These beauty podcasts will add a serious sparkle to your morning commute

These beauty podcasts will add a serious sparkle to your morning commute

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best beauty podcasts

If there’s one kind of podcast I love to listen to, it’s a beauty one. With beauty as my day job, you’d think that by the time I leave the office I’m done with all things make-up, hair and skincare for the day.

But in a tie with a good book, beauty podcasts are my favourite thing to consume on my journey home. (They’re also great for the bath or a Sunday afternoon, FYI.)

With this in mind, I’ve rounded up a handful of the most popular beauty podcasts below for you to peruse and download. Between them, they’ve got pretty much everything you could possibly want to know about beauty covered. Happy listening!

Beauty Full Lives

best beauty podcasts Beauty Full Lives

A relative newcomer to the beauty pod game, beauty journalist and blogger Madeleine Spencer launched Beauty Full Lives earlier this year and boy, is it a good’un. Focusing on our emotional relationship with beauty and with our favourite products, Madeleine already has an amazing guest roster that includes Sam & Nic Chapman, Holly Willoughby and Millie Mackintosh, as well as upcoming guests Kylie Minogue, Zoella, Mary Greenwell and Caroline Hirons. Each guest discusses the most poignant beauty moments from their life, reminding us all that beauty is about so much more than what we put on our face or in our hair. Five stars.

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Fat Mascara

best beauty podcasts Fat Mascara

Hosted by two US beauty directors, Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein, Fat Mascara discusses topical beauty news, trends, product recommendations, industry goss and more. Most episodes feature a lengthy beauty-related interview, with previous guests including the likes of Bobbi Brown, Charlotte Tilbury, Jo Malone CBE and Aerin Lauder, to name but a few.

Expect tips and anecdotes from world class make-up artists, hair stylists and beauty brand founders to fuel your obsession, as well as a LOT of lols. Plus, Jen and Jess put links to the people, places and products mentioned in each episode on the Fat Mascara website afterwards. There are now over 130 episodes for you to download and tune into, so now’s as good as time as any to get cracking.

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The Emma Guns Show

The Emma Guns Show by Emma Gunavardhana is a one-on-one chat with brilliant famous faces from all walks of life, but predominantly with a link to the beauty industry. Beauty journalist and presenter Emma really does cover it all: One episode she’ll be sat down with Beck Dorey-Stein, author of From the Corner of the Oval Office, the next she’ll be with world-renowned dermatologist Dr Dennis Gross talking all things skin. Other top guests from the nearly 200-episode strong pod include Nadine Baggot, Ruth Crilly, Claudia Winkleman, Lily Pebbles and more. Get plugged in.

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Full Coverage

Hosted by Harriet Hadfield and Lindsay Kelk, Full Coverage is basically everything a beauty junkie can ask for in podcast form: Brand new launches, cult products, how-tos, empties and industry interviews galore. It’s a gold mine. Great guests include the founders of top brands like Elemis and Ciaté London, and equally famous beauty faces like Sali Hughes. There’s even a crossover episode with The Emma Guns Show above. What more could you ask for, really?

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Breaking Beauty

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Pinch us! New episode is live with the one & only @justbobbibrown 💄💄💄She created a billion dollar empire on no-makeup makeup, working with everyone from @naomicampbell to Whitney Houston (and omgggg you won’t believe her epic #BTS moment with Jerry Hall!) 💵 Then she walked away from it all in 2016. We catch up on allll the amazing adventures this serial entrepreneur is up to now including her wellness + beauty supplement line @evolution_18 with news of her own podcast dropping this fall🎙(Welcome to the #ladypodsquad Bobbi!) All of that, plus we swap #beauty tips (including a surprising @foodnetwork star that created a custom fragrance for her!) Stay tuned to the end when we ask the question on everyone’s mind: Will she ever create a #makeup line again?! 🤔 #linkinbio to listen 🎧 Audio production: @nashmimi

A post shared by BreakingBeautyPodcast🎙💋💅🏻 (@breakingbeautypodcast) on Sep 26, 2018 at 5:38am PDT

‘Behind every beauty product there’s a damn good story’ – instantly you’re drawn in, right? Breaking Beauty, hosted by former magazine editors Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins chat to ‘icons and icons in the making’ about all things beauty. The premise is all about the best-selling beauty products and the stories that make them, so you’ll learn a lot of make-up and skincare anecdotes along the way. Top guests include the Bobbi Brown, Caroline Hirons, celeb hairstylist and Ouai founder Jen Atkin, Glossier founder Emily Weiss, and so many more…

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Apologies in advance for filling up your phone memory – but it’s totally worth it.

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Make-up made easy in six simple steps by a world class, legendary make-up artist

Make-up made easy in six simple steps by a world class, legendary make-up artist

Who else better to ask for tips?!

