The best rooftop bars to cool off with a drink this weekend 😎

The best rooftop bars to cool off with a drink this weekend 😎

Sun’s out!

Boundary Rooftop - Best rooftop bars
Boundary Rooftop – Best rooftop bars

There’s only one direction we’re heading when the sun comes out, and that’s upwards. Much like festivals, Pimms and umm Andy Murray, sipping cocktails with a view of your favourite city skyline has become synonymous with British summertime. So we’ve rounded up the best rooftop bars in the UK to while away a long summer’s evening. Up, up and away from all the traffic and crowds is where the best parties get started…

Best rooftop bars: West London

The Roof Gardens, London
The Roof Gardens is an eclectic venue, worthy of a Katy Perry music video. Flamingos roam the grounds and DJs spin a healthy mix of classics, remixes and mash-ups until 3am, making it a prime party destination. A glamorous crowd gathers at this private members club for some top notch al fresco dining and tickets to their weekend antics are available through at a great discounted price. Did we mention that they have a meaty BBQ available until 2am?

Best rooftop bars in East London

Madison Terrace Bar and Lounge, St Pauls
The view from Madison‘s terrace puts you at eye level with one of London’s best landmarks: the gorgeous grey dome of St Paul’s Cathedral. Between May and September you can find a virtuous way to take advantage of the view by signing up for a Vinyasa yoga class on the roof at 7am (which costs £13), but the place really comes into its own at dusk, with a buzzy atmosphere, music and cocktails. If you’re feeling decadent order a bottle of champagne and some nibbles – the truffle fries and sautéed mini chorizo sausages are delicious – or cool off with a frozen berry Daiquiri.

The rooftop bar at Madison with its unrivalled view of St Paul’s

Dalston Roof Park, London
For as little as £5 you can become a member of Dalston Roof Park and enjoy a whole load of events, from free film screenings to street food stalls. Newly refurbished in April 2017, it draws a hip crowd thanks to hosting bands such as Basement Jaxx, Rudimental and Disclosure. Mismatched chairs are scattered across the venue creating a laid back vibe that’s the perfect switch-off for after-work drinks.

Boundary Rooftop Bar, London
We’re fans of anywhere that serves cocktails in sizeable pitchers. Add to this the delicious food, panoramic London views and fun staff and you’ve got one helluva hotspot to spend some time this summer. The restaurant is covered so even if the Great British weather should disappoint, your time at Boundary won’t. All the best rooftop bars have a Plan B for the weather. Useful, no?

The Sky Garden, London
Sky Garden has three stunning floors and boasts one of the highest roof gardens in London, making it a must-visit – even if you have a fear of heights. There’s more than one reason why it’s been regarded as one of the best rooftop bars in the UK – it offers quick bites to eat, from breakfast to lunch, not to mention down-the-hatch cocktails for those in search of some evening hedonism. It is renowned for its picturesque view of London which is an Instagram-filtered gift for your social feed.

Netil 360, London
Spice up not only your summer, but your year, and purchase Netil 360’s yearly membership for £120 – it doubles up as an awesome co-working space for freelancers and small businesses. A range of experiences, from yoga to rooftop parties, will be at your disposal alongside the added bonus of being able to bring along one of your friends for free, and boasting one of the best rooftop bars in the UK. You will also receive free entry to their BYOB evenings and weekends which are an absolute hoot and easy on the pocket. We love this place for its low key attitude and unconventional partying.

best rooftop bars east london

Queen of Hoxton, London
This summer sees the launch of Queen of Hoxton’s summer rooftop sessions and this year a giant tipi provides the backdrop for the ultimate sky-high night out. Festival on the roof, anyone? Last year, silent discos and film clubs fuelled memorable nights under the stars and, no doubt, this summer will be the exact same. Fun times will be on offer alongside frozen daiquiris to cool you down after the sun sets.

Best rooftop bars in North London

Proud Camden Roof Gardens

Looking more like a sun-drenched Eden than a bar, Proud Camden’s roof terrace is bedecked in botanical greenery and florals, and already attracting the most in-the-know crowd in town. Throughout the summer, there’s a residency from Manhatten Cantina, one of London’s most popular pop-ups serving Mexican-style burgers. After sunset (a view worth waiting for in itself), live DJ sets take you long into the night. Discover it before everybody else does.

best rooftop bars north london

Best rooftop bars in Birmingham

Marco Pierre White Champagne Bar, Birmingham
Marco Pierre White’s Champagne Bar is a venue with a 360-view of Birmingham’s skyline and offers a long list of quaffable champagnes. The mixologists are known for conjuring up delicious bubbly cocktails that aim to refresh summer palates.

