Beyoncé reveals the meaning behind the Meghan Markle Brits painting

Beyoncé reveals the meaning behind the Meghan Markle Brits painting

beyonce meghan markle
Credit: ITV/The BRIT Awards

The BRIT Awards was an absolute treat. Not only did Hugh Jackman prove he is, indeed, the greatest showman, we were absolutely living for Little Mix and Pink’s performances.

But one moment that got Twitter talking was Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s acceptance speech. The couple won Best International Group as The Carters but weren’t able to attend the ceremony to collect their award. Instead, viewers watched as they said thank you via VT. While celebs usually film themselves saying thanks in a dressing room or from their tour bus, Bey and Jay made sure that their video acceptance speech was epic.

In their Apeshit music video, The Carters are casually hanging out in front of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre. But last night they recreated the iconic scene in front of a portrait of Meghan Markle looking regal AF.

Bey told the camera: ‘Thank you so much to the Brit Awards for this incredible honour. You guys have always been so supportive. Everything is love. Thank you. You’re Welcome.’

They then turned to face the painting of Meghan by illustrator Tim O’Brien. And fans loved it.

‘The HIGHLIGHT of the brits is The Carters paying homage to Megan Markle,’ one person wrote on Twitter.


Beyoncé took to Instagram to explain the meaning behind the moment.

Alongside a photograph of the pair in front of the portrait, Bey wrote: ‘Thank you to the Brits for the award for Best International Group. I won this award back in 2002 with my besties, Kelly and Michelle.

‘How lucky am I to have been in a group with my other best friend, the GOAT Hova.

‘In honor of Black History Month, we bow down to one of our Melanated Monas.

‘Congrats on your pregnancy! We wish you so much joy.’

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Izzy Bizu on curl care, coconut oil and foodie recommendations

Izzy Bizu on curl care, coconut oil and foodie recommendations

Izzy Bizu

You’ve definitely heard Izzy Bizu’s hit White Tiger on the radio waves, but now she’s making waves as the new face of Cacharel’s ‘Yes I Am’ fragrance. I sat down with the 24-year-old who told me all about her favourite beauty tips, Netflix binge sessions and her mum’s incredible sounding cooking.

LA: What’s the worst trend you’ve ever attempted?

IB: I was in Japan and had these strappy sandals that were really fat. They were white and kind of, what were those shoes, you know that strap on?

LA: Oh yeah, Velcro?

IB: Yeah, yeah. But my toes were hanging out. Then I put socks with them, I was trying to get into the socks and sandals thing and I looked kind of dodgy. But I thought I looked awesome, I enjoyed it for a week, then I came back to London and my brother was like: what are you doing?!

LA: It’s funny when you think something works while you’re away, and then you get home and realise… no.

IB: I still have them, just in case I like them again.

LA: You never know, they might come back. What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever been given?

IB: It’s from Terry, my makeup artist from today – if your lips get dry you can just scrape all the dry skin off with a toothbrush.

LA: Interesting, not heard that one before.

IB: Yeah it works. It really, really works, it makes them smooth. I get really dry lips in the winter.

LA: Yeah same, but I’m really bad at carrying lip balm with me.

IB: It’s also about using the right one as well, because apparently petroleum jelly dries them out more.

LA: What’s the best product recommendation you’ve ever received? Have you got something in your life that you love, that somebody else kind of put into your hands?

IB: Yeah, I really like Bouclème. It’s really good curl cream – I really like it, do you use it?

LA: I’ve actually got the shampoo and conditioner at the moment, but not the curl cream.

IB: Yeah, yeah, yeah you should try it. It’s really good. Your hair is really beautiful!

LA: Ah, thanks! Needs a wash though.

IB: No, no, looks good.

Bouclème Curl Cream, £19, Fabled

Buy now

LA: Do you find that yours gets dry at the ends or not really?

IB: Yeah, all curly hair gets dry. I think it’s because when you brush it, it tends to break, but I think if you just brush it at night and put it in a bun you’re fine.

LA: Yeah, always up in the old scrunchie. What about fragrance, do you have a signature or more of a fragrance wardrobe?

IB: I usually just stick to one; at the moment I’m really enjoying the new Cacharel fragrance [Yes I Am]. Luckily enough, I’ve always loved musky smells and it does everything I need it to, which is really, really cool. It’s a really good daytime and night time perfume. Slightly less in the morning, and more in the evening because it’s quite a strong smell, but its great because it stays on you all day.