There are make-up artists, and then there’s Val Garland. You may not know her by name, but you will know her work; Mario Testino, Kate Moss, Lady Gaga, Alexander McQueen, countless fashion weeks. You name it, she’s done it. There are very few faces in the fashion and film industries that haven’t been painted by this make-up guru.

She also happens to be L’Oreal Paris’ Make-up Director – helping to develop product, as well as her boundary-pushing artistry. She says her aim when designing beauty images, is to create something ‘I would want to hang it up on my wall.’

In celebration of the launch of her book, Validated (which is out now and would make one heck of a great Christmas present for fashion lovers), we sat down with her and demanded that she share some of her knowledge with us.

Here are her go-to tricks that make make-up that much easier:

The Feline Flick

‘Always do your liner looking down into a mirror. For the complete novice, you want to start with your flick. The best way to sort out your flick is to take a pencil, or a business card or some tape, and go from the corner of your nose to the edge of your eye, and that will give you a good diagonal. Draw a little tick along that line. I like to use a felt tip pen to do my own eyeliner – it’s quite idiot proof. Then, draw another line from the top of the tick to the centre of the eye. Next fill in that negative space. Then draw a thin line from the inner eye out to meet the centre. Then the secret is to match the other eye with the same angle. Every single person can do one eye great, and one not-so-great. So always do your not-so-great eye first.’

The Highlighter

‘If you want that super high shine gleam, then you want a powder highlighter that’s not going to move. If you’d rather something a bit more subtle, then the L’Oréal Paris Glow Drops are great. You take a tiny drop of that and using a fluffy brush buff it into the high points of your face. If you’re really scared of highlighter and looking too shiny, once you’ve finished your base take a little bit of moisturiser and just tap it in with your fingertips.’

L’Oreal Paris Mon Amour Liquid Highlighting Drops, £6.95 Look Fantastic

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The Concealer

‘When you have big bags under your eyes, you want to draw attention away from them. A lot of people make a mistake by choosing a light colour of concealer, in the hope that it will hide the bags. But invariably it makes the area just look grey. So the secret to camouflaging a good under eye area is to use a peach coloured concealer, because eye bags are green-blue so you want to bring the red back a bit. Use this first, and then put your base over the top. Concealer placement is also very important. Instead of applying concealer right up close to your lash line, you should be placing it more on the bottom of the socket line. You’re using concealer to reflect light up into the eye.’

The Lipstick

‘Applying lipstick is so easy. I think lipsticks are so fantastic today that you can just go straight from the bullet. You can soften the look by going over it with your fingertips, so there isn’t a harsh line. What I sometimes do with models is just apply lipstick onto the lower lip, and then get them to press their lips together, and then you’re half way there.’

The Eyeshadow

‘It totally depends what sort of effect you want to achieve, but I think if you’re unsure of how to apply eyeshadow the best way is to use a soft eyeliner or creamy eyeshadow pencil and buff it out. That way you get the ease of the buffing of the cream, and then it will set and won’t move. And you’re done.’

The Lashes

‘Everyone should curl their eyelashes. Everyone.’

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Charlotte Tilbury’s Party Takeover: 5 looks to master for the holiday season

Charlotte Tilbury’s Party Takeover: 5 looks to master for the holiday season

It’s time to shine…

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to up the ante, so we asked celebrity make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury to create five stand out looks especially for Marie Claire. Prepare to wow.

Glitter Ball

Whether you want high-octane glitz or just a hint of sparkle, this look is playful, easy-to-do and will take your party look from zero to hero. ‘Start off with a flawless canvas,’ says make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury. Here, she used her Magic Away Concealer, £24   and Light Wonder Foundation, £32. You’ll also want to apply concealer to your lids and under-eye area to give the glitter something to adhere to,’ adds Tilbury who shared her exclusive pro tips on this shoot.

‘Then, pat the loose, chunky flecks over the top with your ring finger, working fast, before they sets. Finish with one coat of mascara, applied just at the roots, to keep it looking modern.’ Try  Sleek Glitterfest Biodegradable Glitter in Silver, £5.49, and Yves Saint Laurent The Curler Mascara in Black, £26.

Photography by Jason Hetherington

Guilty Secrets

Chocolate and gold: The winning make-up combination for every skin tone. But the festive season gives us license to be more adventurous, so take yourself out of your beauty comfort zone and use metallics to pump up the drama. You’ll need to start with a glossy complexion, so give dull skin a light-bulb moment with Charlotte Tilbury’s Bar of Gold Palette, £49, which delivers a metallic sheen to cheekbones, nose and cupid’s bow.

