Disney dropped a totally 90s throwback line and we need all of it immediately

Disney dropped a totally 90s throwback line and we need all of it immediately

Who knew VHS tapes could be so chic?

disney flashback collection
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Remember back in the 90s when you would slam your Disney VHS tapes into the machine and watch Hercules or The Lion King over and over again? Kids nowadays won’t ever know the frustration of having a tape get stuck in the machine or manually rewinding a tape with a pen. Well, the house of Mouse is out to help you relive the magic of your 90s childhood with a brand new Oh Oh My Disney 90s Flashback collection. Safe to say, we’re obsessed.

It’s jam packed with scenes from our favourite 90s films, ranging from popular flicks like Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin through to more niche choices like Hercules and A Goofy Movie!. (I still stand by the fact that Eye to Eye from A Goofy Movie! is the best Disney song of all time. Get to know it if you haven’t already.) From cool magic carpet denim jackets through to bits and pieces we’re 150% sure we had in our house growing up, we want all of it and luckily it’s dropped online already.

According to Oh My Disney, the line was ‘inspired by the decade‘ and aims to celebrate some of their ‘favourite animated Disney classics from the ’90s’. They’ve definitely delivered on that count. I’ll take one A Goofy Movie! VHS clutch bag and a Beauty and the Beast cup, thanks.

Here’s our favourite bits below…

Oh My Disney VHS Clutch Bags

oh my disney 90s flashback collection

Priced at £17, available at shopDisney

Currently available in Beauty and the BeastAladdin and The Lion King

Buy now

Oh My Disney Aladdin Ladies’ Denim Jacket

oh my disney 90s collection

Priced at £50, available at shopDisney

Buy now

Oh My Disney Beauty and the Beast Glasses, Set of 4

oh my disney 90s collectionPriced at £18, available at shopDisney

Buy now

Oh My Disney The Lion King Desk Clock

oh my disney 90s collection

Priced at £12, available at shopDisney

Buy now

Oh My Disney The Lion King Multi-Coloured Pen

oh my disney 90s collection

Priced at £4, available at shopDisney

Buy now

TBH we’re just thrilled it’s Friday because we’re scheduling a 90s Disney marathon ASAP.

You bring the wine, we’ll bring the Oh My Disney goods – let’s do this.

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In another universe, Peter Dinklage played Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades

In another universe, Peter Dinklage played Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades

‘I nailed it. I really did.’

peter dinklage 50 shades

Love or hate the series, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan have become one of the world’s most recognisable faces thanks to the success of 50 Shades of Grey. The steamy and sometimes eye-rolling escapades of their characters Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey have become pretty infamous, though there’s one adaptation I need to see immediately. It turns out that off-camera, Jamie Dornan played out the series’ intimate scenes while separated from his co-star with an unexpected celeb – Peter Dinklage. Yes, that Game of Thrones Peter Dinklage.

While promoting his and Jamie Dornan’s new film My Dinner with Hervé, Peter Dinklage revealed that Jamie actually had to juggle filming with 50 Shades reshoots. As any good pal would, Peter decided to step in and help Jamie prep in a pretty unusual way.

Peter said on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, ‘I read some of the [50 Shades Freed] screenplay through in our dressing room.’

‘I went in, [Jamie] had to do some reshoots for 50 Shades and I – uh – would help him out learning lines,’ he revealed.

Now, you can probably guess where this is going. And to be honest, the rest of the audience did too as people erupted into fits of giggles.

He continued, ‘I would read the Dakota Johnson parts…I was just helping a friend learn lines.’

We need to see a spin-off film with Tyrion Lannister and Christian Grey whispering sweet nothings to one another ASAP. We don’t know who we need to talk to in order to make this happen, but if the gods and goddesses of cinema are listening – please, please make this a reality.

As for whether Peter Dinklage gave Dakota a run for his money? Well, he had a lot to say for himself.

He said, ‘I nailed it. I really did.’

We don’t doubt it. We mean, look at how enamoured Jamie Dornan is with him.

peter dinklage 50 shades

Sundholm Magnus/action press/REX/Shutterstock

Peter Dinklage and Jamie Dornan will be starring in a dedidedly less sexy film coming out on HBO called My Dinner with Hervé, which centres around the last interview the actor Hervé Villechaize ever gave.

