सोयाबीन के 11 फायदे, उपयोग और नुकसान – Soybean Benefits, Uses and Side Effects in Hindi

सोयाबीन के 11 फायदे, उपयोग और नुकसान – Soybean Benefits, Uses and Side Effects in Hindi

Soy is a type of pulse that is used to extract food and oil. This is a nutrition treasure that keeps your body healthy. Vegetarians are recommended to accept this as it contains food. Proteins and isoflavones are found in soy that prevents weakening of bones that do not endanger the early fracture ( 1 ). In this article, the benefits of eating soy and how to make soy beans

What is soy? What is Soybean Grain in Hindi

Soybean seeds are creamy in color. Their consumption helps to improve physical and mental states. Originally cultivated in China, but today it has good availability throughout Asia. Soy is considered a good and cheap source of fat. It is made with milk, tofu, soy sauce and bean paste. Because of the properties found in it, doctors also recommend eating soy ( 1 ).

In the next part of this article, you will learn about the benefits of eating soy.

Soybean Benefits of Soybean Benefits

Benefits of soy are numerous, some of which provide additional information. Once you know this, you will definitely want to include soy in your diet.

1. Benefits of Soy in Diabetes

  Soybeans Benefits Of Diabetes


Sugar-containing foods can increase the risk of diabetes. In such cases, diabetes can be controlled by soy consumption. The protein found in it regulates glucose and may reduce the barrier to insulin. Also, due to low carbohydrate levels in soybeans, the consumption of products derived from it is considered to be appropriate for diabetic patients ( 1 ) ( 2 ). For Bones

Soy flour strengthens bones. It is also useful for estrogen hormone (also called female hormone) and bone protection. Phytoestrogens are found in soybeans that can prevent bone loss ( 3 ). Advantages of Soybean for the Heart

  Soybean Benefits for the Heart


Soy eating improves the health of the cardiovascular system. Contains antioxidant properties that play an important role in preventing swelling and heart disease. By soy consumption, the particles affecting the circulation can be reduced. Thus, consumption of soybeans can be avoided by cardiovascular disease ( 4 ). Weight Loss

  Weight Loss


A scientific study shows that soy consumption can reduce body weight and fat. This is possible thanks to the effect of thermogenic found in soybean 5 ) 6 ). It is important to pay attention to exercises as well as exercises.

5. For cancer

we talk about the benefits of soybeans, one of these benefits is prevention of cancer. As you may know, there is enough isoflavone in the soybean (a type of chemical compound). Soya is also considered the major source of the Pythochemicals group. These two elements show their effect as anticancer. Soy consumption can help prevent breast and uterine cancer ( 7 ). Cholesterol Control

Talking about the benefits of soybeans, I tell you that it is also useful for cholesterol. Isoflavones found in soybean seeds do work on cholesterol control. Soy consumption reduces the amount of bad cholesterol but does not have a negative effect on good cholesterol ( 8 ). Benefits of Soy Blood Pressure

  Benefits of Soy Blood Pressure


Soy contains the amount of protein found. Accepting supplements made by it helps control the systolic and diastolic blood pressure. In a scientific study, it has also been confirmed that additives produced from soy protein can be consumed to control high blood pressure ( 9 ). Menstrual Assistant

Soy products contain compounds such as estrogens that help in the formation of estrogenic hormones in the body. Menstrual cycle periods come regularly from this also can be relieved from problems occurring before infertility and menopause. Some women have to face dysmenorrhea during menstruation. This is a medical condition where the woman has unbearable pain in the uterus. According to the study of a scientist made in this respect, women who consume more soybean meal than red meat can receive help from Dasmune soon. Also reassure yourself from a preliminary test. Various pre-menstrual problems are called pre-menstrual ( 10 ) ( 11 ). For sleep and depression

  Shutterstock </p>
<p>  Soy has phytoestrogen (a type of hormone) properties (<a href= 2 ), which is found in human form of estrogen in chemical composition, . Estrogen increases the duration of sleep. Research shows that soy consumption may be beneficial to sleep ( 12 ). Problems with depression can also be overcome due to the completion of sleep. Problems with depression are common among the elderly, so soy consumption may be beneficial to them 13 . Soy Skin Seeds

The properties of anti-inflammatory and collagen (a group of proteins) have been found. They all help the skin to feed and nourish. The antioxidant present in it protects the skin from ultraviolet rays ( 14 ). The skin benefits from the use of this cream

11 Hair



One of the benefits of soy is also for hair. Soybeans are found in fiber, vitamin-B, vitamin-C and other minerals. They are useful for the growth and strength of hair. There is also a good amount of iron in it that helps prevent hair loss ( 15 ).

In the next part of this article, we learn about the nutrients found in soybean seeds.

Soy nutritional elements – nutritional value of soy in Hindi

Soy is a stock of nutrients. What nutrients are in them and how much is in them, let's know ( 16 ):

Nutrient Quantity of 100g
Water 8.54 g [19659040] energy 446 kcal
Protein 36.49 g
Total lipid 19.94 g
Carbohydrate 30.16 g
g Iron, Fe 7,33 g Calcium, Ca 277 gm
19659039] 704 mg
Stomach Siam, K 1797 mg
Sodium, Na 2 mg
Zinc Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid 6. 0 mg
Thimin 0. 874 mg Riboflavin 0. 870 mg. Niacin 1.623 mg Vitamin B6 0. 377 mg Folic acid (DFE) 375 μg
Vitamin B12 0. Vitamin A, IU
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) 0. 85 mg Vitamin D (D2 + D3) 0. Vitamin D Vitamin K (Pillokvinone) 47. Fatty acids, total saturated 2. 884 g fatty acids total monosaccharide [1 9659047] 4. 404 g fatty acids, total polyunsaturated 11. 255 g
Fatty acids, common trans 0. In addition, we provide information on the use of soy.

How to Use Soy in the Food – How to Use Soy in Hindi

Soy is such a pulse that can be used in many ways 6 ). In this article how to produce soy with the knowledge of the method of eating soy, this will also explain.

  • Vegetables with soybean seeds can be produced.
  • Soya is used as soy milk
  • Tofu is made from soy and soy milk, which can be made from vegetables.
  • Soy is also used as a soup.
  • Soya can also be eaten by germination. Soybean oil is also used in the preparation of creams

Method for making soy:

1. Soy-potato curry

<img class = "size-full wp-image-543142" src = "https://cdn2.stylecraze.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Soybeans-potato-curry.
  • 200 grams of potato
  • 2 tomato
  • 2 onions [19659117] 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder
  • Ingredients: 19659085] 1 teaspoon of red pepper
  • 2 teaspoon of coriander powder
  • 1 teaspoon of garam masala
  • 2 green hot peppers
  • 2 cups of water
  • salty taste
  • Method:

    • Heat the oil by placing the embroidery on the gas.
    • Then add the onions and green chillies in the same butter and fry until golden
    • Add the potatoes and salt
    • Leave the tomatoes to melt, then put the soy as well.
    • Also add a paste of ginger, turmeric, coriander, chilli and powdered garlic masala.
    • Leave a bit on a normal flame. Add water to it and soak it for a while. Let dry. Keep in mind that the curry should not dry completely.
    • After completing the gas, add finely chopped leaves of coriander.
    • You can also eat roti or rice with a little soy curry.

      Soy loss – side effects of soybeans on hindi

      Soy consumption or other intake of food can be harmful to you.

      The benefits of eating soy are numerous. Therefore, if you consume the right amount, then you do not have to fear the loss of soy, include soy beans in your diet and enjoy the taste as well as its properties, and you can share the experience with the field for comments and if you have other information connected

      Benefits, Uses, and Disadvantages – Alum (Fitkari) Benefits, Uses and Side Effects of Hindi

      Many people use alum in the form of lotions after It is an effective antiseptic that has been used for ages for skin and health.

    मात्रा प्र ति 100 ग्राम [19659054] कैलोरी [19659055] 39 कैलोरी [19659056] कार्बोहाइड्रेट 9.54 ग्राम [19659056] वसा 0.25 ग्राम [19659056] प्रोटीन 0.91 ग्राम [19659056] शुगर 8.39 ग्राम [19659056] फाइबर 1.5 ग्राम [19659066] विटामिन [19659054] फोलट 4 μg [19659056] नियासिन 0.806 मिलीग्राम [19659056] राइबोफ्लेविन 0.031 मिलीग्राम [19659056] थियामिन 0.024 मिलीग्राम [19659056] विटामिन ई विटामिन ए विटामिन ए विटामिन ए विटामिन क विटामिन के विटामिन के इनेक्ट्रोल ाइट्स
    सोडियम 0 मिलीग्राम [19659056] पोटैशियम 190 मिलीग्राम [19659066] मिनरल्स
    कैल्शियम 6 मिलीग्राम [19659056] आयरन 0.25 मिलीग्राम [19659056] मैग्नीशियम 9 मिलीग्राम
    फास्फोरस 20 मिलीग्राम
    जिंक 0.17 मिलीग्राम [19659099] अब जान लेते हैं कि आड़ू को कब और कैसे उपयोग किया जा सकता है. [19659003] आड़ू का उपयोग – How to Use Peach in Hindi

    इन तरीकों के माध्यम से आहार में आड़ू को शामिल कर सकते हैं:

    • आड़ू के स्लाइस को दह ी में मिलाकर नाश्ते के रूप में ले सकते हैं.
    • आप ताजा आड़ू को दूध के साथ एक मिक्सर में पीस कर केले से साथ मिलाकर ले सकते हैं.
    • स्वादिष्ट स्नैक के लिए आड़ू की कुछ स्लाइस गर्म करें और उस पर थोड़ी दालचीनी डालकर इसे अपने भोजन में शामिल कर सकते हैं.

