 4 Facebook Watch shows that need to be on your radar this Easter weekend

Words by Maisie Bovingdon

Easter is fast approaching, and while some may simply be indulging in chocolate eggs after chocolate eggs after chocolate eggs for the four-day weekend, others may be taking a road trip, or weekend away, to visit the in laws or just jetting away for a change of scene.

Whether you need to line up a series of shows while you put your feet up and gorge on the sweet treats so you don’t have to move a muscle for the full 96 hours, or a playlist to while away the hours on your journey, we have you covered.

From teen dramas to talk shows, gripping adventure shows to tear jerkers, here are four must-sees, exclusive on Facebook Watch this weekend.


Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith got married in 1997. The marriage was Will’s second

Will Smith’s Bucket List

We all have a soft spot for Will, from his early Fresh Prince days to Suicide Squad, and we STILL know every lyric to his track ‘Switch’, but now we can see Will in a whole new light.

The actor has a long bucket list, and this series follows him ticking off his challenges – it’s a must watch for those who love Will, get a kick out of adventure, or wants some inspiration for their own bucket list.

From filming a Bollywood movie, to skydiving in Dubai, racing Lewis Hamilton on the track, as he travels across the globe.

If that wasn’t enough he is joined by his uber talented family in the six-part series.


This American teen drama explores all the trials and tribulations of a group of youngsters, from school life, to young love and what they do in their free time.

The series – inspired by the Norwegian version Skam – offers a realistic and unfiltered look at what teenagers get up to and it’s been a huge hit ever since its debut in 2018.

Season two has just dropped with eight episodes in it so far, but start from season one with a full 10 episodes to get your teeth into.

Red Table Talk

The one with Jordyn Woods right? You got it!

Jada Pinkett Smith has rounded up three generations – her mum Adrienne, and daughter Willow – for her reality show, and the trio are often joined by celebrity guests.

The family and their guests open up about various topics on the show; from R Kelly’s victims to family friend Jordyn who candidly discussed THAT Tristan Thompson scandal and sought advice from Jada.

There are over 24 hours worth of shows to watch, with even more coming next month, so even if you’re venturing further afield this Easter this will be your saviour.

elizabeth olsen

Credit: REX

Sorry for Your Loss

Sometimes all we want is a good cry, and this series will provide exactly that.

This programme, starring Elizabeth Olsen, follows a young widow trying to cope after the sudden death of her husband.

While it is heartbreaking and tear-jerking, and gives us all the feels, watching her journey is cathartic and quite educational.

The countdown is on!

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Wonder Park: Experience the fun family film in real life this Easter

Wonder Park: Experience the fun family film in real life this Easter

Promotional feature with Paramount Pictures

Whether you’ll readily admit it or not, everyone loves the fun of an animated movie; it’s a chance to lose yourself and relive the excitement of your childhood. So what could be better than an uplifting story that’s all about a crazy and colourful animal theme park?

Wonder Park tells the heartwarming story of a magnificent amusement park, in which the imagination of a wildly creative girl named June comes alive with the help of her mother’s storytelling.

The new film has a pretty exciting cast list, too. Featuring the voices of Tom Baker (yes, Doctor Who!) as Boomer the bubbly blue bear, Mila Kunis as Greta the boar, and YouTube stars Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg as beaver brothers Cooper and Gus respectively, the colourful characters and family fun vibes make it a must-see for all ages.

Now, Wonder Park takes over Chessington World of Adventures Resort, allowing viewers to experience the excitement of the movie in real life until 22nd of April.

You’ll be able to meet one of the film’s most loveable characters, Boomer, IRL and take part in exciting activities inspired by the fun-filled story of the film – including designing your very own Wonder Chimp Wonder Park pop badge, making your mark on the experience’s giant colouring wall, and experience the thrill of a virtual reality Wonder Park rollercoaster game at the Wonder Park Hut.

