Prince Harry’s black ring is actually a super millennial piece of kit

Prince Harry’s black ring is actually a super millennial piece of kit

It’s more than just a fashion statement

prince harry black ring
Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

Prince Harry’s not averse to flashing some bling. It was revealed a little while ago that he would break with royal tradition and wear a wedding band unlike other members of his family. Well, he’s added a brand new accessory to his wardrobe and Prince Harry’s black ring has been garnering a lot of attention on the internet; mostly because nobody knows what the heck it is. Is it a present from Meghan Markle? A symbol for the Invictus Games? Well, you’re wrong on both counts it turns out. It’s actually a nifty piece of tech.

PEOPLE revealed that Prince Harry’s mystery ring is actually a sleep and fitness tracker by a brand called Oura. The brand describes it as a ‘secret weapon for personal improvement’ and more specifically, it’s a super high tech ring that tracks everything from REM sleep to your daily calorie burn. According to the site, the deceptively simple ring contains sensors attuned to your body temperature, optical pulse and more.

prince harry black ring

Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

It’s believed that Prince Harry is wearing Oura’s Heritage ring in black, though the ring is also available in matte black stealth version and silver. There’s even a rose gold version, which speaks strongly to our millennial hearts. If you’re keen on jumping on the Prince Harry bandwagon, it’s available below.

Oura Heritage Shape Ring

prince harry black ring

Oura Heritage Shape Ring in Black or Silver

Priced at £276, available at Oura

Buy now

Oura Heritage Shape Ring in Rose Gold

Priced at £368, available at Oura

Buy now

It’s not a massive surprise that Prince Harry’s chosen a health-conscious bit of kit, as he’s known for his love of sport. In fact, one of his greatest projects as a royal is a sporting event called the Invictus Games; a competitive event for injured servicemen and women.

He’ll actually be returning to Sydney at the end of the month to kick off this year’s iteration of the games along with Meghan Markle, so keep an eye out for that Oura ring as he races round the stadium.

prince harry's black ring

Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

Besides helping him keep pace with the Invictus athletes, the ring will also have one awesome benefit come spring next year when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s bundle of joy arrives. Namely, it could be instrumental in helping him get some much needed shuteye. New babies are adorable, but RIP your regular sleep cycle.

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Are these words missing from your online dating profile?

Are these words missing from your online dating profile?

Well that explains a lot…

thongs bad vagina

Online dating is a minefield, having to not only get a date but then navigate yourself through terrifying modern phenomenons from kittenfishing to roaching.

But let’s back up to the bit about actually getting the date.

He's Just Not That Into You

He’s Just Not That Into You

We’ve all scoured the internet for the best online dating sites but how can you make your dating profile stand out?

Well, according to dating app Badoo, it’s all about your bio.

After looking in the most popular bios for men and women, the site has compiled the most attractive terms to write on our profiles.

Most popular terms on women’s dating bios:

1. Love
2. Drink
3. Music
4. LOL
5. Gym
6. Coffee
7. Blue eyes
8. 🙂
9. Beer
10. Foodie

Most popular terms on men’s dating bios:

1. 6”
2. Family
3. Dogs
4. Dinner
5. Beard
6. Travel
7. Music
8. Relationship
9. Gym
10. Car

best dating sites

How to be single

What makes a good online dating bio?

Well, according to Badoo, humour is a key part, finding that 87% of its users swiped right if a person’s bio was funny.

‘A good bio needs to be positive and give a flavour of what you are about, so it is no surprise that our most popular users are doing just that,’ explained Badoo’s in house dating-expert, Claire Scott. ‘When creating a profile, it can feel overwhelming at first deciding what content to include. But do not fear – our data tells us that a popular bio is one that is short and snappy, around only 20 words!’

She continued: ‘I would encourage you not to be afraid to write about something that is specific to you, such as your favourite film director or least favourite pasta dish. These sorts of things will help you to stand out and can often add a touch of humour. Even if your preferences turn off a few people, those that do appreciate them will probably be better matches in the long run. Plus, you’re making it easier for them to initiate the conversation with something meaningful.’

Any other tips? ‘It is also a good idea to include what you are looking for and any potential deal breakers – such as height – to prevent awkwardness later on. Though unsurprisingly we find that mentioning height is more common in men, who are at least 6ft!”’

If you’ll excuse us, we’re off to update our profiles!