For sculpted eyes, sweep Chanel’s Longwear Powder Eyeshadow in Chocolate Brown, £26, over lids before dabbing sparkly Tom Ford’s Shadow Extreme in TFX2 Gold, £30, onto the inner corners. ‘The key is to blend, blend, blend with a make-up brush so the two tones meld seamlessly,’ says Tilbury. To enhance the mouth, she swiped her Matte Revolution Lipstick in Birkin Brown, £24, onto model Veridiana’s lips.

Photography by Jason Hetherington

Mad About Matte

Whatever else you wear, red lipstick will have you party-ready in seconds. This season’s top lip tip? Focus on the finish. Shiny can look OTT, but a velvety matte stamp is both chic and cool. Plus it’s all the more doable now that lipstick formulas are flexible and soft, rather than chalky and dense. ‘If you want to re-shape and re-size your lips and Cupid’s Bow, stencil first with a “stealth liner”,’ says Tilbury.

‘Trace the natural outline of your lips, correct any asymmetrical unevenness, then enhance the roundness by going slightly outside the lip line.’ Try Tilbury’s Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Kiss n Tell, £16, and then press Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick in Tell Laura, £24, straight from the bullet onto your mouth.

Photography by Jason Hetherington

Back to Black

Smoky eyes are elegant, mysterious and face lifting but can also be unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming to create. Tilbury’s technique involves just two products. Start off with a cream base such as BareMinerals’ Gen Nude Eyeshadow + Primer in Exposed, £19 to encourage anything you apply on top to stay put.

Then, use a small brush to create a chunky, feline shaped line of black shadow and sweep it down on to the lower lashline. Add a slick of black eyeliner for more intensity. We love Charlotte Tilbury’s Smoke shade from The Sophisticate Palette, £39, and the Classic Eye Pencil in Audrey, £16 – both are dark and matte. Mascara (try Legendary Lashes Volume 2, £25), brushed up brows, nude blush and flushed lips are just dressy enough.

Photography by Jason Hetherington

Pink Power

Christmas is a time to get creative with colour but, instead of a rainbow palette, just stick to one shade. Tilbury chose millennial pink – unexpected, yes, but boy does it work. Step one: create a sheer makeup base. ‘I like to massage the skin with my Magic Cream, £70, to stimulate lymphatic drainage and boost circulation,’ she says.

Next up is a sweep of the Hollywood Beauty Light Wand, £29, over the tops of cheekbones, the tip of the nose and the inner corner of the eyes. ‘It gives this amazing spotlight sheen,’ says Tilbury. Add a light wash of rosy-coloured cream shadow to your lids – try Givenchy Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadow 16H Hold Waterproof in Rose Illusion, £20. Then apply Charlotte Tilbury Kissing Lipsticks in Velvet Underground, £24. Skip mascara, this look is impactful and fresher without it.

Photography by Jason Hetherington

Which one of Charlotte’s looks is your favourite? Let us know at @marieclaireuk.

For more make-up tips, tutorials and product recommendations, head to our beauty section at the top of the page.

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The best contouring kits to define and sculpt like a pro

The best contouring kits to define and sculpt like a pro

Achieving chiselled cheeks in an instant has never been easier; shop our edit of the best contour kits on the market.

best contour kits

Learning how to contour is a make-up skill every beauty buff should master. And it’’s never been easier thanks to the best contour kits now available from beauty brands for all budgets.

We’’ve road-tested the best contour kits the market has to offer and found which ones are the easiest to use, which are the ones that look most natural and which ones we’d recommend for on the go top-ups.

Whichever kit you choose, the key is to start with a good base – start with the best foundation and best use the best make-up brushes when starting out. Contouring is to add shadows and highlights to the cheek and brow bones, where needed. Your cheeks will be the key point to add shape to your face. Locate your cheek bones and add shadow with the darkest colour in your kit diagonally downwards under the bone. This line should roughly follow the middle of the ear to the bottom of the nose. Next, highlight your bone structure by adding a light-reflecting shade along the cheeks and just below the eyebrows. With the best contour kits, it makes highlighting and shading a doddle.

best contour kits

Whilst blusher has made a huge 2018 comeback (these are some of the best blushers that we are obsessed with) there will always be demand for the best contour kits.

The best contouring make-up

If you like working with powder, we love Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow, £49. This luxury powder contour kit contain rich, light-reflecting colours that are really easy to work with. If you’’re looking for a beauty bargain, Barry M’s Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit, £6.49 is budget-friendly and works with a simple shadow, bronze and highlight trio.

If cream or gel textures are more your thing, try Illamasqua’’s Gel Sculpt Face Contouring Stick, £22. This is so easy to use and you can smudge the colour in with fingertips for a more natural finish.