    यहां हम आपको आड़ू की कुछ रेसिपी बता रहे हैं, जो स्वादिष्ट होने के साथ-साथ फायदेमंद भी हैं.

    1. आड़ू सॉस

     Peach sauce


    • 500 ग्राम सूखा हुआ आड़ू [19659103] 1 चम्मच दालचीनी [19659103] 1 उबला हुआ आलू [19659113] कैसे बनाएं:
      • आड़ू और दालचीनी को एक पैन में डालें.
      • करीब 20 मिनट तक इसे मध्यम आंच पर पकने दें और बीच-बीच में इसे चलाते रहें.
      • गरम होने के बाद इसमें आलू को अच्छी तरह से मिला लें और ठंडा होने के बाद खाने के साथ
      • इसे टोस्ट आदि पर भी टॉपिंग की तरह इस्तेमाल कर सकते हैं

      [194590] 67] ध्यान दें: दाढे़पन के लिए सॉस को कम से 25-30 मिनट के लिए पकाएं.

      2. आड़ू-ग्रील्ड पनीर सैंडविच

       Peach grilled cheese sandwich


      • 8 स्लाइस साबुत अनाज की ब्रेड
      • 500 ग्राम सूखा हुआ आड़ू
      • 8 स्लाइस कम वसा वाला पनीर [19659103] 1/2 कप पालक
      • 4 चम्मच वनस्पति तेल [19659113] विधि: [19659110] कम आंच पर एक बड़े नॉन-स्टिक पैन में वनस्पति तेल को डालकर गर्म करें. [19659103] फिर पैन में ब्रेड के 4 स्लाइस रख दें.
      • इस ब्रेड स्लाइस पर पनीर का एक टुकड़ा, मुट्ठी भर पालक, 4 से 6 आड़ू के स्लाइस, पनीर क एक और टुकड़ा, फिर अंत में सबसे ऊपर ब्रेड की स्लाइस को रखकर फ्राई करें.
      • 4 से 5 मिनट के बाद सैंडविच को पलटें और करीब 4 से 5 मिनट पकाएं.
      • अच्छी तरह पकने के बाद इसे सर्व करें. [19659134] 3. आड़ू शेक
         सामग्री: </h5>
<li> 2 कप दूध (लो फैट) </li>
<li> 1 कप डिब्बाबंद आड़ू </li>
<li> 1/2 चम्मच नींबू का रस </li>
<li> जायफल (आवश्यकतानुसार) </li>
<h5> विधि: [19659110] सभी सामग्रियों को एक ब्लेंडर में डालें और अच्छी तरह ब्लेंड करें. </li>
<li> आप चाहें तो इसमें जायफल भी मिला सकते हैं. </li>
<li> ठंडा होने के लिए इसे थोड़ी </li>
<li> ठंडा होने पर परोसें </li>
<p> आइए, अंग्रेजी हैं कि आड़ू का िस प्रकार से चयन करें कि वो लंबे समय तक खराब न हो. </p>
<p> <strong> आड़ू फल का चयन कैसे करें और लंबे समय तक सुरक्षित कैसे रखें? </strong></p>
<h5> कैसे चयन करें: </h5>
<li> चुनने से पहले फल को सूंघकर देखें. आड़ू में अच्छी खुशबू होनी चाहिए. </li>
<li> अच्छा आड़ू पीले या सुनहरे रंग का होता है. </li>
<li> आड़ू छूने पर नरम होना चाहिए. </li>
<h5> कैसे करें स्टोर: </h5>
<li> अगर आड़ू पूरी तरह से पका नहीं है, तो इसे कुछ दिन के लिए कमरे के तापमान पर रखा जा सकता है. इससे यह पक जाएगा </li>
<li> पके हुए आड़ू को कुछ दिन के लिए फ्रिज में रखा जा सकता है. इसके बाद यह खराब होने लगता है. इसलिए, इसे जल्द से जल्द खत्म कर देना चाहिए. </li>
<li> कटे हुए आड़ू को काला होने से बचाने के लिए उस पर नींबू का रस लगाया जा सकता है. </li>
<p> आड़ू खाने के फायदे ही हों ऐसा नहीं है. आड़ू के फायदे के साथ-साथ कुछ साइड इफेक्ट्स भी हो सकते हैं. आइए जानते हैं कैसे. </p>
<h2> आड़ू फल के नुकसान – Side Effects of Peach (Aadu fruit) in Hindi [19659004] पीच के फायदे के लिए अन्य सभी खाद्य पदार्थों कर तरह पीच को भी उचित मात्रा में सेवन करना चाहिए. नया नहीं है के लिया गर्नुहोस् के लिए के साथ करें है. आइए, देखते हैं आड़ू हमारे लिए किस प्रकार नुकसानदायक साबित हो सकता है: </p>
<li> <strong> एलर्जी प्रतिक्रियाएं: </strong> कुछ लोगों के लिए आड़ू एलर्जी का कारण हो सकता है (<a href= 27 ). [19659161] गंभीर रोगों का कारण: सूखे आड़ू के उत्पादन और भंडारण में सल्फर डाइक्साइड का उपयोग किया जाता है. इससे अस्थमा, पित्त, ब्रोंकाइटिस और एनाफिलेक्सिस एलर्जी का सामना करना पड़ सकता है ( 28 ). [19659161] आड़ू सीड्स: आड़ू के बीज में साइनाइड होता है, जो एक प्रकार का जहर होता है. अगर आप इसका उपयोग करते हैं, तो स्वास्थ्य पर नकारात्मक असर पड़ सकता है। इसलिए, आड़ू के बीज से बनी औषधि का सेवन डॉक्टर से पूछकर ही करना चाहिए (29)।

      आप आड़ू को फल के रूप में खाएं, सलाद में मिक्स करके या फिर इससे कोई व्यंजन बनाएं। यह हर लिहाज से आपके लिए लाभदायक है। विटामिन-ए, सी और फाइबर जैसे पोषक तत्व होने के कारण पीच के फायदे कई हैं। अगर आपने कभी आड़ू को नहीं खाया है, तो एक बार इसका सेवन जरूर करें। आप स्वयं ही इसके चमत्कारी फायदों को महसूस करेंगे। ध्यान रहे कि इसे खाने से पहले अच्छी तरह धो जरूर लें। हमें उम्मीद है कि आप आड़ू को अपनी डाइट में जरूर शामिल करेंगे और इससे होने वाले स्वास्थ्य लाभ को हमारे साथ जरूर शेयर करेंगे। आप अपने अनुभव नीचे दिए कमेंट बॉक्स में लिख सकते हैं।

      संबंधित आलेख

      The post आड़ू के 15 फायदे, उपयोग और नुकसान – Peach (Aadu fruit) Benefits, Uses and Side Effects in Hindi appeared first on STYLECRAZE.

      सलाद के पत्ते के 16 फायदे, उपयोग और नुकसान – Lettuce Benefits, Uses and Side Effects in Hindi

      सलाद के पत्ते के 16 फायदे, उपयोग और नुकसान – Lettuce Benefits, Uses and Side Effects in Hindi

      Leaf vegetables are good for health. Leaves of salads from them are also green vegetables. Its leaves are mostly used as salads. It was first cultivated in Egypt. Traveling from there, the salad sheets came to the United States and spread all over the world. Today is the name of salad leaves in the second most consumed vegetable in America. At the same time there is a huge demand in India. In this Stikrage article we will talk about this salad sheet. We will explain in detail what the benefits of lettuce leaves are.

      What is lettuce leaf – What is lettuce on Hindi

      The scientific name of salad leaves is Lactuca Sativa. This circle is like Bhaji. Most often used at breakfast. Eat in a sandwich and soup. This green leaf salad is from the family of cabbage. Its leaves are like cabbage leaves. Information about this has happened to the salad list. Now we will learn more about the benefits of lettuce leaves.

