Meet the designer putting militants and feminists on her jewellery

Meet the designer putting militants and feminists on her jewellery

I would say I’ve upped my jewellery game over the past year. Whereas before I used to buy cheap pieces from the high-street by the bucket load (‘Who cares if I go off it next week? it’s so cheap!’), I am now more into buying less, but better. This might involve spending more, but on forever pieces, thus saving more in the long run.
They key for me is also making sure I stick to ethical jewellery brands, as I know where the materials come from, and it’s also a nice way to support local businesses. I have a long list of favourites, but I must admit I have a soft spot for Anissa Kermiche, ever since I spotted her panier earrings on fellow editors at fashion week.
Even better, her latest collection is inspired by women who led the French Revolution. Badass or what? Here she reveals what made her take the plunge, and what her style tips are.
You didn’t start out to become a jewellery designer, how did it come about?

It was always in me but I tried to repress it as long as I could. After graduating in engineering, I ended up working for a big consulting firm, which wasn’t exactly what I dreamt about when I was young. I caught up with my hobby in the evening after work, making simple pieces and wearing them at work. It caught the eye of the people around me straight away, which encouraged me to ditch my life in Paris, move across the Channel to study jewellery design.
When was the turning point for your brand?

When MatchesFashion picked up my brand 5 months after the launch. I couldn’t believe a famous retailer, where I had been shopping my whole life, was welcoming me as a designer so early after I launched my brand, basically 6 months after I graduated. Heaven.
Your Panier earrings have been spotted countless times at fashion week, are they a best seller?

 They were indeed! My ear cuffs are also very popular, so is my collaboration of Runway jewellery for Rejina Pyo. Statement earrings are in general are very popular.

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Where do you find inspiration?

Everyday life, I am a design and fine arts fanatic, I love turning lamps, bits of architecture, furniture, into wearable art. My collection Body Language is made of mini sculptures representing female body parts.
Do you have any tips for designers starting out?

Work for someone else first! Do not make the mistake of starting straight after uni like I did. So many mistakes can be avoided and so much time saved. I had the technical knowledge to make jewellery and the project management skills, but absolutely no clue about line sheets, the logistics of fashion week, PR, etc.
What projects have you got coming up?

A collaboration with a shoe brand, made possible by Net-A-Porter, which I am so proud of! Also my next collection based on the first women’s march in France during the French Revolution. Every piece is inspired by a figurehead of the feminist society 300 years ago. I have redesigned the French coin, changing the French national motto “Liberté Egalité Fraternité” (freedom equality brotherhood) into “Liberté Egalité Feminité” (freedom equality femininity) and with the bust of Marianne in the middle (Marianne is a national symbol of the French Republic, a personification of liberty and reason, and a portrayal of the Goddess of Liberty.)
Any style tips you swear by?

Mismatching earrings, always always. Layering as many necklaces as possible, also wrapping necklaces around my ankle for a multiple anklets effect, with lots of charms!

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The one-of-a-kind watch all your friends will be coveting

The one-of-a-kind watch all your friends will be coveting

Promotional feature with Swatch

Your watch – your design rules with #SwatchxYou

Want to nail the latest 2019 fashion trends? Fashion editor Grace Wright shows how she uses her #SwatchxYou Swatch to complement her favourite key looks.

Everyone knows that it’s the details that can make or break an outfit, so in-between finding the perfect shade of pink or sheer layered dress, make some time to create the perfect watch to go with it.

Yes, you heard that right – create your very own watch. Swatch’s new Swatch x You watch allows you to pick a print, decide exactly where it’ll sit on the dial and strap, change the colour of the mechanism and even add a message on the underside.

So you can personalise it to suit your own style and get to wear a timepiece that’s totally unique. There’s a range of patterns, from cute animal prints and graphic pieces to edgy urban designs and lush florals, that could turn a simple #Swatch watch into a future design classic.

Put simply, you can #Personalise to your heart’s content.