Shop our edit of the best contour kits on the market now…

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Vegan beauty brands and products you should have on your radar

Vegan beauty brands and products you should have on your radar

You’re going to want ALL of these

vegan beauty

Vegan beauty is undeniably one of the fastest growing skincare and make-up categories, with more and more brands making a conscious effort to provide animal-free options to customers. You won’t find any beeswax, propolis or fish scales here.

November is World Vegan Month, so below we’ve broken down the vegan beauty brands you need to know about – as well as the brands offering excellent products that just happen to be vegan, too.

Spectrum Collections

Perfect Blend 8 Piece Eye Set, £29.99, Boots

vegan beauty brands Spectrum Collections

Founded by sisters Sophie and Hannah in 2014, Spectrum brushes are loved by pro make-up artists and vegan beauty lovers everywhere. As well as being animal free they are incredibly good quality and, very importantly, work just as well (if not better) than their non-synthetic counterparts. Whether you like a plain white and copper colour scheme or millennial pink unicorn vibes, this brush brand has got you covered.

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Le Labo

Santal 33 Eau de Parfum, £125, Liberty London

vegan beauty brands Le Labo

Finding great vegan perfume can be a pretty tricky business, but brilliant and boujie perfume brand Le Labo is 100% animal-free. You can spritz that signature Santal 33 or Bergamote 22 safe in the knowledge that every last drop is completely vegan. (Side note: If you don’t already follow the hilarious Instagram account @overheardlelabo you should do so ASAP.)

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Skyn Iceland

Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, £25, Cult Beauty

vegan beauty brands Skyn Iceland

Skyn Iceland was born after its founder, Sarah, traveled to Iceland after a period of serious illness brought on by chronic stress. She was inspired by the natural beauty of Iceland and the radiant skin of the locals – and so all of Skyn’s products are packed with powerful Icelandic ingredients. As well as being 100% vegan and not testing on animals, the products do not contain mineral oil, sulphates or petroleum. These under eye gels are a personal favourite, waking up tired eyes and minimising bags after just 15-20 minutes of wear.

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Pai Skinare

Camellia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, £30, John Lewis

vegan beauty brands Pai Skincare

The Maori word ‘pai’ means goodness, which funnily enough is the philosophy behind this British skincare brand; all Pai Skincare products are made using high quality organic ingredients and optimised for sensitive skin. The cleanser is one of their best-selling products and handily comes with a textured face cloth to help get all the make-up and grime off your skin.

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The Soap Co

Mulberry and Amber Hand Wash, £16,

vegan beauty brands The Soap Co

All of The Soap Co‘s delicious-smelling products are hand-crafted by disabled or blind people (note the Braille on every bottle), and they work extremely hard to be as responsible a brand as possible. Packaging is made using old milk bottles, with 45% less of an environmental impact than PET, and they use compostable labels, biodegradeable and non-toxic glue, and paper that is both recycled and recyclable. The new Mulberry and Amber scent is particularly delicious, and they’ve just launched into John Lewis so now there’s even more of an excuse for you to stock up on their soaps, body washes and body oils.

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Maria Nila

True Soft Shampoo, £14.93, Sally Beauty

vegan beauty brands Maria Nila

Developed and made in Sweden, Maria Nila haircare is registered with the Leaping Bunny, Peta and The Vegan Society. The True Soft range is a great all-rounder but particularly good for slightly dry hair; other ranges include Pure Volume and Head & Hair Heal for repair. As all formulas sulphate-free, they’re all suitable for coloured hair and every time you buy one of their products, you’re contributing to tree-planting in South America. Be sure to try the hair masks too.

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INIKA Organic

Long Lash Vegan Mascara, £23, Lookfantastic

vegan beauty brands INIKA Organic

Australian beauty brand INIKA Organic is another great 100% vegan brand with an impressive CV – did you know they’re behind the world’s first certified certified organic and vegan lipsticks? Some of their celebrity fans include eco fashion and beauty fan Emma Watson and Hilary Swank (and us, obvs).

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Legendary Amazon Oil, £40, Cult Beauty

vegan beauty brands Rahua

Named after the rahua oil produced by the Quechua-Shuar tribe of the Amazon – who use the precious oil to keep their skin and hair nourished – Rahua is a rainforest-grown beauty brand with sustainability at its heart. The founders believe that clean and non-toxic hair and skin products are essential for overall health, so their products are all formulated using plants rather than chemicals. As well as being vegan, all products are entirely paraben, sulphate and gluten-free too. The new Legendary Amazon Oil, containing rahua, morete, sacha inchi and gardenia flower oils, will nourish and repair your hair to shiny perfection.

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Keep scrolling for the best vegan make-up, skincare and hair products below – but note that not all other products from these brands are vegan.

