Science Explains 6 Reasons Why Kissing Your Partner Every Day Can Help You Live Longer

Science Explains 6 Reasons Why Kissing Your Partner Every Day Can Help You Live Longer

We all know the good popular saying, An apple a day keeps the doctor away but we offer you an exciting twist to this proverb. How about A good kiss a day keeps the doctor away? Although all the elders may come to us with the moral police broomstick to erase this "wrong" thought, we have more than one reason to pay attention to these words and go ahead. The kiss is considered to be the most beautiful expression of love and desire. But science has supported this magical expression of love with some facts that work to our advantage to reap great health benefits. Yes, you are reading this right, kissing your partner is actually beneficial to your health. It seems we have more reasons to kiss our partners now!

After all, a kiss is all she needs so here is the list of reasons why you should start to tilt the path to your good health –

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1. Kiss Away Seena fever

  Kiss Away Seena fever


No jokes! As science has, a 30-minute kiss session can actually weaken the symptoms of hay fever, allergy caused by pollen or dust ( 1 ). Throughout these years of fear of passing microbes together and preserving virgin lips, here is another fact – studies show that good kissing can prevent the growth of immunoglobulin E antibodies in the blood 2 ). Why this is important, you may ask. Well, the presence of these antibodies leads to the release of histamine, resulting in allergic symptoms such as watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing.

2. The kiss reduces the blood pressure

  The kiss reduces the blood pressure


Well, too many kisses can pump the blood to the wrong places, but usually kisses can soothe hypertension 3 ). Making it does not just make you emotionally competing your heart, but also make it a healthy way. This lowers blood pressure and expands blood vessels. Therefore, blood flows steadily to all vital organs in the body.


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<p>  If you have menstrual cramps or a breakhead headache, all you have to do is kiss your partner ([No<a href= 4 ). No one in the proper state of mind and the poor state of pain would want to enter a hot make-up session, but believe us in this, the expansion of the blood vessels exported by a long flame can actually alleviate the pain. Instead of shrinking in a pain of pain, ask your partner to snuggle up to you and kiss this pain literally! No wonder Enrique Iglesias sings, I can be your hero, dear, I can kiss the pain.

4.Cutting Cavalry Struggles

  Caught Cavities

Shutterstock in Your Mind When We Call A Kissing Marathon? Like the smooth? Well, whatever this picture is, put it into action because it can give you the freedom of life for the dentist. That's right, kissing can hold the cavities. When kissing, there is a lot of saliva that is secreted (I know it sounds rough when it is explained) and that's the mechanism that gets rid of the teeth plate that is responsible for cavity formation 5 ), Who still has time to garter when you can kiss the cavity?


  Shutterstock [19659907] We often see characters in movies that warm the screen with passionate kisses and making love even when their characters are facing a crisis in the movie. Well, there is a reason for that. When you feel stressed or depressed and exhausted, everything you need is a bit of happiness, is not it? Love and kissing can release these happy hormones - serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin (<a href= 6 ). It helps you revive, relax and refresh. This makes your brain feel good.

6. ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


No, you can not miss the gym and stay at home kissing your partner hoping it will help you burn calories, but you can always add to the burning of your calories. On average, a vigorous makeup session (like those you probably see in movies and you feel uncomfortable because your parents are around) can burn up to 2-5 calories per minute ( 7 ). As long as you are fully involved in making, be sure to burn calories. So how many minutes will you miss today? * wink wink *

Additionally, kissing is a barometer for sexual compatibility . Before you get into your birthday suit and before you warm up between sheets, kissing can be an excellent way to determine if your partner is sexually compatible. Also, obviously, kisses can give you a lifting (look) . ( 8 ) When you are engaged in language and facial muscles in the fight with your partner, you actually help tone your facial muscles. Pretty good, huh? This saves us money!

With all these health benefits there's no reason not to kiss!


Now we know why Sean Mendes sings the song … Without my kisses I will need stitches If someone has been devoid of kissing and related health benefits from kisses , they would prefer to hold their lips! What do you think? Will you use these benefits to your advantage now?

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These Bands Keep Your Thighs From Rubbing Together — Thank God!

These Bands Keep Your Thighs From Rubbing Together — Thank God!

Imagine strolling on the beautiful moon coast with your date. Everything is good until you realize that your inner thighs have begun to sweat, and now they are rubbing against each other. Now that you suffer from pain, you scream inside and walk funny. This will be a night you would like to delete from your memories and it is very likely your date is frightened by your style of walking. This problem may also occur when you participate in a sports event, exercise at the gym, go shopping, shop or work. You can not do anything but sit in the corner and pray to the god of pain to save you. Well, before you get to that, know there are other ways to stay away from the friction caused by friction, including the lumbar strips that have become quite popular nowadays. a sofa with an antibacterial skin cream is available. But if you're outdoors, you have to go with the phrase "prevention is better than cure." Read to learn more about thigh bands and all other ways you can handle friction deletion. ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />



The femoral tapes look a lot like garters and are designed to prevent both hip fractures at the same time. It covers the slopes of the inner thighs and is available in various designs. There are simple options if you do not like fashion. They are made of microfibre without lace. Other species are mostly lace and resemble the upper thigh. These are the ones that look like underwear and are extremely beautiful! Now you know who to buy when you go to work and what to wear when you are at an evening meeting.

