Different Types Of Sarees In India

Different Types Of Sarees In India

Sari is deeply embedded in India's fashion history and plays a major role in her heritage. These nine yards of elegance vary from country to country in India. Each has its own charm, craftsmanship and style. Let's look at the different types of sari in India that add grace to Indian heritage.

The History of Sari in India

Sari has been in existence for more than 6000 years. It is thought to have evolved from a three-piece garment consisting of inseparable pieces of cloth draped as an undergarment, chest strap, and a piece worn over the shoulder or head. Later, Sari became that stretch of cloth that did it all at once. Cleverly pleated at the waist to make walking comfortable, Sari became an integral part of India's history.

Here are the different types of saris found all over India. Various types of Sari

1. Assam Silk Saree

  Assam Silk Saree

vilaasinie / Instagram

Assamese silk saris are made with silk obtained from the domesticated multi-volt silkworm, antiheeses. There are three main types of Assam wild silk – the Golden Mouca Silk, the White Pat Silk, and the Erie Silk.

Material: Silk

Originally from: Sualkuchi

Clothing from: Assam

2. Banarasi Silk Saree

Banaras saris are made in the beautiful city of Varanasi, also known as Benaras or Banaras. These saris are known for their richness and grandeur. With their magnificent embroidery made with gold and silver dice on fine silk, they are a must in your wardrobe.

Material: Silk

Originally from: Varanasi, Azamgarh, Jaunpur, Bhadohi, Chandauli and Mirzapur

P9013 garments by: 19659014] 3. Chanderi Saree

  Chanderi Saree

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Chanderi sander is made of pure silk, Chanderi cotton and silk cotton. These saris are of the highest quality and are known for their gold and silver dice, fine silk and earthly riches.

Material: Silk and cotton

Originally from: Chanderi, Malva and Bundelhand

Clothes from: 4 Sambalpuri Saree

  Sambalpuri Saree

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Sambalpuri sarees are hand-woven ikat saris made using the tie method. They are known for their geometric patterns and motifs such as ham (shell), chakra (wheel) and flowers.

Material: Cotton, silk and cotton for mercerization

Originally from: Sambalpur, Bargarh, Sonepur, Brahmapur, Balangir and Boudh


5. Kasta Saree

  Kasta Saree

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Kasta or Kaashthasarees are traditional nine-court Maharashtra sari that are known for their draping style. They are draped in a dotty style known as Navvari, which means s & # 39; nine yards. & # 39;

Material: Cotton and silk

Originally from: Pune, Nashik and Mumbai

Clothing from: Maharashtra [1965]. Chiffon Sari

  Chiffon Sari

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Chiffon fabric can be traced back to the 1700s in Europe. Although this fabric is not from India, chiffon saris have long been the rage as they are often worn by actresses in Bollywood films.

Material: Silk fibers, nylon, etc. polyester

Originally from: France

Clothing from: Europe

7. Georgette Saree

Georgette is a clean, lightweight, dull finished fabric of fabric. It is remotely related to chiffon, except that it is slightly more fragile and known for its adaptive and easy-to-wear capabilities.

Material: Area, polyester, viscose and nylon

Originally from: France

Clothing from: France

Hair Saree

  Hair Saree

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Hair silk is derived from Indian silkworm and is a kind of tussar silk. It is known for its strength and is preferred over pure silk in Chhattisgarh. This silk is naturally dyed with the flower palace flower, the red pollen of the flower rora the dark pink-red of lacquer and other natural colors.

Material: Silk, cotton and polyester

Originally from: Korba and Shampa

Clothing by: Chhattisgarh [1965]. Net Saree

Net sarees started to develop a few years ago, but net fabric has been used for hundreds of years. The origin of this tissue remains unclear, but it has been traced in ancient India as well as in Western civilizations. It was originally used for wedding dresses and skirts and was later upgraded to a sari.

Material: Cotton, artificial polyamides, nylon and silk

Originally from: Era Mogol [19659014] 10. Bandhani Saree

  Bandhani [Saree] [1965] 19659009] / <strong> Instagram </strong></p>
<p>  The Bandhani or Bandhej saris have their own unique charm. Made with a tie dyeing method, bandhani sari is usually found in bright and vibrant colors. It is usually painted by hand and with natural colors. </p>
<p>  <strong> Material: </strong> Silk, cotton, cotton silk, chiffon and georgette </p>
<p>  <strong> Originally from: </strong> Ahmedabad <strong></strong>  Kutch, Saurashtra, Rajasthan4 and Raj9004 and Raj9004 and Raj9004 ] <strong> Clothing from: </strong> Gujarat </p>
<h3>  11. Kasavu Saree </h3>
<div id=  Kasavu Saree

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Kasavu Saree (also known as Kerala Saree) are known for their minimalist beauty. The base color ranges from almost white to beige and the frame has a solid color and golden zari design. Mainly worn for the festival Onam Sarita Kerala is already known worldwide.

