90 second facials prepped all the models at Victoria Beckham – here’s how to do it yourself at home

90 second facials prepped all the models at Victoria Beckham – here’s how to do it yourself at home

Just look at that healthy glow go

Victoria Beckham celebrated her brand’s 10th anniversary at LFW this weekend, pulling out all the stops for a show to remember.

‘I want to do the best I can and give my customer what she wants,’ the woman herself said at the show. ‘You never know what might happen – one of the girls might have fallen down the stairs, I might have fallen down the stairs! But that’s what makes it exciting.’

The key beauty look for models on the day was super healthy, flawless looking skin and so prepping the complexion with the right skincare was essential. The good news is that it’s really easy for you to DIY at home.

Every model was given a super speedy facial that lasted for just 90 seconds, using the Foreo UFO Mini device. Models’ skin was blasted with a dose of both green and red light to reduce any redness and plump up the skin, as well the hyaluronic acid-packed H2Overdose microfibre mask for a hit of hydration.

Victoria Beckham SS19 Foreo

As for make-up, Pat McGrath kept to the fresh and healthy theme by applying a little highlighter and eye gloss to catch the light. The look was dewy but not overly so, and went with the slightly wet-look hair created by lead stylist Guido Palau.

‘The hair reflects a minimal idea of beauty,’ Guido explained. ‘Victoria’s clothes are so exquisite that the idea of simple hair adds an ease of luxury to the overall look.

‘There’s a slightly boyish feel with the comb marks in the front and squarish shape, and I’ve used a combination of Redken Fashion Work 12 and Glow Dry Style-Enhancing Blow Dry Oil to achieve this nod to the overall look. It’s very Victoria.’

Very Victoria indeed.

Here’s to another 10 years, VB!

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The three things Charlotte Tilbury used to give models ‘J Lo skin’ at fashion week

The three things Charlotte Tilbury used to give models ‘J Lo skin’ at fashion week

Plus her new must-have that’s already selling once every 60 seconds…

Charlotte Tilbury Temperley London

Charlotte Tilbury is all about the Hollywood glow. Her products allow all of us to recreate a red carpet look at home to help us achieve what she dubs ‘the most beautiful version of ourselves’, and we love her for it.

Of all the beauty looks found backstage at London Fashion Week 2018, her signature is probably the most accessible. There is a reason she now has an MBE, you know.

Backstage at Temperley London there were no real beauty trends per se, but what I can tell you is that every single model and muse was just. So. Radiant. The skin was so glowy that it almost blinded you – not actually, but you get my point here. And the good news is that it’s really easy to get that glow on yourself.

The three essential products for what the woman herself calls ‘the Tilbury Temperley glow’ were Magic Cream, new this year Hollywood Flawless Filter (which Charlotte invented to be ‘J-Lo’s skin in a bottle’), and the dreamy Bar of Gold Palette.

Flawless filter blurs the skin’s texture and tone while adding an amped-up healthy look to the skin, while the bar of gold adds that 24-karat brillant sheen to your face.

Charlotte Tilbury Temperley London

All models also had their complexions topped up with the new Magic Away Concealer – which contains Persian silk tree bark extract to smooth everything out (‘like a pair of Spanx for the face!’). Quite possibly the quickest product to reach cult status, it’s already selling at one a minute.

For the lips, Tilbury mixed two of her Hot Lips shades, Super Cindy and Tell Laura, for a bright coral-y pink shade, and added Eyes to Mesmerise in Bette, a bright bronze that makes everyone’s eyes pop.

The ‘night look’ meanwhile utilised her most popular lip shade, Pillow Talk, and Eyes to Mesmerise in Mona Lisa, a colder chocolate, almost mocha shade.

Ready for a Charlotte Tilbury haul? (Please note I take no responsibility for damage to your bank balance as a result of this look.)

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You’ve been getting the technique for perfect beachy waves all wrong

You’ve been getting the technique for perfect beachy waves all wrong

What a top hair stylist taught me backstage at London Fashion Week

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think beachy waves will ever go out of style. There’s something effortless and cool girl about them, so it’s no surprise that they’re one of the most-searched for styles on the internet, or that there are dozens of hair products promising that look, bottled.

