6 Ways To Wear Saree Pallu In Different Styles

6 Ways To Wear Saree Pallu In Different Styles

If there is a garment that every woman loves to wear, she must be a sari. There is something in this regard; As soon as you are covered with sara, you begin to feel very beautiful instantly. It turns your eyes into a moment. And of course, we know that all men go into divination when they see a woman in Sari. Whether it's a wedding or just another day of work when you go to wearing sari, you'll find everyone who compliments you about how wonderful you look. But there is a problem with the sitar; it draws it the right way! We know how hard it is to cover up with Sari perfectly. If you do wrong, it makes you look pretty confused, not the elegant wildlife you ought to be.

Now, do not you agree that this is a sary that catches. the attention of everyone? Still, this is the most beautiful part of Sary! We've gathered a list of the different ways you can wear a pallet on your sari to make you stand out. Yes, there are more than one way you can say palu on your sari. Why do not you read and understand yourself? Here:

1. The Bengal style

  The Bengal style


Women love Bengali-style sara, right? What else do they like about them? The way the Bengali sari is wrapped, of course. Sarita looks a little loose from the waist. The boundary of the saddle is what catches the eye, as seen hanging from below. And in this style of wearing sari, the pleats are held in the back.

2. Gujarati style

Gujarat is known as land of colors in India. It boasts a unique culture. And when it comes to Gujarati Sari, they are also worn in a unique way. Sarato is covered in such a way that the deck lying in front of the left side in a sloping manner. The deck in the deck are attached to the left shoulder and allowed to run sideways. It looks like the shape of the Japanese hand fans

3. The Style of Mumtz ” width=”500″ height=”650″ />


Remember the evergreen Bollywood song from the movie Brahmachari which was released back in 1986? The way in which actress Mumtaz had slammed her sari into her is considered a fashion statement even today. In this draping style, the sari is decorated twice or three times in a way that adheres to the fur, drawing attention to the figure. This is the best retro look that you can try with sauri.

4. Dhoti Style

Right from celebrities to the most famous fashion influences, wearing sara-style dhti has become a favorite among all. This way wearing sari will have to carry legs instead of a pet under the sars. You must stain the sari as dhoti, and the rest of the sara should be used to cover the chest as usual. You will find enough video sources on the Internet to learn how to carry sara in this way.

5. The Double Sari Style

This is a fashion trend. And there is no better person than Bollywood's fashionable Sonam Kapoor to show this trend. She wore this style of wearing sari as a pro. To carry your sari in this way, you must first take a sari and make six small pleats of it. Put them in the center and make the pleats as usual with the rest of the sara and hang it round the shoulder. Now, with a second sari, make five pleats and overlap the pleats on the first sari. For pallu part of the second sary, do the deck pleats and put it on your other shoulder. We agree it is a little confusing, but videos are available on the internet where you can see and learn how to do it the right way.

6. Door-Door Style

This is a very strange way to wear a palette from your sari. But this is the simplest way. All you have to do is keep the length of a little longer than usual. Carry your sari in the normal way. The only difference is that you will have to wear your pajamas on your sari around your neck like a scarf.

Are not these styles ? Do not look stunning with the modest sari, turn into a fashionable wild, draping it in such a stylish way. Do you know about some other new way of draping? Let him know in the comments below. 6 Ways to Wear Saree Pallu in Various Styles The first STYLECRAZE

5 Underwear Mistakes That Are Bad For Your Health

5 Underwear Mistakes That Are Bad For Your Health

If there is an outfit that we women can not wear, we have to have underwear. Our lingerie plays many roles. In addition to helping us look good, by giving our prey the right shape, it also does not allow our underground regions to get infected with any kind of infection.

A few years ago we did not have a lot of opportunities when it came to choosing lingerie for yourself. But now things are different. We have the freedom to choose from a wide range of lingerie, preserving body types and problems in mind (blessed). Yet, many women there eventually make the wrong choice when it comes to lingerie. And what happens when you make the wrong choices? You are confronted with the consequences, and in this case these consequences are related to your body and health. Here are some mistakes we think women always make when it comes to picking their underwear.

1. Synthetic underwear

  Synthetic underwear


Why do women wear sexy underwear? Mostly because they feel attractive in it. But we all know what is sexy underwear, is not it? Usually consists of materials such as synthetic fabric, silk, silk, lace or net. It is not possible for our skin to breathe into such tissues. Also, if your skin is too sensitive, then it is likely to get irritated there. If you happen to wear underwear that has been made up of such a fabric for too long, then chances are you may get bacterial or yeast infections. Therefore, for your own health, please consider wearing underwear that is made of breathable fabrics like cotton because it will be soft and will not irritate your skin.

