Neena Gupta Puts Up ‘Frock Ka Shock’ Instagram Post; Netizens Impressed!

Neena Gupta Puts Up ‘Frock Ka Shock’ Instagram Post; Netizens Impressed!

Bollywood is known to create a superpower in relation to everything related to it. And more often than not, stars and their fashion trends hit the center of darts rather than their movies for fans. Wouldn't you agree with that? Paparazzi are always inclined to scan the fashion elements given by the highly respected Bollywood fashion artists such as Kareena Kapoor Khan, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Sonam Kapoor. And why not? This is something the public desperately wants to know!

The Instagram accounts of these sofa city queens are full of feeds that give us the #fashiongoals basics. Such is the omph factor of their fashionable outfits. And while most of us admire and go "aww" on their social media posts, there is another actress who recently caught the attention of netizans and fashion police. And no, she's not a beginner actress, nor does she belong to the clan of the 20's, 30's or even 40's.

We are talking about none other than Neena Gupta, one of the most versatile actresses who captivates hearts with her performances, whether on stage or on screen. The 60-year-old actress posted a picture of herself in a mini frock and guess what? The post went viral and was loved and admired by tens of thousands of social media users. Read on to know more.

The Frock Ka Shock Instagram Post

  The Frock Ka Shock Instagram Post

neena_gupta / Instagram

Neena Gupta is a woman who is known to accept the shine much higher with each new look. Needless to say, the extremely talented actress looked great in a printed, cream colored mini coat. The coat was high in the thigh, showing Nana's well-toned legs. She wore a white T-shirt and black cycling shorts under her dress. She outfits the dress with white espadrilles shoes and accessories, wearing large hoops. Neena chose the open hairstyle with this outfit and it looks perfect!

She captioned this photo in her Instagram account as "Frock ka shock. Photo taken by Sir Gajraj. ”In the publication, she refers to her current co-star, Gajray Rao, with whom she is shooting for her upcoming film, Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan . She will be seen again with Ayushman Huran in this movie. Other prominent actors such as Jitendra Kumar, Maanvi Gagroo and Sunita Rajwar are part of this movie.

The Reaction

  The Reaction

neena_gupta / Instagram

While Sarah is looking at Neena (where she is mostly spotted wearing unprecedented saris from her daughter, Masaba's collections) who steal the show, actor Badhai Ho is also often spotted wearing very casual, comfortable, yet unique funky outfits. She never disappoints her fans with her dress styles. Unlike other veteran actresses, Neena Gupta has always seen a balance between glamor, casual and traditional looks.

Therefore, when her "Frock ka shock" rose in its feed, the publication garnered over 40,000 likes and a thousand comments. Many celebrities and fans have left comments commenting on her appearance on her Instagram post.

But more than what she was wearing, people applauded her quirky inscription "Frock ka shock", which depicts the humorous side of the actress. It was her inscriptions that really won the hearts down.

Neena Gupta's professional life

  Neena Gupta's professional life

neena_gupta / Instagram

The actress was last seen in a family dramatic movie, 2014019 2019019 2019019 2019 , for which she won the Critics' Award for Best Actress and also earned a Filmfare Best Actress nomination. She's been playing decades since the 1980s, though her first break was through a television series. He is currently working on three projects: Shubh Mangal Zyada a movie about Rohit Shetty, entitled & # 39; Sooryavanshi & # 39; starring Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif, and Ashwini Iyer Tiwari directs the movie Panga, which stars Jesse Jill and Kangana Ranaut.

On the Personal Front

  On the Personal Front

Massabagupta / Instagram

It is not hidden that she had an advertising affair with Vivian Richards, a former cricketer from the West Indies. He has a daughter, Masaba Gupta. He did not marry Vivian Richards and raised his daughter as a single mother. Her daughter, who tied the knot with producer Madhu Mantena in 2015, announced her separation in 2018, and in April 2019 announced her decision to split. When Neena was asked, she replied that, like any mother, this news was a shock to her. She said she asked her daughter to think about it and not make a hasty decision.

On the work front, Neena feels a proud mother, while her daughter Masaba makes headlines with her fashion ventures. She says she couldn't be happier watching her daughter do what she loves most.

We still can't overcome Naina's last Instagram post. In simple words, we're gags over it! What do you think of Neena Gupta's bold fashion sense? Let us know in the comments below.

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Star Screen Awards 2019: Deepika Padukone, Kartik Aaryan, Alia Bhatt And Others Who Sizzled On The Red Carpet

Star Screen Awards 2019: Deepika Padukone, Kartik Aaryan, Alia Bhatt And Others Who Sizzled On The Red Carpet

If you're wondering what your favorite celebrities are up to last night, we're here to give you all the details. The Star Screen Awards 2019 was included and all our hidden stars and screen heroes took to the red carpet to serve us incredible looks. We absolutely love watching these awards, mainly because of the scary outfits we see in them. Here are our photos of some of the most fabulously dressed Bollywood actors we've witnessed on Star Screen's red carpet:

1. Ananya Pandey

  Ananya Pandey

ananyapanday / Instagram

This Bollywood debutant stole the show in stunning black and silver Black Swan Designed by fashion designers Gauri and Nainika, the dress featured a tailored neckline and a decent, glossy silver skirt to go with it. Patty Aur Wo's star accessorized her look with simple earrings. Fill your gaze with the sweet, messy top knot. We definitely look forward to watching our actress dazzle a little more in the future.