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This is what it’s like changing the future of the car industry for women

This is what it’s like changing the future of the car industry for women

We speak to award-winning autonomous vehicle research lead, Amy Rimmer, about her work in the engineering industry and the future of driving hands-free


Jaguar Land Rover Research lead engineer Amy Rimmer is changing the face of what is a traditionally-male industry. Leading research projects into autonomous vehicle control, Amy is shaping the future of how we drive, and her innovation was recognised by Autocar last year, who presented her with their Rising Star Award. We spoke to Amy to get the lowdown on the engineering industry, and how vital her role is in an industry where only 11% of engineers are women.

How did you get into engineering?

‘To be honest, I fell into it, but I get inspired when I think of how autonomous vehicles will help in the future. I used to work in the aerospace industry, but then I was offered my PhD in autonomous vehicle research (specifically focusing on reversing lorries), and my job at Jaguar Land Rover was a natural fit.’

What does a typical day look like for you?

‘My days can be quite varied, but they usually consist of programming and vehicle testing, with the underlying goal of recommending how Jaguar Land Rover will make a production autonomous vehicle in the future.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve won a Technical Excellence award for my work on an automated highway demonstrator vehicle, which can be driven hands-free and even change lanes while doing this.’

Why are autonomous vehicles so important?

‘For me, the big one is congestion. The UK government are very keen for this country to become a hot bed for autonomous vehicle testing, because they are genuinely concerned that the country will grind to a halt in the future.

Autonomous vehicles will help with this in two different ways: either through car-to-car communication (in theory, the cars could drive closer together) or through car-to-infrastructure communication (cars might never have to stop for traffic lights because they know when it’s going to be green).’

amy rimmer engineering

Which other women in motor engineering making waves?

‘Gemma Wharton and Niharika Bhargava are doing really great work in a similar area to me. I worked with them both when they were on our graduate scheme, and they’re now permanent engineers in the team. Jaguar Land Rover go into schools and offer apprenticeship and undergraduate schemes, which are all encouraging more women to study STEM subjects.’

Why is it so important to have women in engineering?

‘We’re designing cars for women and men, so we’re probably going to do a better job if we actually have women designing them, rather than just men. For me, it’s also really important that there aren’t any barriers to women entering the industry. Personally, I never felt like there were any – for example,  I’ve yet to meet another mum that has anywhere near as amazing a maternity package as me – and I want every woman who’s interested in the industry to feel the same. The goal for me is that there is no one thinking, “I can’t do do that.”‘

What are your tips for happiness at work?

‘I think the key is a combination of loving your work and being part of a nice, close-knit team – I’m lucky enough to have found both. Make sure you hone your craft, as there is nothing more rewarding than doing well and being regarded as good at what you do. At the same time, you are all on the same side and there’s very little you can achieve by yourself, so you have to be a team player! My final tip would be to not sweat the small stuff! It’s easier said than done, but most of the things I worry about aren’t really worth my time if I consider the bigger picture.’

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Everything you need to know about the iPhone XS

Everything you need to know about the iPhone XS

Last night, Apple unveiled its latest handset, the iPhone XS, alongside a smartwatch which has a fall-detention function built in. It’s the most high tech and expensive Apple phone yet, so what can you expect? Here’s everything you need to know.

iPhone XS release date

The iPhone XS is available to pre-order from 8.01am on the 14th September from Apple, and it will be released on the 21st September 2018.

iPhone XS price

The iPhone XS is the most expensive handset yet, starting in at £999 (for the 64GB version), whilst the bigger version, the XS Max, will cost £1,099.

iPhone XS size and design

The iPhone XS is a similar size to the 8 handset, with a 5.8″ screen, whilst the XS Max is bigger at 6.5″. It will come in silver, space grey and gold.

iPhone XS specs

How is the iPhone XS better than the last handset? Thanks to a lot of new features, but the main difference is that the new iPhone is waterproof – up to a maximum of 2 metres deep and 30 minutes underwater. Both models feature technology that makes them more energy efficient, and include super retina display and OLED screen meaning you’ll have a super high quality display.

The camera has also had an upgrade, permitting users to adapt the depth of field of photos thanks to a dual camera system. The XS should also last about 30 minutes longer than the previous model on a battery charge.


