5 Eye Problems To Never Ignore – Eye Floaters, Freckles, And More

5 Eye Problems To Never Ignore – Eye Floaters, Freckles, And More

Can you read what is written on this wall against you? Only when you have to ask the person next to you to read the sign that is at a distance, do you understand that everything is not good for your eyes. Regardless of how many times our goodwill and doctors tell us to go to an annual eye check, with one blink of an eye, we forget that advice. We tend to prudence to the wind and continue to expose our eyes to screens and pollutants throughout the day without paying attention to their health.

When you get older, your vision changes (usually in life). Have you ever felt splashes of blurred vision, accidental redness or unwarranted lightning? No, you do not have a moment of superhero; this is something more real and serious. It is important to focus on the health of the eye because these signs may be early symptoms of chronic conditions such as tumors, heart arrests, or even cancer. Eyes can do a lot, clean up periodically, alert us to some major diseases ( 1 ). But are your eyes telling you something you have long overlooked? Here's some help you can use to assess the health of your eye:

1. Do you see flashing lights or gray shadows?

  1. Do you see flashing lights or gray shadows


We're not talking about the horror movie you watched last night. We are talking about cobwebs, threads or spots that are worn around our vision (also called floating) ( 2 ). If you see a gray curtain that obstructs your field of vision, then your retina is separated ( 3 ). This is a red flag that looks exactly in your face because the retina is responsible for sending the images to the brain. If the neglect of the retina is neglected, it can lead to blindness. So, gently lift when you see this sign and appoint a doctor.

2. Your eyes are red and dry

  2. Does the redness and dryness of your eyes


The type of redness you see after your eyes has had a long tiring day is fine, but if you were facing red eyes that cause irritation, enlarged blood vessels and pain 4 ). Causes can be as stupid as the cat's hair in your eye or a major allergic reaction caused by shampoo. Usually, reddening of an eye (may be conjunctivitis) is more dangerous than having red eyes (there may be deeper inflammation). It is best to see an ophthalmologist before using artificial tears (eye drops) to lubricate your eyes or remove the red

3. Do you have Droopy eyes?

  3. Do you have Droopy eyes


The adult has a load on our body and our eyesight is also not spared. Occasionally, the thin tissues of the eyes seem to have small hoods over them. This is normal as long as it happens with both of your eyes and this happens with aging. But you need to be alert if only one of your eyes is hanging or covering the pupil. Although not always, but the pituitary or hoarse eyelids may cause eye tumor ( 5 ). Do you see double?

  4. You see a double


Diplopia or double vision is when you open your eyes and see a blurry, double vision of the things around you 6 ). Unless you are intoxicated, it may be a sign of incorrect alignment of your eyes, a reduced eyelid, corneal pain, or a lens. It is important to find the right reason for this type of vision, as it may be due to a fall, an infection or something more serious. The best way to find out is to get CT scan, MRI or some blood tests (regardless of what your doctor suggests)

5. Twitchy Eyes

  5. Twitchy Eyes


Usually a brittle eyelid is nothing serious and most of us have experienced this. It may be the top of the eyelid or the lower part. Like most signs, protruding eyes can be a serious problem if it is sustainable. Myokymia eye, as it is called in the medical world, may cause too much caffeine, too much stress or too little sleep. If you experience twitching, try to control your lifestyle a little, and if it does not help, you know you have to go to a doctor. Very rarely, the twitching of the eye may be the cause of some nervous disorders such as Bell's paralysis or dystonia (19459020) 7 ). Do you have a new mall?

  6. Do you have a new mole


Moths can be sweet and can often be beauty, but it's not such a beautiful thing when it's in your eye. If you've always had one, that's good. But if you have a new visitor in the eye, it's always best to check it (just as you would if someone came home for the first time). This may be a case of primary melanoma or intraocular melanoma 8 ).

So, the next time your eye twitches or your eyes are tears, do not delete it as a bad sign unless you think the bad sign is a sight problem (in this case, visit the doctor).

5 publications 5 publications]

5 eye problems that are never ignored – eye flippers, freckles and more

Quick Cleaning Hacks You Won’t Believe Are This Cheap And Easy

Quick Cleaning Hacks You Won’t Believe Are This Cheap And Easy

We certainly love to have a house and decorate it just as we had represented it in our dreams. But when it comes to taking care of our homes, how many of us occupy the rear seat and drive in reverse gear? We give all sorts of justifications so that the corners of our homes do not burst. While some of us are lazy to clean their homes, there are some real souls who really can not take enough time from their busy schedules to take the broomstick

What if cleaning was easy? What if We were not talking about buying the latest vacuum cleaner out of the shelves or shaking a sophisticated cleaning device that could burn a hole in your pocket.We talk about some easy maniacs who are perfect and affordable, they will help you organize your homes in a moment We searched for cyberspace and found these extremely easy tips to help you clean up your dreams with things that are readily available in all households (a budget hack that


If you think the hair dryer is intended for use in the washing machine only, think again! You can use them to repel these water spots or clean your dashboard clean. You can also use it to clean the pans that have food left on them. Put the polyester dryer in the pan and fill it with hot water and leave it overnight. The silicone coating of the dryer will soften the food. The next morning you can simply delete the food with the same drying sheet.