2. Alia Bhatt

  Alia Bhatt

aliaabhatt / Instagram

Highway and The esteemed actress Zindagi stuns the crowd with her 19 simple [19] species. Her charm and elegance only added to the charisma of her Sareasachi designed sari. Adding a touch of tradition to her look, the actress shared long, somber jhumkas and kept her makeup simple.

3. Deepika Padukone

  Deepika Padukone

deepikapadukone / Instagram

Known for her unique desi attires, Deepika chose to take it to another, more Western level, her male toilet. -Esque vamp. The actress decided to rock a gorgeous all-black mermaid dress designed by Australia-based Alex Perry. The fitting dress had a cloak on her left shoulder and exposed her striking collarbones. Keeping her accessories to a minimum, actress Padmavat shook several rings on both hands and showed off her recently cut wavy locks. Diepika gave us super fierce Vixen vibes with her stunning ensemble and we would love to see more of her gorgeous outfits.

4. Kartik Aaryan

  Kartik Aaryan

kartikaryan / Instagram

Kartik Aaryan's latest men's crisis has been to cut his belongings in a navy suit and an elegant gray boutique. He styled his hair in a flashy Elvis pompadour and stunned the crowd with his boyish charms and startling look. We look forward to seeing more of him in the upcoming awards. Considering the hearts he steals with his latest films, it would not be surprising to see him appear on many red carpets on a regular basis.

5. Taapsee Pannu

  Taapsee Pannu

devs213 / Instagram

The Pink The Pink actress dropped many jaws in her amazing outfit in London. The vision in white, the actress, clearly gave us a new definition of the word angelic. Starleta Manmarziyaan made a bright red lip and nodded in the early 2000s with his large silver hoop earrings. Featuring a long slit on her right and a swinging classic pair of Jimmy Choos, the actress got into the heat with her screaming avatar. Long hair styling her actress looked as if she had just been walking on the beach just before the show began.

6. Ankita Lokhande

Talking about the beaches, Ankita Lokhande's dazzling clothing clearly draws inspiration from [1945andfloralfairytalelandAddingabitofomphandvolumetoheroutfitshestylizeshergorgeousbrownlocksinwavesfromsidespacesAnkitaaddedsimilarappealtothebeachcomplementingitwithcasualsilverjewelryandacarefreepairofsandals

7. Kriti Sanon

  Kriti Sanon

kritisanon / Instagram

Actress Bareilly Ki Barfi accentuates her impeccable figure in a stunning silver dress, created by Youssef Al Jais Impressive clothing includes embroidered floral motifs and Covered with accessories with bright red lipstick. By minimizing her makeup, the actress weighed on her accessories and wore sweatshirts with silver rings and a unique geometric set of earrings.

8. Ayushmann Khurrana

  Ayushmann Khurrana

ayushmannk / Instagram

Actor Vicky Donor The actor took his award-winning outfit to the next level with this stunning Gauge design they went hand in hand with the silver floral embroidery inscribed in this garment. The plain black bow tie adds a touch of simplicity to this gorgeous and stylish look. Emitting royalty and charm, the actor threw himself into the spotlight and even received an award. Accepting a gram to show his award and his outfit, we are really glad that he showed a remarkable look to all his favorite fans.

While our favorite actors made quite a splash at Amy a few weeks ago, we would like to see them enjoy more looks ready for a red carpet. Tell us what you think of the awards show and the nice people in the comments below. Who did you like? Which designer would you like your favorite celebrity to rock on the next red carpet?

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Neha Kakkar, Mahhi Vij, Nia Sharma, And Other TV Actresses Who Went Savage On Their Trolls

Neha Kakkar, Mahhi Vij, Nia Sharma, And Other TV Actresses Who Went Savage On Their Trolls

While social media boasts about spreading love, being aware of global issues, simply enhancing her self-esteem, she also gave birth to some things we think should not have been created in the first place. And one such example is "trolls"; trolls create so much hatred and negativity in the life of the person being trained. And the celebrity world often falls victim to bad, absurd trolls. In today's world, it's almost like celebrities and trolls go hand in hand. While Bollywood has been on the receiving end of trolls for quite some time, the television industry has also fallen victim to it.

While many television actors want to not react and react to their trolls, there are some very famous television personalities who chose not to remain cheats over their trolls. They have chosen to give their trolls a suitable answer that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Let's take a look at some popular TV personalities who have been ferocious with their trolls.

1. Neha Kakkar

  Neha Kakkar

nehakakkar / Instagram

The invariable singer Neha Kakkar, currently on television, judging by the popular Indian Idol 11 was recently trained from a comedy show not only for his stature but also for his job. Comedians of the show turned to one of their characters as Neha Kakar and called him "Chotu" and also talked about how this Neha made money from singing "kuch bhi". The singer who met him seemed upset. In her Instagram stories, she talks about how she sports accepts certain comedy trolls. However, this one hurt her deeply.