At House of Holland’s London Fashion Week show on Saturday, models took to the catwalk with that ‘just got out of the sea’, wet look, beachy wave that everyone wants – but can’t get without literally getting out of the sea and running a salty hand through our hair. Or so we thought.

Backstage, stylists prepped models’ hair with thickening sprays TIGI Bedhead Superstar and Evo Root Canal, because they are dry sprays that don’t dampen the hair. But it was the wave technique that really got me.

Using the 25mm Babyliss Pro Curling Tong, the team wound hair around the tool but held it horizontally, not vertically like we’ve all spent our entire lives doing.

‘When we do these waves, all of us backstage will use the same tong and size to do them like this,’ lead stylist for the show Syd Hayes explains. ‘If you go up in size the barrel is big and you get more of a roller kind of curl. And if you go lower, you get more of a curl and the hair bounces back in.’

So what’s secret to getting a perfect wave, rather than a curl?

‘Place your tong on top of the hair and then twist the hair around – I’m twisting as I go and then leaving the end out – as you take that out [by releasing the tong] and pull down on, that’s how you get that beachy wave that, I think, every girl always wants.’

So to recap: place the tong against your head, then wind the section of hair around it, leaving about an inch or so out at the end.

Then as you release the hair, pull the tong downwards – the heat encourages the wave to lie a bit flatter rather than bouncy like a curl. Finally, spritz away and lock that thing down with your sealant of choice.

We’re calling it: wet look beach waves are (still) the next big thing.

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This natural deodorant has a waiting list of THIRTEEN THOUSAND people

This natural deodorant has a waiting list of THIRTEEN THOUSAND people


Credit: Megababe Instagram

By Rebecca Fearn.

We’re used to beauty products racking up waiting lists. From Frank Body’s glitter scrub years ago, to Charlotte Tilbury‘s newest concealer, the hottest products of the moment can certainly attract attention.

But we were a little surprised to hear that the latest product to garner a long list of avid beauty fans was… a deodorant.

Megababe’s Rosy Pits – made by the same people who did the Thigh Rescue Anti-Chafe Stick, which nearly broke Instagram due to its popularity – has become so popular it’s attracted an impressive 12,000-strong waiting list. Refinery29 first reported back in July that the product had 5000 on the wait list, and now the brand’s Instagram is claiming the number has risen to over double the amount.

So you might be thinking, what’s all the fuss about? Well, it sounds as though the deodorant has become so lusted-over because it’s a natural formula that actually works: a rarity in beauty (trust me, I’ve done the legwork). It has no aluminium, alcohol or baking soda, and instead contains a dreamy concoction of coconut, green tea, vitamin E, sage and sandalwood. The deo also has the coolest, Instagram-friendly packaging.

The reviews about the product speak for themselves (head over to the website to have a read) and are overwhelmingly positive. The only thing they do point out is that there is a bit of an adjustment period when switching from anti-perspirant traditional formulas to Rosy Pits, but it sounds as though it’s worth the wait.

So where can you buy this wondrous natural product? Well, right now, as mentioned there is a pretty hefty waiting list. Before selling out Rosy Pits was available on J.Crew U.K, so we suggest keeping an eye out for its long-awaited return…

You might want to follow the brand’s Instagram page too at @megababe

We’re hoping for updates soon!

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Here’s why Meghan Markle never rocks red lipstick

Here’s why Meghan Markle never rocks red lipstick

Her makeup artist reveals all

By Rebecca Fearn.

Red lipstick can make a woman feel empowered, sexy and bold. Yet, woman of the moment Meghan Markle is apparently just not a fan of rocking a red lip.

Meghan’s wedding day makeup artist Daniel Martin told People that Meghan will not be wearing red any time soon:

“The one time she did a red lip, she just didn’t feel comfortable in it,” Daniel told the magazine.

