It looks like Meghan Markle is returning to the big screen

It looks like Meghan Markle is returning to the big screen

Shut the (palace) front door!

Words by Torey Cassidy

The world shed a tear when Meghan Markle stepped away from her acting career, but thanks to media company Artists Rights Distribution, we are seeing the Duchess of Sussex return to the big screen.

Yes, this is not a drill.

The LA-based company has managed to pick up the North American rights for 2011’s The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down, written and created by Paul Sapiano and featuring a pre-royal Meghan as party girl character Dana.

So, what’s the story? The film centres on a night of partying in Los Angeles. The characters offer tips and tricks on how to navigate the night without fully ruining your life. With tongue-in-cheek advice on subjects like approaching potential hook-ups and which substances shouldn’t be mixed, it’s safe to say that this isn’t Suits.

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HRH on Suits. Meghan joined the cast of USA Network show, Suits on July 2011 playing Rachel Zane. Miss Markle has given an interview about her job on Suits. “I see Rachel as such a good friend, and when you play a character you love, it's so much easier.” She was on the show for 7 years and decided to leave after her engagement to Prince Harry. This was her last acting job before her marriage. She has also said that “I root for her (Rachel Zane); I'm almost like a fan. If I wasn't on the show, I would really love this show, because each of the characters are like someone you know. Rachel is like the ultimate best friend—who has a closet that I always borrow things from in my personal life.” Meghan was also very good friends with some of her coworkers and even ended up inviting them to her wedding on May 19, 2018 in St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. She was especially good friends with Rick Hoffman, Patrick J. Adams, Sarah Rafferty and Gabriel Macht. ____________________________________________ #meghanmarkle #meghanmarklefans #meghanmarklestyle #meghanmarklefashion #princeharry #theroyals #royals #royalty #theroyalfamily #royalfamily #britishroyalfamily #thebritishroyalfamily #windsor #sussex #dukeofsussex #duchessofsussex #dukeandduchessofsussex #dukeandduchess #meghanandharry #harryandmeghan #princeharryandmeghan #rachelzane #suits #meghanmarklesuits #abc

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Despite rumours of its release, it was made a long time ago, with Meghan actually landing her role as Rachel Zane on Suits after filming the project that also features Max Greenfield (New Girl) and Adam Pally (Happy Endings).

Artists Rights Distribution is reportedly looking to distribute the film internationally at the ongoing European Film Market in Berlin, so fingers-crossed we see the re-release before the year is out. Considering, the last movie she appeared in was Dater’s Handbook in 2016; The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down will be received with a warm welcome.

We officially cannot wait!

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The latest GoT theory suggests that Arya didn’t really kill Littlefinger

The latest GoT theory suggests that Arya didn’t really kill Littlefinger

game of thrones
Credit: HBO

Game of Thrones season 8 is almost upon us, and Westeros is in a bit of a mess. Not only have you got Jon Snow getting his man bun in a twist over his aunt, Daenerys Targaryen, no one quite knows what the hell pregnant Cersei is plotting and Jaime quite literally just wandered off.

And then there’s Arya, adding faces to her little Faceless Man sack at an alarming rate. The last time we saw the young Stark, she was slitting the throat of Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger. After a season of believing that Sansa was secretly a baddie plotting to take down her brother and take over Winterfell (and she still could be, if this theory is anything to go by), fans watched as the sisters united and turned on sneaky Littlefinger in front of everyone.

With the sly traitor out of the picture, it looks like they’ve got everything sorted in the North, ready for Jon and his new beau’s return.

But what if Littlefinger isn’t actually dead? One YouTuber, Neo, has explored the possibility that he’s actually still out there in Westeros somewhere – and this is how he managed to avoid death.

We all know that the Faceless Men have the ability to shape-shift (Arya spent what felt like 349 episodes learning how to master the art, remember?), so what if Littlefinger paid a Faceless Man to die in his place?

In season seven, episode five, Littlefinger is seen talking to an unknown woman. YouTuber Neo suggests that the lady in question warned Littlefinger that his days were numbered in Winterfell, and he pays her with a coin not dissimilar to the one that Arya used to pay a man in Braavos. The theory continues that the woman was a Faceless Man, initially in the North to kill Arya, but Littlefinger instead convinced her to act as himself so that he could scuttle off safely.