  However, this one hurt her deeply.

nehakakkar / Instagram

The next day, she posted a text in her Instagram feed thanking her fans for supporting her and loving her work. In the post, she mentioned that it was a new day for her and she would stay away from the haters!

2. Mahhi Vij

  Mahhi Vij

mahhivij / Instagram

Mahhi Vij shared a photo with her in a green dress that she wore to the Big Boss season 13 ] episode. Some of her followers responded to her story, saying: " Sharam ka moti. “The follower walks Mahi to increase his baby's weight. Mahi decided not to remain silent about it. She took her Instagram stories and expressed her anger. She asked the troll if his mother was weak after giving birth. However, the actress soon forgot the incident and focused on enjoying being the mother of her baby daughter Tara.

3. Nia Sharma

  Nia Sharma

niasharma90 / Instagram

Nia Sharma is a famous celebrity and when she gets full, her response also comes with a sass coefficient. A Twitter user tweeted: "One of the most overrated and ugly so-called. The celebrity on Earth is #NiaSharma, but full estimates of her PR to make it news for no reason. In Mumbai, Bhelpuri walas earns more than her. "

Nia did not show or react in anger; instead, she chose to give a fierce response in her style, saying," I have no PR team to this day babe! I guess I'm natural. "

4. Rubina Dilaik

  Rubina Dilaik

rubinadilaik / Instagram

If there is any television actress who speaks her mind with a non-polite tone and it puts it right in their face when it comes to trolls, one has to learn from Rubina.In March this year when Rubina took to Instagram to wish her husband a happy 9 year anniversary, Rubina posted a video of her singing.

See this Instagram post

A post shared by Rubina Dilaik (@rubinadilaik) on March 21, 2019 at 10:08 pm PDT

This wonderful gesture from her soon became a topic for the troll and many followers went overboard, posting nasty comments on her post. The actress did not stay tightly closed. She bypassed those comments and posted them in her next Instagram post.

  The actress did not stay tightly closed

alyssascottj / Instagram

She described it as, "There are many such incredible people who have so much if TIME and ENERGY to hate and belittle 1945 #troll #alarm 👅😜 the reason I call them amazing is because I am amazed reading their comments and wondering why you are wasting such a valuable time FOLLOW SOME that you dislike or even know about traveling as a public figure Figure! My 2 cents: – Please save and use your time and energy for better things in life, our time is very limited here…. 🙏🏼😄😄 PS: – wait and watch Trolling through this post too 🤣🤣🤣👆🏻👆🏻.

5. Devoleena Bhattacharjee

  Devoleena Bhattacharjee

devoleena / Instagram

Devoleena, who still remembers decorating the character of an innocent bahu Gopi on TV api in 1945 series called Saath Nibhaana Saathiya was shy about posting photos of a bold photo shoot on her Instagram feed. Fans have questioned her heroine, saying that in the reel world she is so innocent, why can't she be the same in the real world. Gopi's girlfriend defended herself by asking one of the fans that the characters were dying in television series, should the actors also die in real life? Devoleena continued to hold her mom, but thanked her friend for talking about her and posting the same on Instagram.

Trolls are unhealthy, no doubt about that. The only way to stop them is to talk and give them a proper answer just like the actors above. What do you think of these brave actresses? Let us know in the comments.

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10 Comments Indian Women In Relationships Are Tired Of Hearing

10 Comments Indian Women In Relationships Are Tired Of Hearing

India is now moving from a marriage-based society to different lifestyles and different ways of defining ourselves. More and more young Indians tend to be romantically involved rather than married. The institution of marriage is gradually giving way to a more open society focused on individual needs.

Women are particularly faced with many situations where they become the object of unwanted comments and advice about their relationship. In this article, we will list the ten most annoying comments you have to say "thank you, but no thanks."

1. When do you stay? When is you staying? It hints at their interest in knowing your plans for marriage, having children, and continuing the monotonous life cycle, which is again an evolutionary arrangement and has nothing to do with your relationship. You can always tell them that you are well settled and at home exactly what you are.

2. Can you cook?

  Can you cook


You can know that the patriarchy is hard to kill so far. Just when you start to think that you have broken the glass ceiling with your success and independence, it takes the form of ridiculous questions like this. When you are in a relationship, expecting a woman to play the role of hostess is so 20th century.


  Is he


The only one with the capital letter "O" refers to the man you should marry. The question again suggests that the one you meet may not be the one. Usually, women are advised to guard against something less serious than this.

4. You can't date a younger man!

  You cannot date a younger man


Age has no consequences in relationships. The important thing is whether your partner has difficulty seeing your relationship through its ups and downs. That said, meeting younger people can make you feel young and at the same time challenge you in many good ways.

5. Enjoy Your Freedom Before Marriage

  Enjoy Your Freedom Before Marriage


This comes from the idea that the ideal marriage places restrictions on one woman. It is understood that after marriage the spouse takes over the reign and controls your life. This is far from perfect. Feel free to educate the people who say this to your face. They need it.