2. Wrong Detergents

  Shutterstock </p>
<p>  You do not have to wash your intimate clothing with the same detergent you use to wash other clothes. To wash your delicate products, choose detergents that are soft, non-flavored, and can be easily washed. If you are faced with unexplained itching there, then your detergent may be the cause of this. So use hypoallergenic detergents to wash intimate wear. </p>
<h2>  3. Sweaty lingerie </h2>
<div id=  Sweaty lingerie


The area there is naturally moist and warm. And if you are a man who sweat a lot, then it will be even worse for you. It's very important to change the underwear twice a day, the reason for that is, well, you sweat a lot, do not you? And if you work every day in the gym or at home, it is really important to go to dry linen as soon as you can after the workout. Otherwise, you can invest in underwear that is made from materials that are moisture-free. The main thing is not to wear sweaty bikinis, as they are nothing but a nursing home for yeasts and bacteria.

4. No Commando at night

  Not Commando


Yes, you are reading this right. Most experts call people to sleep naked (on your birthday) ( 1 ). Of course, do it only if you are comfortable. Sleeping without lingerie will allow you to get out of the air. It will also make all moisture and sweat evaporate. Consequently, any problems that occur there due to the night sweat can be avoided easily.

5. Shapewear ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />



If you are someone who puts shapewear in the category of lingerie and wears them every day, then trust us, you risk your health just because of your appearance. Leather garments, such as the popular type of abdominal weight loss or waist corset, if worn regularly, can cause circulatory problems there. It can even cause nervous strokes. And we have not finished yet, there are more conspiracies about wearing clothing. This can make these areas numb. Another thing is that wearing formal clothing makes it difficult for women to walk on the toilet, to take care of the calls of nature. As a result, women avoid going to the toilet to relieve as often as possible, which in turn can lead to serious health problems. So do not force every day to wear your figurative clothes. Keep it only for special occasions.

What are the good news here?

Well, women who go through menopause or women aged 50 and over have less or almost zero chances when it comes to contracting bacterial infections. there. This is mainly due to the fact that menopause changes the pH levels, making the area below your lid less susceptible to infections

At the end of all we ask you to do is develop intelligent lingerie habits, preserving your personal preferences, Observe how sensitive your skin is, and take your underwear accordingly. Rather, it is to use conventional wisdom with light medical care. If you have any other insights to add to this, let us know in the comments below.

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5 Pieces Of Really Bad Relationship Advice That You Need To Stop Paying Attention To

5 Pieces Of Really Bad Relationship Advice That You Need To Stop Paying Attention To

Do you know what's the easiest thing to do in the world? It's giving advice. It's one thing to give advice on topics over which you claim some kind of mastery, for example, a teacher advising her students how to prepare for a exam. But in our society, almost everyone thinks they have the right to give unsolicited advice on every aspect of your life. (19659002) It's a part and parcel of our "what-the-neighbor-is-you- doing "mentality. We, as a community, feel the need to give advice. You must remember how, in your childhood, everyone had something to say about your hair, your clothes, and even the way you should part hair. However, as you cross the threshold of childhood and step into the adult world, it's your relationships that invite the same scrutiny.

Now, everyone you know is keenly interested in your relationships and has some advice to offer on how you should conduct yourself in them. And some of these relationship experts are responsible for passing on potentially disastrous relationship advice. As a social experiment, we asked around and compiled a list of such well-meaning but potentially disastrous pieces of advice. Curious to know what they are? Read on.

1. A Good Relationship Should Be Effortless

 A Good Relationship Should Be Effortless


Most of us have received some or the other version of this piece of advice. It seems the very idea of ​​putting in some work or effort is contrary to the idea of ​​a successful relationship. But it should not be. Nothing just happens in the air. In a relationship, we all put in some amount of effort. We put effort into our appearance.

We do it, not because we ask for it but because we feel happy about making the other person happy. And that could make all the hard work seem easy, but all the great relationships require a lot of work

2. Compromise Is What Makes A Marriage Great

 Shutterstock </p>
<p> Another common saying, this one gives the feeling that for a marriage to work, both parties need to give up something. It also makes it seem like that if you want to have a great marriage, and win-win is out of the question. </p>
<p> Rather than give in to this mode of thinking, one should look for alternative options that meet the requirements of both parties, so that no one feels like they are giving up something. </p>
<h2> 3. If They Can not Handle You At Your Worst, Then They Do not Deserve You At Your Best </h2>
<div id= Shutterstock [19659007] An Insta favorite, this quote gives a very skewed view of relationships. Most often, those who flaunt this statement like a personal catchphrase are those who seek drama wherever they go. And this advice never makes it clear if the "best" is even worth putting in all that effort </p>
<p> Like most catchphrases, this too is all fluff and no substance. So think twice before heeding it. </p>
<h2> 4. Do not Go To Bed Angry </h2>
<div id= Do not Go To Bed Angry


We've heard this from our mother, our friends, and even the ever-ready-to-help neighborhood auntie. But let's have a look at what we can infer from such a piece of advice, will we? (19659002) All jokes aside, if you're angry, it's better to take a step back and let those feelings work out themselves. There is no point in engaging in a discussion when you're likely to flare up. Instead, take the time to cool down before sitting with your partner for a discussion.

