How to get a perfect smile for your red carpet moment

How to get a perfect smile for your red carpet moment

Promotional feature with Oral-B

Award season is officially in full swing and whilst we would love a massive frock for our weekly trip to the local pub for a roast, it just seems slightly out of the realms of possibility.

However, what is it that all of these incredible stars have in common (apart from stunning gowns)? Bright, white teeth.

Unfortunately, us Brits have a bad reputation when it comes to teeth, but we say tosh to that. All you need to do is follow these simple tips and tricks for an Insta-worthy smile:

1. Cut out things that stain your teeth

Beetroot, coffee, tea, wine and smoking are all huge causes of yellowing on your teeth. Try to avoid them as much as possible.

2. Rinse regularly

If you can’t give up the above (and we understand that it’s hard), then rinse out your mouth with water after eating, drinking or smoking.

3. Use a (reusable) straw

If you absolutely, 100% cannot give up your morning coffee, then drink it using a straw. Oral-B’s ambassador, Dr Uchenna Okoye says: ‘I often recommend using a straw if drinking anything with colour so it stains your teeth less.’ This helps prevent the liquid from going anywhere near your teeth.

4. Brush to the beat

Not sure how long to clean your teeth for? Find a song that lasts for around two minutes and brush for the entirety of it. Might we suggest Kiss With A Fist by Florence and the Machine, which lasts for 2.04 minutes.

5. Go white

Seems pretty obvious, but use a whitening toothpaste. And make it a good one that can be trusted, such as the award-winning Oral-B 3D White Whitening Therapy Enamel Care. Dr Okoye agrees: ‘Tooth-whitening pastes are a great maintenance to remove staining, I like Oral-B’s pastes as they contain a product that not only removes surface stains but also helps prevent new ones forming.’

6. For goodness sake, floss

How many times has your dentist, you mum or a beauty editor told you to floss? We don’t do it for the joy of hearing our own voices. We do it because it’s effective. Plaque attracts stains, so if you remove more of it from between your teeth, you’ll help keep them looking whiter. 

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Shea butter: the beloved ingredient set to revolutionise your beauty routine

Shea butter: the beloved ingredient set to revolutionise your beauty routine

Promotional feature with The Body Shop

From moisturising dry skin to replenishing hair, there’s nothing shea can’t do.

Shea butter has long been hailed as an effective solution to dry skin, but the truth is, it’s a beloved ingredient for many more reasons. From offering a super nourishing, diverse top-to-toe regime, to helping communities of women in Ghana, here’s why you should be using shea.

It’s intensely nourishing for dry skin

Shea butter is a uniquely powerful ingredient, which nourishes even the driest of skin. Itchy legs? Sorted. Rough knees and elbows? Solved. So why is shea such a wonder product when it comes to tackling dryness? The main reason is that the shea nut contains a high level of fatty acids that help to keep things smooth and soft, as well as vitamins A and E to help protect the skin’s natural oils and maintain moisture.

Shea butter mecca The Body Shop is the place to head for all your nourishing needs. Its Body Butter is a bestseller for a reason; 100% vegan, it floods the skin with rich moisture lasting 72 hours while smelling irresistible. The range also has a new addition – multipurpose Shea Butter. Made with an incredible 192 shea nuts, it can be applied directly to your body, face, hair or lips. You could use it as a base for a DIY lip scrub by adding sugar and using a toothbrush, a hair treatment by mixing it with your favourite oil or even make a nourishing bubble bath melt by mixing with bath foam and freezing overnight.

The She in Shea: The Tungteiya Women’s Association

It helps support female empowerment

While shea’s moisturising properties alone are enough to convince us, it’s the story of where the ingredient comes from that really inspires. The Body Shop has been sustainably sourcing Community Trade shea butter from the Tungteiya Women’s Association in Ghana since 1994. As well as empowering women, making shea has a positive impact on the entire community.

An incredible 640 women handcraft 390 tons of shea butter for The Body Shop every year, using an 18-step process that’s passed down from mother to daughter. So every Shea product you use from The Body Shop allows female empowerment to go from strength to strength.

It is a super versatile ingredient

Not only does shea butter keep skin feeling tip top, it also works everywhere else – including your hair. The Body Shop’s three-step replenishing shea range, which is 100% vegan, includes a deeply cleansing shampoo, richly nourishing conditioner and a special treatment mask for super smooth, silky lengths.