Obtaining the right size while buying a hip may be difficult. It should be tight enough to stay in place, even if you run, not so strongly that your hips are injured. Also, these straps become a little loose in a few months due to wear. The best thing you have to do is reduce the size when buying the tape so it stays in the shape you plan to cover. The thighs are extremely light and you do not even feel that you carry anything extra on your feet.

How to prevent thigh sweating ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


If you're wearing a skirt or a short dress, it's always better to wear a hip. However, there are some preventive measures to minimize the risk of expulsion. Thigh injuries can happen for many reasons and if you do not look at the problem during the initial stage, this can lead to infections. The most important things to avoid are friction and excessive sweating in the area. Shrinkage can happen not only in skin contact with the skin but it can also happen if you wear something that irritates your skin. It can also occur in other areas of your body, such as underarms, shoulders and groin. Heavy shoulder bags and bras that are too tight can cause bruising, which can be extremely painful.

Overweight people and those who are active in physical activity are prone to the thigh. It causes redness, itching, burning, blistering and painful rashes. Fungal and yeast infections can take only a few days if you leave the area untreated. Here are some tips you can follow to prevent the injury:

  Stay Clean </h2>
<div id=  Stay Clean


You must adhere to strict personal hygiene rules to avoid sweating in the thigh, as well as other areas. This means that daily bathing and the use of clean lingerie is a must. If you are out and sweat, wear some body wipes with you.

  Dust for absorbing moisture </h2>
<div id=  Shutterstock </p>
<p>  Invest in a good moisture absorbing powder and apply it in the thigh area before you put on it. Bring some of the powder in a small bottle, when you go to work or do an outdoor activity so you can use it when needed. </h2>
<div id=  Body Lotion </h2>
<div id=  Shutterstock </p>
<p>  The first time? A body lotion lotion is a lotion that you apply like any other but is converted to moisture-absorbing powder after application. The product helps to avoid scattered applications. </h2>
<div id=  Anti-Wrinkle Creams and Balsams


You can buy a good anti-bruise cream or conditioner that can be applied in the friction-prone areas. For this purpose, you can also use the good old Vaseline

In addition to the above-mentioned measures, there is special clothing designed for those who are actively engaged in sports to prevent sweating. Now you know how to deal with the painful thigh friction. So go ahead and take your thigh today and do not forget to follow the rules for prevention. How do you handle thirst sweating? It tells us in the comments below.

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Neeta Lulla – An Incredible Story From First Sewing Machine To Fashion House

Neeta Lulla – An Incredible Story From First Sewing Machine To Fashion House

Who would think that a girl whose favorite clothing is a pair of jeans and T-shirts will continue to win national awards and prizes for dressing people in the best clothes? Well, surely not the girl.

Long before her official entry into the world of fashion, the national winner of fashion and costumes, Netta Lula's first contact with him was established when she was introduced to fashion glosses. As she scanned their pages, she found she was gravitating to the world of Bollywood and fashion, fascinated by her glamorous appeal. Want to know how these first steps have proved to be a tool for her journey to become a giant in the fashion industry? Read on.


As a child, Netta leaned over to the academics, which was the source of her mother's concern, which she thought constantly worried about NetA's estimates. She wanted to shape her daughter into the perfect woman who would also know how to cook and stitch. On the other hand, her father encouraged her interest in sports. In fact, he is responsible for Neta's first brush with fashion because he has provided fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Seventeen . While these magazines sparked a lifelong spark with fashion, Neta's path to turning it into a fashion factory was still far away.

Being nourished by her disinterestedness from the world of academics, Neetta is looking for a way out of marriage! Yes, you are reading this right. At the age of 16, she marries a well-established family. Alas, her departure became her way when her new family decided she would finish her education either in the field of cooking or sewing. It was then that she began her fashion education.

Speaking about this time in an interview with an online portal, she says: "My short but exciting meetings with magazines have made me pursue a diploma for modeling and garment manufacturing. in Mumbai University SNDT. I had a brilliant guru at Haemant Trived, who saw my talent and courted me in the art of makeup, fashion choreography and the styling show. "

Soon her innate talent was recognized by a guest lecturer at the college, Jana Naorjoi. who also proved to be a very popular fashion choreographer. She recognizes Net's skills for fashion choreography and offers her a position as an assistant. This duration lasted almost two and a half years, and during this time Netta was asked to be a lecturer in her alma mater, in the fashion coordination discipline. Her previous dark academic life turned 180 degrees!