5. Kids Can Save A Failing Marriage

Meeting His Parents For The First Time: Here Are 7 Mistakes To Avoid

Meeting His Parents For The First Time: Here Are 7 Mistakes To Avoid

What is more daunting than asking the subject of your feelings? Meeting their people!

The Parents' Meeting is a significant milestone. It determines what follows, and if you decide to enter the relationship of marriage then this meeting becomes even more important. Because this is no longer a casual reception, it is the place where you have to respond to your future laws as it is in your future family. Under these circumstances, it becomes crucial to make the right impression.

So, you finally got to the stage in your relationship where you're ready to meet his parents? Well, our heartfelt congratulations on their achievement so far. So what's next? Do not worry if you experience a number of emotions that make you doubt your ability to imagine a fully functioning person to the parents of the CA. This happens to the best of us.

To help you, we've prepared a list of 7 deadly mistakes you should avoid if you want to make a big impression on his people. So go ahead, soothe your nerves by reading it.

1. Take your sympathetic story to the meeting

If you have met the IT of a drunken night or you have contacted them after a random conversation, you may not want to reveal these details to your parents when the inevitable : "How did you become acquainted?" Appears. Instead, it's a great idea to come up with something in common, as you've met through common friends, or that you've taught together and reunited.

And do not forget to draw your attention so you can tell your story. After all, you do not want to tell two different stories about how you met at the table.

2. Dial Down on PDA

  Dial Down on PDA


It's great that you love each other with the passion of a thousand suns. And we fully understand it if you are at a stage in your relationship where it is difficult to hold your hands apart. After all, you are young only once.

But you have to call him to his parents, out of respect. Even if they are super cool, the ability to absorb the PDA is not a cup for everyone.

3. Manners Create the Perfect Bahu

Do you remember these etiquette lessons that your mother works so hard to hardwire in your brain? It's time to remind them. Do not go to meet the parents of the SO, if you can not think of anything else, take flowers. Also, leave your phone on the table and, of course, thank your hosts for the kind meal.

Remember these things and you will surely win them with their carefree charm and pleasant personality.

4. Do your research

  Do your research


Before you meet them, sit down with your partner and see the preferences and dislikes of his parents. We do not ask you to do it because we want to shape our preferences. The idea is that you know what to expect so you do not get caught. This will help you avoid collusion and will create a good impression on your partner that you are doing so much effort for his parents.

5. Do not overdo drink

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Even if you are "cool" parents, try not to drink. If everyone drinks a drink, you can drink or two, but keep the reception clock. Drinking in front of his family is never a good idea as it will reduce your inhibitions and you can just say something that you will regret later on.

Also, you do not want them to see you while you talk or I can not stand on my feet. Avoid alcohol if possible.

6. Overcoming your greetings is no-no

  Exiting your greetings is no-no


If you accidentally meet your parents in a family function or during the holidays, make the most of this. This is one of the few times when you will see the whole family in their elements. But do not keep it longer than you need. Know when to make an exit. This will not only save you from inconvenient conversations but will also allow your partner to spend time with his family.

They will also appreciate this politeness. Do not be someone you are not

This is one of the most important tips when it comes to meetings with your boss's parents. Do not be someone you are not. Be yourself and give honest and sincere opinions. If you think you are walking the wrong way in a conversation, smartly head the conversation somewhere else. Do not feel under pressure to be a woman.

We hope we've been able to take you some pressure. Do not forget that trick to go through this meeting is smooth to be and be careful.

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Do you have any more tips for someone who meets their parents for the first time? Share them with us in the comments.

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What Changes When Your BFF Gets Married

What Changes When Your BFF Gets Married

You've been with them for the better, fun part of your life. You have witnessed the achievement of important life goals and have been there for you when you have achieved yours. You have been fat as thieves and perhaps closer to them than your own brothers and sisters. Yes, I am talking about your Siamese twin – your BFF.

Perhaps you lived in the lives of others from an early age, but once you get into dangerous maturity, the equation will change. One of the first stops of the journey to maturity closes.

The common reaction, when one hears of a dear friend who connects the knot, is a surprise or envy, depending on how close you are to them.

You are at the same time over the moon that the wedding of your stair is finally here, and anxious because someone else has set your friend's attention and love.