Style up a suit

Suits were all over the catwalk at London Fashion Week and tailoring is a big trend for 2019, with oversized jackets top of our picks. Design your watch with a pop of colour to match your suit and it will make a statement all of its own.

Work the all-in-one

Boilersuits are huge for 2019. I teamed this watch with a pared-back boilersuit and the pop art bright graphics really stand out. Go for a subtle colour like black or navy when you’re rocking a colourful watch – it will guarantee you keep your look chic.

Discover your Swatch x You style

What are you wearing on your wrist? Create your own Swatch x You and share it with us using the hashtags #SwatchxYou #Swatch #Personalise

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5 editors share how to avoid present-picking panic this Christmas

5 editors share how to avoid present-picking panic this Christmas

Say goodbye to pre-gifting nerves – instead of worrying about keeping a poker face, when they open this gift they’ll think ‘omg, she gets me!’

Getting that perfect Christmas gift for family and friends can be tricky business.

You’d think that knowing the giftee so well would make things easier, but that’s the tricky part: You want them to unwrap your present with a huge smile on their face and think: ‘They know me so well.’

Fortunately at Marie Claire we’ve got this down to a fine art and are on hand to share with you our present-picking secrets.

Keep reading to find out how our editors are ensuring a stress-free gifting experience so that you nail it this year. (Fingers crossed our friends and relatives don’t see this.)

Holly Rains, Digital Editor – the long-term best friend

This year I’m going for make-up brushes; I’m betting your best friend either a), has no make-up brushes, like mine, but would love them or b) is a beauty junkie and always needs more. You can buy Real Techniques’ individually or in sets, depending on your budget. Sorted.

Real Techniques Flawless Base Set, £19.99

Sunil Makan, Associate Editor – the fragrance lover

In my opinion, the fragrance fan is actually really easy to buy for. Whether they need a top-up of the classics or you’d like to treat them to a new launch to add to their collection, there are so many options that a scent lover would, well, love. One of my favourites is Tom Ford Noir, a blend of vanilla, amber and leather. Delicious.

Tom Ford Noir Eau de Parfum, £96

Penny Goldstone, Digital Fashion Editor – the glam mum

Liz Earle Every Day Radiant Trio, £48

I think I speak for everyone when I say mums can be a bit fussy, can’t they? Not only are skincare sets great value, but they stock them up on some of their favourite skin treats for the new year ahead; this Liz Earle gift, containing iconic Cleanse & Polish, will definitely be the icing on the cake in my house.

Lucy Abbersteen, Digital Beauty Writer – the well-groomed dad

Percy Nobleman Traditional Shaving Kit, £34


There’s nothing nicer than that feeling of ‘out with the old, in with the new’ after getting that perfect ‘upgrade’ for Christmas, especially if your tools are well past their sell-by date. My partner’s dad is an old-fashioned kind of guy, so this traditional shaving kit is him down to a tee (but if yours is more modern, an electric Wet & Dry shaver will work just as well!).

Katie Thomas, Digital Beauty Editor – The over-excited kids

Lego Friends Drifting Diner Set and Lego Super Heroes Batman Set

Christmas really is the best time for kids – I think we can all agree they enjoy it the most! When I’m buying gifts for younger family members I always think about the excitement of Christmas day when you’re little; it’s that feeling of unwrapping something fun, colourful and special.

Whether it’s for your own children, cousins or nieces and nephews, creative kids will love these sets.

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The chicest places to get an ear piercing in London

The chicest places to get an ear piercing in London

ear piercing

Gone are the days where getting your ears pierced involved a trip to your local Claire’s accessories. While we’re not knocking it (ah, the memories), the piercing game has evolved quite a bit since those days.

I used to have two piercings, one in each ear, but in the past couple years, my collection has grown to nine, and call it late teenage rebellion, but it seems I’m not the only one wanting more bling on my ear. A wave of new ‘ear designers’ (I’m looking at you Maria Tash) and piercing studios means that your adult piercing experience has gone more luxe.

No titanium studs here, instead, think delicate gold and diamonds, which means you’ll never have to remove them if you don’t want to. If you fancy joining the rebellion, here are a few London addresses to know about.

