Are You In A Toxic Relationship? 7 Screaming Signs To Notice

Are You In A Toxic Relationship? 7 Screaming Signs To Notice

Love is blind – we have often heard this saying. But there are many among us who experience the lack of blind love. When we fall in love, our partner is the most beautiful person for us, from the inside out. Even if they hurt you and don't give you an explanation or an excuse, you are somehow inventing these things in your mind. Yes, you get everything creative and kind during the wrong situations and fill the big boxes that he / she makes in your heart. Even if your relationship has not been toxic before and you do not meet with a toxic person, in a few months it becomes toxic. You may not realize that things have changed because you are so in love with your partner. Or in worst-case scenarios, you know everything is okay but you don't respond because you don't want to lose a person or do something to endanger your relationship. So you end up comforting or sinking into a swamp full of self-loathing and pity.

This is wrong and being in a toxic relationship can literally wear you down. However, there are chances that you are overthinking and just encountering regular pairs of problems. So how do you distinguish between the two situations? Well, don't worry, because we're here to help. Below are seven signs you should notice if you feel you are in a toxic relationship. Read on to know more.

1. All take and don't give

  All take and don't give


You give, you give, you give and then you give a little more. We know you love your partner, even though sometimes they make you feel that they don't love you that much. Plan your birthday parties, surprise them with sweet gestures, go out of your way to help them with their tasks and take care of them in any other way. But do you think they do the same for you? If not as much as you, at least half of it? We're not talking about expensive gifts or fabulous candle light dinners. Do you think your partner is making an effort to make you happy? If not, stop giving everything you have and talk to them about how they make you feel.

2. Verbal / Emotional / Sexual / Physical Abuse



Every kind of abuse is a big NO in every relationship. If your partner abuses you verbally, emotionally or physically, this is a clear sign that you are in a toxic relationship. Sexual abuse can also occur in relationships, even if you are married. If love is not consensual, it is abuse – even if you are married to a person. Marriage or engagement does not entitle anyone to own you and force you to endure things you do not want. Try to take your partner to a counselor or go to double counseling together. And if you think your partner does not deserve this chance, just drop everything and move on.

3. Narcissism without stopping

  Narcissism without stopping


Narcissism is when one feels that he is entitled to everything. They feel they are righteous and blind in their knowledge. They are so intrinsic that they cannot stand the criticism or belittle them. One of the main characteristics of a narcissist is that they always want someone to eat, to guarantee them that they are great. If you are this person, you will find yourself with a low level of confidence and always self-doubt.

4. Critique



Criticism is good only if it is constructive. If your partner continues to choose everything you do and assess your every breath, you are definitely in a toxic relationship. We are sure this will drive you crazy in the long run. In addition, after a while, you will feel like a goalkeeper and will seek constant confirmation from your partner. You have to break this wheel if you love yourself.

5. Dishonesty



A relationship filled with lies (even if they are small) is not healthy. Combine this with big greasy lies and infidelity, you are in a whirlwind of emotional trauma. Dishonesty is the worst thing that can happen in a relationship. Don't put up with a dishonest partner, no matter how much you love them.

6. I feel low / drained all the time

  Feels weak


Because you receive and receive nothing but negative things in return, you feel sad, exhausted and frustrated. You are a strong and caring heart withstanding all the pain and going forward in the name of your relationship, which was once a story for you. We recognize that it is heartbreaking, but you need to get out of this situation.

7. Too Many Limitations

  Too Many Limitations


If your partner puts too many restrictions on you, they are too masterful and you don't trust them at all, you should talk to them. Sometimes these things can be deeply ingrained in your partner's mind. In such cases, seek the assistance of a counselor. And even then, if your partner is limiting your personal space and growth, choose what's right for your serenity.

The loss of someone we love sucks. But losing yourself while putting up with a toxic partner is the worst. Always remember to put yourself and your calm in front of anyone. We hope this article will help you understand the things that went wrong in your relationship and that you will make an informed decision to improve things.

If you were already in a toxic relationship, how did you handle it? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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Fashion Disasters That Never Should Have Happened

Fashion Disasters That Never Should Have Happened

Fashion and time, both stop for no one. In the last centuries we have seen that many fashion trends come and go (if they do not try). I divide fashion trends into three – vampires, zombies, dead and persecuted! Well, the first category includes those trends that came into our lives and never left. This includes jeans, leather jackets, small black dress (LBD), suede jackets, bold red lips and animal prints. Zombie trends are the ones who die and then come back alive later. For example, trends are growing these days, with crop tops, sling bags, tight eyebrows, high waist pants, shoulder pads, overalls, chokers, and bandanas being huge hits decades ago.


The third category is the famous star of the show here. These are trends that are dead and gone. We sincerely hope that they do not return. However, some are alive in random places around the world because not everyone follows fashion and some people have unique tastes (hey! We don't judge). So, what are these fashion trends that should never happen? Let's look at them!