But life had planned something more exciting for her. While her career is finally on the right path, there is no spiritual performance. So when there is a chance to work on Tamancha a film that is made by her brother-in-law, she takes it. This was the beginning of a new era for her. From the beloved designer of the star to the Empress of her own fashion kingdom

  From the beloved designer of the star to the Empress of her own fashion kingdom

From the beloved designer of the star to the Empress of her own fashion kingdom

  Instagram </strong></p>
<p>  While <em> Tamancha </em> paved the way for her in Bollywood, Shridevi <em> Chandi </em> received her recognition and put her on the map as a new costume designer to watch out for. Soon other suggestions. Soon after, she was able to work with the leading actresses of that time, such as Juhi Chawla, Aishwarya Rai, who made her more famous. Her prolific and brilliant work in movies makes her force to conform. </p>
<div id=  From the beloved designer of the star to the Empress of her own fashion kingdom

neeta_lulla / Who can forget the costumes in movies such as Devdas, Manikarnika, Jodha Akbar? The fact that she has won 4 national awards for her work is testimony to the magic of her themes.

World Cup 2019 Pakistan Ad Mocks Abhinandan Varthaman’s Capture To Publicise Clash Against India

World Cup 2019 Pakistan Ad Mocks Abhinandan Varthaman’s Capture To Publicise Clash Against India

There is no more joy than seeing your opponents get into a match, is it? That's exactly what happened here. As the biggest cricket event, the ICC 2019 World Cup covers the world of cricket with excitement and competitive spirit, cricket teams and their countries actively postpone content to support their teams. Cricket, soccer or basketball, every sport has an unspoken rule – never do sport as an unpleasant mud pool. In this sense, Pakistan appears to have achieved its goal!

Although it is well known that two nations, India and Pakistan, have been in their hands for decades, one can not miss to notice the excitement (read: covert rivalry)) India and Pakistan are among the citizens of both countries. But how far can it be in the name of the racing spirit? Certainly not as much as Pakistan has done with an ad that is equivalent to stepping on a finger, also with a smile.

To give a little context to all the vanity, Let's a little hurry with your memory. Abhinandan Varthaman was attacked by Pakistani civilians and then held in custody by the Pakistani army after his MiG-21 bison was overthrown by the air force team of the neighboring state in February earlier this year. Before the Pakistani Government succumbed to the pressure exerted on them by India to release commander Vartman, they released a video to send a message to the world that he had not suffered and was drinking tea in peace. This is exactly the same video that creative minds in Pakistan have added to "humor." While it is quite obvious that our military hero may be a villain on the opposition side, this is absurd and disgusting.

Pakistan apparently went over the "spirit of an athlete" with dirty legs when they launched the ad in the Cricket World. Cup 2019. This is a disgrace to the two cricketers of the nations who are eager to face India against Pakistan on June 16, 2019. In the light of day, India and Pakistan are not among the best allies. However, it is always best to keep art and culture away from the shadows of political bitterness. ” width=”500″ height=”220″ />

World Championship 2019 Pakistan Ad Mocks3 ” width=”500″ height=”311″ />

Source: Twitter

  World Championship 2019 Pakistan Ad Mocks2

Source: Twitter

The controversial advertising that hit the internet like a tornado has led to the bitter bitterness of social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram among people on both sides. The ad that mocked the commander of the wing, Abkhandan Wartman, demonstrated his frightened face during an official confrontation with the Pakistani army. In the ad, the actor who resembles Abhinandan (with his signed mustache) refuses to answer questions about the Indian cricket team, just as Abhinandan refuses to answer when questioned about the Indian army. And when he leaves, they stop him and ask him to leave the tea cup behind his back playing the idea of ​​"taking the glass at home." Though it was a cheap media truck from Pakistan, he did a lot of damage to the already burning relationship. between the two countries.

Source: YouTube

If you look at statistics, Pakistan has won more matches against India both in the test and in ODI. But on the other hand, Pakistan has never defeated India even once in the history of the ICC World Cup. Pakistan became world champions in 1992, winning the World Cup of ICC. But even then they lost to India in the group matches! While this is something that Indian cricket fans are considering grace, we never know when men in green can reverse the flow. Both teams, which are "rival arches," create a war-like atmosphere when they are on the ground. In teams their fans applaud for them and roar like lions when it comes to a match against each other. This is perhaps why it was quite difficult for players to play at home in the past.

So far in the ICC World Cup 2019, India is far ahead of Pakistan according to its format and statistics. But we also have to remember that we lost quite badly against them during the ICC Champions Trophy finals recently. This could be an enforcer for the Pakistan team on Sunday. Although the match can be won by everyone who plays better, it is clear that the Pakistani media does not play it cool. In advertising, when they take a cup of tea from the likeness of Abkhandan and celebrate the slogan "Let's bring the cup home", we can not stop but pray that "this is the only cup you get!"