2. Vinegar (acetic acid)

  Vinegar (acetic acid)


This can be considered a golden liquid. It not only helps with the storage of these bacteria but can also do miracles if used as a detergent. From cleaning fruits and vegetables to cleaning your toilet, she can clean them. Make a 1: 3 mixture of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray this on the fruits and vegetables to clear them from all the chemicals or pour them on the edges of the toilet bowl and let it sit for a few hours. Kills all bacteria. The best part is that it is without a soap-free cleaning solution.

3. Lemon



Lemon with hay salt is ideal for cleaning and restoring cutting boards. A strange garbage bag at home is pretty awkward. Make lemon ice cubes and use them to keep your wearing smelling fresh.

4. [19659903] Shutterstock

These are readily available in all households and trust us can be used to keep all these stubborn stains in the Gulf's kitchen. Mix baking soda with water to get a fine paste. Cover your stained oven with a uniform layer of this mixture and let it stand overnight. Take a damp cloth and wipe those cigarette patches the next day. You can also try this on your stove.

5. Salt



We know that the food tastes as expected, but it can do miracles when used for cleaning. A iron box is part of every woman's arsenal, but what do we do when iron has burning spots? Just sprinkle some table salt on a piece of paper. Put the hot iron on it and wipe it with a damp cloth after the iron has cooled.

In the same way you can clean your cast iron pans with hay salt. Simply pour the salt hive into the pan and rub all the way. All stubborn remains and dirt will stick to salt. Wash it with some water. So, the next time you make a lasagna home, you know how to clean the pan.

6. Grapefruit



You can go for all fruits and vitality with cleaning too. Cleaning the tub is pain. And we are afraid to resort to chemical products whose names we can not even pronounce. So, let's get natural with cleaning the tubs. Squeeze the grapefruit juice into the tub, then sprinkle some salt and rub it with the grapefruit itself. You will find that all dirt has disappeared. After looking good in the shimmering tub, take some lukewarm water to get rid of salt and residual juices

7. Magic Eraser

  Magic Eraser


Yes! It works like magic in cleaning. Whether it's coffee or tea stains, tanned Tupperware or greasy pans, stains on your smartphone or even those blood stains on the wall of mosquitoes that you crushed the next day (yikes), this tire will clean them.

8. Water, no, we're not drunk to say that. But this powerful spirit can be used to clean and disinfect all kinds of home. It can be used for polishing jewelry, utensils and all porcelain items. Can also be used as a room freshener; mix a piece of vodka with three parts of water and spray into your hallway to get rid of any odd odors. It is time to clear, saying, "Cheers!"

We're sure these cleaning hacks are a surprise for you. These were our discoveries; (19459019) Back to top View user 's profile Send private message Send e – mail Visit poster' s website .

How I Overcame My Deepest Darkest Fear

How I Overcame My Deepest Darkest Fear

Are you one of those who are stifled by fear for most of your life? I definitely am one! My fears have disgusted me in every aspect – emotionally, physically and mentally. It squeezed me, tapped me, all that led to a corrupted motivation and absolutely no inspiration to achieve or become something in my life.

Everything is powerful if you let it take your body and mind, especially fears. Fear is something that can hold on to you, as if it's a sticky thing you can not get rid of, and you'll find yourself living in a life of "scenarios." (Yes, I know we can lose the number of such cases when only "what-if" meant)

I never liked or loved the fear (who on earth would). I hate this incredible, nervous heart I feel when I'm scared or worried. Fear can sometimes be good too. It can be read as a useful mechanism that can be a harbinger of storms in life. These are the irrational fears that keep us back and prevent us from enjoying every moment of our lives to the fullest extent.

From everything I remember, I faced fear in all forms. And those I will tell you have left the deepest impact on me.

First stage (baby fear) [19659006] First stage (baby fear) [19659007] Shutterstock [19659008]I was afraid of this math teacher (I'm sure you laugh or at least smile, after reading this ). He looked like a demon to me (quite literally). If you ask me why, it's always that I wanted to solve the problems with math on board because I knew I would be wrong every time.

Two – he was punishing me even for the smallest mistakes, the Nights before my math exams were the worst. Soon I was used to fever. Well, I guess what's the real problem here? I realized for some time that my main fear here was not the mathematics teacher, and the subject myself, yes, had a mathematical phobia. And my teacher was just trying to help me overcome it because he had understood this even before my parents or me. I made friends with him and he helped me make friends with numbers. And my fear disappeared in a few months. Without even knowing what my fear was, I had created hatred in my relationship with my teacher. I was a little kid, but this story is important to understand how fear can cultivate hatred in the blink

Final Stage (The Darkest Fear) [19659011] Final Stage (The Darkest Fear) [19659007] Shutterstock [19659008]] You can call it fear of the unknown (for real). It seems I have become this magnet during my late teenagers who only attracted the negatives around me. I started to feel like I'm not good enough. I still remember how my family and friends made me watch the best of inspiring videos, told me the best of such stories; they even showed me real examples. And guess what I learned from all of them? I was more afraid. I compared my life to all these inspiring colleagues, and then I drew the schedule of why I was not even trying to be like them.