Lark & Berry ear piercing

ear piercing london

Where? The Lark & Berry store, 52a George Street, W1U 7EA

What? Sustainable women’s jewellery brand, Lark & Berry have launched an in-store piercing studio complete with a 14K gold piercing capsule collection set with cultured stones, and diamonds. It has been developed with an expert body piercer to curate jewellery that minimise scarring in a new piercing, including hoops which have an increased thickness that have been designed specifically for piercings.

How much? Piercings are free with the jewellery, which costs from £95. Book here.

Maria Tash ear piercing

ear piercing london

Where? Liberty and Harrods

What? Jewellery designer Maria Tash started off with a studio in New York, which was a hit with celebs and editors alike, thanks to her excellent ‘ear curation’ skills. She will basically look at your ear and suggest which piercings and where they will look nicer. She’s now brought her studio to Liberty and Harrods, and whilst not cheap, her diamond or pearl coronet hoops are forever.

How much? Piercings from £15, jewellery from £100. Book here for appointments at either Liberty or Harrods.

Astrid & Miyu ear piercing

ear piercing london

Where? The Astrid & Miyu Covent Garden (35 Neal Street WC2h 9PR) store or the St Christopher’s Place store (4 St Christopher’s Place W1U 1LZ)

What? If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper alternative, then Astrid & Miyu’s range is super stylish. They have a specific range they use for piercings, which are either titanium or solid gold, which include delicate studs and hoops.

How much? From £45, including jewellery. Book here.

Nichola Joss ear piercing

Where? 39 Harley Street, W1G 8QH

What? Best known for being Meghan Markle’s favourite facialist, Nichola Joss has teamed up with Shen London to offer luxury piercings in-store. Each labret or stud is crafted in 18kt white or yellow gold and adorned with D colour, VS+ Clarity diamonds of triple excellent cut offering some of the world’s most rare and precious stones.

How much? It’s pricey, but then again you’ll never want to take them off. Piercing is free with the purchase of jewellery, which starts at £470 for studs. Book here.

Maria Black ear piercing

Where? In Selfridges

What? Copenhagen-based jewellery designer Maria Black has brought her paired-back Scandi aesthetic to London. Her piercings are made in 14K yellow and white gold, complimented by stunning diamonds and coloured sapphires, and are even better when layered.

How much? Sadly the pop-up at Selfridges is now closed, however there are rumours she might open a studio again in London, so watch this space…


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Converse’s newest collab with Shrimps is one of its most stylish yet

Converse’s newest collab with Shrimps is one of its most stylish yet

Those. Shoes.

shrimps converse collaboration

There’s nothing quite like a classic pair of black Converse, but something you need to spice things up. That’s why when we saw that Converse had paired up with one of our favourite indie British brands, Shrimps, we had a little freak out in the office. They’ve teamed up for a collaboration that’s playful and utterly chic with a capsule of chucks and clothing, which you’ll definitely want to put on your Christmas list.

The collection dropped just this morning online at Converse and Shrimps and they’re going fast, so if you’re keen on snagging something you’ll have to move fast. With prices ranging from £35-100, it’s a great way to grab a Shrimps original without resigning yourself to their usually super luxury price tags. (We’d still shell out for one of their beaded bags though.)

Their shoes are undoubtedly the centrepiece of the collection, with a pair of pink and rose rose printed One Star shoes and another white graphic pair of Chuck 70 HI kicks available. The attention to detail is pretty awesome as well, given that the Chuck 70 HI features striking black contrasting details.

Shrimps x Converse Chuck 70 HI

shrimps converse collaboration

Priced at £100, available at

Shop now

The One Star’s pastel pink hue continues onto the rubber sole and if you look super closely, you’ll also be able to pick out a bit of faux fur on its heel too – a total Shrimps staple.

Shrimps x Converse One Star Low Top

shrimps converse collaboration

Priced at £90, available at Converse

Shop now

Both prints carry onto the clothing as well, as there’s also a pink floral tee available.