“She likes to talk and she’s not a fussy person, so she doesn’t want to have to worry about anything. They [Harry and Meghan] have so many engagements, you have to stick with what you know and feel comfortable and confident and just own it.”

Mandatory Credit: Photo by John Salangsang/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

We can totally relate.

Daniel had previously told Vogue that the pair would never have considered a red lip for her bridal look. When asked if it was ever going to be on the cards for the big day, Daniel replied:

“Not at all because I just know her and there was no way. The last thing I wanted Harry to look at was her make-up, I wanted him to see her. They’re so affectionate and the last thing I’d want to do is prevent that happening because she has a red lip on. It’s almost like a stop sign!”

So what is the Duchess of Sussex’s favourite look makeup-wise?

“She likes a stronger eye, her brow is a lot more defined now,” he told People. “But it’s still her. If anything, she’s going to experiment with different tones, and now that she’s more tan she’ll use warmer colours. But she doesn’t stray too far from her technique, she’s very formulaic with her routine.”

We’re jut off to define our brows and blend out our warm smoky eye makeup…

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Drunk Elephant’s UK launch date has finally been confirmed

Drunk Elephant’s UK launch date has finally been confirmed

These are the products you need to snap up, stat

Drunk Elephant UK
Instagram @drunkelephant

Drunk Elephant. The name already has drawn you in, hasn’t it? One of Sephora’s bestselling brands has long been on the radar of Brit beauty enthusiasts, and for what feels like years we’ve been asking the question: When is a Drunk Elephant UK launch going to happen?

Fortunately for you, we now finally (finally) have an answer: the Marula-infused brand will be foraying into UK stockists Space NK and Cult Beauty on the 3rd of October this year.

If you’re new to the Drunk Elephant life, allow us to give you a little bit of background. Founded by Tiffany Masterson in New York, the products are all born and raised (that’s designed, tested and made) in the States.

The brand does not contain any of, what they refer to as, the ‘suspicious six’ – that’s essential oils, chemical sunscreens, fragrances or dyes, SLS, silicones, and drying alcohols.

Not well-acquainted with the brand just yet? Keep scrolling for the best Drunk Elephant products you should definitely snap up as soon as it hits UK stores.

TLC Sukari Baby Facial

Drunk Elephant Baby Facial


A resurfacing AHA/BHA facial, this one is like baby skin in a bottle, hence the name. It’s a potent cocktail of acids, blending tartaric, lactic, citric, glycolic AND salicylic acid to gently exfoliate pores and blitz dead skin cells, leaving a smoother, brighter skin finish. To quote Drunk Elephant themselves, ‘it’ll knock your cells off’.

C-Firma™ Day Serum

Drunk Elephant Vitamin C

Packed with Vitamin C, the C-Firma Day Serum is a seriously potent and active formula that’s loaded with antioxidants, fruit enzymes and essential nutrients for healthy skin. As with all good vitamin C formulae, it can help to reduce the visibility of skin pigmentation (like dark spots) and the signs of ageing.

Virgin Marula Oil

The Marula fruit is in fact where the brand gets its name from – there’s a long-standing myth that elephants love eating the fruit that falls from Marula trees because it ferments in their stomachs, making them drunk. Founder Tiffany believes that the virgin oil – ‘straight from the pip’ – is superior to any other she’s tried, which is why you’ll find it throughout the line. The oil itself is rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and has anti-microbial properties, making it great for minimsing fine lines, redness and improving elasticity to name but a few of its benefits.

Umbra Sheer Physical Sunscreen

A broad spectrum sunscreen (meaning it protects against UVA and UVB rays) should be an essential part of everybody’s skincare routine, and this clear SPF 30 formula also protects against oxidative and free radical damage. There’s also a tinted version, should you want a little coverage in your SPF, aptly named Umbre Tinte.

Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

Similar to Babyfacial, the Framboos serum is formulated with the ‘dream team’ blend of lactic, tartaric, citric, salicylic and glycolic acid, but at the lower concentrate of 12%. The clever gel formula refines your complexion while you sleep, banishing dead skin cells by dissolving the glue binding them to the surface of your skin. A one-way ticket to luminous skin come morning.

