The best lip stains: for colour that won’t budge even if you eat a burger

The best lip stains: for colour that won’t budge even if you eat a burger

You can even snog like a horny teenager

best lip stains

There are times in life when you need your lips to pack a proper punch – with the colour and the staying power. In such instances, even the best lipstick or best lip gloss just won’t cut it. What you need is a product that provides long-lasting colour that won’t budge no matter what you throw at it – drinking, eating, even snogging. What you need is one of the best lip stains the beauty industry has to offer.

You would be forgiven for thinking that lip stains and lip tints are the same thing, but friends you would be wrong. Let us enlighten you – a lip tint gives more of a wash of colour, whereas a lip stain looks and acts very much like your favourite lipstick, you just don’t have to top it up as often. So in a way it’s a pretty handy money-saver.

What lips stains have in common with the best lip tints is that you really have to prep your lips before applying your stain.

The best lip stains: pre-application tips

Whenever applying colour to your lips it’s important to have a good base. Central heating, cold and windy weather conditions can leave our lips looking and feeling dry, cracked, flaky and rough.

Combat this by using a gentle lip scrub such as Laura Gellar Lip Strip Smoothing Sugar Scrub, £13 Fabled or splash out on the By Terry Baume de Rose Lip Scrub, £26 Fabled.

best lip stains

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After you’ve done that coat your lips in the best lip balm, to give your lips a much needed moisture-boost and wait at least 15 minutes before applying your lip stain.

We’ve done the reseach, trialled them all and these are by far the best lip stains on the market. So what are you waiting for? Scroll to find your favourite…


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STOP EVERYTHING: The beauty brand we’ve been dying to get our hands on comes to the UK in less than two weeks

STOP EVERYTHING: The beauty brand we’ve been dying to get our hands on comes to the UK in less than two weeks


milk makeup

We’ve had our fair share of long-awaited US beauty brand launches. Those collections that we have fawned over for years via our Insta feeds and hurried trips to Sephora on holidays in America. Praying for the day they would finally cross the pond. Think Drunk Elephant, Glossier and Herbivore. This month sees another one to add to your diary: Milk Makeup is finally coming to the UK and we are beyond delighted.

On the 28th January, Milk Makeup will be available to buy exclusively on Cult Beauty. If that seems too far away, two days before the official launch –  on the 26th January – the brand is opening a pop-up shop in London’s Covent Garden offering customers access to the full collection 48 hours ahead of the nationwide launch. You’ll have the opportunity to test out their infamous on-the-go sticks, have your makeup done by the brand’s makeup artists and get your hands on the Meet The Fam set, their hero collection in cute minis, which is only available at the pop-up.

If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, here’s everything you need to know about Milk Makeup…

  •  It has a HUGE cult following on Instagram. Obvs.
  • The brand is all about making your beauty routine easy and accessible, so that it fits into your modern lifestyle – even if you’re on the go. Which is why they encourage the use of fingertips for application and their innovative easy-to-use, multi-use sticks are bestsellers.


  • milk makeupThe products are cruelty and paraben free and vegan. (Handy if you’re doing Veganuary.)
  • Prices start at a very handsome £10.25 (for their tattoo stamps, which are sure to become firm favorites over the festival season).
  • It was created by the founders of Milk – the world-class fashion photography studio, with outposts in New York and LA and ex-fashion and beauty editor, Zanna Roberts Rassi.

We’re super excited and you should be too. Head to the pop up at 6a Langley Street, Covent Garden WC2H 9JA, from 26th January.

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At the Golden Globes of beauty, the award goes to…

At the Golden Globes of beauty, the award goes to…

Drum roll please

Rex Features

By Rebecca Fearn.

Last night’s Golden Globes saw an array of beauty looks, from noteworthy makeup to unique hairstyles. So without further ado, here’s who would win a Golden Globe for beauty in our eyes…

Lady Gaga for most ‘woah’ moment

Rex Features

With A Star Is Born up for pretty much every award going throughout awards season, she was bound to make an impact on the red carpet. But blue hair? Who’d have thought it. Well, truthfully, it worked and as ever, Gaga nailed it.

