Here’s why Meghan Markle never rocks red lipstick

Here’s why Meghan Markle never rocks red lipstick

Her makeup artist reveals all

By Rebecca Fearn.

Red lipstick can make a woman feel empowered, sexy and bold. Yet, woman of the moment Meghan Markle is apparently just not a fan of rocking a red lip.

Meghan’s wedding day makeup artist Daniel Martin told People that Meghan will not be wearing red any time soon:

“The one time she did a red lip, she just didn’t feel comfortable in it,” Daniel told the magazine.

“She likes to talk and she’s not a fussy person, so she doesn’t want to have to worry about anything. They [Harry and Meghan] have so many engagements, you have to stick with what you know and feel comfortable and confident and just own it.”

Mandatory Credit: Photo by John Salangsang/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

We can totally relate.

Daniel had previously told Vogue that the pair would never have considered a red lip for her bridal look. When asked if it was ever going to be on the cards for the big day, Daniel replied:

“Not at all because I just know her and there was no way. The last thing I wanted Harry to look at was her make-up, I wanted him to see her. They’re so affectionate and the last thing I’d want to do is prevent that happening because she has a red lip on. It’s almost like a stop sign!”

So what is the Duchess of Sussex’s favourite look makeup-wise?

“She likes a stronger eye, her brow is a lot more defined now,” he told People. “But it’s still her. If anything, she’s going to experiment with different tones, and now that she’s more tan she’ll use warmer colours. But she doesn’t stray too far from her technique, she’s very formulaic with her routine.”

We’re jut off to define our brows and blend out our warm smoky eye makeup…

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The ethical beauty trailblazers you need to know about now

The ethical beauty trailblazers you need to know about now

The brands and products changing the face of the industry…

Eco initiatives are having their moment, with forward thinking brands setting a new benchmark for the sustainable beauty movement.

Below we’ve rounded up the beauty brands and their hero products that are doing it best. Who knew saving the planet could look so good?


Aveda Thickening Tonic, £21


The Ethical Pioneer Hero

Who knew that you could create earth-friendly plastic from sugar cane? Aveda did- back in 2002. Since Aveda was founded in 1978 by pioneer of holistic beauty, Horst Rechelbacher, Aveda has been mindful of its environmental footprint and today the figures speak for themselves. Some 85 per cent of its skin and haircare products, such as Aveda’s Thickening Tonic, are housed in PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles and jars made from 100 per cent post consumer recycled materials (think milk bottles). #Avedacleanwater is another of its major philanthropic missions and since 2007, Aveda has raised more than $44 million (about £34m) to support the cause. For instance, every April, during Earth Month, it donates the full RRP less VAT from its Light The Way Candle to the Global Greengrants Fund. Together they have helped 1,137,428 people in 88 countries access clean water. Its use of plant-based and organic ingredients, such as turmeric and amla, has led to 104,900 acres of land being devoted to sustainable agriculture. Throw in the fact that it was the first beauty company to manufacture products with 100% wind power and there’s no question that Aveda is leading the charge when it comes to giving back.

Buy now


Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream, £20

The Home-Grown Hero

This British brand nixes every rumour you’ve ever heard about botanical skincare not being as effective as its chemical counterparts, while keeping its carbon footprint low too. ‘Balance Me manufactures all its products in the UK and our warehouse is still in East London to ensure our carbon footprint is lower than any brand that manufactures abroad and flies or ships in its merchandise,’ says co-founder Rebecca Hopkins. What’s more Balance Me consciously uses only natural actives and, for complete transparency, lists the natural percentage of each product on the front of its packaging. ‘We’ve created luxury formulations at supermarket prices as we absolutely believe that ethical beauty should be inclusive. To that end, we source natural botanicals from all over the world, but we’re also lucky that we can sustainably harvest many ingredients such as borage oil, cucumber extract and carrot tissue oil right here in the UK.’

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The Organic Pharmacy Hydrating Foundation, £45

The Botanical Beauty Hero

Botanical beauty is a growing market, thanks to switched-on consumers demanding greater transparency on the origin of ingredients.  But while the industry plays catch-up, brands that have long championed this philosophy are taking centre stage. The Organic Pharmacy first launched organic makeup in 2006. Fast forward 12 years and botanical tech has moved on so much that founder Margo Marrone has re-formulated her entire colour range. ‘Everyone is talking about clean makeup with skincare benefits but that has been at the core of our DNA since we launched,’ she says. ‘We had to work hard to make sure the colour range was performing but now I’ve upped the ante with natural ingredients.’ The Organic Pharmacy Hydrating Foundation, £45 for instance, contains stem cells, hyaluronic acid and vitamins that work with your skin to strengthen it, and the highly micronised pigments are colour-adapting natural pigments that blend perfectly with the skin, meaning the sheer formula will adapt to any tone for a fresh-faced glow. Plant extracts have also come on leaps and bounds. “Before, you would put plant colour into a product and it would disappear after a few hours,’ says Marrone. ‘Now we’ve sourced plants with a punchy hue that are stable even in sunlight.’ The added bonus is that the majority of the vitamins are infused in the pigment, so you reap the antioxidant benefits at the same time as a gorgeous colour payoff.