best rooftop bars birmingham

Best rooftop bars in Manchester

Roof Garden Playground, Manchester
A bit of a hidden gem, Roof Garden Playground operates a work-hard-play-hard attitude as it serves up a vibrant selection of cocktails, champagne, wine, beer and spirits. Come evening, it’s popular amongst city slickers and brings to life a romantic vibe with candlelit lanterns. The terrace and hot tub are available for private hire to help people lap up some rays in privacy.

best rooftop bars manchester

Best rooftop bars: Glasgow

Ubiquitious Chip, Glasgow
Ubiquitous Chip is a venue full of wonderful curiosities. It has a themed indoor rainforest with plenty of twinkling fairy lights and a simple roof terrace where the good times roll. A great menu offers fine dining and entertainment comes in the form of jazz lunches. If you’re looking for a unique night out or bite to eat, this is your spot.

best rooftop bars glasgow

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Only David Attenborough could take the piss out of the Queen and get away with it

Only David Attenborough could take the piss out of the Queen and get away with it

‘A sundial… Neatly planted in the shade’

Much like when Batman and Superman teamed up in Justice League, but swap the superheroes for a pair of 90-year-old national treasures. Millions tuned in on Monday night to watch the Queen and David Attenborough star a very special ITV documentary, The Queen’s Green Planet.

The focus of the programme was The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, a royal mission to protect trees all over the Commonwealth. The documentary featured other members of the Royal Family including Prince Harry – who was shown planting trees in the Caribbean – and saw Attenborough and the Queen chat away as they toured the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

The Queen has never given an interview so it’s always interesting to watch her speaking in an informal fashion, and she seemed particularly relaxed with Attenborough, having known him for years. The pair’s rapport was good enough for Attenborough to take the mick out of the Queen’s sundial – planted in the shade.

‘Aha! A sundial neatly planted in the shade!’ Attenborough told the Queen, who laughed to her gardener (off screen) ‘Had we thought that it was planted in the shade? It wasn’t in the shade originally? Maybe we can move it?’ Attenborough replied, ‘Depends if you want to tell the time or not!’

‘This one we won’t look at because it doesn’t seem to be doing very well,’ the Queen told Attenborough at another point, when they walked past a sapling. ‘Somebody sat on it, I think, at the garden party.’

If you didn’t watch the documentary last night, you can catch up with it here.

In the meantime, here’s a few more good stories about the Queen…

When she avoided a conversation by hiding behind a bush

The Queen

Taking her dogs for a walk in 1978, apparently the Queen decided hiding behind a bush would be preferable to speaking to Romanian leader Nicolae Ceausescu, who was on a state visit at the time.

We’ve all done it, but with ex-boyfriends and that annoying couple from our NCT class rather than state leaders.

When she made her acting debut with Bond

‘It was a bit of a laugh’ said the Queen about the Olympic Opening Ceremony stunt which saw her march through Buckingham Palace with Daniel Craig before a ‘parachuting’ out of a helicopter into the stadium like a boss.

When she told off Silvio Berlusconi for being noisy

In 2009, when the Queen gathered with G20 leaders for a group photo, Italian PM Silvio Berlusoni shouted ‘Mr Obama!’ at the president. ‘What is it? Why does he have to shout?’ replied the Queen, which prompted an outbreak of laughter. Get back in your box, Silvio.

When she made her point with Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi

According to a memoir by former Saudi ambassador Sherard Cowper-Coles, when the Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was invited up to Balmoral for lunch with the Queen, she asked him if he’d like a tour of the estate. When a string of Landrovers pulled up outside the house the Prince was instructed to climb into the front seat of the first one, where he found the Queen (and not a chauffeur) was sitting in the driving seat. At the time women were not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia so this was (probably) the first time he had ever been driven by a woman. When the Queen, chatting away, then accelerated speedily along the road he asked her (via his interpreter) to slow down. We really hope that made her accelerate even faster…

When she stayed (relatively) cool when a man broke into her bedroom

In 1982 a man called Michael Fagan drunkenly scaled the wall of Buckingham palace and broke into the Queen’s bedroom while she was asleep. When he pulled back the curtain of her bed she woke up and said, pretty calmly considering the circumstances, ‘what are you doing here?’ before exiting the room. ‘Her nightie was one of those Liberty prints and it was down to her knees’ Fagan later told an interviewer. An unarmed footman was eventually called, who took Fagan across the hallway and gave him a whisky while he was waiting for the police to fetch him. We’re not sure the reception would be quite so chilled out if he had broken into the White House…

When she responded to the EU Referendum with sarcasm

Supposedly during a meeting with Sinn Fein chief Martin McGuinness on a two day trip to Northern Ireland in the wake of the Brexit result, she responded to his ‘Good evening, are you well?’ with ‘Thank you very much. Well, I’m still alive, anyway.’ She continued to explain ‘We’ve been quite busy – there’s been quite a lot going on’. When he sympathised – assuming she meant Brexit – the Queen replied, ‘I’ve had two birthdays, so we’ve been quite busy’.

