The best prairie dresses for all you Little Woman fans out there

The best prairie dresses for all you Little Woman fans out there

Blame the upcoming adaption of Little Women, starring Emma Watson, or our love for vintage-inspired designers such as Cecilie Bahnsen and The Vampire’s Wife, but the prairie dress is undoubtedly one of the most popular dresses of the summer, and will still be next season.

Before we look at aw19’s offerings, or even the ss19 catwalk, let’s look at the origin of the prairie dress, shall we? Laura Ingalls basically the trend, and I’m only half kidding.

The high neckline, long hem and ruffles were the typical fashion in rural America in the 19th century, no doubt because the fashion was much more modest back then, but also perhaps to protect against the harsh elements for people who had to be outdoors most of the day. The only fancy was the ditzy print, often floral.

It has of course been given a modern update since then, with designers such as Batsheva, Shrimps, Molly Goddard and Brock Collection all featuring the style in their spring collections, this time re-imagined with bold floral prints and colours, whimsical details such as lace, embroidery and grosgrain ribbons – and even shorter hemlines.

Whilst last season was all about the minimalist dress (and the slip dress is going nowhere fast), we’re certainly into all things romantic and maximalist now.

It’s also perfect to transition into autumn, thanks to the high necks and long sleeves, and can be layered onto a thin cashmere sweater too.

How to wear a prairie dress

So how to style the trend? Although it seems like a tricky one, it’s not as much of a challenge as you’d think. You basically want to let the dress do all the talking, and keep the rest of your outfit toned down.

I personally will be wearing mine with the hottest boot of the season, the lace-up Victorian ankle boot, though if you’re worried you’ll be mistaken for an extra on Little Women, then you can modernise it with a dad trainer.

Shop my edit of the best designer and high street prairie dresses below.

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There is now a black version of THAT Zara dress

There is now a black version of THAT Zara dress

Everyone knows someone who owns the Zara polka dot dress. In fact, it’s hard to walk down the street or get on the tube and not spot at least one woman wearing it.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s THE dress of the summer, it even has its own Instagram account, which currently has 18.5k followers.

And it seems the frenzy shows no signs of abating, as the dress has now been re-released, in a new colour way, which is perhaps even more wearable than the first one.

It now comes in black, but the slight hiccup is that it’s only available in Australia at the moment, according to Grazia.

However, that doesn’t mean it won’t be available soon in the UK, and given the dress’ incredible popularity, I’d be surprised if it didn’t.

Shop now: PRINTED DRESS for £39.99 from ZARA

In the meantime however, you can still shop the original version in store and online at Zara.

Then all you need to do is keep an eye out on the Instagram account, it’s probably a matter of time before you get tagged…


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You’ve got 11 hours to buy this limited edition influencer collection

You’ve got 11 hours to buy this limited edition influencer collection

New York-based fashion influencer Charlotte Groeneveld , aka thefashionguitar has launched an affordable and gorgeous clothing collection, but there’s a catch: you’ve only got 11 hours (at time of writing) to buy it.

As annoying as that might sound, it’s actually for a good reason. It’s part of the latest Amazon The Drop, which serves up limited-edition, street-style inspired collections designed by fashion influencers from around the world, that are all made-on-demand and available for 30 hours only via the Amazon App or mobile browser.

That way, it reduces waste by overproducing samples, and it also means you won’t risk bumping into anyone who is wearing the same dress as you.

As you might expect, Charlotte’s designs are as cool as she is. There are Prairie tops and dresses galore, as well as sleeker shirt dresses, cycling shorts and sweatshirts. The influencer styles them herself in the campaign, mixing and matching dresses with her favourite dad trainers and mules.

She says, ‘The collection is an extension of my wardrobe, but filling the gaps with pieces I felt were still missing. It’s inspired by today’s streetstyle rather than runway collections. It brings together everything I love seeing on women around me, and reflects our forever summer mood… This pastel-infused, Diana-inspired, street style approved 15-piece collection is everything you need for Summer 2019!’

You can shop the entire collection on Amazon until 11pm tonight.

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Boden has just launched a Harry Potter line and it is magical

Boden has just launched a Harry Potter line and it is magical

In possibly the cutest news you’ll read today, Boden has just launched a Harry Potter-themed collection for kids. That’s right, all your little muggles can now champion your favourite Hogwarts house (as long as it’s not Slytherin, boo!).

The 81-piece collection has been designed in-house by the Mini Boden design team in partnership with Warner Bros, and each piece features unique magical details and prints.

