I finally cleared up my acne and these are the must-have ingredients that did it

I finally cleared up my acne and these are the must-have ingredients that did it

One woman recounts her journey from heavily blemished 27-year-old to a fresh-faced, acne-free woman who no longer feels the need to wear foundation,,,

Words by Lamya Tilmatine

I was staring at my reflection in the bathroom mirror with a face riddled with pimples and scars. This was no regular breakout – I had acne.

The pimples, some red and swollen others with white heads, were angry and quite painful, particularly to look at. At the time I was a 26-year-old teacher in Dubai, literally living the dream. Only, my skin had completely hijacked my life.

I couldn’t wear make-up without it caking around my spots, evenings out were ruined by my low self-esteem and feeling self-conscious and the heat only seemed to make it worse.

To top it off, I spent hundreds trying excessive amounts of high-street branded skincare with big names, bigger promises and a long ingredient list, which later I learned made my acne much worse.

Nothing was working and I started to hate going out – I didn’t even want my husband to look at me for long periods of time during conversation.

I decided it was time to take back control of my skin.

What I did first (and what didn’t work)

The first thing I did was research the best acne treatments that had worked for others, but they were either too expensive or completely unfounded – like the use of apple cider vinegar.

Sudocrem helped with inflammation and reduced the swelling of some pimples, but that’s it. However I did find plenty of information on key ingredients that help with acne – salicylic acid being the main one.

I popped down to the local shop and bought a generic face wash with matching moisturiser that had salicylic acid listed in the ocean of ingredients printed on the back.

After a week, it seemed to have made my skin worse.

I then tried Tea Tree oil, the holy grail of essential oils that claims to help fight acne – it had some effect but after months of using it as a toner, wash and spot treatment my skin became dry, flaky and immune to its extreme antibacterial properties.

I ended up having dark patches of dry skin around my chin and mouth so I dialled it down to only using it as a toner.

Call the doctor

After months of practicing my new skincare routine, little had changed and  so I booked an appointment with my doctor.

She prescribed antibiotics, which I wasn’t too pleased with about as I wanted something I could sustain long term; I didn’t want to have to rely on antibiotics for clearer skin.

After two weeks it did help with one or two pimples, but it couldn’t keep up with the rate at which my pimples were forming. In a day, I could easily have two new pimples to join the pimple party that I had on my face.

It was time to try something else.

What causes acne?

‘I commonly see the following cycle – girl breaks out, girl panics, girl applies heavy-duty makeup to conceal blemishes… the acne worsens so she applies more make-up,’ says Dr Sam Bunting, a lead dermatologist and skincare expert, summing up my life with acne.

It is really important to understand what type of acne you have and how it is caused. With acne, the skin’s sebaceous glands are over producing oil (sebum), which clogs our pores, causing them to become infected and resulting in acne.

Acne can be ‘small red bumps – papules, red bumps with a white head – pustules or deeper, tender more lumps lesions – nodules and cysts’, explains Dr Bunting. These spots develop from blocked pores, too much oil and clogging of follicles with dead skin cells and grime from the day.

The little bumps found on our skin are sometimes open to air (blackheads), Dr Bunting explains, which the P. acnes bacteria thrives on if clogged and oily.

Sugar, dairy and acne

I then looked at changing my lifestyle in the hope of pinpointing a trigger.

I began by drinking more water, cutting out all processed food including genetically modified meat and dairy, as it ‘contains male-like hormones (androgens) and triggers our sebaceous glands into clogging up,’ Dr Bunting explains. ‘It’s much like the effect of our androgens in the week before our period.’

There’s also a link between high refined sugar intake and acne (goodbye chocolate), ‘as it increases insulin-like growth factor… this has been shown in some studies to increase acne lesion count, especially in women.’

After a few weeks of watching my diary and sugar intake I noticed my skins texture improved and my skin was less volatile; my adult acne seemed to have been brought on by a change in either my hormones or stress level and evidently my diet too.

What finally worked

Limiting your dairy and sugar intake is an essential first step with a proper skincare routine to beating acne.

Dr Bunting also stresses that ‘the right skincare and make-up make a huge different’ and ‘the key is to use non-comedogenic products’ – meaning they won’t aggravate blemish-prone skin by further clogging your pores.

The game-changing ingredients that should be included in your skincare routine are salicylic acid and glycolic acid. ‘Inflammatory acne is best treated with topical agents like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid’ and ‘non-inflammatory lesions [aka whiteheads and blackheads] are best treated with retinoids’ – a powerful acne fighting ingredient and scar healer says Dr Bunting.

