Here’s what you need to know about the chilling new abortion legislation

Here’s what you need to know about the chilling new abortion legislation

Elisabeth Moss as Offred in The Handmaid's Tale
Handmaid’s Tale

This week saw the passing of the most restrictive abortion ban in the US, with Alabama lawmakers making history on Tuesday for passing a bill that outlaws abortion in almost all cases – including rape and incest. It’s a near-total ban, with the only exemption being when the woman’s health is in life-threatening danger.

And who voted to pass it? 25 men, with the four women in the Alabama senate all being in the minority to vote against the bill.

But Alabama is no isolated case, coming in a chilling series of proposed restrictions to women’s reproductive rights across America, introducing the fetal heartbeat bill, with Georgia’s ban being passed just days before.

There are reportedly sixteen other states seeking to impose new restrictions on abortion, restrictions that actually echo those in Northern Ireland.

Pro-Choice campaigners via The Guardian pointed out that under a piece of Victorian legislation – the Offences Against the Persons Act 1861 – anyone procuring an abortion in Northern Ireland, whether medical staff or pregnant women, can face life imprisonment.


Here’s what you need to know about the new abortion legislation…

Alabama abortion law

The near blanket ban in Alabama is a proposed law making abortion illegal in almost all cases, including rape and incest. The only reported exemption is when a woman’s life is at risk. Getting an abortion could lead to imprisonment and even doctors who perform the surgery could reportedly face up to 99 years in prison.

The law could reportedly be blocked in court, but with an appeals process could be brought before the Supreme Court, which due to the conservative majority, could criminalise abortion.


Georgia abortion law

Georgia criminalised abortion this week, changing the state law from outlawing abortion after 20 weeks to outlawing abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.

The proposed bill in question is the fetal heartbeat bill, deeming an abortion illegal as soon as a heartbeat can be detected. The ban, similar to Alabama’s, would ban almost all abortions unless the mother is at serious risk.


What is the fetal heartbeat bill?

The fetal heartbeat bill is part of the proposed abortion legislation in the US. As its name suggests, the bill determines that an abortion becomes illegal once the fetus’ heartbeat can be detected, reasoning that a heartbeat makes it a human life. Anti-bill campaigners however have been quick to point out that a fetal heartbeat can often be detected before a woman finds out that she is pregnant.


Which US states are looking to ban abortion?

Abortion ban bills have already passed in Alabama, Ohio, Mississippi and Georgia, with the proposed bills failing in Arkansas, Iowa, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Wyoming (the bill in Kentucky has also been temporarily blocked). Other states that are moving to restrict abortion laws include Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia.

We will continue to update this story.

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The best fake tan to take your glow through to 2019

The best fake tan to take your glow through to 2019

For those times when you can’t make it to the beach

best fake tan

As the warmer weather slowly creeps in, we’re plucking up the courage to show a little skin off, whether that’s with shorter sleeves or the odd flash of ankle. And so our minds have turned to the best fake tan.

But the world of self-tanning can seem like a minefield if you don’t know what you’re doing, and while the best bronzer helps with a hint of colour, sometimes it just doesn’t cut the mustard. You need to get your hands on the best fake tan. Don’t panic – if you follow our foolproof fake tan tips, you’ll have an enviable golden glow in no time.

Types of fake tan

Instant tans come with the benefit of immediate results – there’ll be a guide colour, meaning you can see where you have and haven’t already bronzed up. This is very handy if you’re a novice and new to the whole tanning world. If you’re a seasoned expert and fake tan is second nature to you, then you’ll feel comfortable with a mousse tans that are quick-drying formulas, so don’t give you much time to work with.

Then there are gradual tan moisturisers, which as it says on the bottle gradually give you a boost of colour. Use daily and you can control how dark you go. The at-home spray-on tans fix you up in a matter of seconds, just remember to use a mitt! Or, if you’re pushed for time and want to easily integrate fake tanning into your daily routine, look to an in-shower tan à-la San Tropez.

