The best summer perfumes: for the beach trips and city sun

The best summer perfumes: for the beach trips and city sun

Because warmer climates demand a different scent


Summer is within grasp, we can feel it. We can see it on the cheery faces of our fellow commuters, we can see it in the summer sandals that have been dusted off, ready for their season and we can feel the heat on our cheeks (don’t panic we’re wearing one of the best SPF moisturisers). With the new season upon us, it calls for a new wardrobe, a new outlook and definitely a new summer perfume. So what are 2019’s best summer perfumes?

Well there are plenty to choose from – you have your typical light and fresh fragrances that work for any occasion and then some more standout scents that will get you noticed at some of the summer’s most exciting events…

Here’s our roundup of the best summer perfumes…

Byredo Sundazed EDP, £110 for 50ml Liberty London

best summer perfumes byredo

Byredo’s newest offering is the embodiment of a summer fragrance. According to the brand, to be sundazed is ‘to be seduced by the sun in a state of summer bliss’. From the first whiff you’ll totally understand exactly what they mean. With ultra sunny notes, like mandarin, lemon, neroli and jasmin sambac, followed by the sweet and soft cotton candy and musk, this scent is sure to be a summer favourite this summer and all the years to follow. It’s perfect.

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Calvin Klein CK One Summer! 2019 EDT, £40 Look Fantastic

best summer perfumes calvin klein

Does what it says on the tin, people. According to Calvin Klein, summer smells fresh, with notes of Blue Lagoon (not too sure), juniper berry (think G&Ts in the sun) and sparkling tangerine. It’s classic CK One, so suits ladies and chaps and that bottle is sure to cheer up any bathroom shelf.

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Keep scrolling for even more fragrances that are sure to compliment your summer perfectly.

The best summer perfumes of 2019…

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Emily Atack on jungle life, rosé and the bargain mascara everyone should own

Emily Atack on jungle life, rosé and the bargain mascara everyone should own

‘It’s my lady petrol’

Emily Atack

In the latest installment of Beauty Bytes I sat down with actress, presenter and all-round funny gal Emily Atack. If you don’t remember her appearance as Charlotte Hinchcliffe in The Inbetweeners, you’ll definitely know her from her stint in the jungle on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Attending this year’s BAFTA TV awards with Charles Worthington, I caught up with Emily before the red carpet to chat all things beauty…

LA: What’s the worst beauty trend you’ve ever tried?

EA: When I was really young, I was about nine, I decided to go for a head scarf. No one had done it before and I got absolutely rinsed for it. Now it would be really cool, but at the time I was like, this is the worst decision I’ve ever made. I got laughed at all day at school.

LA: Best beauty advice you’ve ever been given?

EA: Drink water. Drink plenty of water and that’s all. That’s the key to having great skin, apparently. I don’t drink enough water, I am terrible, so everybody always says to me drink loads of water.

LA: What about the best product recommendation you’ve ever had? What has somebody put into your hands and you’re like, ‘I can never go without this again’?

EA: I mean, I’ve been wearing make-up and using beauty products since I was literally about 10 years old, so I’d say a good foundation. I remember being introduced to foundation thinking ‘oh my god, life made’. Do you know what, I’m going to go a bit rogue and say that my whole life since I was really little – I know it sounds terrible – but I had such pale skin and wanted to be really tanned, so I wear an instant tan all the time. If I can’t be arsed to have a spray tan, which I often can’t, I just put instant tan on. It’s the best invention ever. I’ve been wearing it since I was really young and I’ve never looked back. The Rimmel Instant Tan, easy. Don’t wear it if it’s pissing it down with rain though, because that’s a disaster.

Rimmel Sunshimmer Wash Off Instant Tan, £6.99, Lookfantastic

Emily Atack - Beauty Bytes

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LA: Which it has been recently!

EA: Honestly, if you’re pasty skinned like me and you fancy a quick little glow up, just a nice bit of instant fake tan. The best thing that I was ever introduced to.

LA: So you’ve talked a little bit before about how life changing the jungle was for you and your self confidence. Are you able to tell me a little bit more about that?

EA: It was the best decision I have ever made, ever. Not everybody can do that, go in a jungle and have that experience of course. But if you ever have an opportunity to be plonked out of the world in any kind of sense, have your phone taken off you, not have alcohol or boys hurting you for three weeks, do it. You learn so much about yourself because, even though you have everyone around you, all you have is you so you rely on yourself to get through it. And then you come out with so much more respect for yourself, because you just think ‘oh my god, you did it!’ Do you know what I mean?