Is there any sense to this about Y & # 39; all? Then it never happened to me. But I continued to live in my own world of anxiety and doubt. Born by intellectual parents, I always face anxiety or rather because of the fear of getting together to be their daughter (a smart daughter). And most of all, in my teenage girl, it has somehow got me in the most negative way. I ceased to communicate, began to invest more effort than necessary to pamper that inner doubtful mine I was so lost in his worries that when I met a man on a date, I would do, saying: "I worry" instead of "love they "(Roffle). My imperfections have been overwhelmed by me. I could not see anything beautiful. And I could not be loved the way I was.

  How I overwhelmed my darkest fear


One good day I gathered all my courage and talked to my mother about it. I told her how I felt. I told her I was not sure I was good enough to be their intelligent daughter. Then my mom smiled (mothers always do this when you worry, right?) She told me about her fears about her failure in life. She said: " Beta no one is perfect. Nothing in life can never be perfect."

After two hours of conversation with her I realized that all fears are the result of our thinking. We have to embrace our fears, get to the root of the problem and start working on it. After speaking with his mother, I worried less, I tried to take life as it comes, and I made sure that I live and appreciate the smallest to the biggest moments in my life

Life is now. Life you. So, just be you. And do not let your fears you take it. Tell us about your fears, perhaps we can help you get rid of them

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25 WTF Thoughts I Had While Watching Hum Aapke Hai Kaun

25 WTF Thoughts I Had While Watching Hum Aapke Hai Kaun

What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say Sura Barayah? Family? Of course! All 90 children will nod in unison. We believed that these films were the real reflection of what the big families live in. From Hum Aapke Hai Kaun to Hugh's Site Heine We were exposed to a new world of sanskaar day, I realized that Hum Aapke Hai Kaun (HAHK) is as old as me and makes me want to watch this movie again. But when I sat down with a bowl of popcorn to watch this popular movie, I was shocked. Maybe because I did not blindly consume everything I saw on the screen as an audience mesmerized by Madhouri Dixit and the incredible charm of Salman Kahn. While I still love these family-oriented movies, I refuse to agree with them because they now feel like round squares in a square box. When men and women are busy breaking the stereotypes and open their arms and hearts to equality, our beloved Pooda Bhabi, Kaka dji, Prem, Nisa and Tufi do not seem relevant today

Here's what my thoughts sound like when I looked again HAHK (and really not the same thought process I had as a child):

1. One of the first mistakes in the movie: sexist comments. Beautiful girls can not do math? Yes, that's what Salman Kahn says when he first sees Madhuri Dixit.

Aloq Nat (Kaka ji ) receives a daughter-in-law for Anupam Kerr (Chaudhry) daughter, Pooda. Let's remember this scene again. Kaka tells Chowdary that he thinks Chowdery's daughter is a perfect match for Rajesh. Well, Rajesh comes in the next. And all the time, the daughter in the picture (Pooja) is happy to hear that she was "liked" by someone (like a product sold in a supermarket?) Kaka ji thanked him for the offer. Then she got into the girl. Welcome to Arranged Marriages in India

3. In the next scene, Prem asks Rajesh whether he likes the girl, but the girl has not consulted anywhere. He's supposed to like him. Wow, is not it?

4. Had only one meeting needed to make the deal? And here I think for two days if I have to buy this cup of coffee from the neighboring store.

5. What is the deal with the excitement of Salman Khan? I need everything that gives him that energy. At least I can stop being happy and over-enthusiastic all day long.

6. What about the songs in the drop of a hat? The movie has just begun and has three songs already!

7. Let's talk about the dog. Is it a dog, an arbiter, a planning event or a writer? This is a talented dog, is not it? He's a dancer, a shoemaker, a courier, a detective (* barracol *), he's the great Tupi.

8. When the conversations about Poodah and Rajis's marriage begin, Anupam Kerr says: "" We are bride-to-bride, so we have to commit. Now I know how this way of thinking has developed over the years. Dialogues like these are those in the heads of the people.

9. What are we waiting for? Wife of Anupam and Aloq Nit flirt? With Anupam's consent? Is this the whole song of flirting? I'm just terrified. All this redness, and all I love, wow. How's this sanskaar?

Are you kidding? These are exactly three minutes and there is a song again? You miss a song and you miss half the story. Because talking is overestimated. The songs are basically concealed conversations in this movie

11. Prem and Nisa are chasing each other for the shoes during jootha chupai rasam falling on the bed. The next thing she does is to turn her hand and instead of insulting, she starts feeling feelings about him. Seriously?

12. Have you noticed how there is always an audience when playing cricket? How do these children just come to watch the elders play? Why Can not Children Play? Yeh toh naa-insaa hai . I was crying to be a part of the game.

