The best fake tan to take your glow through to 2019

The best fake tan to take your glow through to 2019

For those times when you can’t make it to the beach

best fake tan

As the warmer weather slowly creeps in, we’re plucking up the courage to show a little skin off, whether that’s with shorter sleeves or the odd flash of ankle. And so our minds have turned to the best fake tan.

But the world of self-tanning can seem like a minefield if you don’t know what you’re doing, and while the best bronzer helps with a hint of colour, sometimes it just doesn’t cut the mustard. You need to get your hands on the best fake tan. Don’t panic – if you follow our foolproof fake tan tips, you’ll have an enviable golden glow in no time.

Types of fake tan

Instant tans come with the benefit of immediate results – there’ll be a guide colour, meaning you can see where you have and haven’t already bronzed up. This is very handy if you’re a novice and new to the whole tanning world. If you’re a seasoned expert and fake tan is second nature to you, then you’ll feel comfortable with a mousse tans that are quick-drying formulas, so don’t give you much time to work with.

Then there are gradual tan moisturisers, which as it says on the bottle gradually give you a boost of colour. Use daily and you can control how dark you go. The at-home spray-on tans fix you up in a matter of seconds, just remember to use a mitt! Or, if you’re pushed for time and want to easily integrate fake tanning into your daily routine, look to an in-shower tan à-la San Tropez.

The darkest fake tans will contain around 18 per cent DHA (dihydroxyacetone), which is the ingredient that gives you that tan. So, if you’re fairer skinned it’s better to aim for levels that are between two and five per cent, so that you don’t look like you’ve overdone it.

If you want a deeper shade, layer up these formulas. Trust us, you’ll get more of a golden glow by doing this than you will by simply reaching for a darker fake tan.

The world of fake tan is ever-evolving, and exciting brands, like James Read’s eponymous label, are constantly changing the way we tan. His Sleep Mask Tan, a genius product that (as you might have guessed) tans your skin while you sleep and is a firm favourite of Team Marie Claire’s, now comes in a retinol version. 

New-gen tanning products come with some pretty revolutionary benefits, like customising your own shade. More and more brands now offer tanning drops, which you can add to your face or body moisturiser, that mean you are in complete control of how much tanning agent you apply to your skin. This makes it easier than ever to develop a formula that compliments your own natural colouring, so you don’t end up like an extra on TOWIE.

The art of fake doesn’t just lie in the application – it’s also super important that you know how to remove fake tan properly. There’s NOTHING worse than a patchy fake tan job, so it’s important to know when and how to get rid. Also, if it all goes Pete Tong, then you have a easy way out. And whatever you do, don’t throw your used tanning mitt in the washing machine when you’re done. Even if you wash your mitt on its own, the next load of washing you do will come out the wrong colour. Just buy a new one.

The best fake tan for face

Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Face Moisturiser, £30, Beauty Expert

best fake tan

Fake tanning your face isn’t the same process as your body. The skin on your face requires a completely different formula as it’s far more delicate and sensitive, so you want a specialised tan with no harsh ingredients. There’s a whole host of specially developed fake tans for the face, but we tend to like skincare brands that do tinted products, like Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Face Moisturiser. Alternatively, go for a good bronzer to fake it instead.

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The best fake tan for pale skin

St Tropez Self Tan Purity Body Mousse, £31 Look Fantastic

best fake tan st tropez


St Tropez Self Tan Purity Body Mousse transforms into a mousse as soon as it comes into contact with your skin, it’s really hydrating and gives a really natural colour to the skin – nothing too drastic here.

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The best gradual tan

Omorovicza Glam Glow, £35, Cult Beauty

best fake tan Omorovicza

Gradual tan is the popular choice for lots of people as you can pop it on in the morning, like your normal body moisturiser, but throughout the day you get glowier. You can’t go wrong with this Omorovicza one – the skincare brand sticks to its origins of looking after skin, so whilst you tan you’re also helping improve tone and suppleness.

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Best tanning moisturiser

Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion with a Hint of Colour, £19.50, Cult Beauty

best fake tan

This tinted lotion by Ameliorate adds an instant hint of colour; simply swap out your daily body lotion and you’ll be glowing all the day long.

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Can’t get away for some winter sun?