6. It is Your Responsibility to Care for It

  It is Your Responsibility to Care for It


The unspoken truth about the institution of marriage is that it is actually a parade where one passes the baton to another; at least so far. Until marriage, the mother may have taken care of all the affairs of the son, so that after the marriage the wife takes over. This is not only outdated but also dehumanizing. The truth is that no one can take care of them without their involvement. It is not fair to place responsibility for the well-being of a man on a woman.

7. Being a mother makes a woman complete

  Being a mother makes a woman complete


Being a mother is a choice. Women are finished just like themselves. Having a child definitely has its benefits. But the idea of ​​having a child is what determines a woman is wrong and inaccurate.

8. A woman should put her relationship above her career

  A woman should put her relationship above her career


A career is important for women as well as men. Nowadays, women are quite ambitious and take care of their jobs as much as men. Women were told to make family a priority. This is a dishonest concept and must be removed.

9. Women should not make more money than their partners!

  Women should not make more money than their partners


The bigger problem here, ladies, is the gender pay gap. What your friendly neighborhood aunt tells you is just an extension of that. You don't have to succumb to public norms about how much you have to do. If you work for it, you have earned it.


  Shutterstock still offers


Just to tell you that not all relationships end in marriage. The purpose of a relationship is not always married. Relationships are designed for communication, support and love. Marriage does not guarantee any of this.

Being in a committed relationship can become an excuse for people to invade your life with unwanted advice and remarks about what to do and what not to do. We are here to tell you not to worry about them. All you need is to be able to say the wheat from the chaff. And do not forget to continue your life on your own terms!

Did we miss any of the snappy comments that women hear all the time? Write it in the comments. Also, tell us why you think women are often the target of unwanted relationship advice.

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21 Small Things Girls Don’t Realize Guys Find Absolutely Adorable

21 Small Things Girls Don’t Realize Guys Find Absolutely Adorable

Boys are sometimes very difficult to understand and hardly ever open to things they like and dislike. Ever wondered what your boyfriend thinks is cute for you? We know that you are not a mind reader and you really want to know what pleases you. So, tadaa! Here is a list to find out what boys find extremely admirable about their significant other:

1. When she calls me by my name on the phone

  When she calls me by my name on the phone


"Maybe it's the sound of her voice or the way she says it, but something does I feel really warm and quiet inside.

2. When tying her hair in a ponytail

  When tying her hair in a ponytail


"I notice that my girlfriend does this when she is about to do housework or do something else. It's really cute!

3. Scrunching of the nose when it wants to focus

  Scrunching of the nose when it wants to concentrate


“My girl makes the sweetest face when she has to concentrate on something or when she reads, and no glasses. I like it when it makes kind faces in general.

4. When She Cuts My Hood

  When She Cuts My Hood


“First, she looks absolutely adorable in my hood, considering how big she is. Secondly, when she's cold, she has this delightful habit of sticking her hands up her sleeves and it's honestly the sweetest thing I've ever looked at.

5. When she's super tired and her voice sounds like this

  When she's super tired and her voice sounds like this


"Maybe because her usual high voice is getting deeper and more sleepy, or maybe because I'm not grasping, her voice sounds a little more natural.

6. When her eyes light up when they see me

  When her eyes sparkle after they see me


"I travel a lot for work and whenever I come back, my girlfriend's eyes always glow when she sees me after a long time and it makes me feel so special and loved. The idea that someone misses my presence so much enlightens my day.

7. When he presses his cheek against my shoulder

  When he presses his cheek against my shoulder


"I love it when we walk and my girl grabs my hand and just presses my cheek into my shoulder. It really makes me feel special and loved.

8. When She Comes To Me For The First Time To Seek Advice

  When She Comes To Me For The First Time To Seek Advice


"I really trust my girl and love him when she comes to me to seek advice. When I am in a relationship, I feel that my partner should be my closest confidant. When I see that the same kind of energy has returned my path, it makes me feel extremely special.

9. When she blows her hair

  When she blows her hair


"I love when my girlfriend blows her hair out of her face when she can't put it away with her fingers. This is the sweetest thing ever.

10. When she gives me a big, broad smile

  When she gives me a big, broad smile


“Nothing makes me happier than my girlfriend who gives me the biggest smile ever. Her face just lights up and she has really nice, straight teeth, so her smile looks amazing.

11. When she totally sneezes

"I find it delightful when my girlfriend makes that sweet sneeze" Achoo "and then apologizes for making the strongest sneeze ever. nowhere about the decibels that sneeze at me. Haha. "

12. When she compliments something I'm not sure about

  When she compliments something I'm insecure about


"I love it when she compliments something I'm super insecure about . It gives me the best boost of confidence so far and makes me super-happy.

13. When she makes fun of me

  When she makes fun of me


"I love him when I make fun of her and she knocks me lightly on the shoulder jokingly. I think it's absolutely delightful and makes me blush.

14. When she is passionate about her career

  When she is passionate about her career


“I love a girl who knows what she wants. When she's passionate about her career, you know she won't risk anything. It also means that she will respect your career as well.