Inspired? The options with shea are seemingly endless…

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We’re greater when we’re equal – 3 incredible women speaking out against discrimination

We’re greater when we’re equal – 3 incredible women speaking out against discrimination

Promotional feature with Salesforce

We’re teaming up with the United Nations and cloud tech company Salesforce for a unique event tackling discrimination

Did you know that that when you search gender inequality online, you get more than 81 million hits? Since the groundbreaking #MeToo movement of 2017 and Time’s Up in 2018, the conversation on women’s rights has grown louder and louder, and support from Hollywood powerhouses and leading social activists mean that inequality is being highlighted on a previously unprecedented scale.

However, there is still more to be done: for many sectors of society, equal rights remain a goal rather than a reality. That’s why Marie Claire has joined up with Salesforce  – the world’s number one customer relationship management platform – and the UN to create an innovative event charged with driving diversity and ending human rights’ abuses.

Thursday 7th March will see thought leaders come together to explore how businesses can help to drive positive change, as well as address how the UK justice system is failing victims of gender-based violence.

Our incredible speakers will include:

Cristina Gavrilovic

Cristina Gavrilovic is head of European Operations at Justice and Care, which fights human trafficking and modern slavery in the UK and Europe. She was formerly anti-slavery partnership co-ordinator for Essex Police and Kent Police Serious Crime Directorate. Gavrilovic won Outstanding Contribution To The Fight Against Slavery at the national Marsh Awards. Gavrilovic was chosen as one of Marie Claire Future Shapers Award winners in 2018.

Jennifer Nadel

Jennifer Nadel is a writer, broadcaster, speaker, journalist and a qualified barrister. Her book Sara Thornton: The Story of a Woman Who Killed (foreword by Baroness Helena Kennedy) was published 1993 and made into a documentary and BBC film. She has reported for the BBC and Channel 4 news, and became ITN’s Home Affairs correspondent in 1991.  She co-authored We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere with Gillian Anderson in 2017, and her most recent campaign Compassion in Politics seeks to ‘mend our broken political system.’

Sammy Woodhouse

Sammy Woodhouse is a speaker, author and campaigner, who exposed the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal. She released Just A Child in 2018, the Sunday Times bestselling book in which she details how she was groomed from the age of 14. After she escaped, Sammy contacted a journalist in 2013 and blew the whistle on child sexual exploitation in Rotherham. This triggered the Jay report, which exposed 1,400 children being abused and failed in Rotherham.

Follow the event, plus all the activity around International Women’s Day using the hashtag #IWD and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @marieclaireuk for live updates on the day.

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Going bare-faced is scary, unless you follow these tips and tricks

Going bare-faced is scary, unless you follow these tips and tricks

Promotional feature with Oral-B

Pictured above: Beauty vlogger Estée Lalonde is the face of Oral-B’s #nofiltersmile campaign

In a world of FaceTune, Snapchat filters and over-contoured complexions, it’s time to start celebrating the au naturel. Let’s put barefaced beauty back in the spotlight and encourage more people to #nofiltersmile their selfies.

We know that showing the world a completely bare face can be daunting to some people; perhaps you’re struggling with blemishes, you wouldn’t be caught dead without concealer over your dark circles or maybe you just wish your teeth were a little bit whiter. We totally get it. However, there are some simple tricks that you can follow to help make you feel more confident in front of the camera.


We know you’ve heard it before. But getting a good night’s sleep allows your body, mind and skin to rest, recuperate and repair. Avoid looking at your phone for an hour before bed, spritz your pillows and duvet with a lavender pillow mist and pop on an eye mask. You’ll wake up feeling a lot fresher, more revitalised and it will show on your face.


If you want healthy looking skin you need to look after it properly. What does properly mean? It means cleansing every single day, then using a toner that’s suited to your skin type. If you don’t use a serum – introduce one now, it’ll supercharge your routine and help make your skin look lit from within. Once that’s done, follow with an SPF moisturiser for daytime protection. Repeat in the evening, but switch to a night cream that boosts the skin’s repair mode, like retinol.


Another obvious step, but one that so often gets overlooked despite the benefits to your skin and health: drinking water. The NHS EatWell Guide recommends drinking between six and eight glasses a day, which is easy when it becomes a habit. Here’s a little tip: aim to drink two glasses when you’re having your breakfast, keep a glass on your desk and try to get through around four during the working day, then when you sit down to dinner try and drink two more, before finally ending with one before bed. Easy peasy. Your skin will thank you.


Don’t just use any old toothpaste, use one that you’re actually going to benefit from. Oral-B’s 3D White Whitening Therapy Enamel Care Toothpaste is designed to remove surface stains and strengthen and nourish your enamel. The loss and weakening of enamel is what causes yellowing and stops you having a brighter, whiter smile.