Lupita Nyong’o for best ‘cool girl’ makeup

Rex Features

Lupita is known for her experimental take on beauty, using awards ceremonies to show off her fun side. Electric blue mascara and liner at the Golden Globes, for example? We’d expect no less.

Thandie Newton for best ever hair

Rex Features

We were crushing hard on Thandie Newton and her beautiful curls. She paired her hair with super flattering smoky eye makeup and a neutral lip shade. Perfection.

Amber Heard for best throwback vintage hair

Rex Features

Surely we can’t be the only ones getting serious retro Shakespeare in Love vibes from Amber’s ‘do? We’re not sure the inspiration here, but if there were an award for the best hair-from-another-era look, she would win.

Judy Greer for most creative use of accessories

Rex Features

While we’re sure Carrie Bradshaw would be appalled, we kinda dig Judy Greer’s bold choice of hair accessory: the humble scrunchie.

Lucy Boynton for most copy-able bob

Rex Features

Looking for a new cut for 2019? Lucy Boynton’s bob has garnered more than a few fans. Choppy, sharp and painfully cool, take this pic to your hair stylist.

Emily Blunt for most elaborate updo

Rex Features

A high class, luxury event like the Golden Globes calls for a boujee updo, and this year Emily Blunt nailed it. Practically perfect in every way, Mary Poppins would be proud.

Kate Mara for most ‘high fashuuun’ look

Rex Features

Kate Mara’s fiddly-looking updo, bold pout and impressive cheekbones screamed one thing: FASHUUUUN.

Saoirse Ronan for best brave lip

Rex Features

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Reddit users have confirmed THIS is their favourite concealer ever

Reddit users have confirmed THIS is their favourite concealer ever


Rex Features

Finding the perfect concealer to hide under-eye dark circles has been a mission for many – but the good news, as The Daily Mail has revealed, is that Reddit users have done the hard work for us and found the very best.

In a thread written by beauty addicts who’ve tried just about everything, it’s been revealed that the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is a winning formula beloved by all.

Nars Cosmetics Instagram

The concealer, priced at £24, has been a favourite at the brand since its launch years ago, and gained more popularity when it added more shades later on.

It’s known for its super blendable, creamy texture and light-reflecting properties, which make it the perfect under-eye brightener. The Radiant Creamy Concealer now comes in 22 shades for a range of skin tones, and continues to garner rave reviews from customers on beauty retails sites such as Cult Beauty and Sephora.

Reddit users consistently commented that the concealer was a brilliant product in their thread, with one even saying it is ‘the best thing that has ever happened to me.’

Another wrote: ‘It blends in smoothly to make undereye circles and acne disappear, and wears down slowly without looking patchy/crumbly like the RCC can. It’s the best concealer I’ve used by far [sic]’

The NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer definitely get the Marie Claire seal of approval, but you can check out which other concealers we love in our best concealer round up.

You can buy the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer at retailers including Cult Beauty, Feel Unique and John Lewis.

By Rebecca Fearn.

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2019 make-up trends: 6 beauty brains predict the biggest looks for next year

2019 make-up trends: 6 beauty brains predict the biggest looks for next year

Make-up is getting a shake-up…

2019 makeup trends

A new year is fast approaching, so naturally 2019 make-up trends is the buzzword on everyone’s lips right now.

Love them or loathe them, beauty trends have a pretty big impact on the world of make-up. So even if you don’t follow the crowd, you can expect the below trends to filter into drugstores and beauty counters all all over the world next year.

With all that in mind, we decided to grill some of our favourite beauty brains to get their thoughts on what the most popular 2019 make-up trends will be.

Intrigued? Keep reading to find out their guesses (and when you’re done here, check out our experts’ 2019 hair trends predictions too).