We agree that both sides have enough reason to give each other a rough edge of the tongue, but striking the weak spot of a nation in the name of sport is a low blow. It was a pretty unpleasant move. Full scar on Pakistan to cut the nose to crack his face. Well, only the June 16 match can determine which country has the last laugh.

What do you think about this ad? Who are you fighting for? Let us know in the comments below.

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Super Easy Hacks To Make Your House Smell Amazing

Super Easy Hacks To Make Your House Smell Amazing

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like throwing up? Sometimes, no matter how much time we spend on scrubbing and cleaning the place, it can be very unpleasant. Things like your fridge, bathroom, waste bins, and even shoes that we do not give much attention to, can ruin the fresh fragrance of your house even if you spray air fresheners every day. Potpourri, room fresheners, incense sticks, scented candles, and oil diffusers are all the most common answers when it comes to keeping the house smelling. These things can cost you a fortune if you're going to use them for all your rooms. But do not worry because there are some amazing DIY hacks that are cost-effective and will make your house smell like a meadow

Most people prefer to "shop" for their fragrance needs because they are convenient. These hacks are very easy and will not drain your precious time. A lot of things like lemon peels and vanilla essence that you find in your kitchen can actually kick the bad smell out of your rooms. ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


Your Dry Shampoo Is Not Just For Hair

 Dry Shampoo Is Not Just For The Hair Shoe rack can sometimes stink worse than a gutter if you or your homies have sweaty feet. This is probably the first scent that welcomes you and your guests home. To avoid the embarrassing situation, spray some dry shampoo inside your shoes before you wear them. It will also keep your feet away from the horrible stink </p>
<h2> 2) When Life Throws Lemons At You, Collect Them. They're Valuable! </h2>
<div id= When Life Throws Lemons At You Collect Them. Theyre Valuable


Lemons are amazing! Their citric smell can lighten anyone's mood in just seconds. Cut the lemon in the slices and keep them in a small dish in each room including the bathroom. Also, you can keep it near litter boxes and dog houses. If you have a humidifier that starts smelling funky, just mix the water with three or four tablespoons of lemon juice. After making lemonades, do not throw away the peels because they are important too! Crush the peels and freeze them as cubes in an ice tray and drop a few in your garbage bin to control the stink.

3) It's a Fridge! Not A Coffin For Your Veggies

 Its a Fridge Not A Coffin For Your Veggies


Your fridge is meant to keep your food fresh. But sometimes an overly riped banana can make the whole fridge smell like a compost tank! Keep a cotton ball soaked in some vanilla essence in your fridge to remove the smell that spoil food items leave behind.

4) Freshly Baked Cookies! Sorry, It's Just The Scent

 Freshly Baked Cookies! Sorry, Its Just The Scent


Do you have a fetish for the aroma of baked food? If you do, just bake 2 tablespoons of vanilla essence in your oven for about 20 minutes. Set the oven at 300 degrees and wait for the magic to happen! Leave the oven open to spread the smell throughout your kitchen and to the other rooms as well.

5) Mistletoe For Kissing And Eucalyptus for Showering

 Mistletoe For Kissing And Eucalyptus for Showering [19659021] Shutterstock </p>
<p> Hang a bunch of fresh eucalyptus leaves behind your shower head to keep your bathroom giving out an amazing smell all the time. When you take a hot shower, the steam will stimulate these leaves to release its fragrant oil which will also help you relax </p>
<h2> 6) Latte In The Cup And In The Air </h2>
<div id= 19659025] Shutterstock </p>
<p> If you love to sniff your coffee as much as you love to drink it, this is the perfect fragrance hack for you. Fill some cups with coffee beans (even the used ones would do) and insert a vanilla scented candle in between. Place the cup in different corners of your rooms. </h2>
<div id= Dish Washer Smelling Like Fish Washer


Dishwashers can often smell bad and most of us rely on the soap that smell that never really works satisfactorily. You can not light a candle or spray an air freshener in there! But do not worry because using a citrous flavored cold drink syrup or powder will make the trick.

8) Homemade Potpourri For The Special Occasions

 Shutterstock [19659906] Simmer some home potpourri in a pan and let the steam spread throughout the house. (19659037) Paint The Town Vanilla

Paint The Town Vanilla ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

Shutterstock ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

Shutterstock [19659006] The sickening smell of wall paint can last up to weeks and can create an annoying atmosphere to breathe in. (196590041) Shutterstock

Smoking kills and smell of cigarette smoke

Can Daughters Stake Claim On Father’s Property In India? You’ll Be Surprised To Know

Can Daughters Stake Claim On Father’s Property In India? You’ll Be Surprised To Know

The division of property is one of the most controversial issues in Indian society since time immemorial. Families that are "sugar, spice and everything good" become completely toxic and eager to divorce when inheritance talks begin. Batwaara (property division) is actually one of the most favorite TV series and Indian movies. And why not? It is as dramatic as it sounds and is also one of many examples of gender discrimination. Until 2005, women had no right to the property of their ancestors and it descended from generations through the bitter patriarchal line. The scenario changed for good after a change that was adopted in 2005.