Shrimps x Converse Pink Floral Tee

shrimps converse collaboration

Priced at £40, available at

Shop now

And for those who want to lounge in style, they’ve also created a Faces print pair of trackies with matching lounge trousers and hoodies. We’re always down to spend all day in our pyjamas, but at least this collab will make lazy days a little more stylish.

Shrimps x Converse Faces Tracksuit

shrimps converse collaboration

Shrimps x Converse Faces Trousers

Priced at £40, available at

Shop now

Shrimps x Converse Faces Hoodie

Priced at £80, available at

Shop now

Sadly one of our favourite pieces, a white tee which features their tiny logo, is already sold out. Fingers crossed it comes back in stock, but we wouldn’t get our hopes up. With these limited lines, once they’re gone they’re gone.

The Shrimps x Converse collaboration is available on Converse and Shrimps’ websites, as well as in store at Dover Street Market and select retailers.

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Prince William cracked a joke about Kate Middleton’s outfit and steady on, Wills

Prince William cracked a joke about Kate Middleton’s outfit and steady on, Wills

Tread carefully.

kate middleton christmas tree

The festive season is well and truly here: the trees are all up, the lights have switched on and for Prince William, the time has finally arrived to bust out a couple of Christmas jokes. The Duke of Cambridge and Kate Middleton were recently in Cyprus to visit an RAF base, where the Duchess arrived in a chic yet casual outfit. While most of us were out yass queen-ing over her wide legged trousers and blazer combo, Prince William on the other hand was cracking wise about her CEO-chic look.

According to Hello!, the pair visited RAF Akrotiri for a brief visit to meet with servicemen and women who would be separated from their family during the holidays. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge reportedly ‘handed out the presents from some of the families’ to RAF personnel and later withdrew for a quick photo opp by a charmingly decorated Christmas tree. While there however, he was caught making a joke at Kate’s expense.

As they posed by the green and white Christmas tree, he noted that Kate and the tree were twinning. According to Harper’s Bazaar, he joked, ‘My wife’s camouflaged against the tree.’

kate middleton christmas tree


He continued the joke and even offered to step out of the picture, asking photographers, ‘Do you want me to move out of the photo?’

Honestly, kind of. But only because the Duchess’ outfit deserved an #OOTD of its own, since we’re still obsessed with it. The look was a vast change from her intricate Jenny Packham gown at the Queen’s Diplomatic Reception earlier this week, as it was a much more laidback (but no less sophisticated) look. She turned to one of her favourite fashion designers Smythe for her Duchess Blazer, an L.K. Bennett clutch and diamond hoop earrings by Asprey.

Kate also drew the attention of the internet for her glorious navy wide-legged trousers, which many pointed out could be a sign Meghan Markle’s style is rubbing off on the royal. Markle was photographed at Wimbledon earlier this year wearing white trousers in a similar style. It was a pretty memorable style moment for the royal, if only because we couldn’t imagine keeping them as pristine as the Duchess did.

kate middleton christmas tree

Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

We’re personally loving Kate’s more casual looks recently, as it feels like a new shift in Kate Middleton’s style evolution. For instance, she brought the festive joy in a bright red tartan skirt to meet Santa Claus which we instantly fell in love with.

To our knowledge, Prince William didn’t crack any jokes about her outfit then but they were photographed looking super adorable as they were pelted with fake snow.

Christmas couple goals, TBH.

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Marie Claire, Farfetch and Pinterest launch #TimeToShine for a chance to win a shopping experience at Farfetch

Marie Claire, Farfetch and Pinterest launch #TimeToShine for a chance to win a shopping experience at Farfetch

Ummm… WHAT!!

You know what it’s like this time of year; we start getting excited about our festive party wear planning. Having all your favourite brands in the same place, fashion editor approved is a monumental help to some of us that are a little indecisive to say the least, welcome the Marie Claire Edit! The Marie Claire Edit in partnership with Pinterest and Farfetch bring you a celebration this Christmas with a chance to stock up your wardrobe with the latest festive trends. This partnership comes as a shining beacon of light as its more than just about the products, its about your individual story.