      Salad leaf benefits – Benefits of lettuce in Hindi

      Salad leaves are more beneficial to health. It helps to bring freshness to the body. Here we will explain the benefits of eating salad leaves.

      1. About the Bubble

        About Swelling


      There is also relief from inflammation in favor of eating salad leaves. If there is inflammation anywhere in the body and if your problem is increasing, you can get help from the salad leaf. The salad leaves contain useful ingredients such as Vitamin K, E and C, which are useful for reducing swelling ( 1 ). Salad leaves are also used as medicines

      2. Benefits of salad leaf for mind

      There may be a lot of brain problems due to lack of sleep. When the nervous cells of our brains start to end, the brain-related illness begins to surround us. You can consume Roman salad leaves for a better sleep. This is a good and inexpensive source of this problem. Contains antioxidant properties that protect the brain from oxidative stress ( 2 ). You can feel stress-free as you consume it.

      3. Weight Loss

        Lose Weight


      One of the benefits of eating salad leaves is that it can help in weight loss. Salad leaves contain low calorie intake, and other nutrients are more ( 3 ). This is the reason why it is easy to control weight by eating ( 4 ) Also, I do regular exercise as well as eating salad leaves.

      4. To protect yourself from cancer

      Consumption of salad leaves can help in the removal of stomach cancer. A scientific study showed that the people of Japan accept it on a daily basis ( 5 ). A study also found that the amount of starch in the lettuce leaves is low. Consumption can be prevented by mouth and throat cancer ( 6 ). So you can add salad leaves to your diet.

      5. To Relieve Insomnia

        To Relieve Insomnia


      One of the benefits of lettuce leaves is that the intake of insomnia can be avoided by its consumption. Tensions in the brain do not cause sleep, while salad leaves have the same properties as pentobarbital. This is the reason why you can get rid of the problem of insomnia ( 2 ). Taking a salad sheet, you can take advantage of the relaxing sleep.

      6. About heart and cholesterol

      The risk of life can arise when the heart is sick. Thus, eating salad leaves can help prevent heart disease and maintain cholesterol control. Salad leaves contain lipid peroxidation that helps control cholesterol. This may reduce the risk of heart attack several times ( 7 ). Therefore, lettuce leaves should be used for heart and cholesterol.

      7. Benefits of Diabetes Salad Sheets

        Advantages of Diabetes Salad Sheets


      Diabetes is also one of the benefits of eating salad leaves. The diabetes problem increases with the consumption of unhealthy food and sugar products. Thus, eating salad leaves can help control diabetes. Lettuce leaves contain an element called lactobacillus that has anti-diabetic properties. It helps to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood ( 8 ). It also helps to stay healthy while preventing diabetes.

      8. Advantages of Bone Salad Sheets

      Bone weakness increases the chance of getting a future. Different types of vitamins are most important for strong bones. Salad leaves are considered a major source of vitamin K, A and C ( 3 ). These vitamins are useful in the formation of bones ( 9 ). Eat salad leaves and strengthen the bones.

      9. Benefits of Salad Leaves for Digestion

        Shutterstock [19659909] The deteriorating digestive system worsens the stomach and worsens the stomach, then the health is too bad In such cases, lettuce leaves can help to increase the digestive capacity . The amount of fiber in it is adequate (<a href= 3 ). Eating salad leaves helps the smooth digestion of the digestive tract. Eating can also alleviate the problem of stomach pain ( 10 ). In order to overcome the lack of blood

      Blood deficiency weakens the body. In such cases, lettuce leaves can help to meet the lack of blood in your body. The amount of folic acid in it increases the amount of iron in the blood, thus avoiding the lack of blood in the body (3) (11).

      As disease resistance

      Due to the weakening of resistance to disease, the body suffers from many diseases. You can rely on the salad leaf to make it better. There is enough vitamin-C and vitamin-C can boost immunity (19459016) 3 ) ( 12 )

      Benefits of Salad Leaves During Pregnancy

        Benefits of Salad Leaves in Pregnancy


      Leaves of salads can also be useful for pregnancy. The folic acid contained in it protects the neural tube defect (baby brain and spinal cord diseases), which is beneficial to both the mother and the child. The fiber found in salad leaves also prevents constipation ( 13 ). Please check with your doctor before taking it during pregnancy. For muscle and metabolism

      Leaves of salads can help increase your muscles. The potassium found in it works to strengthen the muscles of the body ( 3 ) ( 14 ). It keeps your body agile. Your metabolism remains under control by eating salad leaves that are essential to the body ( 15 ). To keep your body hydrated

        To keep the body hydrated


      Due to lack of water in the body, you are at risk of dizziness. There is also a problem with dehydration. Thus, salad leaves can help maintain the hydrated body, since it contains 96% of water, which eliminates water scarcity in the body ( 16 ). By consuming it in the summer or hot spot, the thirst problem can be reduced to a certain extent.

      15. Advantages of salad sheets for the skin

      The skin of the skin likes everyone. Salad leaves can help you. Vitamin-A, found in this, works to perfect your lifeless skin. At the same time, potassium is useful for maintaining the flow of oxygen and nutrients in your body. Vitamin C helps to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and can also reduce the effects of aging. In addition, the folate found in salad leaves is useful in extracting toxic substances from your body that keep your skin fresh ( 17 ) ( 3 ). ] 16. Advantages of Leaves of Hair Salad

        Benefits of Leaves of Hair Salad


      Vitamin in a salad leaf is beneficial to hair because it strengthens hair, and prevents hair fall. You can wash your hair with salad juice because it can strengthen your hair ( 3 ) ( 18 ). Then we know how many salad leaves are.

      Types of salad leaves – Types of hake

      1. Roman salad – Its upper part is longer. This is the most commonly used salad list in America.
      1. Lucelef – The leaves of salads are more delicious, soft and delicate.
      1. Butterfly – Its leaves are soft.
      1. Celtis – It is known as Chinese salad leaves. Its leaves are long and thin.
      1. Crisphead – His head is thick, which looks like cabbage. It is also known as the Iceberg Salad. There is more water in it. The salad of butter and the head of oil are its other forms.
      1. Summer Crepes – The middle part of the salad leaves is thick. It is crunchy in the food.
      1. Long lettuce – The leaves are scoops.

      Right now, we talked about the types of salad leaves, we will now let you know about the nutrients present in it.

      Food Elements of Salad Sheets – Nutritional Value of Hindu Lettuce

      Good source of nutrients. You have read this about how useful it is to you. Here we describe which nutrients they contain and how much their amount ( 3 ):

      Nutritious Price for 100 g
      Water 94. 98 g Energy 15 kcal Protein 1.36 g Total lipid (Grease) 0.15 g
      Carbohydrate 2. 87 g
      Fiber, Total Feeding Sugar Total 0.78 g
      Calcium, Ca 36 mg
      ] Magnesium Magnesium 13 mg
      Phosphorus P 29 mg
      Potassium K 194 mg
      Vitamin C Common Ascorbic Acid 9. 2 mg thiamine 0.070 mg riboflavin 0.080 mg
      niacin 0. 375 mg Vitamin B6 0. 090 mg Folate, DEF 38 μg
      Vitamin B12 0. Vitamin A, IU 7405 IU
      Vitamin E, (Alpha Tocopherol) 0. 22 mg Vitamin D, (D2 + D3) 0. Vitamin D
      Vitamin K (Philocavon) 126.3 μg Lipid
      Fatty Acids, Total Saturated 0. 020 g
      Total fatty acid monosaccharide [1 9659069] 0. 006 g Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated [1 9659069] 0. 082 g
      Fatty acids total trans [1 9659069] 0. Use of salad leaves – uses salad in hindi
        How to use salad in Hindi


      The leaves of salads are rich in nutrients.

      • You can prepare vegetables from salad leaves.
      • It can be eaten as a salad.
      • It can be eaten in breakfast and sandwiches.
      • Juice can also be used to prepare leaf soup.
      • Its juice can be drunk after its preparation. With the juice, the face and the hair can also be washed.

      In this part of the article We are talking about another job related to the salad hey leaves.

      How to choose the best green lettuce leaves and how long to maintain safe time?

      If you want to get more of the benefits of lettuce leaves more, it is also important to make the right choice. Together with the leaf salad is a delicate vegetable. You also need to keep it properly to be fresh.

      • Always choose the salad leaves with a full head. This is a sign of fresh salad leaves.
      • The lettuce leaves should be chips and gentle. Its color is also fresh. Such leaves salads are delicious.
      • In the dark green leaves salad, vitamin-C, folic acid, beta-carotene, iron, calcium and fiber are abundant. Avoid clusters or clusters with rust, stains or holes. If the head is not fresh and green, then do not buy it.
      • Buy it with a close vegetable market, because the vegetables here are fresh every day.
      • Buy from a supermarket where you can keep fresh vegetables.