15. When she wants to be the big spoon

  When she wants to be the big spoon


“I like being the little spoon and my girlfriend prefers to be the big spoon. I love this because her hair is not constantly in my face and I love the feeling of her hands wrapped in me. I also love how it feels like a backpack as it is significantly smaller than me in size.

16. When She Holds My Hand

  When She Holds My Hand


"It always makes me feel super protective of her. I'm not much for PDA, but I really like this little gesture because it makes me feel super warm and loving. Moreover, because it is easy for my big hands to fully absorb hers.

17. When she is really nice to strangers

  When she is really nice to strangers


“Everyone loves a kind person and my partner is one of the sweetest I know. It could be a super small act to tilt the waiter a little extra or buy food for a street hedgehog. Her goodness is not paid enough, but she does it anyway, and I think it's a very special feature that you have to find in a person.

18. When she likes something I show her

  When she likes something I show her


“My girl is a huge music fan and loves to watch old movies. So when it takes her time to listen and appreciate something I've shown her, it makes me feel really special. Clearly, her tastes are much cooler than mine, but I like to share music / movies with her.

19. When she makes her first go to bed

  When she makes her first go to bed


"I don't care how uncomfortable she can be, I love her when she makes her first go to bed. Even if he stumbles or says something stupid. The fact that she takes the initiative is enough for me.

20. When she drapes her legs through me

  When she drapes her legs through me


"I love when she drapes her legs through me; especially when we are traveling and traveling to amazing music. It also gives me a good view of her shapely legs.

21. When She Stretches Like a Cat

  When She Stretches Like a Cat


"I like when she is comfortable stretching in front of me and I think it's nice when she does that. Plus, her body issues those small cracks when her bones line up. ”

What do you think about our list? Some of these answers surprised you? Let us know in the comments below!

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11 Foods That’ll Tighten Your Tummy

11 Foods That’ll Tighten Your Tummy

Even if we end up missing parties and social gatherings throughout the year, there is one party we all want to attend and look our best while we do it – New Year's Eve Party! Is not it like that? Throughout the year we have been craving and indulging in foods that are nothing less than the sins of our bodies. But since the New Year is approaching so fast, we just want to say that it's only a few weeks away! And what is so special about this New Year? We are entering a whole new decade of 2020 * hearts of eyes *! Most of us would already decide that we should visit the gym or start watching the videos of our favorite fitness trainer in the comfort of home. There is nothing wrong with thinking about doing this!

  Foods Thatll Tighten Your Tummy


It's always a good idea to start going on a healthy journey, even if we do it for a New Year's Eve coupon! So in this battle of the bulge, if there is a firm adversary to whom we must fight deadly, the belly must be fat. We all end up skipping food to tighten our bellies. The question is, how far do we manage to skip eating? The answer is – we will never get it because, after all, we have a bloated belly instead of a narrow, slender one. You will be surprised to find that there are quite a number of foods that are useful for both your taste buds and your waistline. They will keep this belly swelling away and help you develop a tightened tummy. Here, read this and make a note of them.

1. Avocado



Born to Americans, this tasty, buttery fruit is gaining worldwide popularity at a rapid pace. Only half of avocados are known to contain ten whole grams of monounsaturated fat. Now, before you start thinking "but fats are bad for health", these are good fats that help maintain blood sugar levels in the body. Poor sugar levels are what lead to fat storage around your waist. Avocados also help in the absorption of carotenoids, the fight against cancer compounds found in vegetables and fruits ( 1 ).

2. Bananas



Bananas are fruits that take pride in the very high levels of potassium in them. It has minerals that fight the sodium sodium in our bodies ( 2 ).

3. Greek Yogurt

  Greek Yogurt


Eating a glass of Greek yogurt a day promotes the growth of all kinds of good bacteria in your gut. It is these bacteria that help to eliminate the bad germs that cause bloating. Greek yogurt is much more than just a creamy glass for good; It is a combination of proteins and carbohydrates that normalize and stabilize insulin levels in the body. An unbalanced level of insulin requires the hormones to store fat in the form of calories ( 3 ). This will prevent you from getting a flat, tight tummy.

4. Citrus Foods

  Citrus Foods


Isn't this a shock from a supermarket? Well, Vitamin C, which is found in colored fruits and vegetables such as lemon, oranges and peppers, will actually help us burn off a whopping thirty percent more fat while we exercise ( 4 ). It's a benefit to speed up the process of tightening your belly, right?

5. Wholegrain



All you carb lovers out there, rejoice! Brown rice, oatmeal, bulgur and more. They contain filler fibers that help keep the body's insulin level low ( 5 ). Eating them will help shrink your fat cells faster than ever before.

6. Almonds and other raw nuts

  Almonds and other raw nuts


These nuts are excellent sources of protein, magnesium, fiber, healthy monounsaturated fats and vitamin E ( 6 ). Consuming them will keep you hungry and provide you with a great source of energy for you to exercise effectively and religiously.

7. Tomatoes



Tomato, a fruit, is considered to be high in sodium, potassium and water. It is a natural diuretic that helps to remove excess elements that cause the stomach to swell ( 7 ). They are also rich in fiber and help regulate digestion.

