Gal Gadot just gave us a first look at her Wonder Woman 1984 costume

Gal Gadot just gave us a first look at her Wonder Woman 1984 costume

And it’s everything we hoped.

wonder woman 1984

Wonder Woman is back, and this time she’s fighting crime in the 1980s.

We are of course talking about Wonder Woman 2, or Wonder Woman 1984, as it has been named.

It’s hardly surprising that a sequel was confirmed, given the record-breaking success of the 2017 release, with the female-led and directed film dominating the box office and grossing over £282 million in the first two months.

In fact, since the sequel was announced, fans have been waiting for snippets of news and updates on the highly anticipated project.

Credit: REX

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins is back at the helm to direct and Chris Pine is returning as Steve Trevor – something that is still confusing us all, seeing as he, well, died in the last film.

There are some new faces though, with Bridesmaids star Kristen Wiig coming onboard to play Wonder Woman’s enemy, the Cheetah, and Narcos star Pedro Pascal set to also be joining the cast.

But, the main question on everyone’s lips?

What will Gal’s Wonder Woman costume look like? It is set in the 1980s after all.

Gal, never one to keep fans waiting, answered everyone’s questions with a simple tweet.

Posting a first glimpse of her character to Twitter, Gal captioned the snap, ‘She’s back.’

The verdict? The public definitely seems to approve.

Diana Prince’s look is very similar to that in the 2017 film, but adding an 80s vibe, this one features a lot more colour and some thick retro curls.

To say the photo went viral would be an understatement, with the snap retweeted 50,000 times and liked more than 200,000 times just hours after uploading.

It looks like this is going to be the most anticipated release of 2019.

We officially cannot wait for Wonder Woman 1984.

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Buckingham Palace has just confirmed the royal baby news to make your day

Buckingham Palace has just confirmed the royal baby news to make your day

A statement was released via Buckingham Palace.

queen elizabeth cataract sugery
Rupert Hartley/REX/ShutterstockDay, Epsom Downs Racecourse, UK – 02 Jun 2018

2018 is undoubtedly the year of royal babies, from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcoming Prince Louis two months ago, to Pippa Middleton announcing that she was pregnant with a baby of her own.

Today’s royal baby news however comes from Zara and Mike Tindall, who it was announced have welcomed their second child.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson confirmed the news, releasing the following statement:

‘Mrs Michael Tindall was safely delivered of a baby girl on 18th June, at Stroud Maternity Unit. Mr Tindall was present at the birth. The weight of the baby was 9lbs 3oz.’

‘The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Princess Royal, Captain Mark Phillips and Mike’s parents, Mr Philip and Mrs Linda Tindall, have been informed and are delighted with the news. The baby’s name will be confirmed in due course.’

The statement continued: ‘This baby is the second child for Zara and Mike, the fourth grandchild for The Princess Royal and the seventh great-grandchild for The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh.’

Zara and Mike already share four-year-old daughter Mia, who Mike called their ‘saving grace’ when the couple tragically suffered a miscarriage in 2016.

Huge congratulations to Zara and Mike on their new arrival.

And now for the question on everyone’s lips – will Harry and Meghan follow suit?

Only time will tell.

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Prince Charles has a very sweet nickname for Meghan Markle

Prince Charles has a very sweet nickname for Meghan Markle

And it’s too much.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock (9688571bl)
Prince Charles, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall and Meghan Duchess of Sussex
The Prince of Wales’ 70th Birthday Patronage Celebration, Buckingham Palace, London, UK – 22 May 2018

Meghan Markle has officially been a royal for one month, with her and Prince Harry receiving a royal title from the Queen as a wedding gift, becoming the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Since the nuptials however, the public has been far more concerned with what Meghan gets called in private, with the 36-year-old seeming to have a catalogue of nicknames.

meghan harry mexico


While Harry calls her ‘Meg’ and mum Doria refers to her as ‘Flower’ – yet another reason to love Doria Ragland, Prince Charles’ nickname for the Duchess might just be our favourite yet.

Yes, that’s right.

We knew Meghan had a close relationship with her father-in-law, with the future King even walking her down the aisle in the place of her own dad, but we didn’t know just quite how fond of Meghan Prince Charles was until we heard his nickname for her.


The name? Tungsten.

While it might seem strange that she’s been named after a strong metal, according to the Mail, there’s a very sweet explanation behind it.

‘Prince Charles admires Meghan for her strength and the backbone she gives Harry, who needs a tungsten-type figure in his life as he can be a bit of a softy,’ a source reportedly told the tabloid.

It looks like Meghan is well and truly settled in the royal family then.