I used Barbara Sturm’s Cleanser, £40, Space NK, which contains salicylic acid and was extremely gentle to the skin. The acid helps to unclog the pores and sloshes away build-up of dirt and dead skin cells, which prevents pores and blackheads from becoming infected.

I’d also recommend La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel, £12, Boots, as it’s ideal for calming and minimising inflamed pimples. Glycolic acid, also known as AHA (alpha-hydroxy-acid), offers a deeper clean as it penetrates further into the skin due to its smaller molecules.

I used Proactiv’s Glycolic Mark Fading Pads, £22.99, Amazon, as a toner treatment and SkinCeuticals Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight, £80, Lookfantastic, as a peel for extensive exfoliation of dead skin cells.

Lixir Skin’s Night Switch PHA/AHA 10%, £20, Liberty, offers a great alternative, a small bottle but a potent product which you can add to your face oils or moisturisers for an overnight treatment. Another overnight treatment is Retinol product Bioelements Oil Control Sleepwear – it helps with redness, inflammation and helps clear clogged pores.

To treat those testy pimples head on I used another salicylic acid product, Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion, £16, Beauty Bay – I used this by dotting on each of my pimples. It packed a punch and stung slightly but it was working as pimples were visibly smaller due to the anti-inflammatory properties of zinc and calamine lotion.

To moisturise? Oils! You literally fight oil with oil and I cannot stress this enough. Try and stay away from mineral oils and incorporate acne friendly ingredients like rosehip oil and jojoba oil.

Products that help treat acne and blemish-prone skin which I found safe to use were Rå’s Eternal Radiance Oil, £65, Cult Beauty, and Herbivore Lapis Balancing Facial Oil, £60, Space NK, which contains hero ingredient azulene that fights bacteria and is anti-inflammatory.

Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil, £34.50, John Lewis, is another great facial oil, high in fatty acids, it leaves skin feeling silky smooth, refined with a slight healthy glow. If you prefer a cream, La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+, £16, Boots, is a winner for hydrating, correcting and reducing inflammation.

Dr Sam Bunting’s acne tips:

  • Stress can trigger our sebaceous glands to produce more oil, so chill.
  • The sun thickens up our skin’s protective outer layer which makes it susceptible to clogging. SPF is essential.
  • The wrong skincare can cause acne – using anti-ageing ingredients is ‘poorly formulated for blemish-prone skin’.
  • Stay away from heavy-coverage long-wear foundations.
  • Powders are prone to clogging pores
  • Eating a diet rich in plant-based foods with micronutrients like nuts, spices and omega 3 fatty acids helps maintain an anti-inflammatory diet.
  • PCOS is a common condition that affects women and will often trigger acne as well as hair loss and excess facial/body hair. If this a concern, please see your doctor.

I have spent an entire year scouring the planet for ingredients that are affordable, which you can use at home and for those that don’t want to spend a shed load on clinical treatments.

I hope that my journey to acne-free skin helps you along yours – good luck!

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10 career hacks: how to succeed in the job of your dreams

10 career hacks: how to succeed in the job of your dreams

Promotional feature with HUAWEI

From ballerinas to designers, five female professionals give us their top tips on how to succeed…

When it comes to dream careers, whether you’re just starting out, climbing the office ladder or going it alone as an entrepreneur, achieving success in the workplace ranks pretty high on our #lifegoals list.

Playing to your talents and strengths, and feeling valued, are key factors in choosing your career and being successful. But we appreciate that, sometimes, a little bit of on-point advice from a seasoned pro can go a long way.

That’s why we’re championing the HUAWEI P20 Pro, and its powerful ‘See More’ campaign.

‘See More’ showcases a trio of successful career women at the top of their game – a pilot, a ballet dancer and a jewellery designer – each shot by no less than international supermodel Helena Christensen.

Using the HUAWEI P20 Pro’s ‘intelligent’ technology, each of Christensen’s photos captures the essence of what it means to truly love what you do.

We asked each of these successful women plus two Marie Claire high flyers to share their top tips for career success…


Name: Melissa Chapski
Profession: Ballet dancer

Work hard and be patient

‘Keep working hard. Rehearse, watch and correct yourself because ultimately, it’s your career and you owe it to yourself to reach your fullest potential. But remember to be patient – any career (especially ballet) is demanding and difficult so it’s crucial to stay grounded.’

Listen to your own advice

‘I think the three biggest things would be to free myself from judgement, always appreciate everything that I have, and to always remain open to new experiences.