Shaba Complex Eye Serum

A silky formula that doesn’t have the heaviness of an eye cream, the Shaba Complex blends black tea and copper peptides to turn back the clock on your under-eye area – even working to slow the signs of ageing before they appear. If you suffer with puffy, tired-looking eyes, this is the skincare product for you.

Protini Polypeptide Cream

Drunk Elephant Protini Cream

Who says protein is just for shakes? Described as ‘the Megamino protein-powered get-sh*t-done cream’, this anti-ageing cream is packed with peptides, amino acids and pygmy waterlily to improve skin’s firmness, tone and texture. With continued use, skin is promised to look revived and more youthful.

The Littles

Drunk Elephant Littles

Don’t fancy spending a ton of money on a new brand, or can’t afford to? We hear you. If you’re desperate to try the brand though, it’s worth saving up your pennies for The Littles, a set of travel minis that enable you to try the brand’s hero products in miniature form – Marula Oil, C-Firma, Framboos, the works.

As well as the bumper set, there are several other miniature duos available at much less of a price, so you can choose the two products that are best suited to your skin type – without breaking the bank.

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Free The Body Shop hand cream with Marie Claire’s 30th Birthday issue

Free The Body Shop hand cream with Marie Claire’s 30th Birthday issue

There are five scents, worth £5, to choose from (or collect them all!)

body shop hand creams

With the cooler seasons upon us, there’s no surprise that our skin is going to start feeling dry and lacking in moisture. Thankfully, The Body Shop hand creams are here to help, providing hydration and silky smooth skin. In the birthday issue of Marie Claire, you can choose from five nourishing hand creams worth £5; strawberry, mango, pink grapefruit, coconut and satsuma meaning you can get super soft hands on-the-go with a hand cream that fits perfectly into your handbag.

The great thing about The Body Shop hand creams is that they aren’t greasy and are light in texture, meaning you can use as much or as little as you like. They also help your cuticles, moisturising them into perfect condition. The Body Shop sources unique ingredients from across the globe to make their hand creams extra special. Strawberry uses cold-pressed strawberry seed oil, mango includes mango seed oil from India and coconut uses organics virgin coconut oil from Samoa, Polynesia.

The products aren’t only good for your hands; they’re good for the community too. Each hand cream has ethically sourced shea ingredients from the Tungteiya Women’s Shea Butter Association in Ghana, which The Body Shop has worked with since 1994. The women are paid a fair price and a premium that they can invest into community projects.

As it is our celebratory 30th birthday issue, we have a gift for you! The travel ready, on-the-go size (30ml) will get you through the start of Autumn and with five scents to choose from, pick that scent that helps you to forget your summer blues.


Be sure to get your free hand cream with the October issue of Marie Claire before they disappear off the shelves! Plus, receive 25% off The Body Shop in-store and online.

Words by Darcy Mead

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15 of the newest beauty breakthroughs you need to know about now

15 of the newest beauty breakthroughs you need to know about now

Beauty just got a futuristic makeover…

Just when you think the beauty industry couldn’t get more technologically innovative, it goes and outdoes itself.

The new skincare, haircare and make-up products on the scene for this season are more intelligent and impressive than ever before.

From fascia blasting to the world’s first AI hair straightener, I investigated the next-level innovations that will reboot your autumn regime…

The Magic of Marjoram

The natural beauty space has a new hero to ease signs of fatigue. ‘Marjoram helps genes that are silent as a result of stress to communicate with cells and produce healing proteins,’ says Bénédicte Le Bris, head of research at L’Occitane. Find it in Immortelle Reset Serum, £49, and Sisley’s Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Age Firming Concentrated Serum, £350.

Retinol revamp

Speak to any dermatologist about boosting collagen, and they’ll inevitably mention retinol. The downside? ‘It’s often irritating and extremely photosensitive,’ says Dr Dendy Engelman. Say hello to Elizabeth Arden’s Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum, £42 for 30. It uses encapsulated retinol to avoid exposure to light or air and ceramides to hydrate.