It is set to premiere on Sky Atlantic on October 22 at 9pm.

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Maisie Williams opens up about her final scene in Game of Thrones

Maisie Williams opens up about her final scene in Game of Thrones

Spoilers are coming

game of thrones souvenir
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Game of Thrones will return next year for its final season, and while some of the cast have spoken about how it felt to shoot their final scenes, they’ve been super secretive about what’s actually in store for some of our fave characters.

Can Sansa Stark really be trusted? Where’s Jaime Lannister off to? What’s going to happen when Jon Snow and Daenerys find out they’re related? And has Arya Stark’s bag of faces reached full capacity?

Enter Maisie Williams, who has revealed exactly what happened when she filmed her last scene as Arya.

The young Stark has seen/done/killed a lot over the last seven years, and while we’re all rooting for the King of the North and co to end up as one big, happy family, fans of the show aren’t getting their hopes up. After all, look what happened to poor old Rob Stark when we thought he was getting a happy ending.

So will Arya meet a similar grisly fate?

Here’s what she told The Guardian about filming her final scene for the show – describing it as ‘beautiful’.

game of thrones souvenir

2017 Home Box Office, Inc.

‘I ended on the perfect scene,’ she revealed.

‘I was alone—shocker! Arya’s always bloody alone. But I was alone and I had watched a lot of other people wrap. I knew the drill, I had seen the tears and heard the speeches.’

Maisie then went on to explain that as it all came to an end, she decided to give a final speech.

‘It wasn’t something I planned. But in that moment I realised what the show meant to me.’

Why was Arya alone? Does that mean she won’t make it to the end? And who will inherit her bag of faces?

So many questions.

Game of Thrones, you can come back to us now, thanks.

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Strictly Come Dancing’s Dianne Buswell has sadly split from her boyfriend

Strictly Come Dancing’s Dianne Buswell has sadly split from her boyfriend

Hopefully her dance partner Joe Sugg will be a shoulder for her to lean on.

dianne buswell break up
Strictly Come Dancing / BBC

It hasn’t been a great couple of weeks for romances on the Strictly Come Dancing circuit, as fresh off Rebecca Humphries’ split from contestant Seann Walsh – another person on the show has called time on their relationship. They say it takes two to tango, but Strictly pro Dianne Buswell has chosen to go it alone after splitting with her on-off boyfriend Anthony Quinlan of Emmerdale.

According to Her.ie, a spokesperson for Dianne confirmed the split. They elaborated, ‘Due to their busy schedules and distance they have split but still remain really close friends.’

According to The Evening Standard, their ‘struggles with long-distance’ also contributed to the downfall of their relationship In fact, The Sun reported that they actually took a break earlier this year for that very same reason and while they did eventually get back together, they ‘decided to end things after 10 months of dating‘.

dianne buswell break up


Many outlets have previously reported on the ‘Strictly curse’, as celebs and pros on the reality TV show sadly have a tendency to split with their partners while filming. In fact, it’s already affected this year’s cycle as comedian Seann Walsh was spotted cheating on his then-girlfriend Rebecca Humphries with his partner Katya Jones – prompting Rebecca to break up with him and release a powerful statement. On the other hand, Katya Jones said on It Takes Two that she and her husband Neil Jones ‘are fine’.

Prior to filming this series, it was also announced that one of Strictly’s favourite pro couples Karen and Kevin Clifton would be separating. Sadly, the reason their marriage was on the rocks was pretty similar to Dianne’s own predicament as their demanding Strictly schedules took a major toll – even though they were technically working together.

Karen said to The Daily Mail, ‘We were working from 6am until 11pm and by the time we got home there would be no time to do anything. There was no opportunity for us to connect and we started going in completely different directions.’

In Dianne’s case, a few have started speculating that perhaps she and her current Strictly partner Joe Sugg might be thinking about pursuing a relationship. (Give the woman a break man, she literally just broke up with her boyfriend.) The Sun in particular claimed that a source told them how everyone on set had been ‘discussing how close [Joe and Dianne] had become’.

They continued, ‘It did not go unnoticed by Anthony’.

Whether there’s something there or not, she and the famous YouTuber do seem to be growing closer and get on like a house on fire.