The darkest fake tans will contain around 18 per cent DHA (dihydroxyacetone), which is the ingredient that gives you that tan. So, if you’re fairer skinned it’s better to aim for levels that are between two and five per cent, so that you don’t look like you’ve overdone it.

If you want a deeper shade, layer up these formulas. Trust us, you’ll get more of a golden glow by doing this than you will by simply reaching for a darker fake tan.

The world of fake tan is ever-evolving, and exciting brands, like James Read’s eponymous label, are constantly changing the way we tan. His Sleep Mask Tan, a genius product that (as you might have guessed) tans your skin while you sleep and is a firm favourite of Team Marie Claire’s, now comes in a retinol version. 

New-gen tanning products come with some pretty revolutionary benefits, like customising your own shade. More and more brands now offer tanning drops, which you can add to your face or body moisturiser, that mean you are in complete control of how much tanning agent you apply to your skin. This makes it easier than ever to develop a formula that compliments your own natural colouring, so you don’t end up like an extra on TOWIE.

The art of fake doesn’t just lie in the application – it’s also super important that you know how to remove fake tan properly. There’s NOTHING worse than a patchy fake tan job, so it’s important to know when and how to get rid. Also, if it all goes Pete Tong, then you have a easy way out. And whatever you do, don’t throw your used tanning mitt in the washing machine when you’re done. Even if you wash your mitt on its own, the next load of washing you do will come out the wrong colour. Just buy a new one.

The best fake tan for face

Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Face Moisturiser, £30, Beauty Expert

best fake tan

Fake tanning your face isn’t the same process as your body. The skin on your face requires a completely different formula as it’s far more delicate and sensitive, so you want a specialised tan with no harsh ingredients. There’s a whole host of specially developed fake tans for the face, but we tend to like skincare brands that do tinted products, like Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Face Moisturiser. Alternatively, go for a good bronzer to fake it instead.

Buy now

The best fake tan for pale skin

St Tropez Self Tan Purity Body Mousse, £31 Look Fantastic

best fake tan st tropez


St Tropez Self Tan Purity Body Mousse transforms into a mousse as soon as it comes into contact with your skin, it’s really hydrating and gives a really natural colour to the skin – nothing too drastic here.

Buy now

The best gradual tan

Omorovicza Glam Glow, £35, Cult Beauty

best fake tan Omorovicza

Gradual tan is the popular choice for lots of people as you can pop it on in the morning, like your normal body moisturiser, but throughout the day you get glowier. You can’t go wrong with this Omorovicza one – the skincare brand sticks to its origins of looking after skin, so whilst you tan you’re also helping improve tone and suppleness.

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Best tanning moisturiser

Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion with a Hint of Colour, £19.50, Cult Beauty

best fake tan

This tinted lotion by Ameliorate adds an instant hint of colour; simply swap out your daily body lotion and you’ll be glowing all the day long.

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Can’t get away for some winter sun?

Consider this your one-way ticket to having a summer glow, all year round, with our complete list of the best fake tans.

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Beauty travels kits: the holiday essential that will save you at airport security

Beauty travels kits: the holiday essential that will save you at airport security

Under 100ml need only apply

Why is it that despite it being the rule since 2006, some people always get caught out at airport security and have their super spenny fragrance, most trusted sun cream or favourite shampoo binned right in front of their eyes. Why is it that the 100ml rule still flummoxes so many? Luckily, brands are more clued up and have rather handily created travel kits that have everything we could possibly want or need when we’re away in teeny tiny little bottles.

Maybe the issue is that more and more of us are booking with budget airlines that charge for checking a bag in, so we’re all trying to fit entire bathroom cabinets into our hand luggage. Whatever the reason, those airport security workers aren’t budging on the rules so we have to stick to under 100ml. Cult Beauty recently launched a whole new ‘minis’ category onto their site, with pocked-sized skincare, haircare, and makeup products from favourite brands such as Drunk Elephant, Sunday Riley and Hourglass.

travel kits

You might actually be one of those super organised packers who decants their products into tiny plastic bottle in advance (FYI Muji have an incredible selection – from spray bottles and tubes, to tiny pots and cases). If you not an accomplished traveller, do look at our holiday packing tips as we might just save you some space and money (those excess baggage charges are a bitch) and our long haul flight advice.