Lucky lips

When is a lipstick not a lipstick? When two key ingredients make the colour look almost stamped on to your lips like a tattoo. To overcome the Sahara-dryness of traditional opaque formulas, Dior Ultra Rouge, £29, Selfridges, combines a film-forming polymer with hydrating plant oils.

Bespoke mascara

‘Lashes are like hair follicles – they differ from person to person – so you want a mascara that can adapt to every need,’ says Nars UK make-up artist Andrew Gallimore. NARS’ lightweight Climax Mascara, £21, Selfridges, helps straight lashes hold a curl, while L’Oréal Paris’s Unlimited Mascara, £10.99, Boots, bends to intensify shorter lashes.

A new way to blush

AirFusion technology uses light-as-air micro bubbles to create a feathery mousse. So, technically Shiseido’s Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush, £32, Harrods, isn’t a powder at all – rather a fluffy meringue that creates the most true-to-skin finish.

The 61 foundation range

Typically, four pigments create a foundation shade: yellow, white, black and red. Too much white and darker skin looks ashy; too much black and it looks bruised. Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup, £33.50, Fabled, now boasts 61 shades – almost the biggest in the industry – having nailed the pigment ratios and three skin undertones (warm, cool and neutral).

Cellulite buster

Fascia blasting… what? We hear you, but this rod with snowflake-shaped attachments is your new cellulite-buster. Ashley Black’s FasciaBlaster uses vigorous rubbing to smooth out the body’s connective tissue (fascia), which she says, ‘can adhere to the skin and pull it down, forcing the fat up’.

Invest in Circadian skincare

There’s a scientific reason why your skin looks perkier in the morning. New research has uncovered that each cell has its own individual body clock, governing everything from when it’s most hydrated to when it’s most likely to get spots (3pm, FYI), so we can time our skincare accordingly. ‘This proves the importance of energising cells overnight as your skin’s metabolism – how it repairs, exfoliates and secretes sebum – slows down,’ says Dr Frauke Neuser, Olay’s principal scientist, who recommends Regenerist Overnight Miracle Firming Mask, £29.99, Boots.

Longer-lasting hair colour

As frequent colour clients know, you leave the salon with bright locks and within a few weeks hair looks washed out. Moroccanoil Color Complete (at-home and in-salon treatments), from £19.85, contains tiny positively charged argan oil capsules, which are attracted to negatively charged hair fibres to repair and protect against colour loss.

Straighten with AI

Introducing the world’s first hair straightener with predictive technology: Ghd’s Platinum +, £175, Fabled. ‘Using algorithms, it recognises the size and thickness of the hair you’re straightening and the speed at which you’re styling and adjusts the power accordingly,’ says Dr Tim Moore, Ghd vice president of smart devices.

Human keratin shampoo

Virtue Haircare, from £14, is built on Alpha Keratin 60ku™, the purest form of keratin protein you can find as it is extracted from human hair. ‘When you apply it, your strands recognise the protein as their own, making it more effective at repairing damage than animal-derived keratin,’ says the brand’s creative director Adir Abergel.

Boost your regular routine

Retinol and vitamin C are two skincare powerhouses, so the temptation is to slather them on with abandon. But unbeknownst to most of us, they can degrade each other if applied simultaneouly. Clinique Fresh Pressed Clinical Daily + Overnight Boosters, £30 for the pair, bottle 10 per cent pure vitamin C for AM use and a separate dose of vitamin A for overnight. Available in November.

The new gen compact moisturiser

Compact foundations revolutionised our commute. Now Givenchy brings us a new day cream version: L’Intemporel Blossom Crème Jour Compacte Sublimatrice SPF15 PA+ Anti-Fatigue, £44, Harrods. The solid marbled texture only melts upon contact with skin, meaning it won’t dry out as soon as you expose it to air.

Givenchy L’Intemporel Blossom Crème Jour Compacte Sublimatrice SPF15 PA+ Anti-Fatigue, £44, Harrods

A little act of kindness

New kid on the ethical block, Love Beauty and Planet is formulated with ethically sourced oils; bottles made from 100 per cent recycled plastic and haircare that uses a ‘fast-rinse conditioner technology’ requiring less water to remove it from strands. And with prices starting at £4.99, you can’t afford not to.