LA: Yeah, it was really quite emotional watching you sat up there at the end of the series.

Emily Atack

EA: Yeah, even though it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I’d do it all again just for that feeling of euphoric realisation that I am good enough and I can do anything, you know? I’m not superwoman, far from it, but I just proved that I can survive without all the everyday things in life that we think we need now. You know, like our phones and social media and all that bollocks. It’s all bollocks.  When you’re stripped bare you realise that nothing really matters other than your health and yourself and the people around you. Everything else is bollocks.

LA: I think my favourite moment was when your mum came in and you were both wetting yourself because she was like… You cannot dance.

EA: Oh yeah, I know. But even moments like that, you really kind of appreciate your life again! You learn about what you have and start to respect what you have. It sounds like a cliché, but it truly did do that for me. I look at life so differently now. I’m still the same person – people keep asking ‘did the jungle change me?’ No, it didn’t change me, it just brought out everything in me that I didn’t realise was there, or it reminded me of who I was again. You become like a nine-year-old kid again; I remembered what I was born with. We’re not born with all these anxieties and worries and all these terrible annoying things that we have to deal with in life. I was stripped back to being a child again, so it didn’t change me, it just reminded me of who I really was.

LA: How do you look after your hair?

EA: I’ve been going to Charles Worthington since I was very young. It was always a treat, my mum used to take me for a Charles Worthington blow dry when I was about 11, that’s where it all began. It sounds so bloody spoilt, but that was my little treat. She would take me into London and let me have a little blow dry, so I’ve been doing that ever since really. And I always use Charles Worthington products, I just love their style. I’ve always loved big and bouncy, that’s my vibe and I think it always will be. Even if it’s not on trend, I don’t care, I still like big and fun.

Emily Atack

EA: I swear by them for colour as well, they do the best colouring. I’ve been going to them for years, so Charles Worthington all the bloody way. I’m not just saying that, genuinely all the way. They’ve got these shampoos that I use and I love them so much. I have to be careful because there’s a sort of blonde tinting one, the ColourPlex Toning Ultra Violet Shampoo, and I was using it so much that I was getting blonder and blonder and blonder.

LA: Oh yes, you leave them in for a certain amount of time don’t you?

EA: Yeah, but because it leaves your hair in such a beautiful condition I had to really calm myself and not use it every day! You’re meant to only use it once a week so I had to really stop myself.

LA: What’s your favourite hairstyle if you’re going out? You’ve kind of answered that a little bit with the ‘big and bouncy’.

EA: Oh yeah, going out I just love a classic blow dry. I love having a blow dry before I go out. You can’t beat it, because they do it in a way you absolutely cannot do yourself. The problem with that though is I end up not washing my hair for about three days, because I want to leave it in for as long as possible. So, on a Friday night you get the fresh blowy – sounds a bit dodge – you get the fresh blowy and it looks amazing, then you go out Saturday as well because it still looks amazing. Then you go out on the Sunday as well, because it still looks great!

LA: Yeah, you just need to shove some dry shampoo in there to keep it going, don’t you.

EA: Oh my god, the Charles Worthington dry shampoo changed my life. I carry it with me everywhere.

Charles Worthington One Day Longer Dry Shampoo, £5.99, Boots

Emily Atack - Beauty Bytes

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LA: If the house is on fire – and all the important stuff is safe – what is the one beauty product you’d save?

EA: Probably my straighteners, because you can use them for anything now. Curls, you can do anything, can’t you? Because even if you leave your hair to dry naturally – my hair is really, really curly – I just tweak the curls sometimes to put the shape back in.

LA: Three favourite beauty brands?

EA: At the moment I’m loving the bareMinerals foundation, and I love MAC, all the MAC lip liners, and KIKO. KIKO at the moment I use loads. I was actually only introduced to it a couple of years ago.

LA: It used to be that you’d only see KIKO when you went on holiday, right?

EA: Yeah that’s so true! So I am so happy now if I see a KIKO, I run straight in there. I love their colours, they have really interesting ones, especially their eyeshadows. So yeah, I’d say KIKO, bareMinerals and MAC.

LA: How do you take care of your skin? Do you have a day and night routine?