So what are you waiting for? With news such as this big British Airways sale, this airline now serves Nandos aboard and Cult Beauty launching a mini shop there’s never been a better time to book a holiday.

Here’s our roundup of the best beauty travel kits around, so that you can smugly place your bag on the conveyor belt without fear of losing any beauty bits.

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The best summer perfumes: for the beach trips and city sun

The best summer perfumes: for the beach trips and city sun

Because warmer climates demand a different scent


Summer is within grasp, we can feel it. We can see it on the cheery faces of our fellow commuters, we can see it in the summer sandals that have been dusted off, ready for their season and we can feel the heat on our cheeks (don’t panic we’re wearing one of the best SPF moisturisers). With the new season upon us, it calls for a new wardrobe, a new outlook and definitely a new summer perfume. So what are 2019’s best summer perfumes?

Well there are plenty to choose from – you have your typical light and fresh fragrances that work for any occasion and then some more standout scents that will get you noticed at some of the summer’s most exciting events…

Here’s our roundup of the best summer perfumes…

Byredo Sundazed EDP, £110 for 50ml Liberty London

best summer perfumes byredo

Byredo’s newest offering is the embodiment of a summer fragrance. According to the brand, to be sundazed is ‘to be seduced by the sun in a state of summer bliss’. From the first whiff you’ll totally understand exactly what they mean. With ultra sunny notes, like mandarin, lemon, neroli and jasmin sambac, followed by the sweet and soft cotton candy and musk, this scent is sure to be a summer favourite this summer and all the years to follow. It’s perfect.

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Calvin Klein CK One Summer! 2019 EDT, £40 Look Fantastic

best summer perfumes calvin klein

Does what it says on the tin, people. According to Calvin Klein, summer smells fresh, with notes of Blue Lagoon (not too sure), juniper berry (think G&Ts in the sun) and sparkling tangerine. It’s classic CK One, so suits ladies and chaps and that bottle is sure to cheer up any bathroom shelf.

Buy Now

Keep scrolling for even more fragrances that are sure to compliment your summer perfectly.

The best summer perfumes of 2019…

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Meghan Markle’s postpartum appearance has made me feel better about childbirth

Meghan Markle’s postpartum appearance has made me feel better about childbirth

Marie Claire’s Jenny Proudfoot explains…

Meghan Markle stepped out of Windsor castle yesterday to present her two-day-old son Archie to the world, an appearance that although brief, has undoubtedly been a royal turning point.

And as a woman pre-baby, I felt immense relief.

The expectation to be perfect is a curse that plagues the royal women, with Kate Middleton sending the Internet into shock last year for emerging from the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s hospital just hours after Prince Louis’ April birth to pose for photographs. Did I mention she was wearing heels with perfect hair and make up and you could barely see a baby bump?

And that was her third child, with Kate performing an extremely quick turn around and emerging fresh faced with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, too.

kate middleton maternity dress


This for us ordinary folk is completely unfathomable – I for one know that when I give birth, I’ll probably have to be wheeled out of the hospital days later in my pyjamas and I certainly won’t expect to lose my baby bump for at least a year.

When Meghan Markle was announced to be bypassing the traditional photoshoot on the day of the birth, women across the world applauded. Why should you have to parade in front of a throng of photographers and pretend you feel incredible when you just want to curl up with your newborn?

Instead, the Duchess of Sussex chose to step out with Prince Harry two days after little Archie’s arrival, and as the couple walked towards the cameras, I sighed in relief.

Don’t get me wrong – Meghan looked stunning, and she even donned heels for the occasion – but she also looked entirely relatable.

Her choice of dress accentuated her baby bump and she showed off her pregnancy curves, her hair and make up was very natural and she and Harry made no secret of the fact that they were exhausted.

Bottom line – they were completely relatable, coming across as new parents rather than royals.