13. Directors think it is important to emphasize one thing – no, it is not the meaning of consent or something like that – it means to make sure that men and women wear gender-specific hats during cricket. Each hat had a "boy" or "girl" written on them. Because it's not obvious, is it?

14. Seriously this musical path began with playing cricket, is now pregnant and has a baby boom.

15. Did you think the Bollywood musicals are not something? Think again. They have songs and then talks come. It's basically filling the songs.

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Posted by Bollyvibes (@bollyvibesfeels) on August 9, 2018 at 7:35 am PDT

Let's take some time to talk about Salman-Han's jeep. Did any angry child disappear with pastel stones and write over it? If it looks like what an adult car looks like, our parents should be happy that we are not Salman Khan (in any case, we do not drive like him, right?)

17. From Pooja to Kaka ji, everyone wants Prem to succeed in life, but why is Rajesh moving around while Prem just Cool at home The level of the snob is quite high here

18. Prem and Nisa just flirted for months and then now they behave as if they are married She is waiting to get back from work but they do not admit their love to each other Things have been taken very long in the 90s Prem and Nisa have just flirted for months ” width=”500″ height=”492″ />


19. A legitimate question: How rich were they? Because this is a huge mansion.

20. And finally, the baby is out! And now there is a song about Pooda bhabi.

21. Saali hoti hai aadhi gharwaali Is this a turning point in Indian society? Okay, Pooja bhabhi can not die. No, this should not happen. Why am I crying? That's wrong, Sooraj Barjaatya, bring it back.

23. Did anyone ask Nissa if she wants to marry Rajesh? What is happening? How is it good? I can not embrace the fact that Nisha did not know who would marry the Mehandi ceremony. People need to talk more in the movies

24. Tufi did what Lalu could not do! I want a dog that way. He can save me from doing stupid things in life. Make sure Nisha did not marry Rajchez. He stops Prem and Nisa from sacrificing their love in the name of phas (on duty).

25. Oh, the movie finally ends and weeps. Socrates Bajara definitely knows how to play the emotional map

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Whether you like the movie or not, even after decades, Hum Aapke Hai Kaun will remain an emblematic film forever. It was one of the first films to cross the 1 billion mark in the box office. And it will remain forever in our hearts as one of the most beautiful of the Saranj Bardjah.

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What's your favorite scene from the movie? What does WTF do to you? [196590042] Next article 25 WTF thoughts I had while watching Hum Aapke Hai Kaun First appeared on STYLECRAZE

Experienced Heart Surgeon Talks About What Really Causes Heart Disease

Experienced Heart Surgeon Talks About What Really Causes Heart Disease

What scares you most – heartbeat or itching? We're both sure. In the vast cyberspace, there are millions of sources that talk about heart health and how to take care of your body so that your heart is strong enough to be able to actively perform all the necessary functions. After all, a healthy heart is essential for us to live, is not it?

These days all are very cautious about caring for their well-being (well, at least most of us start). The formula for maintaining body health, especially the heart, comes down to one thing – eat well, exercise frequently, deviate from all unhealthy food and, of course, retreat from cigarettes and alcohol. And we follow this formula not only to avoid cardiovascular disease but also to avoid everything related to cancer and all the terrible illnesses we never want to suffer from

But do not you think our body grows, develops , and reactions change over time? In fact, doctors approve this and believe that the medicine is no longer considered the first solution. Now is the time when patients' treatment needs to be changed to cope with changing health and adaptability to us. And on the Internet, we came across a world-renowned heart surgeon, Dr. Dwight Lundel. Here's what to say –

The Doctor Confession

Each time the patient enters and doctors get the slightest hint that the patient may suffer from cardiovascular pro lemma doctors resort to a common workout This is prescribing a patient's medication to lower cholesterol statins and, along with it, they prescribe a diet that strictly restricts all types of fat intake (basically just eating carbohydrates and stay away from all

Why Does It Just Need Change

Why Does It Just Need Change

Shutterstock [19659006]] The answer is simple. High cholesterol is not a factor that causes heart disease. Rather, this is a very serious and ignored condition that causes it. What could that be? Well, the answer is in your heart, in particular, on the walls of the artery. Inflammation and swelling of these walls around the heart is the cause of heart problems in us 2 ). That is why experts believe that we need to change the way we deal with heart problems. Pure medicine will not reduce inflammation; it only reduces cholesterol levels. In addition, this improper remedy not only affects our wallets but also negatively affects our lives.

This does not mean you can get pizza and onion rings with your favorite beer beer. A low calorie diet is very important in order to protect yourself from diseases such as diabetes. [19659904] The New Approach [19659906] Shutterstock

Final Verdict: Stop chronic inflammation (this is the key to reducing heart disease). We should avoid taking foods with sugars, those that are treated with omega-6 oils (they are used to increase the shelf life of food products). These types of foods slowly poison our heart 3 ). Lundell explains this by saying: "Additional sugar molecules are attached to different proteins that in turn damage the blood vessel wall.This repeated injury to the wall of the blood vessels causes inflammation.When you increase your blood sugar levels several times a day, every day is just like taking gravel inside the delicate blood vessels. "

So what does Dr. Lundel do to do? He says: "The return to food is closer to their natural state." This means we have to eat more natural foods like whole fruits and vegetables. And we have to eat foods that will actually help to reduce inflammation-tomatoes, green leafy vegetables and so on (19459015) 4 ). Dr. Lundel says that by doing so, we will eventually reverse the damage we cause to our arteries. And no, this pizza tomato sauce is not considered healthy!