EA: It’s only in the last year or so that I’ve been slapping myself on the wrist a bit saying, ‘I need to take care of my skin more’. I’ve always been really lucky in that I’ve never had spots and I’ve always had quite clear skin. I am very pale and freckly, so I don’t really sunbathe. I sort of pretend to, but I don’t like looking at my skin getting damaged by the sun, so I’m all about the fake tan.

LA: Shade bathing.

EA: In that sense I look after my skin, I never lie in the sun for too long. But recently I have had to say, ‘OK, I need to have some kind of routine’. I’ve been using a brand called Tropic, they do this really nice, sort of oily cleanser so I’ve been trying that. I do use wipes when I’m being a bit naughty and lazy. Sometimes I put make up remover on the wipe… That’s alright though isn’t it, you can do that?

Tropic Smoothing Cleanser, £16,

Emily Atack - Beauty Bytes

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LA: I think every now and then it’s OK.

EA: Yeah, I’m a bit naughty and a bit lazy. When I’m not being lazy and I’m being good, I go through loads of different products. I think I really need to start finding my actual skin routine. I’m still not quite there yet, I’m learning.

LA: Do you find that you’re more dry or oily in terms of skin type?

EA: Dry, I’d say more dry.

LA: What’s in your make-up bag right now?

EA: Oh it’s a shit hole at the moment, an absolute shit hole. My mum bollocks me when she sees my make up bag, she’s like, that’s atrocious.

LA: Ha, does it have pencil shavings in it and stuff?

EA: Yeah! She’s like, ‘that is so slovenly’. I know it’s really bad but I’m so on the move, and at the moment I get my make-up done every single day because I’m always working and doing things, so I’m not really using it at the moment. But I have got my bareMinerals in there. And do you know what, this mascara that I swear by, I love it. It’s the fat yellow one, it’s only high street…

LA: Maybelline? Sort of ‘this shape’.

EA: Yes! I swear by it. I think it’s the best mascara, sorry, I do. It’s not expensive, it’s like eight quid and I use it all the time. I love it.

Maybelline The Colossal Mascara, £6.99, Boots

Emily Atack - Beauty Bytes

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LA: Best make-up tip from a pro artist?

EA: So I don’t have lip fillers, I’ve always been quite lucky as I do have quite big lips, but I still like to get that extra bit of plump there. So sometimes I ever so slightly go over the cupid’s bow, just because that’s the look at the moment isn’t it. I call it my Rosie Huntington-Whiteley look.

LA: How often do you get your nails done?

EA: Not often enough! I don’t have time at the moment, but when I do have time, I try and do it once a month, or once every couple of months.

LA: Do you like a plain mani or a nail art kind of thing?

EA: I change it up. When I was solely acting I had to be quite neutral, but now that I’m doing more glitzy, glamorous stuff I can mix it up a bit.

LA: Do you have a signature fragrance or a few go-tos?

EA: I LOVE, you can’t go wrong with, YSL Black Opium. It’s just beautiful. It’s the only perfume I’ve ever worn that men compliment. Men go, ‘oh my god, what are you wearing?’ I’ve had men come up to me on the tube saying, ‘I’m so sorry, I’m not being a perv, but what is that smell because I actually want to buy that perfume for my wife.’

LA: The original one? Not the newer diamonds one.

EA: Yeah, it’s stunning. It’s sweet but mature, and a bit young. But oh, it’s lovely.

YSL Black Opium Eau de Parfum, from £52, John Lewis

Emily Atack - Beauty Bytes

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LA: Three most used emojis?

EA: The crying laughing one, the wine glass, red wine one, and the two champagne ones.


LA: Fave alcoholic drink?

EA: Provence rosé all the way. I love a Provence. It’s my lady petrol.

LA: What’s your favourite book? Are you much of a reader?

EA: Do you know what, you’re gonna think it sounds like I’m being so wanky, but I love reading poetry at the moment. I bought this book of poetry, they’re love poems, I cant remember what it’s called but my mum told me to read it, and they’re so lovely. Some of them make me cry. I love reading poems.

LA: Have you read She Must Be Mad by Charly Cox? It’s loads of poems about being in your twenties, working out life, mental health, love…

EA: That sounds right up my street.

LA: It’s really great. What would your last meal be?

EA: OH, are we doing starter, main, dessert? Right, to begin – and I’m thinking I’m about to die – I would go for a melted Camembert with loads of crusty bread, olives and houmous. Then for my main course I would have a massive lobster, loads of different seafood around it, massive prawns, everything, with sweet potato fries and garlic mayo, a big mish-mash of that. My dessert would be apple tart tatin with salted caramel ice cream.