Bee happy skin

Not heard of the TIEG1 gene? All you need to know is eight years of research has found that royal jelly produced by rare black bees stimulates it to repair collagen and boost elasticity. You’ll only find it in Guerlain Abeille Royale Double R Renew & Repair Serum, £105, Harrods.

Could beauty get any more futuristic?

This feature was taken from the October issue of Marie Claire, on newsstands now

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Beauty advent calendars that are 100x better than chocolate

Beauty advent calendars that are 100x better than chocolate

Skincare > confectionery

beauty advent calendars

As far as the beauty desk is concerned, beauty advent calendars are the best bit about Christmas.

Getting a make-up or skincare treat every day of December is the best way to get us in the festive spirit (along with scoffing all of the mince pies, of course).

So before you resort to buying another standard chocolate advent calendar, give your taste buds a rest and scope out the best beauty offerings here.

Keep checking back for the latest updates and be sure to mark the launch dates in your calendars, because these are all guaranteed to sell out.

M&S Beauty Advent Calendar 2018

beauty advent calendars M&S

The M&S beauty hall is one of the unsung heroes of the beauty world, featuring a treasure trove of brands such as Skyn Iceland, Pixi, Philip Kingsley and more, and so their beauty advent calendar is a thing to behold. You’ll find all of the best brands stocked at M&S, handpicked by their beauty team. It’s no surprise that, year after year, this is one of the most Googled advent calendars out there.

How much is it?


When is it available?

6th November 2018

Harrods Advent Calendar 2018

beauty advent calendars Harrods 2018

Having only launched its first last year, Harrods is already one of the most popular beauty advent calendars out there. This year the brand has more than doubled the amount of beautifully illustrated calendars available, so you’re much more likely to be in with a chance to get your hands on the coveted beauty hall ahead of Christmas. Think Sunday Riley, NARS, Tata Harper, 111Skin and more…

How much is it?


When is it available?

1st October

Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar 2018

beauty advent calendars Liberty

Searches for the 2018 Liberty beauty advent calendar began as far back as the 25th of January, so it’s without a doubt one of the most popular calendars on the beauty market. This year’s is packed with treats you’ll find lining the beauty halls of Liberty London, including Lixir, Hair by Sam McKnight, Surratt and Votary. And for the first time, the calendar is being made available to USA customers too – meaning there’s all the more reason to shop it quickly come October.

How much is it?


When is it available?

25th October

Selfridges Beauty Lovers Selection Box Advent Calendar

beauty advent calendar Selfridges

From Lime Crime to Illamasqua, Caudalie and Ouai, this beauty box is crammed with all sorts of make-up, skincare and hair products that you’d find lining the walls of Selfridge’s impressive beauty hall. And considering it’s worth £245, you’re getting some serious bang for your buck here.

How much is it?


When is it available?


No7 Beauty Advent Calendar 2018

beauty advent calendars No7

One of the most hotly anticipated annual beauty advent calendars is No7, and this year’s could possibly be their best offering yet. Containing a capsule collection of mini anti-ageing beauty products, nail polishes, make-up and beauty tools, this is serious value for money.

How much is it?


When is it available?

19th October; join the waiting list now

The Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendars 2018

beauty advent calendar Body Shop

‘Freddie’ Advent Calendar

The Body Shop is back with three different advent calendars for 2018; Freddie (above), Dani, £65 for £121 worth of products, and Olivia, £45 for £85 worth of product. As well as the advent calendars, this year there’s also a Vegan ‘Count Down To New Year’, with little gifts for each day between Christmas and New Year’s Day. We’ll take any excuse to make the advent calendar fun last as long as possible.

How much is it?


When is it available?


L’Occitane Beauty Advent Calendars 2018

beauty advent calendars L'Occitane

Straight out of Provence, L’Occitane’s gifts will put a smile on any skincare lover’s face every day of December; there are two available, the classic, above, and the luxury version priced at £89. Joyeux Noël.