Material: Silk, cotton and chiffon

Originally from: Kuthhampley and Mysore

Clothing from: Patola Saree

The patola saatoe are the double ikat p made sarees made in Gujarat. It takes about four to six months for a single Patola barn to be woven, making it extremely expensive.

Material: Silk

Originally from: Patton, Lalitpur

Clothing from: Gujarat

13. Kanjeevaram Saree

  Kanjeevaram Saree

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Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram is the finest silk in India. Kanjeevaram sarees are the patent bridal garments in South India as they are rich, royal and filled with magnificent dawn work.

Material: Silk

Originally from: Kanchipuram [19659004] Clothing by: Tamil Nadu

14. Kalamkari Saree

  Kalamkari Saree

thesmalltowngirl / Instagram

Kalamkari Sarees are gorgeous hand-painted saris made in Andhra Pradesh. Kalamkari art is done on cotton or silk with a tamarind pen and natural colors. The word kalamkari is derived from the Persian word kalam (meaning "pen") and kari (meaning skill).

Material: Silk and cotton

Originally from: Telangana

Clothing by: Andhra Pradesh

15. Paithani Sarees

  Paithani Sarees

kautuka / Instagram

The beautiful paitani saree from Maharashtra is famous for its golden richness of dice and peacock motifs throughout . Paithani sarees come in kaleidoscopic colors ( Dhoop-Chaav shades) that add to the grandeur of the garment.

Material: Silk

Originally from: Paithan

Clothing from: Maharashtra

16. Muga Saree

  Muga Saree

saree_art / Instagram

Saga Muga is a variant of Assam silk sari. It is produced only in Assam and nowhere else. Mouga has traditionally been used to make clothing called Mechel Sadar – a traditional Assamese sari.

Material: Silk

Originally from: Sualkuchi, Guwahati

Clothing by: Assam

17. Puttapaka Saree

  Puttapaka Saree

tarangweaves / Instagram

Puttapaka sarees are a more detailed and close version of ikat sarees . With more sophisticated geometric weaving, the satatas of Puttapaka have stunning symmetry without undermining its aesthetics with .

Material: Cotton of silk and lace

Originally from: Nalgonda

Clothing from: Telangana

Phulkari Sarees

Phulkari literally translates as "color work" and comes from Punjab.Phulkari sarees during weddings, festivals and other celebrations. With its vibrant colors and uniform floral patterns, Phulkari sarees embroidery is a delight to the eye.

Material: Silk and cotton

Originally from: Peshawar, Jhelum, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ambala and Ludhiana

19. Bhagalpuri Sarees

The Bhagalpuri sagas are known for their unique and striking fine silk. The silk is naturally dyed with vegetable colors and acid dyes that add to the charm of the sari. The simplicity of the sari ensures that it stands out among the crowd.

Material: Silk

Originally from: Bhagalpur

Clothing from: Bihar

20. Bomkai Sarees

  Bomkai Sarees

drama.rani / Instagram

Bomkai Sarees are produced in Odisha. Bomkai (also known as Sonepuri ) is an exceptional silk and cotton fabric woven into a pit. The borders are usually made in contrasting colors, and the coat is made with intricate thread.

Material: Silk and cotton

Originally from: Bomkai, Subarnapur

Clothes by: Odyssey 21

Dhakai Saree

  Dhakai Saree

seemsaskt / Instagram

The Sakae of Dakai is most commonly known as Dhaka-Jamdhani. This sari has many designs and motifs, each meaning different things like growth, fertility and marital bliss.

Material: Cotton

Originally from: Dhaka

Clothing from: Bangladesh

22. Pochampally Saree

  Pochampally Saree

thedrapediva / Instagram

Pochampally Sarees are the origin of the ikat style. The vibrant colors and unusual color combinations of Pochampally saris make them extremely fashionable and suitable for all age groups.