To add to the excitement, Boomer will be joined by some celebrity guests over the next couple of weeks including Gizzi Erskine, Abbey Clancy, Amy Childs, Dan Osborne and more. Plus, you can enter the exclusive prize draw to win a brilliant bundle of Wonder Park goodies for all the family.

Trust us when we say that you don’t want to miss out on this one!

Wonder Park is in UK cinemas now in both 2D and 3D, © 2019 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

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Here’s everything we know about Kim Kardashian’s future career in law

Here’s everything we know about Kim Kardashian’s future career in law

You may not want her representing you, but Kim Kardashian’s next venture into criminal defence actually makes a lot of sense.

Kim Kardashian Diet

Words by Olivia Edwardes

Kim Kardashian has always been a talking point, but this week she made even more conversation as she announced her plans to venture into law. 

Yes, this week Kim announced that she has been secretly training to be a Criminal Defence Lawyer since last summer and plans to be a licensed attorney by 2022.

Olaplex hair treatment Kim Kardashian


Though we wish Kim was trekking to uni everyday (imagine that season of KUWTK), her native state of California allows someone to take their exams without attending law school if they complete a four year apprenticeship at a law firm. Leave it to the reality star (makeup mogul, Kanye’s spouse, recording artist, TV star) to find a loophole.

She will be logging 18 hours each week for a minimum of 48 weeks to receive credit for one year of study. After she has completed the equivalent hours and passes a string of notoriously difficult exams (E channel can’t cheat her out of that one), Kim will gain her license to become a practicing solicitor in the state of California.

Celebrity Australia GIF – Find & Share on GIPHY

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She is being mentored by Van Jones and Jessica Jackson Sloan, two highly prestigious lawyers, so she’s clearly in good hands.

Before you shake your head, Kim and her family have been heavily involved in American politics for the past year, with Kim in avid protest of the US extreme prison reform policies. Last June, she was essentially responsible for the release of Alice Marie Johnson, an American woman with a life prison sentence for unjust situational cocaine trafficking.

Kim even met with President Trump to discuss changing the prison sentences for incarcerated women, an experience she said she was ‘willing to do what it takes to fight for what’s right’.

‘The White House called me to advise to help change the system of clemency, and I’m sitting in the Roosevelt Room with, like, a judge who had sentenced criminals and a lot of really powerful people and I just sat there, like, Oh, shit. I need to know more,’ she told Vogue in their latest issue.

‘I’ve always known my role, but I just felt like I wanted to be able to fight for people who have paid their dues to society. I just felt like the system could be so different, and I wanted to fight to fix it, and if I knew more, I could do more.’


Amen, Kim, we can’t argue with that. She’s used her massive platform to do good before, and having knowledge of the law can only propel her to help more people.

She’s following in her late lawyer father’s footsteps, only with extreme contour and a camera crew chronicling every study session. 

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The Game of Thrones creators have hidden finale spoilers in this Spotify playlist

The Game of Thrones creators have hidden finale spoilers in this Spotify playlist

This is HUGE.

sophie turner game of thrones finale
Sky / HBO

Game of Thrones season eight is on its way (next week, people!!) and we officially can’t wait.

It’s hardly surprising therefore that our past few months have been dominated by Game of Thrones news and updates, from the emergence of the teaser trailer to theories about what’s to come in Westeros.

Will Daenerys have Jon Snow’s baby? Will Jaime Lannister switch sides? Will the prophecy come true? And who is going to end up on the iron throne?

All is about to be revealed, but for eagle-eyed viewers, there is a chance to work out some theories before GoT returns to our screens.

game of thrones

Credit: HBO

David Benioff and DB Weiss, the show’s creators, have a Game of Thrones Spotify playlist, named ‘Songs of Ice and Fire’, something they updated this week, renaming it to – wait for it – ‘The End Is Coming’.

But there’s more to this playlist than meets the eye, with the creators telling Spotify’s blog that the playlist had some hidden meanings.

