Things to do in London this summer 2018

Things to do in London this summer 2018

Bring. On. The. Sunshine.

things to do in london this summer
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Nothing beats a crystal clear summer’s day in London. The city really comes alive – though that’s also down to the amazing events calendar that kicks in over the summer months, which includes some of the best music festivals, exhibits and quirky parties in the country. Whether you’re a jaded local looking to keep things interesting or visiting the English capital, here’s some of the best things to do in London this summer 2018 below.

London Summer Events

London’s Longest Date

things to do in london this summer


It’s exactly what it says on the tin. The dating app Badoo is running the longest date ever to celebrate the summer solstice and they’re looking for singles to get involved. They’ll be taking the romance offline with a full day of free activities starting with a sunrise champagne breakfast at Sushi Samba, then an all-day picnic at Shoreditch Gardens, a pottery class straight out of Ghost (with Unchained Melody playing in the background obviously) and wrapping up with a garden party hosted by a celebrity DJ. You can choose to register for all the events or just your favourites – you get paired up with a date beforehand so you won’t be jumping in blind.

When: June 21

Where: Across London

How to register: Sign up on their site here

Movies on the River

things to do in london this summer

Forget your regular movie night, City Cruises and Time Out are teaming up to take outdoor cinema to the Thames. Lounge on the rooftop of a sprawling boat and watch both old and new classics roll on the silver screen as the skyline twinkles in the background. There’s a huge range of movies on offer to cater to all tastes, whether you’re falling in love all over again with The Shape of Water and Dirty Dancing or thrill seeking with Get Out and Back to the Future. If you’re not afraid of tempting fate, Jaws is also going to be screened multiple times. We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

When: 13 June to 21 July

Where: Tower Millennium Pier

How much: £29+, book online

London Festivals

Red Bull Music Odyssey

Clearly, we can’t get enough of boat-themed fun. Red Bull will be giving the London festival scene a run for its money with the Red Bull Music Odyssey, a musical experience you’re not likely to forget. They’ll be taking over six boats, each captained by stalwarts in the music scene and with a distinctly different vibe to each. Grime artist Julie Adenuga will be helming The Transmission, where she’ll be joined by fellow underground radio and grime artists included the Heartless Crew and AJ Tracey & MTP, while Dennis Sulta will keep the party jumping over on The Forever Dancer with house, disco and techno artists including Larry Heard and Jocelyn Brown. We’re personally super keen on Jubilee’s The Wine Up cruise, a waterborne dancehall extravaganza.

When: 30 June

Where: The Thames

How much: £16.59+, book online

Notting Hill Carnival

things to do in london this summer

Mark Thomas/REX/Shutterstock

It’s back! This gigantic Caribbean street party takes over the streets of Notting Hill, transforming it into a spectacle of colourful costumes, amazing live music and piles of delicious food that’ll put the spice back into your life. The parade is undoubtedly the main event when humongous trucks peel through the streets with huge ten foot speakers strapped to the back of them, blasting music as performers decked out in traditional vibrant costumes cut a rug through the streets. It tends to get quite crowded and can be daunting if you’ve never been before, check out our Notting Hill Carnival guide for our best tips.

When: 26-27 August

Where: Notting Hill

Lovebox Festival

things to do in london this summer

PJP photos/REX/Shutterstock

The coolest festival on the block is back with a better lineup than ever. Childish Gambino is riding the wave of his This Is America success and headlining alongside Skepta, N.E.R.D., SZA, Wu-Tang Clan, Bonobo, Diplo, Annie Mac and Anderson Paak. If those names didn’t excite you, the endless string of indie food stalls, intimate stages and quirky pop-ups like a very-Lovebox wedding chapel where you can marry your best friend. Lovebox is also without a shadow of a doubt the most fashionable festival in London – get ready for some major style inspo to upgrade your festival fashion wardrobe.

When: 13-14 July

Where: Gunnersbury Park

How much: £64.50+, book online

London Exhibitions

Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up

Frida Kahlo Exhibition


After fifty years, a rare Frida Kahlo exhibition is finally venturing beyond Mexico’s borders to visit London’s V&A Museum. The rich collection will closely follow Frida’s incredible and sometimes harrowing life story, combining both her personal items and artworks including her prosthetic leg, self-portraits, cosmetics and more.

When: Opens 16 June – 4 November

Where: V&A Museum

How much: £15, book online

London Pride


Tolga Akmen/LNP/REX/Shutterstock

London’s Pride celebrations are some of the biggest and longest in the country, starting June 9 and running for nearly an entire month. Besides the famous parade on July 7, there’s a whole range of events going on all over the city including nude life drawing classes, no end of theatre, speed dating. film festivals and parties galore. If you can’t make it to the capital to celebrate, we’ve also done a roundup of the best pride events in the UK to celebrate love.

When: June 9 – July 7

Where: All across London

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‘What I learned after a week of living sustainably as a micro-protester’

‘What I learned after a week of living sustainably as a micro-protester’

Could you live a totally sustainable life for seven days? Charlotte Philby joins the new wave of eco-warriors using daily protests to push for lasting change

Charlotte Philby's week as a micro-protester

‘You need to begin by doing a bin audit, so have a rifle through to see where most of your waste comes from,’ says Bettina Maidment, aka @plasticfreehackney. And she should know. Part of a new movement of eco campaigners who are making a big impact with their ‘micro-level protests’, Maidment decided to go plastic-free 18 months ago. In the process, the east London-based mother-of-two has so profoundly reduced the amount of waste her family produces across the board that they only take their rubbish out once every three months. It’s a seriously impressive achievement and one that has inspired me to follow suit.