Consider this your one-way ticket to having a summer glow, all year round, with our complete list of the best fake tans.

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Tubing mascaras: What are they and should you be using one?

Tubing mascaras: What are they and should you be using one?

Not all mascara formulas are created equal

tubing mascaras

Still struggling in your quest to find the best mascara for you? You might have missed a trick in that you’ve never tried tubing mascaras before.

These are different from traditional formulas in the way they coat your lashes. Normal mascaras coat your lashes in pigment to darken and lengthen; but tubing formulas wrap polymers around your lashes, coating them in ‘tubes’ of the black stuff. Think of it as a life-proof jacket for your lashes.

If you’re forever finding flakes under your eye or printed on your brow bone, listen up. Like a less heavy-duty version of the best waterproof mascara, tubing mascaras won’t come off until they’re eased off with hot water and a damp flannel.

But if they’re so great, why doesn’t everyone use them? Generally speaking the ‘wrapping’ process is great for lengthening, but traditional pigmented formulas are better for piling on the volume.

That said, they still come in handy if you want to set super volumised, thick lashes in place. Load up on a thickening or volumising mascara, then apply a coat of tubing formula over the top to ‘set’ your lashes and stop any smudging over the course of the day.

Without further ado, let us talk you through some of the greatest tubing mascara buys on the beauty market right now.

Best tubing mascaras

Clinique Lash Power Mascara, £20.50, Lookfantastic

tubing mascaras Clinique

An ultra black formula that’s water resistant, this bold mascara will last through all kinds of pressure from the elements for up to 24 hours. Nice one.

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Kevyn Aucoin The Curling Mascara, £23, Space NK

tubing mascara Kevyn Aucoin The Curling Mascara

This is the holy grail of tubing mascaras, favoured by make-up aficionados and beauty editors everywhere. As well as proving to have excellent lengthening power, it forces even the straightest lashes into an upward curl, making your eyes appear bigger. Think separated, long lashes with an anti-gravity lift.

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Blinc Mascara, £22.20,

tubing mascaras

One of the original tubing mascaras, blinc advised women to ‘stop painting your lashes… tube them!’ It’s great for sensitive eyes or those prone to watering at the most inconvenient of times, and as promised, doesn’t come off until you apply hot water and pressure.

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MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara, £16.50, John Lewis

tubing mascaras

MAC’s Extended Play is an uber-black, life-proof, lengthening formula for the perfect spider-like lashes. It catches onto even the shortest, downward facing lashes and lifts them up to make your eyes appear brighter and more open overall.

Buy now

Streaming eyes, wet weather and sweaty situations are no longer a problem for your lashes. (You’re welcome.)

Got a favourite tubing mascara we haven’t mentioned? Let us know why you love it by tweeting @marieclaireuk

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The complete guide to cleaning your make-up brushes (and what NOT to do)

The complete guide to cleaning your make-up brushes (and what NOT to do)

It’s easier than you think

how to clean make-up brushes

If you use them, even if it’s just one, then it’s absolutely essential that you understand how to clean make-up brushes properly.

Let’s be completely honest with one another, the chances are you probably can’t be arsed to clean out your beauty toolkit. But, as Australian model Anthea Page reiterated with photographic evidence last year, you should never skip washing your make-up brushes. Ensuring you have clean make-up brushes helps you avoid a whole host of skin problems – including infections.

The best make-up brushes deserve proper love and care, so we’ve broken down everything you need to know about cleaning them, from exactly how you should clean your tools to how often they need a wash. We’re sure you’ll know how to clean make-up brushes with your eyes shut in no time.

How often should you clean make-up brushes?

This will vary a little depending on how often you use your make-up brushes. If you use them on a daily basis, then you’re going to need to clean them more than if you use them a couple of times a week. But no matter how often you use them, brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria. We say give them a deep clean at least once a week, and ideally use a cleaning spray between uses to freshen them up.

We like either Bare Minerals Quick Change Brush Cleaning Spray, £10, or NYX Professional Makeup ON The Spot makeup brush cleanser spray, £9.

And, as any professional make-up artist will tell you, if you use your make-up brushes on other people they must be cleaned after every single use to avoid the spread of skin conditions or infections.