LA: I quite like that it’s got that musky note that kind of lingers.

IB: Yeah, yeah it’s nice.

LA: What about the campaign, can you tell me more about that?

IB: The campaign was super cool. They approached us because they wanted to use my song White Tiger, which was really cool. They saw the Instagram and they asked if we could do the campaign with them. It was in Thailand, I was super psyched because it was one of my first times going there. We did the whole campaign with actors and everything, which was kind of surreal because I’m not used to that sort of thing, but it was really, really fun. The people were really funny to work with as well, it was quite a funny trip.

LA: That’s so nice to be able to go somewhere cool while you’re working.

IB: Yeah we had a laugh, it was really, really cool. It was nice. It was hot.

LA: What kind of fragrances are you drawn to?

IB: Musky, fruity, I really like those fragrances, it really depends on your sweat, I find, as to what suits you.

LA: You’re right, different things smell different on different people don’t they.

IB: Yeah, yeah, my mum wears musky scents sometimes. But I remember in the summer she’s like, oh I really want to have fresh, lemony scents, but they smelt terrible on me. Only musky is good.

LA: It’s funny isn’t it, my mum’s signature perfume smells awful on me but great on her. I think whatever your mum wears is a really comforting smell though.

IB: Exactly.

Cacharel Yes I Am, £60 for 50ml, Boots

Buy now

LA: OK, so let’s say the house is on fire – the important stuff is safe – but you can only grab one beauty-related item. What would you save?

IB: Um, probably coconut oil. Because if I left it in the house, it would fuel the fire! But also it’s just good for everything. It’s good for taking off your make-up. You just put it on a cotton pad and it keeps your skin moisturised. It’s good for your hair, it’s good for your body and your face, and you can even use it to cook. So really it’s good for everything.

LA: So really, you just need it at all times.

IB: It’s very good and it’s cheap. Well, it’s not cheap, but you get it in a big bottle and instead of having a gazillion brands you just have one. It’s very good to travel with as well.

LA: Yeah that’s true, keeps for a long time too.

IB: I think forever, I don’t know if it expires – does it?

LA: You probably use it up before it does! What’s in your make-up bag right now?

IB: Well my make-up bag’s at home because I got up at 6am today.

LA: Rough.

IB: No, its fine, I think like most people in London get up at that time. I’m just lucky enough I don’t have to do that every day! I have shit loads of moisturiser, eye cream, lipstick, a moisturising chubby pen thing, I love that, they’re great. Concealer, because I’ve got very dark eye bags, so I use that and it covers them up straight away.

LA: I love it. I’ve got really bad dark eye circles as well, I love a corrector-concealer thing.

IB: Oh I couldn’t even tell! Which one do you use?

LA: I use the Bobbi Brown one. That’s good.

IB: Oh that’s good, yeah that’s really good.

LA: How do you take care of your skin? What do you do in the mornings and evenings?

IB: Yeah I use a facial scrub, like a Neutrogena one, and then I use Estée Lauder Repair serum, it’s really, really great. It smooths everything out. Then I use a L’Oréal face cream, an extra thick one for the winter.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum, £67.50, Fabled

Buy now

LA: Yeah, do you have quite dry skin do you find?

IB: I have dry skin in the winter but in the summer I don’t, because you’re always putting on sunscreen. I mean in winter you’re putting the heating on and stuff like that, so I use the thick cream. Then Nuxe on top of that; I put a lot of moisturiser on.

LA: That’s good, when there’s a cold wind that you know is going to dry you out, definitely layer it on.

IB: Yeah, Nuxe is very good.

LA: Yeah I like their stuff. I feel like they have a good lip balm too.

IB: Yeah, they have good everything!

LA: Best make-up tip a makeup artist has given you? I feel like we may have covered this with the toothbrush, but is there anything else?

IB: I think it’s literally just curling your eyelashes and, if you don’t want to go crazy on skin make-up, just a bit of concealer. Then do a line on your eyelid, it attracts more attention to your eyes and you look, you know, done. And a strong colour on your lip. Then you don’t really have to worry about taking a ton of make-up off and it looks like you’re done but haven’t tried too much.

LA: Your liner looks really good, it makes your eyes pop.