1. Denim Shoes

  Denim Shoes


Yep. They exist. With the fashion industry falling for denim heels, some people have taken it too far with fabric. Denim is everywhere! There are shirts, pants, jackets, bags and even accessories. But shoes? No, they do not look so good and we are glad that people are above this trend. P.S: This rule does not apply to denim sneakers that are completely fine.

2. Narrow T-Shirts with Gods / Casual Actors on Them


Religion is a pretty sensitive topic, but seeing people wear tight T-shirts with Lord Hanuman, and the color prints of Jesus on them look very strange. If they are designed better, they might look good. But a few years ago, such live, printed T-shirts and straps were very common. The same applies to prints of actors and models. We really hope that such a catastrophe will never happen to us.

3. Cringe T-shirts


Again, vulgar and decent inscriptions and t-shirt images are complete disasters. It wasn't a big trend, but then many people thought it was cool. We are glad that people no longer wear them (at least most of them).

4. Too Rip Pedal Jeans


Torn jeans are hot! But they must be pulled out in a certain way and worn in style. Otherwise, you'll look like a poor guy who can't afford new clothes (yes! That's exactly what your mother says). Make sure you don't rip your jeans too much if you do it yourself. Learn trends and techniques before trying to kill your good old pair of jeans. Also, if you want to stay on the safer side, please buy already torn jeans.

5. Exclusive low waist pants

  Extremely low waist pants


A decade ago, low waist pants and jeans were a trend. High school and college kids wore them everywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if you admit that you've seen cracks in your ass in public because of this trend. And thank goodness today we have trends in the middle and high growth – aren't they more comfortable?

6. MC Hammer trousers

  MC Hammer trousers


MC Hammer trousers, often known as parachute trousers (although they are different), are pants that are worn predominantly by men. They were mainly worn by hip-hopers and were popularized by MC Hammer, who often wore them during his concerts. Although this was a huge trend several years ago, it seems that people are coping with them.

7. Dogs as Accessories

  Dogs as Accessories

Source: Telegraph

You might think it's cute, but not really that much. Carrying your pet along with everything dressed up is cute. But having small dogs as pets just so you can show them as part of your costume is not good. Popular as bag dogs and popularized by celebrities like Paris Hilton, these dogs are considered abandoned in large numbers ( 1 ). Now this is not fashion, it is just EVIL!

8. Leather and Leather

  Leather and Leather


Speaking of evil, don't you remember the trend that killed innocent animals in the name of fashion? Well, we do not deny that fur and skin look great on human beings. That is why today we have fake skins and skins. They are cheaper and look just as good as the real ones. Now, if you really want the skin of a dead animal on your body, please think twice if it's worth living.

9. Hungover Makeup

  Hungover Makeup

Source: Dailymail

Believe it or not, there was something known as "hangover makeup". stressed puffy eyes! It was quite popular in countries like Japan, but slowly spread to the rest of the world. The women used red blush under their eyes and kept oily hair to get this look. Fashion really works in mysterious ways! We're glad people don't put on this makeup unless they play a movie or something.

Well, what does not exist, we know that our taste develops for good. Which of these fashion disasters shocked you the most? Do you still like any of them? Share your thoughts with us in the comments before.

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6 Teas That Help In Weight Loss, It’s Better Than Your One Hour At Gym

6 Teas That Help In Weight Loss, It’s Better Than Your One Hour At Gym

If you have had many unsuccessful attempts at weight loss fitness, you should have already understood that it takes more than just training to lose weight. What we drink and eat also plays a major role in maintaining the health of our bodies. There can be no direct way to lose weight, but there are easy ways to achieve the goal. One of these easy ways is by drinking tea.

After water, tea is considered the most consumed beverage in the world. This fragrant drink originates in Asia.

  6 Teas That Help With Weight Loss, Better Than An Hour At The Gym These benefits include protecting our cells from damage and even reducing the risk of critical illnesses such as heart problems (<a href= 1 ).

There are several studies that talk about how drinking certain types of tea helps to lose weight and reduce belly fat ( 2 ). Now that we have this secret, let's delve into teas for weight loss. But first, let's look at who these are.

1. Puerh Tea

  Puerh Tea


This Puerh tea belongs to the Chinese black tea family. The uniqueness of this tea is that it is fermented. It has an earthy aroma and a taste for it the longer it ferments. The fermentation of this tea is carried out by a chemical reaction between the sun-dried tea and the beneficial bacteria. In addition, this tea is usually drunk after a meal. Studies have shown that this tea helps to increase weight loss ( 3 ). This tea is also known to lower blood sugar and triglyceride levels ( 4 ).

Taking this tea after a meal helps to convert the fat you ate into your food directly into energy, therefore there is no fat accumulation.