Farfetch– with over 700 boutiques and brands from around the world- offers the worlds greatest selection of luxury designer fashion for men and women. Whether you have an array of monochromatic pieces in your wardrobe or every colour that sits on the rainbow, it’s putting those pieces together that creates a story- one with an epic endgame. Farfetch does exactly that; it brings together assortments of pieces that encourage a person’s individuality and their own unique story.

Partnered with Pinterest, the largest online platform where enthusiasts get their ideas in forms of pins that link back to tutorials, articles and stores among others. It is a place where inspirations from ideas of personal taste turn into purchase. It brings together 250 million people a month from around the world to pin more than 23 billion fashion ideas on the platform. Pinterest like Farfetch is also place where individuality is encouraged as 84% of female pinners say that having a sense of personal style is important. Along with all of that it is also an endless shopping directory.

How to enter:

Head over to our bespoke Marie Claire and Farfetch #TimeToShine Pinterest board, where our editorial team has pinned together some of their favourite festive pieces from the Marie Claire Edit.

Now its you turn to create your own #TimeToShine board for a chance to win one of 4 £500 vouchers to spend at Farfetch

1- Head over to our #TimeToShine board for inspo and then create your own public board and name it #TimeToShine

2- At the top of the board write a description that tells us about your party wear style this season

3- Pin 20 or more products from the Marie Claire Edit to showcase the party outfit looks that will make you feel festive and fabulous this season

4- Pin a minimum of 10 Farfetch items from the Marie Claire Edit

*This competition is open to UK customers only, closing date is 18th December 2018, Terms and conditions apply*

So what are you waiting for – get pinning!

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Kering’s 10 years of fighting anti-women violence (not just making fab clothes)

Kering’s 10 years of fighting anti-women violence (not just making fab clothes)

The Kering Foundation is 10 years old! The owners of Gucci and Saint Laurent do a lot more than set catwalk trends…here’s how they’re combating violence against women – and the partner organisations doing amazing things

The designer group Kering owns some of the world’s hottest brands – Gucci, Saint Laurent and Balenciaga to name a few – and produces some of the world’s most fashion-forward clothes. But the luxury group, headed by CEO Francois-Henri Pinault (or Monsieur Salma Hayek, as he’s known in certain circles), is also trend-setting in another, even more important, way.

Mr Pinault and Kering take their social and ecological responsibilities seriously – devoting significant resources to finding new ways to make their brands more sustainable, and funding studies and an open-source system that allows the industry as a whole to share information on issues around sustainability. One of the company’s biggest achievements is its charity arm, The Kering Foundation, which celebrated its 10th birthday with a cocktail reception in Paris last week. It was set up in 2008 with the specific aim of combating violence against women – an issue that impacts 1 in 3 women worldwide. At the event, Mr Pinault (bel0w) shared his pride at the work already done: “For the past 10 years, we have contributed to weakening the taboo around violence against women by openly addressing it in our awareness campaigns.” Looking to the next decade, he said: “We will continue the fight. I want The Kering Foundation to explore new fields of action. Prevention, for example, by raising awareness among men about violence against women. I also keep in mind the fate of children, who are often direct or indirect victims of this violence.”

Over the last decade, they’ve worked with NGOs and grassroots initiatives that aim to prevent and tackle anti-female violence, everywhere from the UK to France, Italy, South America and China. The company launched the White Ribbon campaign in 2012 to raise awareness of the subject. Previous campaigns have starred Kering designers including Christopher Kane, Stella McCartney and Gucci’s Alessandro Michele (below)

This year’s has just been unveiled – and will target younger ‘Gen Z’ consumers and the issue of cyberbullying, with accompanying hashtag #IDontSpeakHater. Women are 27 times more likely to be bullied online than men.

Here, the Foundation’s Executive Director Celine Bonnaire (below) tells us about the successes of the charity so far – and what they’re planning next.