Material: Silk, cotton and cotton silk

Originally from: Bhoodan Pochampally, Nalgonda, Telangana

Andra01 by: 19659014] 23. Gadwal Saree

  Gadwal Saree

vithikasheru / Instagram

Highly visible with your live dice, Gadwal Sarees are a must-have in your wardrobe! The basis of this sari is cotton, while the border is made with silk and dice. The designs of these saris are inspired by regional temples and architecture and you can see some beautiful and exotic shapes decorating the borders and body.

Material: Silk and cotton

Originally from: Mahbubnagar, Uppadda

Clothing by: Telangana [1965]. Conrad Sari

  Conrad Sari

Looks Like / Instagram

Conrad ( Koorainadu ) Sari was originally woven for temple deities. The design of this sari is usually made of checks or ribbons and is woven of fine silk. Another specialty of Conrad silk is that it is lightweight and easy to wear.

Material: Silk and cotton

Originally from: Koorainadu, Chennai

Clothing by: Tamil Nadu

Ilkal Saree

  Ilkal Saree

amarjyotchahal / Instagram

Ilkal salsas are woven using a cotton base for the body and an artificial silk base for the border and 25 pallu. Be checked, striped or plain – Irkalis saris look simple but rich in texture.

Material: Silk and cotton

Originally from: Ikal, Bagalkot [19659004] Clothing by: Karnataka

26. Chikankari Saree

The Chikankari Sarees are delicate and delicately embroidered on hand. Traditionally, a white thread used for embroidery on pastels in pastel colors. French knots and stitches are used to fill embroidery designs.

Material: Cotton, Georgette, silk, organza and muslin

Originally from: Lucknow

Clothing from: 1965 27. Mangalgiri Saree

  Mangalgiri Saree

g3vinod / Instagram

The Mangalgiri sangres are plain with gold, silver or colored dice designs on the border. This sari looks simple, but it has a rich denim border and palu and is easy to maintain.

Material: Cotton

Originally from: Mangalgiri, Chittoor

Clothing from: Andhra Pradesh

Baluchari Sarees

Balugari sarees are hand-woven using richly dyed silk, with intricate motifs depicting Indian mythology5]. The designs usually depict Ramayana and Mahabharata stories, the most famous being the story of Lord Krishna explaining the Arjuna Bhagavad Gita.

Material: Silk and cotton

Originally from: Bishnupur, Balchur

Clothing from: West Bengal 29 [19659]. Kantha Saree

  Kantha Saree

tasteofcalcutta / Instagram

The word kantha in Bengali means 'embroidered quilt'. Originally used for quilts only, Kantha's job is now. made on a sari. Despite various developments, embroidery continues to be carried out by the rural masters of Bolpur, with the art form being passed down through the generations through the ages.

Material: Silk, tusar silk and cotton [19659004] Originally from: Bholpur, Birbhum

Clothing from: West Bengal [1965]. Kota Saree

  Kota Saree

eeshitajoneja / Instagram

KotaDoria or Kotasareesare, made of pure cotton and silk and has square textures. The colorful Kota sarees pattern makes them stand out. The saris are lively and usually slightly decent.

Material: Silk and cotton

Originally from: Kota, Mau and Muhammadabad Gona

Clothes by: Raja ] 31. Lehariya Saree

Lehariya sugars are made with a simple style of tying and dyeing. The term lehari means "wavy." It symbolizes the unique and rich heritage of Rajasthan. The model of the blade goes diagonally along the edges of the sari.

Material: Cotton, silk, chiffon and georgette

Originally from: Udaipur

Clothing from: Bengal Tant Saree

  Bengal Tant Saree

eeshitajoneja / Instagram

Tant sarees flourished during the Mughal era and are the most famous style of Bengal saris in India even today. Tantis saris are woven of cotton fibers and are distinguished by their lightness and transparency.

Material: Cotton

Originally from: Dhaka, Tangail, Murshidabad, Hooghly, Nadia [19659004] Clothing from: West Bengal 33, 19659 Bangalore, 1965 . Gota Saree

Gota saree was created with Gota Patti embroidery on canvas Gota. The models were created using an application technique with metallic Gota fabrics such as gold, silver and copper. Working at Gota enhances and gives glamor to a sari.

Material: Silk, Cotton and Georgette

Originally from: Jaipur, Bikaner, Aimer, Udaipur and Kota


The way a sari falls and hangs depends on its fabric. And each fabric has its own unique aesthetic. Take a look at the different types of sari fabrics in the next section. Types of saris fabrics

1. Cotton

Cotton saris are light and summery. Cotton absorbs all kinds of moisture and sweat, making it one of the most comfortable fabrics for wet and hot weather. You can choose from pure cotton, linen and caddy.

