If you'd like to smell completely f***ing glorious this summer, please apply within

If you'd like to smell completely f***ing glorious this summer, please apply within

Make way for the scent of the summer

There was a time, long ago, when I wished to be a one-scented woman. I dreamt of walking along a corridor, leaving a trail of my signature fragrance behind me that would be picked up by someone and they would exclaim, ‘Oh Katie was here not long ago.’

But alas, this never happened. At current count, I am a 27-scented woman. Turns out, I am a perfume whore. Which isn’t exactly what I was going for. The trouble is I just fall in love with fragrances so easily. I let them flirt with me, I allow them to lull me into feeling of determined longing and then whoops, I’ve just added another notch to my metaphorical-fragrance bedpost.

And so I find myself infatuated on a regular basis. This week’s squeeze is Diptyque’s Essences Insensées 2019 scent, Tiaré Flower.

I know what you’re all thinking, ‘come on, it’s ridiculously easy to fall in love with a Diptyque fragrance. Anyone would.’ And you would be right. It is. I already have two in my 27-strong collection. But this one, as so many have in the past, has sucked me in.

Diptyque’s Essences Insensées scents are really quite magical. Each year they closely observe their floral crops and dependent on weather and soil, one in particular will have a stellar year. (Think of this flower as the prefect of the botany world.) Diptyque then bottles this special flower as a limited edition summer fragrance.

Diptyque’s Essences Insensées Tiaré Flower, £170 

Diptyque ESSENCES INSENSÉES Tiaré Flower

Buy Now

This year’s prefect is the Tiaré Flower – the national flower of Tahiti. It’s a white flower, which I’m afraid to admit is my kryptonite when it comes to fragrances. I get one whiff and I’m weak at the knees.

It’s been brewed alongside frangipani, vanilla and pink peppercorn and the results are magnificent. At first spray, I won’t lie I thought it smelt medicinal, but as soon as it dried down onto the skin I was hooked. The scent is rich and velvety, whilst simultaneously managing to be super fresh and green. It reminds me of the smell of warm bodies at around 8pm on a beach holiday. Does that make sense? No? Well then you’ll just have to buy it yourself.

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how smart this bottle is?! Even if you hated the juice (which would be an impossibility) you would happily display this beautiful piece of cut glass in your home. Maybe it has something to do with the squeeze bulb? Whenever I use one, I instantly feel like one of those fabulous characters straight out of a Poirot novel.

I urge you to go out and buy it, for it truly is one of the best summer perfumes. I plan on wearing it everyday and smelling divine until the end of the season. (Well until another fragrance comes along and catches me under its spell. Which should be in about four hours.)

Don’t hate me for the price. Hate me for the fact that you’ll want to purchase two.

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How to recycle beauty products – the handy, print out and keep guide

How to recycle beauty products – the handy, print out and keep guide

As it’s World Oceans Day tomorrow, we want to encourage everyone to do their bit for our seas, not to mention the rest of the planet.

Ever since that final episode of Blue Planet II aired in December 2017, we have known just how horrific the extent of the devastation that plastics has on planet, especially our oceans. According to Global Citizen, by late 2018 88% of those who had seen it had changed their relationship with plastic completely. They went on to call the episode, ‘a key moment sparking the war on plastics.’

recycle beauty products

We have certainly noticed more reusable water bottles on our commute and in the office, some people have gone a week completely plastic-free and huge brands like Waitrose are doing their bit to reduce their plastic waste.

So, does this mean that we are nailing our recycling routines? Apparently not, according to research carried out by Garnier 56% of Brits don’t recycle their bathroom products. It’s thought to be partly down to us being used to having two bins in our kitchen, that it’s almost second nature to separate our recyclable goods. But the other issue is the complexity of bathroom products; a hand soap bottle and an eyeshadow palette are slightly more confusing that the plastic container your mushrooms come in. ‘Beauty product packaging is often composed of a variety of types of material,’ explains Stephen Clarke, Head of Communications at TerraCycle Europe. ‘For example — mirrored glass, cardboard sleeves, paper inserts, expanded plastic foam and more have been known to be used in cosmetics packaging– sometimes all in one item.’ This makes recycling them incredibly difficult.

‘120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry,’ explains Clarke. ‘Of these, very few plastic waste items generated in the bathroom are accepted by most public kerbside recycling programmes. Most common beauty products and packaging contribute to the world’s growing plastic waste problem and, without adequate recovery solutions, are tracked for landfills, burned, buried, or simply littered where waste management is insufficient. Many plastic waste items find their way into oceans and waterways, compounding the problem with environmental hazards.’

recycling beauty products

We need to make sure that where we can, we are recycling our beauty products properly. Below is our guide to what can be recycled and what should just be thrown in the normal bin. When in doubt, throw it out. This is important, says Clarke, because ‘beauty products and packaging that cannot be recycled through the public system will not only be diverted towards landfill or incineration anyway, they slow down the system and have the potential to contaminate bales of secondary material. This is important because we must improve the system to create a circular economy for plastics.’

How to recycle your beauty products


So many beauty products, like fragrances and new make-up products, come wrapped in cellophane. Annoyingly, this cannot be recycled and should be put in your normal bin.

Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles, like shampoos, conditioners and shower gels, are accepted by most recycling programmes. However, make sure that you have emptied and cleaned them out first. You can also leave the lids on as these can be recycled, unless it’s a trigger head or a pump. These will need to go in your normal bin. If you haven’t completely finished your conditioner, do NOT pour it down the sink. Instead, get out as much as possible and put it in your normal bin. (The same goes with any product that you have a little left of.)


Yes, hairsprays and deodorants can be recycled in most household collection schemes. But do make sure they’ve been completely finished before recycling them.