Fans on Twitter appear to believe it, too.

Does it all add up, though? Would a Faceless Man really sacrifice themselves for a power-mad random? And can they use faces of people that are still living, and that aren’t first peeled off and put in their little satchels? Plus, where would Littlefinger hide out considering he has absolutely no allies left?

Not sure about this one, but it does give us something to look forward to.

Bring on April 14th.

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Why Daniel Radcliffe thinks Harry Potter will get a reboot

Why Daniel Radcliffe thinks Harry Potter will get a reboot

Here for it?

harry potter stamps
Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

So you consider yourself a bit of a Potterhead. You’ve looked into studying Harry Potter law at uni and you’re convinced by this Snape death theory because it all makes so much sense. You also feel pretty smug when you tell people that science has shown people who read Harry Potter are nicer, and you’re the first to know when there’s a HP reunion in real life.

But how do you feel about a Harry Potter reboot?

Considering that they’re now a Christmas telly staple, it feels like we’ve always had the movies in our lives – but it was just nine short years ago that we watched the final instalment.

However, Daniel Radcliffe sounds pretty certain that there’ll be a reboot at some point in the not so distant future.

He told IGN: ‘I’m sure there will be some other version of it; I know I’m not the last Harry Potter I’m gonna see in my lifetime – we’ve already got a few more.

‘It will be interesting to see how long those films stay… it feels like there’s a sacredness around them at the moment, but that’ll go, the shine will wear off at some point… It’ll be interesting if they reboot them and just do the films again or do a series. I’m fascinated to watch.’

New films? A series? We can’t deal.

Daniel also revealed what his fave film is – and it’s not what you’d expect.

He told Wired: ‘I love the last one, but I also really love the fifth, which is not a lot of people’s favourite, I kind of realise.’

So why Order of the Phoenix?

He continued: ‘I love it because of the relationship between Harry and Sirius [Black], and you get a lot of Gary Oldman in that movie.’


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Leonardo DiCaprio really didn’t want to say this iconic Titanic line

Leonardo DiCaprio really didn’t want to say this iconic Titanic line

Can’t imagine the film without it, tbh

Credit: Moviestore Collection/REX/Shutterstock

Can you believe that Titanic is 21 years old? Since it hit cinemas back in 1998, we’ve been obsessed with every last detail – from the costumes, to Rose’s impeccable hair, to the never-ending debate about whether Jack would have fit on the floating door (ahem, he would – Kate Winslet even admitted that Rose could have saved him after all).

And we’re even more interested in what happened behind the scenes. Did you know that this A-list actor almost played Jack? And that Celine Dion’s Titanic song almost didn’t make it into the final cut? Can you even imagine the film without Leonardo DiCaprio and My Heart Will Go On?

Well, there’s another iconic piece of the Titanic puzzle that almost didn’t happen.

Think of some of your fave quotes – the most memorable moments of the entire film. Does ‘I’m the king of the world!’ bubble up in your memory? Of course it does. Jack and Fabrizio enjoying happier times. Sob.

But Leo was apparently reluctant to say it, according to director James Cameron.

Speaking on BBC Radio 1, James said: ‘The point is, it [the line] was made up on the spot. Made up on the spot and I was in a crane basket.

‘And we were losing the light, and we had tried this and tried that, and we’d tried this line and that line, and nothing was really working.

‘And I was literally coming up snake eyes, and I was like, “I’ve got one for you, just say I’m the king of the world. And just spread your arms out wide and just be in the moment, and just love it and celebrate the moment.”

‘And he [Leo] goes, “What?!” I’m getting this over the walkie talkie. Just say, “I’m the king of the world, and you have to sell it.”‘

When Leo questioned James once again, he was told to ‘just f**king sell it!’.

And sell it he did, as it’s now one of the film’s most famous moments.

Next they’ll be telling us that ‘draw me like one of your French girls’ almost didn’t happen.

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Why these Oscar categories will be presented during the ads

Why these Oscar categories will be presented during the ads


oscars popular film category
Sipa USA/REX/Shutterstock

Awards season is in full swing. We’ve seen some amazing acceptance speeches from Sandra Oh, the BAFTAs red carpet was an A-list dream and then there was Lady Gaga dancing at the Grammys, solo, literally loving life. We’re living for that video.