2. Silk

If you are looking for a festival or wedding sari, go for a silk sari. Wearing is not only comfortable in the summer, but also keeps you warm in the winter. You can go for Kanjeevaram or Assam Silk saree.

3. Clean Fabrics

Fabrics such as chiffon, organza and taffeta are clean and transparent. They are lightweight and are usually preferred for daily and daily use.

4. Synthetic Fabrics

Synthetic fabrics include nylon, polyester and rayon. These fabrics are ideal for people who do not wear sari regularly. They are known for their lightweight but soft and smooth texture and are low maintenance.

5. Net

Net saris have been trending for several decades. The web of fabric is used to make dresses, skirts, tops, asses and saris. It can be decorated with rhinestones and framed frames.

6. Fiber cellulose fabrics

Fiber cellulose fabrics are made from bark, wood or leaves of plants or other plant materials. For example, jute, flax and some types of silk are derived from bamboo plants.

Now that you know all about the different types and fabrics of saris, let's dive into the latest saris that make the rounds right now.

Последни типове сари през 2019 г.

1. Belted Structure

 Belted Structure

shanadramaqueen / Instagram

Belted sarees са гореща тенденция в момента и ние сме напълно на борда с него! Коланът добавя структура и шик на ансамбъла. Можете да носите елегантен или смел колан от кожа, метал или плат над вашия сари за моментално остър парти вид.

2. Concept Sarees

 Concept Sarees

rakshitamaskeri / Instagram

Концептуалните сари включват предварително зашити сари, носове сари, рокли на Сари и санти в стил дохо или панталон. Тази нова вълна на съвременната мода превзема и улеснява всички дами да добавят нотка на непринуденост към своя стил.

3. Меки пастели

 Меки пастели

hashtagram_ / Instagram

Изхвърлете живите цветове и изберете някои доста меки пастели. Пастелните нюанси работят както за деня, така и за вечерно облекло. Вземете своя избор от праскова, прахово синьо, ружово ружово, аква, бежово и люляк.

4. Всичко е в блузата


Великолепна блуза може да увеличи коефициента на oomph на вашия сари. С извън рамо, студено рамо, крис-гръб и всеки друг стил на блуза, който може да се представи, най-новите тенденции поставят някои сериозни модни цели. Направете блузата си връхната точка на вашето облекло, за да изглежда най-основният сари не по-малко от дизайнерски.

5. Висока деколте

Блузите с високо деколте са още един актуален модел на блузи. Изхвърлете обичайните блузи с дълбоко U-образно деколте и преминете към стилна блуза с високо деколте. Тя добавя известна грация, елегантност и изтънченост на външния вид.

6. Crystal Saree

Боливудските героини обичат Blingy кристални сари, които озаряват стаята мигновено. Това е перфектното празнично или парти за облекло, което можете да сдвоите с еднакво фантастична блуза по шикозен начин. Оформете го правилно и със сигурност ще накарате някои глави да се обърнат!

7. Appliquéd Net

 Appliquéd Net

danphegirl / Instagram

Нетните сари с апликационна работа изглеждат просто зашеметяващо. Красивите апликации добавят чар и причудливост към обикновен и прост мрежов сари. Никога не можете да сбъркате с някои цветни апликации!

8. Diamond Pattern

Диамантените и шарени модели са отново с гръм! Колкото и да изглеждат тези модели страхотно на коприна и памук, те изглеждат още по-приказни на шифон и креп. Самоотпечатаните диамантени модели също изглеждат чудесно, когато се съчетават с фантазия блуза.

9. Rich Velvet

Още откакто Анушка Шарма носеше дълбоко кадифено сари с цвят на вино на нейното годежно парти, кадифеното сари превзе модния свят. Той изглежда не само царствен и елегантен, но и стилен по занижен начин.

10. Съвременни щампи

 Съвременни щампи

umaya.store / Instagram

Съвременните щампи са благодат за всички модници там! Отидете за цветен отпечатък на зъби с цветя, шеврони или хрътки, за да добавите нотка на забавление и причудливост към външния си вид. Изберете ги в безупречни и живи цветове, за да завършите външния вид с перфектност.