Charlotte Tilbury, Brand Founder and Pro MUA

2019 make-up trends Charlotte Tilbury

Goddess Skin

‘Gorgeous, glowing skin is never not on trend, but next year it’s all about goddess spa-cleansed skin; think of that “just-stepped-out-of-a-facial” feeling with a replenished, restored and refreshed complexion. I’ve always believed that the key to a beautiful painting lies within creating a beautiful canvas, and that taking care of your skin with every day rituals is essential.

‘I have created a NEW miracle ‘spa-in-a-jar’ duo so everyone can double cleanse with the supernatural powers of a goddess, for perfect spa-cleansed skin at home! My Goddess Skin Ritual is all about bringing those backstage secrets to everyone in an educational, easy cleansing ritual with innovative, hard-working super- natural ingredients. First comes the citrus oil, second comes the charcoal – then it’s fresh, glowing, clean skin with a sparkle!’

Charlotte’s Goddess Cleansing Ritual launches in the UK on 26th December

Amy Conway, Bobbi Brown Senior PRO Artist

2019 make-up trends Amy Conway

The Sun-Kissed Sweep

‘A gorgeous new take on bronzer application as we move away from the heavy contoured cheekbones and into a healthier-looking bronze skin! This is the kind of trend that we love because it’s super wearable, easy to do and instantly makes us look more youthful.

‘The sun-kissed sweep is achieved by taking a matte bronzer across the cheeks and nose, focusing on the apple of the cheeks as opposed to the cheekbones. Then layer a cream highlighter on top to create that candle light glow.’

Read more about the best bronzers money can buy next.

Cher Webb, Pro MUA

2019 make-up trends

Pastel Eyes vs a Strong Lip

‘I can see an influx of colour coming onto the make-up scene for SS19. I predict a pastel palette for the eye and strong lip with not much else, just gorgeous balmy skin and natural groomed brows. 2018 was an experimental year for make-up and lots of colour was introduced, not only on the runway but also for everyday women. It’s less of a thing now to wear colour instead of neutrals, though I love how the jewel-toned shades of emerald for the eye have become a major trend on social media!

‘Next year will we will be following on from this with a beautiful makeup colour story… I see an array of fresh rosy pinks, mint pastel greens and baby yellow for the eye. My favourite look would be a pink glaze on the eye with a velvet matte oxblood lip. Divine!’

Caroline Barnes, Max Factor UK Ambassador

2019 make-up trends Caroline Barnes

Colour Clash

‘Just like the red lip trend took at least a couple of years before all your friends and colleagues adopted the look, the same goes for colour. Many of us have been sporting a neutral style make-up for a while now and bright, bold tones have been edging their way into our make-up bags but only as statement, one-off color blocking.

‘Next year color clash make-up will be a big trend. Think bright orange-based reds matched with soft blended lilac eyes, or peppermint liner matched with diffused sugar pink cheek and lips. The combinations are endless but, most importantly, colour is back with a splash and must be enjoyed to the max – with absolutely no age limits.’

Thea Green, Nails Inc Founder

Gen-Z Yellow

‘We’re hugely backing Gen Z Yellow as the colour for SS19. Bright, happy and zesty, whilst the millennial pink fatigue has really set in, this colour feels fresh and current for the new season.

‘We’re introducing a highly pigmented, sunshine yellow nail paired with a unique pigment bubble jelly shot for a hint of this trend. Our Gen Z nail colour works for every skin tone and is already the favourite nail shade of the entire Nails inc office for next season.’

Fancy a yellow mani over the holidays? Read all about the best nail salons in London here.

Claire Mulleady, MAC Global Senior Artist

Colour as an Accessory

‘Viewing make-up elements as an accessory is the way to approach vibrant colour for SS19. Colour works so well when it stands on its own so keeping the skin clean and fresh is key to pulling it off. M·A·C Chromalines (£17) are an easy to paint formula that allows you to express whatever you’re feeling. Become your own artist and mix them together for any colour on the spectrum.

‘It’s about being empowered through colour so choose your hue according to your mood, whether it’s a calming pastel or energy driven primary colour. Give the look a modern lived in feel through smudging, blurring and applying your colours with fingers. Play it bold and keep it bright.’