You are the one who expects such a change, we are here to lead you through the changing landscape of your friendship. Here's a list of a few changes you can expect:

1. The days of exchange of trumpets will be gone


Earlier, a typical Friday night could have been related to discussing Tinder's prospects together. You may have a routine in which you dress with each other for a hot date in the city and then compare the notes. For everything how he walks, talks and does other things (um). But from now on it will not be so. The evening on Friday night is a couple of nights and you may have to rest assured that you are a third wheel (if your BFF is so kind, it is.)

2. No more unannounced

Do you remember the days when you just appeared in the place of the BFP without warning after a big fight with your parents? Well, that's the story now. Because you will now have to visit her and her husband's place.

Spontaneous visits may be a bit more formal and must be similar to respect for your BFP's spouse. After all, you do not want to impose them, do you?

3. Third wheel is a reality you will have to live with

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The night of your girls can include a third and not so welcoming guest every now and then. Yes, we know that the ladies are sacred, but your friend may wish to bring with him an IS to make them more familiar with you, or simply because he does not want to leave him alone at home. In either case, you must accept this and be hospitable to it. You never know, you two can actually hit him. Being an eternal third wheel is your life from now on, accept this.

4. No longer to be their Go-To

You may have been proud of the lethal combination of a friend, philosopher, leader, agonist who has now become one, but now you have competition.

She will now have a ready ear to hear all her work and family problems. All the latest events in her life you may have never been.

Perhaps you will initially sting, but you are happy that your friend has someone with whom to share their torment, even if it is not you (AKA is the best option).

5. You will filter the conversations around them

You can no longer throw ordinary Gypsies like "Boys Are The Worst" or "All Men Are Dogs" because you know her husband can not be in the category already. Your conversations will have to go along the thin line between down and dirty, and pleasant and friendly, which would inevitably mean filtering the things you say about them, especially in the presence of their SO.

as much fun as you did before, but you will live.

6. Excursion Excursions / Breaks / It will not be possible

Yes, this is the saddest of all changes, but you will have to understand that your BFF is likely to juggle with much more than it did before. family, relatives, work and, of course, her own. And she is responsible for each of them. This means that vacations are planned in advance and spontaneous trips are no longer possible. But hey, try hard enough and you can just get to her illuminated calendar and push a girl!

So, these are a few changes you can expect after BFF marries. Instead of watching these changes as a reduction in your friendship, you can look at it as an opportunity to spend some time with your other friends and expand your social circle. And as far as your BFF is concerned, you will always be there for each other, no matter what, and that's one thing that will never change.

How did your friendship with your BFF change after you get married? ? Share your experience with us in the comments section.

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How Birth Month Influences Health And Personality Of Women

How Birth Month Influences Health And Personality Of Women

Most of us want to take a peek at the book of fate to know more about ourselves. Some of us seek this knowledge in astrology. You know, the way the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon are positioned at the time of one's birth and how that influences their personality. A lot has been written about how one's birth month can influence their personality. You would be surprised to know that the birth month actually plays a role in influencing the happiness hormones – dopamine and serotonin. The levels of these hormones also have an effect on your mental and physical health. All this being said, we have given a detailed account of how each month influences the health and personality of women born in those months.




Women born in this month are considered to be less short-tempered. (19659006) Health-wise they suffer from migraine, ulcers, and they are more likely to suffer from depression, , and also a risk of developing heart-related illnesses.




February is officially the month of love. So, there is no surprise that women born during this month are extremely romantic by nature. They have their good share of mood swings too. They expect love and loyalty from their partners. It is said that women born in this month are highly susceptible to thyroid gland problems. Apart from this, they are also likely to contract osteoarthritis which causes stiffness and pain in joints. Another deadly disease that can suffer is thrombosis, a condition where there are blood clots in the blood vessels. This may lead to severe health complications




Springtime reminds us of happy memories, right? Women born in this month radiate good vibes only and are very charming and charismatic. They are extremely loyal but one mistake from your side will make them hate you in a jiffy

Rheumatism, as well as, arthritis are two things that bother them. They also suffer from constipation. Therefore, women born in the month of March need to eat a fiber-rich diet and seek proper treatment for their other ailments from the initial stage itself




April ladies can be considered as born diplomats. They have amazing communication skills, though they are more prone to jealousy.

Health-wise April Women are advised to have a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D as they have the chance of suffering from osteoporosis. Angina is another problem faced by women who experience severe chest pains. Bronchitis is another problem faced by these women




Ladies born in May have a very tough character. They are insistent and will never sacrifice their values, come what may

Constipation and osteoporosis are the problems these women face. They are also prone to many chronic allergies that require treatment. Therefore, for any allergy, including food allergies, it is important that these women consult a doctor.