2. Black Tea

  Black Tea


What makes black tea different from other teas is that it undergoes more oxidation than others. Therefore, this tea has the characteristic dark, black color. You will find many blends of this tea on the market. However, English breakfast and Earl Gray are the most popular. Black tea is rich in flavonoids (antioxidants) that are associated with weight loss ( 5 ). Polyphenols present in black tea also help to increase the intestines of short-chain fatty acids – this increases metabolism

3. Oolong Tea

  Oolong Tea


This tea is from the Chinese community. It is partially oxidized and falls between green and black tea in terms of color. People love to drink this tea because of its fruity aroma and aroma. There are several studies out there that prove that drinking Oolong tea helps to lose weight because it improves metabolism and speeds up the fat burning process in the body ( 6 ). Oolong tea is also rich in caffeine and catechin; these two substances together help to maintain lean body mass ( 7 ). So if you are looking for fruit tea to indulge and reap the benefits of losing weight, your search ends here.

4. White Tea

  White Tea


This tea requires a lot of attention! It is slightly processed and the tea leaves are carefully selected while the tea plants are still young. Its distinctive aroma sets it apart from other teas. It tastes slightly sweet, tender and subtle. For years, the benefits of white tea have been well researched and range from improving overall health to even killing cancer cells ( 8 ). The most unique feature of this tea is that it inhibits the formation of new fat cells. And as there is a decrease in new fat cells, even weight gain is reduced.

5. Rooibos Tea

  Rooibos Tea


Herbal teas are a blend of herbs, fruits and spices. Among them, the most popular is Rooibos tea. This herbal tea is made from the thin stems and leaves of a South African shrub, Aspalathus linearis. Studies have shown that this tea actively helps to lose weight ( 9 ). It is also rich in aspartate and notophagin (antioxidants), which cleans harmful oxygen radicals that are capable of damaging DNA. It also helps with insulin resistance and management of good blood sugar levels.

6. Cinnamon Tea

  Cinnamon Tea


Cinnamon is a sweet smelling spice, it is widely used in many dishes to add this delicate richness and warmth. This tea is very low in calories and helps control blood sugar levels. This leads to less calorie consumption, thus reducing weight gain. Regular consumption of cinnamon tea improves the overall health of our digestive system, which helps to better eliminate fat from our body ( 10 ). Let us not forget that cinnamon has the third highest level of antioxidants from any other spice or herb in the world.

Do you know of any other tea that helps in healthy weight loss and improves body metabolism? Also, comment on your favorite slimming tea below.

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5 Comfortable Alternatives For Brides Who Can’t Handle Heels On Their Wedding Day

5 Comfortable Alternatives For Brides Who Can’t Handle Heels On Their Wedding Day

Being a bride is a dream for all girls out there, right? We have been dreaming of the big day ever since we were little! And in a country like India, marriage is nothing less than a festival celebrated with pomp and grandeur. There are so many efforts that make a marriage event a success.

To this day, every guest's eyes are on the bride. Right from the uncle next door to distant relatives, everyone is scanning what the bride is wearing on her big day. The bride's parents literally dress their daughter as if she were a symbol of how wealthy they are. The leenge would be about 2-3 kg, the jewelry would be about 1 kg, right? We know it sounds weird, but that's how a bride should look on her big day here. It must look like a royal dream!

  She has to look like a royal dream She is not worried about either the heavy bridal gown or the heavy jewelry. All that bothers her is how she will match the height of her beauty, carrying all these heavy things. And if you answer "heels," you'll probably hear her yell "no," which is understandable! Who on earth can handle the heavy toe heels? It is very painful. </p>
<p>  And not every bride dreams of shaking Jimmy Choo's heels that are heaven! But do not worry from all the brides to get there, we have solved this problem for you. Here are some great alternatives for your big day. Discard these heels and choose one of these alternatives. </p>
<h2>  # 1 Mojaris Or Juttis </h2>
<div id=  Mojaris Or Juttis


They also have royal significance! And nowadays you will find numerous brands that make personalized Juttis or Mojaris that match your outfits. You can choose those that have delicate embroideries or those that have sequins that work on them. You can also include elements such as stones, ghungroos . This traditional shoe blends perfectly with traditional clothing. You can also get your name and the name of your handsome embroidered on it. And these alternatives are offered mostly in all sizes. Brides with big feet, your problem is solved!

# 2 Ballerinas



If you think you don't want to take the traditional route with your shoes but are looking for something like Utis then ballerinas are the answer. They're like a legitimate modern look at our Utis right? The ballet suites are also super sweet. Be the ones with colored ribbons, shiny or printed – these suites are super comfortable and add that extra flair to your outfits.

# 3 Brogues


indieweddingfair / Instagram

Brogues at the wedding? No, we didn't lose it at all! Everything from the past years seems to make up, as well as good luck. These days you can find brogues with an ethnic touch to them. You'll find brogues made from crepe fabric and floral sequins. This Irish shoe is bound to give your clothing a modern makeup. You can also choose the one with low current – they are comfortable, don't worry!