While on the outside, Meghan has simply stepped outside with her newborn, she has actually done a great deal more – breaking down the antiquated expectations around postpartum body image.

That in my book is a huge step forward.

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We’ve found the swimsuits that will literally suit everyone

We’ve found the swimsuits that will literally suit everyone


We’re all for looking incredible on the beach or at the swimming pool, but that doesn’t mean we want to forego comfort in favour of style. That’s why we’re very into Boden’s SS19 swimwear collection, which isn’t only size inclusive, flattering on quite literally everyone, but is designed for performance too.

First off, it’s all about the fit: every swimsuit, tankinis and bikini comes with clever features like supportive linings, structured side panels and sewn-in cups.

Secondly, all the styles come in a variety of gorgeous colours and prints, from stripes to florals and geometric prints, which you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Lastly, whether your go-to is a two-piece or one-piece, you’ll be able to move, swim, jump or whatever kind of activity you like in it. Don’t believe us? The new collection was put to the test by seven open-water swimmers from across England. Here’s what a few of them had to say…

Photos by Liz Sheppard

Faye put the Cadiz swimsuit through its paces, ‘Most mornings I swim in Lake Windermere, which is the biggest lake in England. When you’re outside in such a vast, beautiful place it really reduces the scale of any problems that you have. I like Boden swimwear because the designs are classic and timeless so they’ll stay in your wardrobe for years to come.’

Meanwhile, Joanna chose the Calasetta bikini. She says, ‘Swimming for me has been really effective at boosting my mood and making me feel more positive. In a really short space of time I can enter the water, have a swim and I leave feeling like a new person. I chose this bikini because it’s bright and fits me really nicely. I can leap around, I can swim and it’s not going to budge.’

Rabiah and Erika are also fans of the swimsuits, saying, ‘Most days I swim at London Fields Lido, it’s really great being outdoors, rain or shine. Swimming’s like a silky escape – you dive in and it feels like a whole new world. I like Boden swimsuits because I can wear them in open water, an inner-city pool or lying on a beach.’

Shop our favourite pieces from the new Boden swimwear collection below.

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Met Gala 2019: The campest outfits on the red carpet

Met Gala 2019: The campest outfits on the red carpet

met gala 2019

It was always going to be tricky to outdo the Met Gala 2018 red carpet, thanks to its religious theme which led Rihanna to dress like the actual Pope.

However it’s safe to say the celebs have outdone themselves again, taking the Camp: Notes on Fashion and running with it.

Met Gala Camp theme

First off, a bit of context. Like previous years, the theme was an extension of the Met’s exhibition, curated by Andrew Bolton and Wendy Yu, around Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay Notes on “Camp” which amongst other things describes it as a love of exaggeration. Gucci was the official sponsor, so the fact there would be extravagant and fabulous outfits was a given.

Met Gala 2019 best dressed

Now at this point it’s safe to say Rihanna is the Queen of the Met Gala red carpet, and this year she’s cemented her title, opting for another flashy dress. And while we didn’t think it possible for Lady Gaga to beat that Golden Globes dress, we were sorely mistaken.

Met Gala 2019 Lady Gaga

She pulled off not one, not two but three Brandon Maxwell looks on the red carpet. All within five minutes of arriving on the pink carpet. She arrived in a hot pink ballgown, which she took off to reveal a slightly smaller black ballgown which she took off to reveal a pink column dress, all whilst holding a giant Barbie-style phone. What a performance.

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Celebrities from Michelle Obama to Ellen DeGeneres react to the royal baby on Twitter

Celebrities from Michelle Obama to Ellen DeGeneres react to the royal baby on Twitter

Here’s everything you need to know…


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are officially parents, as the royal couple excitedly announce the news that Baby Sussex has arrived.

‘We are pleased to announce that Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their firstborn child in the early morning on May 6th, 2019. Their Royal Highnesses’ son weighs 7lbs. 3oz,’ read a statement from the couple via their Sussex Royal Instagram page.

‘The Duchess and baby are both healthy and well, and the couple thank members of the public for their shared excitement and support during this very special time in their lives. More details will be shared in the forthcoming days.’