They are very straightforward by nature. They love power and they know how to make use of that power.

Just like the March-born, even June women tend to suffer from rheumatism and arthritis. Urinary incontinence is also a common problem for them. They are advised to stay away from alcohol, coffee, tea, and spicy food.




Ladies born in this month are beautiful, smart and honest. And oh, yes, they are even mysterious. They avoid conflicts and expect others to be cordial with them too

Chronic neck pain is a common symptom found in these women. This pain slowly starts to spread over their backs, shoulders, and hands. They have more chances of contracting asthma. Therefore, yoga and exercises which involve deep breathing is a must for them.




August ladies love their ego. They believe in self-love, and they also have a big heart that loves everyone around them.

Just like women born in March and June, even these women suffer from rheumatism and artritis. They need to make frequent visits to the doctor and follow the treatments given religiously. They have even the chance to contract thrombosis. [196590042] September



These ladies are not so forgiving by nature and are known to retaliate. They suffer from thyroid gland problems, which take a toll on their physical and mental well-being.

They even have increased chances of developing tumor-related diseases.




They are go-getters in life. They believe themselves to be self-sufficient. They are smart and strong. They are not the kind of women who wear their hearts on their sleeves

Anemia is a problem they are disposed to. They need to have a iron-rich diet and consider taking supplements for any deficiencies after consulting a doctor. High blood cholesterol is also a significant problem among them. Therefore, it is ideal for them if they follow a proper diet after consulting a dietician.

They have the power to smell deceit from a mile away. They are very goal-oriented and will do everything in their abilities to fulfill them.

They suffer from various heart ailments. It's best to go for consistent health checks every now and then to keep a check on their heart's condition. They are also likely to suffer from varicose veins.




Ladies born in this Christmas month are very impatient. They can rarely recognize the good around them. However, they have the ability to turn everything into their favor.

December women suffer from a lot of breathing problems like asthma and severe bronchitis. Therefore, it is essential for them to include yoga and breathing exercises in their routines. They can also suffer from thrombosis as well.

Our intention is not to scare you by mentioning these health problems. We are just cautioning you about the problems that might come knocking at your door one fine day. Therefore, pay attention to your lifestyle as well as your characteristic traits and strive to achieve a healthy balance. If you think that we missed out on anything here, let us know in the comments below


Desi Bride Did Belly Dance And Bhangra Wearing Choli And Jeans. People Are Going Crazy

Desi Bride Did Belly Dance And Bhangra Wearing Choli And Jeans. People Are Going Crazy

If asked, most of us would say that Indian weddings are the most celebrated festivals in the country. Because Indian weddings are just like that, even their preparations begin months in advance. Every minute detail about the wedding needs to be just right. There are vibrant colors everywhere in the form of decorations as well as the colorful attire worn by the attendees because Indian weddings are all about color and bling. Oh, and do not forget the great spread of food that is for the guests to feast on. We could go on and you know. Music, colors, foods, crowds, emotions – they all go into making the foundation of an Indian wedding.

A Typical Indian Wedding

 A Typical Indian Wedding


For a girl, her wedding is everything! It's something that her parents have been dreaming of and preparing for, right from her birth. In fact, it's something she's been asked to dream about and believe in, since she could even begin to understand things. It has been portrayed this way in the best of Bollywood weddings as well. And honestly, when she thinks of her wedding, she imagines herself as entering the wedding mandap that is decked up with fresh flowers. She thinks about her man sitting there waiting for her to come and sit next to him, and take the saat pheras with him. The pheras where they promised each other to take care of each other and their respective families for as long as the next seven lives

Let's summarize it here – it's a typical scene from an Indian wedding where the bride enters, walking slowly to the tunes of the melodramatic music that is playing in the background and making her tear up. She is made to sit and perform all the rituals and while doing so she keeps her coy air around her. And then, in the end, she leaves with her husband teary-eyed, and bittersweet over the fact that she is now apart from her parents and her maternal home, though she has the love of her new husband.

Breaking The Stereotypes

Have you ever thought of dancing at your own wedding like no one is watching you? If we've been asking this question for 30 years, you'd say, "No way!" But now that's not the case, and you agree with that, do not you? Times have changed now. Today's millennial brides do not believe in behaving like a shy Dulhan and being all poised at their own wedding. Women have been seen breaking stereotypes everywhere and are striving to simply be considered as an equal gender who can walk shoulder to shoulder with men. So, how can weddings be untouchable by this air of change, right? The internet has been taken by the storm with the videos of desi Indian brides dancing in their own weddings, having fun like no one else, because, why not, it's their wedding after all