How to clean make-up brushes at home

Cleaning your make-up brushes is a lot easier than you might think – it can be done in the comfort of your own home (specifically, your bathroom). Start by rinsing under running water to get some of the excess make-up out of the brush. Then work ordinary shampoo into the damp brush head, and rinse. Hold your brushes downwards when rinsing so that all of the excess oil and old make-up washes straight down the sink. Once you’ve rinsed the brush head until the water runs clear, squeeze the excess out from the brush. Allow your brushes to dry naturally by sitting them over the edge of a table or shelf. It’s as simple as that.

Alternatively, ace brush brand Real Techniques have two products that make the above that little bit easier – the Brush Cleansing Gel and Brush Cleansing Palette.

Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel, £5.59 Look Fantastic

how to clean your makeup brushes real techniques

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Douse your brushes in this – it rids the bristles of oil, make-up and impurities – then work them over the nodules on the palette to really get rid of every last speck of dirt.

Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette, £10.39 Look Fantastic

how to clean your makeup brushes real techniques

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Or we’re all completely obsessed with The Apprentice winner, Tom Pellereau’s Styl by Tom Pellereau StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer, £40 Amazon.

how to clean makeup brushes

This super duper piece of technology cleans and dries brushes in seconds, meaning that you can get back to using your brushes faster.

Buy Now

We bet you’ve never been so excited to go home and clean your make-up brushes.

Whichever technique you choose, just make sure you’re doing it regularly. That’s an order.

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Why BB creams are the quick fix for instantly flawless skin

Why BB creams are the quick fix for instantly flawless skin

We wouldn’t be without ’em

Best BB Cream 2017
The best BB creams

Want great-looking skin without the heaviness of foundation? The best BB cream not only offers decent coverage but a whole load of skin benefits too.

But if you’re not yet clued in on what they are and how they work, keep reading for the Marie Claire guide to all things BB (and the best CC cream and DD cream when you’re done here).

What is BB Cream?

Standing for ‘blemish balm’ or in some cases ‘beauty balm’, BB cream is an Asian skincare staple that’s dominated the market for years.

Although they have the Korean market to thank for their fame, the first BB cream was actually invented in Germany by dermatologist Dr Christine Schrammek (and it’s still available today over 50 years later). The idea was to create a product that combined make-up with skincare, for patients to use after a peel or cosmetic surgery.

It wasn’t until the 2010s that they really burst onto the scene here in the UK, and now you’ll rarely find a beauty junkie’s make-up bag without one.

The best BB cream is a kind of ‘does it all’ skincare buy, providing coverage as well as other skin benefits like moisture, blemish control, antioxidants and everyday essential SPF. And, of course, there’s a little pigment involved to even our your complexion without the heavy, flawless finished of a foundation. Think your best tinted moisturiser, but better coverage.

Best BB cream vs CC cream – what’s the difference?

While BB creams disguise blemishes and make your complexion look more even overall, CC creams target discolouration and even our your skin tone but with less coverage; the CC part stands for colour correction.

So whether you’re looking for the best BB cream for oily skin, combination skin or the best BB cream for dry skin, find your new skin hero in our edit below.

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Watch: How to do the perfect cat eye with Iris Law

Watch: How to do the perfect cat eye with Iris Law

It’s one of the most Googled make-up questions ever – not just because it’s cool but because it’s one of the trickiest looks to get right. In the first of our series of ‘Feeling Beauty’ films, Iris Law shows us how she wears hers…

When the camera pans to Iris Law she is a cat stalking her prey, becoming more and more transfixed by the bird’s feathery flutters. Her eyes deepen and in the moment before she pounces, the camera zones in on her lashes, which go from sparse and poker-straight to long and luscious.

Burberry Cat Lashes Ultra Black Mascara, £24, is behind the magic here, a brilliant all-rounder that makes even short lashes look dramatically thicker, thanks to a brush that gets all the way down to the root, lifting and fanning out the hairs as it goes. You can even swipe a second coat on to still-wet lashes without clumping – it’s that good.

Oh and ditch the lash primer – you don’t need it with this formula and it stays put all day without depositing so much as a smudge or flake under the eyes.

‘I avoid heavy make-up with too much coverage and like to keep the focus on my cheekbones and eyes,’ says Iris of her favourite feline-like beauty look. ‘I use lots of blush and Burberry Cat Lashes Ultra Black Mascara on my top and bottom lashes to give a little lift and make my eyes pop in a cat-like way.’