But the one that we’re all waiting patiently for is the Oscars. There has already been some controversy around the Academy Awards, with Bradley Cooper revealing he felt ’embarrassed’ by the fact he wasn’t shortlisted for the Best Director award for A Star Is Born – but it’s not all bad news, as he is still set to pick up a fair few golden statuettes for his directorial debut.

However, there’s something else happening when the ceremony takes place on February 24th. Or should that be, isn’t happening. There will be a number of categories that aren’t aired.

The winners in the cinematography, film editing, live action short, and makeup and hairstyling categories won’t get to see their crowning moments on the telly.

In August, the Academy revealed that they would be taking commercial breaks over some of the categories in order to keep the run time to three hours. The Hollywood Reporter shared an email that was sent to Academy members today, with president John Bailey attempting to lift the spirits of the snubbed category nominees by insisting that their golden moment will be streamed live online and will eventually air.

He also stated that any category which lost out to adverts this time around will get a full airing in 2020, and that it’ll be rotated every year to keep things fair.

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Does this original GOT script reveal who’ll sit on the Iron Throne?

Does this original GOT script reveal who’ll sit on the Iron Throne?


goodbye game of thrones
Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones season 8 is almost upon us, and the fan theories are coming thick and fast. Sophie Turner might have revealed how the show ends, but the rest of the cast is keeping quiet when it comes to spoilers (except Kit Harington, who’s wife Rose Leslie didn’t speak to him for three days when he told her how it all ties up).

So how about this: an old Game of Thrones script was found, and it seems to suggest that one of the remaining characters has secretly had their eye on the Iron Throne all along.

The Huffington Post found a production draft of the original pilot at a library at Texas A&M, which just so happens to be where George R.R. Martin likes to unwind, and there are a few unusual differences. Initially, there was a scene where Jon Snow got drunk, the White Walkers spoke and Jaime and Cersei’s relationship was even more confusing.

But there was also a meddling Catelyn Stark, who had her eyes on the Iron Throne prize – for her daughter, Sansa. Originally, there was an exchange between Ned and Catelyn about heading south to secure Sansa’s place as awful Joffrey’s soon-to-be wife, and it went like this:

Ned: ‘I’ll refuse him. I’m a northman. I belong here, not down south in that rats’ nest they call a capital.’

Catelyn: ‘He would make our daughter Queen.’

Ned: ‘Is that what you want for her? A pretty crown to wear?’

In the version we’ve all seen, Catelyn is less interested in her daughter becoming the Queen of Westeros – it’s Sansa herself who’s keen to marry Joffrey and become the next Cersei.

But it’s interesting that in both instances, Sansa is eager to hop on the first horse out of Winterfell to lay claim to the Iron Throne.

Does that mean she’ll be gunning for it in the upcoming season? Has Sansa still got her eye on ruling Westeros? Can she be trusted?

Only two months to find out.

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Here’s everyone who won big at the BAFTAs last night

Here’s everyone who won big at the BAFTAs last night

From best actors and actresses to films of the moment…


Tonight marks the 2019 BAFTAs, with a host of A-listers and royalty taking to the Royal Albert Hall red carpet.

From the red carpet shut down and Bradley Cooper’s dedication to Irina Shayk to Timothée Chalamet’s suit, the BAFTAs made news from the get-go, but it was the ceremony that really made the most noise.

But who won big?


Here are the 2019 BAFTA winners…

BAFTA for Best Film

Black KkKlansman
Green Book
The Favourite
A Star Is Born

BAFTA for Outstanding British Film

Bohemian Rhapsody
WINNER – The Favourite
Stan & Ollie
You Were Never Really Here

BAFTA for Film Not in the English Language

Cold War

BAFTA for British Short Film

WINNER – 73 Cows
The Blue Door
The Field

BAFTA for British Short Animation

I’m OK
WINNER – Roughhouse
Animated Film
Incredibles 2
Isle of Dogs
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

