This is what happened to Keira Knightley’s second (secret) wedding dress

This is what happened to Keira Knightley’s second (secret) wedding dress

When Keira Knightley got married to James Righton five years ago, she got everyone talking because she pulled a Kate Middleton and recycled a Chanel wedding dress for the ceremony – and I loved it. At the time, she said she said ‘I just wanted to be in something I had had a great time in, something I would have a great time in again.’

However it later emerged that she had a secret second wedding, and she wore a custom Valentino gown for it. It apparently had layered lace and was embellished with tiny pink flowers.

Sadly, no one ever got to see the dress as the actress kept it private (rightly so), but she reveal what she’s done with it though. I sat down with her to discuss her latest role in the biography Colette, which is out in January, and she had some interesting ideas for it.

‘I have kept my wedding dresses. I’ve worn one of them a lot, the Chanel one, because that’s easy. The proper one, the big old one, I don’t know what to do with that? You’re not meant to get rid of it are you?,’ she said.

Like most brides, Keira revealed she hasn’t cleaned the dress (‘too frightening!’) and it’s still hanging in her wardrobe: ‘Could you frame it? I don’t have the wall space. Then I thought I could cut it up and make it into something I could wear, but then that’s a shame. It’s not ballgown, but it had a bit of a train.Unless I just wear it again and ruin it, like a party somewhere. Or maybe somebody could organise a wedding dress party, like in Friends. Yeah that’s quite cool.’

But whilst she said it would be a good dressing up dress for her daughter Edie, she doesn’t want to pressure her to wear it for her own wedding one day, ‘what if she doesn’t like it but feels like she had to? Too much pressure.’

modern wedding dresses the celebrity style edit

Keira’s first wedding dress, by Chanel

The actress hasn’t just kept her wedding dresses though, she’s also kept little mementos from her films, though in case you were wondering, they don’t include that dress from Atonement *sob*.

‘I’ve got the corset from Pirates, I’ve got corsets, gloves and a couple of hats from The Duchess. Just as ornaments, and I’m not sure what the f**k I’m going to do with gloves, they’re quite out there. They’re in a box somewhere. Sometimes I don’t want to have any of it though, occasionally I’ll ask for something small, otherwise it takes up loads of space, and we don’t have that much storage in London. I guess Edie can use it as dressing up at some point?,’ she told me.

We also chatted about wearing suits on the red carpet (she’s all for it), but that she found it tricky to shop for them.

Keira said, ‘I’d love to find a suit that fits, you can’t find anything for an arse and thighs. I’m always on the hunt, I’ve got some arriving today from Matches, I’ve literally been through about 10-15 trousers this year and had to send them all back.’

Fingers crossed you’ve found a winner there.

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These are the most googled fashion searches of 2018

These are the most googled fashion searches of 2018

The end of the year is almost upon us, and so it’s time for Google to release its annual ‘most searched’ report, which is a great way to reflect upon our most pressing fashion questions and trends of 2018.

As you might expect, the royal family’s sartorial choices has been a big interest, what with the royal wedding and all (though Kate Middleton is still drawing in the crowds), and there was also a hint of nostalgia with UK searches focusing on past fashion eras likes the 00s or 90s.

2018 most Googled fashion searches 

1. 1980s fashion

2. Grunge style

3. 1990s fashion

4. 2000s fashion

5. Meghan Markle

6. Men’s Fashion

7. Harajuku fashion

8. Hipster style

9. Kate Middleton

But that’s not all, it turns out there were specific brands we were interested in this past year, and the most Googled one wasn’t even Gucci, or Balenciaga…

2018 most googled fashion brands

1. Fashion Nova

2. Louis Vuitton

3. Versace

4. Givenchy

5. Gucci

6. Alexander McQueen

7. Dolce & Gabbana

8. Fashionphile

9. Dior

10. Moschino

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These fashion pieces are about to blow up on social media

These fashion pieces are about to blow up on social media

It’s that time of year where you reflect on your wins and fails of the year, and look ahead to up your game in 2019, and that obviously includes fashion. I would say that for 2018, shell jewellery, slip skirts and checked blazers have been a major win on social media and IRL. So, what to expect next year?

The team at Pinterest have handily compiled a guide to what they think are going to be major fashion trends, and it’s quite fascinating.