Name: Katie Thomas
Profession: Digital Beauty Editor, Marie Claire

Do your research

‘Immerse yourself in the industry you want to be a part of. If, like us, you want to be in magazines, read as much as possible. Read monthlies, supplements, websites, whatever you can get your hands on. The more you know about the industry, the better prepared you will be.’

Put yourself out there

‘Network. I don’t just mean go to formal networking events – tell everyone and anyone what is it that you want to achieve/do, because you never know who might have a connection that could be invaluable to you.’

Name: Maria Fagerström
Profession: Pilot/vlogger

Seek out inspiration

‘My dad has always been my role model and inspiration to pursue my dreams of becoming a commercial pilot. He gave me a brochure of a miniature airplane that he got when he first started flying. It’s a reminder of where I started and how far I’ve come.’

Invest in the right kit

‘Creating great content is only possible when you have the best device for the situation you’re in. Having a 4K camera – like the HUAWEI P20 Pro – that shoots in raw formats and is also my phone, which I have on me all the time, gives me the ability to create great content wherever I am and in any situation, on every adventure.’

Name: Adeline Rapon
Profession: Jewellery Designer

Do what you enjoy

‘I enjoy building things and making objects that have meaning,’ says Adeline when discussing her past. ‘I used to help my grandfather create wood furniture when I was growing up, and I loved the feeling of creating something with my hands. I finally got that feeling back with jewellery.’

Start out as an apprentice or intern

‘I got my start in jewellery workshops and learned to design pieces there. I’m not only a jewellery designer, I’m also a jeweller and that is very important to me.’

Name: Penny Goldstone
Profession: Digital Fashion Editor, Marie Claire

Be confident

‘Fake it ’til you make it. Obviously, I’m not saying to lie on your CV or anything, but if you come across confident enough, you’ll really impress people. For my most successful job interviews (i.e. when I got the job), I’ve been assertive, asked questions and even throw the odd banter in (where appropriate obviously).’

Become a ‘yes’ person

‘Never say no, especially if you’re starting out. No one dreams of doing the tea run when they graduate, but if you’re happy enough to do the less interesting jobs, then you’ll soon be given meatier tasks. It’s a small industry, and you’ll be surprised at how many opportunities I got from someone recommending me to someone else.’

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Why Italy makes the case for an alternative hen party weekend

Why Italy makes the case for an alternative hen party weekend

Promotional feature with Italian Tourist Board

italy hen party

If you’re scratching your head over what to do for your pal’s hen party, don’t worry – we’ve been there.

Some brides-to-be love the girls’ tour shenanigans complete with strippers and clubbing, though your wander-lusting pal might want something more cultural and sophisticated. We’re throwing our lot in with a destination hen weekend in Italy, where there’s something for everybody with beaches, ski slopes, historical sights, thermal spa towns and no end of cheesy pasta and wine.

Here’s a couple of hot and cold itineraries that’ll keep the whole bridal party happy…

The sun-drenched summer route

italy hen party

Getty Images

No summer getaway is complete without a beach trip. Pack your best swimmers, sunnies and a towel as Ischia’s lush and sandy coast is a great stop on your hen. Soak in the crystal waters of the Mediterranean and make sure you snag a spot on Fisherman’s Beach, as you’ll have views of the town’s historical castle Castello Aragonese in the distance – making for one of the coolest #beachgrams ever.

While we’ll always have a special place in our hearts for pulsing Ibiza nightclubs, there’s something to be said for eating and drinking your way across Friuli Venezia Giulia. The region has worked tirelessly to cultivate Karst Valley and the work’s paid off, as it’s become gourmet wonderland. From rich olive oils and Marasca honey to jamar, cheese aged in the depths of the Karst Caves, it’s worth swinging by a picturesque vineyard or osmize to raise a glass of Terrano wine to your friend’s brand new chapter. (Who are we kidding, you’ll be raising more than just one.)

Round things off with a trip to Tuscany, where the glow up really begins. Famed for the thermal spas dotted around the region, you’ll be able to do as the ancient Romans did and chill out at the actual spas they used in in Rapolano Terme. Or, if you’re still hanging after your revelry at Friuli Venezia Giulia then the spa waters at Chianciano Terme are renowned for its healing properties – especially when it comes to your liver.

The snow goddess winter route

italy hen party

Getty Images/Robert Harding World Imagery

Bundle up and head to the Alps to see how the Italians aprés ski. Venture out to Lombardy in the winter months to cosy up at one of the regions luxury ski resorts, the ultimate hen base of operations for you to take the Alps’ slopes by storm. (Seriously, there’s over 70 different ski areas to take on.) Descend from the heights of Val Sassina to join elites like the Clooneys at Lake Como for fine dining after a hard day’s work.