The ‘micro-protest’ favours personal and corporate responsibility on a daily basis over large-scale stunts. In the past, group actions like those of Greenpeace’s Kingsnorth Six – a group of eco-warriors who famously scaled the Kingsnorth Tower in Kent in 2007 to protest against coal-fired power (for which they were arrested and later acquitted) – relied on making a noise in order to propel change. In contrast, the latest (and more accessible) trend focusses on small-scale individuals to make manageable, easy to mirror changes, which they often record online to galvanise others. Think of Antoine Repessé’s four-year project in which he saved all his recyclable rubbish then photographed it in surreal ways to highlight issues around waste; or the Kin Project, which suggests one monthly change you can make – from planting a tree to eating less meat – and then invites you to discuss your experiences in a ‘safe space’, a closed Facebook group; or the group of mothers from north London who clubbed together a week’s worth of plastic and returned it en masse to their local supermarket.

If I’m going to spend a week living by the rules of three environmental micro-campaigners, thinking about what I most commonly throw out is the place to start. But given that between me, my husband and our three young children we can create as much as four bin bags’ worth of landfill, three compost bags of food waste and four bags of recycling each week, it’s a somewhat daunting task.

Before now I considered myself an engaged, relatively eco-minded person. But as a working mother, I am also busy. So, like many of us, my ethical shopping habits extend to having an organic veg box delivery, taking my own bags to the supermarket and buying recycled loo roll. My children know which bin to use to dispose of various materials and to turn off the tap while brushing their teeth, and they relish homework projects on melting ice caps. Yet, as I find myself wading through the endless plastic punnets, cellophane wrappers and – most grim of all – soggy nappies, it’s startlingly clear that I am part of the problem rather than the solution.

For starters, I have three children. Researchers at Lund University in Sweden claim that having children is the most destructive thing a person can to do to the environment, with one fewer child per family saving ‘an average of 58.6 tonnes of CO2-equivalent emissions per year’. As an only child, I like to think I have a gene quota to fill, and that I’m raising enlightened, impassioned kids who might go on to find the key to world peace. Yet the more I force myself to engage with the evidence around climate change, the less convinced I am by my own defence.

Micro-protesting: The rules
During my time as a micro-protester, I will ‘say no to plastic’ as Maidment dictates. As well as using only non-disposable water bottles, coffee cups, bags and straws 
– behaviours that have become much more commonplace in the wake of Blue Planet, which compellingly highlighted the effects of plastic pollution on our oceans 
– I’ll go a step further to emphasise my point. This involves removing any plastic packaging from the products I buy at the supermarket and leaving it at the till. This idea is increasingly popular, as it pushes the problem and cost of disposing of plastic back on to the retailers (supermarkets alone create more than 800,000 tons of plastic packaging waste each year), sending a clear message that consumers want change. The thinking is that if enough of us take matters into our own hands, 
creating such mini protests across the nation, then sooner or later, retailers will have to deal with it.

As we know, it’s not just plastic that poses a threat to the natural world, so much as the general rate of human consumption. In her book Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways To Think Like a 21st-Century Economist, Kate Raworth of Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute explains that the current growth model, which relies on the rampant consumer model of capitalism, doesn’t work. Instead, she suggests that in order for our economic model to be financially and ecologically sustainable, money, markets, taxation and public investment must all focus on conserving and regenerating resources, rather than squandering them.

My own micro-protest, which will nod to these values, involves buying nothing new, apart from the absolute essentials (fresh food and loo roll). If I need something, 
I must trade for it, in accordance with the rules of the Buy Nothing Project (, an online network launched in 2013 that connects hyperlocal groups of like-minded people facilitating the ‘giving, receiving, sharing and lending through a web of connections formed between people who are real-life neighbours’. Finally, as mass consumption of unsustainable palm oil continues to ravage the forests 
of Southeast Asia and chemicals pollute our ecosystem, I will follow part of the Say No To Palm Oil’s 28-day challenge (, making my own largely natural cleaning products. Many eco-conscious consumers may have worked hard to eradicate palm oil from their food cupboards. However, washing products are one of the main sources, which is refined to create soaps, washing powder and other cleaning (not so good) goods.

The plastic boycott
While the fact of my children is already a done deal, the week ahead is not. It is Friday. After dropping off the older kids at school, the two-year-old and I head to our local deli. It’s only as we reach the shop, empty-handed, that I remember Maidment’s words: ‘Bring 
a disposable cup, or do without.’ While forgoing my morning coffee in the name of being a better human isn’t a huge problem for me, the toddler is less pragmatic. Really, there’s no excuse for not having bought him a drink in one of our many sippy cups, but he’s now on the verge of a meltdown and I’m exhausted after a busy week at work. So, remembering the ‘no straw’ and ‘return all plastic wrapping’ rule, I tear off the offending articles and return it to the shopkeeper who looks at me like I might be in the throes of some sort of breakdown, while I mumble that straws are bad for the environment. I leave, silently chastising myself for my limp attempt at eco-warrior-ing while my toddler has an apoplectic fit at the absence of the straw.

But, as the week goes on, rather than feeling hot-cheeked at my public environmental assertions, I feel buoyed by them. The more I read about the impact of everyday behaviours, the less able I feel to do things I can usually justify to myself on the grounds that I’m busy and life is short (buying a bottle of water at my local shop rather than waiting until I get home, getting a takeaway sandwich in a plastic container instead of making my own). By the end of the week, I’m fluctuating between despair that the world is imploding and determination that I’ll do my bit to claw back what resources we still have left.

The cleaning revolution
Undeterred, I return to the house with a renewed sense of purpose to check what we do and don’t have. My usual addled state of mind by the time I get round to our weekly shop, together with the ‘you never know when the apocalypse might strike’ mentality I inherited from my grandmother, means there are endless toiletries I don’t like or bought on offer, bags of panic-bought pulses no one eats, and three bottles of kitchen spray but 
no bathroom cleaner. According to the DIY bathroom cleaner recipe found at, I need baking soda, vinegar, a scrubbing brush and a plastic spray bottle. I don’t have the last item, which I’m also pretty sure is in contravention of my no-plastic rule anyway. But if a plastic product is already owned by someone else, surely it makes sense to use it rather than let it fester without purpose. It takes a flurry of WhatsApp messages to locate a friend who is willing to offload a plastic spray bottle later that day. She’s simultaneously bemused and delighted when I insist on 
a trade, which ties in neatly with my ‘buy nothing’ rule 
for the week. She settles on trading it for the cutting 
of a spider plant we inherited from an old lady who recently died, and we both depart grateful and uplifted, vowing to be more swap-minded in future.