Now we know what to do to keep all the heart diseases in the bay. So, will you join us in this new approach to keep our hearts pumping in glory?

An experienced heart surgeon talks about what really causes heart disease

How my rude room mate became my best friend

How my rude room mate became my best friend

Have you ever wandered into a city to live alone? Well, I did it and then I was 22 years old. I remember the day, the weather and everything else when I first stepped into Bengaluru. For the first time, I was out of the house and said goodbye to the cozy corners of my room. On the recommendation of my friend, I had booked a sharing apartment. She had said she was in the immediate vicinity of everything I loved – malls, parks, street food, and so on.

My thoughts about the new life ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

My thoughts about the new life ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

Shutterstock [19659005] The apartment was beautiful. There was also a pretty view. But what bothered me was sharing a room with someone else. I belong to a nuclear family, and I never found the need to share anything from mine because I am the only child of my parents (now I hear you whisper "luck"). Now, here, I was in a place where I had to share my home with an occasional stranger, a girl I had not even met before. And I had no idea what to expect from my roommate. Would we even have similarities or not? He had no idea! She was not there. Later the owner informed me that she had gone home for a week. This gives me a sense of relief in my head, which has become a nightmare to me – how can I do it myself on the ground? The first two days were chaotic. I could not handle all household tasks, as I did it for the first time. The house is shaking for me, I confess. The third day I started going to work became a little easier; it's easier for me to be so tired I could not see the mess, the only thing my eyes could see was my bed, which just kept saying, "Come to me."

The Roomie Encounter [19659006] Shutterstock

She comes tomorrow! I had butterflies in my stomach. I do not think I'll ever be so excited even to meet a hot man. I was so excited to see my roommate. I started to go home early from work the night before to clean the house. Yes, you heard it right! Now I call it my house, not an apartment. I even added some personal touch, bringing some lilies, changing the colors of curtains, and so on.

The next morning I heard the door open. She was here! I almost jumped off my bed, excited to greet her when she walked into our room. But I stopped when she said, "This is my bed!" I'm sure she hated me being kidnapped by her bed, even if I was in her place was what I thought in my head, but she was rude, right? She did not even greet me! (A loud face)

Oh, I understand her name is Anjali. And it was also more beautiful than I expected from her. (But that does not give her the right to be rude, right?)

From Roomie to become my best friend

  From Roomie to becoming my best friend


her bed. I do that and break the ice by starting a conversation. Of all the little information she sent, I understood that she welcomed from Chennai and just like me, it was the first time she was away from home. She did not seem very interested in my conversations with her. After half an hour she said clearly, "I'm asleep, good night, Shivani." I told a nice evening and went to my own area to think about whether I would find my "sailor" here in Bengaluru

  How my rough old friend became my best friend


I woke up later on the next day (I slept in the little hours, about 3 o'clock in the morning). She had gone and I was glad. There would be no boring scenes now. I cleaned my teeth and went to the kitchen to get my coffee. I was overwhelmed to see my breakfast ready with a note that read "Good Morning Shivani. You have a great day!"

I had this big smile when I saw her. My room is not so rough after all I thought. The breakfast was sweet, a little toast with a nice, fluffy omelet. "Never judge a person from the first meeting" is what I sealed in my head right at this moment.

  How my rough room became my best friend


Over the course of days, my relationship with her became stronger. We were very stuck together. We were studying the city every weekend. We made a nice group of friends and enjoyed our time away from home. She was responsible among us. And I was so much more fun to be with us

Little did I know we were making memories then. And our friendship is already 7 years. I was her bridesmaid at the wedding. We just had to be in order to be best friends forever.

Do you have the room like mine?

A Letter To The Man I Have Been Waiting For

A Letter To The Man I Have Been Waiting For

Did you meet him yet? You know, the man you can call "forever mine"? If you met him, then warmly hug from me to you (you are a happy woman, lady)! And for those of you who have not encountered your life, we all sail on the same boat. I know that sometimes searching for it can affect your mental and emotional state of being and destroy your tranquility. How do I know it? Obviously, I've been there (actually I'm still there, lol)!

I am currently in this phase of life where I get more than e-wedding invitations for my friends and enemies than the number of dating app matches. Every time I sign in to Facebook, my wall is flooded with posts that read "engaged" or "married," and all these fantastic pre-wedding photo albums that have become fury these days. There was a time when people chose wedding destinations; and now is a time when everyone goes ga-over over the target photos (rolls of eyes). Sufficient reasons to feel even more unhappy that you have not yet found your "person to live," right?