‘The answer to the ending is 100 percent hidden in the playlist choices,’ the duo explained. ’No one will believe us, but it’s true. We were looking for songs that made us feel the way the show made us feel. There’s variety in there – Rage is not Johnny Cash. But they both have a deep inherent power.’

Here are the songs of choice…

1. Sleep Now In The Fire
Rage Against The Machine

2. Her Black Wings

3. Immigrant Song – Remaster
Led Zeppelin

4. The End – Remastered
The Doors

5. Girl from the North Country (with Johnny Cash)
Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash

6. Mama Kin
Guns N’ Roses

7. Seven Nation Army
The White Stripes

8. Howlin’ For You
The Black Keys

9. War

10. Let Me Live/ Let Me Die
Des Rocs

game of thrones metoo

©2017 Home Box Office, Inc. All

11. Flugufrelsarinn
Sigur Ros

12. Fire
Barns Courtney

13. Bottom Of The Deep Blue Sea

14. Wave of Mutilation

15. Wolf Like Me
TV On The Radio

Kanye West

17. Let’s Have A War

18. Powa

19. Listen to the Lion
Van Morrison

20. Cold Cold Cold
Cage The Elephant

goodbye game of thrones

Game of Thrones

21. No one Knows
Queens of the Stone Age

22. Wolves of Winter
Billy Clyro

23. Go To War
Nothing More

24. Little Monster
Royal Blood

25. Burn the Fleet

26. Sister

27. Dire Wolf
Grateful Dead

28. Devil’s Spoke
Laura Marling

29. Queen
Perfume Genius

30. Cruel
St. Vincent

game of thrones

Credit: HBO

31. Crown On The Ground
Sleigh Bells

32. Mother – Single Version
The Amazons

33. Hot Bleed

34. War Pigs
Black Sabbath

35. Dead Skin Mask

36. Killer Wolf

37. The Time Is Now

38. Be My Fire
The Blue stones

39. Rise Above
Black Flag

40. Alternative Ulster
Stiff Little Fingers

41. This Sentence will Ruin/ Save Your Life
Born Ruffians

game of thrones finale

Credit: HBO

42. The Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn
The Pogues

43. Winterlong
Neil Young

44. Furr
Blitzen Trapper

45. Power
AJ Ghent [ j-ent ]

46. Toxicity
System Of A Down

47. Born For Greatness
Papa Roach

48. Gold Lion
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

49. Here’s Your Future
The Thermals

50. Love Is Blindness

Happy theorising everyone!

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The official Lion King trailer has landed and here are our takeaways

The official Lion King trailer has landed and here are our takeaways

A wimba way, a wimba way…

Words by Maisie Bovingdon

The Lion King Disney remake is set to be a HUGE hit when it comes to the big screen this Summer (July 19th – get it in the diary).

How do we know? Because in just a few hours since the release of the official trailer, it was already the second most trending vid on the site with almost 10 million views.

Here’s what has got us talking from the one minute 48 second clip…

The graphics

My oh my, they’re good.
When it comes to animating animals, we questioned how realistic it would ACTUALLY be. Answer: Very!!!
The mane looks fluffy to the touch, especially Mufasa’s as it blows in the wind while they recreate one of the iconic tearjerker moments from the 1994 classic.
Let’s be real, we all want to reach out and stroke Simba’s fuzzy mane when he’s a cub, and then there’s Scar who looks every bit the bedraggled predator you’d imagine. And THEN there’s the iconic coming of age/boy to man/ cub to leader of the pride scene when Simba is walking behind Timone and Pumba – you know the one.
Oh the wonders of CGI.

Zazu who?

When the bird plonked itself on the ground beside Simba in the trailer it took us all a moment to realise WHO it was; ‘Oh Zazu, right’, ‘I see that now’.
The winged creature we know and love was vibrant with a colourful beak and wings, a little fuller frame and full of sass.
But the one that plopped down on the desert looked grey and dishevelled with just black and white feathers, and very scrawny looking.