IB: I had a make-up artist this morning so she did it.

LA: I’m sure you’re great at doing it too.

IB: Not as good, but I’m alright!

LA: How do you look after your hair?

IB: I wear it in French plaits most of the week and then when I go out I let the curls out, because I find that washing it every day or wetting it every day, it’s a little cold for that. In the summer I wear it out all the time, I wash it and then put loads of cream in it.

LA: Plaits are great because you don’t have to wash it as often, you can leave them for days. It’s great, sleep in them – you don’t have to do anything.

IB: I know its great, exactly.

LA: How often do you work out and what’s your favourite way to exercise?

IB: I don’t work out much, I just watch what I eat. I eat a lot of Asian food; lately I’ve been eating a lot of Japanese and Vietnamese food. So I just try to eat really well and work out once every two weeks.

LA: That’s still more than a lot of people.

IB: Yeah, I should work out more. I would like to start doing it more because I’m in a really good mood when I do it.

LA: A lot of people work out for their mental health now don’t they.

IB: Yeah it’s good for both mental and physical health. It’s really good for both, and it gives you more energy throughout the day. Well, it depends, if you haven’t worked out in a year and then you work out it’s like oh, dreadful.

LA: Like me when I come out of the gym. I’m like, I’m dying.

IB: Yeah same! I’d like to do that as a new years resolution, work out more. Thanks for reminding me, ha!

L: What do you like to do, are you like a class person, do you like weights, do you go running?

IB: I don’t particularly enjoy running any more because I did it so often it became boring, but I do it because I have to. I’m just like, I have to do this, and I’ll do it for 15 minutes or so. I really enjoy doing weights, I like using all the machines. I switch machines and do one set of each.

LA: Its nice to mix it up though, if you do the same thing all the time it can get boring.

IB: It’s nice to do a circuit, circuits are great, and good for tricking yourself into doing more I think.

LA: That’s true. What are your three most used emojis?

IB: I think it’s actually the cup of tea emoji. There’s a new one isn’t there? I really like that one.

LA: Is there a person drinking tea now?

IB: No I think it’s just the cup, I can’t remember. And there’s, what other ones do I use… I don’t really use them that much to be honest with you. I just use that one, and then the cat one.

LA: The laughing one?

IB: Yeah, it’s just the cute cat, if someone’s in a mood with me I’ll just send the cat! I don’t really have one, I’m not really that soppy when I text. I use a lot of x’s but I’m not an emoji person.

LA: That’s nice though! Me and my sister are so blunt with each other, there’s like no emojis, no kisses, its just like: hi. So at least you put some effort in. What’s your favourite book?

IB: Ah I wish I had my bag with me, it’s a Murakami one. The first Murakami book I read was Norwegian Wood and I’m now reading the second one. It’s about a guy who loses his cat and it’s his journey to finding it. He goes on all these weird adventures looking for this cat, but it’s not really about the cat its about other things. I like his writing, it’s really accessible.

LA: Yeah, it sounds like a good teaching book. Not really about the cat but the journey.

IB: That’s it! It’s The Wind Up Bird Chronicle, but it’s about him loosing his cat. You should read it, its really, really great. A bit slow to begin with, because he really wants to describe the characters and the setting so that you can imagine everything, but it’s well worth it.

LA: Have you got any other favourites?

IB: Yes, I really like the Twilight books… I read them when I was 15 though.

LA: I only watched the first film because they weren’t as good.

IB: They’re not as good. I feel like if you read the book before the film, it’s hard to watch the film because you’ve made up your own shit in your head. I like the books, but books are always way more descriptive.

LA: You’re right, when you see the film it really shifts what you’ve already made up in your head. I’m like that with Harry Potter.

IB: They did those well, aced it. But have you seen the new ones?

LA: Fantastic Beasts? I actually haven’t watched either of them yet, it’s really bad.

IB: I want to watch the new one.

LA: What’s your favourite meal of all time? Like, your last meal.

IB: I’ve got to stay true to my roots, so it’s Ethiopian food cooked by my Mum and my Grandma. When they’re in the kitchen together its magic, it’s so good. So many dishes in one.

LA: Talk me through.

I: So it’s like all these different dishes, and a big piece of bread, it’s like a pancake. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Ethiopian bread before?

LA: No, not really.