How much is it?


When is it available?

20th September 2018

Lookfantastic Beauty Advent Calendar 2018

beauty advent calendar Lookfantastic

Beauty e-tailer Lookfantastic stocks some of the biggest names in beauty, so it’s no surprise that their advent calendar contains some killer brands. From Caudalie to ESPA, This Works and Aromatherapy Associates, you’ll be well stocked up in beauty for the winter. What’s more, the box can be reused as a vanity unit to store your beloved beauty products so it’s for life, not just for Christmas.

How much is it?


When is it available?

1st October; available to pre-order from 7th September

ELEMIS 25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar

beauty advent calendars Elemis

Worth over £345, ELEMIS’ seasonal offering contains 25 drawers of skincare treats, from old favourites to new skincare saviours. Plus, on Christmas morning, you’ll get a full size of their Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, one of the best moisturisers on the beauty market. What’s more, you can sign up for early access to ensure you’re one of the first to get your hands on it.

How much is it?


When is it available?

1st October 2018, exclusively to ELEMIS.com

Feelunique The Little Beauty Parcel

beauty advent calendars Feelunique

Beauty e-tailers always get it right, and 2018’s offering from Feelunique is no different; packed with top beauty brands like REN, Make Up For Ever, KMS and Sol de Janiero, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to opening 24 doors all the way up to Christmas.

How much is it?


When is it available?

15th October 2018


bareMinerals Out of This World Advent Calendar

beauty advent calendar bareMinerals

Known as one of the best clean beauty brands in the business, this year’s bareMinerals calendar really is out of this world. Containing some of their best mineral products, from loose powder eyeshadows to blush, mascara and lip colours, you’re well kitted out for the new season.

How much is it?


When is it available?

September, exclusive to bareMinerals boutiques and website

Jo Loves Advent Calendar 2018

beauty advent calendars Jo Loves

Fans of Jo Malone herself will be thrilled to hear that this year Jo Loves is launching their first ever advent calendar – and it’s a. After discovering the Jo Loves fragrances, on Christmas day you’ll unwrap a ticket that’s redeemable towards a full-size fragrance of your choice.

How much is it?


When is it available?

23rd October

Kiehl’s Advent Calendar 2018

beauty advent calendars Kiehls

With a black and gold colour scheme, this couldn’t look more festive if it tried and makes a great addition to any home for December. Packed with much-loved Kiehl’s goodies, this one is a real treat for fans of Creme de Corps or Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

How much is it?


When is it available?

1st October, exclusive to Selfridges

Fenwick Beauty Advent Calendar 2018

Pakced with a whopping £475 worth of product, this one is, frankly, a steal. There’s classic favourites, like a single-wick Neom candle and NARS Orgasm Blush, plus new bits like Pixi’s Retinol Tonic, this is the perfect mix of old and new for a beauty lover. The box is complete with a beautiful festive illustration by designer Brett Ryder, making it a perfect home accessory too.

How much is it?


When is it available?


John Lewis Beauty Advent Calendar 2018

beauty advent calendars John Lewis

Department store beauty calendars are always a win as, instead of just one brand, you get to test out several. Brimming with the very best finds from the beauty counters, you’ll find the likes of Charlotte Tilbury, Lancôme and Acqua di Parma. But it doesn’t stop there, folks: There’s also a 15-minute bespoke facial at ELEMIS and massage/aroma experience at Aveda for you to enjoy, too. What more could you ask for this Christmas?

How much is it?


When is it available?

Week beginning 4th September 2018

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Beauty Universe Calendar

beauty advent calendar Charlotte Tilbury

After the success of last year’s Naughty and Nice magic box, Charlotte Tilbury is back with another jam-packed box of festive treats for 2018. In her classic wine-red and rose gold packaging, this one’s sure to be a sell out.

How much is it?


When is it available?