View Post on Instagram

A post shared by Rashika (@rashikay) on Mar 16, 2018 at 10:24 PDT

We came across a video of another Indian bride Rashika Yadav dancing in her bridal ensemble. But this bride was different from others. In her video, she is seen wearing her bridal choli and a pair of jeans with white sneakers. All dressed in her wedding dress, which includes the hoodie, this bride is seen grooving as she gets all dressed up for her wedding. Rashika is seen dancing to a Punjabi singer Mankirt Aulakh's song Kadar . And she's dancing like a pro. She is seen doing the perfect bhangra along with her belly dancing and dabbing away in happiness. This video was viral after her wedding photographer put it up on Instagram. Within a span of just 20 hours of video being shared on the social media platform, it garnered around 7000 likes and 4.3 lakh views worldwide

What's cuter is the comments left by other women on the post. One says, "That's so cool! Just like that on my wedding day ", another one in the ring," Loving all the love on this video. "Radhika's dancing moves were so good that the singer of the song himself reposted it on his personal Instagram account which got a whopping 34,000 likes in just one hour.

"You just get married once girls, do not let anyone or anything take that away from you. I was absolutely not nervous at all. I had so, so much fun. I danced so much. Do not stress too much about being the "Viral" bride – everybody wants these days. I never planned this. "

This is what the bride had to say about her video going viral. She made a beautiful post on her Instagram profile where she talked about how she went after her wedding preparation and at the same time made sure she had fun at her own wedding

Now we all know that weddings should not be a festival that is enjoyed by the guests alone. It's your D-day and you have every right to enjoy it in the way you want it. Have you done anything sassy up the ante of fun at your wedding? Let us know in the comments below.

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8 Clever Styling Tips And Tricks To Hide Love Handles

8 Clever Styling Tips And Tricks To Hide Love Handles

Love handles – do not be fooled by the name. There is nothing about these functions to be loved or adored. If you still wonder what these are … they are the deposits of fat that accumulate on both sides of your waist. And if you have them and you wear tight clothes, then they tend to look more pronounced. Rather, expanding your reach draws your attention to yourself: "Hey, look! I'm here. "Love handles are also known as buns tops. And they are made up of stubborn fat, which is very difficult to get rid of once won. If you have ever planned to reduce the excess fat around your waist, you will have to make some serious changes to your lifestyle and follow a strict diet and exercise.

Although it may be a herculean task of getting rid of these love handles, you can definitely learn to dress elegantly in a way that will hide these handles. So, if you are someone who encounters difficult times with love handles, look at this stylish handbook we put out. Following the steps outlined in this guide, we are sure you will become a professional in the right direction of your body.

1. Take the Right Peaks

  Select the Right Peaks


You have to look good and feel good at the tops you carry. Therefore, women with a heavier upper body or with love handles should avoid tops that embrace their body. Instead, they should go to the peaks that are smooth and cool. You will look and feel comfortable in them. And never carry the tops of the palm, as it draws attention to your waist.

2. Consider Shapewear as a Good Investment

  Consider Shapewear as a Good Investment


You are aware that you really do not have this dream stitch to fit in a bodycon dress. But you always wanted to wear it. Do not stop here; All you have to do is get the right outfit. Yes, we know they are expensive, but they last longer and help you achieve the desired look. Wear appropriate figure clothing and slip into this outfit. Be the glamorous wild you are.

3. Go For High-Waisted Bottom

   Go for High Waist Bottom


Consider such bottoms as your best friends. They will take care of all their problematic areas by toning them in appearance. They make your body look smooth and your love handle, well, no one will ever notice them. A protruding stomach or thigh, high waist bottoms are the answer to all your congestion problems. [196590015] There are reasons why they are called A-line dresses, because these types of dresses usually have a stronger link. Adheres to the waist and down from the cross, they flow in the form of rockets. This is exactly what is needed to hide love handles. Wearing A-line dresses will only attract attention to your thin waist, and the free flames will cover your love handles.

5. Ditch Tucking In

  Ditch Tucking In


Do not pull your shirt if you have love handles. Because sticking your shirt will highlight the bulge around your thighs. Instead, choose to wear a top of the tank and then put it in a shirt. The shirt will hide the walls of the waist, and the top of the tank you will carry inside will create the impression of a flat stomach.

6. Learn To Remove The Handles Of Love With Fingerprints

  Learn To Remove The Handles Of Love With Fingerprints


Choosing a printed dress or top definitely has the ability to make or break your eyes. Smaller prints will make you look smaller while bigger prints will make you look bulky. That's why it's very important to get prints that are bold and strategically placed. All your extra fat around your stomach and waist will be hidden from these prints as the people around you will notice the prints, not what is underneath it. So, bring your best game print!