Prince Harry’s reaction has spread across the internet with the 34-year-old telling the media that he was ‘incredibly proud of [his] wife’.

‘As every father and parent would say, your baby is absolutely amazing,’ he went on to explain before saying, ‘this little thing is absolutely to die for – I am over the moon.’

But how has the rest of the world reacted to the royal baby?


Here’s how public figures have been reacting to the arrival of Baby Sussex:

The Queen and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge:

‘The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Lady Jane Fellowes, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Earl Spencer have been informed and are delighted with the news,’ a statement announced via The Royal Family twitter.

Doria Ragland:

‘The Duchess’s mother, Doria Ragland, who is overjoyed by the arrival of her first grandchild, is with Their Royal Highnesses at Frogmore Cottage,’ The Royal Family twitter also announced.

Michelle Obama:

‘Congratulations, Meghan and Harry! Barack and I are so thrilled for both of you and can’t wait to meet him. #RoyalBaby’

Ellen DeGeneres:

‘The #royalbaby is here! Congratulations, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The baby is 7th in line for the throne, which is crazy, because right now I’m 7th in line for the key-making kiosk at my grocery store.’

Sadiq Khan:

‘Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the birth of their baby boy. Wishing them joy and happiness at this wonderful time.’

Jeremy Corbyn:

‘Congratulations to Meghan and Harry on the birth of their baby. I hope they’re all doing well.’

Theresa May:

‘Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the arrival of their baby boy. Wishing you all the best at this happy time.’

Archbishop of Canterbury:

‘Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the birth of their baby boy. May God bless the new family with love, health and happiness. #RoyalBaby’

Billie Jean King:

‘Congratulations to Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan on the birthday of their son. What a lucky baby to grow up with such loving, inclusive, and progressive parents. Enjoy your new life together as a family of 3. #RoyalBaby’

We will continue to update this story.

Congratulations again to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex!

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Chic bridesmaids dresses that are anything but basic

Chic bridesmaids dresses that are anything but basic

You’ll want to wear them way before the big day…

bridesmaids dresses
Credit: Photo by REX/Shutterstock (3538033ae)

Hands up if you’ve had to wear hideous bridesmaids dresses just to please your best friend/sister/insert relevant acquaintance here on their wedding day?

Gone are the days you have to wear awkwardly tailored dresses in even more awkward lilac to match the colour scheme.

Whether you’re looking to designers or the high street, the offering of trend-led dresses is so stylish that your maids will be begging you to wear them, rather than secretly cursing you.

Planning a destination summer wedding? Take a look at the likes of DOEN, Uterque or Reformation for ethereal dresses in super floaty fabrics and playful fun prints.

Something a little more formal? Then you’ll be spoiled for choice at the likes of Ghost, Joseph and Whistles for dresses that effortlessly transition from daytime wedding to an evening bash.

The good news is that just as brides aren’t compelled to wear white anymore (FYI check out our edit of the best high street wedding dresses here), the sartorial rulebook has been thrown out when it comes bridesmaids dresses.

First off, they don’t need to match, in fact mixing prints and styles really makes extra chic.

That doesn’t mean you should just throw any old mix together though, make sure there are similar colour tones in each dress so they compliment each other. ASOS have an awesome line of mismatched dresses that’s very budget friendly.

Best winter bridesmaids dresses

There is a misconception that an autumn or winter weddings are harder to shop for, as there’s less on offer than during wedding guest dress season, but that’s not the case, especially if you’re shopping around party season.

Flattering colours like navy and grey and jewel shades of ruby, emerald and topaz make for a pretty line-up. A long-sleeved lace number is always chic for city weddings, while sequins really make an impact if you’re after a more festive vibe – there’s something magical about mixing shimmering copper, gold and silver.

Best summer bridesmaids dresses

For summer, needless to say the options are endless. Beach wedding? Look for a minimal slip dress or floaty maxi. City wedding? Try a light strapped dress with a cool print that can easily be worn again and again, so you get way more value for your money. Country wedding? You can’t go wrong with a floral dress.