I return home and attempt to clean the bathroom with my home-made concoction, which was as easy and quick to use as my usual chemical-based product (the shame). After some serious elbow grease, the results are not far off the same, and my bathroom smells of lemon (which I added for scent) rather than bleach.

Cutting my waste
The inside of our fridge is a sorry sight comprising several half-eaten cheeses, endless mushrooms and green peppers accumulated over the course of several veg box deliveries, which I’ve repeatedly forgotten to amend. Spurred into action, 
I fire off an email rectifying our order 
for future weeks – minus the veg nobody ever seems to eat – and feel instantly more in control of life. I even start flicking through recipe books to see what I could fashion from these leftovers, rather than following my usual ‘fish fingers or pesto pasta’ model of home cooking. The rest of the family don’t raise too much protest at the lentil soup I whip up from leftovers either, so it’s a win-win.

Reflecting on my habits
The more I think about my consumption over the next few days, the more I question my every behaviour. 
As one of the few of my friends not having already given up dairy (thanks to a couple of very powerful recent documentaries highlighting animal welfare and the impact of methane on the environment), by the time 
I make it to the supermarket I’m loathe to buy cow’s milk or eggs, as per my usual routine. I also find myself mooting the possibility of upping sticks to live a more sustainable life in rural Spain – until my husband helpfully points out that I’m worryingly impulsive and don’t have time to reliably remember to take out a reusable flask, let alone manage 
the logistics of moving abroad. Thankfully, as Maidment reminds me, meaningful changes can be made in manageable chunks. ‘It’s about individual responsibility, as well as corporate action,’ she says.

So, this time, once I’ve resisted endless requests for yogurts in plastic tubes and comics with plastic toys attached – not to mention my own magnetism towards the shampoos-on-offer aisle – I stand at the checkout unwrapping swathes of plastic and cellophane from avocados and fruit. 
I feel vindicated as I hand it back to the somewhat amused cashier, who confirms I’m the second person to have done so this week. It takes ages, and the people behind in the queue consider me like a foreign species until I explain what I’m doing and why, and they too seem to be on board (even if they’re not actually following suit themselves today).

Looking to the future
Despite the idea that living ethically is a luxury reserved for those who can afford it, I find I have saved cash by using up what we have and not buying new things that we don’t really need. For me, the real challenge is getting the foundations in place. I’m naturally disorganised and, like many people, I have a lot to think about. But there are things I 
definitely can do – like never buying plastic applicator tampons, disposable coffee pods or throwaway face wipes, and not succumbing to the lure of the ready meal. Because the unavoidable truth is, no matter how worthy it sounds, finding time to adjust the way I live might be tricky and awkward, but it’s also vital. Making small changes is the key, and thinking ahead is a massive part of that – because if we don’t, what sort of world are we looking ahead to?

Get sustainable
What steps can you take?

Opt for lower-impact menstrual products. There are a wide range on the market from the mooncup to D by DAME (the world’s first reusable applicator), not to mention non-applicator tampons.
Stop using disposable face wipes. They might seem like a low-hassle option, but they 
are costing the earth. Go for a simple, quality cleanser and a flannel instead.
Don’t buy chemical cleaning products. Choose non-toxic versions or make your own 
(there are plenty of recipes at
Avoid palm oil. Check the back of packets for unsustainable palm oil in food, which is causing mass deforestation.
Choose products with minimal plastic packaging – and return any plastic from items you buy to the retailer. You’ll pass the problem of disposal back to them while also making 
a statement that you demand change.

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What to expect from Future Shapers Live 2018 this Saturday

What to expect from Future Shapers Live 2018 this Saturday

It’s nearly time for the ultimate career conference, this Saturday! Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to on the day…

Future Shapers Live, in partnership with Neutrogena®, is just around the corner and here at Marie Claire HQ we could not be more excited. Not only have our team been working hard to put together an amazing line-up of speakers but we’ve also got a fantastic array of activities, food, drinks and goodies for you to enjoy throughout the day. So whether you fancy pampering yourself in the beauty lounge or meeting top CEOs from across the UK by the end Future Shapers Live you will feel ready to take on absolutely anything.

So without further ado, here’s what’s in store for you this Saturday…

Neutrogena Beauty Lounge

In between feeling inspired and planning your next career move feel free to pamper yourself at our pop-up Neutrogena Beauty Lounge featuring express facials and hand massages by Neutrogena, make-up by KIKO, henna tattoos from Paven Henna , hair styling by Headmasters and mini express manicures.

Future Shapers Live Goody Bag

The Goody Bag

What would a Marie Claire event be without an amazing goody bag? Of course, at the end of this empowering day you’ll be treated to a goody bag jam packed full of amazing treats from the following brands plus much more…

Marie Claire
Charles Worthington
Schwarzkopf Professional
Soap & Glory
Cover FX
Living Proof
System Professional

Instagram Competition

Ever wondered the secret to taking a perfect instagram shot? Well, this year at Future Shapers Live we will have an expert sharing with you the tips and tricks to perfecting the ultimate picture. Visit our Neutrogena Beauty Lounge to be in with a chance of winning some amazing prizes for the best shot on the day!

Thirsty Planet

Plus, stay hydrated throughout the day with water supplied by Thirsty Planet. A water brand dedicated to bringing clean water to the most disadvantaged communities across sub Saharan Africa. To learn more about this great cause visit their site here.

We hope you’re just as excited as we are and we can’t wait to see you all there. And if you weren’t lucky enough to get a ticket make sure you keep up to date with all the events on the day on our Instagram and Twitter or join the conversation using #FutureShapersLive.

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Where to celebrate LGBT pride in the UK this year

Where to celebrate LGBT pride in the UK this year

Break out the rainbow face paint and glitter.