REN Clean Skincare Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Anti-Fatique Body Wash, £22

The Ocean-Saving Hero

The tides are – quite literally – changing in the world of skincare packaging. And it’s about time: by 2050 it’s estimated there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. That’s why, as part of the brand’s Clean to Planet initiative, Ren Clean Skincare will be one of the first skincare brands to offer products in a 100% recycled bottle containing 20% plastic reclaimed from the eight million tonnes that enter the oceans, beaches and rivers every year (this is the highest amount that can be safely used with current recycling technology). ‘We decided to take any plastic,’ explains CEO Arnaud Meysselle, ‘and almost the entire bottle can be recycled a second time.’ It’s the latest step in the brand’s pledge to becoming Zero Waste by 2021 and even more fitting considering the product inside. The cult Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Body Wash is formulated with actives such as kelp and plankton sustainably sourced from the eastern coast of Canada. ‘The strong tides bring in a lot of nutrients that are lost in other coastal regions,’ says Meysselle. ‘All harvesters are trained in marine life and use specialised tools that won’t disrupt the ecosystem.’

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The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask, £17

The People and the Planet Hero

Growing up, who didn’t wear their The Body Shop Born Lippy strawberry lip balm as a badge of honour? It said ‘I’m against animal testing’ (right now the brand is calling on the UN to adopt a worldwide ban on animal testing for cosmetics and ingredients) and “I support fair trade and going greener’. All this in the late 70s and 80s when lifting the lid on eco issues and unfair farming practices wasn’t a dinner party conversation. That commitment to being a force for good hasn’t changed. In fact, by 2020, as part of its Enrich Not Exploit Commitment, The Body Shop aims to protect a whopping 10,000 hectacres of forest; regenerate 75 million square metres of habitat to help communities live more sustainably and double its community trade ingredients from 19 to 40, helping those in rural areas around the world. The Body Shop was the first to use hemp in beauty products 20 years ago, helping farmers make a living from more diverse crops. Today, the Hemp Hand Protector is one of the bestselling products- not surprising when you consider hemp’s highly moisturising properties. And because it’s a naturally resilient plant, there’s no need for pesticides, which is kinder to the environment. Win-win- all of which proves it’s worth staying loyal to our first beauty love.

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Maui Moisture Revive & Hydrate + Shea Butter Shampoo, £8.99

The Animal-Loving Hero

Thankfully, our options for cruelty-free beauty products have grown considerably over the past decade. However, finding products that are also vegan? Now that’s a grey area. To be clear: it’s illegal to test cosmetics on animals in the UK but just because a company is cruelty-free doesn’t mean it’s also vegan. That’s why the Maui Moisture range of shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments, deserves bragging rights. Since its launch in 2016, Maui Moisture has never tested its products on animals and, better still, it doesn’t use any animal ingredients or by-products. ‘Many hair products contain honey, beeswax and the animal-derived protein keratin,’ explains Jaime Kontz, Associate Director of Research & Development. ‘Our mission was to find effective plant-based ingredients so that we didn’t have to use anything derived from an animal. Our free-from formulas start with aloe vera juice and coconut water, instead of chemically treated de-ionised water, and are packed with 100% vegan botanicals that have the added benefit of being naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help repair and hydrate strands and scalp.’

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Voya Angelicus Serratus Nourishing Body Oil, £34

The Sustainable Seaweed Hero

Seaweed gives kale a run for its money in the nutrient stakes as it’s packed full of magnesium, calcium, copper, iodine, iron, potassium, phosphorus and zinc as well as vitamins, A, B, C, D and E- all proven to boost immunity, improve heart health and regulate hormones. it does wonders for the skin, too- detoxifying, hydrating and locking in nutrients. That’s why industry favourite Voya, an Irish brand that uses hand-harvested seaweed, is doing its best to protect the algae. Environmentally, seaweed operations must show that they maintain sustainable wild populations and actively minimise their impact on the surrounding natural environment. Voya’s seaweed is grown organically and harvested by a specialist local team on the reefs of Ireland’s north-west shoreline ‘It is essential that our seaweed is harvested in a way that allows both communities and the environment to thrive,’ says Emma Roberts, head of business development. ‘We work closely with environmental organisation World Land Trust and offset carbon-dioxide emissions associated with Voya’s general operations’ And to give something back to the oceans Voya also adopts seals. You can’t get any more caring than that!

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Lush Ginger Bath Oil, £2.50


Microbeads, now thankfully banned, used to be the nemesis of our sea life. Today, it seems they have been replaced by minuscule particles of glittery plastic, which find their way into oceans and our watery supply. Luckily, we’re not the only ones who think the only shimmery things in the sea should be a shell’s natural mother-of-pearl finish. Lush has replaced plastic glitter with eco-safe synthetic mica. ‘Even though the mica is synthesised in a lab, it is made of natural minerals, so you don’t end up with the problem of micro plastics,’ says creative buyer Gabbi Loedolff. ‘Another benefit is that unlike natural mica, which has jagged edges, synthetic mica is very smooth so we can use much bigger particles, create bolder colours and more reflective products’. All of which gives the environment a shinier future, too.

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Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan, £399.99

The Pollution-Busting Hero

By now we should all be well- versed in pollution from smog and exhaust fumes. But household pollution? Not so much. And yet the combined effects of outdoor and indoor toxins cause more than 550,000 premature deaths every year in Europe, according to the World Heath Organisation. ‘Simply closing our front doors to a busy road doesn’t prevent ultra-fine and potentially harmful particles getting trapped inside our homes,’ says Paul Dawson, Vice President of health and beauty at Dyson. ‘There are also fumes released from new furniture, cleaning solvents and gasses from cooking, which is all the more worrying considering we spend 90 per cent of our time indoors and a resting adult inhales around 7-8 litres of air every minute’. To offset the damage, Dyson have created a filter system to remove 99.95 per cent of indoor pollution particles and allergens as small as o.1 microns from the air, as well as feeding real-time air quality back to you (try the Pure Cool Purifying Fan, from £399.99). Pretty clever, no?