# 4 Sneakers


bandbaajaa / Instagram

Yep, you read the right ladies! Wearing embellished or just plain running shoes is a trend these days. Even celebrities love it. Haven't you seen Deepika Deepika wearing her at one of her wedding celebrations? You can either design it or just do it yourself. All you need is your favorite pair of running shoes. Use glue and paste some decorations on it or just paint them in gold or in any color that matches your wedding dress.

# 5 Cat Heels or Wedges

  Cat Heels or Wedges


It may be that it is over six feet tall and this can be a problem for at least the photos as you do not want look short. And if you want to wear a comfortable heel, then choose cat heels as they are the right size. They are neither too tall nor too flat. Another good option is wedge heels. They are comfortable and pain free. Both of these alternatives form a win-win situation and they also solve the trouble of your shoes. Go for plain, printed, sequined or embellished. These options will make you feel tall and comfortable at the same time.

It is true that the right pair of shoes can add an extra sparkle to your overall outfit. Now you know you have a good set of options, right? So, wonder about expensive brides. We recommend that you first finalize your wedding attire and then choose comfortable shoes to go with it. If you want to customize your shoes, then do it in advance to save time and relax in the last few days before your big day.

If you are already a lady What did you wear to your wedding? We are curious! Let us know in the comments section below.

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Does He Love Me? 5 Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Does He Love Me? 5 Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Love You Anymore

To fall in love is the most beautiful thing, right? But does the problem of your loved one, your husband falling in love with you, bother you? What if he just wasn't that in you, would you be able to recognize his signs?

You always thought you would be with him all your life. You know, we don't have species split to death. But you have no idea how the void has grown in his heart. And here you are, spending your nights worrying and wondering about what must have gone wrong between you two so badly that the divorce talks have started now.

  5 marks that your husband no longer loves you


This does not necessarily mean that he has found another woman. It may turn out that once he gets married, he realizes that marriage is no longer his thing and it is better to give up on him than to burden one another. There are many things that can lead to situations such as divorce, lack of love, but remember ladies that if the love affair between your spouse and you is real – you can navigate through every chance and turn any situation to your advantage. The key to a long-lasting relationship is to never give up.

But you have to know the signs that he is losing his love for you to start working on it, right? You need to keep an eye on these signs to understand that he is not that in you. Here is a list of some of these characters. Read and be cautious.

1. He rarely communicates with you

  He rarely communicates with you


We always make this mistake, some women always defend this communication problem by saying, "And what if he doesn't communicate much. That doesn't mean he doesn't love me. "If your husband has not communicated with you very much, it clearly shows that he falls in love with you.

If you see him doing only his thing in the house, it is definitely a sign that you have started having problems between the two.

2. He discusses marriage in a negative light

  He discusses a marriage in a negative light


Men always like to solve problems. They do this even in the case of relationships. If the man is dedicated, he will fix and resolve the fight between you two no matter what.

But if your husband is no longer in this marriage, the voice that once speaks with love, concern, and care becomes a voice that feels peaceful and hopeless. If he says things like "is it all worth it?", It just translates to "I'm no longer happy."
So he decides to basically end his life with you.

3. He's out

  He's always


When you're in love with someone, you naturally want to spend more and more time with them, right? If your husband does not want to spend time with you and always finds reasons to be outside, this is a negative sign that you should pay attention to. In such situations, you can either sit down and talk to him about it. Or find out if he really lost interest in you because you have to become a very serious person after handling all the responsibilities of the house.

Tell him bluntly that you need him around. If he could help you with your work. Both of you will make time for each other.

4 you won't be bored. Your suspicion of cheating on you

  Your suspicion of cheating on you


It is a universal fact that every woman must understand that some men cheat and this fact can never be changed. So, if you find that your husband is interested in other women he has never done before, he is certainly cheating, or at least planning. And if you come across some evidence that proves his infidelity, then you must be worried about something.

If you think you can't handle a cheating person, you should leave him and move on with your life. Don't let him fool you.

5. He cut off late criticizing you the most

  He was late criticizing you the most


It's different when someone criticizes you to make you a better person. It's called constructive criticism. Another thing is when your husband tries to criticize his colleagues or family friends. This is very harmful to the soul, isn't it? If he constantly makes fun of things that are beyond your control, then his kind words can be used by him only with the thought of undermining you.

What women need to realize here is that this is a very common tactic that men love using. They want to undermine and injure their wives so that the women leave their husbands alone. In the end, the scene looked like his wife leaving him. Do not become a prey to this tactic If your husband criticizes you in the wrong way, return it to him. Make him realize he is a demon by doing it.