      How to store:

      • Keeping the salad in the refrigerator can be stored safely for a long time.
      • The salad can also protect it by wrapping it in a damp cloth.

      We also know some side effects of salad leaves.

      Salad leaf loss – side effects of lettuce in Hindi

      By the way, salad benefits are numerous, but if you consume more, you have some disadvantages. can. Some of the drawbacks are as follows:

      • There is a large amount of vitamin A in it, which may have an adverse effect on medicines diluted with blood. Due to the excessive consumption of salad leaves, the effect of warfarin may be reduced. If you are taking blood thinning medication, talk to your doctor before taking a salad leaf.
      • Avoid eating salad leaves during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This can cause cataracts.

      The leaves of salads are good for your health in many ways. इसकी जानकारी मिलने के बाद आपका मन इसे खाने के लिए हो रहा होगा, तो आप इसे अपने डायट में जरूर शामिल करें and इसका सही मात्रा में ही सेवन करें. इसमें मौजूद पोषक तत्व से आपके शरीर को जरूर फायदा होगा. अगर आपके पास सलाद पत्ते से जुड़ी कोई अन्य जानकारी हो, तो आप उसे हमारे साथ नीचे दिए कमेंट बॉक्स के जरिए शेयर कर सकते हैं.

      संबंधित आलेख

      The post सलाद के पत्ते के 16 फायदे, उपयोग और नुकसान – Lettuce Benefits, Uses and Side Effects in Hindi appeared first on STYLECRAZE

      मकई या भुट्टा (कॉर्न) के 15 फायदे, उपयोग और नुकसान – Corn (Bhutta) Benefits, Uses and Side Effects in Hindi

      मकई या भुट्टा (कॉर्न) के 15 फायदे, उपयोग और नुकसान – Corn (Bhutta) Benefits, Uses and Side Effects in Hindi

      Be a rainy season and do not tempt roasted corn or roasted aroma that comes with cold air. In monsoons, Bhutta does not feel the people who chew. Of course, you like the taste of roast, but do you know about the miraculous benefits of this rough grain. You have to be surprised to know that the decision of very serious and serious diseases in this grain is hidden. Those who steal this grain will not be able to stop eating it once they know the benefits of it. In this StyleCrage article we will talk about the same properties of corn and many interesting health-related information.

      Before discussing the benefits and qualities of corn or corn, it would be better to know a little better.

      What is corn? – What is corn in Hindi

      The scientific name of corn is "G-table". It is counted in dense grains. It contains heavy amounts of carbohydrates, vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin B and carotenoids (such as lutein and xxanthine) ( 1 ). It is also considered a good source of fiber. Explain that the fibers are useful for blood pressure, sugar and digestive system ( 2 ). There is less fat in it. Therefore, it can also help to reduce obesity.

      Corn is eaten in the form of bhutta almost all over India. It is grown from flat plains to about 2700 meters high mountain areas. In Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh it is grown on a large scale.

      Now we are talking about the type of roast.

      Types of corn or maize – Types of corn in Hindi [19659008] Types of corn in Hindi ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


      Corn can be divided into different shapes depending on color and taste. Meet common types of maize ( 3 ) –

      • Yellow corn Dent – It is mainly used in the production form of ethanol. Ethanol is a type of alcohol that is mixed with gasoline.
      • Sweet corn – This is the type of corn you buy from the market or a grocery store.
      • White corn – Used mainly for food and chips production
      • High Amylose Corn – It has high levels of starch. More commonly used in the textile industry
      • Pop Corn- This is the type of corn that spreads over heating and streams.
      • Red Corn- This type of food looks like the taste of walnut
      • Blue Corn- Used to prepare food, especially chips.
      • Decorative maize This is a kind of Indian corn

      In the next article we will look in detail at the benefits of corn or corn.

      Benefits of Corn or Corn – Benefits of Corn (Bhutta) in Hindi

      1. The Benefits Of Corn In Diabetes

      Many people believe that corn or grains are effective in controlling diabetes. During atrophy in 2015, researchers found that there are some substances found in purple corn (also known as blue corn) that increase the amount of insulin in the body. In this way it can help control blood sugar. At the same time, there is no scientific evidence for other maize species whether they can control diabetes or not (19459021) 4 )

      2. Benefits of Corn in Cancer

        Benefits of Corn in Cancer


      The type of corn, which is called sweet corn, creates the ability to fight cancer in the patient. In one study it was mentioned that the fermented acids are abundant in roasted corn. This acid is useful in the fight against cancer. In addition, antioxidant properties are also found in corn that works to reduce the oxidation process by neutralizing the free radicals present in the body. Keep in mind that the oxidation process damages the body ( 5 )

      3. The properties of corn for the eyes

      Antioxidants found in corn, lutein and jacquard are useful for protecting vision. In a study conducted in this case, it is confirmed that there is a lack of nerves in the eyes due to the lack of these compounds in older people. There may be fewer problems with visible or blindness ( 6 )

      4. Cranberry useful for pregnant

      Corn may be useful for pregnant women. The reason is that it contains folic acid, fiber, vitamin B1, B5 and C. All of these nutrients help improve the digestive process. At the same time, it helps to protect folic acid and vitamin B in the baby from neural tube defects (childhood brain and spinal disorders) ( 1 ) ( 6 7 )

      5. Weight loss is useful in weight loss

      Talk about losing weight, then the amount of fat in corn or corn is reduced. There have been found abundant amounts of insoluble fiber ( 1 ) ( 8 ). By eating it, the stomach feels full and prevents fat from climbing on the body. In this way, it can be useful for those who have a problem with obesity ( 9 )

      6. Removes iron deficiency Bhatta

      In diagnosing many diseases, the subsidiary serves to complete iron deficiency in the body. Those who regularly deal with it are not facing serious problems due to iron deficiency. According to a study it has been confirmed that there are some special types of corn in which iron is abundant. Please say that the risk of anemia due to iron deficiency remains ( 10 )

      7. Anemia Relieves Chickens

        Anemia Relieves Chickens


      It is known that iron deficiency causes anemia 10 ). At the same time, taking a roast may reduce iron deficiency in the body. In addition to iron deficiency, vitamin B12, folic acid or any serious illness can also cause anemia ( 11 ). At the same time, iron occurs abundantly with folic acid / folic acid along with iron, which may be helpful in removing anemia ( 1 ). Keeping the heart using fried

      The preparation of sweet corn increases the amount of antioxidant in it, which significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease (19459022) 5 ). At the same time, the insoluble fiber in it works to control the amount of extra cholesterol in the body ( 8 ). This also greatly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease 9 )

      9. Correct the use of corn through the milling process

      There is an abundance of insoluble fiber found in corn or corn, which also helps in weight loss as well as in the smooth functioning of the digestive process 9 12 )

      Cholesterol control from corn

      Cholesterol is not detected in corn ( 1 ). At the same time, the special thing is that the ferulic acid present in it works as antioxidants that can be effective in controlling the amount of cholesterol in the body and reducing it ( 5 ) 13 ). In addition, corn silk (hair located above the scalp) also helps in lowering cholesterol levels ( 14 ). A Good Source of Corn Energy

      In addition to the antioxidant and nutrients in corn, there is also a heavy calorie intake ( 1 ). That is why it is considered a good source of energy. Using it helps keep your face active and agile. At the same time, due to the large amount of energy, people do not feel hungry long after they eat it ( 15 )

      12. Useful for Alzheimer's disease

        Useful for Alzheimer


      Talk about the benefits of eating corn so that corn or corn can be very useful in Alzheimer's disease. The reason is that Vitamin-E is present in it. Please note that Vitamin E plays an important role in Alzheimer's disease ( 16 ). Bone Health

      The benefits of eating corn include bone health. Soluble fiber in corn is more beneficial to bone health ( 17 ). At the same time, calcium is found directly in corn that works to strengthen the bones ( 1 )

      14. Physical Abilities

      In a study conducted on the benefits of corn, the researchers found that corn or peanut may prove effective in increasing physical abilities. The reason is that for any physical activity energy is needed, the main source of which is the carbohydrate. Since the article says that maize is a good source of carbohydrates, the absorption of mass glycogen increases with its intake. This may be useful for enhancing physical capacity ( 1 ) ( 18 )

      15. Nutritional ingredients such as vitamin A, B, D, E, zinc and iron are considered to be more important for better skin and hair health.

      All of these nutrients are present in corn. Therefore, it can be said that corn may be beneficial for better skin and hair health ( 1 ) ( 19 ) ( 20 ).

      We are now talking about the nutrients found in corn.

      The nutritional elements of corn – The nutritional value of corn in Hindi

      Through this table, below, it will be clear who is in corn Nutrients and their amount ( 1 ).