How to get that feline shape

Director Jason Hetherington at Serlin Associates, Beauty and Concept Director Lisa Oxenham, Makeup Artist Gina Kane at Caren Agency using Burberry Beauty, Hair Stylist David Wadlow, Junior Beauty Writer and Producer Sarah Barnes

1. Using the tail end of your brow as a reference point, draw a thin, diagonal line from the outer to the inner corner of your eye with Burberry Effortless Kohl Eyeliner, £18.50

2. Draw another line below the original and start to connect it to the lower lash line.

3. Fill in the triangle of space between your top lash line and your lower line, pushing the formula down in between the lashes, making sure there’s no skin peeking through.

4. Repeat that same process on your other eye and make sure both lines are symmetrical. Follow with multiple coats of Burberry Cat Lashes Ultra Black Mascara, £24, and pull the wand out to the side to create a cat-eye flick.

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Urban Decay launches Game of Thrones make-up collection ahead of the final series

Urban Decay launches Game of Thrones make-up collection ahead of the final series

It’s all you’ve ever dreamed of and more!

Emilia Clarke Game of thrones
Emilia Clarke Game of thrones

Words by Maisie Bovingdon

Game of Thrones season eight is fast approaching, and to prepare for the upcoming finale Urban Decay has launched an impressive make-up range inspired by the hit HBO series.

Fans have been waiting on tenterhooks for the final instalment to hit the screens, they’ve been tormented by GoT inspired Air BnB homes, as well as Easter treats, but now there is another release to make the countdown slightly more bearable.

The beauty brand’s 11-piece collection includes everything from an eyeshadow palette, highlighters and brushes, to a cheek stain, and lipsticks, and with every beauty must have is a nod to the medieval drama.

Here’s what’s in store…

Urban Decay Game of Thrones Eyeshadow Palette £45

The 20 piece eyeshadow collection is split into four sections to reflect the four Westerios power players in the series from the house of Targaryen to house Stark.

The quarter of the palette dedicated to the White Walkers features icy hues and midnight blue tones titled Frozen North and White Walker, while the Winterfell section includes metallic regal tones, such as sparkly reds, forest greens and bronze.

The House Lannister section boasts smokey matte shades in terracotta, as well as metallic bronze hues, but for those who are a bit more daring with their make-up will go head over heels for the pink and purple swatches in the palette.

If the palette leaves you feeling spoilt for choice you may prefer the durable 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, which comes in four shades, gold, white, black and teal, for an affordable £16 each.

Mother of Dragons Highlighter Palette £25

The trio of highlighters includes a rose hue Drogon, which can double up as a blusher, while those opting for a sun-kissed look may prefer the gold and bronze tones of Vision and Rhaegal.

Urban Decay has paid extra attention to detail with embossed detail on top of each compact powder.

They have even gone the extra mile by fitting a compact mirror into the nifty packaging for when you are on the go. It’s safe to say the palette ticks all the boxes.

But for those who may prefer a pinky tint to their cheeks instead will swoon over Urban Decay’s Lip and Cheek Stain that doubles up as a blusher and lipstick for just £19.

Vice Lipstick £17.50

The Urban Decay x Game of Thrones collection includes four limited edition lipsticks, and on each case is an ornate gold print – you won’t be able to miss it in your make-up bag.

The shades are a nod to the female protagonists in the series, Sansa Stark, Daenerys Targeryen, Cersei Lannister and White Walker.

Stark’s lipstick shade is a peachy nude, while the Daenerys and White Walker products are a deeper berry shade for those who prefer a pop of colour to neutral tones.

game of thrones souvenir


The collection doesn’t stop there, as two eyeshadow brushes can also be snapped up from the collection.

The brushes feature claw detail on the top of the handle to resemble Jon Snow’s Longclaw sword, as well as Arya Stark’s weapon, there is no doubt they will be a huge hit among fans.

The entire collection is also available to buy for £198, which is a HUGE saving compared with if you bought each item separately that would total over £220.

The full Urban Decay x Game of Thrones capsule is available exclusively from , as well as Selfridges and Arnotts from April 14.