Buy now


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Microblading: What you need to know before getting the treatment

Microblading: What you need to know before getting the treatment

The ever-popular brow fix is your one-way ticket to thicker, fuller looking arches

microblading eyebrows

Gone are the days of super-thin, fine brows. These days the thicker the better and, along with the best brow products, microblading is one of the most popular ways to amp up your arches.

But unless you’re clued-in on the latest beauty treatments, you might not know exactly how the process works (or, more importantly, if it’s for you). That’s where we come in.

To get the low down on microblading for eyebrows, we caught up with brow expert and Browhaus founder, Cynthia Chua, to answer all of your burning questions about the procedure.

What is microblading?

‘Microblading is a new and updated semi-permanent make-up technique where, through manual process of inserting pigment into the upper layers of skin, we create the desired fullness and shape of the eyebrows,’ Cynthia explains.

‘The effects can last up to 12-24 months, depending on skin types, after which the pigment fades leaving the skin and your natural brows exactly as they were. The results are very natural and lifelike, giving the brows a natural, fuller look.’

How much does microblading cost?

Wherever you go for microblading, you’re looking at spending at least a couple of hundred quid for the procedure.

‘At Browhaus we charge £550 for the microblading procedure and an additional cost of £73 for the aftercare, which we highly recommend to protect your newly-shaped brows,’ says Cynthia.

Microblading before and after:

We get it: what you really want to know is what the results actually look like.

As you can see from the image below, microblading makes the brows appear thicker and fuller without looking too ‘done’ or over-filled.

Microblading before and after

Courtesy: Browhaus

What does microblading aftercare entail?

‘For the next 10 days after the procedure, you need to keep the brows as dry as possible. No water is allowed around the brow area, as this can result in the ink being washed out of the skin.

‘We also suggest avoiding any hot holidays, which will cause you to over-sweat and push the ink out of the skin, as well as activities such as the gym or saunas.

Are there any microblading side effects?

‘In your first session, it’s very common for your body to try to reject the ink, so you may experience up to 60-80% rejection.

‘After your 10 days of healing, I would then suggest exfoliating over the area twice a week to help reduce the pigment.’

When should you get a microblading touch up?

Top-ups depend completely on your own personal preference. ‘If you’ve had just one session we would encourage you to re-book between six to eight weeks to ensure all lines and colour have taken, as well as giving you a chance to make minor changes such as extra strokes,’ advises Cynthia.

‘Once both sessions are complete, clients can re-book anywhere between three months to two years. It all comes down to preference when needing a top-up.’

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Halloween makeup tutorials, from the super spooky to the super easy

Halloween makeup tutorials, from the super spooky to the super easy

October 31st can’t come quickly enough…

Halloween is over a month away, but kids it’ll creep up on us like a weird stalker. Which means that it’s time to start practicing your scariest looks now. Don’t be lame and pick up a bottle of fake blood and a crap wig, be bold and use our handy Halloween makeup tutorials to wow people.

Here are just a few of our favourite halloween makeup ideas and the steps it takes to re-create them. Once you’ve figured out what you’re doing with your makeup, why not take a cue from the A-listers and check out our celebrity Halloween costumes gallery?

Bride of Frankenstein Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Now, this is a wedding we want an invite to. The hair is what really makes this look, so think volume for days and get ready to backcomb. Our beauty expert Natalie achieved the character’s signature white stripes by spraying two locks of hair with temporary hair dye, before moving onto white foundation to achieve an undead look. If you were ever looking for an excuse to bust out your dark shades of lipstick, this is it.

Killer Clown Halloween Makeup Tutorials

If you ever wanted to nail killer clown makeup then look no further. We’ve enlisted the help of Alice Bizarre, a special FX makeup artist, who helped us create an easy-to-follow but terrifying scary killer clown. Loosely inspired by the one from American Horror Story: Freakshow, we’re sure this is a look that’ll freak out all your friends.

Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial

A zombie is a brilliant look to have in your Halloween repertoire. You can take absolutely anything and add zombie as a prefix to it. Why not be a zombie bride? Or a zombie doctor? How about a zombie Lindsay Lohan? Ok, we know she’s not dead but it still sort of works?

If you are going to zombie yourself up this Halloween then make sure you adhere to the following; your zombie makeup must be accompanied by an upward eye roll to create an authentic zombie appeal. You have to practice and hone your zombie noises before the big day. And above all, make sure you practice the all-important zombie walk.

Pair the above with your awesome makeup and witty costume choices, and you’ll look pretty epic. Which, after all, is the point of Halloween fancy dress.

Go forth and be scary.

Vampire Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Why not merge scary with sexy and vamp up your look this Halloween? Not only will you look frightfully fantastic, but the vampire look is also a great last minute make-over option.

Illamasqua came to our rescue with this very look last year, when they popped by Marie Claire HQ to give some very keen staffers a full Halloween makeover treat. That highlight! That glittery lip! Thank the makeup Gods (Illamasqua that is) for this vampy look.

Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials

While we all love Halloween, getting your costume sorted in time can be more of a faff than fun. If you’re finding yourself without a costume this October 31st then fear not, all you need is your makeup bag.

Stuck for makeup inspiration? Well you’re in luck, the beauty team at Christian Louboutin have teamed up with makeup artist Laura Jenkinson to create three unique looks for you try at home. Each focusing on just the lips, the looks could not be easier to recreate, and we’ve got all the step-by-steps to make it even easier.

The only questions that remains is which one will you plump for this Saturday? The creepy blood-bitten vampire, the spooky spider, or the slightly terrifying hand?

Halloween ‘Hand On Face’ Look

Hand On Face Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Step 1. Apply the outline of the look onto cheek and lips to get the correct placement on the face, and to ensure that you have a solid design to follow.

Step 2. Start filling in the ‘hole’ sections with a black face paint, tracing black liner to outline fingers and indentation marks. Then continue to fill in the fingers with a really light shade to shadow/highlight in correct places to give a 3D effect.

Step 3. Finally, use a red lipstick for the finger nails and matching lips.

Halloween Vampire Makeup Look

Vampire Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Step 1. Using the best lipstick, apply the colour liberally to lips.

Step 2. Create two ‘fangs’ by folding white paper in to the shape of a triangle, this will hold in your mouth when tucked under lips.

Step 3. Finish by dribbling a touch of fake blood from the corner of your mouth and dab on to ‘fangs’ for a ‘just bitten’ look!

Halloween Spider Makeup Look

Spider Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Step 1. Trace the outline of the spider over lips and onto chin and cheek using a thin liquid eyeliner pen.

Step 2. Fill in the body of the spider with a black colour or dark lip colour.

Step 3. Highlight the spider with splashes of white to create a 3D effect and paint lips.

Step 4. Draw the shadow of the spider underneath using a brush and a grey eyeshadow for a 3D effect.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Now bust out those make up bags and get to work.

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The best CC creams to help conceal, correct and even things out

The best CC creams to help conceal, correct and even things out

Because sometimes you want something a little more sheer, without compromising on that flawless finish

best cc cream

Finding the best complexion product can be tricky. The waters have become somewhat muddied. There’s the best BB cream (blemish balms that blend and cover with a smooth finish), best CC cream and the lesser known DD cream.

We love CCs, not only because they colour correct for a clearer canvas, but because in warmer months we much prefer the lighter coverage.

Hailing from the Korean beauty world, you’ll find within them a whole host of skin loving vitamins, plumping peptides and potent, radiance-boosting complexes. CC creams have you covered. Literally.

Worried about replacing your best foundation? Think again. Both IT Cosmetic and Erborian have best-selling, award-winning formulas that people are so loyal too they regularly sell out at retailers – it’s no wonder their cult followings are so committed.

Consider your research, researched, and shop our edit of the best buys below.

Best cc cream

iT Cosmetics CC Cream Your Skin But Better CC+ SPF 50+ Cream, £30 Selfridges

best cc cream





















The founder of IT Cosmetics, Jamie Kern Lima, created this CC cream to help her feel confident. She herself suffers from rosacea, so worked closely with plastic surgeons and dermatologists to develop the perfect formula to mask redness. And boy, does it. The brand is centered on creating problem-solving products and this is a great example – it’s a sell-out for good reason. They launched CC+ Illumination earlier in the year, if you fancy something a little glowier and now there’s a CC+ Oil-Free Matte if you have oily skin. The thing to remember about all of them, is that a little goes a long way. Use the smallest amount and buff in with their Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush, £35. We really do think that this is the best cc cream on the market.

Buy Now

Best CC cream for oily skin

La Roche-Posay Rosaliac CC Cream, £15, Boots

best cc cream La Roche Posay

CC creams tend to be might lighter than their sister BB, making them a better suitor for oily skin that gets clogged easily or is prone to breakouts. With a super smooth texture and broad-spectrum sun protection, La Roche-Posay is a lightweight cream is an ideal base for summer. It also contains beneficial emollients like shea butter, and antioxidants like Vitamin E to help protect and nourish your skin. So long, redness.

Buy now

Best drugstore CC cream

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream, £9.99, Lookfantastic

best cc cream Bourjois

We’re loyal to our beauty counter and designer buys, but few things can compare to picking up a great formula for just shy of a tenner. Parisian drugstore brand Bourjois has your complexion needs covered with their colour-correcting pigment combination of apricot to target anti-fatigue, green to correct redness and white to brighten dark spots. Bang for your buck.

Buy now

Best CC cream for dry skin

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF 30, £30, Fabled

best cc cream

A moisture surge is exactly what dry and or flaky skin types need to improve that skin texture as well as your comfort levels – there’s nothing worse than that tight-faced feeling that’s only worsened by wearing make-up. Clinique’s is thicker and more hydrating than a lot of other options, providing medium coverage; if you’re reluctant to pass up on your best foundation for dry skin, you’ll love this.

Buy now

Best CC cream for mature skin

Estée Lauder Revitalise Supreme Anti-Ageing CC Crème, £44, Fabled

best cc cream

This formula is deeply nourishing, helping to soften the appearance of ageing skin while keeping it moisturised. It’s comfortable to wear alone or as a colour-correcting base for make-up, as it melts into the skin really well, along with these other anti-ageing beauty products.