      9.42 g
      10.37 g
      10.37 g
      365 kcal
      7.3 g
      0.64 g
      7 mg
      127 mg
      Phosphorus 210 mg
      Potassium 287 mg
      Sodium 35 mg
      Niacin 3.627 mg
      Vitamin B6
      0.622 mg
      ] 0.49 mg
      Vita min [1 9659063] 0.3 μg Lipid fatty acid (saturated) 0.667 g Fatty acid monosaccharide 1.251 g
      Fatty acid (polysaccharide) 2.163 g

      found in corn After nutrition information, we are talking about its use. should not be used. Many people like to take corn flakes with milk while some drink it and drink it. If we talk about pop corn, then it can be eaten as a snack anywhere, anytime. Also, we are talking about a solid and strong diet, and then in the winter corn bread is eaten with chaw.

      In the next article we will tell you two simple recipes for corn that you can easily do in the house. (19659103) 1. Sweet Corn Curry

        Sweet Corn Curry


      • Two Teaspoons Butter Oil
      • Teaspoon Mango Lutenitsa
      • Bake the beans in the first well
      • Place the roasted beans in a separate dish.
      • Now mix the caraway powder with butter and mango lutenica
      • Later roasted Dissolve the paste of granules of corn

      2. Mashed Sweet Corn ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

      Masala Sweet Corn ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />



      • Barley Corn (if required)
      • Teaspoon Butter
      • Remove the beans from boiled corn in the pot
      • Then put a spoon of butter into it.
      • Then add seasonings to taste according to taste.
      • Now everyone is fine together Stir with him
      • After mixing you have to eat it

      We are now talking about damage caused by corn.

      Corn Damage – Side Effects of Corn (Bhutta) on Hindi

      Although the benefits of eating corn are abundant, some of them have disadvantages. It should also be addressed.

      • As already mentioned in the article, corn is a good source of high fiber content. Therefore, you should know that excess fiber can cause problems such as stomach pain, stomach inflammation and constipation. Therefore, experts advise adults to take between 25 and 30 grams of fiber per day (1964). However, in some cases, maize is produced from pelargos (vitamin B-3 deficiency) in the body. The gluten found in corn also causes the cause of skin allergies in many people 21 .

      Now you have corn or You may have learned well about the use, benefits and disadvantages of eating. you have been informed that there is more benefit from corn than loss.This use in many serious illnesses is not only helpful but can relieve you of the burden of medication.Therefore, Bhatta can be included in his diet.Depending, that you only consume it in a limited amount This article will help you control many serious diseases. किसी भी प्रकार के सुझाव और सवालों के लिए आप नीचे दिए कमेंट बॉक्स के जरिए संपर्क कर सकते हैं.

      संबंधित आलेख

      भिंडी के 11 फायदे, उपयोग और नुकसान – Lady Finger (Okra) Benefits, Uses and Side Effects in Hindi

      भिंडी के 11 फायदे, उपयोग और नुकसान – Lady Finger (Okra) Benefits, Uses and Side Effects in Hindi

      Bindhi has its own place in vegetables, which are mainly found in every Indian cuisine. There are many healing properties of a small green gram to taste. It acts as a medicine for many diseases. In this article with stylecraig we will show the advantages of the frog with healing properties. Also share ways to use it with you.

      We started the article with the benefits of a whiskey lady.

      Benefits of Bindy – Benefits of Lady Finger in Hindi By the way, everyone knows He eats as a vegetable for the taste of Bhindi but has ever thought of the benefits of the accounting finger. It is full of important nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, antioxidants and fiber ( 1 ). All of these nutrients help you in different ways. Tell us what are the health benefits of ladybugs


        Shutterstock </p>
<p>  Bhindi is rich in carbohydrates, fiber, proteins and natural antioxidants. Because of the antidiabetic and antihyperlipidemic properties found in it, he can control diabetes. Therefore, for people suffering from diabetes, Bhindi may be the best diet (<a href= 1 ), ( 2 )

      2. For Large Digestive Force

      Leaves, high volume fibers are found along with nutrients like folic acid, thiamine, pyridoxine, vitamin-A and vitamin-c in francs. Fiber is very useful for our digestive system. By improving the digestive system with the help of the lady's finger, many problems such as constipation and gas are disgusting. Controlling excess cholesterol is included in the beech properties ( 3 ). Healthy Heart

        Heart Healthier


      There are two types of fiber in beech, soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber helps reduce serum cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease. At the same time, this disease helps keep heart health by increasing immunity. Insoluble fiber helps to easily remove stools through the intestine ( 4 ) ( 5 ). Useful for Cancer

      You can also use ram to avoid cancer. Especially to avoid colorectal cancer, you need to include the ladybird in your diet. Research has shown that beans contain antioxidant, neuroprotective, anti-diabetic, anti-hyphaepodic and anti-wear properties. All these qualities help you protect yourself from cancer. Breast cancer can also be treated with lectin present in the lens ( 6 ). Sage Constipation

      The benefits of the lens are also for the treatment of diseases. Bhhdi is rich in fiber, which makes the chair soft by absorbing water. Therefore, beef can be consumed under constipation. Also, a type of oily substance is found in the lady's finger, which acts as a lubricant in the intestine to easily remove stools 7 . Removing Ophthalmic Disorders

        Shutterstock [19659908] Bhindi is considered to be a major source of vitamin A. When this nutrient is beneficial for the formation of white blood cells, there is a need for eye health and good illumination (<a href= 8 ). Eating cough can also be avoided with eye cataracts ( 9 ). To increase weight, effective

      Bhindi is known for low calorie and highly soluble fiber. Burning the starter in your diet will strengthen the digestive system. For people who want to weigh, the amount of fiber can be very useful. Fiber breaks down the food comfortably and provides a lot of energy. This seems less fast and helps to reduce weight. Therefore, Bhindi is considered one of the vegetables you can add to your diet to lose weight ( 10 ) ( 11 ). Controlled blood pressure

      Sedium, found in the beard, protects the body from exposure to blood pressure by controlling blood pressure ( 10 ). Inside sodium there are electrolytes that play an important role in controlling blood pressure in the body ( 12 ). Useful during pregnancy

        Useful during pregnancy


      The leaves are in sufficient quantity in a franc ( 8 ). At the same time, folate is necessary for the healthy development of the fetus during pregnancy. The baby may have neural tube defects due to lack of folic acid in the pregnant woman's body. It can affect brain brain and spinal cord ( 13 ). Therefore, folate is useful for both the fetus and the pregnant mother ( 14 ). By taking the right amount of folic acid before and during pregnancy, the baby can be protected from spina bifida, ie. congenital defect of the spinal cord ( 15 ). There is a lot of urgency. In this case, the iron found in the nipples is useful for the development of the child. It also helps with red blood cells ( 16 ). Useful for healthy skin

      Eating okay, your skin can be healthy and shiny. It contains nutrients such as Vitamin-C and Vitamin-A, which help in the growth of healthy skin cells. You can also put onion on your face. Maintains the moisturizing cells of the skin so that the skin remains soft and tender ( 8 ), (19459033) 17 ). For soft and dense hair

        For soft and dense hair


      Bhindi is rich in vitamin A, C and K. There are other essential nutrients including calcium and potassium 8 ]) that are useful for hair growth. Using this can help moisturize dry hair and get rid of dandruff. 18 )

      Now know about the nutrients found in the nipples. Nutritional Element – Nutritional value of lady's finger in Hindi

      You might have known that different types of nutrients are found in queen daughters. We now say that the amount of each nutritional content in the beans (19459037) 19 ) 20 ):

      Value Calories 33 Calories 1.5%
      Carbohydrates 7.45 g 5.4%
      Proteins 3.2 4% Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
      ] 23 m Vitamin A 36.5% 19659035] Vitamin A Vitamin A Vitamin A Calcium 82 mg Sodium 7 mg 0.5%
      19659035] 0.58 mg 5.5%
      Carotene-ß 225μg 19659046] –
      ] –

      Knowing the nutrients, know how we use ladybug

      Using ladybug – How to get he use lady's finger (BAMI) Hindi [19659004] Bindi with medicinal properties can be used in various ways. Here we describe his two recipes:

      1. Roasted Crispy Beans

        Roasted Fresh Beans [19651110] Shutterstock </p>
<p>  <strong> Ingredients: </strong></p>
<li>  500g Fresh Fries </li>
<li>  1 teaspoon of lemon juice </li>
<li>  1 teaspoon of garlic powder </li>
<li>  1 teaspoon of salt </li>
<li>  half a teaspoon of onion powder </li>
<li>  One fourth spoon of senen (more or less to taste) </li>
<li>  teaspoon ground pepper </li>
<p><strong>  Method of preparation: </strong></p>
<li>  Wash and wash the beans and Preheat the forest 47 degrees Fahrenheit. </li>
<li>  Then place the oven in the oven to warm it up. </li>
<li>  Make the paste by adding the remaining ingredients to the whole bowl in a large bowl. Shake the lady's finger in the well. Then put the paste on the baking pan, put the baking sheet. </li>
<li>  Then put the lady's finger in the oven and bake it for 25 to 30 minutes. Slowly rotate each lady at a 15-minute interval. </li>
<li>  Serve with the sauce or the lute, when the beans are golden, brown and crunchy. </li>
<h3>  2. </li>
<li>  2 teaspoons of oil </li>
<li>  2 teaspoons of oil </li>
<li>  2 teaspoons of powdered milk </li>
<li>  2 teaspoons of powdered red chili </li>
<li>  1 teaspoon of cumin seeds [1 9659128] half a teaspoon of asaphotide </li>
<li>  1 teaspoon of coriander powder </li>
<li>  Method of preparation: </strong></p>
<li>  cumin and asafetry, chin, </li>
<li>  Then add the chopped potatoes and fry for a while. Mix the chopped beans again </li>
<li>  Leave it cooked for 5 to 10 minutes. </li>
<li>  After baking well, add red chili powder, turmeric, coriander powder and salt. Potato vegetables are ready. </li>
<p>  Not that ladybug is useful, it can also cause some damage. Let's know what his losses are. At the same time, consuming more can reduce the loss of lady's finger in this way: [1959903] Skin lesions may occur: </strong> The skin may be injured due to exposure to the enzyme called proteolytic <a href= 21 ]) Cause of kidney stones: In Bhindi there is a normal amount of compounds called oxalates. High blood pressure can cause kidney stones. If you suffer from kidney stones, then Bhindi can spoil your health 22 .
    • Stomach problems: Eating too many grams may affect some people. Bindy is rich in carbohydrates. Due to excessive intake, it can cause problems such as diarrhea, gas, seizures and swollen intestines ( 23 ). The risk of blood clots may increase due to: It is found. It is used to thicken the blood in the body ( 24 ). Those who consume blood-related medicines should take Bhindi Yani Vitamin-K by asking the doctor. Taking both together, blood clots begin to form in the body, which may be harmful to health.

    You may not have known about so many qualities of Bhindi before. Now the next time you eat beef, remember the grain properties. Ladyfinger will be beneficial for your health as well as for improving the taste of your mouth. We hope that after reading this article, those who do not like a ladies' dress will start eating it. You can contact us via the comments box below to know other information or suggestions on the benefits of beans.

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    If you are concerned about the blackness of your lips, read this article. (The rules of the dark lips of Hindi) In this we tell you to remove the blackness of your lips and get some simple homework tips that will make your beauty even tense. Benefits Of Rice And Home Remedies – Onion Hair Care Onion Juice

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    19659903] The cabbage is a tasty food that you can eat in a variety of forms. The cabbage can be eaten raw, boiled, steamed or roasted. Find out how you can add cabbage to your diet –

    • You can eat cabbage by making your own vegetable.
    • You can drink the cabbage soup by making the soup.
    • You can also use fast food restaurants like noodles and macaroni.
    • You can drink cabbage juice for better health and beverages.

    Once you know the quality of cabbage, nutrients and use, let us know further. About the loss of cabbage

    Cabbage damage – Side effects of cabbage on hindi

    Leaves cauliflower is a curative vegetable that can work to get rid of many body problems, but excessive intake can cause the following problems – Leaf cabbage is considered a good source of potassium, but high levels of potassium can cause hyperhaliaemia. This is a medical condition that is the cause of high potassium levels in the body. There may be problems such as breathing, nausea, vomiting and chest pain due to hyperhaliaemia 6 ), ( 27 ). The source is, but excessive fiber consumption can cause inflammation in the stomach and abdominal cramps ( 7 ), ( 28 ). Know the benefits of eating cabbage. It is a curative vegetable that can be found in the daily diet and find different physical benefits. However, the serious side effects of its consumption have not been observed, but if there is any problem with taking, contact your doctor. I hope this article, written on cabbage, will prove useful to you. For any suggestions or questions related to the article, please contact us through the comments box below.

    20 Removing dark circles under the eyes – how to remove Dark Circles of Hindi

    Due to the dark circles under the eyes, your beauty seems colorless. Learn about the dark circles of Hindi in this article. Do not forget to read this article …

    Fasting 12 Benefits, Use and Disadvantages of Cabbage – Benefits of Cabbage (Patta Gobhi), Uses and Side Effects of Hindi appear first on STYLECRAZE .

    बिच्छू बूटी (बिछुआ पत्ती) के 10 फायदे, उपयोग और नुकसान – Nettle Leaf Benefits, Uses and Side Effects in Hindi

    बिच्छू बूटी (बिछुआ पत्ती) के 10 फायदे, उपयोग और नुकसान – Nettle Leaf Benefits, Uses and Side Effects in Hindi

    This article by StyleCrage hardly anyone knows what we're giving you information about. We talk about the scorpion loot, that is, nettle leaves. Some people may be aware of nettle leaves, but most people do not know the benefits of scorpions. In this article we will tell you not only the benefits of the scorpion, but also give you information on how to use a scorpion.

    Before you get to know the benefits of scorpions, you'll share specific information about it with you below.

    What's special about Natals and their leaves, like scorpion boots?

    Netls, who are also called Natal Leaf, Scorpion Buty and Bichua Patti. Its scientific name is urtica dioica. It is known for its healing properties and has been used as a medicine for many years. This prey rises to the place where there is excessive moisture. You can get some types of Natal in forests or on river basins and roads ( 1 ). It can cause irritation or tingling in the body, but the nutrients contained in it are good for health.

    These plants are grown mainly in Mexico, Italy, Nepal, India, China, Russia, the Netherlands, North America and are found in parts of Africa. Some specimens, especially the stinging beetle (Urtaika dioka), come out and have tapered hair on the arial section. Some of them are also stings, which is why they are called Bishop Butti ( 1 ).

    Another interesting member of this family is the Eritika Uranus Urtica urens, which is small. They are also called nettles or dwarfs. If it comes into contact with the skin, it can cause skin irritation or blistering. It is usually seen near the ranges of the fences, along the edge of the roads, along the canyons, gardens, and vegetables ( 2 ).

    ) Now it's possible to know the benefits of the scorpion. It will give you information about this in the next part of this article.

    Scorpion Boat Benefits – The Benefits of Nettle Honey

    Scorpions of the Boats have many kinds of nutrients, which may be helpful in many ways. Let's know how you can get the benefits of scorpion boots.

    1. Advantages of scorpion boots for heart and liver

      Benefits of scorpion boots for heart and liver


    If you talk about the benefits of scorpions, it is useful for the heart and liver. Using ethanolic scorpion extract, the use of atherosclerosis can be avoided. Atherosclerotics is a type of cardio-associated arterial problem. There is a risk of heart attack or other heart disease ( 3 ). Not only that, scorpion boots also have hepatoprotective effects that can prevent liver problems ( 4 ). Benefits of Scorpion Boots for the Prostate

    If serious diseases are discussed, then the growth of the prostate is also one of them. Prostate cancer or prostate cancer can be fatal. This is a gland that increases with the age of the man, but if there is an excessive increase, prostate cancer may be at risk. It is important to keep this in mind. If you have to protect against prostate cancer, then scorpion boots can be of great help. This may prevent excessive prostate enlargement, but still to be investigated ( 5 )

    3. Advantages of scorpion for fever, asthma and allergies

      Benefits of scorpion boots for fever, asthma and allergies


    Today, the problem of temperature or allergy is common as time changes. Using scorpion boots in this situation can be very useful. The most relieved are allergic-related changes, such as wounds and problems with it, i. E. nose bleeding, itchy nose and fever ( 6 ) ( 7 ). Not only that, the anti-asthmatic and anti-inflammatory properties present in scorpion boots can also alleviate the problem of asthma ( 8 ) 9 ). Scorpion Butt

    for menstruation, PCOS and reproductive problems, menstrual period, i. periods are a natural process for women every month. This, however, is more for someone and less, but sometimes some women have irregular periods and some have excessive bleeding. In this case, after a doctor's advice, scorpion can be used as a medicine. This may alleviate the problem of excessive bleeding 10 )

    Moreover, due to changes in lifestyle nowadays, PCOS problems are increasing with women every day. Scorpion boots have anti-androgenic properties that can reduce the symptoms of PCOS ( 11 ).

    Women have used various medicines for reproductive problems. , Including scorpion boots ( 12 ). However, no specific evidence has yet been found about how useful it is for reproductive problems. Before using it, it is better to consult a doctor once.