7. Draw attention and drag it

  Distract and Download


A simple wound dressing is this – if you are aware of your shortcomings and you can not hide them, then attract people from them. Yes, that's simple. We will help you with an example of jewelry. If there is a heavy breastplate in the cabinet and it coincides with your dress. Then just pull it out and carry it. The attention of the people will be on your neck rather than on the love handles. This is called distraction, my friend.

8. Say "Do not Cut Cutters" and "Yes" to "Secret"

<img class = "size-full wp-image-490394" src = "https://cdn2.stylecraze.com/wp-content/uploads /2019/01/Say-No-To-Straight-Cuts-And-Yes-To-Wraps.jpg "Say" Do Not Make Cuts "and" Yes "to" Secret. "The stomach and torso that is something that we do not want, right? Choose A-line dresses as we mentioned earlier instead of these

Also, we ask you to say "yes" to embroider dresses because the style of wrapping will give more space in your stomach to feel comfortable and at the same time.Time will attract attention from your love handles.Then, just wrap it, give

We gave you the best advice to hide love handles If you think we've missed something or if there's something you want to add to this stylish guide, just leave your tips in the comment section below

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7 Bad Habits Which Negatively Affect Your Vaginal Health

7 Bad Habits Which Negatively Affect Your Vaginal Health

Often times, we, women, pay a lot of attention to our looks which includes taking care of our physique and even our skin. But what about our nether regions? Topics like sexual health and upkeep of our private parts get pushed to a corner precisely because there is a slight hesitation or stigma attached to these topics. One can feel very uncomfortable asking someone about it.

But, ladies, I want to tell you that your vaginal health is as if not more important as maintaining a perfect visage. After all, a happy vajayjay means a happy you. To make you better equipped to take care of your lady parts and help keep it in the perfect ten conditions, we decided to do a little bit of research. While doing this research, we found that some of our daily habits spell disaster for the health of our front bottoms. Curious to know what they are? Here you go-

1. Washing It

 Shutterstock </p>
<p> Before you say anything, we're not saying you should never clean it under the hood. What we say is, cleaning is not like cleaning your sponge or your back – scrubbing and lathering with soap. Scrubbing it out of the question as it can make the area very raw and uncomfortable. Using soap can also lead to irritation in case you are sensitive down there </p>
<p> Instead, a splash of water is enough, and if you need to use a cleaning solution, go for an unscented, hypoallergenic one, and just apply it using your hands, avoid using a washcloth or a loofah </p>
<h2> 2. Sitting In Your Gym Clothes For Far Too Long </h2>
<div id= Sitting In Your Gym Clothes For Far Too Long


We've all been there when we make our way to the gym and after a good workout, re riding that adrenaline high, and we think there is no harm in running a few errands. It could save us a few minutes, but it certainly does not make our vajayjay happy

Sweat is the breeding ground for a lot of bacteria including yeast that thrives in wet conditions, so as soon as you're done with your workout, Take off the sweaty workout gear. If possible, try to take a shower at your gym and change into a fresh pair of clothes including underpants before running errands.

3. Wearing Sanitary Pads

 Wearing Sanitary Pads


Yes, even sanitary pads can spell trouble for your nether regions. If your lady parts are sensitive, then wearing a sanitary napkin all day can irritate it or lead to chafing. If you really want to continue with the pads, try using those that are made of cotton

4. Shaving Down There

 Shaving Down There


If you prefer to go naturel or not, consider giving it a shot for the health and happiness of your nether regions. It turns out that the pubic hair helps in preserving the air pocket that exists between the skin of our nether regions and the underwear. This air pocket helps keep the area dry and inhospitable for germs and infectious bacteria. In the absence of hair, there is no air pocket, leading to the accumulation of moisture there due to sweating ( 1 ). So, shaving may seem more hygienic, but it's an unhealthy option. If you want, you can trim it or try grooming only the bikini line areas.

5. Leaving Tampons In Long Time Of Time

  Leaving Tampons In Long Time Of Time


Ever heard of "Toxic Shock Syndrome?" Well, it's a type of life-threatening infection caused by a type of bacteria known as Staphylococcus aureus (staph) bacteria. However, it may also be due to the toxins secreted by another bacterium known as Group A streptococcus (strep) bacteria ( 2 ).

One of the primary causes of Toxic Shock Syndrome is leaving in tampons for longer than the recommended duration. So, even if it does not feel pretty full, try to change it as often as you can

6. Having A Poor Diet

 Having a Poor Diet


Having a Poor Diet [196590027] Shutterstock

For example, if you consume a diet that has a high sugar content, then it can cause an overgrowth of bacteria responsible for causing yeast infections (candida) (19459017) 3 ). And if you have a spicy food it can alter the natural pH of your vagina, which in turn can make it smell different

To avoid this, you can include probiotics in your diet, it will help in the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut and do the same for your nether regions as well

7. Using Panty Liners For Discharge

 Using Panty Liners For Discharge


The vaginal discharge that you experience is a natural way by which your lady parts clean themselves ( 4 ). Some of us are quite aware of this and resort to wearing panty liners or sanitary napkins to avoid feeling uncomfortable when we experience discharge. However, it is not a wise thing to do. Wearing and pantyliner for long durations can irritate your vajayjay, so do not use it in case you're experiencing discharge. If you are experiencing a foul-smelling discharge or experiencing it in more-than-usual quantity, consult a doctor.