LA: Dreamy. Favourite TV show to binge watch?

EA: The Office.

LA: UK version right?

EA: Of course, all the way.

LA: Movie?

EA: Titanic.

LA: What about favourite Instagram accounts to stalk?

EA: Ooh, Instagram accounts to stalk, hmm. I don’t know, not any that I’m prepared to say! Erm, my boyfriend’s?

LA: Yeah let’s give him a shout out.

EA: My boyfriend Rob’s.

LA: Who were you most star-struck meeting?

EA: Ooh. Do you know, I spend my life being surrounded by famous people at the moment, but I’m telling you now you can’t beat meeting a good old soap star you’ve been watching your whole life. When I see the people out of EastEnders or Corrie, that’s more amazing and star-striking for me.

LA: They’re on all the time in your house aren’t they.

EA: Honestly, I saw Billy Mitchell at the NTAs and I couldn’t believe it! That’s more like *gasp* for me, because soap stars have been in your life every day from when you were younger and watched them.

LA: What’s the weirdest chat-up line you’ve ever heard?

EA: Um, ‘your mum’s fitter than you’. No, I don’t know – men just seem to think when they chat you up they’re really good at it, when they’re just shit. Or, people coming over to me and telling me they have no idea who I am. They come over to me and go ‘By the way, I’ve got no idea who you are.’

LA: You should just say, ‘same’.

EA: Oh yeah, I should say that shouldn’t I?!

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Rihanna’s make-up artist shares his ultimate beauty tips as Fenty launches into Boots

Rihanna’s make-up artist shares his ultimate beauty tips as Fenty launches into Boots

*NOT A DRILL* Fenty Beauty launches at Boots today, so we spoke to her make-up artist to get the inside scoop…

Words by Lottie Phillips

UK Fenty Army, unite! The time has finally come for Fenty Beauty to spread across our Great British shores.

The news was announced on Rihanna’s Instagram that it will be heading into Boots stores from Friday 10th of May, with RiRi even releasing a waiting list to shop online a day early (which is now, unsurprisingly, full).

But fear not, we can still indulge online and in stores for the foreseeable future. The collection will be released in 32 stores across the UK, but for the people panicking they aren’t near the chosen few, there’s no need. There is a next day delivery service available; simply order before 8pm and you’ll be shining bright like a diamond by lunchtime the next day.

Up until now, we have only been able to shop Fenty Beauty online or at Harvey Nichols, so if you don’t fancy the mini expedition to a major city or the risky blind online foundation shade shop, then your prayers have *finally* been answered.

RiRi changed the beauty game when Fenty Beauty was born in 2017, releasing 40 boundary-breaking shades of foundation, a line that’s since expanded to 50. It’s hailed for inclusivity with its versatile formula and plentiful shade range. ‘The Fenty Face was created for women of all skin tones, of all personalities. I wanted to share a look that every woman feels they can wear every day, any occasion, any age,’ she said at the time.

And her brand just keeps getting better with a huge array of products – including her highly-anticipated new collection, also launching into Boots today *hooray*.

In case you missed it, it was the 2019 Met Gala on Monday, and while we were frantically reloading our Insta feeds expecting another Rihanna fashion moment, she sadly did not grace our screens. Eagle-eyed fans put this down to the fact she was secretly working hard on her new collection.

We were lucky enough to chat to Rihanna’s make-up artist Hector Espinal who told us his Fenty faves (which he helped design), plus a few extra industry tips.

Of the biggest summer trends he said: ‘Summer now is going to be all about skin. Making sure your skin is really nice, beautiful and plumpy.’ And also ‘bronzey’. Music to our ears.

So, what’s actually new collection-wise? Rihanna announced the new products on Instagram last week, and this time we’re in for a rainbow of bright colours.

The newest drop consists of seven bold satin lipsticks, ‘Poutsicles’, Vivid colour liquid eyeliner trios ‘Baeside’, ‘Baecae’ and ‘Baewatch’, and ‘Pro Kiss’r’ Lip Balm and Lip Loving Scrubstick, for plump, healthy looking lips. They’re certainly bright but the bold shades are super on trend for summer.