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Tanya Burr: ‘Without my phone, I can just breathe’

Tanya Burr: ‘Without my phone, I can just breathe’

As part of Marie Claire’s new #screenbreak campaign, influencer and actress Tanya Burr tells us how she keeps a digital balance

Tanya Burr
Photo by Rachell Smith

If you’re with your phone, you’re not actually alone: in the same way I sometimes need space from my friends or my dog, I also need it from my phone. Without it, you can just breathe. Being on your phone all the time can cause physical conditions like repetitive strain injury, and, mentally, I think it’s really good to be by yourself sometimes and not constantly hooked into technology.

Bizarrely, since I started acting more three years ago the amount of time I spend on my phone has actually increased – I used to not work on weekends at all! Any audition you get offered, you feel really lucky, and sometimes you get less than 24 hours notice, so you spend all day on an app learning lines. When I was just doing digital work, the only thing I really had to switch off from was emails – my social media postings were just little snippets of my life.

Tanya Burr

One of the best ways I find to switch-off from my phone is through exercise. I like to do Barry’s Bootcamp classes, which are great because you can put your phone away in a locker. In general, though, I just try to be mindful in each individual situation. I don’t really have hard and fast rules, but I don’t like being on my phone when I’m with people, and my husband [Jim Chapman] and I try not have our laptops out in the evening.

If I find I’m on my phone too much, I usually go and put it on charge in my bedroom, then hang out downstairs. I find that technique useful because there’s three flights of stairs between me and my phone so it’s a lot of effort to go and get it! Though if I’m waiting for news or an important message I tend to carry my phone around with me to all sorts of weird places.

A post shared by Tanya Burr (@tanyaburr) on Aug 25, 2018 at 2:17pm PDT

Although acting isn’t great for the amount of time you spend on your phone, when I was acting on stage recently [as Ella in Confidence], I hardly spoke to anyone for two months! It was the most time I’ve ever spent off phone and people began to notice – my management even asked when they were allowed to speak to me.

This morning, I was on my phone, texting my sister-in-law, exchanging really lovely text messages about her pregnancy. It was 6am. I definitely could have stayed in bed texting back and forth with her, but I forced myself to go and make myself a cup of tea: I just suddenly thought, ‘Do I really want to be engaged with my phone right now?’

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Stop scrolling! 5 apps to help you cut down on screen time

Stop scrolling! 5 apps to help you cut down on screen time

Checking into Instagram again?

tech detox
Photo by REX/Shutterstock

Here’s a terrifying fact: UK adults spend an average of 8 hours and 41 minutes on screens per day, which is more time than we spend asleep. According to OFCOM, more than half of UK adults admit that connected devices interrupt face-to-face communications with friends and family.

Want to reduce the time you spend mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or your chosen digital poison? While it might seem counter-productive to suggest yet another piece of tech to solve the tech addiction problem, these apps should help reduce your dependency on the black mirror – so you can be present and focused, not plugged in.


Best for: keeping focused

Proven to help you stay focused and increase productivity, Flipd is the app you need if you struggle to concentrate. From scheduling reminders, to blocking apps on your phone that you find particularly distracting, Flipd will make sure you stay on task.


Best for: a sense of achievement 

If improved efficiency at work, or better sleeping patterns are still not enough to encourage you to put down your phone and start, hold is a good app to try. hold lets you earn points for the amount of time you’re not using your phone, which you can then trade for rewards in real life.


Best for: giving back

If hold is the carrot, forest is the stick. As you use hold you help grow a virtual ‘tree’, but the moment you leave the app, that tree dies. The more trees you grow, the more coins you earn, which enables you to plant real trees on actual planet Earth – so far forest has planted more than 300,000.


Best for: a reality check 

Just how much time ARE you spending on your phone? Moment helps you track your patterns of phone use with a round-up of daily, weekly and monthly stats. Once you’ve found out just how much time you’re spending on the device (and probably screamed in horror) the app will help control your screen time with a series of notifications, interruptions and alarms.


Best for: kicking your tapping habits 

Endorsed by the Center for Humane Technology in the US, Siempo tries to make using your smartphone an altogether healthier experience. The app can ‘batch’ your notifications (meaning you can choose to receive them every half hour or perhaps even once a day), change your phone background to something more soothing or randomize the order of apps on your phone to prevent opening them unconsciously.

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We need to talk about this brilliant campaign for a trans-inclusive emoji

We need to talk about this brilliant campaign for a trans-inclusive emoji

2017 Marie Claire Future Shapers Award winner & trans activist Charlie Craggs has launched #ClawsOutForTrans to increase trans visibility through emojis and it is everything

What did we do before emojis? Sure, the old-school : ) (or even the ; ) if you were feeling particularly bold did the job) but could you use them to let friends know you were off on holiday (✈➡🏖) or perhaps that you felt like dancing (💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻)? No, you could not.