Besides absolutely nailing their dance routines week after week, they feature quite prominently on one another’s social media – in fact, she could have a budding YouTube career of her own as she’s starred in many of his vlogs.

Given that the pair seem to be pretty great friends, here’s hoping Joe and the rest of the Strictly crew will be able to help keep her mind off the breakup.

The next episode of Strictly Come Dancing will air tomorrow at 6.45pm on BBC One.

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Great British Bake Off’s Ruby just accidentally revealed this year’s winner

Great British Bake Off’s Ruby just accidentally revealed this year’s winner

Not again!

Great British Bake Off twitter
Credit: Channel 4

Great British Bake Off is a staple of British TV, with the nation spending weeks speculating as to who is going to be crowned baker.

This year as we approach the semi-final, it’s between Ruby, Kim-Joy, Briony and of course the nation’s sweetheart, Rahul.

At this point in the competition, any one of the talented bakers could take home the trophy, with fans counting down the days till the final episode.

In some very surprising Bake Off news however, it seems that the winner has already been revealed.

According to reports, GBBO semi-finalist Ruby Bhogal was tricked into revealing the winner by a fake Sandi Toksvig account, who texted the 29-year-old posing as the presenter.

In the messages, Ruby is reported to have accidentally revealed the winner, before explaining that she was ‘very happy’ for the victor.

‘It’s actually pretty easy to do really,’ the anonymous imposter told The Sun. ‘You just make a fake profile of one of their friends and then they follow you. You then change your name and message them and they have no clue.’

The fake account has been suspended but the real surprise is that the imposter has chosen not to share the name of the winner publicly.

This is of course not the first time the Great British Bake Off winner has been announced prematurely, with new judge restauranteur Prue Leith accidentally revealing last year’s crowned baker ahead of the final due to a scheduled Twitter mishap.

At least we don’t know who the champion is yet!

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Disney and Beats By Dre have just collabed on the coolest Mickey Mouse headphones

Disney and Beats By Dre have just collabed on the coolest Mickey Mouse headphones

Oh boy.

disney headphones

The past month has been a whirlwind of Disney-related nostalgia as the brand’s iconic mouse is turning 90 this year. From super cool Vans’ collaborations through to an omega nostalgic 90s Flashback line, music lovers are the next to get their much-needed dose of nostalgia with a pair of sick headphones. Audiophiles, steel yourselves — Beats by Dre have just launched the ultimate pair of headphones for Disney lovers and we’re totally in love.

The new headphones have been created especially for Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary and unsurprisingly, he’s plastered all over the wireless headphones. Designed in a cool grey and with big comfy cushioned ear muffs, you’ll find Mickey striking a pose across the band looking ready to bust a move as you bust out some tunes.

Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary Edition Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

disney headphones

Priced at £279.95, sold through Apple and Disney

Available on November 11

The headphones also come with a cute anniversary pin, sticker and a sleek felt case (because something this adorable needs to be protected). You also don’t have to worry about any fiddly cables getting in the way as it’s totally wireless, meaning you can leave your phone on the table and go about your business in the house without lugging your tech around. And you know what that means: impromptu vacuuming dance party.

The headphones aren’t available just yet, but you’ll be able to snag a pair of your very own on November 11. You’re going to have to pay top dollar though, as they’re priced at £279.95 and will be available through the Apple store and online on Disney.com. Potential Christmas present? (‘Tis the season for expensive gifts, after all.)

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Hollywood has a gender and diversity problem. An Arab female director scholarship sets to put that right.

Hollywood has a gender and diversity problem. An Arab female director scholarship sets to put that right.

‘I [have] learned to trust my voice and appreciate that it will be always unique if I listened closely.’

arab women in film
Michael Weber/imageBROKER/REX/Shutterstock

Just a tenth of all films (7.3%) were directed by women last year, despite the lauded successes of the Oscar-nominated Greta Gerwigs, Ava DuVernays and box-office-smashing Patty Jenkins of the world. Less than 1% of all films hire more than ten women to work in production. Although Hollywood is gradually spinning in the right direction as the #MeToo movement ousts sexist monsters and Oscar-winners insist on inclusion riders, gender parity is a long way away – especially for Arab female film directors.