It is very important that you recognize each of these signs. If so, try to find a solution and keep your relationship. If you think this is the best thing to do, do it. Have you ever felt that your husband no longer loves you? How did you handle the situation? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Finest Bollywood Actors Who Don’t Follow Stardom

Finest Bollywood Actors Who Don’t Follow Stardom

Acting is a true talent, but to become a star requires a lot more than playing. Fortunately, not every actor is crazy about fame and money and some of them are really dedicated to their passion for acting on camera. These are the actors who always get away from mainstream cinema. After all, their contribution to a big budget movie is hardly recognized, and even if it does, it is always overshadowed by the starryness and brilliance of the movie. This is true of most film industries, but it's pretty obvious in Bollywood. But we are glad that we have actors who concentrate on giving true moviegoers a taste of good cinema rather than showing off their six packs and making films masala .

If you are not an ardent film fan, you might not even know some of these actors and their contributions to the film industry. But these actors really deserve to be recognized for their talent and hard work, so we decided to introduce you to some of them in this article. So, go ahead and read about some of the best Bollywood actors who don't go behind the star but totally deserve it.

1. Radhika Apte

  Radhika Apte

radhikaofficial / Instagram

If you've seen Lust Stories another hit mini-series on Netflix, you'll know how amazing Radhika Apte is! For her role in the miniseries, she was nominated for the Emmys International Best Actress Award this year. Also, Lust Stories and Sacred Games both mini-series in which Radhika Apte acted, was nominated for an award in their specific Emmys category. Now you can imagine the quality of the projects in which it works, right? Also, be sure to watch the Ghoul mini-series in which Radhika gave a remarkable performance.

You have to watch Radhika movies : Manjhi: The Mountain Man, Parched, Antaheen, Phobia, Hunterrr, Badlapur

2. Irfan Khan

  Irfan Khan

irrfan / Instagram

Irfan Khan is one of the finest actors that Bollywood is proud to own. He is not a star, but in terms of acting he is better than many of the "stars" out there. He has played in big-budget films in both Hollywood and Bollywood, but we've never really felt that a person is in glory.

You should watch Irfan films : The Lunchbox, Paan Singh Tomar, Maqbool, Life In A Metro, Piku, Life Of Pi, The Namesake

3. Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Nawazuddin is one of the best actors there is today. His talent and hard work began to be noticed lately, but the work of the man has always been an absolute pleasure for the eyes. Navazuddin's reach and depth are much higher than you have ever seen, people! Don't believe us? Watch a few episodes of Sacred Games !

You have to watch Navazuddin movies : Badlapur, Gangs Of Wasseypur 2, Manjhi: The Mountain Man, Raman Raghav 2.0, Manto, Haraamhor

4. Kalki Koechlin

  Kalki Koechlin

kalkikanmani / Instagram

Kalki is one of the most underrated actresses to ever have! She is beautiful, talented and gives one after the other exquisite performances. However, her choice of films keeps her away from most of the glamor and glamor. You may know her, but how many of her films have you watched? In addition to films, she has appeared in the popular Netflix series Sacred Games and has done quite well so far.

Must Watch Films Of Kalki : Shanghai, Dev D, That girl in yellow boots, Margarita with a straw, waiting

5. Abhay Deol

  Abhay Deol

abhaydeol / Instagram

Abhay Deol is another actor whose talent goes beyond borders. He is probably the least popular Deol because he doesn't chase the star. He has done some amazing work over the years and his selection of films is inspiring. If you love movies that really mean anything, you should follow Abhay Deol's career.

You have to watch Abhay movies : Dev D, Shanghai, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Manorama Six Feet Under

6. Konkona Sen Sharma

  Konkona Sen Sharma

konkona / Instagram

Coco again is another actress who has proven that you don't have to be a size zero and meet the ridiculous standards of a heroine to make good movies. Some of her films are full of talent, and you can't stop falling in love with her.

You have to watch Koncona movies : Mr. And Mrs. Ayer, page 3, 15 Park Avenue, Omkara, Life on the Subway

7. Manoj Bajpayee

  Manoj Bajpayee

bajpayee.manoj / Instagram

The recipient of two national awards is rocking on Amazon Prime The Family Man these days. Manoj Bajpayee has been working in Bollywood for a long time, but not many of us know much about him. This is definitely because he values ​​his career in acting, not in terms of stars and money.