Which of these 2019 makeup trends is your favourite? Let us know on social at @marieclaireuk

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The 2019 best new beauty brands set to be huge this coming year

The 2019 best new beauty brands set to be huge this coming year

We’re calling it

Allies of Skin Instagram

By Rebecca Fearn.

This year has seen the beauty industry boom like never before – and 2019 is set to be another successful year in terms of skincare trends, makeup looks and buzzing beauty lingo. With this in mind, we reveal the hottest beauty brands of the moment that we can’t wait to see more of in the new year. From skincare to hair, body and makeup, here’s a who’s who of beauty brands to keep an eye out for in 2019…


Disciple Skincare Instagram

Designed in order to aid stressed out skin that needs a little extra help, Disciple was launched by psychotherapist Charlotte Ferguson. Ferguson’s aim was to create formulas that not only help on the skin’s surface, but that use adaptogens to improve the body internally, too. The ‘clean’ line is fairly priced, and features some unique, refreshing formulas that are set to take the skincare industry by storm in 2019. Our favourites are the Night Shift Oil Cleanser, which removes makeup like a dream, and the upcoming CBD oil, released in January.

Shop now.

Augustinus Bader

Augustinus Bader Instagram

Developed by Professor Augustinus Bader, an expert in stem cell research, this name-sake brand uses a patented Trigger Factor Complex in its formulas. Targeting skin that has signs of ageing and environmental damage, ‘The Cream’ and its rich counterpart have become so revered, stars such as Demi Moore, Diane Kruger and Dakota Johnson are reportedly now fans. We can’t wait to see where this small but perfectly formed skincare brand goes in 2019.

Shop now.


Lumene Instagram

Move over K-beauty and J-beauty; 2019 is going to be the year of A-beauty and all things Scandi. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that Finnish brand Lumene has launched in the UK and has received a storm of praise. Lumene personifies the Finnish approach to beauty where skincare comes first. With its glow-boosting antioxidant formulas and super sheer bases, it’s the ultimate brand to go Scandi chic in 2019. Our top picks? The Lumene Nordic C [Valo] Glow Boost Essence and Invisible Illumination line.

Shop now.

The Soap co

The Soap Co. Instagram

There are so many reasons to love The Soap Co., and not just because their products are brilliant and smell amazing (the Geranium & Rhubarb collection is INSANE). The brand is dedicated to helping others, with all of their products handcrafted in the UK by people who are blind, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged. In addition, their packaging is largely environmentally friendly. For example, the bottles each product is packaged in are made from old milk bottles that have a 45% lower environmental impact than regular PET bottles. This is the ultimate feel good brand of 2019.

Shop now.

Wildsmith Skin

Wildsmith Skin Instagram

Combining the worlds of nature and science, Wildsmith Skin was created in order to offer skincare addicts an ethical range that actually delivers. Inspired by the natural wonder of the arboretum in the woodlands of Heckfield Place (planted by William Walker Wildsmith, hence the brand’s name), this curated line of skincare must-haves features seven products including a beautiful cleansing balm and a luxe hydrating oil.

Shop now.

Allies Of Skin

Allies of Skin Instagram

Created by former acne sufferer Nicolas Travis, Allies of Skin is dedicated to providing skincare solutions for all skin types, including blemish-prone skin. The luxurious formulas are packaged in chic, user-friendly packaging, and target a whole host of issues such as dehydration, stress and dullness. The overnight masks are particularly effective, with the Bright Future Sleeping Facial a firm favourite already.

Shop now.


Dizziak Instagram

Dizziak was created by Loretta De Feo, a former beauty journalist for Stylist, who was fed up with the lack of truly effective deep, nourishing conditioners for afro hair that were available to buy. Born from this frustration came her brand Dizziak, which consists of deeply hydrating hair products that don’t rely on super harsh chemicals. As well as boasting effective formulas, the brand also has some of the most Instagram-friendly packaging in beauty right now.

Shop now.