Cherien Dabis, the Palestininan-Jordanian director of May in Summer, admitted in 2015, ‘It is challenging, opening those doors. Making the leap from an independent international filmmaker to a commercial one is hard enough, but add female filmmaker to that, and then add Arab female filmmaker, and it becomes infinitely more challenging.’

However a new scholarship seeks to close the gap and elevate Middle Eastern female cinematic voices, in the hopes of smashing through stereotypes and bringing authentic Arab experiences to the big screen. Founded by Saudi-Egyptian entrepreneur Hani Farsi and the dean of UCLA’s School of Theatre, Film and Television Teri Schwartz, the Mohamed S. Farsi Foundation’s Arab Women Filmmakers scholarship is aimed at promoting voices of women across 22 Arab League countries and giving them a leg up in an industry where diversity can be lacking.

While it’s still a relatively new concept, it’s an ambitious one that grants three Middle Eastern women a full ride to UCLA’s world-renowned School of Theatre, Film and Television. Recipients are granted a place on UCLA TFT’s competitive Master of Fine Arts in Directing, a four year programme that the first intake of scholars will be wrapping up in autumn this year.

It’s an issue desperately close to Teri’s heart, as she’s seen firsthand the obstacles that women in film generally must overcome.

She said, ‘To not have stories told by women and with a woman’s perspective, from any culture, robs the world of the richness of stories that all people should experience, and be inspired and entertained by….Arab women have extraordinary stories to tell and must be afforded the opportunities to add to the richness of the global film-going experience, as well as to have the opportunity to add a deeper dimension, perspective and understanding of our common humanity.’

arab female film directors

Cherien Dabis / Credit: Amanda Schwab/StarPix/REX/Shutterstock

That’s not to say that there aren’t already Arab women in the scene carving a corner for themselves on the silver screen. The few female film directors who hail from the Middle East have slowly but surely made their mark on the world, with American-Egyptian Jehane Noujaim’s film The Square earning her an Oscar nomination and Annemarie Jacir breaking barriers as the first Palestinian woman to ever have a feature film release.

Director Annemarie Jacir said, ‘I think people in the Arab world need to see their own stories on screen. It’s all very well making films about beautiful people who live far away, but to be able to see a film about your own life, and the kind of people you know and hear your own accent, it’s equally important. It tells you your life is worthy too, your small stories count, your life counts. Cinema is not something for people in other places.’

For aspiring film directors like scholarship recipient Hanadi Elyan, expressing herself and her vision of the Middle East honestly is at the core of her work. With years of filmmaking experience under her belt and even a production company based in Dubai called Reel Arab Productions, her previous films Nadia’s Visa, Mariam’s Chance and The Beach Trip revolve around Arab women and girls navigating their place in the modern world. Rather than playing to the script Hollywood has laid out for the region with controversial representations in films such as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or more recently the show Homeland, Jordanian-Palestinian Hanadi is determined to forge her own path.

arab female film directors

Hanadi Elyan in her element

She said, ‘I think the real problem lies in the recurring stereotypes we see on TV and movies constantly, the radical, the uneducated and the extreme. Knowing that this image is of a tiny minority that represents itself only, out of all the peaceful hard working earnest hundreds of millions of Arabs or over a billion Muslims…For me, breaking stereotypes has become a personal mission that I attempt to chip at one film at a time.’

A crucial element to that is learning how to tell her own story however, something that Teri mentions is as the heart of the scholarship’s application requirements. Beyond looking for women who ‘are fully aligned with the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television vision and mission’, having a powerful point of view is a major consideration when she and Hani handpick successful recipients.

She said, ‘We look for the most interesting women who have unique, personal, humanistic, courageous, meaningful stories to tell – stories that can entertain; illuminate our human condition; build bridges of understanding; and even inspire social impact.’

It’s something that bleeds through into Hanadi’s time on the programme too. When we ask her what the most significant thing she’s taken away from her Masters so far is, she immediately responds, ‘If I had to pick one only, then I would thank [UCLA] for teaching me to trust my instincts in the big world of storytelling. Every single person in the world can tell a story in one way or another, and a particular story can be told in so many different ways, I [have] learned to trust my voice and appreciate that it will be always unique if I listened closely.’