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Here's what I did to feel good:
I sat down and wrote him a letter – the man I still waited for to face, the man I would sing and dance in the rain I would like to spend the rest of my life with. And I can not tell you how much relief I felt , after reading my thoughts. No wonder the wise always advised us to write our thoughts. This is the purest form of expression (well, the conditions apply. For those of you who have written, awkward writing, you may not want to, ha-ha). ] Shutterstock

"Hello, my forever to find a man! Do you understand that it takes too much time to get into my life?" In the quest to find you, I jumped from one frog to another, kissing them just for to know that they do not turn into my prince charming Waiting for you takes a long time But I still have not lost faith I know you will come

If you think I'm an angel and I'm not another man, let me tell you that yes, I'm definitely an angel, but I have been in quite a number of relationships. And when I tell you these stories, sure I guess you'd say, "What the hell did you think?"

Hey, but do you understand that you have a bonus here? Because I probably met all the guys, I learned a lot of good lessons from each breakdown, so probably I will be patient with you and will understand you (only when I'm convinced that you are my life for all my life) I think I have a whole document in my head that I would like to read to you Do not worry, this is not a deliberate agreement (winking). Just a small, calm ocean of my thoughts that I thought was best about telling you.

  Letter to the Man I Waited


First, I'm not the type of girl who is cluttered with expensive rings or gifts of this kind. Just a warm embrace every time I met you, maybe a little surprise shakes my cheek while we talk, or maybe a bunch of lilies that can turn my mood into a happy mood (find a hint, gentleman) is all I'd expect. I do not want a partnership, I need a relationship, which means I need most of my time (no appointment or meeting). I'm emotional with everything in my life, especially with my food (call me emotional food)! Whenever you find me poignantly, emotionally, or too annoying to handle, you give me a dark chocolate bar and you will find that I look at you with love and awe instantly. I can become a bit of a bad girl when I'm upset, but that's also an advantage – you'll find me romantic and try to make my upset man smile again

  Letter To The Man I Were in anticipation


Second, I'll have your back, baby! I will be your cheerleader (solo cheerleader, do not expect a girl gang now). I will be this proud partner, appreciate and applaud all my achievements. And I will be a supporting arm that you can rest every time you break things in life. Good or bad weather, both of us together and forever

Finally, I will not promise you the best, I know they will never be perfect either. We will both better help our imperfections. I want some bad fights and all impeccable love too. Because, otherwise, there will be no fun, is it? Our relationships will never be boring in this way. I want to go around the world with you.

Love me, annoy me, annoy me, hurt me – for I am yours. (But you are messing with me and you will wish you never met me.)

  Letter to the Man I Waited


I patiently wait for the day when our paths will pass. I made best friends with the universe so we can both get the best signals to know if we thought about each other. Until then, I will continue to wait for you – my future – happily – always after. "

Your Love Happily – First Genre:

Pomegranate Peel Does Wonders

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Pomegranate Peel Does Wonders

Does he also reject chicken from pomegranate? Well, we do the same. Until we meet his health benefits. Fruits have always been known for their rich source of vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to the body and mind. Similarly, the pomegranate is one such fruit, which we think can be called the heavenly habitation of the fruit. We often consume only solid pomegranates and reject the skin. But it has been found that bark has much more than powerful antioxidants than pulp itself. (19659003] The skin of the pomegranate contains ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


Now the pomegranate bark has helped not only improve our health but also the health of our hair and skin. 3 ) And we know that the bark does not taste like ariles, so you think how we can use them on the ground of your hair, for consumption, right? Here we have all your answers. Let's read together

  Now pomegranate bark helps to improve not only our health


1. Fighting Pimples, Acne and Rash

The healing properties of pomegranate bark help fight all three of these problems in the most effective way. Peeling this fruit contains rich antioxidants that help keep all bacteria (and anything that develops skin infection) in the bay.

Use it like this: Dry the sun on a pomegranate or drain a heated pan. Once cooled, drop them into a blender to get a smooth powder. Mix it with lemon juice (you can even use rose water). Now apply this paste on your face (concentrate more on areas where there are acne or skin rashes). Once the paste has dried on the face, wash it with lukewarm water.

2. Prevents wrinkles, any signs of aging

  Prevents wrinkles, any aging signs


Pomegranate roots have properties that prevent collagen degradation in the skin. Therefore, cell growth is more and as a result there will be no signs of wrinkles.

Use it as follows: Take two spoons of the sun-dried pomegranate. Add some milk (or rose water if you have oily skin) to make a smooth paste. Apply it on your face and let it sit until it dries. Wash your face with some lukewarm water and continue this two or three times a week to see the results.

3. Sore throat treatment

Who loves to suffer from a sore throat? This makes it impossible for us to eat and drink what we love. But, the next time you have a painful throat, just put your hands on some pomegranate pills to calm your throat.