Stampede scene

Where do we start? The crux of the entire film and what makes The Lion King (arguably) the most heartbreaking Disney production.
The graphics are insane, it is as intense as the original (even if we have watched it over and over again), and the setting is true to life.
This part of the trailer misses out THE moment that will tug on everyone’s heartstrings (when Mufasa dies), and THANK HEAVENS it does because I don’t think my heart could cope, and I’ve got a few months to psych myself up for that moment.

The script

When it comes to remakes we always fear that iconic moments will be missed out from the original, but from the under brief clip all the iconic quotes we know, and love, and recited as a child are in there.
From Mufasa’s pep talk to Simba to Scar’s threat urging Simba to run away and leave Pride Rock, there is not a quote left unsaid.
Then there’s the one we all can’t help but join in and sing ‘A wimba way, a wimba way, a oooooooh’….
The Lion King

The Lion King

Timone and Pumba’s duet

The start of the trailer is intense, but things take a lighter tone when Timone and Pumba surface.
The best part is when the globe’s much loved duo belt out ‘Lion Sleeps Tonight’ as the meerkat rides on the warthog’s back, and reminds us of their witty one liners in the movie.
Is there a more iconic pair?

Did you forget, Beyonce is in it?

Guilty! We almost forgot about Beyonce, until the credits rolled.
There are glimpses of Nala throughout the trailer, but Simba’s future wife never speaks, or sings for that matter, which we were hoping she would.
Bring on July 19th, we are ready for you!

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This A-list singer will be making her acting debut in this new reimagined Disney

This A-list singer will be making her acting debut in this new reimagined Disney

And we CAN’T wait!

disney princess dress

Words by Maisie Bovingdon

Camila Cabello is set to make her first foray into the film industry and will star in the new remake of Cinderella.

The former Fifth Harmony band member will not only be in front of the camera, but will also have a major role off screen as she will be involved in creating the music for the re-telling of the Disney classic.

Sony is backing the production, and teased the news on Twitter.

Alongside a picture of Camilla in a blue ball gown, read the caption: ‘Grab your glass slippers and ballgowns.’

And that’s not all. The upcoming movie will also have the support of another famous face – James Corden.

The 40-year-old presenter is said to have come up with the idea, and will co-produce the movie alongside Leo Pearlman and their Fulwell73 company.

Cinderella has already had two remakes, one in 1950 starring the late Whitney Houston, and again four years ago, which saw Lily James take on the titular role.

This year is an exciting time for Disney remakes, as Lion King, Aladdin, and Lady and The Tramp are due to hit the big screens.

While Dumbo, starring Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito and Eva Green has recently been released, and has received rave reviews from film buffs.

We officially cannot wait.

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These Air BnBs will make you feel like you’re in a Game Of Thrones episode

These Air BnBs will make you feel like you’re in a Game Of Thrones episode

Living in Westeros just became a reality.

game of thrones
Credit: HBO

Words by Maisie Bovingdon 

Game of Thrones season eight is fast approaching, and while this will be the last EVER instalment (sob), fans of the HBO series can continue the medieval franchise on their own by checking themselves into a vast array of authentic GoT-esque Air BnBs across the globe.

Yes, it seems that the popular holiday rental site caters for everyone’s needs, including those obsessed with the HBO series.

Holidaygoers can pretend they have been transported to Westeros and be the King or Queen of their own castle with these Air BnB homes.

Bring your GoT-themed Easter treats, tune into the final season (this week, people!!) and you’ve got the perfect weekend on your hands.

Air BnB

Air BnB

Air BnB

Dragon House

If the name of this Westhall site, in England, doesn’t set pulses racing, maybe the decor will.

Residents can pick from one of two bedrooms, with an en suite bathroom and a complimentary breakfast so regal that you’ll be channelling Daenerys.

The exterior is a huge talking point with its oak frames (also a huge feature in every room inside the property), while the slanted roof adds to its authenticity.

