This is the best outfit to wear on a Tinder date (according to science)

This is the best outfit to wear on a Tinder date (according to science)


As much as I hate to say it, first impressions really do count, and that’s not just me saying it, it’s science. You see the brain subconsciously creates first impressions of something or someone in as little as 1/10th of a second.

Which is why choosing what to wear to go from a Tinder online date to an IRL date can be quite crucial (though let’s be clear, if your date can’t look past appearances, otherwise they just ain’t worth it).

Now lyst has teamed up with style psychologist Kate Nightingale to determine which outfits are best for each personality type to nail that first impression. Here’s a breakdown.

What to wear to show you’re confident

‘Ultimate power can be expressed with tight fitting, black tuxedo trousers and a silk, straight line cut top. Add high heels and geometric clutch to complete this powerhouse look.’

What to wear to show you’re creative

‘If you want to make a bold creative statement, an unusual pair of shoes or a quirky handbag make for great conversation starters. And floaty garments like an expressive shirt dress or some eye-catching culottes are the perfect way to show off your creative side.’

What to wear to show you’re calm

‘Pick calmer and lighter colours such as green and turquoise – but definitely not red if you want to appear chilled out. Footwear is a big indicator of character; pointed toes say you’re an extrovert, rounded toes do the opposite. For laid-back charm, rounded toes or platforms beat out stilettos every time. They’ll make you feel stable and grounded.’

What to wear to show you’re funny

‘Accessories are the best communicator of personality. The patterns, colours, and textures you go for are all indicators. Jazzy brogues or a statement bag are perfect for an extra confidence boost.’

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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle use this secret trick to stop their skirts flying up

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle use this secret trick to stop their skirts flying up

It has to be said the royal women always look impeccable, whether they’re dressing for a formal engagement like Trooping the Colour, or wearing high street to the polo.

In fact, you’d never think they’d suffer from wardrobe malfunctions would you? Because they don’t. Even something as common as your skirt blowing up in the wind – I doubt the Queen would approve of a Marilyn moment.

And as with many other strategic wardrobe choices (eg, Diana’s bag secret, and the Queen’s brooch choices), that’s because it was probably carefully planned.

Photo: Rex

Myka, founder of Beaumont Etiquette, told Marie Claire US that Kate and Meghan wear ‘bodysuits and clothes that actually increase static so it’s much hard for something to fly up.’

‘I know when I went to finishing school we were taught that when you are on the tarmac, if you do not use weights or heavy weighted material, you make sure it will not fly up by wearing under garments that keep the fabrics connect to your body,’ she said.

Very clever.

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Victoria’s Secret models get bra fittings on camera – and all are wearing wrong sized bras

Victoria’s Secret models get bra fittings on camera – and all are wearing wrong sized bras

We’re off for a bra fitting.

Credit: Rex

Words by Rebecca Fearn.

It’s a commonly-known fact that a huge amount of women are actually wearing the wrong sized bra (80%, in fact). But a recent video by Victoria’s Secret revealed even top models can get it wrong when it comes to their sizings.

Victoria’s Secret models Barbara Palvin, Alexina Graham, Josephine Skriver and and Lais Ribeiro all feature in the brand’s latest video that shows them being fitted for new bras. Surprisingly, the expert fitting them reveals they are actually all wearing the wrong sized bras.

Each model tells the camera at the beginning what size they think they are and what they are currently wearing. Alexina says 32B, Josephine 32C and Barbara 32B. Lais admits she is unsure as she’s never had a fitting.

The experts then examine their current bras and take measurements. From underwires incorrectly laying flat under the breasts to cups digging in at the top and ‘spillage’ on the sides, the experts found plenty of issues with the women’s current bras.

The women’s new measurements are revealed at the end of the video, and they have all changed. Alexina went up from a 32B to a 32D, Josephine from a 32C to a 32D, Barbara from a 32B to a 32C, and Lais was advised to wear a 32DD.

Although we’re fully aware this is a promotional video for Victoria’s Secret and their range of underwear, it’s a gentle reminder to get fitted regularly to ensure you’re getting the right daily support.