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The best mascara to lengthen, curl and volumise your lashes

The best mascara to lengthen, curl and volumise your lashes

When it comes to mascara, these are the best in the business

best mascara

Ah, mascara. Without a doubt the one item we’d hail as a ‘can’t-live-without’ in a beauty version of Desert Island Discs. There’s just something about giving your lashes a bit of oomph with the best mascara that no other cosmetic can quite match (not even your best liquid eyeliner).

Whether you’ve got stubborn, straight lashes, unbearably short ones, or you just want to add a bit of volume to your eyelashes, we’ve tried and tested a job lot of the best mascara formulas and narrowed it down to a few choice buys every woman should have in her beauty arsenal.

Walk this way for a tour through the best mascaras on the market, old and new, for just about every lash type, and keep your eye out for our Prix Beauty Award winner.

We’re sure you’ll leave here with a new beauty best friend.

Best waterproof mascara

Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara, £19, Fabled

best mascara Clinique High Impact Waterproof MascaraClinique’s waterproof mascara accompanies many to weddings, funerals and other important occasions during which crying might occur – because it just will not budge until you take to it with a good eye make-up remover. It has staying power we can only liken to that of a determined customer who camps outside department stores ahead of the Boxing Day sales. Adding just the right amount of length and volume, sensitive-eyed girls will also love it for smudge-free days. One of the best waterproof mascaras you’ll ever try.

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Best mascara for length

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara, £24.50, Fabled

best mascara Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara

When it comes to the best mascara for a lengthening job, this is a super pigmented game-changer. The thicker brush combs through your lashes to build the length volume of each, unlike a lot of volumising mascaras which clump lashes together for a bolder lash look. The result? Spidery, jet black lashes that are the best finishing touch to any eye make-up look – but especially a smokey eye.

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Best mascara for volume

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, £19, Selfridgesbest mascara Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

A mascara called ‘Better Than Sex’ has got a lot to answer for and, fortunately for Too Faced, this one does. We’re talking standout lashes that are both thick and lengthy. What’s more, the helix-shaped wand is great at reaching into those tiny inner corner lashes and bumping up the outer ones. Great for nights out with your best eyeshadow, but is it really better than sex? We’ll let you decide on that one…

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Best mascara for short lashes

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes , £23, Cult Beauty

best mascara Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Mascara

Fed up of using several different mascaras to lengthen, volumise, and darken respectively, Charlotte Tilbury wanted to bring an ‘all in one’ mascara to the masses. And, being Charlotte Tilbury, she did exactly that. The cleverly designed brush catches hold of even the shortest, finest lashes, pushing them up and outwards to enhance your eyes to the max. When it comes to the best mascara for short lashes, always go for Full Fat.

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Best mascara for straight lashes

Avon mark. Big & Extreme Mascara, £6

best mascaras

Avon don’t have shops or concessions in department stores, which means they save so much money on rent, staffing etc and they’re able to keep prices low. Where does that spare money go? Straight back into researching formulas and developing incredible products, like this mascara. It’s been created with this whizzy elasto-stretch technology, which means that it curls your lashes and keeps them curled. If you feel that they’ve straighten later in the day, using your index fingers push your lashes up and back to re-curl them.

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Best mascara for sensitive eyes

Blinc Tubing Mascara, £22.20, Beauty Bay

best mascara Blinc Mascara

It is a truth universally acknowledged that sensitive eyes water and, unfortunately, streaming eyes lead to under-eye smudge. As well as your traditional, run-of-the-mill fibre mascara there are also tubing formulas, which are a whole different ball game for sensitive, weepy-eyed mascara users. These wrap your lashes in sweat resistant ‘tubes’, and the brand has tested the formula to ensure it’s appropriate for sensitive eyes, contact lenses, active types, the works. The slogan says it all: ‘Stop painting your lashes… Tube them.’

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Best mascara for length and volume

Dior DiorShow Mascara, £27, John Lewis

best mascara Dior DiorShow MascaraLegendary make-up artist Pat McGrath helped create this punch-packing mascara little over ten years ago during fashion week, where she resorted to applying it with a toothbrush on models for proper fluttery lashes. And so it was that DiorShow, the inky-black mascara of dreams, was born. It’s about as close as you’ll get to dramatic lashes without buying a pair of falsies (and a hell of a lot easier to apply, too), so it’s really no wonder that it’s such a crowd-pleaser.

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Best smudge-proof mascara

Kevyn Aucoin The Curling Mascara, £23, Space NK

best mascara smudge proof Kevyn Aucoin

Another tubing formula, legendary MUA Kevyn Aucoin’s curling formula lifts lashes for lasting emphasis and definiton and is a great everyday wear; if you want more volume, the Volume Mascara is also excellent. Like all tubing formulas, this won’t come off until you press a hot, wet flannel against your lashes to soak the tubes off, so you can bet your bottom dollar it’s going to stay put all the day long.