Keep scrolling to shop my edit of the best bridesmaid dresses, and feel smug in the knowledge that you’ve got the best-dressed designer bridesmaids in tow…

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See the most fabulous Met Gala dresses of all time

See the most fabulous Met Gala dresses of all time

Relive some of the best fashion moments of the decade.

best met gala dresses

Words by Megan C. Hills and Sunil Makan

The Met Gala is one of the most anticipated events in any celebrity’s calendar and one of the biggest nights out for fashion. While we’ve got a soft spot for the gorgeous, floaty pieces amongst the best Oscar dresses ever, the Met Gala is a time for stars – and their stylists – to really flex their sartorial muscles and take a plunge.

Overseen by fashion powerhouse Anna Wintour and with a notoriously difficult to get onto guest list, it’s the most glamorous fundraiser of the year with proceeds going towards the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. (Hence the name: Met Gala.) Every year, there’s a different theme and it’s always fascinating to see who really hit the nail on the head and who flopped miserably. We’ve put together an edit of our favourites of all time below.

Met Gala Theme 2018

This year’s Met Gala theme has just been announced and it’s a minefield. It’s called Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination and unsurprisingly, it’s been viewed as super controversial. Although religious iconography has previously featured in designer collections by powerhouses like Dolce & Gabbana, celebrities and their stylists are going to be under immense pressure to figure out the perfect way to push style boundaries – without pushing too hard.

Met Gala 2017

Theme: Rei Kawakubo

Last year’s theme honoured one of the most exciting designers of the decade: Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons. Renowned for her sculptural and avant-garde approach to fashion, things got delightfully weird and we were here for it. Standouts included Katy Perry’s swooping red tulle gown, Blake Lively’s feathered Versace and Priyanka Chopra’s beefed up trench coat (all featured below in our gallery, don’t worry). However there was one undisputed style queen that night…

Met Gala Rihanna

Dressed in a ruffled piece designed by the honouree’s own brand Comme des Garçons and a pair of Dsquared2 lace up heels, Rihanna was basically a walking art installation last year.

met gala best outfits

Richard Young/REX/Shutterstock

Met Gala 2016

Theme: Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology

Things got technical this year, as the theme for the Met Gala was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology. A lot of celebrities took things to a futuristic level, with Emma Watson wearing a dress made entirely out of plastic bottles and Kate Hudson’s sculptural gown setting her up as a kind of robotic angel. Katy Perry again drew attention with her sweeping Prada gown, while Taylor Swift’s newly debuted platinum locks had tongues wagging. As for our favourite…

Met Gala Claire Danes

Claire Danes stole the show in this gorgeous dress by Zac Posen (who, hey, you can spot on the right watching on proudly). While the silhouette of the dress was utterly romantic and completely spot on for the Stardust actress, the real innovation behind this dress was the fact that it glowed in the dark. Seriously.

best met gala dresses

Erik Pendzich/REX/Shutterstock

Met Gala 2015

Theme: China: Through the Looking Glass

This year’s theme centred around China and – uh – it got controversial. It’s no secret that fashion’s been prone to orientalism and toeing the line between appropriation and honouring a culture’s tradition is a very slim one. Many stars went straight to the source and commissioned Chinese designers for their looks, while others opted for thoughtful details like Mandarin collars and embroidered silk. Others stayed completely away and did their own thing…and then there was Sarah Jessica Parker’s headpiece. Still torn on that one.

Met Gala Rihanna (again)

Don’t @ us, she deserves the title. Rihanna stepped out in a sweeping Guo Pei gown, who’s one of our favourite modern Chinese designers today. We’d go as far as to say that this was the look that cemented Rihanna as a style darling and it was accessorised perfectly with a bronze hairpiece, the perfect hairstyling and a gorgeous rosy-cheeked beauty look we’re still trying to imitate. Unsurprisingly, the dress weighed a ton though and she had a posse help her carry it around and up the stairs all night.

best met gala dresses

Joe Schildhorn/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

Read on for more of our favourite looks below.

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