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Why we’re looking forward to London Fashion Week 2018

Why we’re looking forward to London Fashion Week 2018

From the designers to how to get tickets, we’ve got you covered

One of the UK’s most coveted events of the year, London Fashion Week 2018, showing SS19, is fast approaching. Organised by the British Fashion Council, bloggers, press and fashion influencers alike will flock to the centre of the capital city to get the scoop on what everyone will be wearing next season.

From the week’s schedule to who will be in attendance and London Fashion Week’s best moments, this is everything you need to know about this season’s happenings…

London Fashion Week 2018 dates

This season, LFW will take place from Friday 14th to Tuesday 18th September – just after New York Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week 2018 tickets

Unfortunately, unless you’re a fashion buyer, blogger or press, it’s very unlikely you’ll be sitting on the FROW any time soon. However, if you are a fashion blogger, you can complete an online registration form to be in with the chance of cinching an exclusive spot on the guest list. You do have to be organised and register a few weeks’ in advance, so it’s unlikely you’ll make it this time around. Something to remember for next time, eh?

It’s not all doom and gloom if you don’t get tickets, though. Formerly known as London Fashion Weekend, London Fashion Week Festival is the chance for those downtrodden fashion lovers (who aren’t quite high profile enough to attend the main event) to join in on the fun. Featuring catwalk shows, industry trends and the chance to shop from a range of designer pieces, it’s every fashion enthusiasts must-attend.

London Fashion Week 2018 schedule

It’s all change at LFW again this season: While last season a few designers dropped out of the schedule (we’re looking at you Topshop and Anya Hindmarch) and this time round Mulberry isn’t showing either (instead opting for a presentation abroad), very excitingly, this season Victoria Beckham is finally bringing her show to London to mark her brand’s 10th anniversary, and Alexa Chung will also be showing.

The full schedule is available at, and you can keep up-to-date with the events as they happen through the official live stream.

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The Scandi style set just brought back Tevas sandals

The Scandi style set just brought back Tevas sandals

I’m calling it: the ‘ugly shoe’ is having a moment. Mum mules are now a thing, dad trainers are now a regular fixture at Fashion Week, and even Crocs are getting a Balenciaga makeover (despited still being one of the most hated fashion items ever).

Now over to Copenhagen Fashion Week, where Teva-like sandals just came back in full force. They were seen on the models at Cecilie Bahnsen, where models were sent down the catwalk in floaty floral frocks and white broderie anglaise smock dresses, teamed with decidedly more masculine sandals by Suicoke (though to be faire there were some bejewelled ones too).

And the trend translated off the catwalk too, with über-chic Scandi editors and influencers wearing the dad sandal on the street too.


If you’re into it, then feel free to shop the original style below.

Shop now: Original universal Moto for £60 from Teva

The key here is to play the hi-lo card, and dress your Teva up with one of those voluminous colourful print dresses that Ganni and STAUD do so well, or with mum jeans and a corset top. A tale of two extremes if you will, though you can also completely dress them down with a sweatshirt and denim cut-offs.

Because in case you missed the memo, normcore is back.

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This is (apparently) why Meghan Markle always has her hands in her pockets

This is (apparently) why Meghan Markle always has her hands in her pockets

You can’t beat a good pocket, can you? In fact, I don’t really have time for jeans or dresses without any, because you’re always in need of tissue or lip balm, right?

Turns out Meghan Markle shares my feelings, because eagle-eyed royal fans have spotted her in a lot of designs with pockets lately, from the denim Carolina Herrera dress she wore to the polo earlier this month, to the belted Nonie trench coat she picked to visit the Nelson Mandela Centenary launch in London in July.

Photo: Rex

She also wore a black suit to visit Dublin with Prince Harry, and on each occasion, she was photographed putting her hand in the pocket.

However, it turns out that the reason behind this might be a little more personal than just reaching for a tissue.

Photo: Rex

According to OK! magazine, who interviewed body language expert Judi James, a lot of people do this to hide.

She said, ‘Prince Charles does it, Prince Harry does it and even little Prince George has been seen doing it, but Meghan might be the first royal woman to shove her hand into a pocket when she’s out in public. The classic reason for this very common gesture is that it signals a subliminal desire to hide, especially when the hands are shoved deep into the pockets.’