8. Quinoa



Whole grains have been proven by many to expel belly fat and strengthen the abdomen in no time. This is because this sacred grain contains nearly 11 grams of protein and is also extremely satisfying, preventing you from crashing by eating or bitten off to glory ( 8 ).

9. Asparagus



This is known to be an anti-inflammatory vegetable high in vitamins A and C; it also helps to accelerate the mechanism of fat burning in the body ( 9 ). It helps you get rid of all the water weight and leaves you with a tighter belly.

10. Berry



Consider them the best treats you can get while striving for a tighter belly. Because they are provided with antioxidants and fiber, which are essential for maintaining the fasting abdomen ( 10 ).

11. Apples



One apple a day doesn't just keep the doctor away; it also helps to achieve your six pack abs dream a little faster. It is not only packed with fiber and protein, but also promotes good digestion and promotes weight loss ( 11 ). tight stomach, right? The truth is revealed peered! What are you waiting? Get started!

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Women Make Better Leaders Than Men, As Proven By A Study & India Should Take Note

Women Make Better Leaders Than Men, As Proven By A Study & India Should Take Note

If you've been in the workforce for the last few years, you may have noticed a pay gap between men and women, even if they were doing the same job. For many years, women have had to deal with being paid far less for the same names for which their male counterparts are paid a higher salary. This is probably why women are less likely to occupy a leading position in the workforce than their male counterparts. Many claim that this is simply because women do not have leadership skills and qualities. However, it was noted in a study conducted by BI Norwegian Business School that this was not true. In fact, the study proved that women actually do better than men:

The study

  The study


The study took into account the characteristics and personality traits of three thousand managers, This study looked at five performance evaluation categories, and women were found to outnumber men in at least four of them. These categories were openness and ability to innovate, initiative and clear communication, publicity and support, goal setting and methodological management that distinguished women. In these categories, women performed excellently and performed remarkably better than their men. The results show that women are often ranked higher when all is said and done than men in their ability to develop and lead a team with clarity and impact.

These findings raise an authentic question about the development of the managerial hierarchy and the current position of women in senior roles. If the behind-the-scenes decision makers ignore this truth, they could essentially hire less qualified executives and thus reduce productivity. This observation is not too far from the truth, even with respect to our own country. According to a study conducted by McKinsey in collaboration with, the proportion of women entering the entry-level workforce in America has hardly changed and progress has not just been slow, but has come to a complete standstill. This is what was discovered in women in the workplace in 2019 ( 1 ) ( 2 ).

What are the biggest reasons

  What are the biggest reasons


It is thought that women tend to hit the glass ceiling as they attempt to climb the career ladder. In essence, it prevents them from reaching senior management positions. The various social standards that prevail often act as a glass ceiling and as an unreasonable obstacle for ladies.

While some do not receive assistance from their family for work, there are some who do not even receive appropriate training or skill sets that would enable them to work in the regulated sector. In fact, the most significant obstacle women face is the first step they take to get to a manager position. This colloquially is called the "broken bar". This results in most women getting into entry-level positions instead of climbing the proverbial ladder and entering a managerial position. To solve this problem, companies need to repair the broken tape. According to a survey conducted in the study, 1 in 4 women believe that their gender has played a significant role in them, missing out on the opportunity to be promoted or even promoted.

  And yes, race and sexual orientation also play a role in this issue


And yes, race and sexual orientation also play a role in this issue. Many women believe that other aspects of their identity shape their experiences. Colors, lesbians, women with disabilities and bisexual women seem to have the worst workplace experiences. In particular, black women and women with severe disabilities face more barriers to progress, receive less support from managers, and even receive fewer sponsorship opportunities for further education based on these factors. They are also much more likely to hear degrading, disparaging and degrading remarks than those around them.

Another common problem is bias. Biases affect a woman's daily work experience and often impair her advancement capacity. They are far more likely to experience discrimination on a daily basis than others, and this often harms their chances of being promoted and even hired.

There is also a clear discrepancy in what men believe in the workplace environment and what women believe in. While thirty-three percent of women in this survey believe they have seen or heard biases against women at work, only eleven percent of men say the same (3) .

  India as a country must push for women's education and offer them incentives to join the workforce


With the introduction of new studies to prove system and workforce mismatches, it is paramount to encourage women to work. At the same time, women should be allowed to occupy senior administrative positions, which would help them gain considerable strength and monetary stability. India, as a country, must push for women's education and offer them incentives to join the workforce.

Although the country is definitely making a change, we still have a long way to go if we want to get out of the developing economy. What do you think? Do you believe that women have a harder time climbing the career path? List your thoughts in the comments below.

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Telangana Police Kills All Four Accused In Hyderabad Rape Case In Encounter: Nation Reacts And Rejoices!

Telangana Police Kills All Four Accused In Hyderabad Rape Case In Encounter: Nation Reacts And Rejoices!

India awakened to a horrific incident on November 28, 2019. The whole nation drowned in anger seeking justice for Bisha (name given to Priyanka Reddy's Telangana police), a 26-year-old veterinarian who was abducted by sails. charge on Hyderabad-Bengaluru National Highway, raped and set on fire. Her charred body was found on the outskirts of Hyderabad in a subway near Chatanpal in Shadnagar. The victim's father has identified the body.