Fenty’s Poutsicles

As Hector confirms, one of his top make-up tips is, ‘Less is more. The number one thing, please, is less is more. If you’re going to do a bold eye, [choose a] soft lip, and vice versa.’

And his favourite Fenty products?

The Sun Stalk’r bronzers, which involved a two-year creation process to perfect the eight shades. ‘If you’re fair you always have that issue of your bronzer looking orange, or it comes out too blotchy.

‘Then you get to my skin tone and you can always find [bronzers], especially when it comes to Latinos or Middle Eastern [skin tones], we have a naturally sun-kissed look to ourselves. But when you get to deeper skin tones it’s like a non-question, because everybody has a conception that bronzer is supposed to make you darker, but it’s actually just to give you that natural sun-kissed flush and glow within the skin.’

Fenty’s Vivid Eyeliner Trios

Speaking further of these deeper shades he adds: ‘It’s actually been a phenomenon because it’s just one of those shades where people didn’t think that you could actually have the option to have a bronzer. So again, we raised the bar, one at a time.’ This is why we love Rihanna; her brand is truly dedicated to providing for everybody and clearly not just for the sake of it.

His fave Fenty Beauty product? Naturally, he couldn’t pick just one (who could?), but up there on his list is Gloss Bomb ‘I think it’s very beautiful, it’s very hard to find a lip gloss that’s not sticky, and for me Gloss Bomb has the perfect amount of shea butter and has the high shine level of lip gloss.

‘I personally like to use it on my cheeks sometimes. If it’s winter time and my skin is too dry and I want that dewy look, I’ll pop it on my cheeks, my lids and on my lips’. Multi-purpose? Count us in.

On the note of multi-purpose, another on Hector’s list are Match Stix. ‘With these I can do anything. So there are twenty mattes, cream to powder. Conceal, foundation, contour, eye shadow, lipstick, touch-up stick. They magnetise, so if you have a big bag and you put them in there, you might find your earrings, or some change!’

As for how to get that signature RiRi glow, it’s about knowing when to stop with the old highlighter. ‘Ensure that the T-Zone is nice and matte – that’s your first step. If you don’t do that what will happen is that the natural oils are going to blend with your highlight, so you’re going to look like one big old disco ball. Not a cute look,’ he says.

‘Remember, when you’re highlighting, you’re adding light, what you want to do with this is ‘bring forward’. So I always like to put it on the high points like the upper cheeks, maybe down the bridge of the nose and a little bit on the cupid’s bow and tear duct. I usually avoid the chin because it’s bringing it forward, and I also avoid the forehead cause it’s also going to bring it forward as it’s shiny.

‘And knowing where to stop – when you look forward, where the eye is, that’s where you want to stop. When it gets too close to [the centre of the face], it enlarges your pores. I think there’s a fine line.  If you’re having an issue and think you’re applying too much, I like using smaller brushes like a blending brush to apply it on to those high points.’

With cult classics like Pro Filtr Matte Foundation, a complete sell out at launch, Fenty is now be super accessible and just minutes from your home or office – thanks, Boots.

To celebrate the launch, five Boots stores will host a Launch Day party on 10th-12th May, including London Sedley Place Oxford Circus, Westfield White City, Glasgow, Nottingham and Newcastle. Check out @BootsUK to find out more about these events.

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Glossier just dropped a brand new skincare product and we’re here for it

Glossier just dropped a brand new skincare product and we’re here for it

Meet Bubblewrap…

Glossier Bubblewrap

Glossier fans rejoice, as the brand has just dropped their first new launch since the arrival of Glossier Play.

Targeting the most delicate areas of your skin, the lip and eye, Bubblewrap cream encases your skin in a protective ‘cushion’ layer – hence the name. It’s packed with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and peptides to ensure your lip and eye areas are hydrated and plump. Think more awake-looking eyes and a smoother pout.

Glossier is known for its millennial pink aesthetic and ‘fun’ branding, but they’ve still done their homework. In a clinical trial of the new product 94% of subjects said their eye area felt moisturised immediately, while 84% said it felt deeply hydrated after two hours.

What’s more, evaluators found increased lip hydration in 91% of subjects after two hours, and increased eye area hydration in 88% of subjects after four weeks.

Glossier Bubblewrap Eye + Lip Plumping Cream, £23

Buy now

We’ll take three, please.