IB: Okay, I’ll explain to you. It’s brown, got dots in it, like you eat with your hands, and everyone sits around it together and there are loads of different sauces. Imagine different curries; lentils, ones with chicken and egg, ones with beef, you just take your pick. There’s something for everyone and you just dip it in each sauce and eat all the bread. It’s so good!

LA: Oh that does sound like a bit of me. I love bread, I love anything spicy. I just love food really.

IB: Oh you’d love it. You should try it.

LA: As long as there’s no peanuts because I’m allergic.

I: No, we don’t do peanuts. We do not do peanuts and we don’t do a lot of seafood. Where do you live?

LA: I live outside of London, but I’m here all the time. I come into King’s Cross.

I: Okay, there’s one called Addis which is literally a two minute walk from King’s Cross. So if you end up working late you can go to dinner there with a friend or something.

LA: Dream. Favourite TV to binge watch?

IB: Oh okay, good question. I’m loving the OJ Simpson TV series at the moment, incredible!

LA: Oh yeah the one on Netflix?

IB: Yeah I thought it was a film at first, I didn’t realise it was a series.

LA: John Travolta is quite lol in it as well.

IB: He’s incredible. He still looks great though. He looks like a good character you know? He’s still got charisma in his face. He hasn’t lost it.

LA: It’s hard to watch Ross Geller in anything else but Friends though.

IB: He’s comical though. He’s so funny. When I saw him in it I was like, great! He’s so adorable.

LA: Have you watched the whole thing?

IB: No, I’ve already, we started watching it with my boyfriend yesterday, we’ve already watched six episodes in a row and I was like where did the time go? He was like, I told you not to click the play button!

LA: If you’ve got the time it goes really quickly. Wou’re like oops, I’ve watched two seasons in a day.

IB: Yeah, it’s incredible.

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Meghan Markle’s brother just outlined his take on the Markle family rift

Meghan Markle’s brother just outlined his take on the Markle family rift

And it’s pretty controversial…

meghan markle going to priyanka chopra's wedding
Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

Meghan Markle has a difficult relationship with her family, something that has plagued her first few months as a royal.

The Markles as a whole have created a lot of drama around the now Duchess of Sussex, from estranged nephew Tyler Dooley naming his cannabis business after her to her father Thomas Markle continuously engaging with the press, despite Meghan’s reported pleas for him not too, even leaking a private letter to the press this month.

Samantha Markle has undoubtedly taken the most attention, from her chilling Anne Boleyn warning to Meghan and her rumoured appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, to her choosing the Duchess’ due date to release her tell-all book.


But it was Meghan’s estranged half brother, Thomas Markle Jr, who made news this week, talking to OK! Magazine about how Meghan’s ‘rift’ with his father is affecting him.

‘He’s hurt and very confused about what happened to his relationship with his daughter, and I think he’s a little more frustrated now because he’s got a grandchild coming up with his favourite person that he worshiped,’ Thomas Markle Jr. explained. ‘They had such a tight bond together and now he’s worried about if he’s ever going to get to see his grandchild. It’s a new addition to the family and now would be a perfect opportunity for the family to get back together.’

Going on to explain the rift, he continued: ‘A lot of the distance happened between Meghan when she went to Toronto and her first big break in TV which was Suits and it turned out to be a big hit in the USA.

‘I think she turned into a little Hollywood starlet and she was focused on her career so much. I get it. I get being in that world because once you’re down that path you’ll do anything it takes to be successful so that had a lot to do with being distant from her whole family.’


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Melania Trump has paid an emotional tribute to Karl Lagerfeld

Melania Trump has paid an emotional tribute to Karl Lagerfeld

‘We will miss you’

melania trump

It was announced yesterday that iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld had died in Paris aged 85.

The sad news of his death comes after weeks of ill health, with Karl – the artistic director of CHANEL – missing his catwalk bow at the end of the most recent CHANEL Couture Show in Paris.

‘It is with deep sadness that the House of CHANEL announces the passing of Karl Lagerfeld, the Creative Director for the CHANEL Fashion House since 1983,’ Chanel announced in a statement.

karl lagerfeld vans collaboration

ddp USA/REX/Shutterstock

It was undoubtedly a very sad day for the fashion community, with high profile figures coming forward to pay their respects, from Victoria Beckham to Alexa Chung.