Another major barrier that Teri identifies is the difficulties aspiring female Arab creatives have in ‘gaining the necessary funding and access to the highest levels of film education, mentoring and training that will prepare Arab women filmmakers to enter the industry with the artistry, skill, confidence and real-world experience that a rapidly evolving industry demands’.

arab female film directors

UCLA Campus / Credit: Max Malandrino/REX/Shutterstock

Which is where Hani Farsi and his foundation steps in. Hani, who produces independent films through his company Corniche Pictures and also served as a Donmar Warehouse Theatre Company’s board of trustee member for several years, and his foundation carries the full weight of the scholars’ tuition and accommodation.

He said, ‘I want to give women in my part of the world a voice to tell their stories. My hope is we see a great selection of films coming out of the Arab world addressing a wide number of issues. I want us to hold a mirror up to ourselves, to examine what needs to be changed and what must be preserved.’

His philanthropic streak is one that seems to be hereditary, as his father Dr. Mohamed S. Farsi (who the foundation is named after) had similar inclinations. Recognised as a Patron of the Arts for the Middle East in 2010, he had a vast love of art and for his region and worked tirelessly as a city planner to integrate modern art into public spaces – not all too different from his son’s aspirations to help bring diverse cinematic works into the mainstream.

Hani cites the Arab Spring, a series of democratic protests that spread like wildfire across the Middle East in 2010, as the catalyst for the setting up the scholarship programme. As a cultural shift swept through the region and voices were raised, Hani wanted to do his part to help those who had a lot to say – but needed a platform.

arab women in film

AFP/Getty Images

He said, ‘I want to give women in my part of the world a voice to tell their stories. My hope is we see a great selection of films coming out of the Arab world addressing a wide number of issues. I want us to hold a mirror up to ourselves, to examine what needs to be changed and what must be preserved.’

And the world appears to finally be listening, if the past 2018 Oscars are anything to go by. Two Middle Eastern films were nominated at the career-making ceremony, including The Insult directed by Ziad Doueiri for Best Foreign Language Film and Syrian film director Feras Fayyad’s Last Men in Aleppo for Best Documentary.

While neither of the male directors won, it was a grand stride forwards for Middle Eastern film. Fayyad told Reuters at the time, ‘[Being nominated] opens the road for other filmmakers and artists to think that there’s nothing impossible, especially in a time (when) your country is destroyed, your resources are less, and the people who could stand with you are less.’

For Arab women in film and UCLA’s upcoming female graduates, it won’t be long till they find themselves edging out the competition on the roster. In fact, a spokesperson for the Mohamed S. Farsi foundation confirmed that the scholarship programme could soon open doors for even more new talent. Since launching in 2015, the scheme has garnered a lot of attention and expansions will be announced at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival on May 14.

arab women in film

Director Jehane Noujaim accepts the Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentary for The Square from actor Don Cheadle onstage at the 66th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards / Credit: Getty Images for DGA

The first intake of scholars is set to graduate this year and they’ll be launched into the scene as fully fledged professionals, including Hanadi who will take into future projects her love of her home, a passion for storytelling and an arsenal of tools from one of the most prestigious film schools in the world. Beyond breaking stereotypes and offering something new and exciting to the scene, there’s something else that resonates deeply within her though.

‘It gives me a big thrill when I have people come to me after a film screening to tell me that they too know exactly how the characters that I wrote felt. And [that] they can easily relate,’ she said.

At the end of the day, reaching across the table to all kinds of people, to have your story seen and be deeply understood is what’s at the core of the our little human experience. With voices like Hanadi’s on the scene, it’s a small step towards tearing down the barriers that divide us – replacing them instead with silver cinema screens and rooms full of people ready to listen.

To celebrate the MSFF Foundations 10th Anniversary and the Arab women film makers Scholarship at UCLA, the foundation will be celebrating the incredible women that are helping to redefine the film industry on October 17th, where the Dean of UCLA film, theatre and television, Teri Schwartz, and film Director Lord David Puttnam, will be giving a speech about the importance of giving voice to the unique perspective of Arab women.

