Are You A Head Person Or A Heart Person?

Are You A Head Person Or A Heart Person?

We are often caught in the battle between our heart and our brain, right? We can not live without any of these, but sometimes we do not want to have the cacophony of two equally stubborn and well-grounded organs of our body. The brain is known to be very practical; dealing with emotions is not brain work until the heart is filled with emotions and thinking from a practical point of view is outside the heart curriculum. Often, when we are passionate about pursuing something that we have not been for years, our friends or family will advise us to follow our hearts, the primary consideration being to let these strong emotions absorb themselves. But if we invest a large amount of money in a stupid business idea or an investment company talking to a fool, the same people would encourage us to "think from the head" and this means that the brain is the throne where the sense is seamlessly [19659002] Some people with whom we meet, encounter as very practical, abandoned on the emotional front and much more stress-free as they do not just call the peak but even think that way. But some people we meet are so caught up in the network of emotions that it's hard for them to detonate. When we meet new people, we often want to learn more about them. Often we ask them frequently asked questions such as "Are you an extrovert or an introvert?" Or can you ask a man "Are you an inner man or a man outdoors?" But according to the upcoming research, the scientists offer us to ask people where their "real self" is. Is it in their brains or in their hearts? Interestingly, the answer to this question can help us learn volumes about this person!

Located in the heart or in the head

  Located in the heart or in the head

of the thinkers, those who think of their hearts and those who think from their heads. Most women have high emotions, while men are pragmatic. To reveal the truth behind heart theory, researchers Adam Featherman and Michael Robinson discovered some interesting answers that revealed the personality of North Dakota State University students ( 1 ). Their goal was to divide whether students think from their hearts or from their heads and do it through questionnaires that talk about the volume of students surveyed. The right question you should ask someone you'd like to know better is to ask if their real home is in their head or in their heart. Some studies reveal that, by finding an answer to this question, one can also reveal the human perspective of the political subjects and the reasons they support (19459013)

More love for the heart or for love Most love to the heart or to the brain ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


According to a recent study published in Organizational Behavior and Processes of Human Decision Making Just where people find their true self has serious consequences their views even on questions like the laws on abortion and the identification of the correct criterion for declaring a dead person ( 3 ). In a study involving hundreds of Indians and Americans conducted online by the American Mechanical Turk and led by Adam Galinski of the Columbia Business School, people are given a hypothetical situation in which they would transfer an astronomical sum of money to people who received their organs after death. The biggest amount that most participants thought they would donate would be for people who received their brains and the second highest for the person who received their hearts. The men in the study were apparently the main locators and found their real essence in their brains, while most women in the study were cardio-locator and they identified the heart to be home to their true self

How Do You Identify the Head

  How you can identify the head Face or Heart Face


According to experts, most hearts are emotional and give the highest priority to their relationship. They depend on emotions to make decisions and strive when the trip is not good. Interestingly, they support charity organizations that are related to the heart and love the community. The faces of the head are bright contrast, but just as interesting a bunch of people. These people support charities related to brain diseases, think more "rationally", get better grades in school, and have a higher degree of general knowledge.

If you've been thinking of meeting this guy lately over a cup of coffee, take a step forward, make sure you ask him about the modern question where he thinks he is his real self. It would be good to do your homework by exploring yourself deeper and finding out what type of person you are, as well. If his own and yours live in the same place, that's great. But if he himself is in the heart and yours is in the head (I'm sure you are a woman who beats gender stereotypes), we hear the opposites attract, right?

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10 Ways To Use Coconut Oil To Look And Feel Younger Naturally

10 Ways To Use Coconut Oil To Look And Feel Younger Naturally

Coconut oil has been used in Ayurveda for a very long time, but has only recently become an object of intense interest. Thanks to the thumb of science (and many celebrities), modest coconut oil finally seems to have found its place under the sun ( 1 ). And not only for its natural cosmetic use, it quickly becomes a superfood of the future, thanks to its good fat content and extensive mention in all keto-genetic dietary plans 2 ), 3 ) . So, without further adultery, let's jump into how coconut oil will hold you and look and feel younger

1. Give yourself a toothpaste Coconut aroma

  Give yourself a toothpaste Coconut flavor


Just add some butter to your toothpaste and you'll be surprised by the results! Coconut oil has natural bleaching properties and adding to your routine dental care is perhaps the most natural and harmless way to make sure your teeth look perfectly white at all times. There is also another technique called "pulling oil", which is essentially a way to detoxify your body with oil. All you have to do is keep the butter in your mouth and mix it for about 20 minutes. Surprisingly, is not it?