Use it like this: You do not have to be a chef for this. Simply pour the sun-dried pomegranate into water. Push the mixture and the gargoyle with it. This will give you relief from the sore throat

4. Defender against Heart Disease

  Defender against Heart Disease


Roots have antioxidants that help fight critical illnesses like heart disease. It helps for the health of our heart by reducing cholesterol levels and also stress 4 )

Use it like this: Wrap the habit of drinking not only warm water but add tea spoon full of pomegranate powder. Mix it well and pour it. And make sure your heart's health improves without stress. Only drink is not useful. You should follow a good exercise regime and a healthy diet together.

5. Protection from hair loss and dandruff

Not only can the skin get the benefits, even our hair can extract all the goodness from these peels. Peeling has properties that can get rid of dandruff and increase hair growth, thus preventing hair from falling

Use it like this: Mix powder with a little hair oil. Apply this mixture to the roots of your hair (there are the problems) and massage your head well. After two hours, wash your hair with a very soft shampoo

Quick Guide to Making Pomegranate

  Quick Guide to Making Pomegranate


So the next time eat pomegranate, you definitely know that you should not throw away peeling, Everything that our mother nature gives us has benefits. We just need to be educated about it.

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10 Thoughts I had When I Compared Kuch Kuch Hota Hai To Student Of The Year

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10 Thoughts I had When I Compared Kuch Kuch Hota Hai To Student Of The Year

What is one important thing to make a film of Karan Yohar? These are not foreign locales or super-picturesque love songs. These are love stories and love triangles. With movies like Kuch Kuch Hota Ha and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham Karan Jahar redefines college life and family drama for us. I found out that life is a bit "extra" in these movies, but I'm nevertheless a fan.

At the beginning of my life, I began to believe that the college should have been everything for fun, sports and love, what about research? Well, who goes to college to study anyway? I was only a three-year-old monk when I released Kuch Kuch Hota Ha and as I grew up to look at it, I was fascinated by Rahul's cool relationship, enchanted by Tina's style and Angelo's puzzling attractiveness. It was one of the movies I loved during my childhood. And why not love him? It creates icons of college studenthood. That told us children, that " Pyaar Dosti hai " (Love is friendship). This made us fall in love with the concept of summer camps. And most importantly, she taught us that the Yankees had grown up to be the hottest women.

So a decade and a half later, Karan Yohar came out with another refreshing love triangle set in an international school – of the year. This time I was watching him with my friends at school. The movie was released at a time when I was in my final year of school, and we were all excited to watch a story of love and friendship amidst school. But when we draw parallels between KKHH and SOTY, just like the first, the latter is also associated with unrealistic students. Students who are under shiny clothes and a heavy dose of Yohar's beauty are caught up in their stories that arise from love, friendship and family. Well, it seems that we are conquered forever in this realm of cinema.

Just like me, you too, do you find the resemblance between the two movies? Here's what I noticed when I compared the two:

1. Kuchch Kuch Huta Hai is about Rahul, Tina, and Anjali. The student of the year is about Abhimanyu, Shanaya, and Rohan. What is shown between the three is obviously the love triangle I understand that both films are built on the same basis.


2. Rahul was the coolest man in St. Javier College, and Rohan was the most sought-after, rich and beautiful piece in St. Therese. Is it true that they both cared for their ego with what women have received? Shanaya was crazy about Rohan, but Rohan always kept his options for the hottest boy in town. Are they ringing? Rahul did that too, did not he? Anjali has always been on Rahul's side, but has spared friendly groups for all women. Rahul and Rohan were about to follow beautiful women and flirt with them

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3. I realized there was always a third person to realize that a woman was nice and worthy to be loved In SOTH, Abihanouu's growing attachment to Shannaya made Rohan jealous and finally admit your love for her. And at the KCCH, an eight-year-old girl does this work.


Let's talk about the directors. Both Questions are single and lustful after the love of their lives – in SOTY, director Yoghinnad Vassih, has overwhelmed the coach of the football team, and in the KQXH, Malgrat is seen with the buttons for his colleague Ms. Braganza. The only difference is that SOTY talks about love love.


There is no big difference between the directors' liberal attitudes. Both of them, Rishi Capore and Anupam Kerr, play the role of liberal and loving principles who try to hold the students in line


6. Regardless of the innocent portrayal of love and acceptance, both (19459005), Alia and Kayol fall into love interests of Rohan and Rahul respectively. 7. There is something about the sport and these two movies. One had basketball and the other had soccer. Both films use the field of sport to build a relationship between leading characters. In KKHH, Anjali and Rahul are friends of basketball, and in SOTY, Abhimanyu and Rohan are seen competing with each other to win not only the trophy but also the heart of Shanya. 19659002] 8. Both films teach you that the hardest thing in college and school has nothing to do with research but there are many things related to broken friendships, twisted races, and complex love triangles.