11. Тънки граници

Големи и широки граници са вече остарели. Сегашната тенденция е свързана с минималистични модели и дизайни. Дори границите са се стеснили до тънки и деликатни. Това поддържа сари да изглежда прост и лесен за сдвояване с тежка блуза.

12. Полка Dotted Saree

 Polka Dotted Saree

sushness / Instagram

Полка точките бяха яростта през 70-те и 80-те, и изглеждат напълно забавно и причудливо! Изберете саксия от полка в шифон или органза, които имат своя чар.

13. Небесно бяло

 Небесно бяло

diksha04 / Instagram

Ако смятате, че всички бели сари изглеждат скучни и нежни, грешите. Монохромният вид на небесно бяло сари и блуза изглежда приказно. Смесете го с различни материи като дантела, мрежа или шифон, за да добавите дълбочина към вашия външен вид.

14. Solid Bubblegum Love

 Solid Bubblegum Love

myolivetrunk / Instagram

Пастелните нюанси на жълто, синьо и розово са известни като цветове на балончета. Тези цветове са успокояващи за очите и перфектни за когато искате да поддържате погледа си лек и опростен.

15. Midnight Copper

 Midnight Copper

soyaa_di / Instagram

Металните медни сари изглеждат великолепно и има много шикозни начини за стилизирането им. От фантастични колани до драматични блузи, има много елементи, които можете да експериментирате с саре с цвят на мед.

16. Maroon Strikes

 Maroon Strikes

desidhaga / Instagram

Цветният бардо има толкова голяма дълбочина и блясък към него, че подхожда на всички. Независимо дали е в коприна, сатен или памук, бордовият цвят изглежда еднакво великолепен във всеки един от тях.

17. Subtle In Peach

 Subtle In Peach

nithyaa_rv / Instagram

Праскова е един цвят, който притежава изтънченост и чар. Изглежда страхотно на всеки тон на кожата и може да се стилизира лесно. Приятен цвят е да се носи през деня и през нощта за парти. Можете да го джаз с контрастна бижута и контрастна бижута.

18. Metallic Sheens

 Metallic Sheens

diksha04 / Instagram

Метални сари в сребро, злато или бронз могат да повишат вашата модна игра моментално. Невероятният блясък и блясък на метален сари може да усили настроението на вашата мода. Сдвоете го с блуза с деколте и се пригответе да разтърсите своя свят.

19. Keeping It Classic

 Keeping It Classic

ofeliasarkar / Instagram

Класическата червено-бяла комбинация изглежда зашеметяващо дори на памучно сари. Този комбо е неразделна част от традиционния бенгалски сари и е идеален за традиционна функция или фестивал.

20. Scribbled In Monochrome

 Scribbled In Monochrome

kanchan_wadi / Instagram

Едноцветно саре от шифон или сатен с абстрактни щампи изглежда шикозно и модерно. Оформете го с минимални аксесоари, за да поддържате фокуса върху Сари.

21. Сребърни облицовки

 Сребърни обшивки

щастливи. Сребърна рамка добавя прекрасна привлекателност към сари. Независимо дали е пастел или тъмен сари, изглежда прекрасно. Дори богатите санаси на Банараси често имат сребърна рамка, за да добавят нотка на величие.

22. Glamour с две части

 Glamour с две части

prreetii / Instagram

Сари patli pallu ви дава красотата на два прекрасни контрастни цвята в един сари. Патли палу има един цвят върху тялото на Сарие и контрастен цвят върху палу които създават красив ансамбъл.

23. Докосване на уникалността

 Докосване на уникалността

svassugi / Instagram

Медта или златото с черно е класическа комбинация, която никога не може да се обърка! Вибрацията и дълбочината на златото е красиво балансирана с плътно черно. Изпробвайте го и ще се влюбите в тази уникална комбинация.

24. Laced With Love

 Laced With Love

joyita.dey / Instagram

Дантелата е нежна и ефирна материя, която изглежда изящна и секси в същото време! Повярвайте ни, това червено дантелено сари ще изглежда не по-малко от шоустопър на парти.

25. Да бъдеш модерен

 Да бъдеш модерен

misspinkshoes26 / Instagram

Искате ли да добавите намек за шикозна модерност на външния си вид? Опитайте да сдвоите многоцветно, абстрактно отпечатано сари със страхотна модерна блуза или изрязан топ! Трябва да изглеждате като милион долара.