When she joked about her outfit at the Coronation 

Her elaborate robes were so heavy that when she reached Westminster Abbey she turned to the Archbishop of Canterbury and asked him to give her a push to ‘get me started.’

When she asked Tracey Emin this question

At an exhibition in Kent she said to famous YBA Emin, ‘do you show internationally as well as Margate?’ We wonder if they then went on to discuss Emin’s famous work ‘All The People I Have Ever Slept With’

When she showed she’s a (slightly crazy) dog lover 

According to former royal chef Darren McGrady, the Queen’s army of corgis are fed on (among other things) steak, poached chicken and rabbit and her morning breakfast tray also features a plate of dog biscuits. She also once demoted a footman because he poured whisky into the corgis’ water bowl.

When people mistook her for a common lady shocker 

The artist Juliet Pannett – who painted the Queen – said HRH told her a story about a time she was having tea at Sandringham and they’d run of cake, so she nipped out to the local shop to buy some. As she was walking through the shop door in her headscarf an elderly lady said ‘Good heavens, you look just like the Queen’, to which she replied ‘how reassuring’ and carried on into the shop.

When she gave this line to some American tourists

The Queen was on a walk near Balmoral – again in her headscarf – when a group of American tourists stopped her and said, ‘have you met the Queen?’ The Queen turned to her royal protection officer and said ‘I’ve never met the Queen… but this policeman has.’

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This dress is about to get you a helluva lot of likes on Insta

This dress is about to get you a helluva lot of likes on Insta

Introducing that one dress that’s so colourful that not only will it elevate your summer wardrobe (that’s assuming summer’s actually a thing anymore that is), but it’ll probably get you all the Insta love.

It’s part of the ASOS Made in Kenya collection, which has just landed on ASOS today. It features a multi-coloured paint print with gold details, and a cute off-the-shoulder design.

Shop now: ASOS MADE IN KENYA dress from ASOS

But the best thing about it is the story behind it. First off, it’s cut and manufactures by SOHO Kenya, who ASOS collaborated with to improve the lives of members of the local community.

Then it’s part of the collection designed by a special series of collaborators, including brother and sister duo 2manysiblings (@2manysiblings) , Beats 1 Radio presenter Julie Adenuga (@julieadenuga) and model Leomie Anderson (@leomieanderson).

The dress itself hasn’t gone live yet (it launches in August), but you can already buy the matching tote bag, which in itself is a #flatlay waiting to happen.

And if you just can’t wait, there are plenty of other great choices, including a matching tropical print crop top and trousers.

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Hot List: Here’s what’s new in your favourite stores and online this week

Hot List: Here’s what’s new in your favourite stores and online this week

The ultimate wish list…

What better time is there to explore all the latest stylish launches and new happenings than at the weekend?

So, without further adieu allow us to introduce: hot list. Whether it’s some much-needed pampering, a quick interiors update or a wardrobe refresh, weekends are all about indulging in some ‘me-time’.

Here at Marie Claire HQ we’re constantly seeking out secret sales, new brands, exclusive beauty treatments and cool coffee table books. We also love updating our home with a cool new piece of pottery, art or a delicious new candle.

We’ve rounded-up all the coolest things to do, see and buy this week. There are new store openings, new fashion brands, A-list collaborations, grooming updates and generally gorgeous and useful things to know so that your downtime is as stylish as you.

This is your ultimate weekend shopping list, so check in with us every Friday so that you can hit the shops fully informed on what’s new and cool each week. Click through to see our favourite picks for the Hot List this week…

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How to pull off the trickiest SS18 fashion trends

How to pull off the trickiest SS18 fashion trends

Digital Fashion Editor Penny puts them to the test so you don’t have to

spring summer trends 2018

It’s one thing when you see all the gorgeous spring/summer 2018 trends on the catwalk, but it’s a different thing altogether when you’re trying them out IRL.

That Balenciaga model may have looked like an angel from heaven in her head-to-toe buttercup yellow look, and the Loewe girl gave us major envy in her pastel checks, but how does this translate in your normal day-to-day wardrobe? I decided to put the trends to the test so you don’t have to, and you can shop all my looks below.