Parents often spend huge sums on their daughter's wedding and dowry. Most families believe this is a valid justification for why their daughters should not get the same share when it comes to an inheritance. Unfortunately, most women who have married their price can not save a penny for themselves. Moreover, their laws never loosen their grip on the key. Ultimately, these women become financially dependent on their spouse or other family members, making them dependent on many other aspects. But many of these unfair laws have been cleared in recent decades, confirming our belief in the country's judicial system. If you want to know the laws about inheritance in India, read on

Legacy Heritage Laws

  Legacy Laws


There are various types of inheritance laws in India. We are so sure that most of you are not even aware of them. That is why we feel that it is time to educate everyone about these laws. The legacy of the will / testament is when the inheritance is done according to the will of the deceased. On the other hand, when a person dies before writing his will, he is called an inheritance that is not a will / illegality. Legitimate heritage laws are different from the different communities in our country. For example, the Hindu Legacy Act applies to Hindus, and Sharia law is relevant to Muslims. The heritage of inheritance or inheritance for all communities except the Muslim community is governed by the 1925 Inheritance Law of India

In this article we will deal with inheritance laws and wills that affect the Hindu community. Hindu Legacy 1956

  1956 Hindu Heritage Act


This law was passed by the Parliament of India to legally codify the division of ownership of Hindu men between successive generations. The law applies to all Hindus, including Sikhs, Jahirs and Buddhists, but it does not apply to those who have married uninduciously under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Before we enter the division of property, it is important to understand both properties exist.

The ancestral property is something that is inherited from the man by his ancestors. This must be something that has been transmitted for at least four generations and should have remained inseparable in the different male genera. Own acquisition is what the person bought with his or her own money and does not include the assets he owned from his ancestors. the person still has the right over it. Until the 2005 amendment, only male heirs were entitled to property under this law. Let's look at why this change was made and the drastic change it brought into the whole system.

The amendment of 2005

  The amendment of 2005


What was the amendment? Earlier, according to the 1956 Hindu Heritage Act, the daughters did not receive any right over the property of their ancestors, but were limited to their father's inheritance. In order to remedy this inequality, the 2005 amendment imposed on the father the obligation to distribute and divide the property equally among his or her children, regardless of their sex. As mentioned earlier, women's financial dependence is the main cause of the economic problems they face. This amendment was introduced in order to achieve equality in the heritage so that women do not suffer financial dependence. Nowadays women have the same rights in their inherited property and may also require separation when they wish. If the other heirs are against division, one can raise a legal objection.

When the daughter can claim her father's property? All legal heirs have the same rights as the estate and the father can not raise an objection in this case. The daughter, married or unmarried, has equal rights over heritage property, just as a son. However, in the case of ownership acquired by the owner, the father has the right to decide who wants to give the property and how much it should be given. In the event that the father dies without a will, all his property, including an ancestor and property, is distributed equally among his heirs. The heirs include the father's widow and children. If the property belongs to the mother, her widow and her children become heirs.

Women all over the world are not getting equal opportunities in the most basic things like education and careers, although the law says they are entitled to it. Often women sacrifice or are "convinced" to sacrifice their share of property for their siblings without choosing a legal battle. After all, the law can only record rights and obligations, but who has to change people's attitudes? What is your view of equal ownership inheritance? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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Sore Muscles? Here Are Some Home Remedies To Try ASAP

Sore Muscles? Here Are Some Home Remedies To Try ASAP

Have you ever woken up in the morning with sore muscles that make you feel like you were run over by a truck the day before? Sore muscles can be painful and can occur due to many reasons that revolve around the muscles around excess pressure. If you're in sports or if you love to go to the gym, you'd know the feeling already. When you walk out of the gym after a sweaty day, you may feel all powerful like The Hulk. But reality hits you hard the next day and you may feel like you've been bitten by a zombie. But, before you dread the thought that you will have to wait until the pain goes away on its own, know that there are many home remedies to help

Sore muscles occur after a workout or running session because of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) . You mostly start experiencing it after a day of exercise and it lasts for almost a week. When you exercise or strain your muscles in any way, it creates micro tears within them which is the reason for the inflammation that you feel. By the time these tears are healed by your body, your muscles become much stronger.