2. Create Organic Deodorant with it

All you need is coconut oil, bread soda, a little corn starch and some essential oils, and you're good to go! Simply mix all the ingredients into the same parts and add a few drops of the favorite essential oil to it.

3. Remove Your Makeup With It

  Remove Your Makeup With It


Instead of spending on super expensive products that are most likely toxic to a certain extent, just give up good old coconut oil. Not only will your makeup get perfect, but it will also nourish your skin in the process. Just wash it later with warm water to make it feel as fresh as it used to be.

4. Use it to moisten the skin

Instead of using commercially available liquids and lotions, just go for good old coconut oil. It works much better than available on the market, trust us!

5. Make Hair Conditioner With It

  Make Hair Conditioner With It


Why Do You Use Commercial Products When You Can Make Your Own Organic Products At Home? The process is very simple. Take some coconut oil, essential oil you like, and some jojoba oil. Mix the coconut oil and jojoba oil in a 2: 1 ratio, add a few drops of essential oil, mix right and ready! You can even save it for future use.

6. It's good for your nails

Many of us have brittle nails. But what many of us do not know is that treatment for this is very simple: just apply coconut oil on it! Oil restores moisture to nails, making it healthy and healthy

7. Make Body Butter

   Make Your Body Oil With It


It's so simple that you probably will not believe us until you try it. Just beat (in electrical mix) a little coconut oil with essential oils. After you beat it for 5 minutes, you will see that your own natural and organic body oil is ready for use!

8. Apply for sun protection

While we would not advise you to use it instead of sunscreen products, but in case you are out of sunscreen and you need some protection for a short period of time, coconut oil is your friend! It has a SPF level of between 5 and 7.

9. Apply on the Skin for Insect Protection

  Apply on Skin for Insect Protection


If you are on the road or plan to go to the jungle safari or just live in an area that is prone to have insects, this is your solution! All you have to do is add lemongrass butter (25 drops) to about a quarter cup of coconut oil. It's ready for use and you just have to crush it.

10. Apply on your body before shaving

Instead of choosing soap or other creams, just use coconut oil. Apply it great to your feet and hands. This makes the skin soft and also reduces the chances of your skin rashes due to friction from the razor. And the best part is that while you shave, you will moisturize and hydrate your body with the most natural and organic material so far!

What do you think about these tips and uses of coconut oil? Do you want to try them out? Have you heard of these uses of coconut oil before or did you find them for the first time here? Share your experience with us. And in case you know more ways to use coconut oil for the skin that we have not mentioned here, let us know in the comments below

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Why Your Body Needs A Hug Every Day

Why Your Body Needs A Hug Every Day

Embrace is an expression of love from family and friends. The very act of embracing someone can be stress-storm, and also a sign of confidence. This gives you the feeling that you are not alone that everyone needs. And when it comes to hugs, the closer they are, the better. But how often do you ask? Well, we think you should get them everyday! If you embrace each day, you are required to feel positive more regularly. Not only is this something you need to do, but it's something your body needs.

Virginia Satir's famous quotation is "We need 4 hugs a day to survive, we need 8 hugs per day for maintenance, and we need 12 hugs per day for growth." The numbers may not be very scientific, but it is a sign that the hugs are vital to our existence.

In this spirit let's look at why your body (19659004) Why Your Body Needs Regular Hugs

  Why Your Body Needs Habitual Embraces


Embracing not only affects the donor but also of the recipient. There are many hugging benefits ( 1 ). This increases the production of oxytocin in the body, which explains why embracing makes us feel better. Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter that works on the emotional center of the brain to create a sense of satisfaction and goes a long way to reduce anxiety and stress. It is also responsible for most people to remain monogamous. Oxytocin has shown that it makes men better and make them more affectionate.

Fire also shows that it improves the ability of men to play in bed. You could say that this is the natural bodywork of the body. This is said, oxytocin has many more advantages than simply increasing the ability to connect and the quality of love. It also prevents cortisol, a hormone released in response to stress. Cortisol can be harmful if it is in the body for long periods of time. This combination of benefits in turn leads to better sleep quality.

It has also been shown that the combination of hugs and oxytocin prevents heart disease ( 2 ). It has been shown that those who do not embrace their significant others have a heart rhythm that is 10 beats per minute more than the average

. Another study that supports the claim that the embrace is profitable was conducted by Carnegie Mellon University. It shows a direct link between hugging and social support and the stress-related illness 3 ). The University conducted an experiment to prove this hypothesis using 404 healthy adults as test subjects. For two weeks, questionnaires were provided to assess social conflicts and record intersecting frequencies through telephone interviews.