    5. Scorpion Shoes for Filling Wounds and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

      Fur Scots and Scorpion Boots for Anti-Inflammatory Properties


    People use home remedies and Ayurvedic medicines for injuries or wounds. If you talk about a medicine, scorpion boots are a good solution for wounds and injuries. The hydroalcoholic extract found in scorpions may be useful for wound healing. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can be useful in wound healing ( 10 ). Not only that, it can also ease the burning wounds ( 13 )

    6. Advantages of scorpion for blood pressure

    Most people have high blood pressure, ie. Some people take medicines for high blood pressure. In such a situation, the use of nettle leaves, i. scorpion boots under the supervision of a doctor may be helpful. It has the properties of antihypertensive (i.e., antihypertensive), i. blood pressure lowering ( 14 ) ( 15 ). You still use it only by asking your doctor and those who have low blood pressure, ie. low blood pressure, do not consume it.

    7. Plump with scorpion with anti-ulcer properties

    Stomach problems such as acidity, abdominal pain and many other problems are common and one of them is the problem with ulcers. This problem is due to improper eating habits, which are often serious. In this situation, the consumption of Natal Leaf can get some relief. Anti-ulcer properties are present in scorpion boots, moreover, it can provide release from acidity. Not only does this have an analgesic that can relieve the pain ( 16 ) ( 17 ). Natal Leaf for Osteoarthritis

      Natal Leaf for Osteoarthritis


    Age is common in some physical problems and osteoarthritis is also one of them. This is a type of arthritis and many people worry about it. There is also a problem with pain and swelling of the joints, especially on the knees, wrists and other joints of the body. In this situation, Natal Leaf can be helpful. Its anti-inflammatory properties may provide relief for arthritis but still require specific evidence (19459030) 18 ) ( 19 ) 20 )

    9. Scorpion Butt for Skin

    When leaves of scorpion leaves come into contact with the skin, it can cause skin irritation, rash, prick or itching. You may be surprised to hear that, however, Natal Leaf can be used for skin problems such as eczema and herpes (19459030) 18 ) ( 22 ). Then take the doctor's advice after using it as not everyone is the same. Of course, it is not suitable for anyone's skin.

    10. Advantages of hair scorpion boots

    The desire for healthy, beautiful and dense hair is almost everybody, and at the same time due to lack of pollution and care, the child begins to decay and become lifeless So many people resort to Ayurvedic medicines and some prescriptions, one of which is Scorpion Buty, which can be used as a traditional hair medicine, and according to a study, some other herbal items can be used in combination with bottoms (19459038) 23 ), and the nettle can also be prevented from the problem of baldness ( 24 ). the scorpion's benefits, we tell you what nutrients are present in it Nutritional elements of the scorpion nut – Nettle leaves Nutritional Value of Hindi

    Nettle leaves do not make any decision by listening to his name because it is a treasure of nutrients. If you are not sure, check out the list below.

    Nutrient content in the leaves of Natal
    Nutrient Unit Size of portion (1 cup 89G)
    Water KJ (Kcal Calorya) village 0.10 0.10
    ash 1.81
    ] [Village] 0.22
    Calcium Milligram 428
    RAM 1.46 [19659052] Magnesium Milgrama Phosphorus Millman. Zinc Mg
    Copper Mg [1 9659050] 0.068
    Magnesium Mg 0.693
    19659045] Mill 0.007 Mill 0.007 Mg 0.142
    Niacin Mg [1 9659050] 0.345 , 19659045]
    Bethine [19659045] 19.0
    vitamin A, RAE Mg 90
    carotene, beta microgram A, IU [196 IU 3718
    IU 1790
    IU IU 443.8

    Let us now know the use of scorpions. If the use of scorpion boots will be done properly, then you will only get the benefits of scorpion boots.

    Using Scorpion Boots – How to Use Hindu Nettle Sheets

      How to Use Hindu Nettle Sheets


    As we were told at the beginning of the article, scorpion boots are also called Cuttlefish leaves. It can shake the body from touching it. Thus, the question of how to use scorpion boots should have come into your mind. Therefore, below, we give you information on how to use scorpion boots.

    • You can include Natal in the salad. Boil these leaves gently and boil in salted water and then add them to the salad.
    • In addition, you can also take scorpion capsules by asking the doctor.

    He can eat.

    ब्रोकली के 19 फायदे, उपयोग और नुकसान – Broccoli Benefits, Uses and Side Effects in Hindi

    ब्रोकली के 19 फायदे, उपयोग और नुकसान – Broccoli Benefits, Uses and Side Effects in Hindi

    As you all know, vegetables and fruits are good for our health. One of these is broccoli, which can be useful for your health. Through consumption you can get rid of many types of illnesses. This brochure article tells you about broccoli, broccoli benefits and the broccoli method

    Before you get to know the benefits of broccoli, we give you information about what brokered.

    What is Broccoli – What is Broccoli on Hindi

    Broccoli is a type of vegetable we use for eating. This vegetable belongs to cauliflower, but its taste is different from cauliflower. The name of broccoli comes from the Italian word Broccolo, which means that the cauliflower has many advantages of broccoli. The consumption of nutrients in the body can take place.

    Why are broccoli good for your health?

    Protein, calcium, carbohydrates, iron, vitamin A and broccoli, and many other types of foods. 1 ). The nutrients available in broccoli can help with heart problems, eye problems, digestive problems and diabetes problems and other similar issues. In the next article, we describe the type of broccoli

    Broccoli Species – Types of Honey Broccoli

    Here we give you information about broccoli, how many species are they and how it looks.

    1. Calabrian Broccoli – This broccoli is named after the famous city of Calabria, Italy. Its upper part is dark green. It is grown in freezing days or in a cool place
    2. Broke Bros. – Brokeback Rebe is also known as Brokley Rob. He is leafed like spinach.
    3. Broccoflower – It's more like broccoli and more like cauliflower. Its taste is like some cauliflower.
    4. Broccoli with germination – its upper part is sprawled and has several stems.
    5. Gaya-lan) – It is also known as Chinese broccoli. It is long and leafy and is more nutritious than normal broccoli
    6. Purple cauliflower – Purple broccoli is also a type of broccoli. It has a purple color. Used much more in America and Europe

    Since you've read the broccoli types, we're now telling you about the benefits of brokers.

    Broccoli Benefits – Benefits of Broccoli Hindi

    1. Benefits of Broccoli for the Heart

       Benefits of Broccoli for the Heart


    Due to lack of enough nutrients in the body, heart problems arise. Selenium and glucosinolates are found in excess in broccoli. Both can keep your heart healthy by increasing the amount of protein in your body ( 2 ). If you do not broil, then put it in the eating chart and take advantage of broccoli so your heart stays firm.

    2. Benefits of Broccoli Cancer

    There may be many causes of cancer and millions of rupees are spent on his treatment, but do you know that using broccoli can save you from cancer? Broccoli has a compound called sulfurane, which can play an important role in preventing cancer. You can also spray the broccoli and eat the disease as a cancer ( 3 )

    3. Benefits of Broccoli for Weight Loss

       Benefits of Broccoli for Weight Loss


    Weight-loss and event-sharing depend on your eating habits. Feeding fatter and externally, weight gain has become a common phenomenon. In this case, the weight of the broccoli can be relieved from the weight problem. Broccoli has vitamin C and an antioxidant that can help reduce fat ( 4 ). So eat broccoli and lose weight. Along with eating broccoli, it is important to pay attention to regular exercise and proper eating habits.

    4. Benefits of Broccoli for the Liver

    Elevated fat in the liver increases the problems associated with the liver. Liver may stop working. In this case, the sulphurafen found in broccoli can prevent fatty liver problems but can not have any effect on fatal diseases such as liver cancer (19459023) 4 ). So use broccoli for healthy liver.

    5. Bronts for Bones and Teeth

      Bronts for Bones and Teeth


    Due to lack of nutrition, bones and teeth begin to weaken and, unless there is a big problem associated with it, we do not even know about it. shows. Broccoli contains abundant nutrients such as vitamin K, calcium, potassium and magnesium, which can be useful for bones and teeth 5 )

    6. Broccoli for eyes

    Eyes are essential parts of our body and as nutrients in the body also need nutrients. There is no shortage of people whose eyes spoil at an early age. Even children get glasses. In this case broccoli may be useful to them. Broccoli has properties such as lutein and giazantin, which are considered to be the most effective nutrients for the eyes. This prevents your eyes from losing weight ( 6 ), then eat broccoli and raise your eyesight.

    7. Broccoli for the Brain

       Broccoli for the Brain


    The problem of forgetting the child or the elderly is annoying everyone. Some children do a lot of research on the exam but forget about everything in the exam room. This problem continues to grow as well as aging. The treatment of this problem is also hidden in broccoli. Broccoli has different types of vitamins and its consumption reduces oxidative stress. For this reason, broccoli can help to strengthen your memory ( 7 ). Therefore, do not forget to eat broccoli

    8. Advantages of Broccoli in Pregnancy

    It is important to get enough nutrients in the body during pregnancy. If this is not the case, then the baby can be a victim of malnutrition. Even his life may be in danger. Therefore, taking broccoli during pregnancy may be beneficial to pregnant women because broccoli contains large amounts of vitamins, sulphurfen and proteins that keep you fit and fit even during pregnancy (19459031) 8 With that, you understand that broccoli contains nutrients that support the health of both the baby and the mother.