Once you're home from the workout, take a warm shower or bath. This will help with the pain and stiffness of the muscles. The application of heat increases blood flow, reduces swelling, and promotes faster healing. This home remedy is simple, quick, and easy! Use a hot water bag in the areas that hurt or use a hot, wet washcloth whenever you get the time. The effectiveness of heat on sore muscles is scientifically proven. A research that was conducted in 2017 found that the application of heat for eight hours immediately after a workout reduced the intensity of soreness that occurred




The application of cold to treat muscle soreness is called cryotherapy. The cold does not help in healing but it relieves pain by calming down the nerves that sense pain. A review of 36 studies that were done in 2015 by a group of researchers found that the application of cold helps with the pain associated with DOMS (2). ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

Watermelon Juice ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


Water is always the easiest option for hydration but you you may want to consider watermelon juice as a replacement during the painful training sessions. It's tasty, packed with nutrients, and has multiple benefits for your body and skin. One of the benefits of watermelon is its ability to reduce the soreness that is caused due to intense exercise. The reason why it supports muscle recovery is that it is a rich source of the amino acid called L-citrulline. There! The Cherry Juice

 Cherry Juice


Tart cherry juice is an excellent way to reduce muscle soreness that is associated with DOMS. Drink a glass of this juice every day and you will see your muscle pain take a trip down the south. Cherry juice is packed with anthocyanins which are antioxidant compounds that ease muscle soreness and discomfort. Its anti-inflammatory properties are also believed to benefit those who experience elevated pain in certain areas after exercising (4)




Did you know that your Everyday morning energizing beverage has the magical ability to heal soreness? Yes! You heard it right. A cup of coffee every day before working out can help you stay away from intense soreness and pain. Now you do not have to feel guilty for drinking too much coffee (5) !




Massages not only feel good but also boost blood circulation in the area, thus reducing swelling and pain. If your muscles are already sore, you do not have to worry but get a good massage. The Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation published a study that found that leg massage reduced the intensity of pain. You walk funny when you have sore muscles in your leg and this study has seen that the massage will help bring it back to normal (6) . Image walking down the stairs and falling down in front of your colleagues after a painful leg day at the gym! Massage



If you sit at home whining like a little girl, you will always be able to learn how to massage yourself at home. , your muscle pain is not going to get better. It may sound insanely difficult but you will have to get up and move around to stretch your sore muscles. You may curse us for telling this, but this really works! Research shows that active movement and stretching helps in relieving pain quicker (7) .

After you have tried these remedies if you still need some help with the pain, consult a doctor. You may be given an anti-inflammatory medication that will help ease the pain further. Do you often experience muscle soreness after exercise? How do you deal with the pain?

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“I Ended Up Meeting A Drug Dealer”, Chennai Woman Reveals The Bitter Truth Of Arranged Marriages

“I Ended Up Meeting A Drug Dealer”, Chennai Woman Reveals The Bitter Truth Of Arranged Marriages

Someone had rightly said that marriage is a gamble. Be it a "perfect" marriage that is arranged by parents or a love marriage after a decade of dating; you can never predict the future of the relationship. It's different when you meet someone and get to know them as a person before you start seeing them as a prospective partner. When you meet someone with the intention of dating or marriage, they will always put forth a flawless image of themselves before you. If a meeting of a stranger dressed like a doll for sale is not thrilling enough, sometimes these experiences can sometimes leave emotionally scarring memories behind. One of the many girls who have gone through such traumatic experiences is a woman from Chennai (name not revealed), whose Instagram post on arranged marriage is going viral

"It's" proposal "season in my life right now. I've met the quintessential guys, the 'loaded' guys, and the guys who think the person sitting in front of them is just plain dumb. You name the type and I must've met him, "the woman shared her story through We, The People an online community that celebrates human experiences. But in this case, the woman would probably have wanted to erase her memories. We are grateful to her that she was bold enough to share her terrifying experience with the world

"During this 'Game of Proposals', I even ended up meeting a drug dealer! When we cousin and we looked him up, we found out that he was arrested in a drug racket. I freaked the hell out! And the reality of everything, that is happening too often – especially in the name of a foreign proposal. Families do not care what the guy does in the US, but as long as he's there, they're more than willing to send the girl off, "the woman shared in the post. This is something that can get a girl in deep trouble and we are sure that many of them would have had such bad experiences in their life

 I Ended Up Meeting A Drug Dealer, Chennai Woman Reveals The Bitter Truth Of Arranged Marriages1 [19659005] iStock </p>
<p> When parents set up the initial stages of a marriage, they think they have found the best groom for their daughter. Most often, the factors that they consider when getting into this conclusion are materialistic. They are more concerned about the size of the groom's car than the size of his heart. Also, they judge a guy based on his family's image in society. They are usually content if his <em> mamaji's </em> neighbor's sister-in-law's brother gives a green flag when asked about the character of the guy. They call this the "background check." Things have changed over the years and today, it's almost impossible to find a parent who knows what their child is doing in life or how their true character is. </p>
<p> The bold woman concluded her message saying, "Guys seriously think that their crores of assets and their '25 lakh per annum 'is the only thing they've ever known. what we're falling for, but they could not be more wrong! Marriage is not about their bank balance – and it's definitely not about getting caught in a complete stranger under absurd situations. "Even though meeting a complete stranger knowing that you're going to share your life, your bed, and everything you they have a great deal of love for their parents because they have been conditioned by their parents to believe that arranged weddings are holy </p>
<h2> Why Arranged Marriage Is not Always Sweet Piece Of Cake </h2>
<div id= Why Arranged Marriage Is Not Always A Sweet Piece of Cake