After a period of two weeks the test subjects were deliberately placed on a plain cold virus and kept carefully, quarantine. They looked at the infection as a whole, as well as looked for signs and symptoms of the infection. The results show that some of them had less severe symptoms due to social support. One third of all the subjects to whom social support was provided received hugs. Those who embrace have often benefited most, whether these subjects have been in conflict over the previous two weeks. Hugs also have the advantage of being absolutely free, unlike any form of medication available on the market.

  Another advantage of embracing is that he cultivates patience


patience. Relationships between people are made when they take the time to recognize and appreciate each other. Hugging is the easiest way to show this, as you take the time just to turn to the other person.

The sheath also gives thymus thrust 4 ). As hugging stimulates the immune system by strengthening, it indirectly stimulates the thymus gland. The thymus gland is responsible for regulating and balancing the production of white blood cells in the body. This, in turn, tends to protect you from disease.

Adoption also has the advantage of allowing us to communicate without saying anything. Since 70% of all communication is non-verbal, hugging is just the right gesture that shows what you feel about the other person.

Additionally, hugging or rather hugging improves self-esteem, especially in young children. The feeling of touch is really important for young children as they learn to love and get a sense of affection only by touch at this stage. From birth we all rely on the tactile sensation of knowing that our family loves us and that we care. This feeling never completely disappears and is sustainable even in adulthood. The relationship between touch and self-esteem is built into our nervous system. Hence, the hugs are related to our ability to love ourselves.

  So what are you waiting for


What are you waiting for? Go outside and embrace today and release oxytocin while you are in it

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19 Superb Tips That Will Change Your Life

19 Superb Tips That Will Change Your Life

They say you do not have to search for shortcuts to make your life easier. We say that shortcuts are one of the smartest stressful and seamless ways to achieve safer sailing life! Because if the move is already difficult, why would you want to make it tougher? Rather, when you can make it much simpler with just a bunch of life hacks!

Here are 19 such magnificent tips that will improve your everyday life and change it for the better:


  1. To fulfill your search for the cheapest products in a supermarket, always study the top shelves. The cheapest products are usually held on the higher shelves, not the eye level, so you will never notice them easily!
  2. Do not you want the candle to burst in the middle of your romantic dinner with you? Do it for a long time just by storing them in your freezer for a few hours before you plan to use them
  3. If you want to be sure the ability of printing ink to reproduce accurate colors, try it out by taking out a printout of the Google logo. This logo is made up of all the basic colors, so if the print runs out well, you will find that you have the right ink.
  4. Fast weight loss is only possible if you eat slowly! Studies show that if you eat very fast, you are required to quickly gain weight and even suffer from health problems such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome and indigestion
  Planning a Zoo Visit


  1. Planning a visit to the zoo? Wear the same colors in the zoo if you do not want the animals to be afraid of you and hide as a result.
  2. Feeling down and out? A banana will cheer you up! Known as the "fruit of happiness" who even has one banana at breakfast, can improve your mood and help you cope better with negative feelings (19459016) 2 ). Losing weight is to drink a cup of black coffee just before you start training. Coffee can help you increase your metabolism, which in turn can accelerate the process of burning fat in your body 3 )
  3. The easiest way to cure mosquito bites sting is to put hot spoon on the affected area as soon as you bite. This will reduce itching and prevent any other reaction
  If you want to get the fastest help in dialing the emergency hotline


  1. If you want to get the hottest line possible, remember to specify your location before saying anything else. The line operator will send you the kind of help you need before closing.
  2. Keep your heart from nasty illness by taking the foot every afternoon ( 4 ). This siesta can also improve your memory! However, do not sleep for more than 9 hours, as this may damage your immune system.
  3. The watermelons are the natural viagra! Scientists say the water has the same effect on blood vessels as Viagra does – expanding and relaxing them 5 ).
  4. Wondering why there are playlists in the gym? This is because playing some melodies when you sweat in the gym can help you raise 15% more weight than you could do.
  Forgot where did you put the keys


  1. Enter the keys? Just squeeze your fists ( 6 ). This action can improve brain function and make it easier to remember things
  2. If you want to improve your task-processing performance, try using your failing hand to do the things you usually do with your dominant hand like a brush. This will change the way your brain works by preparing you to cope with the usual tasks.
  3. Can not you deal with nasty and mighty children? Try to think of them as drunk drunk men and you will feel much easier than before!
  4. Music is the best tool for stressful thinking! Research shows that if you increase the volume when playing music, you are bound to feel more relaxed, happier and more relaxed
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  1. Do you want to continue burning calories while you are sleeping? Have a glass of green tea before hitting a sack as it will activate your metabolism by helping you lose weight even while you sleep 8 )
  2. The next time you can not sleep I do not take into account sheep. Instead, try a simple breathing exercise, known as 4-7-8! Number 4 as you inhale through the nose, hold your breath until you count to 7, then exhale through your mouth by counting to 8. Do this in total 4 times.
  3. Anxiety can be controlled using fat, free yogurt. You can also have two large spoons of nuts to relax when you feel restless

Another great advice? If you want to know if someone is interested in you, learn the language of your body! If their legs are crossed and the arms are folded, they are closed. If you are not, they really are interested in what you have to say.