“We favour an approach that focuses on partnership, and work closely with a limited number of partners. I’m very proud of one of our NGO partnerships, with ‘La Maison des Femmes’, a haven based in France’s Saint Denis, that offers care and medical, psychological, and emotional support to vulnerable women. It’s particularly dear to my heart as we co-built it with other foundations, mixing private and public funding. “

Another achievement Bonnaire is especially proud of is the Foundation’s work to combat domestic violence, via the workplace. Working with specialist organisations – Womens’ Aid in the UK, NNEDV in the US, Solidarite Femmes in France and D.i.Re in Italy – they’ve designed training sessions for employees on the impact of domestic violence at work, and making the workplace a supportive environment for survivors. Kering have put their money where their mouth is (so to speak) – since 2010, over 1,200 Kering staff have attended sessions, including the Group’s Executive Committee.

Bonnaire remembers meeting a woman whose life had been directly affected by the work of the Foundation: “She was a mother of three who had flown from Algeria to escape domestic violence. She was a lawyer there but once in France, she couldn’t work, had no papers, and had to cope with her three little kids as well as her trauma from violence. And from time to time, with the ex-husband who was ‘visiting’ her in France. This could happen to any of us. Owing to her courage and the support she received at La Maison des Femmes, she rebuilt her life, got her papers, and stabilised her situation.”

Bonnaire is also excited about innovative new developments in the field. Last June, seven social entrepreneurs were awarded a six-month incubation programme, with two years of Kering mentorship and a grant. Hera Hussain of Chayn closes the critical information gap to help domestic abuse survivors, especially younger women from immigrant populations, find safety with crowd-sourced, expert-informed online resources.

Callisto, launched by Jessica Ladd, is an online reporting system for sexual assault survivors that can detect any serial sexual predator in the United States. The safe and secure platform means survivors are five times more likely to report an assault and do so three times faster than the national average.

She also believes it’s time to work not just with the victims themselves, but with men and boys to combat violence against women. “We partnered with an organisation called Promundo and its programme Manhood 2.0, which tackles how gender norms harm young men and women; it engages young men in recognising some of the harmful ideas around ‘masculinity’ that can have negative consequences on health, relationships, sexual violence, bullying and mental health.”

So what would she like to see more of, when it comes to fellow fashion companies? “I’m convinced it’s important for any industry and company to tackle the issue of violence against women by talking about it, making sure the workplace is a safe and supportive environment for survivors and promoting gender equality.”

We can all get on board with that…

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White go go boots are making a surprise comeback so break out the disco ball

White go go boots are making a surprise comeback so break out the disco ball

You can dance, you can jive…

white boots

I’m not afraid to say it: I’m a diehard ABBA and Mamma Mia fan. As my exasperated pals can attest to, I would not shut up about Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again when it came out and I’ve been low-key trying to sneak 70s inspired pieces into my wardrobe ever since. While the summery dresses won’t work for the winter cold anymore, I have been noticing a pretty surprising fashion trend around a lot recently: the return of the white go go boot. And honestly, I stan.

Although in the past I’ve typically only seen them at costume parties, they’ve cemented themselves a little niche amongst the fashion forward this season. From chic leather pieces to jaw-dropping white snakeskin, a number of them were spotted all over the fashion week just gone.

With some of my favourite high street retailers and luxury brands jumping on the bandwagon, I’m genuinely tempted to join in – even if they’re not the most practical colour. (Needs must when it comes to looking cool AF.)

white boots


While they might seem pretty daunting to style, they’re a total dream if you pair them with another big winter trend: patterned midi dresses and midi skirts. And seeing that shock of white underneath a statement winter coat will have you Instagram ready in no time with a kick ass OOTD.

If you’re a go go boot purist, this might not be 100% the right edit for you as I’ve popped in a few pieces that take the staple into 2018. Don’t @ me on Twitter for steering away from the latex please, I’m just a girl in love with white boots.

And cowboy boots.

And ankle boots.