4th October 2018

Diptyque Calandrier de L’Avent

beauty advent calendars Diptyque

A discovery of the brand’s hero products, Diptyque’s advent calendar is the best gift for the scent-lover in your life (or, you know, for yourself). Any boujie fragrance fan would be thrilled to receive this ahead of the festive season; expect a Christmas home fragrance bundle of joy.

How much is it?


When is it available?

15th October 2018

24 Days of Clinique

beauty advent calendars Clinique

A whole host of miniature Clinique fun lies behind the doors of the 24 Days calendar, including long-time heroes like the Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion and relative newcomers like the Pep-Start moisturiser. What’s not to love?

How much is it?


When is it available?

14th September, exclusive to Selfridges

Molton Brown Opulent Infusions Advent Calendar

beauty advent calendars Molton Brown


How much is it?


When is it available?

21st October 2018

Decléor Breathtaking Countdown Advent Calendar

beauty advent calendars Decleor

You’ll find them in spas all over the country, so you know Decléor is a real treat for anyone who needs a bit of skincare and TLC during the festive season. With 24 miniature products, you’ll be able to reset your skin, body and mind this December.

How much is it?


When is it available?

September 2018

Liz Earle’s 12 Days of Christmas

beauty advent calendars Liz Earle

Liz Earle is one of those universally-loved skincare brands that will go down a treat in just about any skincare lover’s home at Christmastime. Featuring 12 mini-sized versions of the brand’s best sellers, they’re great for travel or for testing out products before you buy the full size.

How much is it?


When is it available?

End of September

Soap & Glory Advent Calendars

beauty advent calendars Boots Soap and Glory

If it’s fun, vintage vibes you’re after with your advent calendar, Soap & Glory is the way to go. Snap up 24 mini products, including classics like Hand Food and Scrub of Your Life, all for just £40. Totally worth it.

How much is it?


When is it available?

17th September 2018

Susanne Kaufmann Advent Calendar

beauty advent calendars Susanne Kaufmann

From bath oils to body products, salts and even festive teas, Susanne Kaufmann’s 24-day advent calendar is a treat for both the eyes and the senses. An all-gold version will also be available exclusive to Net-a-Porter for £160, should you be feeling a little more fancy.

How much is it?


When is it available?

October 2018

Birchbox Advent Calendar 2018

beauty advent calendars Birchbox

Known for being a great way to discover and test out new beauty brands, Birchbox’s advent calendar is no different. Because why not grab yourself some Benefit, Rituals and OPI ahead of Christmas day?

How much is it?


When is it available?

3rd October 2018

NYX Advent Calendar 2018

beauty advent calendars NYX

Drugstore make-up addicts will love getting their hands on this NYX number, jam-packed with beauty gifts galore and complete with quirky illustrations for a fun take on the Christmas period. We need it.

How much is it?


When is it available?

10th October 2018

One thing’s for sure, December will be a beauty-packed month with these beauty advent calendars on the scene…

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THIS is how much the average woman spends on beauty products she never uses

THIS is how much the average woman spends on beauty products she never uses


Credit: Rex

By Rebecca Fearn.

We’re all guilty of buying an extra lipstick we don’t really need, or a new limited edition highlighter palette when we already have about 10 choices at home. But we had no idea just how much money goes towards beauty products that end up sitting on our shelves un-used.

Research quoted on The Daily Mail suggests the average woman spends an eye-watering £180,000 on beauty products she never even uses in a lifetime.

This equates to 5,856 products and means we actually only use around 10% of what we buy. Woah.

As a beauty writer, I have to admit I don’t buy many beauty products as I am lucky enough to be sent things to try. That said, I do still buy things that catch my eye – things that I DEFINITELY do not need to add to my ever-growing, ridiculous collection and that largely go un-used. It’s actually incredibly rare for me to finish something, and I completely understand the buzz of buying new beauty bits because we want them, not because we need them.

The best way to manage the size of your beauty collection is to keep an eye on the expiry dates of everything. Our handy guide breaks down how to do this effectively.

Mascara, for example, has one of the shortest shelf-lives after opening due to the large amount of bacteria which attaches itself to the brush. Lipstick, on the other hand, can be kept up to 18 months.

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