The Best Winter Fragrances of 2018: from Chanel and Tom Ford to Diptyque and Jo Malone

The Best Winter Fragrances of 2018: from Chanel and Tom Ford to Diptyque and Jo Malone

Warm yourselves with these scents

If you’re a lover fragrance and also happen to be super organised, then it’s very likely that you’ll have a fragrance wardrobe. Much like your typical closet, where you have clothes that are more suited to specific seasons, in your fragrance wardrobe fresher, more floral notes feel more summery and rich, warming scents are typically reserved for winter fragrances.

If you feel like you’re not totally au fait with fragrance, which by the way is nothing to be embarrassed about for it is a confusing and overwhelming, yet completely personal subject, then head over to our Marie Claire Perfume Directory, a one-stop-shop for everything fragrance related. If you’re not yet at the wardrobe stage, and just want to find a beautiful scent for all year round, then take a look at our round-up of the best perfumes for women.

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So as we head well and truly into winter, delve into the heart of winter with our edit of the ultimate warming fragrances.

Jo Malone White Moss & Snowdrop, £96 for 100ml Net-A-Porter

best winter fragrances

Every winter Jo Malone create a fragrance just for the festive period and it somehow always captures the scent of Christmas. This year is no different. Even though we have no idea what white moss or snow drops actually smell like, the combination of the two with the addition of cardamon and amber is exactly what the Yuletide smells like. The perfect scent to be worn with a deep red velvet dress.

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Prada La Femme Velvet Edition, £295 for 100ml Harrods

best winter fragrances prada

You would be led to believe that this Prada fragrance is meant for earlier in the year because of its top note of mandarin and base note of tuberose – both very popular in summery fragrances. However, the middle note of Frangipani flower and Ylang Ylang add a depth that means it works well on colder nights too. Plus velvet is the fabric of the season.

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Byrdeo Eleventh Hour, £160 for 100ml Space NK

best winter fragrances byredo

As soon as you spray Byredo’s Eleventh Hour, you can smell the wild fig straight away. It clings to your skin and lasts throughout the day. You’ll also pick up on a slight aroma of rum. It’s sweet, but there’s a pepperiness to it as well. You’ll love it if you like Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir.

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MiN New York Plush, £220 for 75ml Harrods

best winter fragrances MiN New York

At first this perfume smells really spicy and masculine, which is down to the clove bud and galbanum, but give it a bit of time and it dries down to becomes really floral, thanks to the jasmine, iris and orange blossom. Give it even more time on the skin and suddenly you’ll get aromas of musky and vanilla. It’s a super sophisticated fragrance that takes you on a bit of an olfactory journey.

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Tom Daxon Midnight Saffron, £155 for 100ml Liberty London

best winter fragrances Tom Daxon

This is an evening scent through and through – not only because of its name, but because the lavender note is strong so it immediately puts you into that cosy, nighttime feeling. Douse yourself in it, put your best cashmere jumper on, and watch a good film with a cup of hot chocolate.

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Ouai Rue St Honorè, £46 for 50ml Cult Beauty

best winter fragrance ouai

On dark wintery days, this fragrance will be that burst of light that you’re in desperate need of. After the initial notes of violet, gardenia and ylang ylang settle down, the musk comes through for a sophisticated edge. If you love the smell of Ouai’s hair products, then you’ll recognise the scent immediately.

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AllSaints Sunset Riot, £49 for 100ml

best winter fragrances allsaints

This winter sees the launch of the first ever fragrances from high street giant, All Saints. There are three in total, each one is unisex and a reflection of the brands contemporary vision. Our favourite is Sunset Riot, a not-too sweet amber fragrance, with notes of orange flower and cedar wood. But it’s the pink peppercorn that makes this scent addictive.

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Le Labo Tonka 25, £180 for 100ml John Lewis

best winter fragrances le labo

All hail Tonka 25 – the first new fragrance from Le Labo in three years. It’s dark and seductive and you will fall in love with it straight away. Think of it as Santal 33’s wintery cousin.

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Tom Ford Lost Cherry, £219 for 50ml Selfridges

best winter fragrances tom ford

If you like a sweet perfume, then look no further than Tom Ford’s latest fragrance. It’s pure play – from the cheeky name, to the rich fruity scent that comes from the black cherry and cherry liquer.

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Chanel N°5 Red Edition, £130 for 100ml John Lewis

best winter fragrances chanel

There’s nothing different about the juice – it’s classic N°5 with a festive twist. If you already have the normal bottle, we still think this is a great investment. Just look at it. You need this one too. If you’re new to the perfume, what a great way to be introduced. It’s an incomparable scent that reeks of sophistication.