Photo: Rex

‘It also helps get over the common problem most of us suffer from, which is not really knowing what to do with our hands when we know people are looking at us,’ she added.

That said, she admitted that for Meghan, who is super confident, it was probably more of a fashion statement.

‘Meghan’s high levels of confidence suggest her reason is more to do with fashion than anxiety though. It is also a probable nod to her love of 50’s styling,’ she confirmed.

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River Island’s 30th anniversary collection is legit on fire

River Island’s 30th anniversary collection is legit on fire

In case you haven’t really been paying attention, River Island has been a bit of a talking point amongst the style set lately, with hit items such as the pink cardigan and checked coat which all the fashion influencers have been snapping up.

But that’s nothing compared to the high-street store’s 30th anniversary collection (yep, it’s 30, and did you know it had a completely different name before?).

Dropping on the 30th August, the collection is an ode to RI’s heritage, and the design team have delved into the archives to update some of their classics.

The limited edition women’s, men’s and kids’ collection features a range of premium party wear and day-to-night clothing, accessories and footwear, inspired by River Island’s finest fashion moments from the past three decades.

Think a 1991 handbag reworked with leather and suede to create a cropped fringe jacket complete with bespoke hardware detailing. A classic parka has been given a 21st century twist with a heavily embellished outer and faux leopard fur lining.

River Island’s most successful jean, the Molly, has been updated with a bespoke back patch and embroidered waistband, and an embroidered cat beanie with lavish pearl details is a tribute to that famous cat tote.

Bernard Lewis, founder of the brand, says, ‘After thirty years, I’m very proud to see River Island still standing at the forefront of the British fashion industry. 2018 heralds an exciting milestone in our company’s history and distilling the essence of River island’s identity in to clothing; the very lifeblood of the brand, is a fitting celebration of our heritage.’

The RI30 collection will be priced from £25-£250 and launches in-store and online at the end of the month. Enjoy the sneak peek.

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This is the reason Princess Charlotte never wears trousers

This is the reason Princess Charlotte never wears trousers

As you know, there are many fashion rules the royals have to follow, from Kate Middleton not wearing wedges in front of the Queen to Meghan Markle not wearing tracksuits in public.

And these rules also apply to the royal children. For instance, Prince George always wears shorts for this reason, and eagle-eyed observers have questioned whether there’s a reason Princess Charlotte always wears dresses.

You might have noticed that the 3-year-old also often wears old-fashioned smock dresses with ruffles and a peter pan colour, and this is apparently so that she’ll never appear ‘out of date’.

Kidswear designer Rachel Riley (a favourite of Prince George’s) explained to the The Telegraph: ‘If they wear very simple things… it’s timeless in that you can’t really date a specific photo or put them in something that seems out of date. They have chosen a very traditional look and are a traditional family.’

princess charlotte most adorable moments

Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

There are no official rules saying little girls can’t wear trousers, however according to royal expert Marlene Koenig, this tradition dates back a long time.

She told, ‘If you look at photos of young royal girls – from Princess Anne to Charlotte, you will notice that they tend to wear smocked dresses as little girls when they are in public with their parents.’

‘If the duchess is in a dress in public and Charlotte is with her, most likely Charlotte, at this age, will be in a dress – also in formal portraits, or on the balcony for the Trooping of the Colour.I expect that when the kids are at home, playing in the nursery or in the backyard, they are wearing more casual clothes,’ she added.

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These are the best selling designer items this 2018 and you’ve definitely seen them around

These are the best selling designer items this 2018 and you’ve definitely seen them around

…but crocs though?

best selling designer items
Julien Boudet/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

Words by Megan C. Hills

We love a good designer investment piece and to be honest, it looks like the rest of you do too. Fashion search engine recently released their quarterly report of what the best selling designer items are this year, as well as which brands are dominated the top of the charts and we bet you’ve seen loads of them before all over Instagram.

Unsurprisingly, Gucci came out on top as the hottest brand at the moment  and a couple of their hero products also snuck into the top ten most sought after designer items using Lyst’s gigantic bank of shopping data. Following closely behind, Off-White, BALENCIAGA, Givenchy and Dolce & Gabbana secured the next four slots and they’re all names you’re like to have seen the street style set toting around at fashion week.