Just, boots.

white boots

Cornel Cristian Petrus/REX/Shutterstock

Before I fall down a boot-related rabbit hole, here’s my edit of the best white knee high boots for the season.

If you end up buying a pair, sticking on ABBA’s Dancing Queen and having a little boogie, I’m right there with you. We should grab a coffee sometime.

FIND White Leather Slouch Boots

white boots

FIND is fast becoming one of my favourite new brands, as they’ve been knocking it out of the park with their footwear recently. After I fell in love with our Digital Fashion Editor Penny’s faux snakeskin cowboy boots, they had me falling in love all over again with these beauties. (P.S. They’re currently 30% off and also come in red and black.)

Priced at £72.10, available at

Shop now

New Look White Limited Edition Knee High Western Boots

white boots

New Look has really stepped up their game with this piece which brings the best of both winter trend worlds together: white footwear and Western-style boots. With subtle embroidery and a faux wood block heel, they look ultra expensive and won’t set you back too much.

Priced at £49.99, available at New Look

Buy now

Tibi Logan Patent-Leather Knee Boots

white boots

These are about as close as you’ll get to a traditional go go boot, as they’re made of the same shiny patent leather we’ve come to associate them with. That said, the pointed tip and rounded top bring it more into 2018 – so it’s more a chic throwback than a dated reference.

Priced at £780, available at NET-A-PORTER

Shop now

Mango Snake Effect High-Leg Boots

white boots

These are the shoes that kicked off my obsession with white boots, if I’m being perfectly honest. I saw them in Mango and they actually look a little paler than they do here, so IMO they still belong in the shade territory. Animal print is the trend that just doesn’t want to die this season and with faux snakeskin like this, why would you ever want it to?

Priced at £59.99, available at Mango

Shop now

Gabriela Hearst Linda Croc-Effect Leather Over-The-Knee Boots

white boots

Gabriela Hearst may be better known for their bags which swept Instagram into a frenzy, however these faux croc boots are a great case for why they’re nailing the broader fashion game. Pair it with a cosy long dress and you’ll be a total winter goddess.

Priced at £1,220, available at NET-A-PORTER

Shop now

& other stories Knee High Leather Boots

white boots

It came out recently that & other stories’ white cowboy boots were amongst the most in demand styles this season and they show no sign of slowing down with these boots. With a blockier heel for extra support, these boots were truly made for walking and are the epitome of Scandi-chic.

Priced at £199, available at & other stories

Shop now

Julia Mays Faux Fur White Nappa

white boots

I can never resist a bit of faux fur. These boots aren’t quite as tall as the others on the list and come to about your mid-calf. They’re giving me total Parisian chic vibes and while they’re a bit pricier, the quality speaks for itself as they’re made from Nappa leather and lined with faux fur inside to boot.

Priced at £495, available at Julia Mays

Shop now

TBH these boots aren’t made for walking, but that’s still what they’ll do.

I’m just going to bite the bullet and commit to buying a pair, who needs Christmas presents for the fam anyways?

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Meghan Markle’s going to be thrilled about this rising fashion trend

Meghan Markle’s going to be thrilled about this rising fashion trend

We need those trainers ASAP.

meghan markle sustainable fashion brands
Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

We’re sure it’ll come as no surprise to you that the environment’s not in the greatest place right now and this year, it turns out more people are trying to do their part. According to fashion search engine Lyst, an emerging fashion trend has seen a huge surge this year and it’s one that Meghan Markle’s going to be over the moon about. If you take a look through the Duchess of Sussex’s wardrobe, you’ll notice that she does her bit to raise up sustainable fashion brands like Veja, Stella McCartney and Reformation to name a few. It turns out that it’s paid off massively as there’s been a huge spike of interest in eco-friendly and sustainable clothing lines, with some of the most in-demand products of the year coming from cult green brands.

If you dive into Lyst’s Year in Fashion report, it turns out there’s been a surge of people looking for clothing that does its bit to save the environment – and the Duchess has had a lot to do with that. Lyst revealed that this year, there was a ‘47% increase in searches including sustainable related keywords this year, from ‘vegan leather’, to ‘organic cotton’ and ‘econyl’.