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Why Rupert Grint almost quit Harry Potter after the Goblet of Fire

Why Rupert Grint almost quit Harry Potter after the Goblet of Fire


Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Can you imagine a world without Harry Potter? Where there are no Harry Potter bars and no inspirational Harry Potter quotes?

Neither can we.

And it’s impossible to imagine the Harry Potter films without Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. The three actors started their careers in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and went on to play Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger for ten years.

However, things could have panned out very differently.

Rupert has admitted that he was ready to walk away from the wizarding world in 2005 once he’d finished filming Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

“I had just finished my GCSEs,” he told the Independent.

“I thought, ‘Do I actually want to keep doing this? It’s a bit of a drag.’ Because obviously, it’s a big sacrifice.

Getty Images

“You take for granted anonymity, just doing normal stuff, just going out. Everything was different and a little bit scary. There were times when I was like, ‘I’m done.’”

Rupert has previously spoken about what it’s like to grow up as a child actor, and admitted that he almost packed in acting once he’d finished filming Harry Potter.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he explained: “We had such an intimate and intense few years in this bubble.

“When I started, [acting] was never something that I aspired to do. I did acting with school plays and stuff like that. But it was never something that I actively dreamed of.

“I mean, I fell in love with it while I was doing it. But I definitely did think, ‘Is this really what I want to do?’ I wanted to live a little bit. I felt like I’d missed out on a lot.

“Being in that adult environment from such an early age, it was nice to just be away from it and not have any kind of commitments at all, and just be a bit free.”

Glad you stayed, Rupert.

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The new David Attenborough show looks super intense and we’re so here for it

The new David Attenborough show looks super intense and we’re so here for it

It’s good to have you back, Sir David.

new david attenborough show
BBC NHU/Theo Webb

Happy World Animal Day, everyone! We’re kicking it off with some exciting animal-related news as Sir David Attenborough is back with yet another nature documentary series, which will fill the void that Planet Earth and Blue Planet left when they ended. He’ll be bringing a new show to the BBC called Dynasties and the exciting trailer dropped earlier today, proving that it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before.

The nature documentary is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, as it’s going to hone in on just five species of animal: emperor penguins, tigers, lions and more. According to the BBC,every episode will focus on an individual endangered animal and follow their struggle for survival in the wild. The series, which took four years to film and create, looks wasymore like a tense reality TV drama centred around an animal rather than a nature documentary. We’re here for it.

If you’re a diehard Planet Earth II fan, the team behind it are the same one responsible for Dynasties — so you know it’s going to be good.

And of course, Sir David Attenborough will be lending his iconic voice to the show and seems to have travelled the world for the show, which isn’t bad going for a man who’s in his nineties now.

new david attenborough show


There’s no word yet on when the new show is set to drop, however the trailer definitely has us hungry for more.

TBH if the entire show was just an hour of that baby penguin shuffling through the snow, we’d probably be on board.

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Nine Gilmore Girls guest stars who went on to become super famous

Nine Gilmore Girls guest stars who went on to become super famous

Jessica Jones, Don Draper and Freddie Mercury walk into a Stars Hollow bar…

gilmore girls guest stars

One of our favourite early 00s shows is all grown up and eighteen years old today, as the first ever episode Gilmore Girls aired today back in 2000. (Feel old yet?) With several series and a controversial Netflix spin-off under its belt, the tale of Rory and Lorelai Gilmore never fails to get old and will always hold a special place in our hearts — even if the internet’s still fighting over who was Rory’s greatest love.

Well, after a thorough rewatch, we’ve realised there’s a few famous faces that got their start on Gilmore Girls before stepping into beefier roles. From Mad Men‘s surly Don Draper to butt-kicking Jessica Jones, here’s a few guest actors you didn’t realise were going to be a big thing when you watched them on GG the first time round.

Jon Hamm

Blink and you’ll miss this one. Jon Hamm starred in an episode of Gilmore Girls called Eight o Clock at the Oasis, where he plays one of Lorelai’s short-lived suitors. She bumps into him at an auction house where they proceed to flirtatiously outbid one another for the last glass of red wine, then later go on a terrible date (off camera, sadly). Even if he wasn’t a total Casanova in Gilmore Girls, Jon Hamm would then go onto play one of TV’s sexiest and most problematic men: Don Draper in Mad Men. You’ll also recognise him as that asshole from Bridesmaids and the Reverend from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Krysten Ritter

gilmore girls guest stars

Startraks Photo/REX/Shutterstock

Before she played no-bullshit, whiskey drinking, ass-kicking Jessica Jones, Krysten Ritter was one of Rory’s kind of annoying friends at Yale called Lucy. Back then, she was a theatre major and ended up dating Marty – a boy who had once liked Rory but ended up becoming a major asshole once she told him she wasn’t interested. There’s a whole drama about it and eventually, Lucy and Rory wind up solid friends while Marty is cut out of the picture.