  • Just kente get enough: From dashikis to cocktail dresses, African wax prints and kitenges look stunning on every continent. (Searches for african print fashion +229%)
  • Up your shell game: Hares beware: slow and steady wins the race with these versatile, sophisticated tortoise earrings. (Searches for tortoise earrings +679%)
  • Slay in your lane: People are riding high on bike shorts, for everything from workout wear to statement wear. (Searches for biker shorts +1323%)
  • Wrap stars: cosy, chic robe silhouettes mean never having to choose between comfort and style again. (Searches for robe silhouettes +689%)
  • Mod squad: People are going from zero to incognito in an instant with beautifully blocky oval sunglasses. (Searches for oval sunglasses +591%)
  • That bamboo you do: Stay connected to nature by carrying all the essentials in a striking, structured handbag. (Searches for bamboo bags +2215%)
  • Ruche hour: Flatteringly gathered gowns, trousers and coats are sending ripples through the style world in 2019. (Searches for rouche +108%)
  • Say it with sneakers: Finally feet get the starring role they deserve, supported by kickin’ colours and lit laces. (Searches for statement sneakers +2211%)
  • Second skin: Step aside, leopard print! This hypnotic pattern just slithered into the lead (and tights and skirts and…). (Searches for snake print +642%)
  • Ethical threads: Rentable looks and recycled materials make for world-stopping looks that don’t punish the planet. (Searches for sustainable fashion +34%)

That’s your cue to stay ahead of the fashion game. Happy New Year.

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You probably missed this sweet detail on Meghan Markle’s Fashion Awards outfit

You probably missed this sweet detail on Meghan Markle’s Fashion Awards outfit

meghan markle going to priyanka chopra's wedding
Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

All anyone could talk about this week was of course Meghan Markle’s surprise appearance at the British Fashion Awards, dissecting everything from her nail varnish colour and how it broke royal protocol, to her stunning Givenchy dress and her bump cradling, which was apparently quite controversial for lots of people.

But while you were all debating about this, you might have missed the significance behind another aspect of her outfit: her jewellery.

For the event, Meghan accessorised with two gold bangles by jewellery designer Pippa Small, whose latest collection was hand made by men and women artisans of the Turquoise Mountain Foundation in Afghanistan.

This is significant on two levels. First off, it ties in with Meghan’s sustainable and charitable ethos (she did say 2018 was the year where it was ‘cool to be kind’).

Secondly, as The Mirror pointed out, Turquoise Mountain is a charity that was established by Prince Charles in 2006, and which aims to ‘preserve and regenerate historic areas and communities with a rich cultural heritage and to revive traditional crafts, to create jobs, skills and a renewed sense of pride’.

So by wearing these bracelets, she was giving a nod to her father-in-law, who she is said to be close to.

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Kate Middleton’s latest high-street dress went down a treat

Kate Middleton’s latest high-street dress went down a treat

kate middleton

Yesterday Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Evelina London Children’s Hospital, which supports young children with rare conditions, and is the Duchess of Cambridge’s newest patronage.

For the occasion, she wore another great high-street number, which went down a treat with the crowds and the children alike.

The dark green polka dot midi number was by one of her favourite British brands, L.K.Bennett, and featured an elegant bow and pearl buttons down the front, as well as on-trend balloon sleeves.

kate middleton

She expertly teamed the dress with some moss green suede pumps by Gianvitto Rossi and matching clutch bag, also by L.K.Bennett. She wore another green outfit recently which Prince William joked made her look like a Christmas tree.

Kate spent the day playing with kids, much to their delight. Announcing the patronage earlier in the day, Kensington Palace said, ‘Through visits to hospitals and hospices The Duchess has seen first-hand the impact that comprehensive care and support can have upon young children. Her Royal Highness’s new patronage of Evelina London provides an opportunity to champion the medical professionals working on the front-line in children’s healthcare, and shine a light on their work supporting children in their early years.’

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Serena Williams purely designs clothes for Meghan Markle now

Serena Williams purely designs clothes for Meghan Markle now

Safe to say Serena Williams and Meghan Markle have a close friendship. They hang out together all the time, Serena went to Meghan’s wedding, and Meghan texted Serena following her US Open loss. Basically, like any BFFs, they support each other, and that includes their respective works.

Which is why the Duchess of Sussex recently wore a blazer from Serena’s fashion collection, during her Royal your of Australia. And it turns out she wasn’t expecting it.

She told Marie Claire US, ‘We were all just coming out of a photoshoot for the brand when we heard that Meghan wore our line. We had sent stuff to her awhile ago, so we were excited to see it. I’ve known her for years and it’s cool to see your friend help you out without even trying. She just wanted to look good and wear a blazer. The next thing you know it’s our blazer. I was like “Meghan, thanks!” And she was like “why are you thanking me? We’re friends!”‘

Although her collection didn’t start off just for the Duchess, the blazer was such a hit that she now sends her items designed just for her.

‘Since that blazer sold out, now we just have special pieces that are specifically made for Meghan and we send those to her. It’s been fun creating them.’

We all need a friend like that in our lives.

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This is why celebs are getting t-shirts delivered in pizza boxes

This is why celebs are getting t-shirts delivered in pizza boxes

It’s all for a good cause

If you follow some of your favourite celebrities on Instagram – say Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Nicki Minaj to name a few – then you’ll have noticed they’ve been getting interesting deliveries, in the form of pizza boxes.

But don’t be fooled, they didn’t get a pepperoni delight (although that would be the second best thing), but instead, inside was a DKNY t-shirt entirely personalised with their personality traits.