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Here’s Why Dryness Of Skin May Be A Worse Problem Than You Think It Is

Here’s Why Dryness Of Skin May Be A Worse Problem Than You Think It Is

Dry skin treatment is so easy – you just need to increase your fluid intake and accumulate moisturizers and voilà! Your skin will feel smooth and soft as the baby again.

But can you imagine a scenario where any lotion for you, your skin still seems stretched and cracked? What are you doing then? Is it time to go into "panic mode"? Well, yes, you may think that dry skin is the result of seasonal changes and therefore may not take your skin seriously. In some cases, however, dry skin has a major cause. This can be a very dangerous cause and signal a serious illness. So, before you dismiss the dryness of your skin as something unusual, you have to look at these 4 reasons that could show that this is a much worse problem than you thought!

1. Diabetes

  1. Diabetes


One of the most serious culprits behind your scaly skin can be diabetes 1 ). Diabetes can significantly affect the quality and structure of your skin. Experts say constantly high levels of sugar in your blood lead to a rapid loss of fluid that can dry your skin. In addition, if you get diabetes, you may notice a change in the way you sweat, as this disease affects your ability to sweat ( 2 ). This can further reduce the moisture levels in the skin, which dry and crack it. In addition, if your skin gets worse, the cracks can act as an entry for bacteria, which can cause serious infections.

That dry skin is not the only symptom of diabetes. However, if you notice it along with other symptoms such as increased thirst, frequent urination, blurred vision, increased appetite and fatigue, the most likely cause of diabetes is 3 ). It is best to make a blood test.

2. Hypothyroidism

  2. Hypothyroidism


Your thyroid plays a crucial role in the overall proper functioning of your body ( 4 ). It produces hormones that provide proper cell function and regulate rejuvenation of your skin. However, when the thyroid gland is unable to produce the necessary amount of hormones, a condition known as hypothyroidism ( 5 ) appears. Thanks to this condition, your skin's ability to replace old cells may be impaired, which can cause peeling, dry and rough skin 6 ).

To find out if your skin's dryness can be attributed to hypothyroidism, you will need to visit your doctor. They will perform a lot of blood tests to see if you have hypothyroidism or not. If you do, you will be prescribed some medicines to bring the hormone back to normal. You may even be asked to make some lifestyle changes, such as eating foods rich in selenium, iodine and zinc

3. Kidney Problems

  3. Kidney Problems


Studies have shown that 1 out of 10 individuals worldwide suffer from kidney disease 7 ). Most of them, however, do not know this over time because the symptoms of kidney disease overlap with those of other common illnesses. Symptoms of kidney disease include frequent urination, sleep problems and concentration, puffiness and fatigue, among others.

However, an exceptional symptom is pruritus and dry skin. This happens because of the inability of the kidneys to balance the nutrients and minerals in your blood, causing skin irritation 8 )

The problem with kidney disease is that you do not notice any symptoms until it gets too later. So, if you suffer from severe dry skin, it is best to get your kidneys checked at your local clinic. Especially if you are over 60 years old and suffer from hypertension or diabetes

4. Skin Cancer

  4. Skin Frequency


Often, dry skin can become so severe that you develop scaly, thick, coarse and red skin colors. They can even bleed if they experience friction of any kind. If you notice such spots on your body, you may most likely suffer from squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), which is a type of skin cancer 9 ).

The second most common skin cancer in the world, SCC patches are confused with warts due to their appearance. The only thing that distinguishes the latter from the former is that the warts do not repeat until the SCC patches are

. The most common cause of SCS is exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun. This explains why SCS symptoms first appear on your face, as this is the most exposed part of your body. This means that SCC can be treated if you find it at an early stage and take immediate action.

If you have constant dry skin that seems to get worse over time despite your attempts to cure it, it is best to arrange a meeting with your doctor. You can save yourself from a deadly future

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The Type Of Friend You Need, According To Your Zodiac Sign

The Type Of Friend You Need, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Do you feel you disagree with your friends? Do they leave you in when you need them? (19659002) If you feel bad from bad luck, it's time to move to greener pastures with friends who really appreciate you know what friend you need Do not worry that your zodiac signs can give you the right idea about the type of friend who should be there for you, no matter what!