Guy Bell/REX/Shutterstock

Happy pride month! All summer long, we going to be seeing rainbows and undoubtedly a handful of colourful unicorns as people take to the streets in celebration of the LGBT community. With thousands of people waving flags and floats streaming through tightly packed parades, there’s no end of festivities across the UK and we’ve put together a list of the best pride celebrations on our radar. Lots of love to our LGBT readers, now and always.

Brighton Pride


Hugo Michiels/LNP/REX/Shutterstock

People travel from all over the UK decked out in rainbow and glitter for Brighton’s mammoth celebrations, which are famously the biggest and most popular in the country. The city transforms Preston Park into a huge ticketed three day festival (August 3-5), which includes live acts by the likes of Britney Spears, Ella Eyre as well as fun cabaret and dance tents for you to jam all night long.

If you can’t commit to the full festival, the Pride Parade takes place on the 4th and begins at Hove Lawns before winding through the city with diverse performers, musicians, politicians, policemen and women amongst others all celebrating love in every form.

When: 3-5th August (festival), 4th August (parade)

Where: Preston Park (festival), Hove Lawns start (parade)

London Pride


Tolga Akmen/LNP/REX/Shutterstock

Why have just a day of festivities when you can have over a whole month? London doesn’t hold back during Pride Month with an entire events calendar including film festivals, life drawing classes, dedicated V&A tours, Pride Prom and endless parties of course. The crown jewel on the celebrations is naturally the parade which passes by London’s most iconic sights: Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus’ Eros Statue and more. This year, it will be held on July 7 at 12pm and while the route hasn’t been nailed down this year, information will soon go live on their site.

When: 9 June – 7 July (full festival), 7 July (parade)

Where: Events across London, parade route tbc

Manchester Pride


Joel Goodman/LNP/REX/Shutterstock

Manchester’s Gay Village is the stuff of legends and it’s no surprise that their pride celebrations are top notch. It all kicks off over the final weekend in August and includes a major music festival, which will see the likes of Jake Shears, Rita Ora, Alexandra Burke and Gok Wan taking to the stage. Naturally, there’ll be a big Pride parade on August 25 and this year’s theme is ‘The Circus of Acceptance’ so expect a load of clowns, acrobatics and more streaming through the streets. As is tradition, Manchester’s Pride weekend wraps up on a sombre note with a Candlelit Vigil to remember those lost in the fight for equal rights as well as HIV/AIDS victims.

When: 24-27 August

Where: Gay Village, parade route tbc

Glasgow Pride


Robert Perry/REX/Shutterstock

If you’re in Scotland, you’re going to want to chart a course for Glasgow this pride season. There’s loads happening this year over the two day celebration, including the fact that Steps will be performing (something we’re super excited about here at Marie Claire). Beyond bopping to Tragedy, you’ll also be able to frolic at a fairground, peruse the wares at an LGBT market and even make some furry friends at a dog show. The festival starts with the parade, which will take place on July 14 and start at Clyde Place before wrapping up in Kelvingrove Park.

When: 14-15 July

Where: Main celebrations in Kelvingrove Park, parade begins in Clyde Place

Dublin Pride


John Rooney/Pacific Press via ZUMA Wire/REX/Shutterstock

Make sure you’ve got some good walking shoes on as you’ll actually be able to join in the Pride parade march in Dublin, alongside vibrant floats and all sorts of colourful people. While the official events calendar is looking a little bare at the moment, the pride parade will be held on June 30th and start at St Stephen’s Green South with speeches, live performances and a lot of fanfare from 11am.

When: June 30 (parade)

Where: Meeting point at St Stephen’s Green South

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Secret London hangouts that Londoners don’t know about

Secret London hangouts that Londoners don’t know about

Weekend, where you at?

Words by James Wong

Think you know London? Think again. The capital is full of hidden gems that even those born ‘n’ bred have yet to discover. With new watering holes, events and pop-ups continuously coming through, we bet there’s something on this list that even the most-in-the-know city-dwellers  haven’t heard of.

Talk your unimaginative colleagues out of the busy after work go to’s in Soho and Mayfair, pretend you’ve done some research and delight them with some of these lesser known or hidden London gems. You’re welcome.

Candlelight Club

The Candlelight Club is a 1920s speakeasy-themed cocktail party and a brilliant chance to get dressed up and celebrate the glamorous old days. Events have live jazz bands and DJs playing music from the era, plus a bit of cabaret. The cocktail menu is short but innovative, with a combination of authentic recipes from the Prohibition period and new spins created by mixologists, and there is an opt-in three-course dining menu for those arriving on empty stomachs. This secret London hidden gem is only revealed a few days before and word is that June is Havana-themed.

london hidden gems


Bringing Tokyo to London, Jidori is the new kid on the Covent Garden block that the uber cool are flocking to. The bar and restaurant bring together popular Japanese small plates and skewers over three floors of a Georgian terrace on Catherine Street, designed in the style of a typical Japanese izikaya . During the day, Jidori serves donburi rice bowls and yakitori skewers, and in the evening the joint comes alive with groups enjoying Omakase sharing platters and hitting the secret basement karaoke room to blow off some steam. Jidori work with karaoke kings Lucky Voice to offer over 8,000 songs so there’s definitely something for everyone whether you’re an Ariana or Aretha kinda girl. Food wise we recommend the unique Katsu curry Scotch egg and funky desserts like ginger ice cream with miso caramel and sweet potato crisps.

london hidden gems

Amelia’s Mews House Musings

You either don’t own a TV or have been tee-total for many years if you’re in London and haven’t heard of the fabulous Amelia Singer. The presenter and wine expert is Jamie Oliver’s right hand woman when it comes to wine and starred on ITV’s The Wine Show. She has dedicated her adult life to making wine fun, sharing her in-depth knowledge in her own, approachable, girl next door style. Amelia will host a series of exclusive and intimate supper clubs in her Notting Hill Mews House this year. Guests will get a chance to taste off the beaten track wines followed by a feast of fine food prepared by supper club favourite Chef Danny Jack. The evening promises educate as well as entertain, but hurry, space is limited and the secret is out.