Buy now

Best Korean CC cream

Erborian CC Crème, £38, Fabled

best cc cream

This clever little CC cream is straight out of SoKo, blends beautifully and comes with an SPF of 25. Even more clever, though, is that it goes on pearly white and adapts to your skin tone to perfectly colour correct your base and provide the perfect. Dore is best for medium to dark skin tones, while clair is better for paler skin tones.

Buy now

Still not convinced enough to make the switch? Keep scrolling for a few of our other favourites.

You’ll be a CC convert in no time…

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Beauty advent calendars that are 100x better than chocolate

Beauty advent calendars that are 100x better than chocolate

Skincare > confectionery

beauty advent calendars

As far as the beauty desk is concerned, beauty advent calendars are the best bit about Christmas.

Getting a make-up or skincare treat every day of December is the best way to get us in the festive spirit (along with scoffing all of the mince pies, of course).

So before you resort to buying another standard chocolate advent calendar, give your taste buds a rest and scope out the best beauty offerings here.

Keep checking back for the latest updates and be sure to mark the launch dates in your calendars, because these are all guaranteed to sell out.

M&S Beauty Advent Calendar 2018

beauty advent calendars M&S

The M&S beauty hall is one of the unsung heroes of the beauty world, featuring a treasure trove of brands such as Skyn Iceland, Pixi, Philip Kingsley and more, and so their beauty advent calendar is a thing to behold. You’ll find all of the best brands stocked at M&S, handpicked by their beauty team. It’s no surprise that, year after year, this is one of the most Googled advent calendars out there.

How much is it?


When is it available?

6th November 2018

Harrods Advent Calendar 2018

beauty advent calendars Harrods 2018

Having only launched its first last year, Harrods is already one of the most popular beauty advent calendars out there. This year the brand has more than doubled the amount of beautifully illustrated calendars available, so you’re much more likely to be in with a chance to get your hands on the coveted beauty hall ahead of Christmas. Think Sunday Riley, NARS, Tata Harper, 111Skin and more…

How much is it?


When is it available?

1st October

Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar 2018

beauty advent calendars Liberty

Searches for the 2018 Liberty beauty advent calendar began as far back as the 25th of January, so it’s without a doubt one of the most popular calendars on the beauty market. This year’s is packed with treats you’ll find lining the beauty halls of Liberty London, including Lixir, Hair by Sam McKnight, Surratt and Votary. And for the first time, the calendar is being made available to USA customers too – meaning there’s all the more reason to shop it quickly come October.

How much is it?


When is it available?

25th October

Selfridges Beauty Lovers Selection Box Advent Calendar

beauty advent calendar Selfridges

From Lime Crime to Illamasqua, Caudalie and Ouai, this beauty box is crammed with all sorts of make-up, skincare and hair products that you’d find lining the walls of Selfridge’s impressive beauty hall. And considering it’s worth £245, you’re getting some serious bang for your buck here.

How much is it?


When is it available?


No7 Beauty Advent Calendar 2018

beauty advent calendars No7

One of the most hotly anticipated annual beauty advent calendars is No7, and this year’s could possibly be their best offering yet. Containing a capsule collection of mini anti-ageing beauty products, nail polishes, make-up and beauty tools, this is serious value for money.

How much is it?


When is it available?

19th October; join the waiting list now

The Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendars 2018

beauty advent calendar Body Shop

‘Freddie’ Advent Calendar

The Body Shop is back with three different advent calendars for 2018; Freddie (above), Dani, £65 for £121 worth of products, and Olivia, £45 for £85 worth of product. As well as the advent calendars, this year there’s also a Vegan ‘Count Down To New Year’, with little gifts for each day between Christmas and New Year’s Day. We’ll take any excuse to make the advent calendar fun last as long as possible.

How much is it?


When is it available?


L’Occitane Beauty Advent Calendars 2018

beauty advent calendars L'Occitane

Straight out of Provence, L’Occitane’s gifts will put a smile on any skincare lover’s face every day of December; there are two available, the classic, above, and the luxury version priced at £89. Joyeux Noël.

How much is it?


When is it available?

20th September 2018

Lookfantastic Beauty Advent Calendar 2018

beauty advent calendar Lookfantastic

Beauty e-tailer Lookfantastic stocks some of the biggest names in beauty, so it’s no surprise that their advent calendar contains some killer brands. From Caudalie to ESPA, This Works and Aromatherapy Associates, you’ll be well stocked up in beauty for the winter. What’s more, the box can be reused as a vanity unit to store your beloved beauty products so it’s for life, not just for Christmas.

How much is it?


When is it available?

1st October; available to pre-order from 7th September

ELEMIS 25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar

beauty advent calendars Elemis

Worth over £345, ELEMIS’ seasonal offering contains 25 drawers of skincare treats, from old favourites to new skincare saviours. Plus, on Christmas morning, you’ll get a full size of their Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, one of the best moisturisers on the beauty market. What’s more, you can sign up for early access to ensure you’re one of the first to get your hands on it.

How much is it?


When is it available?

1st October 2018, exclusively to

Feelunique The Little Beauty Parcel

beauty advent calendars Feelunique

Beauty e-tailers always get it right, and 2018’s offering from Feelunique is no different; packed with top beauty brands like REN, Make Up For Ever, KMS and Sol de Janiero, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to opening 24 doors all the way up to Christmas.

How much is it?


When is it available?