Mascara, lipstick, make-up palettes (eye shadow, bronzer, blusher)

Annoyingly, these are too complicated to recycle. However, TerraCycle has partnered with Garnier to create a free recycling programme for beauty packaging, and these can be taken to one of their allocated drop-off locations. Find your nearest one here. They will also take sheets masks and their wrappers, face wipes and their packets, trigger sprays, pumps, pipettes, roll-on deodorants.

Glass jars

Hooray, as long as these have been emptied and cleaned then these are free to be popped in your recycling bin.

Cotton pads

This is an interesting one, as they have come under quite a bit criticism for being as bad for the environment as face wipes, but in actual fact these can be recycled with your food waste. So after taking your make-up off, take them straight into the kitchen to throw away.

Hair tools

If they still work, check with your local charity shop if they’ll take them. If they’re broken, then they can be recycled at a specific centre. To find your local one, click here.

Nail varnish, fragrance bottles, make-up brushes

These can’t be recycled, so should just be placed in the normal waste bin.

Toothbrushes and toothpaste

Don’t put these in your recycling, there are special drop-off locations (that can be found here) that have been set up by TerraCycle and Colgate.

What else can you do?

  • TerraCycle has also paired with brands like Kiehl’s, L’Occitane and The Body Shop. Theses brands are accepting old beauty containers and will recycle them on your behalf. There are often freebies and discounts if you do it this way.
  • Get your hands on a TerraCycle Zero Waste Box – they send an empty box to your house, you fill it with your beauty empties (shampoo bottles and caps, conditioner bottles and caps, hair gel tubes and caps, non-pressurised hair spray bottles, hair paste plastic jars and caps, lip balm tubes, face soap dispensers and tubes, lotion bottles, lotion tubes, lotion dispensers and jars, non-pressurised shaving foam tubes, lip gloss tubes, mascara tubes, eye liner pencils and cases, eye shadow tubes, concealer tubes and sticks) and then send it back to them to recycle it all.
  • Buy products that are packaged in highly recycled materials, like PET bottles
  • Buy from brands that offer a refillable service or reusable packaging

Brands doing their bit

Ren Skincare

Ren has a company-wide goal of being completely zero waste by 2021. That’s only two years away. It currently has 100% recyclable packaging, refillable solutions and bottles made from reclaimed ocean plastic.


In their most recent beauty campaign, Liberty launched Conscious Beauty. Throughout, there has been a drop-off point, where you could take your packaging to be collected and recycled. They also championed all of their brands that are doing what they can to be more sustainable.

Neal’s Yard

From tomorrow until 2nd July, Neal’s Yard will have an in-house recycling scheme. You will be able to take some of the trickiest items to recycle to one of their stores, this will include sample sachets, superfood pouches, facial wipe packages, pumps and atomisers. You will then receive 10% off their next purchase.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop, renowned for its ethical trading initiatives, has teamed up with tech business Plastics For Change and Hasiru Dala, a local Indian NGO and social enterprise, to buy 250 tonnes of plastic collected by waste pickers in Bangalore this year, which will rise to 500 tonnes in 2020. This  recycled plastic will be used to create the bottle of their haircare ranges. There are also recycling points in store.


L’Occitane have had TerraCycle collection points in their stores and have sponsored beach cleans all over the UK, from Brighton to Edinburgh.


Yesterday saw the launch of Selfridges Project Ocean Beauty Booth, which sees them pledge to ensure that at least 50% of their products are better for humans and the planet by 2022. As part of the initiative, they will have people on hand to help teach customers how to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic waste in their bathrooms.

If that wasn’t enough, here are some products to get your hands on that are ……..

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The fragrance brand you don’t know about, but you really bloody should

The fragrance brand you don’t know about, but you really bloody should

Warning: you’ll want the full lot

The market is flooded with different fragrances – from niche, designer and celebrity perfumes to gourmand, citrus and woody scents. And I’m not talking a bit of light flooding in winter, I’m talking national emergency, get the army’s help, flooding. Walk into any high street beauty hall nowadays and the choice is overwhelming. To make matter worse, at every turn is another sales person armed with a bottle ready to douse you. Well allow me to put an end to this confusion and point you in the right direction. Whenever you find yourself in a department store, head straight to the Aerin Beauty. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

aerin beauty

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re not that familiar with Aerin Beauty, it’s a realitvely small brand, that despite launching into the UK in 2013, has not been given the recognition it deserves. The brand founder is Aerin Lauder, granddaughter to Estée Lauder, a fabulous New Yorker whose premise in life, which is reflected in the brand, is ‘living beautifully should be effortless.’ In the US, it’s a fully-fledged lifestyle brand influenced by her signature style and aestethic, as well as travel and flowers, with everything from kitchenware and stationary to fashion and beauty. Aerin (the brand and the woman) is a household name, with many obsessing over the founder’s life; her Instagram is a neverending inspiration board.

aerin beauty


I remember the day I smelt my first Aerin fragrance like it was yesterday. As soon as I had sprayed a little of Lilac Path into the air, I was in love. From that moment on, I have always owned a bottle of it. I honestly believe it’s one of the best perfume for women. It was even the scent I chose to take on my honeymoon with me. That’s the thing about Aerin Beauty fragrances, they’re conjuer up the most wonderful scent memories.

The range, made up of 18 fragrances, is incredibly diverse – each one evokes a different mood and feeling. The bottles themselves are simply stunning – the gem caps making them somewhat of a collector’s item that will jazz up any dressing table.

Here’s a roundup of my absolute favourites, but I urge you to make a trip to the counter yourself to find the one that has you hooked.

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