  Telangana police kill all four accused in a case of rape in Hyderabad 1

Source: Twitter

This incident has shaken the conscience of the entire nation. From ordinary people to celebrities, everyone expressed anger and insisted that Bisha should be served with immediate justice. This issue has also been discussed in Parliament. Protesters in thousands even mobilized the Shadnagar police station. They asked the police to hand over the four accused, identified as Jolu Nawen (20), Mohammed (26), Chintakunta Chenakkesavulu (20) and Jolu Shiva (20), who were detained on 29 November. The protesters wanted to kill all of them.

But this time, justice was served in a different way. This morning, India woke up feeling a little better and a little relieved by the news of a meeting of four accused by cyber-police. Read on to know more.




The four defendants in the Disha case were met and shot dead at the same spot where Disha was set on fire. Several news sources reported that the meeting took place between 3:30 and 5:00. The cops took the defendants to the scene of the crime to recover the horrific crime incident. This is when the accused tries to escape by taking his weapons from the police. The accused were reported to have even stoned and taken violence to escape, taking advantage of the darkness. This forced police to open fire on the four rapists.

VK Sajjanar, Commissioner of Police in Cyberabad was quoted as saying by a leading news agency, "4 accused in the case of rape and murder in Hyderabad killed in a crossfire today" ( 1 ). Police are yet to announce the official details of the meeting. The victim's family

  The victim's family


The victim's family was pleased when they learned of the meeting news. Disha's father even said that this news would help my daughter rest in peace. He also thanked the Telangana government and everyone else who stood by his family during this difficult time and supported them. The father was quoted as saying to an news agency that "I will not return my daughter, but this will definitely send a strong message. This will inspire fear, and criminals will not dare to do what my daughter had to do. "( 2 ).

Even the victim's sister reacted to the news of the meeting, saying that her family welcomed it, She said her family was happy, although they did not expect the abusers. She believed that the perpetrators would be hanged by a court order. She told reporters that in the incident, people should be scared of committing such horrific crimes in the future.

Hollywood & Bollywood Reacts

to Bollywood.

Anupam Her congratulates the police in Telangana by tweeting:

  Anupam Her congratulates the police in Telangana by tweeting

Source: Twitter

Rachel Singh, who has worked in both industries Tweeted this:

  Rachel Singh, who has worked in both industries, tweeted this

Source: Twitter

Mixed Reactions

Food Expiration Dates You Should Stick To

Food Expiration Dates You Should Stick To

We understand, sometimes you just don't have the time to throw away those extra two slices of bread or you're too lazy to throw out this six-month-old mayonnaise. If you are the type of person who thinks that a snooze test and light visual scan are more than enough to judge whether a food item has expired or not, you should probably think twice. The looks and aromas can often be quite deceptive (smelling your milk before swallowing it is not the smartest of ideas), so those expiry dates that are placed on the packaging can lead you the right way and help prevent you from becoming a prey to disease.


From cream cheese to potato salads, it's important to throw these foods in the bin after their designated end date:


Who doesn't like to tinker with their sandwiches with this creamy spread that applies it? You probably think your favorite mayo glass jar will give you a good 6 to 8 months after it cools, right? Wrong. Although it is easy to lose the mayonnaise you bought from the store the back of your fridge, most people recommend throwing it in the bin after three to four months. Even if it is in the fridge, you cannot stop the bacteria from transferring into the spice. It is very easy to transfer the bacteria to the mayonnaise with an oil knife or a spoon when you put it on your bread. Therefore, the quick expiration date.

Soft cheeses

  Soft cheeses


Sirens that are firmer or cozier like Gouda have a longer period from time to time in the fridge as they become more challenging to mic sometimes tiny organisms and mold to penetrate them. However, when opened, hard and processed cheeses last for about three weeks to about a month. However, softer cheeses such as ricotta, cream cheddar or goat cheese are increasingly susceptible to bacteria and should be discarded when there is a hint of mold or when this is clear after expiry.

Fresh Fruits

  Fresh Fruits


Whether the fruits are bought at the store or fresh from the farmers market, they can certainly be said to have a shorter life than most fruits. Raspberries and strawberries are usually suitable for consumption three days after you buy them. It is a good idea to chill refrigerated fruits immediately that you cannot consume during this time.




Fish are as susceptible to bacteria as meat and should be consumed one or two days after purchase. Most people suggest wrapping it in moisture-proof freezer paper or foil and leaving it in the freezer. This increases his life to three months, and sometimes even longer.

Fresh meat

  Fresh meat


Fresh meat usually has a sale date that allows the store to know by which date the meat may be sold. This means that once you have the meat, you should store it in the refrigerator. Some stores play a cheap trick in giving away meat that is closer to their sale dates, just to get rid of the product right away. Very fresh raw meat can also be contaminated with E. coli, salmonella and other bacteria. With this in mind, it is important to cook meat at the right temperature in order to act as a good protection against bacteria.