You have to watch Manoj movies : Satya, Shool, Pinjar, Gangs Of Wasseypur, Special 26, Aligarh

These are just a few names from the big pool. Actors such as Ratna Patak Shah, Contri Patak, Vicrant Massi, Pankaj Tripaty, Atul Kulkarni, Kay Kay Menon, Nandita Das, Richa Chadda, Tabu and Swat Tripati also deserve to be on the list above. Hopefully, over time, viewers will begin to appreciate real acting skills rather than confusing dances and storylines and masala storylines and actors like these will gain their worthy place in the spotlight. Which of these actors do you think is most underrated? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Study Points Out 12 ‘Modern Inconveniences’ For Adults

In this day and age, just about anything is accessible by the push of a button, a message drop, or a Google search. Gone are the days when you have to go to a restaurant to get food. Nowadays you can dine, dessert and puree, all delivered to your doorstep without having to interrupt your Netflix beating session. The 21st century has truly changed the lives of all of us. And while these appliances have helped simplify life at times, sometimes they can be quite frustrating. We have put together a list of minor inconveniences that may prove most annoying. Intrigued? Well, then read on. Here is a list of times when adults are confronted with these modern inconveniences:

1. When you forget your passwords


There really is nothing as remarkable as the human brain. He can remember any lyrics to the latest Katy Perry song you heard, but forgets important details like the wedding anniversary and the password to your account. Even worse, this is an email account you created on the day whose password you also forgot. (UV)

2. Slow WiFi connection


This is a third world problem that we are all strangers to. There is nothing more surprising than interrupting your Netflix session with Mr. Ruter. Seriously, can he leave already?

3. Mobile Data Exhaustion


This one can really sting. In a parallel universe that depletes mobile data, it is the equivalent of a heart attack. With missing data, you now have to resort to other fun measures. Like reading the ingredients of a bottle of shampoo while you pop.

4. Ads That Don't Have a Skip Button


Those twenty-five seconds feel more like twenty-five minutes. And when you have to experience the same ad twice, it causes your brain to melt away from all the rage!

5. Foods that take more than 30 minutes to arrive


Do you know how in movies husbands will look longingly out of their window, expecting husbands to return from war? Well, thanks to our delivery partner, we now know how this should feel. (Serious man, is he bringing me his pizza or making it?)

6. People who call you when you ask for a text message


Life is difficult when your YouTube video is interrupted by an unwanted call. The issue can easily be discussed in several texts and gifs. Now you have to watch your phone ring until they decide to hang up.

7. When Your Phone Dies


Remember how we talked about mobile data leaks? Well, the only thing more heartbreaking than that is that your phone dies. Suddenly those dark days without mobile data start to look like paradise. If low mobile data is one of the betrayed exes, then the low battery of the phone is the other and together they work together to try to kill your vibration.

8. When you straighten your hair and it rains


There is really nothing more humbling than getting Mother Nature to transform your elegant hair worthy of a salon (which you spent nearly an hour in work) into afro straight from a music video from the 90s Sigh.

9. Cracking Your Phone


Everyone is a mature adult, able to handle emotions in a complicated way until their phone falls. Suddenly their phone is in pieces and they are the kind and you are not sure which one to take first.

10. Not enough room for leg travel


He remembers those precious days you spent in high school making fun of short people. Well, suddenly they don't look so funny when you're on the road and halfway to cut your legs because of the lack of legroom.

11. Autocorrect


You were once in the midst of a long rent and automatically correct, correct you. If you have, then you know what we're talking about And while this really helps to correct these stupid spelling mistakes, some adjustments may make you want to throw away your phone from the tenth building history. No one uses & # 39; ducking & # 39 ;, Autocorrect, no one.

12. Flight Baggage Supplement


This can get very frustrating and make you want to get straight into the same overweight suitcase. The problem with this inconvenience is that the disturbance does not end there. This will leave you with a lifetime of trauma, ensuring that you never pack again for a trip.

As uncomfortable as these inconveniences are, they are all part of adulthood and can make for some fun stories. The comment below tells us which modern inconveniences you are most likely to repel. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Couples In A Loving Relationship Tend To Gain Weight Together

Couples In A Loving Relationship Tend To Gain Weight Together

Ever wondered why you suddenly added pounds after you and your partner started seeing each other? Well, according to science, you are not the only one! Weight gain in relationships is a great reality for many people. Researchers believe that this phenomenon cannot be attributed to a single explanation, but rather an accumulation of certain practices and attitudes. Generally, you have to make poor food choices when your loved one is in the picture.

Here are two interesting studies that prove that love can sometimes make you gain weight and that adults in a happy and loving relationship ultimately win. weight together.

“But I watched what I eat! How is that possible? ”

  But I watched what I eat! How is this possible


In a study conducted by Central University of Queensland in Australia, involving about 15,000 adults, 3/4 of whom were in love with their partners, researchers found that couples in love relationships tend to have healthier lifestyles such as quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol, and exercising.

However, in spite of all this, they are more likely to have a higher BMI than non-family members. According to the lead researcher, this is due to the fact that once people get involved in a relationship, they do not bother to go out of their way to look attractive or slim as they would be lonely.

Because of this, they end up feeling more comfortable and eating foods with higher sugar and fat content. Commonly referred to as "Love Weight", it's usually for people in a loving relationship to gain weight in the first two to three years of their relationship. The average age of this study was about 52 years old and showed that singles were less likely to gain weight than couples. These data were collected over a nine-year period 2005-2014 ( 1 ).