london hidden gems

Out of the Blue at The Blue Bar

Out Of The Blue is a secret favourite with Britain’s A-List and you’ll find it hidden in the walls of The Berkeley’s Blue Bar – with space for up to just four VIPs a time. A tough one to describe in words, we would say it’s an immersive drinking experience, where you sample specially crafted cocktails while amazing visuals, smells and sounds related to them are pumped into the room to invigorate your senses. The cocktails are revealed at the end (they’re all served in identical cups), so the sessions are a bit of a guessing game which you’ll play with your fellow tasters. Book this with a date, or even your in-laws, and you’ll be raving about it for months. Slots must be booked in advance (5:30pm to 11pm, daily) here. 

london hidden gems


Our absolute favourite is the ideal hidden spot for any busy London lady who needs a sanctuary to escape with a good cocktail. The Mandrake is a gorgeous art-covered boutique hotel and within it, out on the first floor courtyard is Jurema. This garden terrace bar was designed by world-renowned landscape architects Bureau Bas Smets.  It’s a laid-back cabana type of setting with lush, evergreens and hanging passion flowers creeping down the walls, and soft live music transporting you out of London and into a Moroccan oasis. The wooden shack-style bar shakes up amazing feel-good summer-time cocktails including a healthy-tasting green one called ‘Hem’, using hemp oil, sorrel ice cream, yellow chartreuse and basil soda, and tee-totalers will love ‘Hops’, a refreshing mix of hops, rhubarb and kombucha.


london hidden gems

The Chelsea Prayer Room at GOAT

Hidden within Italian restaurant GOAT is the luxurious Chelsea Prayer Room, a secret cocktail bar for the West London set. Guests check in at GOAT upon arrival, are escorted to a little door and are given a pass code to it for the evening. Food options include incredible wood-fired pizzas and big fresh salads. You’ll kick back on comfy leather sofas and choose from an A to Z cocktail menu, starting at the ‘Avatrix’ – gin with sky blue violet, and finishing with ‘Zazerac’ – an Absinthe Barcadi creation. Feeling fruity? Your 10th cocktail is on the house. We’ll be in late for work tomorrow.

london hidden gems

Sunborn London

Sun and sea go hand in hand, so the clever clogs at the Sunborn London yacht hotel have launched a champagne deck pop-up this summer in partnership with Laurent-Perrier. Located in the glistening Royal Victoria Docks, the bar will serve champagne cocktails and nibbles every day from now until 3rd September, noon-10pm. Knock these back with views of the Emirates Air Line, Canary Wharf and The O2, and feel a little bit glam like Kate Winslet in Titanic, minus the pesky iceberg.

london hidden gems

Ballie Ballerson

Stressful week in the office? Relieve some tension with retro sweet cocktails and one million balls across three pits at London’s very unique Baillie Ballerson bar, which is basically an adult playground. There is a pit of clear balls which make you feel like you’re in some kind of waterless bubble bath, and next to it is the VIP booth area, which we highly recommend booking if you want to avoid queues. Cocktails are themed after classic pop culture moments including ‘You’re a Wizard Harry’ and ‘Hit Me Baby’, while DJ’s pump out a variety of funk, disco and R&B.

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Just announced: Alesha Dixon as keynote speaker at our bespoke career conference, Future Shapers Live

Just announced: Alesha Dixon as keynote speaker at our bespoke career conference, Future Shapers Live

Book now for your for a career makeover…

Alesha Dixon

If you’re ready to take your work or business idea to the next level, it’s time to invest in yourself, because you are your best asset. Let Marie Claire help you achieve your goals with an empowering day of networking and career advice from some of the UK’s most high-profile bosses, influencers and motivational coaches.

Join the Marie Claire team at our Future Shapers Live 2018 event, in partnership with Neutrogena, plus a powerhouse line-up of CEOs, entrepreneurs, career coaches and inspiring women who are changing the future of work. Plus, hear from keynote speaker Alesha Dixon at the end of the day discussing the challenges, defeats and big wins of her journey to the top. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to enjoy a day of game-changing talks, workshops and insider advice – all packed into a bespoke programme designed to arm you with the skills, tools and motivation to achieve your potential and reinvent your career.

To read more about Future Shapers Live visit or to book CLICK HERE.

WHEN Saturday 9 June 2018

TIME 9.30am-6.30pm

WHERE Sofitel London St James, 6 Waterloo Place, London SW1Y 4AN

TICKETS £99 and includes lunch, cocktail reception and a goody bag worth over £100 (booking fee applies).

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10 tiny festivals to try this summer (because who needs Glastonbury?)

10 tiny festivals to try this summer (because who needs Glastonbury?)

Festivals 2018? Looking for the small but oh-so-perfectly formed one? Read on for the Marie Claire edit of the ten we cant wait to try this Summer…

Festivals 2018 guide: Glastonbury is having a year off so that’s that off the list then and perhaps you’re away during Lovebox or Wilderness,  but fear not there are many more smaller dare we say cooler festivals to try in their place, these ten great small festivals happening this summer are just as good.

Here’s our pick of the smallest festivals 2018 edition…

Fiesta x FOLD

When: Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July 2018

Where: Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow

Who: Nile Rodgers & CHIC, Earth, Wind & Fire, De La Soul, Emelie Sande, Ana Matronic plus Goldfrapp and many more.

Why? If you’re in the mood for a little funk, soul and disco, er yes always we hear you sing, then Fiesta x FOLD should be on your radar. The newcomer to the festivals 2018 scene is one we can’t wait for. Created in collaboration with Nile Rodgers who’s hosting the party as well as performing on both days, alongside a pretty mega female-led line up you’re in for a treat. Plus we are very into the idea of the pop up restaurants they have just announced from Masterchef winner Gary Mclean who will be curating the food over the two day event. Delicious food and dancing, Winning!