15th October 2018


bareMinerals Out of This World Advent Calendar

beauty advent calendar bareMinerals

Known as one of the best clean beauty brands in the business, this year’s bareMinerals calendar really is out of this world. Containing some of their best mineral products, from loose powder eyeshadows to blush, mascara and lip colours, you’re well kitted out for the new season.

How much is it?


When is it available?

September, exclusive to bareMinerals boutiques and website

Jo Loves Advent Calendar 2018

beauty advent calendars Jo Loves

Fans of Jo Malone herself will be thrilled to hear that this year Jo Loves is launching their first ever advent calendar – and it’s a. After discovering the Jo Loves fragrances, on Christmas day you’ll unwrap a ticket that’s redeemable towards a full-size fragrance of your choice.

How much is it?


When is it available?

23rd October

Kiehl’s Advent Calendar 2018

beauty advent calendars Kiehls

With a black and gold colour scheme, this couldn’t look more festive if it tried and makes a great addition to any home for December. Packed with much-loved Kiehl’s goodies, this one is a real treat for fans of Creme de Corps or Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

How much is it?


When is it available?

1st October, exclusive to Selfridges

Fenwick Beauty Advent Calendar 2018

Pakced with a whopping £475 worth of product, this one is, frankly, a steal. There’s classic favourites, like a single-wick Neom candle and NARS Orgasm Blush, plus new bits like Pixi’s Retinol Tonic, this is the perfect mix of old and new for a beauty lover. The box is complete with a beautiful festive illustration by designer Brett Ryder, making it a perfect home accessory too.

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When is it available?


John Lewis Beauty Advent Calendar 2018

beauty advent calendars John Lewis

Department store beauty calendars are always a win as, instead of just one brand, you get to test out several. Brimming with the very best finds from the beauty counters, you’ll find the likes of Charlotte Tilbury, Lancôme and Acqua di Parma. But it doesn’t stop there, folks: There’s also a 15-minute bespoke facial at ELEMIS and massage/aroma experience at Aveda for you to enjoy, too. What more could you ask for this Christmas?

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When is it available?

Week beginning 4th September 2018

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Beauty Universe Calendar

beauty advent calendar Charlotte Tilbury

After the success of last year’s Naughty and Nice magic box, Charlotte Tilbury is back with another jam-packed box of festive treats for 2018. In her classic wine-red and rose gold packaging, this one’s sure to be a sell out.

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When is it available?

4th October 2018

Diptyque Calandrier de L’Avent

beauty advent calendars Diptyque

A discovery of the brand’s hero products, Diptyque’s advent calendar is the best gift for the scent-lover in your life (or, you know, for yourself). Any boujie fragrance fan would be thrilled to receive this ahead of the festive season; expect a Christmas home fragrance bundle of joy.

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When is it available?

15th October 2018

24 Days of Clinique

beauty advent calendars Clinique

A whole host of miniature Clinique fun lies behind the doors of the 24 Days calendar, including long-time heroes like the Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion and relative newcomers like the Pep-Start moisturiser. What’s not to love?

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14th September, exclusive to Selfridges

Molton Brown Opulent Infusions Advent Calendar

beauty advent calendars Molton Brown


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When is it available?

21st October 2018

Decléor Breathtaking Countdown Advent Calendar

beauty advent calendars Decleor

You’ll find them in spas all over the country, so you know Decléor is a real treat for anyone who needs a bit of skincare and TLC during the festive season. With 24 miniature products, you’ll be able to reset your skin, body and mind this December.

How much is it?


When is it available?

September 2018

Liz Earle’s 12 Days of Christmas

beauty advent calendars Liz Earle

Liz Earle is one of those universally-loved skincare brands that will go down a treat in just about any skincare lover’s home at Christmastime. Featuring 12 mini-sized versions of the brand’s best sellers, they’re great for travel or for testing out products before you buy the full size.

How much is it?


When is it available?

End of September

Soap & Glory Advent Calendars

beauty advent calendars Boots Soap and Glory

If it’s fun, vintage vibes you’re after with your advent calendar, Soap & Glory is the way to go. Snap up 24 mini products, including classics like Hand Food and Scrub of Your Life, all for just £40. Totally worth it.

How much is it?


When is it available?

17th September 2018

Susanne Kaufmann Advent Calendar

beauty advent calendars Susanne Kaufmann

From bath oils to body products, salts and even festive teas, Susanne Kaufmann’s 24-day advent calendar is a treat for both the eyes and the senses. An all-gold version will also be available exclusive to Net-a-Porter for £160, should you be feeling a little more fancy.

How much is it?


When is it available?

October 2018

Birchbox Advent Calendar 2018

beauty advent calendars Birchbox

Known for being a great way to discover and test out new beauty brands, Birchbox’s advent calendar is no different. Because why not grab yourself some Benefit, Rituals and OPI ahead of Christmas day?

How much is it?


When is it available?

3rd October 2018

NYX Advent Calendar 2018

beauty advent calendars NYX

Drugstore make-up addicts will love getting their hands on this NYX number, jam-packed with beauty gifts galore and complete with quirky illustrations for a fun take on the Christmas period. We need it.

How much is it?


When is it available?

10th October 2018

One thing’s for sure, December will be a beauty-packed month with these beauty advent calendars on the scene…

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THIS is how much the average woman spends on beauty products she never uses

THIS is how much the average woman spends on beauty products she never uses


Credit: Rex

By Rebecca Fearn.