BAFTA for Documentary

WINNER – Free Solo
They Shall Not Grow Old
Three Identical Strangers

BAFTA for Actor in a Leading Role

Bradley Cooper, A Star Is Born
Christian Bale, Vice
WINNER – Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody
Steve Coogan, Stan & Ollie
Viggo Mortensen, Green Book

BAFTA for Actress in a Leading Role

Glenn Close, The Wife
Lady Gaga, A Star Is Born
Melissa McCarthy, Can You Ever Forgive Me?
WINNER – Olivia Colman, The Favourite
Viola Davis, Widows

BAFTA for Direction

Spike Lee, Black KkKlansman
Pawel Pawlikowski, Cold War
Yorgos Lanthimos, The Favourite
WINNER – Alfonso Cuarón, Roma
Bradley Cooper, A Star Is Born

BAFTA for Actor in a Supporting Role

Adam Driver, Black KkKlansman
WINNER – Mahershala Ali, Green Book
Richard E Grant, Can You Ever Forgive Me?
Sam Rockwell, Vice
Timothee Chalamet, Beautiful Boy

BAFTA for Actress in a Supporting Role

Amy Adams, Vice
Claire Foy, First Man
Emma Stone, The Favourite
Margot Robbie, Mary, Queen of Scots
WINNER – Rachel Weisz, The Favourite

BAFTA for Cinematography

Bohemian Rhapsody
Cold War
The Favourite
First Man

BAFTA for Sound

WINNER – Bohemian Rhapsody
First Man
Mission: Impossible – Fallout
A Quiet Place
A Star Is Born

BAFTA for Original Music

Black KkKlansman
If Beale Street Could Talk
Isle of Dogs
Mary Poppins Returns
WINNER – A Star Is Born

BAFTA for Production Design

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
WINNER – The Favourite
First Man
Mary Poppins Returns

BAFTA for Costume Design

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
Bohemian Rhapsody
WINNER – The Favourite
Mary Poppins Returns
Mary, Queen of Scots

BAFTA for Editing

Bohemian Rhapsody
The Favourite
First Man

BAFTA for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer

WINNER – Beast
A Cambodian Spring
Ray & Liz

BAFTA for Special Visual Effects

Avengers: Infinity War
WINNER – Black Panther
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
First Man
Ready Player One

BAFTA for Make-Up and Hair

Bohemian Rhapsody
WINNER – The Favourite
Mary, Queen of Scots
Stan & Ollie

BAFTA for Original Screenplay

Cold War
WINNER – The Favourite
Green Book

BAFTA for Adapted Screenplay

WINNER – Black KkKlansman
Can You Ever Forgive Me?
First Man
If Beale Street Could Talk
A Star Is Born

What a night!

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This is what really happened on the BAFTAs red carpet

This is what really happened on the BAFTAs red carpet

As in literally, ‘cos we were there

bafta behind the scenes
Photo by Scott Garfitt/REX/
Irina Shayk

Thespians rejoice! The BAFTAs red carpet has arrived, and being the British institution that the annual awards are, it was only right that we were there, on the red carpet, to see the highs and Celsius lows (5°C but it felt like 2°C) in real time.

So, before you engage in reading some ‘fake news’ re the BAFTAs, here’s a running commentary on what actually happened on the red carpet at the Royal Albert Hall…

Timothée Chalamet is God

You’re waiting hours for even a whiff of A-list that you begin to imagine things. ‘Could that be…?’. ‘Wait! Isn’t that…?!’, when ultimately, it’s another BAFTA staffer pacing back and forth to maintain optimal blood circulation.

Suddenly, the crowd starts to rumble, shouting, screaming, uneasy shrieks fill the air. This is the mating call for the new Gosling in town, Timothée Chalamet, who spent so long taking selfies with fans that he had approx 10 seconds for ‘official’ photos. Way to stick it to The Man, Chalamet…

bafta behind the scenes

Hi, I’m Timothée Chalamet and I only had 10 seconds to take this picture (yet still, I look gorge)

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk can’t be pictured together

You may think that these two are just like some normal, everyday couple. They’re so low-key norm, that before this event you probably forgot they were still a thing. Seriously, they barely do anything together. Google it.

It turns out, they are still together, but they can’t walk the BAFTA red carpet together.