There are bodies and tops for each of the houses, and cute t-shirts embroidered with iconic characters and objects from the books, including Harry’s spectacles, the Hippogriff, Hedwig, the Hogwarts Express, the flying car and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. And there is of course the iconic letter knitted jumper, a slightly chicer version of the one Mrs Weasley knits every Christmas for the gang.

It runs from newborn through to age 16, so that all children can wear the magic, and while some of it has launched today, there will be a second collection launching on 7th October 2019, just in time for Halloween, a very important event in the wizarding world, as you know.

The only downside is that it doesn’t come in adult sizes to be honest, but you can’t win them all. The collection has launched today, but be quick if you want a piece, as I predict this will sell faster than you can see ‘wingardium leviosa’.

These are my top picks from the Mini Boden x Harry Potter collection, but feel free to browse the whole line here.

Shop now: 4 Pack Hogwarts Bodies – 4 Pack Harry Potter for £35 from Boden

Shop now: Hedwig Dungarees – Farah Yellow for £35 from Boden

Shop now: Hippogriff Tulle Skirt – Mist Blue for £40 from Boden

Shop now: Harry Potter Knitted Jumper – College Blue for £32 from Boden

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These white sandals will make every outfit 100% better

These white sandals will make every outfit 100% better

white sandals

I have a confession to make. I am a shoeaholic. In my cupboard I currently have fifty pairs of shoes, well at the last count at least. And yet something has changed within me this summer. I have become – I can’t actually believe I’m typing this – a single pair of shoes kind of wearer. Well a single shoe trend anyway.

Yep, I have fallen hard for the white sandal this season. Once considered tacky and girl-band worthy, it has now done a complete 360 by becoming the most expensive looking item in your wardrobe.

Originally seen on the catwalks at (old) Celine, the Row soon brought out its minimal take on it, followed by Bottega Veneta, Prada et al.

I currently have four pairs I wear on rotation. Strappy kitten heel sandal by Zara, thong sandals by Mango, strappy flats by Studio Amelia, and my newest addition, wedge mules by Staud.

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And I can confirm that not only do they make everything look extra chic, I’ve also yet to find an outfit they don’t go with. Summer dresses, linen suits, jumpsuits, florals, checks, neon, there is not a single one that doesn’t look elevated by a white sandal.

Of course, I’m not the only one obsessed with the trend. Thanks to Insta-worth styles by the likes of The Row and By Far, the strappy white sandal keeps appearing on my social feeds, and I can’t see it stopping anytime soon.

It’s not too late to get in on the action, as I can’t see them disappearing anytime soon. Shop my edit of the best white sandals below, from the more affordable high street buys to the investment pieces by my favourite designers.

In the meantime, sorry other shoes, you’ll just have to sit patiently a little while longer.

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The best anklets to wear no matter the season

The best anklets to wear no matter the season

The anklet is back. In a big way. Originally a trend of the early 2000s, it enjoyed a resurrection last summer, thanks to everyone’s love affair with shell jewellery.

There wasn’t a single fashion insider who went on holiday without her trusted pukka shell anklet, and soon it became an everyday staple too, even in winter, paired with trainers or mules.

This season, whilst shells are still around, the anklet has been given a decidedly more luxe makeover. If you love layering gold necklaces, you’ll be happy to hear it’s all about layering gold anklets now.

Designers like Alighieri and Anissa Kermiche are taking the delicate approach with delicate gold chains adorned with roman coins or pearls for that wanderlust factor.

Speaking of pearls, they are going nowhere this season, and whether you’re after a single delicate one or a pearl chain, then anyone can pull off this trend.

However, if your tastes veer more towards the classics, oversized chains have also made a comeback. And don’t let my love for all things gold fool you, there are plenty of great silver options out there, for example by Maria Black or Cornelia Webb.

As for how to style them, there are no rules. Fans of symmetry can happily wear the same anklet on each side, though I myself love mixing and matching. At the moment I’m layering a fine pearl Anni Lu anklet with an Alighieri gold coin one, though as long as you’re mixing textures and sizes then anything goes.

Shop my edit of the best anklets for all budgets below.

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The best gold necklaces to layer all summer

The best gold necklaces to layer all summer

Whilst my trysts with trends may be fleeting (hello tie dye, goodbye neon), there is one constant love in my life, that transcends the seasons: gold necklaces. The kind you can layer and layer and never get tired of.

The beauty of gold necklaces is that they make everything look expensive, instantly, whether that’s a plain white shirt or a silk slip dress. And there is a plethora of ways to wear them. Sometimes, I feel like just wearing  single gold chain, other times, especially this summer, I like to layer.

My collection is extensive, but I often revert to the same core styles: a gold coin pendant, a single pearl dangling off a very delicate chain, shells and anything with my initials on.