Bee Yu

Bee Yu Instagram

Using a type of manuka honey native to New Zealand, this Kiwi brand is all about glow, and delivering a unique luminous complexion. As well as honey, their formulas also utilise bee venom to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Try the Face Masque for an instant boost when skin is struggling. 

Shop now. 

Flower Beauty

Flower Beauty Instagram

Flower Beauty sounding familiar? That’s because this affordable makeup brand is the brainchild of beloved actress Drew Barrymore, who has just launched her line in the UK at Superdrug. Believing beauty should be accessible to all no matter the budget, Barrymore’s collection is awash with colourful palettes, flattering lip shades and buildable bases. If it’s good enough for Drew…

Shop now.

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Naomi Campbell is the new face of Nars Cosmetics

Naomi Campbell is the new face of Nars Cosmetics


naomi campbell pregnant

Naomi Campbell is the new face of Nars Cosmetics, it has been announced.

The beauty brand took to Instagram yesterday to tell their millions of fans the exciting news, writing:

“Naomi is a living icon and brings such strong personality to the camera,” says François Nars on the new face of NARS Spring 2019 campaigns, @naomi. “She and I are like family. I have known her since the very beginning of her career. From the start, I have admired her, her beauty, and her style.”

It’s well known to beauty insiders that the iconic supermodel has actually never fronted a beauty campaign before, so this announcement sees a noticeable shift in Campbell’s work.

The first campaign featuring Naomi sees the model wearing beautiful highlighted eye makeup, long lashes and a naturally glossy lip. The makeup was done by James Kaliardos, a makeup artist who has worked on numerous campaigns such as this one.

This campaign was shot for the new Radiance Repowered range, Vogue reports. There will also be new foundation shades coming, a ‘Skin Deep Eye Palette’ and the ‘Super Radiant Booster’. There will also be a new Orgasm campaign in 2019, which the star will be fronting.

Naomi follows in the footsteps of Bella Hadid, who fronted NARS campaigns in 2017. Other stars who have represented the brand include Tilda Swinton, Charlotte Rampling and Aya Jones.

By Rebecca Fearn.

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Mineral make-up: 13 of the best beauty buys available now

Mineral make-up: 13 of the best beauty buys available now

Achieve a flawless finish while giving your skin exactly what it needs with the best mineral make-up available

Mineral make-up is changing the face of beauty and it’s not just a phase. In fact, according to a lot of experts in the industry, it’s the best foundation to combat a slew of skin problems. Not only is it kind to sensitive skin but it’s also non-comodegenic; this means it doesn’t clog pores and lead to blemishes like others. It absorbs excess oil too. So, if you have oily skin, mineral foundation will be your saviour.

Over the years people have been drawn to the idea that mineral make-up powders are more natural and therefore kinder to/more comfortable on your skin. Although many people think mineral make-up only includes powders, liquid formulas can be mineral too. If you have dry skin, but still want the goodness of a mineral foundation, get a liquid formula. Your skin will feel hydrated and dewy.

Theres’ also a range of beneficial properties to many of the formulations found today. If you suffer from redness or sallow skin, try a colour correcting mineral foundation. These can also help combat sallowness and hyper-pigmentation. And if you’re looking for something that can battle fine lines, invest in one of the anti-ageing formulations.

These foundations also make a great base for special occasions. Heading down the aisle soon and not sure what the best foundation for your wedding is? We recommend stocking up on Jane Ireland’s Pure Pressed Base. Thanks to its ability to give skin a smooth matte finish, it’s become a real favourite among brides. Apply full coverage in the morning and then touch-up throughout the day.

Shop our round-up of the best mineral make-up and find your perfect foundation below…

Mineral Foundation MAC

MAC Mineralize SPF15 Cream Compact Foundation, £27, John Lewis

mineral make-up

If you’re looking for a foundation that’s not too heavy, this lightweight cream compact from MAC really does the job.