First came the goddess Irina in a Burberry tuxedo, then some 20-mins later, Bradley-very-blue-eyes also in a tux (Celine by Heidi Slimane). Why can’t they walk the carpet together? Why can’t they be pictured together? Because LOOK AT THEM. After witnessing them up close in the flesh, I fear that seeing both of them together in any sort of embrace would blind us all.

Kate Middleton is not human

Watching Kate move is like watching a Thoroughbred glide through water. I like to think that she wanted to stop and let everyone breathe-in her dress for a few minutes (she wore Alexander McQueen, naturally), but Wills was having none of it and walked with purpose right past the photographer’s pit. There ‘aint no stopping them Royals.

Glitter hoovers are more important than Joanna Lumley

If you’re the type of luxurious person who has carpeted flooring in your home, which is pretty much every type of person, you’ll appreciate the amount of debris they pick up. Thank god then for ‘The Carpet People’. Their high spec Glitter Hoovers sucked tirelessly to rid the carpet of unsightly, non-A-list items. This was my personal highlight.

It was cold

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The BAFTAs 2019: See all the red carpet pictures

The BAFTAs 2019: See all the red carpet pictures

Who wore what on the BAFTAs 2019 red carpet….

Awards season is officially underway with London playing host to the EE British Academy Film Awards this evening. Here’s everything you need to know about the BAFTAs 2019 red carpet as it happens.

For the second year running, the BAFTAs will be hosted by Joanna Lumley, who took over ceremonial duties from Stephen Fry (the British institution had presented the awards no less than 12 times), meaning Lumley still holds the accolade of being the first ‘solo’ woman to present the awards since Mariella Frostrup, who hosted alongside Stephen Fry way back in 2001.

Taking place at the Royal Albert Hall, with A-List nominees and presenters already walking the red carpet, this year promises to be a memorable award ceremony, and an even more memorable red carpet in this highly politicised time.

Whilst we’re undoubtedly excited to see if the breakout film of 2018, A Star Is Born will sweep the board with it’s strong nominations, and if Olivia Coleman will pick up the Leading Actress BAFTA for The Favourite, our eyes and ears are well and truly looking to see how the #TimesUp movement campaigning against sexism and inequality will cascade down the red carpet.

See all our favourite moments from the BAFTAs 2019 red carpet.

From Amy Adams to Maya Jama and Laura Whitmore to Lucy Boynton, see all the action from the BAFTAs 2019 red carpet…

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KiKi Layne – ‘I’m soaking it all up while I can’

KiKi Layne – ‘I’m soaking it all up while I can’

Plucked from obscurity by Moonlight director Barry Jenkins to play the lead in If Beale Street Could Talk, KiKi Layne is set to become Hollywood’s next big thing. Here, she chats to Sophie Goddard about pep talks with Lupita Nyong’o, new projects and the phone call that changed her life

KiKi Layne
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Startraks Photo/REX/Shutterstock (10015909gp)
KiKi Layne
GQ Men of the Year party, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA – 06 Dec 2018
GQ Men of the Year Party 2018 Wearing Dior

‘It was my dream to work with Barry…’ says KiKi Layne, trailing off mid-anecdote when our call is interrupted. ‘Yes, Barry’s great, he’s wonderful!’ adds an unexpected male voice on the line. 
It turns out to be the Academy Award-winning film-maker and director Barry Jenkins himself, who wrote the screenplay for 
If Beale Street Could Talk and the triple-Oscar-winning Moonlight in the same summer. ‘Sorry, Barry does that!’ laughs Layne, after retrieving the phone and picking up where she left off. ‘We’d be on set dealing with painful, deep concepts, so to have a kind of lightness on top of everything was a blessing.’

Rewind a few months before the 26-year-old landed the role of Tish in Beale Street, and Layne was just another would-be actress. Having graduated with a BFA in acting from Chicago’s DePaul University, she found herself living at home with her parents in Cincinnati, Ohio, struggling to break into the film industry because her prior experience was limited to theatre (she had appeared in productions of Byhalia, Mississippi, Good People 
and Octagon). Her decision to up sticks and move to LA was 
a risky one. ‘Even though logically it made the least amount of sense, my gut was telling me to go there,’ she recalls. ‘Something in my spirit was saying, “Go, go!” I found out on the Saturday about an ABC talent showcase that was taking place on the Tuesday, so I packed up and moved on the Monday. I could see some people were thinking, “Oh God, is she really doing this?” 
But everyone was supportive, especially my mom. She was so excited.’ It was a leap of faith that would pay off. Three months later, Layne auditioned for Beale Street and the rest is history in the making. ‘Sometimes the best thing is the thing that scares you the most,’ she adds.