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Beyoncé dropped a surprise album over the weekend and the internet wasn’t ready

Beyoncé dropped a surprise album over the weekend and the internet wasn’t ready

‘Beyoncé has all six infinity stones.’

everything is love

Beyoncé officially takes the crown for nonsense of the century as the singer dropped a surprise album over the weekend. While performing in London, she thanked the crowd and then smacked the world with the news that she and Jay-Z had low-key been working on a joint album which, by the way, dropped that very day. And naturally, the internet went wild.

The new album Everything is Love was exclusively released on Tidal (of course) along with a jaw-dropping music video for her song APESH**T. Although there was much grumbling about it being a Tidal exclusive, people quickly began to realise that it was quietly being released on Spotify, YouTube and other platforms under the artist name The Carters. Feast your eyes on the video below which shut down the Louvre and used Mona Lisa as a casual backdrop. Let’s just think about that for a second.


The new album is said to be a celebration of both their fraught marriage (which was the subject of their previous records) and black identity. Twitter quickly reacted to the news and music in typical hilarious fashion.

Others couldn’t believe the incredible audacity of the couple to shut down the Lovure. THE LOUVRE.

Others quickly dove into the complex imagery of the music video.

Others also gave thanks that we wouldn’t be subjected to a contrived pop cover.

And then one user missed the boat completely.

Have we maybe been blasting the album unapologetically at work the whole day? Absolutely.

We’re still not over this. The Louvre.


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This is what Monica’s apartment from Friends would look like today

This is what Monica’s apartment from Friends would look like today

Is she looking for a housemate?

friends apartment
NBC via Getty Images

Monica’s purple flat from Friends is quite possible the most iconic television home ever and fourteen years on, we’re still ready to move in the moment it’s available. However Modsy’s team of interior designers (and Friends obsessives) put their skills to use and imagined what the Friends’ apartment would look like fourteen years on. Safe to say, we’re in love.

The redesign was a fun little project they put together to celebrate the show’s 14th anniversary and they turned Monica’s flat into a 3D model to spruce up the place. Given that Monica and Chandler actually got hitched and moved to Westchester with their brood, they also redesigned the apartment as if Rachel or Joey took over the lease and we think they nailed the character’s personalities. We’re personally obsessed with Rachel’s, TBH.

Check the rooms out below…

Monica and Chandler

friends apartment


Monica’s crazy eclectic style, bold colours and choice of offbeat furniture made redesigning her cosy space a bit of a challenge, but Modsy were up for it. They supposed that the couple would have ‘kept the original style of the place, but given it an upgrade’ and we’re into casa del Bings 2018. The biggest change they made was toning down the Friends purple apartment, choosing to keep the hue just on the door as a little reminder of its wilder years.

friends apartment


They played to Monica’s needs as a chef with an updated modern kitchen, doing away with the bold blue cabinets in favour of open storage and muted navy cupboards. They also gave it a very 2018 update by opting for a backsplash made from subway tiles, mismatched dining chairs and boho accents like the mother of pearl chandelier.

friends apartment


If you look really closely, you’ll see that they’ve kept some of their old pieces as well. Obviously they’ve kept that famous yellow mirror frame over the peephole, but you can just about see Rachel’s Jouets print beside the door, a Laurel and Hardy poster tucked in the study area and – of course – the infamous pickle jar on one of the kitchen shelves.

Rachel’s apartment

friends apartment


Rachel’s flat is the epitome of Instagram chic and did you really expect anything else from the fashionable queen? Modsy imagined that Rachel had taken over her pal’s lease after she departed for Westchester and moved in with Emma – sans Ross. (Controversial take.)

friends apartment


Her light and airy house is basically a Pinterest dream: full of trailing plants, marble and millennial pink. It’s less dramatic than Monica and Chandler’s pad but no less full of character and Modsy said they figured it would be ‘a sophisticated place for the gang to gather, drink wine, and reminisce about the old days’.

friends apartment


She also had the dreamiest study set up, with a minimal white table and striking black chair. Though it seems like Rachel was less sentimental than the rest of the gang, as she painted over the purple walls and there was nary a throwback in sight. 10/10 would live here.

Joey’s apartment

friends apartment


And then, there was Joey. Modsy imagined that Joey had eventually tired of LA life and chosen to take over his pal’s lease, transforming it into ‘a bachelor pad worthy of its own GQ profile’. They managed to toe the line between chic masculinity and Joey’s playful nature, bringing in little touches like his old foosball table and a dart board.

friends apartment


While Joey’s career may have skyrocketed towards the end of the season, he stayed true to his roots and framed his cover as Dr. Drake Ramoray in an understated collage (zoom in on the right above). And, of course, Pat the Dog. His style seems to be a blend of mid-century and modern, bringing together elements like the coffee table with mixed metals, leather and understated styling to make a big impression.

friends apartment


Joey would have grown out of his iconic lazy boy, but this chic black upgrade definitely seems to be true to the spirit of it. We genuinely laughed out loud when we saw Hugsy perched on the chair – a fun throwback and great conversation piece for when Joey inevitably brings company to the flat.