Aries – Stable Friend

  Aries - Stable Friend


You need a friend who is like rock with you through thick and thin and always offers a hearing ear whenever you have to cry (which can be (19659004) Shutterstock


continues, which is why chatterbox

  Taurus - Talking Friend </h2>
<div id=  is the perfect friend for them, and will be good with someone who can continue the conversation because you are such a good listener! Components that are compatible with you include land and water. </p>
<h2>  Gemini – the listener's friend </h2>
<div id=  Gemini - the friend of the listener


Unlike Taurus, you do not need someone, someone who can listen to much. This is because you usually have a lot to talk about and insult if the person you are talking to is not interested! In fact, you can even raise it as a problem later. That's why a friend of the Earth will help you well

Cancer – a compassionate friend

  Cancer - a compassionate friend


Quite loyal yourself is a necessary friend type, the most complete. Your ideal friend is the one who would clutch you in a tight embrace during difficult times. A friend of the watermark will be the most compatible with you

Leo – A Wonderful Friend [19659904] Leo – A Worthy Friend ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


Because Leo likes to be the center of attention, wonderful terms with friends who understand, that for a Lion the boost to the ego is very important. Friends of air or water that can blow you with compliments will gain your trust very easily

Virgo – A loyal to death friend

  Virgin - Death-friendly friend


Virgos are not many demanding, they do not need friends who are filled with curious facts or make them feel good about themselves. Everything they want is a friend who will be devoted to the very end, as they maintain loyalty with great respect. [19659904] Libra – Bold Friend

  Libra - Bold Friend


The Weighing Sign is very friendly but not experimental! Therefore, the friend you want is the one who is also friendly, but he welcomes the change. Someone who can make you do things you would never appreciate. For example, someone who has a fire element in them!

Scorpions may be unpleasant at times what people do not know about you is that you love to laugh well

Scorpio – a great and funny friend [!ErgoyourperfectfriendwillbesomeonewhocanmakeyoulaughwiththelockandtheirfunThebestthingisthatitmakesyoucompatiblewithanyoftheelements!

Sagittarius – enthusiastic [196590034] Shutterstock

is all you really need! This is because you are so cheerful and adventurous yourself that you are better off with someone who can match your pace. Signs that you will become the best buds with earth and fire

Capricorn – honest friend

  Capricorn - honest friend


You do not like beating around the bush certainly are not fond of liars, it can smell deceit of a mile! That is why your best friend must be someone who is extremely honest and clear about his feelings. Even if they are painful! People with strong earth or fiery elements are of this kind.

Aquarius – Expression Friend [196590042] Aquarius – Expression Friend ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


Aquarius is a puzzle and figure out they are tough. Therefore, your friend is the one who can balance this personality, as it is the opposite! A loving friend who is expressive is just the perfect one for you! ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

You are a spiritual person and you would be compatible with a friend who shares this spirit. You will most appreciate a friend who can enjoy the present even if it means staying silent at the moment. You will find such a friend in someone who belongs to the sign on earth

Everyone needs a friend! They make our lives easier, they enjoy themselves and take all their secrets with them in their grave. So if you have not found what kind of friend you are looking for, do not lose hope. They waited right around the corner!

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10 Incredible Fasting Benefits That Will Surprise You

10 Incredible Fasting Benefits That Will Surprise You

In the time of Ramadan on us, years and years old fascination of how people starve for most of the day (for a whole month!), It is bound to recover again. And if you ask your Muslim friends about it, they will tell you that it's not that hard and actually good for your health!

Until we know about the first part (it definitely sounds really tough), we are 100% sure about the second half of the sentence. Breaking hunger, indeed, has some brilliant benefits in the store for your health ( 1 ).

Here are 10 incredible fasting benefits that will make you want to periodically starve yourself (in a healthy way of understanding):

1. He undergoes weight loss

  He helps to lose weight


An interruption of fasting, which forces food for several hours on a regular basis, can help you lose weight. Studies have shown that recurrent fasting helps your body burn fat cells faster than regular diets. This type of fasting forces your body to use the stored fat and turn it into energy instead of relying on sugar. In fact, several athletes use this method to reduce the percentage of body fat ( 2 )!