Festivals 2018


Positive Vibration

When: Friday 8th and Saturday 9th June 2018

Where: Baltic Triangle, Liverpool

Who: Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Subatomic Sound System, Roni Size, Carroll Thompson, Don Letts, Dub Pistols, Sister Nancy & Legal Shot Sound System

Why? Positive Vibration is the destination for reggae lovers. With live performances from Godfather of Dub, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, and Mercury Prize-winning Roni Size, as well as a Reggae Q&A, an art exhibition and open-air market traders, there really is something for every reggae fan at this award-winning festival.

🎉 ARTIST ANNOUNCEMENT 🎉 Legendary producer & dub innovator, Lee Scratch Perry (official) will be performing at this year’s festival. The Godfather of dub will be backed by New York-based collective, Subatomic Sound System (Emch Subatomic, Screechy Dan & Larry McDonald). As well as the Godfather of Dub, the festival will also play host to the Godfather of Drum ‘n’ Bass, as Roni Size makes his long-awaited return to Liverpool. There will also be live performances from the Queen of Lovers Rock, Carroll Thompson, prolific drummer & MC, Horseman and the exceptionally gifted vocalist, King Lorenzo Lorenzo Reggae, all of which will be backed by one of the UK’s finest reggae bands, The Upper Cut Band. Weekend tickets ONLY £40:

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Strawberries & Creem

When: Saturday 16th June

Where: Haggis Farm, Cambridge

Who: T-Pain (in a UK festivals exclusive), Not3s, Kojo Funds,  David Rodigan, Shy FX, Ghetts, DJ Luck and MC Neat, Pied Piper and Nay Nay

Why? Boasting the youngest team of organisers in the UK (average age of 24!), this festival is as fresh as they come. Starting as a boutique party on a farm in 2014, Strawberries & Creem brings the very best of rap, grime, house and throwbacks to the summer festivals 2018 scene.

Gottwood Festival

When: 7 – 10th June

Where: Anglesey wales

Who: Andrew Weatherall, Ata, Margaret Dygas, Avalon Emerson, Axel Boman, Mr Scruff, Ben UFO, Commix, Grain b2b Jackmaster, Palms Trax

Why? This little boutique electro festival, nestled in the welsh forests, tops the list for one of the most beautiful of the festivals 2018 season about. With only 5,000 capacity, it remains intimate and magical – there’s even a walled Garden and a tree house, for full-on fairytale vibes.

A post shared by Gottwood (@gottwood) on Feb 13, 2018 at 9:24am PST


When: 5th – 8th July

Where: Vicarage Farm, Hampshire

Who: Gold Panda, Baxter Dury, Mr Jukes, Slamboree, Pink Kink, Stanton Warriors and Maxxi Soundsytem

Why: There’s something for everyone at Blisscamp, whether you want to party all night to Gold Panda at The Outpost, the central campfire and stage, or marvel at the fire and trapeze acts. There’s food, crafts and theatrics to keep you blissfully busy.


When: 8 – 12 August

Where: Fistral Beach and Watergate Bay, Cornwall

Who: The Chemical Brothers, George Ezra, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Years & Years, Craig David, Annie Mac, Everything Everything and Idris Elba.

Why: Surf, surf, and more surf. And if you’re not a surfer, you can always watch the pros showing off and soak up the sun (weather permitting). When it comes to researching festivals 2018 you’re actually after more of a holiday and less of a mosh pit vibe, then this is the small festival for you.


Callum Morse (Boardmasters Festival)

Standon Calling

When: 26th – 29th July

Where: Standon, Hertfordshire

Who: Paloma Faith, George Ezra, Bryan Ferry, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Little Simz, The Horrors

Why: The swimming pool – the only UK festival with one – the 16th century manor house setting, rockaoke, the annual dog show… did we mention the swimming pool?

Credit: Standon Calling

Neverworld by Leefest

When:  2 – 5 August

Where: Hever, Kent

Who: Bastille, Clean Bandit, Tom Grennan, We Are Scientists, Sub Focus, Rae Morris and Hollie Cook

Why: New for this year, Leefest launches Neverworld a magical Peter Pan universe where you can get totally extra in OTT fancy dress and sparkles. In its previous form, Leefest had a reputation for launching new bands into next big things (hello, London Grammar and Bastille), so it’s the place to go if you want to get ahead of the curve. It’s also a lot of fun.

When: 6 – 9th September

small festivals uk

Festival No. 6

Where: Portmeirion, Wales

Who: The Friendly Fires, Franz Ferdinand, Jessie Ware, The Charlatans, Everything Everything, Suggs, Will Self

Why: Small festivals always claim to offer something a bit different, but set in what can only be described as the magical fantasy land of Portmeirion, Festival No. 6 really does. You can sleep in a castle, watch theatre in the woods and eat in actual restaurants. We are sold, add it to our list of festivals 2018 to try. Boom!


Credit: Festival No. 6

Truck Festival

When: 20 – 22nd July

Where: Hill Farm, Oxford

Who: Friendly Fires, Jake Bugg, Editors, Shy FX, We Are Scientists and George Ezra

Why: The ‘godfather of the small festival scene’ features rolling green hills, cute indie boys and a friendly, unpretentious local crowd.


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The best rooftop bars to cool off with a drink this weekend 😎

The best rooftop bars to cool off with a drink this weekend 😎

Sun’s out!

Boundary Rooftop - Best rooftop bars
Boundary Rooftop – Best rooftop bars

There’s only one direction we’re heading when the sun comes out, and that’s upwards. Much like festivals, Pimms and umm Andy Murray, sipping cocktails with a view of your favourite city skyline has become synonymous with British summertime. So we’ve rounded up the best rooftop bars in the UK to while away a long summer’s evening. Up, up and away from all the traffic and crowds is where the best parties get started…

Best rooftop bars: West London

The Roof Gardens, London
The Roof Gardens is an eclectic venue, worthy of a Katy Perry music video. Flamingos roam the grounds and DJs spin a healthy mix of classics, remixes and mash-ups until 3am, making it a prime party destination. A glamorous crowd gathers at this private members club for some top notch al fresco dining and tickets to their weekend antics are available through at a great discounted price. Did we mention that they have a meaty BBQ available until 2am?