We’re all guilty of buying an extra lipstick we don’t really need, or a new limited edition highlighter palette when we already have about 10 choices at home. But we had no idea just how much money goes towards beauty products that end up sitting on our shelves un-used.

Research quoted on The Daily Mail suggests the average woman spends an eye-watering £180,000 on beauty products she never even uses in a lifetime.

This equates to 5,856 products and means we actually only use around 10% of what we buy. Woah.

As a beauty writer, I have to admit I don’t buy many beauty products as I am lucky enough to be sent things to try. That said, I do still buy things that catch my eye – things that I DEFINITELY do not need to add to my ever-growing, ridiculous collection and that largely go un-used. It’s actually incredibly rare for me to finish something, and I completely understand the buzz of buying new beauty bits because we want them, not because we need them.

The best way to manage the size of your beauty collection is to keep an eye on the expiry dates of everything. Our handy guide breaks down how to do this effectively.

Mascara, for example, has one of the shortest shelf-lives after opening due to the large amount of bacteria which attaches itself to the brush. Lipstick, on the other hand, can be kept up to 18 months.

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How to choose a wedding make-up artist according to a pro MUA

How to choose a wedding make-up artist according to a pro MUA

The four fail-safe tips you need to get it right

how to choose a wedding make-up artist

While some brides prefer to do their own make-up, the majority will rely on a wedding make-up artist for their big day.

But with so many out there, there’s almost too much choice and it can be hard to navigate the sea of make-up artists to find the perfect one to suit your taste and what you have in mind for your big day. (Plus, they’ve got to know what they’re doing.)

Weddings are a massive milestone event, so it’s essential that you choose right – that’s why we sought out the best of the best to advise you on the matter.

Below Amy Conway, Bobbi Brown PRO Artist, shares her top four tips for picking out that all important bridal MUA. Whatever your wedding budget, these are the secrets to success…

Do your research

‘When it comes to choosing your wedding make-up artist, find a style that you love. All make-up artists have that signature style, whether it’s glowing skin or stand out eyes, so meet with a make-up artist who creates the looks you love and reflects your own individual style.’

It’s totally acceptable to Instagram stalk!

‘Nowadays, Instagram can be a portfolio for make-up artists so you can see their previous bridal work. If you’re scrolling and just loving everything you see – meet with them! You can also use this as a tool to pick out your favourite looks that the make-up artist has created.’

Follow Amy on Instagram at @bbpro_amyconway

Calm is key

‘Go for someone that makes you feel calm, it’s a great trait to look out for when choosing your makeup artist. They would have played a part in a wedding morning many times before, so their job is to not only make you feel and look amazing, but to also keep you calm while they have you in their hot seat.

how to choose a wedding makeup artist


‘I’ve had many brides through recommendations, but what’s beautiful about it is that you get to know their families and friendship circles well.

For a bride, it feels like you know that make-up artist a little more too, which just allows you to be comfortable with them and will make the wedding morning go even more smoothly.’

With these tips under your belt, you’re sure to find your perfect professional make-up match.

Bobbi Brown Bridal Week is taking place 22nd-29th September across their standalone studios, combining master classes, treats and exclusive bridal partnerships in-store. For more info head to

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9 Halloween makeup ideas that are both terrifying and amazing

9 Halloween makeup ideas that are both terrifying and amazing

Best get practising now

halloween make up ideas
Credit: REX

Halloween makeup ideas – where do you even start? Unless you’re a Heidi Klum-esque Halloween costume fanatic who has spent months putting together the perfect outfit, the chances are, more often than not you’ve ended up grabbing a long, black wig and some white face paint at the last minute and feebly attempted to pass yourself off as a witch.

But we have some really good news for anyone who wants to look both terrifying and amazing without spending every waking moment stressing about their look – there are some incredible Halloween makeup ideas out there, and even better, they come with tutorials. Sure, you’ll probably have to commit to a bit of practice if you plan on bringing your ghoulish A-game, but it’ll all be worth it in the end when you get to the party and someone literally yelps in horror.

Take a look at what these make up artists have created for a bit of inspiration, team them with our own Halloween makeup tutorials and see if you can emulate their impressive Halloween makeup ideas.

Forget the typical hot witch get up. In a world full of Regina George’s, be a Kady Heron.

Halloween makeup ideas: Optical Illusion

If you really relish a makeup challenge, this surreal look by Claire Dim will make everybody at the party double-take. While it might take a little while to get it perfect, it’s a really unique look that we doubt many will be sporting. If anything, it gives that person you’ve been fluttering (multiple) eyelashes at a reason to gaze deeply in your eyes – even if they’re just trying to figure out where your real pair are. Check out her full tutorial below.

Halloween makeup ideas: vampire

While vampires have been an integral part of Halloween ever since we were little (who remembers wearing the pointed teeth retainers?), this is an edgy take on the classic costume. Think The Vampire Diaries meets Underworld meets Twilight, and you’re on the right track. Ditch the traditional black lipstick and opt for plumped red lips, face full of veins and finished off with red contact lenses.

Halloween makeup ideas: werewolf

There are endless cute and creepy Halloween makeup ideas out there, and this look really stands out thanks to the impressively intricate details. Statement brows, dark smokey eyes and a bold lip make this vampy take on a werewolf impossible to resist – no need to try and track down a Thriller-worthy mask after all.

Halloween makeup ideas: Barbie clown

For anyone who isn’t keen on embracing their truly dark side, there are still so many options to choose from. This pretty and pink sparkling clown is the perfect balance of feminine and pretty, with a Halloween twist. Perfect for someone who isn’t quite ready to ditch the fake eyelashes on October 31st.