They say the eyes are the window to the soul, so treat them with kindness and care and accentuate them. Get your eyebrows shaped at a brow bar and you’ll notice that your face is instantly framed. Curling your lashes opens up your eyes and makes them pop. Take down any puffiness with a cool flannel over your eyes for 15 minutes.

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Beat the crowds: why you should visit this American city before everyone else

Beat the crowds: why you should visit this American city before everyone else

Promotional feature with Tampa Bay

Miami? Been there. New York? Done that. Don’t stick to all the typical tourist hotspots everyone else is going to. This is the year to break out of your travel bubble, try someplace you’ve never thought to visit before and say ‘hey’ to Tampa Bay.

Why Go?

With a growing reputation for knock-out dining, unparalleled attractions, and an abundance of craft breweries to rival East London, Tampa Bay has everything you could possibly want and need for a sunshine break. Add to that the amazing beaches just along the coast, direct flights from the UK, and the lack of touristy crowds, and it’s easy to see why Tampa Bay is topping our 2019 vacay bucket list.


Don’t Miss

From sundowners to unique experiences, your perfect city escape awaits in Tampa Bay. These are just a handful of the highlights:

Galleries: It’s a well-known fact that every city break must include a two-to-one art-to-cocktail ratio, so make sure to swing by the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts. There’s also the Tampa Museum of Art, located on the 2.4-mile Tampa Riverwalk, and the Graphic Studio on the campus of the University of South Florida, both showcasing the best in modern and contemporary art. Plus, don’t miss the growing collection of murals and public art found across Tampa Bay.

Shopping: You’re in America, which means it’s your right of passage to embrace your inner Cher Horowitz by heading to one of Tampa Bay’s malls. Make sure to leave extra room in your luggage for the locally made, artisan treats you’ll find at the many boutiques and enjoy a ladies that lunch experience at beautiful Hyde Park Village.

Food & Drink: From brunching in style at Oxford Exchange to sampling the famous Cuban sandwich at Florida’s oldest Spanish restaurant The Columbia, the food scene is thriving in Tampa Bay. Absolutely no visit would be complete without sampling the local breweries as well as some of the city’s finest cocktails at the picture-perfect, waterfront Armature Works.

Anything else?

The Sunshine State’s name says it all. In the heart of Vitamin D-enriched Florida, Tampa Bay has all the warm weather and blue skies you could possibly crave.


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The essential gadget for effortless morning hair – and a date for your diary

The essential gadget for effortless morning hair – and a date for your diary

Promotional feature with ghd

Longer lie-ins, an extra snooze and a speedy routine – be a #QueenOfTheSheets with the first-ever hot brush from ghd.

Mornings – love them or loathe them, few of us are blessed with ready-styled locks when we wake up. That means as well as making time in the sched for make-up and breakfast, there has to be minutes for turning tangled tresses into enviable sleekness.

We all know a pair of straighteners from hair expert ghd is a beauty essential but now its first-ever hot brush, ghd glide, has marched its way to the top of our wishlist.

The NEW ghd glide hot brush is now available nationwide, for a limited time only.

Designed for enhancing the smoothness of your hair, the ghd glide is part heat tool, part hairbrush. Its mix of high-density short bristles and longer ones sweep effortlessly through large sections of hair – think sleek, smooth locks in a snap.

It’s also the perfect partner for second-day styling, leaving hair salon-smooth with natural movement, which means more minutes in bed. ‘Making hair smooth and shiny in seconds, the new ghd glide is a blow-dry in brush form,’ says Lisa Oxenham, Marie Claire‘s beauty and style director.

And, lucky you, you can be one of the first to try it because ghd and Marie Claire will be springing up at London’s Boxpark Shoreditch, Birmingham’s Bullring, Manchester’s Intu Trafford Centre and Briggate Street in Leeds, this month, to treat the nation’s tresses with complimentary style appointments. No booking required!

The #GLIDEONTHEGO pop-up van will be at the following locations:

  • Thursday 14th Feb: London, Boxpark Shoreditch, 10am-6pm
  • Friday 15th Feb: Birmingham, Bullring & Grand Central, 9am-5pm
  • Saturday 16th Feb: Manchester, Trafford Centre, 10am-6pm
  • Sunday 17th Feb: Leeds, Briggate Street, 10am-6pm

Share your expertly styled hair look with #GLIDEONTHEGO and follow @ghdhair for all the latest updates.