2. Improves Insulin Sensitivity

A recent study proves that fasting from time to time can be beneficial to your body's insulin sensitivity (19459012) 3 ). The study indicates that if you hurry periodically, the effectiveness of insulin by telling cells to take glucose will improve after fasting (19459013) 4 ). This means that your body will be better equipped to process carbohydrates than usual without hunger

3. It can help you live a long life [196590011] It may sound counterproductive, but eating less can actually put you on the path to a long and healthy life ! A study conducted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, reveals that intermittent fasting can slow down the aging process by improving cell function and thus serving as a secret to a long and healthy life 5 ). So if you want to live long, that's the way to do it!

4. It Increases Your Metabolism

The best way to give your belly a little rest is to skip meals quickly! Fasting gives your metabolism a strong boost that helps you burn more calories ( 6 ). In fact, if you suffer from poor digestive system health, metabolism and burning of calories can be influenced by fasting. This in turn can improve digestion, bowel function and metabolism.

5. It puts you in a real hunger

  It puts you in a real hunger


As strange as it may sound, hear us. When you have 3 square meals plus snacks every day, you really do not give your body the chance to find out what the real hunger is. So if you want to know what it's like to be really hungry, hunger for 12 to 24 hours can help with that! That's what the study says. When you fast, your body releases the hormones leptin and ghrelin, which are hungry hormones (19459017) 7 ), 8 ). When they function properly, these hormones can also help you feel faster.

6. It helps you adjust your eating habits

If you suffer from eating disorders, especially those that make you eat, you can cure them with starvation. This also works for people who do not have a regular diet schedule for reasons such as work. Permanent fasting allows you to recognize when your body is fasting and set up properly so you do not feel willing to eat

7. It makes you smarter

   It makes you smarter


Another study shows that the intermittent hunger is actually good for your brain. 9 ). This study states that when you speed up the work of memory improves, it becomes easier to recover from brain injury and even reduce your chances of getting diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease

8. It Strengthens Your Immune System

Adding to the list of benefits of intermittent fasting, another bonus is an improvement in your immune function. Researchers explain that when you do not eat for a period of 12 hours a day, your body gets the chance to shift its focus from the digestive system to the regeneration process of various organs such as the kidneys and the liver 10 ). Plus, it also improves the production of white blood cells, resulting in increased immunity

9. It Helps in Self-Propagation

  It Helps in Self-Propagation


Fasting is almost unanimously encouraged by every religion in the world and there is a reason for it! When you fast, your body feels lighter and your mind clearer, which improves the way you feel physically and consciously. Fasting also makes you more grateful!

10. It gives you a clear tan

As we mentioned above, as your body stops focusing on digestion, when you fast, it redirects your focus to your recovery abilities. This helps to detoxify your system, retreating to a brilliant tan!

Constant fasting may have many benefits, but it is still best to consult your doctor before trying it out. After all, you do not want to connect with side effects when you look for benefits!

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6 Things You And Your Partner Can Do To Prepare For A Long-Distance Relationship

6 Things You And Your Partner Can Do To Prepare For A Long-Distance Relationship

We've all heard the conversation "The distance makes the heart grow." But when it comes to long-distance relationships, this omnipresent crowd is in a sticky place. Long distance connections are like a meticulous work of art – every stroke of the brush is different (it can ruin it or make it a masterpiece!)

No one said it would be easy, not everyone was a fan of the relations of long distances, right? But when life presents you with a situation that requires you to stay away from your partner, what are you doing? Before the training starts and you begin to visualize the end of your perfectly stable relationships, here is what you can do to make sure your relationship is a distance test. And it can be once in your favor!

1. Communication: Speak but also listen

We can not emphasize this enough, but communication is the key! Be honest with each other. Turn to the music of the avalanche that is about to hit you. It will not be roses and sun. It's a tough job. Tell each other about your fears, your needs, and everything that matters. Do not just brush up things and expect fate to cope with your relationship. Keep communication channels open and listen to each other. But that does not mean you have to cling to it. Balancing it. The line between spam and communication is thin.

2. Step in the Shoes of the Other

  2. Step in the Shoes of the Other


Time is your enemy over long distances. You can not beat it, but you can sign a contract where both parties will be satisfied with the terms of an agreement. You may not have time to be there for every 24 × 7, as work and other engagements can hinder your intentions to spend time with each other. So, create a schedule and pencil for everyone else for a frequent one on one. Do not force your partner to make any adjustments (strive for equality, remember?). Video calls, phone calls, text messages, and likes are your bumper. Go outside and take armor!

3. Set the basic rules and talk about loyalty

Contrary to popular belief, exclusivity is not an assumption if the words were never burned. If you want your partner to remain faithful to you, tell him that this is a necessary component of the link. Set some basic rules and explain that the link is exclusive and you're serious about each other. Determine the level of engagement before taking the jump because you do not want to be the only one trying to gather the fortress together. So forgetting is strictly forbidden.