Bubblewrap is available to buy online now from Glossier’s website

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BEAUTY BYTES: Maya Jama on festival beauty, not wearing foundation and making fake lashes last

BEAUTY BYTES: Maya Jama on festival beauty, not wearing foundation and making fake lashes last

maya jama

Welcome to Beauty Bytes: a place where I chat to celebrities about all things beauty – from their favourite products, to their biggest beauty disasters. Plus I grill them on everything from their social media habits to their favourite cheat meals. You know, all the important and essentials things that we need to know about.

Maya Jama is the TV and radio presenter we’ve all had a girl crush on for years. She’s partnering with ghd for the SS19 festival collection, so we grilled her on all things festival, travel essentials and the importance of changing your pillowcases. KT – Digital Beauty Editor


MJ: Wash your make-up brushes regularly and don’t use foundation, just use a good concealer instead. Also change your pillow cases frequently, it helps prevent ageing and fine lines!


MJ: My makeup artist taught me how to preserve and reuse my fake lashes, so I can wear them more than once. I love Eyelure 117 fake lashes, I wear them for big events.

Eyelure Texture 117 Eyelashes, £5.40 Boots

maya jama

Buy Now


MJ: I usually go for more of a muted and natural makeup look, but when I went to Coachella it was definitely the time to experiment. I went for a bright orange eye to stand out against the blue of my jumpsuit, then completed the look with my disco mermaid hair.

maya jama


MJ: MAC, ghd and Kiehl’s.


MJ: Laura Mercier powder, because it stops you from looking sweaty and gives you a great glow; Mac concealer, because I don’t like wearing heavy makeup and it does the exactly what foundation does, but less heavy; Fenty Beauty highlighter and Gloss Bomb lipgloss; Rodial Dragon’s Blood Eye Masks to help soothe and hydrate tired eyes; Mac lip liner; Maybelline mascara, because it gives a great false lash look effect without having to wear fake lashes all of the time.

Rodial Dragon Blood Eye Masks, £39 for 8 Space NK

maya jama

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MJ: I’m a flexitarian when it comes to skincare and my face – sometimes I am really into it, but sometimes I’m super lazy. Whenever I fly though I always use a full face sheet mask to keep my skin hydrated.

maya jama


MJ: Headphones, sombrero and bandana to hold my hair back.


MJ: I don’t really do proper workouts, I just dance around with weights.


MJ: My hairdryer! I use the ghd air Festival Collection Dryer. It’s great for drying my hair quickly and smoothly without damaging, before I style it.

ghd Air Festival Hair Collection Dryer, £99 Fabled

Maya Jama

Buy Now


MJ: I would brush my hair, clean my teeth and pop on some Mac concealer.


MJ: I love Kerastase serum for my ends, Olaplex to keep my hair soft and nourished and ghd Heat Protect Spray is my go to ahead of blowdrying or styling.


MJ: Yes, Dior Poison is my go-to for every single day.

Dior Posion EDT, £65 for 50ml John Lewis

maya jama

Buy Now


MJ: ❤, 😁🤢.


MJ: Wine.


MJ: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelo.


MJ: McDonalds for sure!


MJ: @Veryveebrown


MJ: I don’t ever get picked up, but ‘Are you Jamaican, because your Jamaican me crazy’ or ‘Did you fall from heaven because you look like an angel’ are pretty weird.


MJ: Ex on the Beach on MTV.

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The secret to glowing spot-free skin even on your period

The secret to glowing spot-free skin even on your period

Words by Maisie Bovingdon

Spots.  We all get them, and we all hate them.  As much as we try to cover them up with concealer or foundation, they still manage to make themselves seen.

There are a whole host of reasons why we suddenly breakout, but the main culprit is hormonal changes, especially throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Within a 28-day cycle our complexion can change drastically; from crystal clear one minute, to pussy pimples the next, super dry and flaky to oily and unpleasantly shiny. We just can’t win.

But experts at Swedish brand FOREO has revealed exactly why our skin changes in the run up to our period, during and afterwards, and the tips to take to have radiant and acne-free skin even if it is your TOTM.

best way to cover a spot

Stage 1: The Menstrual Phase (Day 1 to 5)

The first phase starts with day one of your period, and it tends to be the peak time of the month when we are most vulnerable to breakouts *sigh *.

Within the first few days of Aunty Flo making her return some some people may feel spots brewing under the skin’s surface, and redness around the face, which means the dreaded zit is planning to show its face – literally.

During this time our bodies start to produce excess oestrogen, which triggers the production of oil and sebum, and causes skin – the main contributors to spots.