  Couples in a loving relationship tend to gain weight1 spouse to gain weight are a staggering 37 percent. According to the lead researcher in this study, this is due to the fact that satisfaction is positively associated with weight gain and that spouses who are more satisfied tend to gain more weight and spouses who are dissatisfied tend to gain less weight (<a href= 2 ).

The conclusion of this study indicates that it is easy to spread obesity through social connections. This is why siblings are about 40 percent more likely to gain weight if the other sibling is overweight or gaining weight. But before moving on to your home or your partner's villa in hand, ready to play wines, determine exactly where your eating habits have changed, or what lifestyle changes may have made your workout routine take a back seat. After all, health should be one of the most important priorities in a person's life.

So what is the biggest reason?

  So what is the biggest reason


Well, we can safely say that eating out dates can cause the scales to slip to the heavier side. Of course, while grooming and grooming the object of your desire, you would want to look your best and make healthier choices, but once you are attached to each other, things can turn to the heavier side.

An unspoken rule in relationships is that once you've found a better half, it's a good idea to get a little easier in the fitness schedule. A study by University of Glasgow found that newlyweds gained an average of £ 4 to £ 5 in their first year of marriage ( 3 ).

This is not just about relationship people or newlyweds who are gaining weight. Studies show that even couples who are married for a long time and have children together tend to be overweight or overweight. Despite the fact that they eat healthier home-cooked foods rather than home-cooked meals, parents will often be tempted to finish their children's leftover meals or secretly eat junk. Similarly, newly married couples are also at high risk of losing weight while planning a life together.

  Couples in a loving relationship tend to bid together2


Of course, what is a few pounds if the compromise is a loving relationship, right? A better relationship in which you are happy and thriving and gaining weight together than toxic or abusive. However, the couple who eat each other should also stick to a healthy exercise routine together. The best part about being in a relationship is a company. You and your partner could plan and prepare healthy meals along with pre-meals or even hit the gym or go for long walks and jogs. This will not only boost your mood, but also boost your confidence, and an endorphin rush of activity will be an added bonus.

At the same time, a lot of advice from experts after an individual health plan based on your own specific needs and that you should not depend on the choice of your partners to become healthy. The earlier these habits are formed, the longer they last.

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. Have you noticed changes in your weight since you started dating someone? Do you believe in this study? Tell us how you and your partner are staying well?

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If You’re Doing These Things, You’re Damaging Your Relationship

If You’re Doing These Things, You’re Damaging Your Relationship

Every relationship starts with a spark, right? This spark is what connects two people. Then there is a curiosity to know everything about each other. What he likes, what brand of dress he discovered, which motor sport he is interested in, how emotional she is, what her dreams are, etc. the dust begins to settle. Here, too, reality begins to kick and the concave bell begins to ring. This is when starting a real relationship.

And believe me, this is when you have to do your best to make the connection work. There is so much to acknowledge and care for you both. His cabling, your past, your family dynamics, your fears, your attachment styles, your old tractor units. It's quite like dopamine in finding a new world together.

  If you do these things, you break your relationship1


You must have noticed that he goes out with an old friend of mine who's a girl. You know they are just friends, but you somehow get caught up in an insecure avatar and act mean to him. It tears him apart and there is a battle that goes on for a good two or more days. That wasn't necessary, was it? Remember one thing, dear love birds, that in connection you either grow or separate!

Every relationship has problems, and sometimes that problem can be internal. Here are some areas that I've identified. Take a look and see if you do things that ultimately hurt your relationship.

1. Blocking your partner's self-expression

  Blocking your partner's self-expression


There must be two voices in the relationship. You cannot block everything that your partner wants to tell you while holding your protection. Truly listening to every question in your life is what forms the foundation for the foundation. If you do not allow your partner to talk, you make his partner feel that you are simply not interested in his feelings. You just force your partner to accept everything you say or do in life.

Remember, look, the souls that go on the defensive path will go nowhere! Therefore, you must allow your partner to speak. At least listen if you don't want to agree! Once you've both talked about your problem, then you can start talking about the differences.

2. Nurture of anger and anger

  Nurture of anger and anger


If there is something that can destroy relationships, it is anger. Do you know about this adage about not going to bed angry? This is legal sighting! We can choose resentment to avoid fights or because we just don't want a confrontation. But it turns him into a bad virus that starts to eat up relationships. Therefore, every day before you sleep, it makes sense to untangle all the mess and sleep with a peaceful heart.

3. You don't have your identity anymore

  You don't have your identity anymore


It's nice to be in a relationship, it's nice to make your world revolve around that of your partner, but it's just not done to let your individual life. I have seen people make no time for the hobby they love to do after they have a love affair. Always remember that you should never play what you used to do. If you enjoy spending weekends with your partner, try to keep at least one hour each day to do what you love. Don't push your friends aside. Remember your passionate interests. Don't throw away those solo trips you always wanted to go on. Don't create a blurry life for yourself because of connection.