One unexpected high profile figure to pay an emotional tribute to the German designer was First Lady Melania Trump, who took to her Twitter page to honour the icon.

‘Today the world lost a creative genius,’ Melania tweeted alongside a photo of her with Karl and one of his personalised sketches for her. ‘We will miss you Karl! #RIPKarlLagerfeld.’

From Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell to Marion Cotillard and Elton John, the tributes continue to flood in.

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Beautiful beauty looks spotted at London Fashion Week AW19

Beautiful beauty looks spotted at London Fashion Week AW19

Feast your eyes on the hair and make-up of dreams

London Fashion Week beauty looks

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… No not Christmas, Fashion Month.

Much like their fashion counterparts, the beauty looks of the shows set the precedent for the year ahead. New York Fashion Week was over in the blink of an eye, so now it’s London’s turn to show present us with the biggest hair and make-up trends 2019 will bring.

So far we’ve seen nods to the Golden Age inspired by 1950s fashion, glitter and gold leaf, heavy heavy blusher and barnets worthy of the great Dolly Parton.

At Ashish, enormous wigs were coiffed and blow dried into huge voluminous styles complete with bejewelled barrettes, while in the make-up department different coloured glitter was applied to the lips and eyes, catching the light at every turn. It was seriously extra and we loved it.

Meanwhile at Halpern, bright chroma eyeshadow was applied to the lids before layering cracked gold leaf over the top for a seriously cool look.

Hair was kept pretty natural, apart from a few marcel waves to frame the golden eyes in a nod to 1920s fashion.

If we had to pick out one specific, wearable trend, it’d be the ponytail, which has appeared several times this season as the understated yet chic hairstyle of the day. But season after season emphasis is placed on individuality – sometimes models are even asked what look they would like.

Keep scrolling for the hottest hair and make-up ideas to take from the runway into real life (mostly).

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Lady Gaga has officially announced her split from fiancé Christian Carino

Lady Gaga has officially announced her split from fiancé Christian Carino

No, we’re not crying. YOU’RE crying.

lady gaga grammys
Credit: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock

Lady Gaga has been one of the most talked-about women in the world this year, winning big at award season for her leading role and songwriting in A Star Is Born.

With just over a week until the Academy Awards 2019, people are wondering whether Gaga will add a Leading Actress Oscar to her collection, but it was’t award season or even her hilarious reaction to her tattoo typo that made the singer a talking point this week.

Instead, Gaga made news for a heartbreaking reason.

There has been speculation that Gaga had split from fiancé Christian Carino after the singer was spotted at the Grammys without her engagement ring, but until now neither Gaga nor Christian had shed any light on the news.


Confirming the break up yesterday, Lady Gaga’s reps told PEOPLE: ‘It just didn’t work out. Relationships sometimes end. There’s no long dramatic story.’

The former couple confirmed their engagement in October, when the singer thanked her ‘fiancé Christian’ during her speech at Elle‘s 25th Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration.

Luckily for Gaga, she’s keeping busy, with this Sunday’s Oscars seeing her nominated for Best Actress and Best Original Song for her work on A Star Is Born.

Our thoughts are with Lady Gaga and Christian Carino!

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Why William and Kate won’t be working this week

Why William and Kate won’t be working this week

For a very sweet reason

kate william
Credit: Scott Garfitt/REX/Shutterstock

Prince William and Kate Middleton have decided to take a week off from royal duties, and they’ve timed it so that they can spend time with their children during the school holidays.

It’s half term this week, meaning that Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be enjoying a week off from school and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are making the most of it by taking some time off to make the most of the break.

Prince George is currently in year one at Thomas’s Battersea, where he is learning everything from history to ballet, and Princess Charlotte is in her final year at Willcocks Nursery.

It has been reported that the couple will take a break from royal business and may leave Kensington Palace, instead heading to Amner Hall in Norfolk with their three young children. It’s a getaway favourite for the family, who also chose to have their most recent Christmas card shoot on the country grounds.

However, they could also opt for a more adventurous break. Back in 2016, the family flew to the French Alps for a skiing holiday and we were treated to some ridiculously cute snaps of them all wrapped up in the snow.

Hopefully we get some more adorable pictures, whatever they decide to do!