26. Етническа конгломерация

 Етническа конгломерация

draped_in_dreams / Instagram

Въпреки че това сари има традиционен печат, стилът и текстурата му на драпиране са модерни и остри. Той е перфектен синтез на традиция и тенденция. Можете да го сдвоите с фантазиран връх за подрязване, за да създадете вид на сливане.

27. Ефект Омбре

 Ефект Омбре

maisonshefali / Instagram

Омбре ефектът се състои от тъмен оттенък, постепенно избледняващ в по-светъл. Омбре сари изглежда красиво, когато е драпирано и сдвоено с блуза с неутрален или плътен цвят.

28. Цветове на радостта

Няма нищо по-освежаващо от взрива на живи цветове. В дните, когато не можете да решите какво да облечете, този многоцветен сари ще ви помогне. Можете да сдвоите блуза буквално във всеки цвят с този сари.

29. Batik Love

 Batik Love

_anuradhika_ / Instagram

Batik е толкова недооценена форма на изкуство, не мислите ли? Градската острота на батиково сари е незаменима. Въпреки, че е традиционен стил, батиковото сари има освежаващо модерно усещане към него

30. Монохром в най-добрия си

 Монохромен в най-добрия си

doctor.afrin / Instagram

Емблематичният шахматен дъсчен сари е нещо, за което да умре! Има определен шик и стил към него, което го отличава като модерен драп.

31. Pastel And Gold

 Pastel And Gold

silk.diaries / Instagram

Тънкостта на пастелите може да се джаздира с блинга на златото. Златните зари могат да придадат изящество и елегантност дори на обикновен почти бял сари. Той също така помага незабавно да се възстанови традиционното усещане на Сари.

32. Glimmering Paradise

Glimmering Paradise

sush_couture / Instagram

Glimmering silver can jazz up a saree, too! A simple shimmery border or a glitzy blouse can add life to any dull saree. This makes for the perfect party outfit.

We hope we taught you something about the sarees from various states of India, their fabrics, and the latest trends. What is your dream saree? Comment below to let us know!

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Tifanny & Co's advent calendar is the most extra thing we've ever seen

Tifanny & Co's advent calendar is the most extra thing we've ever seen

Let’s be honest, chocolate calendars just don’t cut it anymore. Not when you have luxe beauty calendars (hello Jo Malone), Harry Potter advent calendars, Missoma jewellery calendars and even cheese advent calendars.

And then there is the Tiffany & Co advent calendar, a calendar so extra and exclusive that there are only two available in the world, and one of them is in the UK. Oh and it’s yours for a cool £104k.

The calendar itself resembles the iconic New York  5th Avenue store, painted in the classic robin egg blue hue. Behind each of the 24 doors lies a luxurious gift in a box, tied with a red ribbon, for that extra festive touch.

Whilst we don’t have a list of all of the treats, we do know there diamond pendants and earrings, a watch, rose gold and diamond bracelets, as well as non jewellery items such as a pen, perfume and a harmonica.

So if you add it all up, it’s probably good value, you know if you’ve got £100k just lying around, waiting to be spent.

The calendar will be available at Harrods from 9th November, and we can imagine it’ll be top of everyone’s wish list.

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Kate Middleton secretly wore this Ghost dress on tour

Kate Middleton secretly wore this Ghost dress on tour

We saw a lot of Kate Middleton dressing like Princess Diana on her Pakistan tour last week, however it seems like we didn’t see all of her beautiful outfits, since an unseen picture of her on the trip just emerged on a fashion blog.

The picture shows the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge mingling at a reception held at the British High Commission. For the occasion, Kate wore a pale blue maxi wrap dress adorned with delicate floral motif.

Eagle-eyed fans managed to identify the brand as none other than British high-street favourite Ghost. The Avery wrap floral dress cost just £195, but has sadly sold out everywhere online from John Lewis to ASOS.

Shop now: ADORLEE DRESS for £175 from GHOST

However Ghost has plenty of similar styles on the site, including the Adorlee dress which you could totally layer over a cashmere roll-neck and team with white boots for now, swapping over for some wedges like Kate come summer.

Since returning from Pakistan, the Duchess has kept busy, editing her first ever Instagram post just this week, highlighting her visit to an SOS village in Lahore.

She wrote, ‘The community at the SOS village is built around family – and the best possible family you could imagine – where everyone comes together to nurture, love and protect the children in their care. These vulnerable children, many of who have come through traumatic circumstances, are nurtured in this caring environment and are able to form these quality relationships that they so desperately need to thrive. – Catherine’

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The chic wellies everyone is wearing at the moment (and they're high street)

The chic wellies everyone is wearing at the moment (and they're high street)

Autumn is definitely upon us, and the rain has not stopped for two solid weeks, in case you were in any doubt about it.