Want to find out what the most in-demand products are this year? Scroll on for more…

1. Gucci GG Logo Belt

best selling designer items

Literally all your favourite Instagrammers have been using this belt to hold up chic patterned trousers or add a cinch to flowy dresses. It’s not hard to imagine why because it’s super elegant and also something you’re going to get buckets of use out of, though you’ll have to dig deep into your pockets and shell out a tidy £320 for it.

Priced at £320, available at NET-A-PORTER

Buy now

2. FILA Disruptor Sneakers

best selling designer items

While FILA may not be the most high-end designer on the list, they’re giving the big guns a run for their money with these all white dad trainers. The Disruptor is easily their most popular style (the gold ones always seem to be out of stock in particular) and are way more affordable at £80 – if you can get your hands on them.

Priced at £80, available at Urban Outfitters

Buy now

3. Gucci Sparkling Swimsuit with Gucci Logo

best selling designer items

The hot, hot heat has apparently inspired loads of people to start shelling out for some pricier swimwear and this minimal suit is one we’re utterly obsessed with. Tapping into a key summer fashion trend, they’ve gone big on their logo and the red and blue monogram stripe add a retro feel to the whole thing.

Priced at £288, available at Gucci

Buy now

4. Prada Nylon Belt Bag

best selling designer items

The bum bag has raised its head once again this summer and while I personally thought we’d see the Gucci Marmont bum bag on this list, it’s this nylon Prada piece that beat it to the top. With a small logo and two zip pockets, you’ll see the urban street style set rocking this over edgy jumpers and silky racing stripe trackies.

Priced at £430, available at FARFETCH

Buy now

5. Jacquemus Saudade Dress

best selling designer items

Jacquemus has long been beloved by the coolest fashion girls on the block and this ruched dress is just cementing that. You can’t see it too well in this photograph, but it has a super dramatic side split and a totally exposed strappy back – totally something you’d find in a Kendall Jenner’s closet.

Priced at £423, available at NET-A-PORTER

Add to wish list here

6. Off-White Industrial Logo Belt

best selling designer items

Off-White’s been a big name recently, especially since its main designer Virgil Abloh hopped on over to Louis Vuitton to take over as creative director. Unsurprisingly, people have been keen to get their hands on an Abloh original and this loud belt has been flying off the shelves.

Priced at £145, red version available at Harrods

Buy now

7. Chanel Canvas Espadrilles

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a pair of these babies anymore, as these canvas shoes have had people scouring the web for even a glimmer of a pre-owned pair. In fact, lots of people have actually been turning to Lyst for help as they feature a number of pre-loved boutiques on their site. In the meantime, we’re expecting this super similar leather take below to fly off the shelves.

Chanel Lambskin Espadrilles

best selling designer items

Priced at £495, available at Chanel,

Buy now

8. Celine Edge Sunglasses

best selling designer items

While those narrow 90s sunglasses and cat-eye silhouettes have made a major comeback this season, these dark sunnies from Celine have been some of the most in-demand. With edges sharp enough to cut glass, they’re sold out everywhere but you can add yourself to the waitlist below.

Add yourself to the waitlist

9. GOAT Whitney Dress

Put a spring in your step with our latest new arrivals #SS15

A post shared by Goat Fashion (@goatfashion) on Mar 12, 2015 at 4:11am PDT

This dress is from yonks ago and you’re unlikely to find it anywhere now, but for some reason people are still utterly obsessed with it. And that reason has just recently become the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan Markle renewed major interest in British brand GOAT when she wore a different dress and promptly crashed the site – as she does. The Meghan Markle effect is a real thing, y’all.

10. BALENCIAGA Platform Crocs

best selling designer items

You are NEVER going to convince me that these are cute and chic. BALENCIAGA’s surprise collaboration with crocs threw everyone for a loop and these out of this world platforms are the oddest love child. The proof’s in the pudding though as they’re some of the most searched for items on Lyst and – well – they’re still in stock if you really want to do this to yourself.

Priced at £645, available at FARFETCH

Buy now

Do you have any of these? If you do, I’m incredibly jealous and I’m coming over to yours immediately to try them on. Barring the crocs. Yeesh.