Layering necklaces is a way to make your style unique, and constantly reinvent yourself depending on your mood. Therefore, in my book, a gold necklace is a piece of jewellery that is well worth investing in.

gold necklaces

How to layer gold necklaces

I asked two of my favourite female jewellery designers for their tips on how to nail the layering trend this season. For Roxanne of Roxanne First, it’s all about more is more.

‘I think it’s a great opportunity to layer all kinds of necklaces, from beads to fine gold chains and chunkier statement pieces. Summer is great as we aren’t bundled up in jumpers so our décolletage is always on show! Adding beads allows you to add some colour! Our personalisation pieces are brilliant to layer, and ideally you’d want a few size options to layer (so they don’t get tangled). All in all, it’s about having some fun, mixing and matching – textures and golds,’ she says.

Meanwhile, Rosh of Alighieri recommends mixing and matching different textures, ‘I always wear four to five necklaces, all with different chains that can elevate a t-shirt and jeans, and really allow you to tell a unique story. The more different the chains, the better. At the moment, I’m wearing lots of gold charms and pearls.’

gold necklaces

With that in mind, shop my edit of the best gold necklaces you can buy now, whether to be worn alone or layered.


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This £5 accessory is flying off the shelves for good reason

This £5 accessory is flying off the shelves for good reason

I know I keep banging on about the heatwave, and which dresses and fabrics to wear when it’s hot, but well anything that can make it bearable if you’re not lucky enough to be lying by a pool is good in my books.

Which brings me to the £5 accessory that is flying off the shelves at the moment, and it’s pretty unexpected: a paper fan. This Accessorize one has an Amalfi print reminiscent of holidays.

Shop now: AMALFI PRINT FAN for £5 from Accessorize

When I was little, I remember my grandma using hers on the go, and I always thought it was very glamorous, albeit a little old fashioned.

Now they’re back in spectacular fashion, and I, along with the rest of the country it seems, am here for it.

It’s lightweight and not as noisy as a portable fan, so you can easily carry it around with you. And there are so many pretty prints out there that it doubles up as a great fashion accessory.

Because there’s nothing wrong with looking nice in the heat now is there?

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We might be mid-heatwave but people are buying these Zara boots

We might be mid-heatwave but people are buying these Zara boots

Come rain or shine, nothing comes in the way of our love for a good ankle boot. Case in point: these lace-up beauties, courtesy of Zara (obvs), shown at their autumn/winter press day yesterday, which was incidentally one of the hottest days of the year.

I shared them on my stories and received so many positive comments and heart-eye emoji, that I think it’s safe to say everyone loved them as much as I did. And for good reason.

They come in two beautiful colours: cream and powder blue, and are laced all the way up, with a zip on the side so you don’t actually have to deal with the faff of tying them up, plus they’re not too high either.

They tap perfectly into next season’s Victoria shoe trend, and will look great with both wide leg jeans and a midi skirt. If it cools down, you could even wear them now with a slip dress.

The good news is that they’re available now, though are already selling fast. There is more stock on the way if you sign up to the ‘back in stock’ alert though.



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The best bikinis if you've got an hourglass figure

The best bikinis if you've got an hourglass figure

This way to shop 20 ultra-chic bikinis for hourglass figures…

Bikinis for hourglass figures can be hard to find, and with swimwear season in full swing, and the prospect of slipping into a two piece a little daunting, we’ve made your search that little bit easier and rounded-up the best styles to shop right now.

If you’re bust and hips are nicely proportioned, and you tend to have a smaller mid-section, chances are you’re a classic hourglass. And the good news? Your shape is perfect for bikinis. Here’s why.

One of SS19’s hottest swimwear trend, the high waist bikini, is oh-so-perfect for hourglass shapes as it draws the eye to your slimmest area – your waist. And although swimsuits may seem like a natural option for covering up, the bikini really is the way to go.

To show off a flat stomach, go for a classic brief. Stick to a high cut shape as this will lengthen the leg and create a thigh slimming illusion. Alternatively, a high-waist brief is ideal for covering-up your tummy, and drawing the eye to the waist.

Colour wise, pretty much anything goes. Think navy, black, red, prints – there are plenty of options to play with. Just be sure to avoid mix and match bikinis, stick to matching sets as this will keep your shape in proportion.

Those feeling bold will want to experiment with cut out detailing on the top and for those with a bigger bust, go for anything with underwiring, adjustable straps or a halter neck, as this will further accentuate your curves. Styling wise, don’t be afraid to go for it with accessories. Headscarves, sarongs, high-waisted linen trousers and oversized straw hats are all very in right now and will draw attention in all the right places.

Want to see our top bikinis for hourglass figures? Click through to shop the edit…

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