So ladies, if you want to have a blessing experience down there then these are the habits that you should get rid of. In the case you know of any other habits that have an effect on vaginal health, then let us know in the comments

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List Of Cheapest Countries In The World Is Out –– India’s Rank Will Make You Happy

List Of Cheapest Countries In The World Is Out –– India’s Rank Will Make You Happy

From grandparents to friends, every day we hear people complaining about the rising cost of living in India. From expensive organic food to peak cabin prices, everything looks heavier. Add to that many taxes that are imposed on us and the boom, this is a bullet for our savings! But, as they say, the grass is always greener than the other side, and you only realize that when you cross the fence and see it yourself. Well, this is the case with India. Although the cost of living seems to grow at the speed of light in India, it is one of the cheapest countries in the world. We do not bring you ( 1 ).

  List of cheap countries in the world outside.


The study looks at the cost of about 50 items, including a wide range of accommodation, food and drink from supermarkets and restaurants, clothing, taxis, entertainment, utility bills, telecommunication bills and other need. A quick analysis of the study shows that South Asia, the home of rich and vibrant culture and food, is the most accessible region. And to our surprise (or not) some of the cheapest countries in the world include the Philippines, South Africa, Romania, Colombia, Serbia, and so on. If any of these countries turn to you, read the list to plan your retirement in one of these countries, or maybe just relax in those countries. Wait until you find out which is the cheapest country in the world.

5. Zambia



This African country is the ideal destination to move if you consider the option. Zambia offers a combination of low costs and high incomes that are sufficient to make you feel rich. Food products are where all our money goes, right? In Zambia, food is cheaper by 59.1%

4. Tunisia



Tunisia is a beautiful coastal country in North Africa, bordering on the Mediterranean Sea, Libya and Algeria. The country offers a low cost of living, which is characterized by local purchasing power, which is 60.4% lower than New York. If you live in a one-bedroom house in Tunisia, all you have to pay is $ 280 per month!

3. Pakistan



With a population of nearly 200 million people, Pakistan is pretty easy for pockets. Combined rental, food and other costs for one month are about $ 530 per month! This is approximately 38,000 INRs. Now, that's cheap, is not it? Especially if you move to Lahore, local purchasing power is 54.4% lower than New York. In Pakistan, rent is cheaper by 94%.

2. Saudi Arabia

  Saudi Arabia


Given that this is the country with a strong oil and oil industry, it may be a surprise. But the parameters that measure the accessibility factor are zero of the total purchasing power of residents. In Saudi Arabia, food products are 56.4% cheaper. With an amazing figure of 85.9%, the rental is also surprisingly cheap in Saudi Arabia. If you like to ride a safari in the desert and live a way of life, maybe that's where you should be.

1. India



Yes, according to the latest GOBankingRates survey, we live in the cheapest country in the world 2 ). Perhaps it is time to stop complaining about mehengaayi and begin counting our blessings. India is the first country to participate in the survey, with a cost-of-living index of only 24.14. India's total purchasing power is 20.9% lower than other countries. Low purchasing power buys fewer commodities, and high purchasing power buys more goods. In India, the rent is 95.2% cheaper, and food is 74.4% cheaper ( 3 ). In 2016, South Africa was first of all the most accessible country in the world, but now our country with 1.25 billion people has taken over. Well, well, this is good news for us, fellow citizens, is not it (is it)? Bolo Bharat Mata Ki?

Ranked on the basis of the food index, the rent index, the local purchasing power index, and the consumer price index, these countries are proud of affordable and reasonable living costs. Although they may look expensive for locals, on a global scale, these countries are called relatively cheap and cheap.

  cheap and cheap.


Dedicated from the list, if you are feeling a little snobbish and if you have too much money in your bank accounts, you can visit these expensive countries around the world:

5. Ghana
4. Switzerland
3. Hong Kong
2. The Bahamas
1. Bermuda

  Small Warning Note


A small warning note – traveling to these countries may be worth its weight in gold. If you are tired of expensive dinners, ridiculously too high education costs and expensive real estate costs, then you can do more than simply run out of a budget involving everyone. Use the above list as GPS when planning a trip or exit from your country. So, if you really worry about rising rents and expensive dinners, relocating elsewhere must be the solution for you. What is your choice?

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