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Best high street mascara

Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl Mascara, £6.29, Beauty Expert

best mascara drugstore Bourjois

This is without a doubt one of the best mascaras you can bag at a drugstore counter. Not only does it promise added volume and length, but the curved brush grabs them all to give the ultimate lift. Easy to use and gives results, meaning it’s less than a tenner very well spent.

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Best mascara for the natural look

Glossier Lash Slick, £14

best mascara

This mascara is to lashes, what a cashmere jumper is to weekends – the perfect accompaniment. It won’t give you the fluttery false lash effect, but it will slightly lengthen your natural lashes for that elusive ‘no make-up make-up’ look. Pair with a dab of cream blusher and groomed brows.

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Best mascara for your bottom lashes

Ohii Mini Mascara, £14 Urban Outfitters

best mascara

If you have long, luscious bottom lashes (first of all, you lucky biatch) then you don’t have to keep reading. But if you have quite short lashes that when you try to apply mascara with a normal wand you look like you’ve been crying for a week solidly, then this is going to be a revelation for you. The brush is thin, yet still long, and it coats every last lash. The dream.

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Check out a few more of our fave lash-enhancers, from budget to bank-breaking (but worth it), below.

Your eyes will never have looked better.

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The best eyeshadow palettes to totally transform your make-up game

The best eyeshadow palettes to totally transform your make-up game

We put the best to the test, so you don’t have to

best eyeshadow palettes

Buying eye make-up needn’t be a chore these days; there are hundreds of the best eyeshadow palettes lining every drugstore and department store beauty hall.

As well as the best liquid eyeliner to make the whole look truly pop, a sweep of shadow adds colour and depth to your overall look. And of course, the whole thing is only completed by fanning out the lashes with your best mascara.

When it comes to SS18, green is having a major moment. We know what you’re thinking – green eye make-up? It’s not exactly sexy. Except when it’s in the hands of Tom Pecheux; at Elie Saab, he mixed bright green with brown for an earthy take on the shade, before spreading it along the lash line and lids.

best eyeshadow palette

Get the look by smudging out Sisley Phyto-Kohl Star Waterproof in Mystic Green, £36 at John Lewis, or use your fingers to sweep Chanel Les 9 Ombres Exclusive Creation in Affresco, £67 at House of Fraser.

Whether you want a compact quad à la Charlotte Tilbury, Tom Ford or SUQQU, or a mega-range of shades sprawling a giant palette from the likes of Huda Beauty, one of the best eyeshadow palettes will get you your colour fix.

The best eyeshadow primer

But, as with any blank canvas, there’s one essential first step: prep the area. No smokey eye can go the distance without a little help from the best eyeshadow primer on the block (because who wants to re-do the whole look a few hours later?).

While Bobbi Brown and Clinique both offer solid options, none holds a candle to Urban Decay’s Original Primer Potion, £17.50, Fabled. Smoothing the whole surface of your lid out, it grips onto shadow for smudge-free wear all day (or all night) long.

Without further ado, allow us to give you a quick tour of the best eyeshadow palettes in the beauty biz.

Keep scrolling for the best, Marie Claire-approved buys on the market right now.

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Waterproof mascara that’ll stay put through rain, sweat and tears

Waterproof mascara that’ll stay put through rain, sweat and tears

Not all waterproof mascaras are created equal, but rest assured that these are the best

best waterproof mascara

I love mascara. In a toss up against good eyebrow products, it would probably come out on top as my favourite make-up bag product. And when it comes to waterproof mascara I won’t go on holiday, brave a funeral or step foot in a gym without it.

These days, the best waterproof mascara is just as good (if not better) than your run-of-the-mill smudgeable one. While waterproof formulas of days gone by didn’t always make your lashes look anything exceptional, in 2018 they can lengthen, curl and volumise just as well as the best mascara.

Lash tinting is another great option for holidays but waterproof mascara is much more affordable, so rifle through our hand-picked favourites below to find the right one for you. You might never look back.

Rimmel Day 2 Night Waterproof Mascara, £7.99, Boots

Waterproof Mascara Rimmel

Everyone loves an offer. I mean BOGOF gives us life, no? Well check this one out – two mascaras for the price of one. One for daytime that lengthens and one for the night that volumises. And both of them are waterproof. Mic. Drop.

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MAC In Extreme Dimension Waterproof Mascara, £20, John Lewis

waterproof mascara MAC

Who better to ask for a formula that’s good enough for make-up artists than Make-up Art Cosmetics themselves? Think In Extreme Dimension mascara, but waterproof: expert definition that withstands the smudging effects of day-to-day life in an ultra-black, eye-enhancing formula. Cheers, MAC.