Buy now

bareMineral Foundation

bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation, £27, Fabled


mineral make-up

If powder seems too heavy for you, try bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation. It’s ultra lightweight and doubles up as a serum. Apply with fingers for a dewy look or use a face brush and buff it into your skin. This ultra-thin, skin-perfecting fluid provides seamless adjustable coverage, a natural finish and the look and feel of beautiful skin. Plus, the shade spectrum is amazing.

Buy now

L’Oreal Mineral Foundation

L’oreal Paris True Match Minerals Powder Foundation, £14.99, Boots

mineral make-upWith its dinky in-the-lid brush and small pot, L’Oréal’s True Match Minerals is a great option for on-the-go touch-ups. Put it in your hand bag to use on your morning commute. Then once you’re on the train, simply dip the brush in the pot and apply to your face using circular motions.

Buy now

Keep reading as we chart 10 more of the best mineral make-up formulas available to buy now.

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The ultimate false lashes to make your peepers pop

The ultimate false lashes to make your peepers pop

From natural-looking lashes to statement va-va-volume, we’ve charted the best on the market

best false eyelashes

While we’re big advocates of owning the best mascara, unfortunately it can only do so much if you’ve got super short lashes. That’s why the best false eyelashes are an essential beauty investment.

We’’ve tried out a whole host of fake eyelashes and whittled it down to the top ten on the market. So whether you want flirty long ones or barely-there lashes, you’ve come to the right place.

If you want to ensure that the best false eyelashes look good, it’’s all about precise application – which can be tricky. Start by trimming your false lashes to size; measure them against your lash line and cut away any excess length. Make sure your lashes are clean and dry before you apply the falsies.

Next, apply the glue along the lash line of your false eyelashes. Now – and this is key – leave the glue to air dry for 30 seconds, or until it’’s slightly tacky.

Once the glue is tacky, but not dry, use a pair of tweezers to press the lashes down along your lash line, starting at the inside corner of your eye.

Leave to dry completely before curling, applying mascara or using your best liquid eyeliner. Using several coats of mascara will decrease the chances of your lashes ending up on your cheeks half way through the day or night.

Now that you’’ve got the art of application down, it’s time to find your perfect pair of the best false eyelashes.

If you’’re a beginner, Eylure’’s famous lashes are easy to use and come in multi-packs, so that you can experiment with different styles and lengths to find your favourite.

MAC’ lashes are loved by the pros, and will last all day if applied correctly, so they are a great choice for outdoor events like summer weddings or festival season. If removed carefully they can also be re-used several times, making them great value for money – especially if you’ve managed to get in on the best MAC makeup deals around.

If it’’s a combination of drama and natural beauty you’’re after, try Illamasqua’’s lashes in Desire. The multi-strand and criss-cross design gives a super-natural look.

If you’re not super picky about beauty brands and just want to give the look a go without spending too much, check out our Black Friday makeup deals gallery – we’re sure a couple of pairs will work there way in there.

Scroll through our round up to find your shortcut to super long lashes.

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Google’s 2018 most searched beauty questions include queries about magnetic lashes & cat eyes

Google’s 2018 most searched beauty questions include queries about magnetic lashes & cat eyes



By Rebecca Fearn.

Google has unveiled its 2018 trending topics that have been most searched for – and the beauty searches are pretty revealing.

This year, it’s been all about lashes. Google’s top three beauty-related searches all refer to lashes, from magnetic styles to removing individual falsies.

Also in the top ten are other questions about makeup, from how to do cat eye makeup to finding the right concealer and avoiding cakey makeup.

Skincare-wise, Google searchers are looking for answers about aloe vera and how to remove makeup without the dreaded makeup wipes.

Here’s what made the top ten list:

1. How to apply magnetic lashes

2. What is a lash lift

3. How to remove individual eyelashes

4. What hair color looks best on me

5. How to do a cat eye

6. How to take off makeup without makeup wipes

7. How to apply aloe vera

8. How to glue down eyebrows

9. How to fix cakey makeup

10. What concealer to use

Which beauty questions do you search for most? Tweet us at @marieclaireuk

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