The private room is surrounded by greenery and with a giant red dragon feature perched on the chimney it is the perfect fortress for any GoT fanatic to get some much needed R&R.

Guests can stay for one to three nights maximum for £295 per night.

Air BnB

Air BnB

Air BnB

Villa Mediterranean 

GoT fanatics will know part of the series was filmed in Croatia, so what if we said you can stay near to where scenes were filmed?

Just 100 metres from the Dubrovnik Walls in the Old Town lies Villa Mediterranean, which offers guests a very relaxing break for £628 per night.

The decor will transport you back to 299 AC with the high ceilings, wooden spiral staircases, and domed windows, while the simplistic furnishing screams the Stark family.

There are five bedrooms and five bathrooms for guests to indulge in, as well as an atmospheric round table in the centre of the lounge, and a chandelier.

Air BnB

Air BnB

Air BnB

Palatial Apartment

Looking for a city break with a twist? Palatial apartments are for you, situated in the Spanish city of Seville, and listed as a ‘castle in Seville’ on Air BnB – need we say more?

The apartment is located in the heart of the city, within walking distance from hotspots Alcazar Palace and the Cathedral.

The decor has been kept to a minimum with cream painted walls, or printed tiles in the four bathrooms, although there is an outdoor pool to relax in after flying dragons and storming castles.

Expect patterned rugs, wooden furnishings, ornate paintings, and GoT style thick wooden doors with warriors carved into the back of panels.

Among the neutral interiors, patterned rugs and wooden furnishings are more detailed personal touches.

Pricing wise, you’re looking at around £671 per night.

Air BnB

Air BnB

Air BnB

Air BnB

Air BnB

Drummond Castle

Air BnB has outdone itself with this one, with Drummond Castle easily passing for a Game of Thrones film set.

Yes, Drummond Tower/Castle ticks all the boxes, for its location, appearance and GoT vibes.

The Tower, which was built in 1858, accommodates up to four guests.  The one bedroom accommodation is as authentic as it can get with interior bare brick walls, wooden furnishings and a stone spiral staircase. You can’t help but feel like you’re walking through the hidden passages of the eerie crypt.

The site has been kitted out to the max, with bookshelves, and extravagant furnishings, from oxblood leather sofas to blood red curtains.

But there’s no need to feel like a damsel in distress as guests can keep an eye out for any invasions from the rooftop of the tower, which has a table and chairs for your leisure, or wander around the many fields surrounding the Irish property.

Air BnB

Air BnB

Air BnB

Log cabin

Iceland is the perfect setting for those wanting a mini-break to rival Essos because of the snow, surrounding mountains, and eerily dark evenings, which is why this log cabin in Iceland’s capital of Reykavik is the perfect getaway.

The log cabin is exactly what you’d expect from its name, homing up to four guests, whether couples or a family, with two bedrooms, and one bathroom.

It is located near the Blue Lagoon, as well as the main city centre of Reykavik, Golden Circle and geothermal area.

The cabin is fully furnished with a wooden interior and exterior – as you’d imagine – furnished with animal hide rugs and scandi style decor.

The log cabin allows guests the peace and tranquility they are after, set back and surrounded by fir trees.

The log cabin is available at £113 per night.

Air BnB

Air BnB

Air BnB

Kasbah Tebi

This Moroccan resort is the perfect medley of luxury and authenticity, but with a more affordable price tag of £30 per night, although this may vary depending on peak season.

The family-owned kasbah will leave you feeling like a royal, with the complimentary breakfast served to your room.

In true Moroccan style, the bedroom walls are painted in the authentic terracotta shade, with bamboo beams and furniture laden around the candle-lit rooms.

A lounge and courtyard over the four levels of the property also provide prime Instagram opportunities.

The home is located inside the historic Ksar of Ait Ben Haddou, World Heritage of UNESCO, and if that wasn’t enough, a stork guards the premises with a nest perched at the top of the tower like your very own dragon.


BRB – off to book all of these now.

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