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He said what? 25 of Karl Lagerfeld’s most memorable quotes

He said what? 25 of Karl Lagerfeld’s most memorable quotes

The outspoken designer had an opinion on everything; from children and Pippa Middleton to tattoos and Coco Chanel, there wasn’t a topic that escaped his cutting wit…

Karl Lagerfeld quotes

One of fashion’s greatest ever icons, Karl Lagerfeld has sadly died at the age of 85. Below we take a look back at some of the most memorable (and infamous) quotes from the legend himself.

On his expensive taste

On his feelings after a fashion show

On his motivation to lose weight

On love

On the use of fur in fashion

On political correctness

On never letting appearances slip

On Coco Chanel

On his infamous sunglasses

On not wanting children

On his iconic style

On listening to other people

On jogging bottoms

On his cat, Choupette

On fashion designers being too busy

On tattoos

On his diet and weight loss

On his humility

On his winning formula

On his ambition

On his fashion staple

On short, unattractive people

On making excuses for bad style

On the Middleton sisters

On retirement

We’re certain the Lagerfeld legacy will never be forgotten.

For more of the best style quotes, head to our Fashion section

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Here’s why the internet is divided over Malia Obama’s secret Facebook account

Here’s why the internet is divided over Malia Obama’s secret Facebook account

From how it started to Twitter reactions…

malia obama university

The Obamas are one of the most talked-about families in the world, and from Michelle taking to the stage at the Grammys to Barack releasing his memoir, they never fail to make viral news – even after leaving the White House.

It was their 20-year-old daughter Malia who made waves this week however, as her secret Facebook account was revealed.

And while a secret Facebook page is no big surprise, with high profile figures like Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice having also had under the radar social media profiles in the past, it’s what was on her page that divided the internet.

While one post of her drinking wine caused a bit of a stir, it was a seemingly anti-Trump message that made the most news.

The post in question was a picture of post-it notes, featuring the messages: ‘Donald Trump is President’, ’This is not normal’ and ‘Don’t be complacent’, a message that was commented on by Former VP Joe Biden’s 20-year-old granddaughter who reportedly wrote: ‘Never saw this. I like it.’

While everyone is entitled to their own opinions (and privacy), this post has exploded online, dividing Twitter, with some accusing the former first daughter of sending an ‘inappropriate’ message.

And while Malia has faced a lot of backlash, there were plenty of people coming to the former first daughter’s defence.

‘Let me get this straight: Malia Obama is studying at Harvard and in a private setting, articulated her distrust and fear of a man who has spent years saying racist, xenophobic, hateful things about her father and the country she loves,’ tweeted Charlotte Clymer.

Zack Bernstein agreed, going on to reference the backlash against her seen to be drinking alcohol from her Facebook page, posting: ’The same people mad at Malia Obama for drinking wine and wearing a bathing suit at age 20 are the same people who excuse Brett Kavanaugh for drinking beer and assaulting a woman at age 17’

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton also shared her thoughts on the matter, stepping in to defend the 20-year-old.

‘Malia Obama is a private citizen,’ she posted. ‘No part of her life should be anyone’s click bate.’

The page that doesn’t appear to have been updated since 2017

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Iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has died aged 85

Iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has died aged 85

Our thoughts are with his friends and family.

karl lagerfeld vans collaboration
ddp USA/REX/Shutterstock

It has been reported that iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has died aged 85, with a report from French magazine Closer breaking the news.

The news of his death comes after weeks of ill health, with Karl – the artistic director of Chanel – missing his catwalk bow at the end of the most recent Chanel Couture Show in Paris.

‘Mr Lagerfeld, artistic director of Chanel, who was feeling tired, asked Virginie Viard, director of the creative studio of the house, to represent him,’  a statement announced following his absence.

It was then announced this morning that the designer – who presided over the House of Chanel for three decades – had died this morning in Paris.

While he is best known for his work with Chanel, becoming Creative Director in 1983, he is also just as celebrated for his work with Fendi, not to mention of course, his signature label.

It is undoubtedly a very sad day for the fashion community and high profile figures are coming out in force to pay their respects to the icon.

‘Karl, I cannot tell you how much you meant to me and how much I will miss you,’ Diane Kruger posted about the icon. ‘I will never forget your kindness towards me, your laughs, your imagination. I came to France to see you this week and introduce you to my daughter…I’m heartbroken I was too late Rest In Peace. I adore you.’

Our thoughts are with Karl’s friends and family.

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