You may have been told how happy your grandparents were even if they never met even for once before their marriage. Today, we live in a world of nano families and build a strong sense of individualism to overcome challenges at school, college or workplaces. Our generation is trained to stand alone and strong. People who have spent years learning how to make their own choices will find it difficult to adjust to the fact that someone else has the power to make the most important decisions of their lives. While a woman who has not been educated to stand up for herself, she might be in agreement and smile when she meets a probable partner and in-laws, but a woman who heads a team at work might find it emotionally scarring and unacceptable. 19659002] One of the reasons why the society advocates arranged a marriage is the much lower divorce rate that comes along with it in comparison to love marriages. Indian arranged marriages and their stability is something that Western societies often admire. The reason for this is very simple and it mostly has to do with the kind of people involved. People who find that it's okay for someone else to choose their life partner put their family first and will adjust their marital relationship for the same reason. On the other hand, those who choose to find their own partners are people who have strong opinions and will not tolerate it when the relationship goes downhill

No matter what, marriage is a personal choice and you have the right to let your parents choose if you want to. But it's important to know the risk involved in meeting complete strangers and trust them based on the yardsticks that are too old and rusted. Talking things out with the family and letting them know about the pitfalls of getting married to a random stranger is something we all need to do. Have you ever had any experience that is similar to this? What do you think about the risks involved in arranged marriages? Let's know in the comments below.

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Gul Panag Is Now A Certified Pilot! Here’s Why She’s An Inspiration!

Gul Panag Is Now A Certified Pilot! Here’s Why She’s An Inspiration!

When we think about models and movie stars, it's always a good face and screen-making ability. Well, this is not always true, because they can be exquisite in things outside the world of cameras and flashlights. For example, the most beloved actress of B-city, Dipika Padukone, is a national badminton player and also a state-level baseball player. Sushant Singh Rajput, before entering the media industry, was entirely in the engineering world and he was ranked 7th in the Indian Engineering Exam Exam (AIEEE)!

There are many other actors who have proven their abilities in areas that are miles away from the city. One such actress is Gul Panag, the former Miss India and Bollywood actress, who is full of achievements outside of the media world. Gul Panag is a familiar name for those who follow the Indian fashion industry closely. More than her achievements in the life of the reel we love her because she is the woman who is in her real life. She has put on the hats of a model, actor, social activist, politician, motorcyclist, marathon, and now a certified pilot! With its endless list of achievements, Gul has proven that everyone's life can take flight if you are ready to work hard for him. Read on to learn more about the many talented wild cat and its adventurous life that we can not fix. ” width=”500″ height=”307″ />

Gul Panag was born to Lieutenant General Harchandjit Singh Panag and Gurzith Cahur in 1979. As a result of his father's transfer, Gul had to be a member of the Army Kid

  Kid of the Army

to move from one place to another during their childhood and adolescence. That's why Gül teaches 14 schools in India and abroad! We can imagine how difficult it would be to say goodbye to friends and never have permanent connections outside the family during childhood. However, she has always been an active child and interested in sports and extracurricular activities.

Gul Panag has a bachelor's degree in mathematics and a Master's degree in Political Science. She was also very good at public speaking and debates that won their national titles!

Panag was crowned as Miss India 1999, where she won the title Miss Beautiful Smile. Well, why not? Just look at her smile! She represented India at the 48th Miss Universe Contest held in Chaguaramas, Trinidad and Tobago this year. Since then, it has crossed many remarkable stages in the field of modeling. She has often been spotted in fashion shows and in TV and print ads. In 2009 she was the face of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week on Twitter. At the moment she is ambassador of the brand Tata Sky along with Aamir Khan.

Gul entered the world of Bollywood in 2003 as Pea Verma in the film Dhop. The film was directed by Ashwin Chaudhari; she shared the screen space with famous actors such as Om Puri, Revathi and Sanjay Suri in the film. Gul is not the typical Bollywood actress who is blinded by glory. She says she is picky when it comes to her acting career, just like the roles she occupies in her real life. Her performance was rated in films like Manorama Six Feet Under, Rann and Dor. Gul starred in TV series like Kashmer, Hobsrat, and Kis Maine Kita Haydn.

Not only a beautiful face!

  Not just a beautiful face

Gulpanag / The life of Gul Panag is the one that makes most of us burn. When he married his long-time friend, Captain Rishi Atari, she went with him to Royal Enfield Bullet, who opposed the typical horse and customary customs! It is clear that the lady has always chosen the unconventional routes. Gul is crazy for cycling and often walks on road trips, giving us serious #travelgoals. Just look at these stylish sunglasses and leather jacket! She is also a fitness enthusiast, and her posts at the Instagram gym show she is in such good shape even today. She is the mother of her baby Nihal, who has just launched his first candles a few months ago.