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Want a sneak peek inside Villanelle from Killing Eve’s make-up bag?

Want a sneak peek inside Villanelle from Killing Eve’s make-up bag?

Of course you do!


Words by Maisie Bovingdon

Jodie Comer stole our hearts with her incredible wardrobe and flawless complexion as villainous Villanelle in Killing Eve last year.

In fact we spent the whole first season dreaming about how to get our hands on the assassin’s iconic Molly Goddard pink dress, and know the secret to her glowing skin.

Now, the wait is over and all has been revealed…

killing eve

Credit: BBC

Killing Eve‘s hair and make-up artist, Lucy Cain, opts for a minimalist beauty look on Jodie to reflect the ‘childlike’ side of her character Oksana Astankova, but her looks are often dramatised when she goes on her murdering sprees.

Speaking to Refinery29 about Jodie’s on-set looks, the expert said: ‘With Villanelle, she’s quite childlike. So the make-up is a bit more uniform for her, unless she is playing a character, meaning that she’s about to commit a murder.’

Lucy transformed Jodie from a likeable character to blood thirsty savage by darkening her eyebrows with pencil, adding smokey eye make-up and lipstick.

She continued:  ‘We fill in her eyebrows a bit darker, throw on a smudged eyeliner, and maybe even play with a lip.’

And another top tip – ‘When you see her in a wig it’s a flag to the audience that she’s about to commit a murder.’

Lucy has insisted Jodie has a great complexion thanks to her thorough skincare regime, which sees her rely on Crème de la Mer face cream and a Murad primer, before she applies her trusty cosmetics.

Lucy explained: ‘She takes great care of her skin, and used Crème de la Mer face cream this season.’

When it comes to Jodie’s go-tos she swears by Crème de la Mer foundation in Linen, a Glossier mascara, Bobbi Brown eyebrow pencil in Mahogany, By Terry Expert concealer, Becca cream blusher in shade Watermelon, and a sweep of Bobbi Brown lip liner.

So there we have it!

Killing Eve season two is on its way, after already debuting in America.

We officially cannot wait.

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Beauty Pie: What’s all the fuss about?

Beauty Pie: What’s all the fuss about?

Meet the brand being described as the ‘Netflix of beauty’

Beauty Pie reviews

In this new franchise we ask: What’s all the fuss about? There are so many products and brands that enter stratospheric realms of popularity – going from zero to hero in what feels like a matter of weeks – think Drunk Elephant, Milk Make-Up, and Augustinus Bader. But why are they so popular? We’ve decided to investigate…

Beauty Pie – the background

Founded by Marcia Kilgore – the beauty brainbox behind brands like Soap and Glory, Soaper Duper and Bliss Spa – Beauty Pie’s aim is to bring beauty lovers top quality products at factory prices. By cutting out the middle man and avoiding retailer mark-up, you can bag luxury products for much less of a price than you would at a high-end beauty counter. Simples.

The system is a fairly straightforward one: You pay a monthly membership allowing you to shop the factory prices, with a monthly spending allowance depending on your chosen membership level. Any unused allowance rolls over to the next month, so you won’t miss out on any spends – it’s really no wonder it’s been dubbed the ‘Netflix of beauty’.

Beauty Pie review

The Pie’s founder, Marcia Kilgore

Is it any good?

The answer you’re really here for is a resounding yes. Beauty Pie’s products are made using high-quality ingredients and in the same factories as some of the industry’s most luxury brands, which they claim means you get five times more for your money (or a bigger piece of the Beauty Pie).

Between them, the skincare ranges have pretty much every concern covered. Japanfusion packs a moisture punch for dry skin, while Super Retinol tackles the visible signs of ageing and Qi Energy gives lacklustre, exhausted skin the kick up the backside it needs.

So, which piece of the pie should you start with? Keep reading for some of the brand’s best-loved products.

Beauty Pie Everyday Great Skin Foundation

beauty pie foundation

The Great Skin Foundation is infused with micro-pearls for a soft focus finish and offers a good level of coverage, with a finish that’s slightly on the matte side and oil-free. Currently available in 15 shades, the brand has said on their website that they will be increasing their shade range ‘in due course’.