Best rooftop bars in East London

Madison Terrace Bar and Lounge, St Pauls
The view from Madison‘s terrace puts you at eye level with one of London’s best landmarks: the gorgeous grey dome of St Paul’s Cathedral. Between May and September you can find a virtuous way to take advantage of the view by signing up for a Vinyasa yoga class on the roof at 7am (which costs £13), but the place really comes into its own at dusk, with a buzzy atmosphere, music and cocktails. If you’re feeling decadent order a bottle of champagne and some nibbles – the truffle fries and sautéed mini chorizo sausages are delicious – or cool off with a frozen berry Daiquiri.

The rooftop bar at Madison with its unrivalled view of St Paul’s

Dalston Roof Park, London
For as little as £5 you can become a member of Dalston Roof Park and enjoy a whole load of events, from free film screenings to street food stalls. Newly refurbished in April 2017, it draws a hip crowd thanks to hosting bands such as Basement Jaxx, Rudimental and Disclosure. Mismatched chairs are scattered across the venue creating a laid back vibe that’s the perfect switch-off for after-work drinks.

Boundary Rooftop Bar, London
We’re fans of anywhere that serves cocktails in sizeable pitchers. Add to this the delicious food, panoramic London views and fun staff and you’ve got one helluva hotspot to spend some time this summer. The restaurant is covered so even if the Great British weather should disappoint, your time at Boundary won’t. All the best rooftop bars have a Plan B for the weather. Useful, no?

The Sky Garden, London
Sky Garden has three stunning floors and boasts one of the highest roof gardens in London, making it a must-visit – even if you have a fear of heights. There’s more than one reason why it’s been regarded as one of the best rooftop bars in the UK – it offers quick bites to eat, from breakfast to lunch, not to mention down-the-hatch cocktails for those in search of some evening hedonism. It is renowned for its picturesque view of London which is an Instagram-filtered gift for your social feed.

Netil 360, London
Spice up not only your summer, but your year, and purchase Netil 360’s yearly membership for £120 – it doubles up as an awesome co-working space for freelancers and small businesses. A range of experiences, from yoga to rooftop parties, will be at your disposal alongside the added bonus of being able to bring along one of your friends for free, and boasting one of the best rooftop bars in the UK. You will also receive free entry to their BYOB evenings and weekends which are an absolute hoot and easy on the pocket. We love this place for its low key attitude and unconventional partying.

best rooftop bars east london

Queen of Hoxton, London
This summer sees the launch of Queen of Hoxton’s summer rooftop sessions and this year a giant tipi provides the backdrop for the ultimate sky-high night out. Festival on the roof, anyone? Last year, silent discos and film clubs fuelled memorable nights under the stars and, no doubt, this summer will be the exact same. Fun times will be on offer alongside frozen daiquiris to cool you down after the sun sets.

Best rooftop bars in North London

Proud Camden Roof Gardens

Looking more like a sun-drenched Eden than a bar, Proud Camden’s roof terrace is bedecked in botanical greenery and florals, and already attracting the most in-the-know crowd in town. Throughout the summer, there’s a residency from Manhatten Cantina, one of London’s most popular pop-ups serving Mexican-style burgers. After sunset (a view worth waiting for in itself), live DJ sets take you long into the night. Discover it before everybody else does.

best rooftop bars north london

Best rooftop bars in Birmingham

Marco Pierre White Champagne Bar, Birmingham
Marco Pierre White’s Champagne Bar is a venue with a 360-view of Birmingham’s skyline and offers a long list of quaffable champagnes. The mixologists are known for conjuring up delicious bubbly cocktails that aim to refresh summer palates.

best rooftop bars birmingham

Best rooftop bars in Manchester

Roof Garden Playground, Manchester
A bit of a hidden gem, Roof Garden Playground operates a work-hard-play-hard attitude as it serves up a vibrant selection of cocktails, champagne, wine, beer and spirits. Come evening, it’s popular amongst city slickers and brings to life a romantic vibe with candlelit lanterns. The terrace and hot tub are available for private hire to help people lap up some rays in privacy.

best rooftop bars manchester

Best rooftop bars: Glasgow

Ubiquitious Chip, Glasgow
Ubiquitous Chip is a venue full of wonderful curiosities. It has a themed indoor rainforest with plenty of twinkling fairy lights and a simple roof terrace where the good times roll. A great menu offers fine dining and entertainment comes in the form of jazz lunches. If you’re looking for a unique night out or bite to eat, this is your spot.

best rooftop bars glasgow

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The secret to success: Find out how the best have succeeded in our ‘How I Did It Series’ at Future Shapers Live

The secret to success: Find out how the best have succeeded in our ‘How I Did It Series’ at Future Shapers Live

Calling all career-focused women, of any age and from any industry, learn how the best have made it to the top at our bespoke career conference…

Ever wondered how the top CEOs got to where they are now, or how key influencers launch and grow their brand?

Maybe you’re looking to switch careers but aren’t sure where to start. Or perhaps you have a brilliant idea for a business and need practical, take-home advice on how to secure investment, scale your growth, or build a pro portfolio career?

Whatever your dilemma, our handpicked roster of leading business-leaders and creative minds at Future Shapers Live are perfectly placed to arm you with your ultimate workplace arsenal. Join us for a full day of inspiration, Q&A and panel discussions to learn how you can make it to the top.

Here’s just a few of the line-up on the day who will be speaking in the series…

How to start your own business from scratch

Pavan Ahluwalia, Founder of the Pavan Henna Bar

Pavan the world’s fastest Henna Artist and founder of the Pavan Henna Bar, was born in East London to two hugely inspirational parents. In 2012, Pavan claimed the Guinness World Record for the world’s fastest Henna Artist with this global achievement seeing Pavan’s client list grow to include celebrities such as Ellie Goulding, Perrie Edwards and Alesha Dixon. In 2013 the demand for Pavan’s work was ever increasing and after recognising there wasn’t a flagship destination currently available, Pavan opened her first Henna Bar in Topshop taking the high street by storm. The new location was met with huge success, leading Pavan to open Henna Bars in Selfridges London & Birmingham, Harvey Nichols and Shoreditch salon Barber & Parlour.