The best selling designer items 2017

Words by Penny Goldstone

We know what the most sold fashion item in France is, and what the most popular designer handbag is in the UK, but we’re curious to know which other fashion items British women are obsessed with.

Fortunately, with a thriving market for selling and buying pre-loved designer clothing online, such insights are easy to come by.‘s UK Country Manager Virginia Feacey shares the low down on the five fastest selling designer labels this year. And in case you were wondering, designer bargains get sold in just 2 minutes and 9 seconds. We bet that as all the Black Friday designer deals creep forwards, we’ll see that number skyrocket soon…

1. Chanel – The Boy Bag – 02.09 minutes

Chanel The Boy Bag

Not quite ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ but not far off, Chanel wins hands down with its classic mini leather Boy Bag selling out on the same day it arrived. The Chanel Boy, with its adjustable strap, will set you back £3,300 if new, but the right bag can fetch anything as much as £6K following a massive 230% spike in value over recent years. Typically characterised by its ‘CC’ logo and quilting, a rarer version of the bag, for example those made with crocodile skin, can be resold for tens of thousands of pounds.

2. Louis Vuitton – Damier Tote Bag – 03.04 minutes

Louis Vuitton Damier Tote Bag

There has been a huge growth year on year for Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton bags are highly sought after, with nearly all of the most iconic styles defiantly holding their value in the secondary market. In great condition, a Louis Vuitton handbag could resell for anything up to 70% or more of the original retail value; The most expensive Louis Vuitton bag sold on Rebelle to date is the ‘Artsy Empreinte’ made of exotic python leather which sold for €7,000 and originally retailed around €12,000.

3. Chanel – White Trainers – 03.26 minutes

Chanel white trainers

With results of a new study finding the value increase out-performing housing prices, it’s no surprise that our customers love everything Chanel, from oversized knitwear to belts, to these unique fringed sneakers. With Chanel, it might be just a black dress to one person, but to a real fan it’s the best black dress you’ll ever find and you’ll wear it for decades. This is especially reflected in limited edition or special order pieces, which always do well at resale.

4. Celine – Grey Shopper – 04.19 minutes

Celine Grey Shopper

Owning a Celine bag has become, in short, a must have. Together with a cult Ready-to-Wear collection in 2010, Celine launched three famous handbag ranges; the Cabas, the Luggage and the Classic; that have now become synonymous with the ultimately Parisian-cool brand. All logo free, simple yet distinguishable, these classic accessories have quickly become the best sellers from the entire collection, with shopper versions of the bag selling out on the same day they arrive at our warehouse.

5. Hermes – Leather Belt – 04.44 minutes

hermes belt

Hermes is a timeless designer heavyweight that’s actually predicted to make you money, the brand generally increase the prices between 5% and 10% annually for a new bag, so it’s no surprise that pieces get snapped up so quickly! The Birkin itself is a huge investment – the most expensive version of the bag currently on REBELLE available for as much as £104k! So it’s often the smaller accessories that go flying off our virtual shelves first.

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That sell-out Topshop dress is now available in a new print for AW18 and I want it bad

That sell-out Topshop dress is now available in a new print for AW18 and I want it bad

Remember the sold-out Topshop polka dot dress that was selling for triple the price on eBay? Well, it hasn’t come back in stock, but the good news is, it’s back in a new print for autumn/winter, and it makes me want it even more.

Say hello to the zebra print pinafore dress – a bold choice I agree, but animal print is a huge trend for AW18, and this is a great way to dip into it now.

As with its predecessor, you can wear this style on its own, preferably with a minimalist sandal, or over a t-shirt and with plimsolls for a more casual vibe.

Shop now: Zebra Print Pinafore Dress for £55 from Topshop

Come autumn, I’ll be wearing mine over a black rollneck jumper and pairing it with some chic ankle boots. In fact, if I’m feeling particularly bold, I’ll wear it with faux snake skin ankle boots. Because more is more with this trend.

The dress is so popular it’s already sold out in a couple sizes, so if you don’t want to have to buy it on eBay for an extortionate price, this time round, make sure you get it sooner rather than later.

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