Jenkins auditioned 400 hopefuls for the part of a bright, determined young woman who falls in love with her childhood best friend, but knew instinctively the minute he saw Layne that she was the one. Starring as 19-year-old Tish opposite Stephan James (whose performance in US TV series Homecoming landed him a Golden Globe nomination), the film is based on the novel by James Baldwin – a love story set in 70s Harlem, following a couple’s unbreakable bond through adversity (James’ character is arrested for a crime he didn’t commit). The narrative is told through Tish’s eyes and explores themes of racism and injustice in America during that era. ‘At the core of Beale Street is romance, but that also combines with real issues – that’s what really drew me to the movie,’ says Layne. ‘I was on my way to my friend’s agent’s office to help him tape his own audition for the film, and I thought, actually, I should audition.’ Jenkins called her himself to let her know the good news. ‘I was so excited and thankful,’ she says. And did her friend get the part, too? ‘He didn’t,’ she replies. ‘But he’s OK about it, he’s working. He’s like my little brother.’

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – JANUARY 06: KiKi Layne attends the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 6, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)






















Things may have turned out rosy in the end, but there were inevitable moments of self-doubt when Layne first arrived in Tinseltown. ‘I felt so discouraged being in LA that I was wondering whether to go home,’ she remembers. ‘I felt like an idiot moving without money or representation.’ Even after securing the role of Tish, she admits to feeling overwhelmed. ‘I definitely had moments when I was like, “How can I follow Moonlight”?’ Look who I’m working with! But, thankfully, everyone was patient, even when I was nervous. I knew there would be things I didn’t understand, and that I may have to do something three times, while someone else only did it once.’ Emmy Award-winning Regina King, who plays Tish’s mother Sharon, was also a huge help during filming. ‘There were times on set when she would remind me to trust myself. She was really in my corner,’ says Layne. ‘I still call her my “mom”.’ Lupita Nyong’o has become another cheerleader. ‘I met her recently and she reminded me not to get too overwhelmed; she’s got a lot of warm energy. It was nice to feel so supported and to hear her excitement for where my career may be headed.’

‘Sometimes the best thing is the thing that scares you the most’

Up next is Native Son, in which Layne stars opposite Ashton Sanders (Chiron in Moonlight) in an adaptation of Richard Wright’s novel, which tackles many similar themes to Beale Street. ‘It’s an important piece of black literature with very real issues,’ says Layne. After that, she’d like to keep her options open. ‘Alongside Angela Bassett, Will Smith is the actor I look up to the most, because he’s had so much variety in his career and hasn’t allowed the industry to put him in 
a box,’ she says. ‘That’s the kind 
of career I want, where I can do something really heavy, but light, fun stuff, too.’ Music could also be on the cards, since Layne has already mastered the flute, French horn and trumpet. ‘Yeah, I love to sing and write. It’s nice to have different ways to express ourselves,’ she adds.

Along the way, there are the defining moments she gets to experience that remind her why she wanted to act in the first place. ‘By far my standout moment of last year was at the Governor’s Awards in Hollywood when I witnessed Cicely Tyson receive her honorary Oscar [Cicely was the first black woman to win the accolade],’ she says. ‘I’m surrounded by all of these people I’ve looked up to and dreamed of working with, and I get to see this woman who has opened doors for so many women who look like me.’

For now, she’s enjoying any semblance of normality while she still can. ‘My friends are always messing with me, like “KiKi you’re famous now”, but I don’t feel it,’ she laughs. ‘It’s interesting to slowly see my life shifting, and I’m thankful that, yes, it’s happening fast, but not so fast that I’m getting lost. I’m still able to find my footing on each level. I’m soaking it all up while I can.’

If Beale Street Could Talk is in cinemas now

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