After you’re all snowed out, you’ll be in dire need of some TLC. There’s no place better than Tuscany, a thermal spa wonderland teeming with natural hot spring water to rest your tired bones. Sink into the rejuvenating waters at world-famous spots like Montecatini Terme, where they’ve been pampering since the 15th century with natural thermal waters at architecturally breathtaking spas, or Terme di Saturnia – a mountainside retreat with free thermal baths if you’re thinking of your budget.

You can’t come to Italy and not eat pasta, so have your last carbo-loaded hurrah at Emilia Romagna before the pre-wedding diet. Renowned for their parmesan, parma ham and balsamic vinegar for dunking thick slices of warm bread into, you’ll be all set for the ultimate wine and cheese night with the girls.

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Here’s everything you need to know about menstrual migraines

Here’s everything you need to know about menstrual migraines

From why you’re getting them to how to get rid of them…

sleep calculator

Few women look forward to their periods for the simple fact that they are mentally and physically enduring.

Mood swings, food cravings, bloating, abdominal cramps, breast sensitivity, nausea, back pain and of course bleeding are common symptoms that accompany a monthly visit from ‘Aunt Flo’.

But there are also some lesser known symptoms that we too often dismiss as coincidental.

The main culprit? Menstrual migraines.

‘I’m dehydrated,’ we tell ourselves, or ‘I’ve been staring at my laptop screen all day’.

But while those are two valid headache-inducers, could your migraine actually have something to do with your period?

Well, unfortunately for women everywhere, yes, with menstrual migraines actually affecting over 50% of us.

Here’s everything you need to know…

sleep trackers

What are menstrual migraines?

Menstrual migraines are a condition where women get intense and persistent headaches during or before their periods. While women frequently assume that menstruation is simply a trigger for a migraine, in the case of menstrual migraines, they are the sole cause.

What causes menstrual migraines?

They are mainly caused by the natural drop in the levels of oestrogen and the release of prostaglandin (a type of hormone) that occurs right before a period. This means that most menstrual migraines will occur in the two day run-up and the first three days of menstruation.

When do menstrual migraines generally occur?

Menstrual migraines usually occur before or during menstruation, with very few women suffering from menstrual migraines in a period’s aftermath. Migraines and headache pains can also occur during ovulation when this time the oestrogen and other hormones are at a high.

How to get to sleep

How can I get rid of menstrual migraines?

Menstrual migraines are treated the same as regular migraines, with recommended remedies including applying ice or a cold cloth to the painful area, relaxation exercises, pain killers and in some cases, acupuncture.

How can I prevent menstrual migraines?

Preventing or at least reducing the effect of headaches on your period is totally possible, with the preventative measures being the same for normal migraines, but anything that balances hormones is highly recommended.

Common treatments include a change in diet, eliminating simple carbohydrates, refined sugars and processed foods from your eating pattern. Sleep, exercise and hydration are also considered essential for balancing hormones and promoting a healthy metabolism.

Magnesium supplements have also been dubbed a preventative measure, but if the symptoms persist and aren’t reduced by trying the following, it might be best to contact your GP for help dealing with more acute pain.

Should I be worried about menstrual migraines?

There shouldn’t be any cause for concern, but should you be worried that it could be a symptom of something more severe, it might be worth contacting your GP.

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Here’s everything you need to know about how to induce your period

Here’s everything you need to know about how to induce your period

Yes, it’s possible…

bring on your period

Few women look forward to their monthly visit from ‘Aunt Flo’, so it might seem surprising that so many of us have looked into inducing our periods at some point in our lives.

While it’s true that people look into how to delay a period more frequently than how to bring it on, women do choose to kick-start their menstrual cycles for a variety of reasons. These usually include getting into a routine and getting the period over with before plans, whether it’s a beach holiday, a last minute date or just a day that you don’t feel like menstruating.

Is it possible to induce your period?

While there are no fail-safe techniques for kick-starting your period, it’s not all bad news, with lots of hacks out there recommended to make your time of the month come faster. From recommended foods and drinks to exercises to try, here’s everything you need to know about how to induce your period…

induce your period

What foods can help to induce a period?


Pineapple is said to be the go-to fruit for inducing your period. Pineapples contain bromelain, an enzyme that softens the uterus lining, helping it to shed and kick-starting your monthly flow, so try adding some to your diet or drinking pineapple juice. It is important to note that pineapples also increase the production of red and white blood cells, increasing blood flow and potentially leading to a heavier period than usual, but the good news is that the fruit relaxes muscles, easing your menstrual cramps.