If you loved Modsy’s take, they’ve actually put together a little style quiz to see which of the Friends‘ aesthetics is your vibe. You can give it a go here.

We’re getting a major itch to either rewatch all of Friends or redesign our entire house right now.

Aw hell, why not do both?

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Meghan Markle just opened up about having ‘the best husband ever’

Meghan Markle just opened up about having ‘the best husband ever’

And it’s too much.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot in a touching ceremony last month at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

While the wedding run up was full-on, with Harry and Meghan keeping the public updated on all details of their nuptials, the now Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been more private since becoming man and wife.

‘The Duke and Duchess of Sussex would like to thank everyone who took part in the celebrations of their wedding on Saturday,’ Kensington Royal captioned an Instagram of the newlyweds in an official statement. ‘They feel so lucky to have been able to share their day with all those gathered in Windsor and also all those who watched the wedding on television across the UK, Commonwealth, and around the world #RoyalWedding’.

But while the couple have made official appearances together – with the Queen’s Trooping of the Colour being the most recent – they have yet to open up about their first few weeks of marriage.

That is, until this week, when Meghan spoke out about her husband on her first royal outing with the Queen, with the pair journeying up to Cheshire on the royal train.

While greeting the crowds, Meghan could be heard talking to a female fan about Harry, after being asked how she was enjoying married life.

‘It is wonderful, I’m really enjoying it,’ the 36-year-old Duchess announced, and when fans told her to give their love to Harry, she replied, ‘I will do. That means an awful lot to us. He’s the best husband ever.’

This is too much.

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The Queen gave Meghan Markle this touching gift to commemorate their day together

The Queen gave Meghan Markle this touching gift to commemorate their day together

And it’s lovely.


Meghan Markle and the Queen made news yesterday as they took part in their first outing as a pair.

To say that the adorable photographs of them living their best lives together went viral would be a huge understatement.


While Queen Elizabeth has always made a noticeable effort with Meghan, making a lot of exceptions to welcome her into the royal fold, it was her actions this week that spoke the loudest on her admiration of Meghan.

Queen Liz invited Meghan to accompany her on her personal train – the royal train – to Cheshire, an honour usually reserved for senior titles. Even Prince William, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton are yet to receive an invite.

And never missing a detail, the Queen even gave Meghan a touching gift to commemorate the event – a pair of pearl and diamond drop earrings that Meghan wore on the tour.


The pearl and diamond earrings matched her grandmother-in-law’s, with The Sun reporting that the jewels were a gift from the Queen herself.

It is unknown whether the earrings were bought especially for the occasion or whether they were from the Queen’s personal collection, but judging by Princess Diana’s frequent wearing of similar jewels, we would guess the latter.s

Meghan teamed her new jewels with a light beige pencil dress with a caped top by Givenchy, whilst the Queen opted for a lime green Stewart Parvin suit and a Rachel Trevor Morgan hat.

An invite on the royal train AND pearl earrings? It looks like the Queen is a fan of Meghan.

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Samira is reportedly getting sued for going on Love Island

Samira is reportedly getting sued for going on Love Island

No one saw that coming…

couples on love island

Love Island series 4 is only in its second week, and we’re already obsessed.

Will Adam win Rosie over again? Are Dani and Jack in it for the long haul? And will Megan wake up and choose Alex?

There are so many burning questions already.

The main public support however has surrounded Alex and Samira, the unlikely friendship who are coupled up to save each other and help each other find love.

There are even bets going that Alex and Samira will win Love Island 2018.


But while Samira is definitely proving popular on the island, it’s safe to say that the 22-year-old has rustled a few feathers on the outside.

In fact, according to recent reports, Samira is being sued for entering the villa.

Confused? We’ll talk you through it.

While Samira was quick to tell the islanders of her cool credits as a dancer in Dream Girls, it looks like she may have failed to disclose the hurry with which she left in, reportedly quitting the West End show for the ITV2 programme.

Samira, who was a member of the ensemble in the Savoy Theatre’s Dream Girls reportedly quit with just one day’s notice after receiving the Love Island offer, with Sonia Friedman Productions as a result deeming her ‘totally unprofessional’.