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Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara, £8.20, Feelunique

waterproof mascara Max Factor

We love Max Factor False Lash Effect, you love Max Factor False Lash Effect, we all love Max Factor False Lash Effect. Guess what: you’re gonna love the waterproof version too.

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Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara, £19.50, Fabled

waterproof mascara Clinique

Clinique is renowned for excellent mascaras (bottom lash, anyone?) and their waterproof one also has a brilliant reputation; it’s the go-to in my family for funerals, which says it all really. It won’t flake down your face and it’s available in brown if you prefer a softer colour than black.

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Benefit BADgal Waterproof Mascara, £19.50, Cult Beauty

waterproof mascara Benefit

Our favourite Benefit BADgal mascara also has a waterproof counterpart, and it’’s long-wearing, smudge-proof and volumising. What more could you ask for, really?

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Dior DIORSHOW Waterproof Mascara, £27, John Lewis

waterproof mascara Dior

A couple of coats of DIORSHOW mascara gives bold, glossy and dramatic lashes. The waterproof version is just as amazing and lasts all day if you’re hitting up the beach, spending the day in the pool or your own wedding. Naturally, there’s a blacker-than-black shade but there’s also very wearable rich brown that looks super natural.

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Lancôme Monsieur Big Waterproof Mascara, £21, Feelunique

waterproof mascara Lancome Monsieur Big

If you’ve tried Lancôme’s new Monsieur Big mascara and loved it – fat, volumised lashes that pack a punch – then we’ve got some good news for you: It’s also available in an equally punchy waterproof version. Hurrah!

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Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara, £25, John Lewis

waterproof mascara Bobbi Brown

This one is cited by many as their every day mascara because it’s particularly good for slightly sensitive watery eyes. It amps up lashes so well that you wouldn’t know it’s waterproof, but it really does work wonders when it comes to withstanding water, sweat, tears… etc.

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Waterproof mascara remover

Last but not least, you’ll need something that actually has the power to remove these moisture-resistant formulae, because warm water ain’t gonna cut it. Our two top buys are Lancôme Bi-Facil, £21.50 at Fabled, or La Roche-Posay Respectissime for Sensitive Eyes, £11 at Boots. No waterproof mascara is a match for these potent potions. If you’re looking for something with a smaller price tag though, try out Simple’s Kind to Eyes Eye Make-up Remover, £3.80 at Boots.

We defy you not to find a waterproof mascara you’ll fall in love with in our pick above.

Words by Lucy Abbersteen and Katie Thomas

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ASOS just launched cute AF Halloween make-up kits to solve your last minute woes

ASOS just launched cute AF Halloween make-up kits to solve your last minute woes

White Walkers, but make it *fashion*

asos halloween

Halloween’s one of those holidays I love, but always seems to creep up on me out of nowhere. As my friends can attest, I’m not somebody who’s great at planning in advance and you’ll usually find me frantically tearing through Primark mere hours before a Halloween party — trying to pull together a cheap last minute outfit. This year though, ASOS has solved all my fancy dress woes as they’ve just released a set of all-in-one Halloween make-up kits I’m obsessed with.

The kits have just launched online and there’s three of them, depending on what kind of look you’re going for. For those who still can’t get over Pennywise in It, there’s a clown kit aptly named ‘foolish’ which will take the creepy look into cute AF territory with glitter and face gems.

asos halloween

ASOS DESIGN Makeup Halloween Kit – foolish

asos halloween

Priced at £15, available at ASOS

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Coco stans will also be sorted with the ‘haunted’ set, which includes a black and white face crayon for you to perfect any finnicky skeletal details. (Sometimes a make-up brush just doesn’t do the job.) And for an extra dash of glitz, they’ve also thrown in some amber face gems to bring a splash of colour to your look.

asos halloween

ASOS DESIGN Makeup Halloween Kit – haunted

asos halloween

Priced at £15, available at ASOS

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And finally if you just can’t wait for Game of Thrones series eight to drop next year, there’s a very White Walker ‘glacial’ set which is full of frosty blues and whites. I’m personally in love with the fact that the set includes white eyelashes, which will have you looking like you’ve just stepped in from a snowstorm and nails the look.

asos halloween

ASOS DESIGN Makeup Halloween Kit – glacial

asos halloween

Priced at £15, available at ASOS

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Also bear in mind, those are just my own suggestions for where those kits could take you. The ‘glacial’ set could veer very easily into Frozen territory, while the colour palette in the ‘foolish’ set has everything you need for a glam Princess Mononoke.