Besides being named one of the biggest fashion influencers of the year, Meghan Markle was also specifically name dropped as being crucial to the growth of a few sustainable brands.

meghan markle sustainable fashion brands

Meghan Markle wearing Stella McCartney | REX/Shutterstock

Yasmine Bachir, Lyst’s royal expert and Senior Communications Executive said, ‘Meghan has sparked interest for sustainable fashion across the globe and as such a powerful force and royal fashion influencer, we’ve seen her impact searches for everything from Veja trainers to Hiut Denim jeans and ethical designer Stella McCartney coats.’

Over the course of her Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand trip with Prince Harry just gone, Meghan Markle’s royal tour outfits were carefully selected to highlight both emerging sustainable and Australasian designers. From her plastic bottle flats from Rothy at South Melbourne Beach through to her selection of cute dresses, Bachir said her tour was instrumental in bringing sustainable fashion to the forefront.

She continued, ‘Eco-fashion peaked particularly within Meghan’s recent tour around the South Pacific where her fashion focus on sustainability couldn’t go a miss.’

meghan markle sustainable fashion brands

Meghan Markle wearing Veja | REX/Shutterstock

If you can cast your mind back to her and Prince Harry’s cute AF tour, you might remember she wore a pair of Veja’s trainers. There’s this adorable picture of her and Prince Harry on a boat during the Invictus Games, but my eyes immediately went to her fresh white sneaks.

Well, it turns out that the exact pair she wore – the Veja V10 trainers – ended up being one of the most searched for shoes online this year. Lyst described it as a ‘cool sustainable sneaker that was seen everywhere during New York Fashion Week and endorsed by Meghan Markle on her Australian tour’.

They also added that ‘searches were up 58% year on year for the sneaker’ which a big spike and one that spells major success for any small brand.

Veja V-10 Trainers

meghan markle sustainable fashion brands

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We’ve talked about the Kate Middleton effect before, a phenomenon that causes brand websites to crash and products to sell out instantly the moment Kate Middleton wears something in public.

Meghan Markle’s very much on the same train as Lyst revealed, ‘On average, if Meghan wears a designer, that brand will see a +200% increase in search demand over the following week.’

And well, it isn’t just Veja seeing the perks of the Meghan Markle effect. The Duchess of Sussex previously wore a gorgeous striped dress from Reformation while on tour in Australia and unsurprisingly, Reformation was name-dropped as one of the most popular brands on Instagram ATM.

meghan markle sustainable fashion brands

Meghan Markle wearing Reformation | REX/Shutterstock

Bachir said, ‘Demand for eco-friendly label Reformation increased globally after the Duchess wore a sundress by the brand in Australia, and it truly highlighted the power her fashion choices have worldwide.’

And on top of that, Meghan Markle’s wedding was identified as one of the biggest fashion events of the year – given that sustainable fashion brand Stella McCartney designed her gorgeous reception dress, apparently she caused ‘huge spikes in search’.

Beyond the brands that Meghan Markle has worn, it was also super heartwarming to see a few other smaller sustainable designers make the list. Shrimps, one of our faves in the office, was given a shout out with their cute Antonia Queen bag leading the charge on the beaded bags trend as the most viewed product in that category.

Antonia Faux-Pearl Embellished Bag

meghan markle sustainable fashion brands

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Another brand called Nanushka was also name dropped as one of Instagram’s best kept secrets, with Lyst particularly honing in on their ‘denim dresses and jumpsuits’.

Honestly, we’re so thrilled about this and we just want this trend to continue. It’s been amazing to see how far we’ve come in just a few months. Just to rattle off a few amazing things: both luxury and high street retailers have started releasing sustainable fashion lines, there’s a concept store called The Maiyet Collective that’s opened dedicated solely to sustainable and positive fashion brands and big names like  Zara cutting back on things like mohair.

Here’s hoping this isn’t just a fad and that it becomes the norm.

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