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I understand that both films believe that friendship is what makes you fall in love with one another. The KKHH is quite obvious, but in SOTY, the relationship between Abhimanyu and Shanaya is the product of their friendship. There is a strong emphasis on Bollywood's most popular opinion that Ladka aur ladki kabhi enough nahi ho sakte ( boy and girl can never be friends)

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10. And, on the other hand, Student of the Year little children are not afraid of shooting with disgust with tact, locking the lips with a pancreas and a parade around in their cozy beachwear. This is quite different from the perfectly affectionate temperament of

Student of the Year and Kuch Kuch Huta Hai were both the films the young man loved and valued. Regardless of their similarities or differences, both films create a story and talk about the city for the longest time. Do not Think

What Do You Think About Both Movies? Let us know in the comments below.
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What I Love And Hate About Kareena Kapoor vs Alia Bhatt

What I Love And Hate About Kareena Kapoor vs Alia Bhatt

Bollywood is by itself, and if you do not own it in order to own this world, you could pack your bags and leave. I'm a Bollywood fan and I have a share of my favorites. But I am particularly intrigued by these two superstar children – Carriana Kapor Khan and Alia Bhat – who understood the seriousness of the show business at the beginning of her career. Already in their first films, they decided to own the show. The fact that both belong to two different generations and different epochs of Bollywood can not be missed. But both are an integral part of the film industry.

Having said all this, I can not decide who I like anymore. So I decided to make a list of what I love and things I love to hate for Carriana Kapor Khan and Alia Bhat.

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What I Love about Carriana Kapour vs. Alia Bhat

1. The End of the Face: Pooh vs. Shanaya


Is this just me or do you think Pooh is the original Shanaya? I think Pooh and Shanaya have a lot of things in common, do not you think? (We're not talking about Rander Kapor) Pooh is all about herself, and she believed in being above the top. And the best thing is that she does not care what others think. Shania was the same, except that she was more relaxed. I love both of you having met me with these heroes. It's like watching the whole movie of Gossip Girl, which is overturning in Pooh and Shanaya

2. Carey's self-confidence against Alia's ability to laugh at her

I saw Karaina hanging the talk hosts and the journalists with such a noise that it was the vision to die. By owning any kind of costume to express her opinion, she looses confidence. On the other hand, Alia is very relativistic to most of us (I think I am walking like her all the time). She laughs at her own jokes and the best thing is that she laughs at herself when it's a joke of the day. Well, that requires a lot of courage! Do not forget that her infamous Kofi with Karan test and the consistent "" Genius of the Year " video? Alia's calming voice against Carina Tumkas's assassin


If I could sing as Alia, I would be on cloud nine. This soothing voice in Samjhaawan is definitely something I love about her. While Carina may not be a singer, she can definitely make you fall apart over the killers. From You're My Sonia to Taarefaan She Dances On Its Way To Glory

4. Carian's dependence on Alia's suicide

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I love how Karina taught us that self-esteem is not a bad thing in the end. Her famous dialogue from Jab We Met " The main fan of Apne is a serious inspiration to all the girls there, because it is important to love yourself, and even less, indifferent. Alista is a dirty and quiet rockstar who believes in the finer version of self-deception or what I call self-mania.It's Makegra makeup is full of beautiful homemade make-up, no makeup, home suicide, suicide car, suicide for training, all under the sun

5. Karina's untenable attitude against odhodyashtoto regards Alia

Just like me (but ten times brighter), Karina makes mistakes. And she has selected some floppy movies, but she unconditionally recognizes her mistakes and holds for everything she has ever done. It's just wow! Alia is not far behind in this aspect. She was huddled and mocked for most of her first days in Bollywood. But she never stepped back. (19659021) What I Love to Hate for Carriana Capour vs. Alia Bhat [19659905] 1. Carina Knows Everything Against Alia Ignore All

Bebo may not be on social media but has eyes and ears all over the world. She gets first-hand information about everything! It's a tact, is not it? This is slightly different from Alia, the queen of social media. She does not seem to catch the news that does not deal with her.

2. Carina is her own PR against Alia, who does everything for her

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This is something that captivates me and annoys me at the same time. Carina will tell you that she is incredible and that she is the best. She does not need anyone else to do it for her. In this aspect, Alia is slightly different. She has the whole word to make her a PR for her. From Karan Johhar to Ranbir Kapor, everyone will tell you that Alia is incredible. Oh, guys, seriously, we know you're all friends and co-authors, give us a break!

3. Keith's Cat Fights Alia's Appearance

While Bebo was scandalous for her cat battles with most of her stars (Priyanka Chopra and Bipasha Basu), Alia is just the opposite.

This extra genius is a bit difficult to find. Sometimes it confuses me. She's a girlfriend with everyone in the block (I mean, say, even after "kata" from the bag)!

4. Carina's online absence from Alia's offline intelligence

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I hate that Kareina is so antisocial media. It's nice to hunt your favorite celebrities you know
Also, I hate that Alia is so anti-general knowledge. I know I can not judge, but I like my favorite being perfect.

Well, let's just admit you have nothing to hate for both. Kareny and Alia are wild in their own way, and they have controlled Bollywood with the flexibility, the shine and the enviable skill set. The reasons to love them will continue to increase. Hate them or love them, but do not ignore them. And I still can not decide who's better. So, who is your favorite? Why do you love them? What I love and hate for Carriana Kapour vs. Alia Bhat seems first to STYLECRAZE .