While few of us would feature parsley as the main part of a dish, it turns out the herb is a mild emmenagogue and can help to kick-start your period, so you might want to look into some parsley recipes ASAP. Parsley can help to soften the cervix and level out hormonal imbalances that could be delaying your cycle, helping your period come faster. If you’re struggling to find a dish based on parsley, don’t panic – the most effective forms are said to be parsley tea and parsley vaginal inserts.


Ginger is said to be another herbal remedy for inducing a period, causing contractions of the uterus to jump-start your flow. Not only this, but the plant is also rich in antioxidants, making it great for pain relief and reducing vomiting and nausea. Say goodbye to period side effects. And just like with parsley, if you don’t want to eat the ginger, you can always up your intake of ginger tea.

Other foods that are said to help induce menstruation are potatoes, cherries, pineapple, kale, strawberries, kiwis, blackcurrants, cauliflower and anything rich in Vitamin C, so it looks like we should be stepping away from the junk food if we want to see results.

induce your period

How can you induce a period?


Being fit and healthy is one of the factors that keeps your menstrual cycle constant, so regular exercise will ensure that your period will arrive on time. In terms of inducing a period, abdominal exercises have been recommended, with the muscle contractions said to make your period come faster.

Reducing stress

As we all know, stress can mess with our menstrual cycles, and more often than not missing our periods or having them come late will be down to anxiety. Intense stress stops our body from producing the right hormones, thereby making our periods come later than usual, so actively relaxing should help to bring on your flow.

Is it dangerous to induce your period?

These are all natural remedies so they shouldn’t be harmful. You should however be careful about inducing your period if you are pregnant in case it puts you at risk of a miscarriage.

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Here’s everything to know about how to delay your period

Here’s everything to know about how to delay your period

Yes, it’s possible…

delay your period

Delaying a period is something that we’ve all panic-searched at some point – trawling through the Internet (usually in desperation) to see if it’s possible to put your period off for a few days, whether it’s for a beach holiday, a last minute date or just to get a few more days of normality before ‘Aunt Flo’ pays her monthly visit.

The good news is menstrual suppression is totally possible, and there are all kinds of ways to go about it, with varying techniques depending on time, situation and effectiveness.

Some women employ the classic technique of taking contraceptive pill cycles back to back, thereby skipping a period altogether. If, however, you’re part of the new millennial movement coming off the pill, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered too.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to delay your period…

delay your period

How can you delay your period on the pill?

Delaying your period with your contraceptive pill is a tried and tested method, and as long as you don’t suffer side effects, it’s definitely an effective option.

The method is simple – once you have got to the end of your pill cycle, you simply take another full round of your pill back to back instead of leaving seven days to menstruate like usual. You may experience spotting or breakthrough bleeding but you should skip the period all together.

You can also delay your period on other forms of contraception. If you use a contraceptive ring or patch, simply miss your week-long break and insert a new ring or patch in place, thereby skipping your period.

It is highly recommended with all forms of contraception that you don’t skip your period for more than three months.

How can you delay your period when you’re not on the pill?

For those of us who aren’t on the contraceptive pill, it’s a little more difficult to put your period off, but don’t sweat – it’s totally possible. If your period’s coming at an inconvenient time and you need to delay it, Norethisterone, the well known period-delay pill, is your answer. You’ll need a prescription to get it but the method is simple. You should take a pill three times a day, starting three days before your period is due, continuing for as many days as you need. A couple of days after stopping your Norethisterone intake, your period should start.

delay your period

Is it possible to delay your period naturally?

This is a heavily debated question. Some people swear by natural remedies to keep the crimson wave at bay while others rubbish the rumours. Supposedly menstrual suppression can be accomplished through methods as easy as drinking lots of water, controlling stress levels and exercising regularly. There are however also some more complex remedies that people swear by. Cutting spicy foods out of your diet is highly recommended, with some people championing the wonders of eating lemons and gram lentils. Drink-wise, it takes a bit more dedication, with the two most highly recommended remedies being tablespoons of vinegar and gelatine mixed with water.

If you’re unsure about delaying your period or need a second opinion, consult your GP.

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3 rules to live by if you want to be more of a go-getter

3 rules to live by if you want to be more of a go-getter

Promotional feature with Pearl Drops

Hungry. Ambitious. Intelligent.

Every group of girlfriends has a ‘go-getter’ – you know the kind of woman we’re talking about, right? Confident and always there to inspire her friends, she’s on top of her life goals and encourages everyone else to do the same.

She’s got a fearless smile, tonnes of self-belief and that all-important drive to succeed.