Halloween makeup ideas: skull face

If you like the split-face Halloween makeup ideas, but you want to keep one eye free for your signature feline flick, then why not try this skull? It somehow manages to look both glamorous and ghastly, and love how effective the illusion looks. Very Jack Skellington, we must say.

Halloween makeup ideas: mermaid

Disney might have created The Little Mermaid as a loveable red-headed creature of the sea, but traditionally mermaids were benevolent beings, thought to cause storms, floods, and shipwrecks. Scaled skin created with iridescent powder and fishnet tights, gems and pointy false teeth will transform you into a genuinely terrifying Halloween partygoer.

Halloween makeup ideas: millennial witch

Witches these days don’t have green skin and pointy hats. This eerie monochrome Wiccan look is an excellent alternative to the usual witchy make up, and the painstakingly crafted brows and intricate forehead designs make this truly unique.

Halloween makeup ideas: pumpkin

Pumpkins don’t sound scary in the slightest. But a peeled-off face over a pumpkin – horrifying. The detail in this make up idea is incredible, and it definitely gives the squash plant a grown-up makeover. A flawless smokey eye teamed with the shaded in wrinkles creates the clever pull away technique that we all know and love. Double Halloween points for anyone who can do this.

Halloween makeup ideas: Game of Thrones

With the final season of Game of Thrones coming out next year, expect to see a few people going with Daenerys for their Halloween look in tribute. We genuinely thought that this was the real Emilia Clarke showing us how to look like her. Mind blown.

Now you’ve seen all the Halloween makeup ideas, it’s up to you to nail it on the night. Best get practising…

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How to wear glitter makeup in four easy looks

How to wear glitter makeup in four easy looks

New season, new make-up. And what could be prettier than flecks of glitter in muted tones of rose, pewter and gold?

Looking for the best new ways to wear glitter? Below Amber Anderson showcases the beauty trend of the season.

The glitter eyeshadow that suits everyone 

A smattering of lilac, fuchsia, maroon and mauve glitter are giving the smokey eye a run for its money this season. ‘A cream shadow makes a great base for a matching glitter shade,’ says Amber Anderson’s make-up artist Gina Kane. Dab Dior Backstage Eye Primer £24, Boots, over your lids and around the eyes for a sheer but adhesive base.

For Maximum glitter, Kane dusted Danessa Myricks Metals Constellation Glitter in Fairy Tale, £15, and Ben Nye Sparklers Loose Glitters in Fuchsia and Silver Prism, £8.99 each, over the top.

PRO TIP: ‘First apply loose powder where you don’t want the glitter to go – like the tops of your cheekbones,’ says Kane.

‘This ensures easy removal of any over spill as you can simply flick it away with a small flat brush. Then tip your head back and drop glitter over your face with a powder brush, keeping your eyes shut.’


Photographer by Jason Hetherington

How to wear face shimmer 

‘Glitter is a statement, so just go for it,’ says Kane. For a look that’ll withstand a night on the dance floor, apply a primer like Sisley Instant Eclat Instant Glow Primer, £60, Selfridges, on the areas you want the glitter to go.

Then, using a blending brush, press the flecks on top. We love NYX Face and Body Glitter in Crystal, £6, Boots. Finish with two coats of Urban Decay Trouble Maker Mascara, £16.60, Fabled.

‘For Glittery lips, my favourite shade is pewter because it’s pretty rather than disco,’ says Kane. Use Dior Ultra Glow in Tiara, £26, or for more intensity, pat on silver glitter and lock it in with a layer of Lipcote £3.69, Boots.

PRO TIP: Only use cosmetic glitter that’s made up of circular spheres and won’t scratch your skin. To balance out a glitter lip, Kane suggests creating strong couture brows using a chocolate pencil, such as Dior Sourcils Poudre Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown, £21, Boots.

Photographer by Jason Hetherington

How to enhance your cheeks with glitter

‘Anyone that wears highlighter, can wear glitter,’ says Kane. ‘If you’re a fan of gleaming, glossy cheekbones then sparkle is just the next step.’ Gold is a failsafe shade because it’s warm and suits most skin tones.

lThen all you have to consider is the placement. Smudge Lucas Papaw Ointment across the temples, sweeping it down onto the cheekbones and then tap The Gypsy Shrine Iridescent Eclipse Glitter, £6.50, on top with your ring finger.

‘The flat holographic pieces are slightly larger to catch the light. Plus it’s easier to remove than finer flecks of glitter,’ adds Kane.

PRO TIP: Glitter is fiddly on the cheeks so Kane suggests pressing sticky tape anywhere you don’t want the glitter to sit.


Photography by Jason Hetherington


Photography by Jason Hetherington

Embellish your body


Photography by Jason Hetherington

‘Initially, people think of glam rock images when they think of glitter, but it can be more like playful fairy dust,’ says Kane. Make Up Forever Glitter in White Violet, £11.50, leaves skin with a provocative pale sheen.

Dust lightly with a large soft brush across your shoulders, in the round of your back or decollete. ‘I applied it quickly and spontaneously so it looked like Amber did it herself,’ says Kane.

PRO TIP: To keep glitter in place on your body, use a balmy cream like Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream, £28, or sunscreen if you’re going to a day time festival.

Consider your crash course in glitter make-up complete.

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