How to start a side hustle and keep your day job


Ruth Penfold, Head of Talent at Shazam and Yoga Instructor

Ruth has worked in the recruitment sector for around 18 years, and has spent the past four years in-house leading the quest for hiring incredible talent for Shazam globally. Powered by plants, water and positivity, Ruth believes that brilliant people are the lifeblood of any successful business and enjoys creating the right space for people to grow into the best versions of themselves. She does this both in and outside the workplace, by teaching yoga in her spare time. The work that she does in both areas are mutually enriching, and she thrives on the difference and balance both bring to each other.

How to harness your individuality

Emma Gannon, Author, broadcaster and podcast host

At the forefront of business, technology and career development with wide-ranging experience and expertise, Emma Gannon launched her own podcast CTRL, ALT, DELETE in 2016 – amassing 1.5 million downloads to date, with listeners in over 100 countries. Interviewing guests from around the world, from Greta Gerwig to Lauren Laverne and Lily Cole to Anne Boden, Emma has won numerous critical acclaims including Editor’s Choice’ on iTunes multiple times.
Emma has led training workshops with prestigious charities such as Princes Trust and the Queen’s Young Leaders and given a TEDx Talk on Online Identity and taken part in Digital Sessions at the BBC Academy as well as being an expert voice on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour on subjects such as ‘How To Start a Side Hustle’ and ‘How to Achieve Work/Life Balance’. She was selected in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe 2018 list in the media and marketing category.
Emma’s first book was a ‘Millennial memoir’ called CTRL ALT DELETE: How I Grew Up Online and was published in July 2016 and has a new book THE MULTI-HYPHEN METHOD due for release this May.

To read more about Future Shapers Live visit or to book CLICK HERE.

WHEN Saturday 9 June 2018

 TIME 9.30am-6.30pm

WHERE Sofitel London St James, 6 Waterloo Place, London SW1Y 4AN

TICKETS Take advantage of our super-early bird ticket offer and book at the discounted price of £84 before 10 May (usual price £99). Ticket includes lunch, cocktail reception and a goody bag worth over £100.


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Stuck in a job that isn’t you? Join us at Future Shapers Live and find out the right way to switch careers

Stuck in a job that isn’t you? Join us at Future Shapers Live and find out the right way to switch careers

Switching careers can be daunting. Find out the first step you should take in making the change at Future Shapers Live…

Whether it’s an industry you have worked in for years or something you’re relatively new to, leaving the comfort of a career you know can be daunting. That’s why here at Marie Claire we have designed a bespoke career conference to arm you with the tools you need to make the change – Future Shapers Live. Hear from an expert panel who will be discussing on where to start when it comes to leaving the job you’re in, to venture into a career you’ve only dreamed of.

So let’s meet the experts and businesswomen who will be talking you through the do’s and don’t of changing career on the day…

Cheryl Giovannoni, CEO of Girls’ Day School Trust

Cheryl Giovannoni has the ultimate portfolio career. Before joining the GDST in 2016, Cheryl had a long and successful career with WPP, the marketing communications group, running three of its companies, her most recent role being CEO of Ogilvy & Mather, the advertising agency. Before this, Cheryl was European President of Landor Associates, and CEO of Coley Porter Bell. Now as Chief Executive of the GDST, Cheryl’s vision for this unique family of schools is to be pioneers in, and shapers of the future of girls’ education. GDST schools aim to provide inspirational teaching and outstanding pastoral care, enabling every girl to reach her full potential. Cheryl is passionate about helping to create female leaders and leading a renaissance in girls’ education. She believes that education is the key to developing happy, confident young women and who can fulfil their dreams.

Cheryl also enjoys mentoring and coaching, supporting young women either informally as a mentor or through WACL (Women in Advertising and Communication London). She was previously involved with Fearless Futures, a charity that seeks to empower young women to become leaders in society.

Dr Jessamy Hibbert, Clinical Psychologist

Dr Jessamy Hibberd (BSc, MSc, DClinPsy, PgDip) is a Clinical Psychologist, author, commentator and mother of three. She works one-to-one with adults experiencing common mental health problems like anxiety, depression or low self-esteem. Jessamy is on a mission to make psychology more accessible. She is co-author of the bestselling “THIS BOOK WILL…” series (sold in 14 countries), which aims to give you the tools to understand why you feel, think and behave the way you do – and then to change it. Perfect if you’re looking to switch careers. She also works as a media psychologist, regularly contributing content to popular newspapers and magazines.

Her motto is: “What we do every day makes the biggest difference. It’s small steps that lead to the greatest changes.” She shared this message, as well as her personal and professional experience of how to find happiness, in her TEDx talk ‘Adventure of a Lifetime.’ As part of which she highlighted three simple changes anyone can make to feel happier, more content, and live a daily life that fulfils.

Dawn Moore, HR Director

With an HR career spanning some 20 years Dawn Moore, HR Director at UK construction giant Morgan Sindall has been instrumental in helping to attract and retain more female talent to this very male-dominated industry. She has recently pioneered the company’s ‘Returnships’ programme, which aims to encourage women who have had career breaks to raise families to develop careers in the construction industry and was instrumental in Morgan Sindall being recognized at the Working Mums 2017 Top Employer Awards. In addition to her work at Morgan Sindall, she is also a non-executive director at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.


To read more about Future Shapers Live visit or to book CLICK HERE.

WHEN Saturday 9 June 2018

TIME 9.30am-6.30pm

WHERE Sofitel London St James, 6 Waterloo Place, London SW1Y 4AN

TICKETS Take advantage of our super-early bird ticket offer and book at the discounted price of £84 before 10 May (usual price £99). Ticket includes lunch, cocktail reception and a goody bag worth over £100.


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