4. Be there for each other



In connection with work, physical presence is just as important as spiritual. Since it is not physically possible to achieve the first, put a little more effort into the latter. Be there for each other. You do not need to be a third parent and constantly buzzing, but only to share mutual support and understanding.

You may need to work extra to get deep inside the trenches of your feelings and ready to have an honest heart-heart with your partner. This creates a similarity of connectivity. In long-distance relationships, respect for emotional connectivity is higher than that of physical connectivity. This is just the smallest gestures, like a text message asking about how their day is going, which goes a long way

5. Know your borders and do not cross

The distance does not ruin a relationship, but there are doubts. Trust each other and if there is something behind your back (maybe the hottest person in your partner's college or office), then stand up against each other. Do not neglect your uncertainty and let it manifest itself in bigger problems, but say it. Put your jealousy and possessions aside and make an effort to get to know your friends and acquaintances. This will help you stay reasonable when your partner comes out of the radar without warning.

6. Make plans for how you will overcome the gap

  6. Make plans for how you can overcome the gap


While technology makes communication an easy task, relationships can not only support communication. Make plans to visit each other. Sometimes it can happen after months or even years, but to make a plan and happen. However, refrain from stuffing up a list of things you have to do when you see each other. Make time for a soft time together and make sure your visit is useful. Unlike other relationships, meetings with each other are not as common for partners in long-distance relationships so you can make the most of them.

The distance can make many things unattainable, but "If you want to live together, first you have to learn how to live separately" Long distance relationships can be tricky and often you are disappointed with the boat, but remember that the distance can never separate those who really are in love. Instead of getting cold feet and afraid of the long-distance scenario, take care of yourself and get on this biking because this experience will only make your relationship stronger

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10 Guys You Should Never Date!

10 Guys You Should Never Date!

Secured relationship issues? Is it hard to believe that there is someone who is worthy and deserving of you? Watch how women around you find it hard for wrong boys and wonder "How can I stop going into relationships that I regret?" Well, read and write down some types of men you should avoid!

1. The Boaster

This uninterrupted display will remove all soon. He may look sweet and fun when he starts to boast about his appearance, the job done, etc. But the way he continues and continues and never stops praising shows that he really is very interested in you. He will never know you or understand your needs. It's not worth the time, for sure!

2. Sneaky Hands

  Hidden Hands


Some guys are cheating on you by becoming too physical too soon. When you barely meet a few times, its tendency to break into your personal space by sitting too close can be so offensive. And far from being romantic, the person who touches you too soon is at best scary and terrible. You have to be cautious and get away from that person.

3. The Dumbstruck

One must be able to establish himself, defend himself in his speech, and above all talk about his feelings to you. Even hardcore introverts, after falling in love, manage to do this and impress their wives. But a passive person who can not express his love and prove he cares will be a bad choice for a partner, really! His behavior makes us doubt if he really cares and if everything is worth it.

4. The Irresponsible ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

The Irresponsible ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


He will not throw the garbage or remember to pay any bills. Even if this is his student loan, you need to remind him of the due date. All sweet talk and no desire for help are a sign of irresponsibility. This means that it offers nothing more than emotional support. You have to do all the thinking and finish the whole thing. Avoid it at all costs.

5. Every woman stares at him and he can make them laugh. He is well-done and charming at the top of it! But be careful about the person who is too good at playing. He has to break your heart, especially if you appreciate truth and loyalty. And what are your chances of going back when there are so many candidates for his affection? It will be better with a normal person for whom love is life, not just a game.

6. The Taken

  The Taken


It's easy to notice this person. He still lacks his ex, and nobody can handle it. The fact that he is unmarried can hardly qualify him as the only one. It is her forever and better to get rid of after the first meeting. You do not want to spend your life listening to how great a woman is. He will never be over it and you will not leave much of this connection.

7. The Badass

Of course, he's appealing, his fascinating attitude, and the first few times when you watch him get into the abrasions that his bulldozers come out of are down. But then it becomes a model and he will not stop drinking or even try to rethink his way of life. Neither education nor the plan for the future affects him much! Can you now imagine living this life for a longer period of time? Take the grip of your own life and beware of it.

8. The Brains [196590023] Shutterstock

You need a dictionary to find out his jokes and you will never see the point when you and your friends are laughing at something that everyone finds funny. Busy with scientific phenomena and dilemmas, he is never there for anyone, not to mention his romantic partner. It will probably get you tired. Beware of tired intellectuals who know very little about the value of relationships

9. The Fickle

An ardent supporter of one thing today, he begins to hate him the next day. One day he wants to excel in a certain area, but find that he is enrolled in a completely unrelated two-year course? Now you are not even sure whether you will finish the course or move on to something else. If you think it is justified to change your mind too often, stick to it. But if you think this is a flaw, you should not meet it.