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Diptyque Trente-Quatre Boulevard Saint Germain, £105 for 100ml Space NK

best winter fragrances diptyque

This fragrance was created to capture the scent of the original Diptyque boutique in Paris on the Boulevard Saint Germain. How on earth was that done? They’ve taken notes of spice and amber, to reflect the aroma of the brand’s fragrances and candles that could be found in store,  and wood, which in a nod to the wooden furnishings.  It’s a complete scent explosion.

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If you’d rather not part with the money at the moment, then these would make a fine addition to your Xmas list.

You’re never too old for a Xmas list.

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Bulgari has just released The Perfume of Gems and it’s the perfect gift for fragrance lovers.

Bulgari has just released The Perfume of Gems and it’s the perfect gift for fragrance lovers.

A real gem.

Bulgari, The Perfume of Gems

Get ready to add something else to your Christmas Gifts wishlist. Legendary atelier Bulgari has entered the arena of coffee table books and the result is pretty stunning. The 272 page lavishly illustrated book published by Rizzoli is the perfect read for fragrance lovers with photographs and information on everything you need to know about the world of Bulgari perfume and their La Gemme collection.

Bulgari, The Perfume of Gems

Photo by Michal Pudelka.

Fragrance lovers, if you haven’t been introduced to The Bulgari La Gemme collection, you really should listen up for these are some of the best perfumes in the world. The incredible luxury range of fragrance (Alberto Morillas is one of the perfumers) is based on gems, like the Sapphire, the Emerald and the Ruby. The perfumes are housed in the most incredible flacons inspired by Roman architecture and feature detailing based on their base gem.

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Bulgari, The Perfume of Gems

Photos by Michal Pudelka.

The book, edited by Simon Marchetti, is a collaboration between several creative forces and visions; a botanist; a writer; a photographer and a model and takes readers on a journey exploring the connection between art, science and perfumery. It aims to translate the relationship between the fantasy of perfume and the natural world, plants and gems.

Bulgari, The Perfume of Gems

Photos by Seren Dal.

What’s clear, when flicking through each page, is how much love and attention has been poured into the publication, which took over 14 months to put together. Photographer Michal Pudelka, challenged himself with ‘translating the gems, smells and the essence of Rome’ in his images. After smelling the perfume he would draw the pictures he wanted to create and attempt to reproduce his vision.

Bulgari, The Perfume of Gems

Photo by Michal Pudelka.

From finding out what white Iris actually smells like and how it’s produced to what Heliotrope actually is, learn everything about the fragrance notes and rare ingredients used by Bulgari.

The book truly captures the emotional and fantastical complexities of fragrance in an informative way. A real gem.



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Find your new signature scent with the best perfumes for women

Find your new signature scent with the best perfumes for women

It’s easy to find the one with our guide to the best perfume on the market right now

best perfume for women

With millions of perfumes to choose from it can be a daunting, almost impossible, task to find the best perfume for women – let alone ‘the ‘one’ you’ll use as your signature scent’.

You can endlessly spray yourself at perfume counters, but it’’s more likely to leave you with a headache rather than your ultimate scent. So how do you discover the scent that almost seems like its been made for you?

‘You should always be looking for the notes that resonate with you, and only you’’, says fragrance supremo, and founder of the Fragrance Society, Lorna McKay.

‘For instance, if you enjoy the smell of freshly cut flowers, you should look for notes of white flowers. If you prefer something warm, that almost hugs you, try something with amber.’

So before you even start misting fragrances around the room, take time to reflect on the things you enjoy. What have you smelled in the past and loved? What memories resonate with particular aromas?

Once you’’ve got that down, then you can spray – but take your time. Don’t spray several fragrances within close distance to each other. Scents have the ability to travel and so will mix together, resulting in an aroma that’s not even close t’o what you’ll take away when you spray your fragrance on its own. Fragrance combining is a whole different ball game altogether.

The Marie Claire Perfume Directory


Essentially, you have to take your time before heading to a different fragrance counter. But, perfume is all about appreciation. After all, there’s a few surprising facts about perfume and the ingredients contained in them that everyone should know.

Once you think you’’ve found the one, spray it on a blotter. If it’’s still appealing, spray it on your skin. If it’’s still appealing (and not just something that will ‘do’), you’’ve found the one. It might seem like a long process, but it’’s worth it.

And don’t worry about being without your favourite fragrance when you’re off on your travels, these best travel fragrance kits will see you through.

To get you started, we’’ve pulled together the best perfume for women on the market right now, along with everything you need to know about them.

Consider the hard work done for you.

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