If you’re ever in a flap or feeling stressed, a brunch date with her will instantly turn your mood around. And although you have no idea where she gets her endless supply of enthusiasm from – being around her makes you feel fired up to follow your dreams.

We’ll we’re taking on that mantle to help you be a total go-getter…

Looking for a new career?

Desperate to get out of your 9-5 but scared to take the leap? Escaping the daily grind to launch your own fashion brand/cafe/craft business is something we all daydream about. And you know what? Hard work + determination + some smart planning = a good chance of your dream career becoming a reality. Suss out short courses, workshops or evening classes where you can learn the skills you need to achieve your dream. Embrace the power of networking – if you want to be successful, you’re going to need support, so talk to people who inspire you or, even better, find yourself a mentor.

Be your best self…

Let’s face it: everything is better when we feel confident about the way we look. One thing that’s guaranteed to help boost your confidence is having a bright and healthy smile. Good teeth = good vibes, right? To strengthen enamel and whiten your teeth by four shades, Pearl Drops Strong Polished White, £6.99, is guaranteed to give you the confidence to succeed.

Smash those #fitnessgoals

If our go-getter friends have taught us anything, it’s to constantly challenge ourselves. So if running a marathon is on your bucket list, make it happen! Start off with a more do-able goal of running 5k and build on this every run. Make use of free apps like MapMyRun or Strava to help you find routes, track your progress and stay motivated. The knock-on effect of achieving a challenge like this is it teaches you what success feels like. Now, that sounds like the perfect excuse to invest in those new runners…

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Apparently nobody can agree on who needs to take environmental responsibility

Apparently nobody can agree on who needs to take environmental responsibility

‘We need to become one ecosystem too and work together to address the threats to the world we live in.’

environmental responsibility
James Emmerson/robertharding/REX/Shutterstock

There’s a few things we can all agree on: Colin Firth has aged like a fine wine, The Mummy reboot didn’t need to happen and we need to do more for the environment. In the case of the latter however, it turns out that while we can all happily agree on that – we can’t agree on who’s responsible for the current state of the world. (How about that climate-change induced summer today, everybody?)

In a survey conducted by Legal & General Investment Management, it turns out that less than a third of people think that it’s their personal responsibility to minimise their impact on the environment (31%). Before you leap to conclusions about their selfishness however, it’s because another third (31%) believe it’s the government’s responsibility and another 15% think businesses should be ‘leading the way in protecting the environment’. 11% of people simply threw their hands up in the air and admitted they didn’t know.

environmental responsibility

Stuart Black/robertharding/REX/Shutterstock

It turns out there’s a massive division between people aged under 25 and those over 45, as 40% of those 25 and under believe that the government should be the ones ‘maintaining the planet’ versus 29% aged 45 to 55. On the flip side, 38% of those aged 45+ think that it’s an individual’s responsibility to do so in comparison to 21% of those under 25.

Dame Helena Morissey, who was involved with the project, said of the findings, ‘The environment is one big ecosystem. We need to become one ecosystem too and work together to address the threats to the world we live in. It is not any one business, government, or person’s responsibility to save the planet.’

environmental responsibility

Adam Burton/robertharding/REX/Shutterstock

In that vein, she and Legal & General Investment Management want people to start using their own power (and money) to make an environmentally-positive change to their daily lives. In their new Own Your World campaign, they encourage people to start investing in businesses that take the environment seriously and want to see a greener cities and a greener future.

She said, ‘Businesses play a major part in what happens to our world and we can encourage them to take the right actions. Investors own businesses; we can have much more influence than is currently understood. We can write our own future. Legal & General’s new Own Your World campaign is about empowering a generation to drive change together, understand the crucial role that businesses play in making progress possible, and to take more control of their financial futures. Collectively we really can do something about the issues we care about – it’s dangerous to assume someone else is taking care of it!’

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Waxing at home for beginners – everything you need to know

Waxing at home for beginners – everything you need to know

Proof that you can get salon results in the comfort of your own home

Waxing Strips

Whether you’re a fair-weather-hair-removal type of gal or a once a month regular, waxing at home has never been easier.

Yes you could opt for an in-salon bikini wax, but there really isn’t the need when you can do it so easily and for much less money from the comfort of your own sofa, in front of Love Island.

Waxing may be a little on the painful side, but it is quick and yields longer-lasting results than your razor will.

Read on to master the art of at home waxing, from lower leg to full-on Brazilian.

Waxing at home with wax strips

‘Making sure you have time, tools and the correct preparation are essential,’ says beauty and skin expert Nichola Joss.