And when you’re navigating puddles up and down the street, heels, and even trainers just won’t cut it. Only one thing for it: wellies. Sure, not necessarily the most stylish, but highly dependable.

That was until ARKET brought out the sell-out wellies of the season. The rugged-sold boots are an elevated version of the British staple, with a leather outer shell, though the sole is still rubber, making them great for the rough weather.

Shop now: Rugged-Sole Leather Boots for £150 from ARKET

They come in two chic colours: olive green and black, and have been so popular influencers have been styling them every day, rain or no rain, confirming they can look great with anything from jeans and a thick knit to floral dresses and suits.

Sadly. they’ve been consistently been selling out, however there is still hope, according to ARKET’s Instagram page at least.

View this post on Instagram

B-DAY WEEK #libraseason

A post shared by Viola Bergström (@violabergstrom) on Oct 14, 2019 at 8:26am PDT

The brand replied to disappointed shoppers, saying, ‘we are expecting a restock in the near future, keep an eye out on our feed for updates.’

So if you can’t get your hands on them in store, then sit tight as your luck might change soon. It’s not like the rain is going anywhere…

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Princess Beatrice is likely to wear this tiara on her wedding day

Princess Beatrice is likely to wear this tiara on her wedding day

Princess Beatrice is set to walk down the aisle next year, and has reportedly planned to shun most royal wedding traditions. However, one thing she probably won’t compromise on is the wedding tiara, even though technically, like Princess Eugenie before her, she’s not allowed to wear one.

That’s because according to protocol, only married women are allowed to wear them, and they are reserved for the evenings only, but of course for such an important occasion, exceptions are made.

When Princess Eugenie got married last year, she surprised everyone by wearing the Greville tiara. The honeycomb diamond and emerald tiara was of a favourite’s of the Queen Mother. It was created by famous French jewellers Boucheron, and belonged to heiress Margaret Greville, who left it to the Queen upon her death.

It was surprising that Eugenie chose it as it was thought she’d want to honour her mother Sarah Ferguson by wearing the same tiara she wore on her wedding day.

Whilst Fergie entered the church wearing a floral crown, she left it wearing a gorgeous tiara, which she had hidden underneath it.

Named the York tiara, the diamond headpiece has a centre stone of five carats surrounded by floral scrollwork, and it was specially commissioned by the Queen as a wedding present.

That in itself was unusual, as brides tend to borrow from the royal collection – both Meghan and Kate did it.

So it wouldn’t be surprising if Princess Beatrice wore the York tiara on her own big day. Watch this space.

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The story behind that iconic Posh Spice outfit

The story behind that iconic Posh Spice outfit

In all the history of the Spice Girls, perhaps the most iconic outfit – after Geri’s Union Jack dress of course – was Posh Spice’s PVC catsuit.

Well she wore several to be fair, they were kind of her thing at the time. Remember the silver one she wore in Who Do You Think You Are? black one she wore in the Say You’ll Be There video? Rumour has it that’s when David Beckham fell in love with her.

UK designer Dee Izmail created over 80 different outfits for the Spice Girls, and she recalled the similar black PVC catsuit she designed for one of the band’s videos, saying, ‘This was a piece I designed for the club scene and something that I felt was a bit of who I am as both a designer and personally. Victoria looked great in it!’

She was also the creative mind behind another iconic VB look: the chainmail top and silver skirt she wore in the Spice Girls’ Pepsi ad. ‘Victoria wore my chainmail top and silver skirt for the girls’ Pepsi campaign. The pieces were inspired by my Space Odyssey collection and were perfect for the metallic theme the girls were running with,’ she said.

Dee created outfits for all Spice Girls, and that included the green dress Baby Spice, aka Emma Bunton wore to meet Prince Harry back in 1997 when they were playing a gig in South Africa and Prince Charles and his son were visiting.

The singer wore a light green dress, which Dee designed specifically. She says, ‘I was approached to design a dress for Emma for the Spice Girls’ tea with Prince Harry and knew whatever I made had to be luxurious and not too baby girl, while still having the essence and playfulness of the Baby Spice character. Emma then went on to wear the dress in one of the girls’ music videos, too!’