Typical price: £30

Members price: £7.52

Buy now

Beauty Pie Super Retinol Serum

beauty pie retinol

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that retinol is a pretty super anti-ageing ingredient; nothing works quite like it. It increases collagen production, smoothes fine lines and improves skin’s elasticity and even the appearance of dark spots. Super Retinol is infused with both lactic acid to exfoliate and hyaluronic acid to hydrate, it’s a multi-pronged approach to getting great-looking skin.

Typical price: £80

Members price: £10.56

Buy now

Beauty Pie One Powder Wonder

beauty pie one powder wonder

One Powder Wonder is a seriously fine pressed powder that blurs, sets and adds a subtle healthy glow, and is so lightweight you’ll barely feel yourself applying or wearing it. The ‘Uberlescent’ shade is transluscent, so it works on all skin tones to reduce shininess and set make-up.

Typical price: £26

Members price: £5.27

Buy now

Beauty Pie Japanfusion Supreme Cream

beauty pie japanfusion

The Japanfusion range is a wonder cure for the effects of dry skin, getting deep into skin’s layers to boost moisture levels and making it happier in the process. As well as the range’s make-up removing cleansing balm, hydrating lotion and face serum, the Supreme Cream is a real gem – its consistency is a kind of thick gel, but not at all greasy or heavy and leaves skin feeling super soft and supple. Trust us when we say it’s one of the best moisturisers for dry skin ever.

Typical price: £100

Members price: £9.76

Buy now

Beauty Pie Candles

beauty pie candles

As well as the epic make-up and super effective skincare, Beauty Pie also makes divine luxury scented candles that won’t break the bank. Pomegranate and Baies Rose is a warming scent, while the Vanilla and Clean House options are equally delicious and comforting. Buy them in bulk as birthday presents.

Typical price: £40

Members price: Between £12.66 and £14.29

Buy now

Is it worth the hype?

Any affordable beauty line is worth the hype in our eyes, but Beauty Pie’s products have proven themselves as being seriously effective too. Their huge fan base of Pie-worshippers, who part with their hard-earned cash and rave about the products, is a testament to that. It’s a double thumbs up from us.

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How to make your beauty routine more sustainable and eco-friendly

How to make your beauty routine more sustainable and eco-friendly

Plus the brands that are doing their bit for the planet

It’s been a long time coming, but people are finally realising that it’s cool to give a crap about the planet we live on. From ethical fashion brands to upping our recycling, most of us are being a bit more conscious about our lifestyle choices and wastage.

‘As consumers, I think we’d all like to feel as though we’re helping make a change for the better; but sometimes it’s hard to know how to do that, and understand what impact a small change can really make,’ says Jo Chidley, founder of Beauty Kitchen.

‘For me, sustainability is a combination of things. It’s how we consciously develop and formulate products to the long term environmental impact they have.

‘We carefully consider the ethical sourcing, the packaging and the production and how we operate as a fully rounded sustainable business. Consumers want to know that as a sustainable business you truly care about them and the environment.’

With that in mind, keep reading to find out how you can gradually upgrade your skincare to be more planet-friendly.

What are some easy first steps you can take to make your beauty routine more sustainable?

Shop with a brand that follows environmentally friendly practices

From thoughtful packaging to sustainable ingredients, make sure they’ve covered the bases so all you have to do is decide on what products to try.

‘Consumers used to think that natural meant compromising on quality, smell, texture or all three,’ says Jo. But today, our products stand up against their synthetic counterparts and really do perform – proving that effective, natural and sustainable is possible.’

Ensure the brand is cruelty free and against animal testing

‘The leaping bunny is a guarantee that none of the products will have been tested on animals. If you can’t find it on the products, research!’ says Jo. ‘You’ll find brands are very good at telling you about all the work they’re doing to become more sustainable and eco-friendly, so if you still can’t find the answers you’re looking for, ask the brand directly.

‘We love to hear from our customers and will always answer questions and help arm them with the info they want whenever we can.’

Start with one product and take your time!

If you’re used to a certain routine it’s best to swap things out gradually to make your transition into a more sustainable routine all the more smooth. Start by buying just one sustainable product to incorporate into your routine, then gradually build it up.

What easy sustainable ingredient swaps can you make?