As much as we may feel sluggish during our period, it is paramount we take extra care of our skin by gently exfoliating and cleansing the face, especially the T-zone, which is often the main problem area as it is the most oily, as well as our chin, and around the nose too.

To use: FOREO recommend the Luna mini 2 device, with its small brushes that can removed 99.5% of dirt hiding in all crevices.

Stage 2: The Follicular Phase (Day 5 to 15)

The mid-point in a woman’s cycle is when we notice our skin has become dry and flaky, in comparison to the week before, which left us feeling like a grease ball, all because our oestrogen levels have dropped.

During these 10 days our skin, and body, is crying out for some extra TLC.  While last week we needed to cleanse, cleanse, cleanse, now it is time to hydrate yourself to repair the skin’s barrier after a week of going through the wars (well that’s what it feels like anyway, right?)

Hydrating masks, deeply nourishing moisturisers, vitamin sprays, and simply drinking all the H20 will work wonders on the skin and help to achieve the desired glow.

To use: Foreo H2Overdose UFO Advanced Collection Mask or Ultra Hydrating Face Mask for Dry Skin, which is infused with hyaluronic acid to combat dry skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Face wash

Face wash

Stage 3: The Luteal Phase (Day 15 to 28)

No, we didn’t know it was called that either, but it’s the last leg of your cycle, and the prime time to show off your radiant skin in all the selfies your camera roll can handle.

During these two-weeks ahead of your next period your blood circulation will increase, thanks to oestrogen, which instantly leaves us looking fresh faced with a bit more colour in our cheeks.  Although oestrogen will start to rise again it is not to the point where our face becomes too oily.

Our skin in this fortnight will easily absorb ingredients, which is why we still need to be mindful what we put on our skin, and in our bodies too.

A FOREO expert has advised women to use cleansers containing amino acids, and antioxidants including vitamin E and vitamin C, to boost cell function, collagen and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots and UV damage.

To use: FOREO advise using the Micro-Foam Cleanser because its lightweight formula, which is filled with skin-replenishing amino acids and vitamins, will provide a deep but gentle cleanse.

Spot-free, glowing skin all year round we’re ready for you!

Note: Every woman’s skin and menstrual cycle is different depending on their hormones, so listen to your skin too. 


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Lime Crime has launched their biggest counter in the world – and it’s right here in the UK

Lime Crime has launched their biggest counter in the world – and it’s right here in the UK

Calling all unicorn lovers…

Brace yourselves, Lime Crime fans – the brand has just opened its biggest counter in the world and, better still, it’s right here in the UK. Winner!

With a huge range of bright colours and experimental shades and textures, the brand is known for their playful vegan beauty friendly products and long-lasting formulas, allowing beauty lovers to fully express themselves through make-up.

Taking over the third floor of Selfridges London, you’ll be able to swatch and shop all of your favourite Lime Crime products IRL, from Bushy Brow Gel to Velvetine Lipsticks and Venus eyeshadow palettes.

You’ll be able to bag yourself a great beauty deal, as for every two or more products you purchase on counter, you’ll receive a mini Velvetine liquid lip, and a full size Wet Cherry Lip Gloss with every three or more.*

But the fun doesn’t stop there, folks, as you can also choose from five gorgeous beauty looks for your very own Lime Crime make-over. If you book in during the counter’s launch week between the 23rd-30th April and post a pic of your look to Instagram with the hashtag #LCXMe, you’ll be entered for a chance to win all of the products used in your makeover. Dreamy.

Keep scrolling for a preview of all five looks below…

Moonlight Diva

Iconic Unicorn

Heavenly Angels

Cherry Aphrodite

Mystic Ivy

What are you waiting for? Head down to the third floor at London’s Selfridges to give the looks a try for yourself.

*While stocks last

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Our favourite Coachella beauty looks from the Cali valley

Our favourite Coachella beauty looks from the Cali valley

Add these to your festival Pinterest board, stat

Coachella beauty looks

Words by Olivia Edwardes

Ah, Coachella. Where the long-legged supermodels coexist with the super stylish mortals, as they dance to the top 40 and casually define the festival looks for the rest of the season.

This year we’re reposting and recreating festival hair and beauty looks that stray away from Coachella’s usual theatrical dress code. Super pigmented highlighter has replaced rhinestones, and adorned braids make flower crowns look a bit dated. Subtle sophistication (courtesy of clear lip gloss, sit-ups, and a fake tanning regime) is the aesthetic of festival season 2019.