Summer fashion trends 2018: Crayola colours

spring summer trends 2018

Photo: Will Goldstone

Shop my look: Ceffin top (£150), Topshop trousers (£40), Topshop shoes (£46) and STAUD bag (£310)

From Givenchy to Balenciaga, designers took inspiration from their favourite Pantone colours for spring, and I don’t blame you for being a little scared of this trend – head-to-toe red isn’t for everyone. I wanted to add a bit more depth to the look by going multi-tonal and pairing some primary colours together.

Despite appearances, there are some rules to follow, namely don’t go over three colours, and make sure at least two items are matching so it looks a bit more pulled together. If this is still too bold for you, swap the trousers for a dark denim, and keep the shoes neutral too.

Summer fashion trends 2018: Pastel colours

spring summer trends 2018

Photo: Will Goldstone

Shop my look: H&M blouse (£29.99), H&M skirt (£29.99), M&S bag (£29.50) and M&S shoes (£65)

Ice cream shades were everywhere on the SS18 catwalk, from Preen to VB and Chanel, and as well as mint, the surprising hit of the season was, as Jess Wood excellently put it, ‘Queen Mum-sy lilac’. So I stuck to those two shades for this look. By picking a sheer blouse, I ticked another trend and gave the look a bit more edge as pastels can look a bit ‘cute-sy’ for my liking.

Summer fashion trends 2018: Puff sleeves

spring summer trends 2018

Photo: Will Goldstone

Shop my look: Zara shirt (£39.99), Rejina Pyo skirt (£345 at Browns), ASOS earrings (launching soon), ASOS bag (£30) and Zara shoes (£79.99)

By now, you’ve probably noticed puff sleeves all over your Instagram feed, so there’s no avoiding this trend, which is fine by me as it’s one of the most wearable ones. Opt for a versatile white which you can pair with everything from denim to a floral midi skirt. I jazzed up this number with a few colourful accessories.

Summer fashion trends 2018: Check print

spring summer trends 2018

Photo: Will Goldstone

Shop my look: Zara blouse (£29.99), Zara skirt (£49.99), Aeyde shoes (last season), Anissa Kermiche earrings (£360) and STAUD bag (sold out)

This winter’s check print has successfully transitioned into spring, you’ll be happy to hear. There are two takes on this trend, which I happily took on.

On the one side, you’ve got a feminine take on the heritage print (Victoria Beckham, Burberry). Think tailored trousers, silky materials and midi skirts.

spring summer trends 2018

Photo: Will Goldstone

Shop my look: Lee Mathews dresses (launching soon), Shrimps bag (£450) and Topshop shoes (sold out)

At the other end of the sartorial spectrum, you’ve got your folksy prints (Loewe, Fendi) which allow for a more bohemian look. Here, I layered two dresses to add interest, and kept accessories paired back.

Summer fashion trends 2018: Beach clothes

spring summer trends 2018

Photo: Will Goldstone

Shop my look: Left: Rixo blouse (£175), Rixo skirt (£215) and Zara sandals as before. Right: As before, with Ganni skirt (£140 at Coggles)

If you’re a maximalist fan, you’ll have no doubt loved the tropical offering seen at Gucci, Versace and Marc Jacobs. Your inspiration? The 1960s Palm Beach socialite. I opted for a fabulous Rixo print top, worn with a matching skirt one day, and with a leopard print Ganni skirt later (other unlikely style icon: Kat Slater obvs).

More is more here, in case you hadn’t guessed, but you can of course pair things back with the accessories. I’ve opted for a basket bag here, another key trend for SS18.

Summer fashion trends 2018: Suit shorts

spring summer trends 2018

Photo: Will Goldstone

Shop my look: Zara blazer (£89.99) and shorts (£49.99), Mango shoes (£59.99) and Mulberry bag (£950)

I was excited to try this trend (see at Off-White and Balmain) as I love a good blazer, and I wasn’t disappointed. Suffice to say, your summer workwear just got elevated. Try a check number like this Zara two-piece, or a pastel one to make sure you tick two trends in one.

Summer fashion trends 2018: Floral dresses

spring summer trends 2018

Photo: Will Goldstone

Shop my look: Anna Glover x H&M top (£24.99) and skirt (£34.99), Zara shoes as before

Yes yes, florals for spring and all that. But this season, florals do get a little bit of a shake-up (Chloe, Rocha, Emilia Wickstead) in the form of ditzy prints and sugar hues. Try mixing and matching or going for a sheer floral for a bit more edge.

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