Since then, Krysten Ritter’s stepped away from Stars Hollow in favour of roles on grittier shows like Breaking Bad and Jessica Jones.

Chad Michael Murray

gilmore girls guest stars


IMHO, if Chad Michael Murray had hung around and hadn’t been scooped up by One Tree Hill, he and Rory would’ve gotten a much longer and romantic arc. Chad played an obnoxious jerk called Tristan Dugray in the earlier series of Gilmore Girls, a fellow classmate of Rory’s at Chilton who we later learn has a big crush on her.

Although they do eventually wind up macking on each other, Rory realises she’s still in love with Dean, things blow up with Paris (who has a huge crush on him) and Tristan gets booted off to military school — and One Tree Hill, obviously.

Adam Brody

gilmore girls guest stars


We were DEVASTATED when Adam Brody left Gilmore Girls. This charming fella played Lane’s bandmate boyfriend Dave Rygalski back in series three and they were perfect together. Besides giving Lane the love and attention the goddess deserves, it also seemed like like he’d do pretty much anything for her: even pretending to be a devout Christian boy and playing the guitar for Lane’s mother’s Bible group.

He eventually winds up moving away and eventually splitting up with Lane, but we all know what really happened. He went on to play Seth Cohen (basically the same awkward lovable character) on another show: The OC.

Jane Lynch

gilmore girls guest stars

John Salangsang/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

The episode that Jane Lynch was on in Gilmore Girls was a total showdown of the titans. The future Glee star, who played a nurse, went head to head with Emily Gilmore while Richard was hospitalised back in series one. Rather than blowing up Sue Sylvester-style at Emily, Jane Lynch’s character was just pretty exhausted and exasperated by Emily’s antics.

Since then, Jane Lynch has gone on to star in not just Glee but also films like Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and The 40 Year Old Virgin.

Rami Malek

gilmore girls guest stars

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You’re going to see a lot more of Rami Malek in the coming months as he’s slated to play Freddie Mercury in the upcoming Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. However his first ever TV role was on Gilmore Girls, where he played one of Lane’s classmates at her religious college Seventh Day Adventist.

He’s a long way from his sweater vest days though as he quickly shot to fame for his unsettling yet emotional performance in Mr Robot, as well as an adorable yet naive Egyptian royal in the Night at the Museum franchise.

Max Greenfield

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Yep, New Girl’s Schmidtty was once a Stars Hollow local. Before he was putting pennies in a swear jar and being generally slimy, he played one of Dean’s friends Luke – to the dismay of the one true Gilmore Girls’ Luke Danes.

He partied it up with Dean during his bachelor’s party and although you don’t see him again, we believe it’s because he realised how trash Dean was and got out of there. This is not a Team Dean household.

Nick Offerman

If you’re a fan of Parks and Rec, it’s impossible to forget Nick Offerman as the stern unflappable Ron Swanson. He’s totally unrecognisable as Beau Belleville on Gilmore Girls though, a creep who believes that Lorelai’s a nymphomaniac and tries to do everything he can possible to get into her pants.

Although the guest of the Dragonfly Inn eventually winds up leaving her alone, he wound up with his fair share of relationship drama on Parks and Rec — dodging his crazy ex-wives Tammy 1 and Tammy 2.

Seth MacFarlane

gilmore girls guest stars

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You might not know this man’s face, but you definitely know his voice. Seth MacFarlane both runs and voice acts in shows including American Dad and Family Guy, where he plays Peter Griffin, Steele and a whole range of characters.

Lorelai comes across him while studying at business school and they don’t get on well at all, as his character Zack has a big thing against her for coming from a rich family. He’s also given the silver screen a go and starred in the Ted franchise.

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