Not only this, Sonia Friedman Productions are also reportedly demanding £3,000 in compensation from the 22-year-old, and judging by the amount that Love Island stars are actually paid, this could be problematic!

It looks like Samira and Alex might have to win after all!

Now, we’re more obsessed than ever.

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Chad Michael Murray responds to Sophia Bush’s claim that she felt pressured to marry him

Chad Michael Murray responds to Sophia Bush’s claim that she felt pressured to marry him

And he’s not happy.

Sophia Bush

Any millennial will remember Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush’s heartbreaking divorce, separating just five months after their 2005 marriage.

It hit us so hard of course because to us, they were One Tree Hill’s Lucas and Brooke, one of the public’s favourite onscreen couples from the noughties.

But it wasn’t their age that led to their short-lived marriage, with Sophia being 22 and Chad being just 23 when they tied the knot. Instead it was their relationship, with Sophia, now 35, revealing in a recent interview that she felt pressured into marrying her ex husband.

‘It was not a thing I actually really wanted to do,’ Sophia explained of marrying Chad Michael Murray, in an interview with Andy Cohen on Sirius CM Radio Andy.


And when asked by the 50-year-old host why she went through with the wedding if she didn’t want to, the One Tree Hill actress got very real about the situation.

‘Because how do you let everybody down? And how do you, what’s the fight?,’ she explained. ‘And when you have bosses telling you that you’re the only person who gets a person to work on time and 200 people either get to either see their kids at night or they don’t because our days start on time?’

Sophia continued: ‘Life is always loaded. What the public knows ever is never — it’s not the tip of the iceberg. Hilarie and I used to laugh and we were like, “If we had a behind-the-scenes show, the drama would be so much fucking better than the drama that the writers write.”’

Chad’s representatives issued a statement in response to PEOPLE, and he doesn’t seem happy about her comments.

‘Chad conducts himself in a completely professional manner and would never marry for any reason but love,’ the statement read. ‘Thirteen years since his divorce from Sophia, he has a very happy family life with his wife and children. He has completely moved on and doesn’t feel the need to engage in this type of behavior.’

Guess we won’t see many Brooke and Lucas scenes in the upcoming lifetime movie then.

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This is what House of Cards now looks like without Kevin Spacey

This is what House of Cards now looks like without Kevin Spacey

‘I love that woman. I love her more than sharks love blood.’

house of cards final season
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Rob Latour/Variety/REX/Shutterstock (8811144q)
Kevin Spacey
‘House of Cards’ TV show screening, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA – 08 May 2017

If you’ve been following the House of Cards saga, then you’ll know that the next and final season is going to be a tense one now that its lead Kevin Spacey has been axed from the show. Well, we’ve been treated to a little glimpse of what a post-Spacey White House looks like – and Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood is leading the charge.

As the show revolves around the dark underbelly of American politics and Spacey’s character Frank was – well – the president, it raised huge questions about what was going to happen once he exited the show.

house of cards final season

Alan Davidson/Silverhub/REX/Shutterstock

It prompted massive rewrites of the show and now it’s believed that his onscreen wife Claire Underwood would be moving into the Oval Office. And the latest stills from Netflix seem to confirm that.

The photographs were posted to a Netflix Twitter account and were a look behind the scenes of the set. Kevin Spacey was nowhere to be seen and Robin Wright was the main focus of the pictures, however it was the backdrop of the second photograph though that really gave us pause.

The second still appears to have been shot in the show’s faux Oval Office, judging from the tall draped windows, heavy documents-laden desk and the iconic flag standing just behind Robin. And given that she’s standing literally right behind the desk as though she’s just stood up from the chair, we’re assuming she was occupying the president’s seat – both literally and figuratively.

Though nothing’s been confirmed yet, a teaser for the new series heavily hints at the same idea. It features Robin as Claire Underwood sitting at Frank’s desk and for the first time ever, she talks directly into the camera and says, ‘We’re just getting started.’

It was followed by the text ‘Hail to the chief’. Chief Claire Underwood? Gosh, we hope so.

Spacey, who played both the lead character Frank Underwood and served as a producer on the show, was fired following a string of sexual assault allegations kickstarted by actor Anthony Rapp.

house of cards final season

Michael Buckner/Variety/REX/Shutterstock

Anthony claimed that he had been sexually harassed by Kevin Spacey as a fourteen year old and following other allegations from others including Bristol Old Vic students (where he served as artistic director), Netflix decided to cut him from the show.

It’s unknown how the show will explain away the character’s sudden absence, but we’re assuming it’s probably going to be a death of some kind. In all honesty, we don’t really care as long as Spacey’s out.

The new series of House of Cards will hit Netflix later this autumn.

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