The number one thing you should remember while waxing yourself is not to rush it, ‘take the time, make sure you have all the tools you need and prep the skin. Cleansing and exfoliating can help to ensure the skin is prepared for waxing, giving you better results. If you need to exfoliate the skin do this 24 hours before.’

‘On the day, cleanse the skin with a fragrance free non-oily product and ensure your skin is dry,’ Nichola advises. ‘Take your time and do one strip at a time, ensuring you gently apply to the skin. Remember to remove as instructed.’

Waxing strips need to be pulled from the skin in a single, quick move. Be bold and go for it.  Slowly peeling them off will be uncomfortable and won’t remove the hair effectively.

‘After you have waxed the desired area, gently apply an oil and lightly massage into skin,’ Nichola adds. ‘Wait 24 hours before applying any self-tan.’

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Leg waxing and eyebrow waxing are both pretty self explanatory, but some hair removal procedures using wax have slightly more ambiguous names.

Hollywood waxing

This kind of waxing involves removing ALL the hair; bikini line, vulva, butt crack, the works.

It’s not an easy one to do DIY so, we’re calling it: you’d have to be mad to do your own Hollywood wax at home. The logistics of removing all hair from your nether regions without causing yourself injury just isn’t worth it.

Brazilian waxing

Brazilian waxes are very similar to Hollywood, except usually a small, visible strip of hair is left on the vulva (the external part of your lady garden). Again, unless you’re a pro, we don’t really recommend you try this one at home.

Bikini waxing

Removing hair from your bikini line, on the other hand, is pretty straightforward.

For a successful DIY bikini wax, pull the skin taut, apply the wax strip, press firmly and use the warmth of your hands to soften the wax if necessary.

After that, it’s a case of just gritting your teeth and pulling away quickly.

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Things to do in London this summer 2018

Things to do in London this summer 2018

Bring. On. The. Sunshine.

things to do in london this summer

Nothing beats a crystal clear summer’s day in London. The city really comes alive – though that’s also down to the amazing events calendar that kicks in over the summer months, which includes some of the best music festivals, exhibits and quirky parties in the country. Whether you’re a jaded local looking to keep things interesting or visiting the English capital, here’s some of the best things to do in London this summer 2018 below.

London Summer Events

Mary Poppins Afternoon Tea

Our favourite nanny might not make her return to the big screen for another five months, but the Mary Poppins madness has begun. HarperCollins is relaunching the five original P. L. Travers books and sky-high restaurant Aqua at The Shard is now organising a unique Mary Poppins-themed afternoon tea. Think gilt gold framed menus, speciality tea, champagne and a delicious selection of finger sandwiches served on umbrella topped tea stands. That’s not to mention the exquisite cakes and scones selection delivered in an iconic Mary Poppins’ carpet bag – all while overlooking some of London’s finest views. Currently our fave afternoon tea in town.

When: now until April 2019

Where: aqua shard, The Shard

How much: from £49 per person, book online

Movies on the River

things to do in london this summer

Forget your regular movie night, City Cruises and Time Out are teaming up to take outdoor cinema to the Thames. Lounge on the rooftop of a sprawling boat and watch both old and new classics roll on the silver screen as the skyline twinkles in the background. There’s a huge range of movies on offer to cater to all tastes, whether you’re falling in love all over again with The Shape of Water and Dirty Dancing or thrill seeking with Get Out and Back to the Future. If you’re not afraid of tempting fate, Jaws is also going to be screened multiple times. We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

When: 13 June to 21 July

Where: Tower Millennium Pier

How much: £29+, book online

Sister Act Bottomless Brunch

things to do in london this summer

There’s no shortage of quirky bottomless brunches in London, though this musical-themed one at 100 Wardour St really stood out to us. Based on the musical and movie of the same name, brunch gets a major upgrade with an actual West End choir serenading you throughout all three courses and bubbles with musical’s iconic numbers. With two sessions, you’ll have to move quick to get a booking as it’s only running for a day.

When: 28th July, 12pm or 2pm session

Where: 100 Wardour St

How much: £20-35, book online

Gir Lion Lodge – Sleepover at the Zoo

Ever wondered what happens at ZSL London Zoo after dark? Sleep over and find out for yourself at one of these quaint Gir Lion Lodges in the heart of one of the world’s most famous zoos.

Pretend you’re on safari for one unique night by going behind the scenes as you sleep within a few paces from the Asiatic lions enclosure (don’t worry, they stay in their enclosure overnight!). You will even hear them roar from your cosy cabins within the Land of the Lions exhibit itself home to the Zoo’s four endangered lions.