10. The Social Animal

  The Social Animal


Thursday is "Party Evening," he says. How fun it is! But so is Friday, Saturday and most other days. Do you start to cut deadlines after you started walking with him? No one can celebrate every day, but if that's what he's doing then his acquaintance will put you on the wrong path.

Life today can be confusing. Choosing your friends wisely and date reasonably because, as you can see, there are so many weird species around which you can totally do without!

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12 Plants That Help In Creating A Positive Environment In Your Home

12 Plants That Help In Creating A Positive Environment In Your Home

"The Home Is Where It Is The Heart" is probably one of the most wise words of all time. This is the only place where you can escape the ugliness of the outside world and put yourself in a blanket for peace and comfort. However, with the increasing negativity and stress these days, even your celestial cloak can be polluted! Which makes the most urgent need for hours to restore positivity back to the cozy sphere.

The easiest way to do this is to put gloves on your green fingers and bring home a few plants that can change the aura of your house to a peaceful and positive monastery!

Here are 12 plants that will produce positivity in your home:

1. Jasmine

Jasmine has been held to a high degree since time immemorial and is even considered to be sacred in Iran! The aromatic flowers of the plant help you increase your level of self-esteem, strengthen your relationships and even set the mood for romance. Jasmine can also help you achieve dreams that come true!

2. Rosemary

<img class = "wp-image-450254 size-full" src = "" alt = "Shutterstock [19659008] If you only want to clean your house, you will not find a plant better than rosemary to do the job.Romarine can help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression by suggesting an inner feeling of peace in you. a plant of the Mediterranean Sea also holds the negativity of the bay and is best planted at the entrance to your house.

3. Lily

Lily in your home is a blessing because it serves many purposes. to help alleviate any personal problems, whether physical, spiritual or emotional.To maintain lilies in your bedroom creates a favorable sleeping atmosphere so that every day you wake up fresh

4. Sage



Sage not only promotes your well-being, it's also a convenient ingredient for a variety of dishes! Besides, this magical herb can lift your consciousness and take it to the next level. The essence of the sage makes you more spiritually conscious. In fact, a burning garden cup can cleanse your home, releasing it from all sorts of negatives.

5. Ivy

Your home will be full of fresh air if you plant ivy in your home! This beautifying plant helps you clean up the atmosphere of your home by eliminating toxins. It also brings good luck if you put it out or near the entrance to your house. Ivy can help you achieve a balanced atmosphere in your home.

6. Aloe Vera

  Aloe Vera


If you want to clean your home and decorate your skin, aloe vera is a must! Full of curative properties, you can grow aloe vera even in artificial light, which means you do not have to worry if your house has a closed aspect. This plant can help you eliminate bad luck and negative vibrations!

7. Basil

St Basil has been honored in India since ancient times and for good reason! This herb releases a lot of oxygen and helps fight toxins in the air while there is good vibration in your home. It also has healing properties and you can use it on your skin or drink it in the form of tea to treat a few common illnesses

8. Orchid



Beautiful and exotic plant, orchid is what you need if you have trouble sleeping. Since orchids can help you manage energy when you postpone it, it will be wise to keep them in your bedroom. Orchids can even help to spoil the life of your bedroom; in fact, it was widely used to enhance romance in ancient China!

9. Oregano

Another main ingredient of the cuisine for all your Italian dishes, oregano is much more than a flavor! This herb can help you create an environment of love, happiness, spirituality and peace in your home. It can also strengthen your family ties and repel negativity while attracting positive.

10. Lavender



Fragrance and exotic lavender can relax your soul and your senses when you need it most. Lavender creates a sense of stability in human life and helps in the treatment of common illnesses such as headaches, depression, insomnia, etc. Lavender can even bring clarity to your thinking process if you add it to the tub.

11. Rose

Considered the most beautiful flower and ambassador of love, the rose can heal you and the environment around you! This sacred flower removes the negativity and clears the toxins, making way for passion and love in your life and heart

12. [19659909] Shutterstock

Plant with several names – ranging from robe hunter to golden pathos – the money plant is widely used in Feng Shui to magnetize luck and wealth. This plant purifies your home by increasing oxygen supply and reducing anxiety and stress. Since it is a creeper, it is best to plant it in an area where it can climb freely.

Planting plants in every corner of your house are an easy and costly way to preserve its holiness and remove any evil spirits. So, get your gardening and make your home green, beautiful and clean!

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