We want to look like mythical creatures who have crawled out of the desert – or the Pacific Ocean, if you’re Selena Gomez and her hidden fishtails – swaying to Billie Eilish in the field, mojito in hand. Carefree and super groomed; not looking like a sloshed seventeen-year-old who’s dumped a bucket of glitter over her head.

The best beauty advice we’ve picked up from Coachella alums is to stick to one focus point of the face – if you’re going to do a dash of colour, keep the rest of your face shockingly neutral for more eye-catching appeal.

‘Moving on from the space buns and glitter partings of previous years, this year at Coachella the hair trend that has really stood out is adornment, which is more sophisticated than recent festival trends,’ explains ghd ambassador Patrick Wilson. ‘I’ve seen that girls want to wear their hair loosely, without it being too structured, so essentially creating a better version of themselves and providing a slight update on how they normally wear their hair.

‘Similar to trends that have been seen on the catwalks, for Coachella it was all about embracing the natural texture of each girl’s hair, maintaining movement in the hair using the ghd platinum+ festival styler and adding adornment as the finishing touch.’

Key takeaway: Don’t look overdone, but worst of all don’t look boring.

Below we’ve rounded up some of the coolest beauty looks we spied under the California sun this past weekend. Bookmark these before Lovebox/Latitude/Glastonbury, stat.

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A Game of Thrones tattoo parlour is coming to London next week

A Game of Thrones tattoo parlour is coming to London next week

And we’re here for it.

sophie turner game of thrones finale
Sky / HBO

Words by Maisie Bovingdon 

Calling all die-hard Game of Thrones fans – with just under a fortnight until the long-awaited season eight comes to our screens, it’s time to put your dedication to the test.

There’s been GoT themed Easter eggs, spa treatments and Air BnB stays, as well as make-up palettes, but now there will be a tattoo parlour pop up inspired by the HBO series.

London’s The Circle will be transformed next week in a tribute to the upcoming finale and we’re here for it.

The Soho hotspot will be turned into Westeros for just two days, with members of the public able to get a GoT inspired tattoo on April 16 and 17.

The pop up will ONLY offer 16 illustrations based on the hit medieval series; from iconic quotes throughout the programme to the house motifs, so you can show your allegiance to House Stark, Targaryen or Lannister.

The best part is celebrity tattoo artist, Lauren Winzer who completed Sophie Turner’s tattoo, will be there, along with her team of professionals to perfect your body art too – it’s not everyday you can say Sansa Stark’s tattooist has perfected your inking too.

Can it get any better? Well, yes. While getting your tattoo done NOW TV will stream the first episode of the new and final season.

The streaming service, who are airing GoT, offered superfans the chance to get their hands on a FREE tattoo, which saw a whopping 5,000 people jump at the opportunity.

The ballot has closed but fear not as people still have the chance to get their permanent etchings in walk in slots too.

Reminder: Tattoos will only be given to those over 18, and when a valid passport, or driving licence, is presented at your appointment.

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Here’s why you’ve been feeling hay fever symptoms early this year

Here’s why you’ve been feeling hay fever symptoms early this year

Uh oh…

cold remedies

Words by Maisie Bovingdon

Hay fever sufferers have been warned to stay inside over the Easter bank holiday because pollen count will be at an all time high, with hay fever starting THREE weeks earlier than usual this year.

Yes, if you’ve been feeling the symptoms, this will explain it.

The UK was hit with the warmest winter on record – remember those unusually hot February days? Well, that has caused havoc for those allergic to pollen.

The rise in temperatures coupled with the dry and windy Spring days has created a breeding ground for pollen, and the mini heatwave earlier this year has triggered the early release of birch tree pollen, which affects one in four hay fever sufferers.

sleep trackers

Expert Doctor Jean Emberlin told Metro: ‘It was a very warm February and it certainly gave the trees a big boost in terms of catkin development.’

Thankfully March’s frosty mornings, which saw mercury plummet on the thermometer, may have saved us and halted a really REALLY early hay fever season, although it didn’t stop the dreaded months of sniffling and itchy eyes completely.

The hay fever season usually hits in the second week of April, but this year the dreaded sneezing and itchy symptoms started at the end of March, now going on for the next few months.

Now, time to stock up on tissues and hide from pollen!

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