4. Lack of respect for your partner

  Lack of respect for your partner


The relationship is nothing without respect. It's almost like ground zero. When you do not comply with your CO, it is impossible to establish trust between the two of you. You must have respected your partner in the beginning. And then there could be infidelity that could change your MOT as a person. You either made some choices that led to the disappearance of respect. Maybe misfortune sprang up and grew into a tree that separated respect from your relationship. The reasons may be many for you to have lost respect for your partner.

But remember that when you do not respect a particular person, you do not treat them well. You visualize them in the nose of a villain. You have no tolerance for them. While respect should be deserved, I also want you to consider all the moments you shared as a couple. Find the moment that caused the crack and fill it. Everyone makes mistakes, and this one is someone you love, right? If you make a mistake, admit it. If your partner made a mistake, help your SO get back on track

Do you agree with everything I tried to explain? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. And happy love (heart).

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Meet India’s Own Sherlock Who Once Went Undercover As a Maid to Crack a Murder Mystery

Meet India’s Own Sherlock Who Once Went Undercover As a Maid to Crack a Murder Mystery

Benedict Cumberbch, Robert Downey, Jr., and Roger Moore. What do they have in common?

These people were the best images of the fictional Detective Sherlock Holmes. As much as they have done justice to being a screen detective, how about justice in real life? The western scene may have had enough, but several of these detectives in India have been undermined and looked down. Against this background, how do you think a female detective would do? It's hard to think, is it?

How about the first ever female detective? The image of a woman who struggles with difficult situations and does adventurous things herself seems like something out of a movie. But not;

Meet Rajani Pandit, India's first detective.

The State of Maharashtra Rajani is considered a pioneer in the field of investigation. At the age of 50, Rajani claims to have worked and settled around 80,000 cases over the years. Read on to know about Lady Sherlock herself in India.

The very beginning …

  The very beginning ...

bpbweekend / Instagram

Rajani's father worked for the Crime Investigation Division (CID) and over time Rajani took up the art and the science of investigation. At a young age of 22, Rajani continues to settle her first case while in college.

While in college, Rajani worked part-time as an office employee of a company. Around this time, one of her adults told Rajani about the thefts at her residence. Since her son was recently married, her suspicion was a new addition to the family. But she had nothing to prove. The case opened the door to curiosity and passion inside Rajani, which continued to offer help.

Putting a clock on the other side of the street, Rajani watched the house around the clock. She soon learned that the lady's daughter-in-law was innocent. And the culprit was her own son. After questioning him further, he admitted to the crime.

This was the first feather of Rajani's hat and did not stop there.

In the past, resources were scarce and yet, by word of mouth, she was able to build a career around her passion. And it did not come at no cost. As a detective, she put her directly in danger. However, she is married to her profession.

Being a very difficult job, Rajani did not tell her parents about it. Over time, her father understood and reminded her of the dangers involved in the job. She never denied the threats. Rather, she liked it and continued her work to the extent that she had neither the time nor the interest to start a family.

When The Going Becomes Difficult …

  When The Going Becomes Difficult ...

Source: TimesNow

With a number of sleeve cases, the one who put it directly in the spotlight was the murder investigation. In this case, which Rajani identifies as her most difficult, she went undercover for six months under the guise of domestic help.

The case involved the murder of a man and a son and there is absolutely no evidence of this. Dressed as a maid, Rajani did all the strange tasks in the woman's home and even took care of her when she fell ill. In the end, she won the trust of the woman, the main suspect in the case. During all six months, Rajani secretly records the woman's conversations with her.

However, one day the recorder emitted a "click", raising the suspect's suspicion. After that moment, she never lets Rajani leave the house.

Fully attached to the house, Rajani saw her escape when her "employer" had a visitor – the hitman who killed his father and son. Knowing who she was, she was very motivated to find her way out. And what works better than an emergency.

Using a knife from the kitchen, she cut off her leg and used this as an excuse to leave home to buy a dressing. She ran to the nearest telephone booth and called her client. The same day, the lady and the hitman were arrested.

If this is not impressive, it is not sure what else is.

Over the years Rajani has solved numerous cases and does not want to ride at sunset yet. In her years of work she has put on several types – a blind woman, a dumb woman, pregnant and once even a lunatic. This had to cover a number of cases such as missing people, murders and corporate espionage.

Today, Rajani took it upon himself to train and hire women detectives who also want to make a mark in the area. [19659002] This is the incredible story of Rajani Pandit, India's first female detective and author of two novels. Stereotypes held against women are violated from time to time. Rajani created his heritage. Now is your time. What will you leave behind – stereotype or heritage? Choose wisely.

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