    Note : During pregnancy, not everyone's health, so eat it.

    First consult a doctor. Broccoli for body detoxification

       Broccoli for detoxification of the body


    Today we mostly eat food outside the box. In some compulsions, some do it for some hobbies, but when they eat more, the toxic elements begin to freeze in our bodies. This can cause many physical problems. Broccoli consists of glucuronphanine, gluconsturin and glucuronosine (glucuronosine), which may be useful in the extraction of toxic elements from your body (19459034) 9 ). Therefore, broccoli should be taken more and more.

    10. For broccoli digestion

    Of course, the taste of junk food is good for everyone, but eating causes a deterioration of the digestive system. Therefore, there are problems related to the digestive system. In this case broccoli can help the digestive system. Broccoli contains glucosylates and vitamin C, which can help in the rapid absorption of food ( 10 )

    11. Broccoli for Diabetes

       Broccoli for Diabetes


    The diabetes patient is forbidden to eat a lot because they contain some elements that can increase the problem of diabetes. In this case, doctors can advise you to eat broccoli because the nutrients contained in it can help control the diabetes problem. Broccoli has antioxidant properties that help reduce blood sugar and oxidative stress ( 11 ). This is possible thanks to the fiber found in broccoli, which can help reduce diabetes.

    12. Broccoli

    for metabolism can affect your metabolic processes. If you do not eat on time, its effect is on your metabolism and does not change the food in the form of energy. Calcium and vitamin C are found in broccoli, which together can increase metabolic activity. Broccoli has fiber that acts to relieve stomach upset ( 12 ). It can be good for the body.

    13. Broccoli in allergy

      Broccoli in allergy


    There are many causes of allergies and one of the reasons is protein deficiency. Broccoli properties also include this property that contains more protein intake. Consuming it, the body gets enough protein and becomes an antioxidant in the cells ( 13 ). This way he can work on any type of allergy treatment.

    14. Multiple people get sick when they experience changes in time. If we are talking about green vegetables, broccoli is a good choice. Sulfurafen is found in broccoli ( 14 ). It works to increase the immune system in your body. The problem of getting sick can be reduced. So take broccoli and get rid of the disease

    15. Broccoli

    For men in the health of men, there are many men whose social life is better, but family life is not good. The reason is the lack of sexual abilities. In this case, the properties of broccoli can help increase your sexual health. Broccoli nutrients are important elements such as vitamin C and lycopene ( 15 ) ( 16 ). These men can improve sperm quality. From this, men's sexual life may be better than before

    16. Broccoli for the body's pH level

    pH levels become unbalanced in the body by not taking enough protein and vitamins. If you want to keep your body healthy, it is important to have normal levels of pH. This way you can count broccoli. This vegetable contains an alkali acid ( 17 ) ( 18 ) that can extract the acidic material from your body and balance the pH level

    17. Broken Aging Effect

      Broccoli for Aging Effect


    Often see wrinkles on the face with age increase. There are several ways to prevent the rapid growth of wrinkles, including broccoli vegetables. Sulfurfen is found in broccoli, which reduces the effect of aging 19 ) 20 ) I

    18 Advantages of Broccoli for the Skin

    Read about the many advantages of broccoli Do you know broccoli is also good for your skin. In fact, broccoli has vitamin C and sulphurane that can help keep your skin healthy ( 21 ) ( 22 ). Using it can get rid of skin problems.

    19. Advantages of Hair Brocades


    Due to the problem of hair loss and baldness, many times you seem to be older than your age. this means that adequate nutrition is required and they can be filled with green vegetables Broccoli must also be added to your food in green vegetables because vitamin C and vitamin C are found in broccoli They make their hair healthy (19459053] 23 )

    As you know the advantages of broccoli over Now in the next part we will tell about the nutritional ingredients in broccoli

    The nutritional ingredient of broccoli – The nutritional value of broccoli in Hindi

    There are many types of nutrients found in broccoli, these nutrients tell you through this chart ( 24 ). Food Price per gram Water 89.30 g Energy 34 Kcal Protein 2.82g Total lipids g Carbital 6.64 g Total dietary fiber 2.6 g 19659080] 1, 70 g 19659080] 0.73 mg Magnesium Magnesium [21659080] Potassium K 316 mg Sodium Na 33 mg Zinc Zinc 0.41 mg Vitamins Total Ascorbic Acid of Vitamin C 89.2 mg thiamine 0. 071 mg 0.117 mg 0.117 mg Niacin 0.639 mg Vitamin-B6 0.175 mg Vitamin-A RAE 31 μg Vitamin-A IU 623 IU Vitamin-E (alpha-tocopherol) 0.78 mg ] 19659080] 0.14 g Total monocyclonated 0.031 0 IU 0 IU g Fat Total 0.000 mg 0.000 mg 0.000 mg Fatty Total 0.112 g [19] 659081 Hindi


    Of course, ब्रोकली के बारे में जानकारी विस्तार में मिल गई है, लेकिन अगर ब्रोकली बनाने की विधि सही है, तभी ब्रोकली के फायदे आपको पूरी तरह से मिलेंगे.

    • ब्रोकली को सब्जी की तरह खाया जा सकता है. इसे चिकन और अंडे के साथ भी मिलाकर बनाया जा सकता है.
    • आप ब्रोकली का सूप बना सकते हैं या फिर इसे उबाल कर भी खाया जा सकता है.
    • ब्रोकली की सलाद भी बनाई जा सकती है. फिटनेस के शौकीन इसे सलाद के रूप में उपयोग कर सकते हैं.
    • ब्रोकली को अंकुरित करके भी खाया जा सकता है.
    • अगर ब्रोकली को पास्ता और नूडल्स में मिक्स किया जाए, तो इससे न सिर्फ उनका स्वाद बढ़ता है, बल्कि जरूरी पोषक तत्व भी मिल जाते हैं

    अभी आपने ब्रोकली के उपयोग पढ़े. आगे हम ताजी ब्रोकली को चुनने और उसे लंबे समय तक सुरक्षित रखने के टिप्स बता रहे हैं.

    ब्रोकली का चयन कैसे करें और लंबे समय तक सुरक्षित कैसे रखें?

    • ब्रोकली को सब्जी मंडी से खरीदना चाहिए, क्योंकि वहां सब्जियां प्रतिदिन लाई जाती हैं. ताजी सब्जी में प्रोटीन व विटामिन भरपूर मात्रा में पाए जाते हैं, जो आपको स्वस्थ प्रोटीन वाला के लिए सकते हैं. इस प्रकार ब्रोकली के लाभ अधिक होते हैं.
    • सुपर मार्केट या फिर किसी दुकान से ब्रोकली खरीदते समय ध्यान रखें कि उसकी पत्तियां हरी हों और उनमें कीड़ा न लगा हो.
    • ऑर्गेनिक ब्रोकली का चुनाव करें, यह आपके स्वास्थ के लिए ज्यादा लाभदायक होगी.

    अभी आपने ब्रोकली के चुनाव के बारे में पढ़ा और अब आगे हम ब्रोकली के नुकसान के बारे में जानेंगे.

    ब्रोकली के नुकसान – Side Effects of Broccoli in Hindi

    • ब्रोकली क अधिक मात्रा में सेवन करना आपके लिए हानिकारक हो सकता है, क्योंकि इसमें फाइबर की मात्रा अधिक होती है. इसके कारण पेट की समस्या हो सकती है ( 25 ). [19659136] ब्रोकली से कुछ लोगों को एलर्जी भी हो सकती है ( 26 ). [19659136] गर्भावस्था में ब्रोकली का सेवन कम मात्रा में करें.

    This is a great way to get your hands on a good night's sleep. अगर आप इसका सही मात्रा में उपयोग करेंगे, तो आपको ब्रोकली के फायदे जरूर मिलेंगे. इस लेख में ब्रोकली के बारे में दिए जानकारी से आपको इसे सही तरीके से सेवन करने के बारे में भी पता चल गया होगा. इसलिए, अब जल्द से जल्द ब्रोकली को अपनी डाइट में शामिल करें. साथ ही अपने अनुभव नीचे दिए गए कमेंट बॉक्स के जरिए हमारे साथ जरूर शेयर करें. अगर आपके पास भी ब्रोकली से जुड़ी कोई जानकारी है, जो इस लेख में नहीं दी गई है, तो उसे भी आप हमारे साथ शेयर कर सकते हैं.

    संबंधित आलेख

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