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Win a pair of VIP tickets to see Instant Family

Win a pair of VIP tickets to see Instant Family

Promotional feature with Paramount Pictures

It’s our new favourite flick, with ALL the feels…

Hands up who fancies a little VIP movie experience to help shift those mid-January blues? Ladies we hear you, which is why we’ve gotten together with the lovely team at Paramount Pictures to offer 10 pairs of tickets to an exclusive VIP screening of new comedy drama Instant Family.

Inspired by real events from the life of writer & director Sean Anders (Daddy’s Home, Daddy’s Home 2), Instant Family tells the story of Ellie and Pete who decide to start a family and adopt through the foster-care system, only to find themselves raising three wild kids who have no interest in being parented.

Ellie and Pete are a successful couple who renovate and sell homes for a living. When they discuss starting a family, they cringe at the idea of being “those old parents” by the time their child graduated university and joke wouldn’t it just be easier to adopt a 5-year-old and pretend that they started the process 5 years earlier. When they start to look into adoption though, they realise that they can do a lot of good by adopting. They decide to go for it by fostering and then adopting a young boy or girl.

Unexpectedly the child they connect best with is a teenager. More than that – she has two younger siblings!! Despite some reservations, Ellie and Pete foster all three kids. As they welcome the tight-knit siblings into their lives, Ellie and Pete find out through laughter and through tears what being a family is all about.

We have 10 pairs of tickets up for grabs to a VIP screening of Instant Family on Saturday 26th January at 1pm*, at an exclusive secret London location. Hosted by C4’s ‘Grizzly Bear’ Ant Middleton and in association with the National Fostering Agency, this exclusive presentation and drinks reception is the perfect way to spend a Saturday. Simply click here and the first ten people to sign up will win a pair of tickets each.

We love this movie and we think you will too. To find screenings and book tickets visit for more.

Instant Family will be released into UK cinemas on February 14th 2019

© 2019 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

*Comp closes at 5pm on the 24th January. Terms and conditions can be found on the Eventbrite page

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Top tech for everyone on your gift list

Top tech for everyone on your gift list

Promotional feature with HONOR

Turn Xmas into techmas with great gadgets galore

If buying for those last few people on your Christmas list is proving tricky, you’re sure to be inspired by one of the sleek, smart gift ideas from HONOR. Whether they’re into keeping fit, are always listening to carefully crafted playlists or are a keen photographer or blogger, HONOR has a present that they’ll love to unwrap.

A smartphone for budding photographers

Selfies, lush landscape shots and more have been made even easier to snap and share thanks to the super sleek  HONOR 8X smartphone. It has a large screen to body ratio, high definition display and a dual 20 megapixel AI camera that has multi-scene recognition for breathtaking photos no matter where you are. You can get a blurry bokeh effects for selfies, plus it eliminates blur on night-time pics, and features super slo-mo for awesome action shots.

The HONOR 8X also has a reduced shutter speed and motion detection for capturing better action shots and creating backlit portrait selfies.

For the fitness fan

A fitness tracker is the perfect way to get more active, so we’ve found one that’s packed with useful functions as well as being ultra-stylish. HONOR Band 4 isn’t just for gym bunnies – it’ll also recognise swimming strokes, is pool-proof to 50 metres, and records your swimming speed, distance and calories. You can take it outside with confidence as well – it’ll track outdoor and indoor running, walking and cycling.

Beyond fitness, the HONOR Band 4 gives accurate heart rate monitoring with high rate alerts and infrared technology so you can wear it at night. Plus, if you suffer from insomnia, light or irregular sleep, it’ll track this and provide advice. Another reason to love it? The band can locate your phone if you’ve lost it and works as a remote to take selfies!

For the music lover

Clever headphones mean the music fan in your life can take their tunes wherever they go, and few come as clever as the HONOR Sport Bluetooth Earphones. Not only are they water and sweat-proof , they provide 11 hours playback (around 220 tracks) and last up to 10 days on standby so they won’t let you down during your favourite song. Wireless, comfy to wear and secure, each earbud is magnetic too, so when they’re not in, they snap together neatly around your neck. There’s no compromise on sound quality either as they feature a penetrating bass and high definition audio.

So what are you waiting for? Consider your Christmas shopping complete.

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The seriously sleek smartphone we all want this Christmas

The seriously sleek smartphone we all want this Christmas

Promotional feature with HONOR 8X

Stuck for a great gift idea? We’ve got you covered with the HONOR 8X

Tired of flicking through endless pages of trinkets and jewellery? Whether you’ve been spending hours searching for the perfect present or fancy including a treat for yourself under the tree, few gifts will make this Christmas as unforgettable as the HONOR 8X.