If you’re still stumped on ideas for October 31, we’ve put together a list of amazing Halloween makeup ideas and our team has also pulled together some Halloween makeup tutorials that are easy enough to master. And if you’re less of a makeup girl and want to commit to a major costume look, we’ve also compiled the best Halloween costume ideas from the celebs to sort you out.

ASOS’ makeup kits are priced at £15, which might sound steep at first but they’re made up of eight beauty products; including goodies from ASOS’ makeup line. Including face gems, liquid highlighter, face crayons, primer and glitter, you won’t have to go rooting around in your make-up bag or ruin your good stuff trying drawing on red lipstick noses and eyeliner skulls. It’s all there and it’s just easier TBH, plus it’s all vegan-friendly so extra props on that front ASOS.

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The best eyebrow makeup to fill, tame and accentuate your arches

The best eyebrow makeup to fill, tame and accentuate your arches

How to go from fine to full in a matter of minutes

best eyebrow products

Our brow preferences couldn’t have changed more over the last decade. Gone are the super-sparse brows of the nineties; instead, we’re beefing them up using the best eyebrow makeup money can buy.

But not everyone was blessed with thick, full, Delevingne-esque eyebrows and, sadly, the majority of us have to fake it in the brow department.

While microblading treatments have rapidly gained popularity over the last few years, we wouldn’t blame you if you’re reluctant to spend a few hundred quid on getting your brows filled in. The best eyebrow makeup is a much cheaper solution when looking how to get thicker eyebrows.

From velvety soft pencils that’ll fill your eyebrows in stroke-by-stroke, to thickening pomades and growth-enhancing serums, the world’s your oyster when it comes to formulas and shades.

So where do you start when choosing the best brow makeup?

If you like a thick, dark and defined brow shape, choose a pomade like Anastasia Beverley Hills Dip Brow Pomade. It’s a bestseller for a reason, it’s long lasting and gives you perfectly shaped arches.

If you prefer a more natural look, try a clear brow gel (we, like the rest of the world, love Glossier). These will fix your brows in place without it looking like your wearing any product at all.

When choosing a colour, the key is to always go for a duskier, earthier shade of your hair colour – very warm or orange-toned brows look too ‘done’ and unnatural-looking. And ideally, stay within a two shade range – no more than one shade lighter or darker than your current hair colour.

Once you’re clued up on the best eyebrow shapes for your face shape, read on for the Marie Claire approved eyebrow products you can find on UK beauty shelves.

How to fill in eyebrows

Brow beginners may be unsure of how to fill in your eyebrows without them looking too obvious. ‘I map out the brows with three dots and then fill in to create the perfect shape,’ says Tonya Crookes, celebrity brow artist and founder of The Browgal. ‘To find the point at which your brows should start, draw an imaginary line from the corner of your nose, directly upwards.

best brow products

Courtesy of The Browgal

‘Next, draw a line from the corner of the nose, through the pupil to find the highest point of the brow. The end of the brow should fall in line with the corner of the nose and the outside edge of the eye. Your pencil should be sharp to create hair-like strokes.’

Eyebrow kit

Clarins Perfect Eyes & Brows Palette, £29.75 John Lewis

best eyebrow makeup Clarins

This kit has everything you could need for perfectly perky brows – three different shades, so that the colour won’t look flat, a wax for shaping, a highlighting powder for the brow bone, a brush, a spoolie and that all important pair of mini tweezers.

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Eyebrow pencil

Tom Ford Brow Sculptor, £36 House of Fraser

best eyebrow makeup Tom Ford

There’s a reason so many people love this brow pencil – the formula is slightly waxy so not only does it fill in colour, but the angled tip shapes brows as you draw. Comes in four colours that suit all hair colours.

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Eyebrow gel

Lime Crime Bushy Brow Gel, £18 Beauty Bay

best eyebrow makeup

If you love bushy, bushy brows – think Cara Deleveigne and the Olsen twins – then you must introduce this into your arsenal immediately. The spoolie is super fine, meaning it attaches to every hair making the bushiness look really natural. It also stays in place in all day. Also, the shades (like most brand offerings) are done by hair colour, but this is the first brand we’ve seen do a proper redhead one

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Eyebrow powder

Benefit Foolproof Eyebrow Powder, £20.50 Boots

best eyebrow makeup Benefit

Benefit are the queens of the brow. When they saw a gap in the market – they didn’t just launch a brow product, they launched a whole collection dedicated to the little sliver of hair above our eyes. This eyebrow powder is exactly what it says on the tin – foolproof. Where do your apply the lighter shade? Well just take a look at the handy guide…

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These brow products are your one-way ticket to the perfect arches – because, as the saying goes, if your eyes really are the window to your soul, then your brows are surely the frame…

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