Think you’ve done London Zoo before? Not like this. Visiting out of hours  away from the hordes is a totally new experience. You’ll get to discover the Zoo’s secrets during a private tour as dedicated hosts lead you on exclusive evening and morning journey, sharing their incredible knowledge on the species, fascinating facts and superb stories about some of the Zoo’s 18,000 residents.

You’ll also get unique insights into the incredible work ZSL is doing with local communities and wildlife across the world, including in India’s Gir Forest to protect these endangered big cats and other animals.

The Gir Lion Lodge experience includes: an overnight stay in a lodge for two adults, exclusive after-hours tours of the zoo at sunset, after-dark and in the morning, a knowledgeable guide on hand throughout the experience, two days full access to ZSL London Zoo (with the option to visit ZSL Whipsnade Zoo on your second day), and a delicious two-course dinner in a unique building on the grounds. All in all, a truly eye opening and magical experience for any animal lover.

When: Now until December

Where: ZSL London Zoo, Regent’s Park

How to register: Book a stay here

How much: Prices from £378 per lodge (£189 per person) – lodge based on 2 adults sharing

London Festivals

Elrow Town

things to do in london this summer

This lesser known festival packs a real punch and is set to be one of the most exciting events in London’s calendar. With out of this world stages, vibrant performers and a killer line-up for fans in the electro scene, you can expect to see legends like Paco Osuna, Paul Kalkbrenner, Fat Boy Slim and even Idris Elba spinning the decks.

When: August 18-19

Where: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

How much: £54.70+, book online

Red Bull Music Odyssey

things to do in london this summer

Clearly, we can’t get enough of boat-themed fun. Red Bull will be giving the London festival scene a run for its money with the Red Bull Music Odyssey, a musical experience you’re not likely to forget. They’ll be taking over six boats, each captained by stalwarts in the music scene and with a distinctly different vibe to each. Grime artist Julie Adenuga will be helming The Transmission, where she’ll be joined by fellow underground radio and grime artists included the Heartless Crew and AJ Tracey & MTP, while Dennis Sulta will keep the party jumping over on The Forever Dancer with house, disco and techno artists including Larry Heard and Jocelyn Brown. We’re personally super keen on Jubilee’s The Wine Up cruise, a waterborne dancehall extravaganza.

When: 30 June

Where: The Thames

How much: £16.59 for after party tickets online, boat ticket announcements to be released soon

Notting Hill Carnival

things to do in london this summer

Mark Thomas/REX/Shutterstock

It’s back! This gigantic Caribbean street party takes over the streets of Notting Hill, transforming it into a spectacle of colourful costumes, amazing live music and piles of delicious food that’ll put the spice back into your life. The parade is undoubtedly the main event when humongous trucks peel through the streets with huge ten foot speakers strapped to the back of them, blasting music as performers decked out in traditional vibrant costumes cut a rug through the streets. It tends to get quite crowded and can be daunting if you’ve never been before, check out our Notting Hill Carnival guide for our best tips.

When: 26-27 August

Where: Notting Hill

Lovebox Festival

things to do in london this summer

PJP photos/REX/Shutterstock

The coolest festival on the block is back with a better lineup than ever. Childish Gambino is riding the wave of his This Is America success and headlining alongside Skepta, N.E.R.D., SZA, Wu-Tang Clan, Bonobo, Diplo, Annie Mac and Anderson Paak. If those names didn’t excite you, the endless string of indie food stalls, intimate stages and quirky pop-ups like a very-Lovebox wedding chapel where you can marry your best friend. Lovebox is also without a shadow of a doubt the most fashionable festival in London – get ready for some major style inspo to upgrade your festival fashion wardrobe.

When: 13-14 July

Where: Gunnersbury Park

How much: £64.50+, book online

London Exhibitions

Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up

Frida Kahlo Exhibition


After fifty years, a rare Frida Kahlo exhibition is finally venturing beyond Mexico’s borders to visit London’s V&A Museum. The rich collection will closely follow Frida’s incredible and sometimes harrowing life story, combining both her personal items and artworks including her prosthetic leg, self-portraits, cosmetics and more.

When: Opens 16 June – 4 November

Where: V&A Museum

How much: £15, book online

London Pride


Tolga Akmen/LNP/REX/Shutterstock

London’s Pride celebrations are some of the biggest and longest in the country, starting June 9 and running for nearly an entire month. Besides the famous parade on July 7, there’s a whole range of events going on all over the city including nude life drawing classes, no end of theatre, speed dating. film festivals and parties galore. If you can’t make it to the capital to celebrate, we’ve also done a roundup of the best pride events in the UK to celebrate love.

When: June 9 – July 7

Where: All across London

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