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Five pictures that will get you excited about the Giambattista Valli x H&M collab (if you weren't already)

Five pictures that will get you excited about the Giambattista Valli x H&M collab (if you weren't already)

It’s that time of year again, the one where you queue in the cold for hours while maniacally refreshing your browser on as many appliances as you can. I’m talking of course of H&M’s annual designer collaboration, which is a mere 24 days away (7th November to be exact).

This year, as you know, the high street giant has teamed up with maximalist designer Giambattista Valli, and they’ve been teasing the clothing line ever since it was announced, including dropping the campaign images today.

They star Kendall Jenner (who almost broke the internet when she was the first to wear that pink dress from the collab at the Cannes film festival), Clara 3000, Chiara Ferragni, H.E.R, Luka Isaac, Chris Lee and Cameron Monaghan.

They were shot in a variety of decadent settings in Giambattista Valli’s hometown of Rome by iconic duo Mert and Marcus, and styled by Melanie Ward.

As for the clothes, they most definitely look like they’re worth losing hours of your life for.

Kendall is seen wearing a red version of the tulle gown, which I think will be the hero piece of the collection, while Chiara models a short pink lace floral number that will go down a storm come wedding season.

But some of the men’s jackets are where my heart is at, especially the gold embroidered military style ones.

Whatever your style, you’d better set your alarm clocks, because this one is going to sell out just as fast as the others.


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How Kate Middleton honoured the Pakistani high street

How Kate Middleton honoured the Pakistani high street

Whenever she visits a country on an official your, the Duchess of Cambridge makes a point of honouring local designers or wearing national colours, and this tour of Pakistan has been no exception – in fact she even took inspiration from Princess Diana’s wardrobe for it.

She even wore the same hat as the late princess when she went to the Hindu Kush region yesterday to witness glaciers melting with Prince William.

During the royal couple’s four day tour, Kate has worn traditional dresses from local designers, but she also honoured the Pakistani high street, which makes sense as she always loves to wear more affordable brands in the UK too.

Said outfit was a traditional embroidered shalwar kameez, which she wore to visit the National Cricket Academy in Lahore. She wore the long cream coat over elegant white trousers, paired with suede pumps, which she swapped over for some plimsols to play a round of cricket.

The clothes are by Gul Ahmed, a well known high street brand in Pakistan, where an outfit will usually set you back £50.

Throughout the tour, Catherine has kept jewellery to a minimum, wearing her wedding ring and sapphire engagement ring, and the odd pair of statement earrings.

This time, she wore discreet gold hoops that blended in with her tonal look.

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Kate Middleton wore the same traditional hat as Princess Diana

Kate Middleton wore the same traditional hat as Princess Diana

After a successful couple of days in Pakistan, during which Kate Middleton paid homage to Princess Diana with her wardrobe, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge headed to Chitral in the Hindu Kush region, near the Afghan border.

As they landed, they were welcomed with traditional Chitrali hats, also known as Pakols, as well as gorgeous locally embroidered wraps, both of which Kate immediately put on.

This is another lovely nod to Princess Diana, who visited the same region in 1991, and wore a practically identical hat – though experts say the feathers on it were from a different bird.

The pair were actually presented with a book from the late royal’s visit, and they smiled as they saw pictures of her in the same headgear. Prince William laughed, ‘Ha, ha, ha! The same hat!’ while Kate added it was ‘very special’.

During their visit, they were shown a melting glacier and spoke about what could be done to raise awareness of and prevent climate change.

Before they leave, they will visit a settlement of the Kalash people to learn about their community, heritage and traditions.

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Meghan Markle rewore her engagement dress for a special occasion

Meghan Markle rewore her engagement dress for a special occasion

While Prince William and Kate Middleton took a ride in a tuk tuk in Pakistan, last night Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended another event in London.

The royal couple spoke at the WellChild awards, which Harry and now Meghan attend every year. The Duke of Sussex is a patron for the charity, which allows children with serious illnesses to spend time at home with their families.

During the event, where they met with children and their families, Prince Harry made an emotional speech, welling up as he mentioned that the previous year, he and his wife were the only people to know they were pregnant. He went on to explain that he could only truly understand now how heartbreaking it is for parents to have a sick child.

For this important event, the Duchess of Sussex wore a dress that no doubt has sentimental value to her, as it’s the one she wore to announce her engagement in 2017.

The green dress by Parosh features a tie belt, and she wore in with a camel coat by Santeler and suede pumps.

She finished off her look with a quirky tortoiseshell bag with silk tie handle by Montunas.

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