Cold-pressed juice

  Cold-pressed juice


Green juices may be all over your Instagram feeds every day, but the raw version should not be a constant addition to your fridge. Natural raw juices are incredibly well-known in the healthcare community because they are incredibly thick. However, it is important to consume them well before their expiration dates, as opposed to processed juices, which can be stored for longer periods. Because processed juices have preservatives and other things present in them, they are not so bacterial-prone. This can extend the shelf life of the juice to about 30 days, and they are usually good when cooled appropriately for five days after opening it.

Potato salad

  Potato salad


Just like jars, potato salads are much more prone to bacterial growth because they are more likely to be exposed. Once your potato salad is contaminated, you are at a higher risk of getting contaminated with food. Experts warn that one must be extremely careful about temperature changes when it comes to salads, as some ingredients are still raw and unhealthy. Three to five days are the usual shelf life and it is recommended not to exceed this time limit.

In general, it is an intelligent option to check the expiration date of any product you purchase to protect yourself from the inconvenient trip to the doctor, what do you think about the list? Do you need to empty your refrigerator?

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Surprising Foods That Give You Food Poisoning

Surprising Foods That Give You Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is usually caused when a person eats a food that contains bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that can cause people to become ill. The most common bacteria and viruses include norovirus and salmonella, and the less common but still dangerous pathogen is E. coli. Symptoms of E. coli infection usually cause more dangerous symptoms and any food that is infected with these bacteria can cause severe symptoms of food poisoning. Read on to find out about surprising foods that may cause you to suffer from symptoms of food poisoning:

1. Eggs



Yes, your favorite breakfast food may contain salmonella. The risk of consuming contaminated food becomes much higher if one consumes raw, soft-boiled or unbaked eggs. The embryo is transmitted by infected birds that lay eggs and may even disrupt the inside of the eggs during the very formation process. Contaminated faecal matter from a bird that was previously affected may also affect the egg. Although the risk of receiving it is relatively rare, one must take additional measures while feeding children, the elderly and immunocompromised people. This is the smarter option to choose hard-boiled, well-mixed and well-cooked finished eggs.

2. Burgers



Pork, poultry and ground beef may be doubtful since any pathogens present on the surface of the meat before grinding can slip into small corners and the dumplings of the pie, thus, they can avoid death, since the surface areas of the pie look perfectly prepared. As with all types of meat, color is often not an accurate indicator of whether it is ready or not. Beef can sometimes look a little pink even if it is cooked to a relatively safe temperature, and in some cases it can look brown even when it is not a safe temperature.

3. Tuna



If it doesn't smell fishy, ​​it's probably not that bad, right? When unprepared and raw fish are not stored properly before being cooked, this can lead to the development of mackerel poisoning. This can be difficult to distinguish. Tuna fish may be particularly prone to developing this type of toxicity – other culprits include bluefish, abalone and mahi-mahi. Fish that have been infected may have a distinct pepper or burn taste. Symptoms of this type of food poisoning include the development of a rash on the face and upper body, sweating and even redness.

4. Potatoes



Who doesn't love a decent pot of mashed potatoes? Although everyone is a favorite vegetable and a major component of French fries, potatoes can have a collection of microscopic organisms such as E. Coli, C. botulinum and the most widely recognized single salmonella. The microbes found in potatoes can be transported through the soil and contamination usually occurs when potato dishes, such as mashed potatoes and potato salads, are cooked without being satisfactorily cleaned. It is a smart idea to wash your potatoes and cook them carefully to ensure that you kill all the harmful bacteria that may be present in them.

5. Fermented or Canned Food

  Fermented or Canned Food


Foods, preserved or fermented, use healthy bacteria to add to their taste. Foods that are properly fermented and canned are generally considered safe to eat, but if there is a serious defect in the fermentation process, dangerous bacteria can enter the food. The most significant risk is that fermented foods can cause botulism infection. Botulism can cause damage to the nervous system and even cause paralysis in extreme cases. If not properly treated, the disease can be fatal ( 1 ). Foods that contain less acid are most likely the cause of botulism.

6. Unpasteurized milk or cheese

  Unpasteurized milk or cheese


Raw and unpasteurized milk and soft cheeses are often a place for reproduction of dangerous bacteria such as listeria. Pregnant women, young mothers and high-risk groups for foodborne illness should consider avoiding these foods at all. Washing your hands before and after consuming unpasteurized food can reduce your chances of getting infected. Smaller food operations, such as vendors selling in farmers' markets, may not always pasteurize or store their produce properly. Therefore, when buying these types of products, it is a good idea to be extremely careful and ask about food safety. Food containing dairy products left at room temperature can also cause foodborne illness.

7. Creamy Pies & Pies

  Creamy Pies & Pies


In the case of creamy pies and pies, sweets are prepared by hand and later eaten directly, often without baking. This way, you trust that whoever prepared your dessert really did wash their hands well. You don't know where the hands of these bakers were. Just as you avoid eating street food because your parents warned you when you were younger, you should be careful while eating them.

Last Take

One has to be extremely careful about what he puts in his stomach and be especially careful when consuming street food and other foods that could expose those to airborne and foodborne diseases. Is there anything in this list that comes as a surprise to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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