But there are some way more important emojis still missing. Over the last two years, the transgender flag has been the flag that official emoji designers Unicode have had the most requests for. So, what new emojis did they launch this year? A can of tomatoes, a sledge (it’s SUMMER), an actual pile of bricks and… a lobster. Go figure.

However, Charlie Craggs, activist and winner of a Marie Claire Future Shapers award in 2017 for her Nail Transphobia pop-up nail bar to encourage better awareness around trans issues, has come up with an ingenious new way to use Unicode’s newest bizarre emojis to highlight the lack of the transgender flag.

Charlie Craggs


In a twist, it turns out that lobsters can be gynandromorphs (so they have both male and female characteristics). In her new campaign, Claws Out For Trans, Charlie has decided that until a transgender flag emoji exists, the trans community are hijacking the lobster as a symbol!

For Craggs, this is part of her fight for trans visibility. As well as her Nail Transphobia campaign (where, over the last five years, she has offered free manicures to members of the public as a way to encourage dialogue around trans issues) she has expanded to launch Nail It. This fab new initiative sells nail decals (or transfers), with each one telling a story and starting a conversation about a trans issue.

Charlie Craggs

Charlie wearing one of her decals

Want to support the campaign? Sign the petition here and then post pictures of lobsters on social media with the hashtag #ClawsOutForTrans. As Charlie puts it, ‘Unicode granted the Lobster emoji proposal, which argued that people suffered “frustration and confusion” at having to use a shrimp or crab emoji instead of a lobster. Imagine if that was your gender. Surely we deserve the same rights you have afforded crustaceans?’

It’s a no-brainer – we are so into #ClawsOutForTrans

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10 career hacks: how to succeed in the job of your dreams

10 career hacks: how to succeed in the job of your dreams

Promotional feature with HUAWEI

From ballerinas to designers, five female professionals give us their top tips on how to succeed…

When it comes to dream careers, whether you’re just starting out, climbing the office ladder or going it alone as an entrepreneur, achieving success in the workplace ranks pretty high on our #lifegoals list.

Playing to your talents and strengths, and feeling valued, are key factors in choosing your career and being successful. But we appreciate that, sometimes, a little bit of on-point advice from a seasoned pro can go a long way.

That’s why we’re championing the HUAWEI P20 Pro, and its powerful ‘See More’ campaign.

‘See More’ showcases a trio of successful career women at the top of their game – a pilot, a ballet dancer and a jewellery designer – each shot by no less than international supermodel Helena Christensen.

Using the HUAWEI P20 Pro’s ‘intelligent’ technology, each of Christensen’s photos captures the essence of what it means to truly love what you do.

We asked each of these successful women plus two Marie Claire high flyers to share their top tips for career success…


Name: Melissa Chapski
Profession: Ballet dancer

Work hard and be patient

‘Keep working hard. Rehearse, watch and correct yourself because ultimately, it’s your career and you owe it to yourself to reach your fullest potential. But remember to be patient – any career (especially ballet) is demanding and difficult so it’s crucial to stay grounded.’

Listen to your own advice

‘I think the three biggest things would be to free myself from judgement, always appreciate everything that I have, and to always remain open to new experiences.

Name: Katie Thomas
Profession: Digital Beauty Editor, Marie Claire

Do your research

‘Immerse yourself in the industry you want to be a part of. If, like us, you want to be in magazines, read as much as possible. Read monthlies, supplements, websites, whatever you can get your hands on. The more you know about the industry, the better prepared you will be.’

Put yourself out there

‘Network. I don’t just mean go to formal networking events – tell everyone and anyone what is it that you want to achieve/do, because you never know who might have a connection that could be invaluable to you.’

Name: Maria Fagerström
Profession: Pilot/vlogger

Seek out inspiration

‘My dad has always been my role model and inspiration to pursue my dreams of becoming a commercial pilot. He gave me a brochure of a miniature airplane that he got when he first started flying. It’s a reminder of where I started and how far I’ve come.’

Invest in the right kit

‘Creating great content is only possible when you have the best device for the situation you’re in. Having a 4K camera – like the HUAWEI P20 Pro – that shoots in raw formats and is also my phone, which I have on me all the time, gives me the ability to create great content wherever I am and in any situation, on every adventure.’