‘Understanding that we do not have an infinite resource of ingredients is an important part of the journey,’ Jo explains. ‘Look at Argan Oil – what was once a niche ingredient from Morocco is now a thriving industry. But how long can small communities work to meet demand? Trees and ingredients take time to grow and for us, it’s important to take our time and do things the right way.

‘Swapping from Argan Oil to Abyssinian Oil and using products that have marine extracts and algae in them is a great start. When these ingredients grow they turn carbon dioxide into oxygen and are truly effective on your skin.

‘You’ll get the same enjoyment from the products, but you’ll also be helping to ensure that those ingredients stick around for a lot longer as they’ll become more sustainable – and the cycle then becomes a totally renewable one.’

Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Concentrate, £12.50, Feelunique

Buy now

‘Here at Beauty Kitchen, we work tirelessly to ensure we’re doing things as well as we can – from the efficacy of our products, to the way we source ingredients right down to the packaging we use for each and every one of our products,’ Jo continues.

‘Being the most sustainable beauty company in the world is what I’m working towards.’

Other brands doing their green bit

As well as the brilliant Beauty Kitchen, there are other brands below who are working to reduce their ecological footprint, whether through recycling initiatives or using less harmful ingredients. Read more about them below.

REN has pledged to be a zero-waste brand by 2021, working towards 100% recyclable packaging, reusing ocean plastic and offering refillable services. They’ve also teamed up with Surfrider to clean up the world’s beaches, currently touring the UK.

Tata Harper‘s packaging is almost entirely reusable and recyclable glass, and everything is made on their 1,200 acre farm in Vermont, USA.

L’Occitane’s Teracycle Initiative will accept your used beauty products to be recycled (not just L’Occitane ones!). Simply take them to your nearest store and they’ll do the rest – as well as giving you 10% off your next shop.

WE ARE PARADOXX use no plastic in their packaging, instead opting for aluminium which, unlike plastic, can be recycled an infinite number of times. Using recycled aluminium requires only 8% of the energy used to make new aluminium.

Origins recycle their empties at counters, meaning consumers can take their empty Origins containers and the brand will ensure they are recycled. They also never use Styrofoam packaging or PVCs and  avoid using cartons where possible, but any that are used are FSC certified, post-consumer recycled fibre and made using wind and and hydro power. Cosmetic bags are made from 100% recycled materials, while shopping bags are 100% craft paper that is itself recyclable. Not bad, eh?

bareMinerals products are all free from chemical sunscreen, coal tar, formaldehyde, mineral oil, palm oil, parabens, peanuts, propylene glycol, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclocarban, and triclosan.

Beauty just got a whole lot cleaner.

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The best cream blusher for your healthiest glow ever

The best cream blusher for your healthiest glow ever

Follow make-up artists everywhere and invest in a cream blusher to enhance (or create) killer cheekbones

pore minimisers

If you’re still attached to your favourite old powder formula, allow us convince you that a cream blusher might just be the best blusher.

The secret weapon of make-up artists and celebrities, a cream blusher is widely regarded as the most natural way to create a healthy glow. Easy to blend and long-lasting, a cream blusher is pretty much fool-proof to apply and perfect for giving that enviable no make-up make-up look.

A cream blusher layered onto a light BB cream, with just a dusting of setting powder over the top, is a standard make-up routine for supermodels. It’s a look that anyone can achieve, though, for healthy looking and radiant skin. And of course, most cream blushers will double up as a lip tint too, making them a great beauty investment.

Cream blusher also works particularly well on those with dry skin, as most formulas are made with hydrating ingredients. Start with a good foundation for dry skin, then perk up those cheeks with a dab of cream blusher.

best cream blusher

The new Insta Blush by Revlon is the perfect choice if you prefer a sheer finish and a hint of colour. It’s one of the best high street buys around, and for less than a tenner it’s serious bang for your buck.

Choose from the best of the best and invest in Burberry’s Lip and Cheek Bloom, or save your pennies and try a drug store solution – both will reveal luminous skin and become firm staples in your make-up bag, along with your best make-up brushes.

Compliment pale skin with a dusty rose, or amplify olive tones with a hot orange blush. Dab onto cheeks using a dense headed brush (or just your fingers), and admire how much more awake you look – even without the addition of any other make-up.

Have we got you totally convinced? Read on for tips and advice on how to use your cream blusher and discover the perfect version for your skin…

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