Kim’s for example was 22% no f***s, 34% North & Saint & Chi, 17% that butt tho, 17% boss and 10% *ugly cry*, while Nicki’s was part queens, pink, bars and also no f***s.

Intrigued? It’s all part of this season’s 100% DKNY campaign, which celebrates diversity, inclusivity and all the little things that make you, you…

500 bespoke fully customisable tees were delivered to celebrities and influencers, which were hand delivered in black DKNY pizza boxes, including Ireland Baldwin, Shanina Shaik, Martha Hunt, Cindy Crawford, Alicia Keys and Emily Ratajkowski.

Want to get involved too? You can get your own customised tee on the online DKNY pop-up store, which is open until 21st December.

Then simply share a snap of it on your Instagram, tagging @DKNY and #IAMDKNY, and your design will be shared too.

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This is why Princess Diana never wore gloves

This is why Princess Diana never wore gloves

And the reason behind it will melt your heart.

princess diana never wore gloves

We already know why Kate Middleton only ever carries a clutch, and why Prince William doesn’t wear his wedding ring, and now another Royal mystery has been solved.

Did you notice that Princess Diana shunned protocol by never wearing gloves on official engagements? Well, the reason why will melt your heart.

Eleri Lynn, curator of the exhibition Diana: Her Fashion Story, told People: ‘She abandoned the royal protocol of wearing gloves because she liked to hold hands when visiting people or shake hands and have direct contact. She also stopped wearing hats because she said, “You can’t cuddle a child in a hat.”’

This was kind of a big deal at the time, as gloves were a royal tradition that historically meant status and purity. Diana would also wear bright clothes to cheer up sick children.

And while she was known as a fashion icon, you might be surprised to know that when she first got engaged to Prince Charles, her wardrobe was very sparse.

Lynn added, ‘Her wardrobe was playful, and she borrowed a lot of clothes from her friends. But she quickly learned what would work in a public capacity. She had a great design eye and a real knack for fashion. Although she wanted to focus on her work, she wanted to use fashion to help that.’

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You won’t believe how much Princess Charlotte is making right now

You won’t believe how much Princess Charlotte is making right now

Harper Beckham better watch out

princess charlotte

Move over Harper Beckham, there’s a new fashion influencer in town, and even though you’ve trademarked your name, she’s already made a heck of a lot of money. For the UK that is.

We’re of course referring to Princess Charlotte. Now we all know about the Kate Middleton effect, where anytime the Royal wears something nice (which is always tbf), it sells out in minutes.

But it turns out the Princess Charlotte effect is now a thing too, and it started pretty much the minute she was born, as the GH Hurt & Sons shawl she was wrapped in sold out instantly.

A couple of years on, and she’s got a net value of £3 billion, according to Brand Finance. Yep, £3 billion.

This means she’ll rake in more than Prince George (he’s only bringing in £2.4b, poor thing), though still less than Kate, who’s contributing £4.7b to the economy each year.

But don’t feel too bad George. Brand Finance’s marketing and communications director Robert Haigh says there’s a simple explanation.

‘This is actually as simple as the relative size of the men’s and women’s fashion markets, by which I mean that Charlotte’s endorsement effect will likely be felt across a much broader range of products and brands or types of clothing than will George’s, allowing a greater scope for the monetisation of her ‘brand’ and hence a higher value,’ he says.

That’s just the beginning too. Imagine what it’ll be like when Charlotte starts wearing teen and then adult clothes. We bet she’ll make a frock sell out faster than any decent fashion influencer could.

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The Queen actually has someone to break in new shoes for her

The Queen actually has someone to break in new shoes for her

You would if you could, wouldn’t you?

queen shoes

You know when you buy a new pair of shoes and you can’t wait to wear them, but they tear your feet to absolute smithereens as soon as you put them on?

Now imagine if you had someone who could wear them in a little for you, just enough so you’re past the god-awful pain level, but not so much that they look scuffed.

Nice right? Well, the genius that is HRH The Queen has one such person, all to herself. To be fair, if you’re royalty, you’re just not going to faff about with Compeed and blisters like the rest of us, are you?

Stewart Parvin, who has designed her Maj’s wardrobe for the past 11 years, told the Evening Standard that she has a staff member whose entire job is to walk around Buckingham Palace in her new shoes.

queen shoes

He said, ‘The shoes have to be immediately comfortable … she does get someone to wear them. The Queen can never say “I’m uncomfortable, I can’t walk any more.” She has the right to have someone wear them in.’

The shoe breaker (as we like to call her) apparently dons a pair of beige cotton ankle socks and must only walk on carpets until the leather is softened, thus keeping the sole pristine.

Queen Elizabeth II is known for wearing black patent heels by Anello & Davide for work commitments, and we all know how tough patent leather can be, so we get where she’s coming from.

Now you know that it’s not just money you won’t find in the Queen’s purse, it’s plasters too. Love it.

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