Name: Adeline Rapon
Profession: Jewellery Designer

Do what you enjoy

‘I enjoy building things and making objects that have meaning,’ says Adeline when discussing her past. ‘I used to help my grandfather create wood furniture when I was growing up, and I loved the feeling of creating something with my hands. I finally got that feeling back with jewellery.’

Start out as an apprentice or intern

‘I got my start in jewellery workshops and learned to design pieces there. I’m not only a jewellery designer, I’m also a jeweller and that is very important to me.’

Name: Penny Goldstone
Profession: Digital Fashion Editor, Marie Claire

Be confident

‘Fake it ’til you make it. Obviously, I’m not saying to lie on your CV or anything, but if you come across confident enough, you’ll really impress people. For my most successful job interviews (i.e. when I got the job), I’ve been assertive, asked questions and even throw the odd banter in (where appropriate obviously).’

Become a ‘yes’ person

‘Never say no, especially if you’re starting out. No one dreams of doing the tea run when they graduate, but if you’re happy enough to do the less interesting jobs, then you’ll soon be given meatier tasks. It’s a small industry, and you’ll be surprised at how many opportunities I got from someone recommending me to someone else.’

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The Feminist Internet exists and it’s pretty incredible

The Feminist Internet exists and it’s pretty incredible

Created by a group of artists and designers, the Feminist Internet seeks to advance internet equality for women and other marginalised groups

Feminist Internet

Ah, the internet. As much as we couldn’t live without it, what we could live without is the underlying cesspool of misogyny that often bubbles over: pro-rape groups are given platforms and female figures are targeted with sexist-based hate on the regular.

Human rights organisation Amnesty International reported on how toxic Twitter is for women – and we totally get it.

If only there was a way to change this…enter the Feminist Internet.

Dr Charlotte Webb, founder of the Feminist Internet, wanted to create change, and started the programme as an intensive educational experiment at University of the Arts London.

Sixteen students spent ten days creating the Feminist Internet Manifesto, with the aim of advancing internet equalities for women and other marginalised groups.

Within these first ten days, the participants came up with some innovative ideas, including the ‘Hollabot’ – an app that detects online abuse and harassment, and makes the perpetrators do online community service, and ‘ELI’ an ‘Empathic Living Intelligence system’ that helps resolve domestic conflicts.

Since then, the project has gone from strength to strength: Dr Webb stresses that these developments were only the beginning, and that it ‘feels like there’s a real appetite for the work we’re doing.’ Feminist Internet is currently working on alternatives to electronic personal assistants such as Alexa and Siri, who they say are highly-gendered and reinforce deeply engrained social stereotypes about women.

With Plan International UK’s findings that almost half of teenage girls in the UK have experienced some form of harassment on social media, it’s no surprise that the Feminist Internet has identified this area as one that needs a serious culture change. They’re calling for a safer and more balanced social media environment, where no one is censored or policed on the basis of their race, class, gender, age or ability.

Is this the feminist revolution that the internet has been waiting for? We really hope so.

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These are the three most sent emojis to Donald Trump

These are the three most sent emojis to Donald Trump

We didn’t see that coming! #worldemojiday

donald trump approval rating

Donald Trump loves social media – no one is disputing that, but despite how active he is on the platforms, he uses surprisingly few emojis, instead leaving more room for his ridiculous Donald Trump quotes.

That’s not to say however that other social media users don’t use emojis when talking about him.

To mark World Emoji Day, Plusnet has done some digging with data analysts Pulsar to see which emoticons are most commonly directed at which celebrities – and unsurprisingly, Donald Trump came up.

According to their statistics, the most commonly used emoji when talking about or to Donald Trump was the aubergine (no prizes for guessing what people were alluding to there), alongside the eye roll icon and the pile of poo emoji.

donald trump

Credit: REX

In fact, the president reportedly received 74% of all poo emojis, 61% of all aubergine emojis and 48% of all eye roll emojis.

In the last 6 months, Taylor was sent 10,340 snake emojis and Ricky Gervais received 78% of all angry faces – although they could be partly down to people agreeing with his raising awareness of animal cruelty.

Taylor Swift


But the findings weren’t all negative, with some celebrities seeing an overwhelmingly positive reaction.

Ariana Grande received some of the most emoji love this year, with the emoticons most sent to her being the pink love hearts and the musical note icons. In fact, the 25-year-old received 38% of all the heart emojis tracked in the study – more than any other celebrity.

Well there we have it – happy World Emoji Day.

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