Gul Panagh also contested in the general election in 2014 as a candidate of Aam Aadmi in Chandigarh . With her public speaking and debate skills and a Masters degree in political science, she is definitely an area in which she can shine. But it seems that she is the man who wants to have everything and will surely lift himself to his goals just like the planes that fly. Gul became a licensed pilot in 2016 and flies higher than ever. "A year ago, I checked a big item on my bucket list today," she said happily for her job at Instagram.

  Gul Panag also competes in the 2014 general election as a candidate of the Aamadami Party in Chandigarh

gulpanag / Instagram

When most women shrink their list of buckets after they are had a baby, Gul Panag added a whole new set of buckets to your list! Even with a little child to take care of it, it has proven to be unstoppable! Would you like to be a cool biker / pilot mom like Gul? What are the goals you would like to pursue, no matter what? Share your thoughts and dreams with us in the comments section below.

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DIY Hair Conditioners For Smooth And Thick Hair

DIY Hair Conditioners For Smooth And Thick Hair

The beauty business witnesses a new trend at the end of the year that has left many beauty producers. We are talking about the new transition to natural, organic beauty products. And while it's great that we have the chance to dispose of harmful chemicals for our skin and hair care, not all of us can afford to buy these products because of their steep price range.

away, right? So, if you are looking for a great natural conditioner that can give your nature a thick mane, you have come to the right place.

Our hair has to bear a lot of damage every day while we go to work. Whether it is sun damage or environmental pollutants, all this can affect our hair. To counter this, we need a balm that will not only repair the damage but will also strengthen our hair. Below are some DIY medicines that will do just that. Read and make your choice.

Remedy # 1: Coconut milk and aloe vera

  Coconut milk and aloe vera


No hair care products, coconut milk. Coconut milk is a miraculous ingredient that is rich in saturated acids, vitamin C, E, B1, B3 and several minerals such as selenium. It has excellent hydrating properties that can provide relief from itching, flaky scalp. In addition, it stimulates hair growth and is an excellent balm ( 1 ). Aloe Vera nourishes hair by supplying it with oxygen and nutrients ( 2 ). To prepare this medicine, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 4 tablespoons of aloe vera gel (without any additives)
  • 4 tablespoons of coconut milk
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
Pour all the ingredients into container and mix well to form a thick paste.
  • Now massage the paste on the scalp and cover your hair with it.
  • Leave it for 30 minutes, then wash it
  • Then wash your hair with a soft shampoo without sulphate and season your hair as usual.
  • Follow this medication once a week for several weeks to see the results. With consistent use, your hair will look naturally lush and smooth in no time! Remedy # 2: Almond oil and egg
  •    Almond oil and egg


    Then we have this almond oil and an egg preparation to infuse some life into the dense but delicate mane. Almond oil is great for maintaining the health of the scalp as it keeps the inflammation under control ( 3 ). On the other hand, the egg can repair the damage to your hair from the elements by feeding them with protein content. Egg yolk also contains high fat content, which can help your hair become smooth and soft ( 4 ). To prepare this medicine, you will need the following ingredients:

    • 1 egg
    How to use
    • Break the egg and transfer its contents into a large bowl. , Pour almond oil into this bowl and mix the two ingredients to create a smooth paste.
    • Now, divide your hair into different parts. Apply the paste on each section by covering the length of the hair and its ends with the paste.
    • Leave it in about 40 minutes.
    • First, rinse it with cold water and then wash your hair with a light shampoo without sulphate
    • Follow it with your usual balm
    • Use this medicine once a week to get results. Trust us, you will not be disappointed. ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

      Remedy # 3: Yogurt and honey

        Yoghurt and honey


      This is the last on our list, but this does not make it less effective. This medicine uses copper that is a great softening agent and helps hair retain moisture and looks smooth and shiny 5 ). Whereas yoghurt has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with problems such as dandruff (19459025) 6 ). To prepare this medicine, you will need the following ingredients:

      • 2 tablespoons of honey
      • 4 tablespoons yoghurt
      How to use
      • Transfer the ingredients to the bowl and mix them to form a thick paste
      • Then apply the paste on the scalp and hair. Make sure you have covered the edges of your hair.
      • Then wrap your hair in a warm cloth. Leave it for 30 minutes
      • Rinse the paste with cold water.
      • Then wash your hair with a light shampoo without sulphate and follow it with your usual balm. get the best results.

      Here it is, peeking. These home remedies for deep conditioning will ensure that your hair is able to put a bold front in the face of damage caused by the harmful elements of the environment. All you have to do is make these deep conditioning rituals part of the hair care regime.

      Try these at home and tell us how they worked for you. Share your experience with us in the comments section.

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