It’s far from being just another gadget – this achingly cool smartphone brings together everything you could want from the latest tech without blowing your budget. Here’s some reasons why we love it…

Bigger is better

Teeny screens are limiting, so the HONOR 8X’s super-sized screen is a big win. Not only does it come with a max screen for its price, the 6.5-inch nearly borderless FullView Display has a 90%+ screen-to-body ratio – giving your apps and snaps more room to breathe. Yet it has the same body size as a traditional 5.5-inch phone, so it can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

A split-screen option and modes for easy bedtime reading, clarity in bright sunlight and reduced blue light radiation for less eye fatigue make it ideal for browsing and emails too.

You’ll be surprised how much it can do…

Do more, charge less

How many times have you started scanning the room for a socket as your phone’s battery ticks towards zero? The HONOR 8X comes free from recharging anxiety thanks to a long-lasting 3750mAh battery and intelligent battery-saving system. As there’s less need to keep an eye on battery percentage, you can devote more time to movies, photos and games.

The cleverest of cameras

Get ready to share more… The HONOR 8X is made for amazing photography, from selfies to scenic landscapes. It’s equipped with a dual 20 megapixel AI camera that has multi-scene recognition. This identifies 22 different categories of objects in images and 500 scenarios in real-time for breathtaking photos no matter where you are.

There are also 2MP rear and 16MP front-facing cameras, blurry bokeh effects for selfies, night-shooting features that eliminate the blur from shaky hands, and super slo-mo for awesome action shots.

Get ready to be the favourite aunt, sister, friend or godmother in a single swipe.


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How to seduce with your senses to up your dating game

How to seduce with your senses to up your dating game

Promotional feature with BOSS The Scent

Seduction is all about sensuousness and it’s a subtle art – here’s how to own it

With Baby It’s Cold Outside still ringing in our ears, this chilly weather has to be good for making romantic connections. After all, who doesn’t want someone to snuggle up with when the mercury plummets?

When you’re looking for the magic to happen, heightened sensuality is the way to attract a partner. But how?

Subtlety is the ace card as our pointers reveal. And, with this in mind, we’re taking beauty and style inspiration from our latest #GirlCrush, Dutch model Birgit Kos. The new face of BOSS The Scent, she’s effortlessly sensuous in this ad with Jamie Dornan.

Sight lines….

We’ve all experienced the thrill of spotting someone who walks tall and exudes confidence, so mirror that everywhere you go. Good poise is hot – stand straight, chin lifted and sashay like you’re on your own personal catwalk a la Birgit Kos.

Nothing radiates inner confidence like a fresh-faced beauty look that’s natural, yet polished. And for style, the minimalist look wins hands down. Go for a demure, elegant maxi with a deep V back that reveals just a hint of bare, scented skin. Throw on an edgy leather jacket for a nonchalant finish and there’ll be no danger of  looking like you’ve tried too hard.

Scent is incredibly powerful…

Smell triggers the limbic area of our brain that’s responsible for emotion, which is why it plays such an important part in attracting a mate. From hormones to pheromones and scents, the science is subtle and can be highly seductive.

A fragrance Like BOSS the Scent, which is packed with aphrodisiacal notes will ignite desire, without your partner quite knowing what’s going on. A blend of feminine top notes of honeyed peach and freesia, delicate heart notes of oriental osmanthus and base notes of warm, roasted cocoa, it’s tantalisingly addictive.

With a seductive scent at your fingertips, you also need to know how to use it. Pulse points play a pivotal role in increasing the intensity of a fragrance, so spritz your neck or décolletage for immediate impact and your wrists where the scent will unfold slowly – resist rubbing them together as it’ll bruise the fragrance.

Sound advice

We rarely stop to think about our voices but if you’ve ever prepped for an interview or public speaking, you’ll know how important it is to engage your listener. You might be nervous in front of The Most Gorgeous Person in the Room but slow down your speech and let them hang on every word. Don’t forget smiles and laughter are very beguiling… after all, who doesn’t want to be with someone who’s having fun

Amuse-bouche anyone?

We all know that certain foods, such as oysters, have aphrodisiacal qualities. When you’re out at social gatherings, try offering a mouthwatering nibble or a snifter of something delicious. Not only will it be a conversation opener but it will allow for that all-important eye contact and trigger a pleasant taste sensation that will be associated with… yours truly.


Light touch

The last sense to be engaged – for obvious reasons – touch needs to be super subtle. Sitting close to or brushing lightly against the object of your affections will deliver two hits in one because you’ll awaken the nerve endings on his or her skin and leave a subtle trail of seductive scent – just be prepared for the follow-up…

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