Best Preppy Clothing Brands For Women

Protective Style? What does that mean? This is one of those outfits that are pretty familiar, but we do not know what it is called? Preppy is the original of the classic style, something that started in the Ivy League schools and soon found its way into fashion houses. Of course, if there is something worth exploring, brands will make sure they are made and optimal. Just to guide you to what is a revised style like Lakoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Crocodile and others. They are all examples of prestigious brands. But there are other possibilities and we will look at it today.

Popular branded clothes

1. Lilly Pulitzer

  Lilly Pulitzer

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She is from the resort town and has created a dress that suits her insights – just because no one else has done it. And before we understood it, the world had a predisposed brand to die. Do you know how some brands resonate with you? You know it when you wear Lily – one for quality and two for the hidden signature that Lilly leaves in every piece. There are Lilly Pulitzer's colorful, printed and cut patterns, with pink being the defining element. It's a luxury brand, but nothing is stereotypical, and that's what makes it different. Tote bags, dresses, phone cases, accessories, shoes, bags or anything else – we all need at least one Lilly Pulitzer in our closet

2. Wine Vineyards

<img class = "aligncenter wp-image-452094 size-full" src = "" alt = "Who knew he grew up in Martha's vineyard every year, will he so much be with these brothers that one day they will come out of their desk and a few drinks later will get a big idea?" Today the brand is a partner of the official style of Kentucky Derby Polo team.Vineyard Vines makes fashionable and prestigious clothes for men, women and children in addition to the accessories.If you love the sea, sand, sailing or water, this style will set you – you should own at least a piece of VVs and probably will not go back

3. Ralph Lauren

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<img class = "wp-image-452095 size-full" src = "" alt = "Ralph Lauren -content / uploads / 2018/05 / Ralph-Lauren.jpg "alt =" Ralph Lauren is the original trademark that lost its way during the trip, but the new CEO of the company is inclined to correct this. It is also confusing for its customers due to all sub-brands – however, Ralph Lauren's Polo has a huge customer base and real lovers know that this collection will add value to their wardrobe – so they will invariably find them as a sporting RL as a boss. So, if you head to the garden, take Ralph Lauren and you will be a happy soul

4. Lacoste

If you are in preppy style or want to start with this, you should start with a classic Lacoste Polo T-shirt and that means you did it right. Lacoste began his 1929 trip to the tennis court when it was not all. But the crocodile logo of Polo T-shirt took the lead, and before we knew it, it began to sound like a replica like nothing else. Lakos redefined or rather defined the idea of ​​women wearing T-shirts and dresses and presented a brilliant idea of ​​how to make a prestigious style. We are forever grateful!

5. J. Crew


If you did not know, Crook is ready, but for many reasons it is completely meaningless. While we do not have to get into these details, we know about the fact that he is ready and good in it. Like many brands, he has seen the lion's share of good and not so good times, but every time he falls, he's back on track with all his might. With its muted shades, hambra and bands as the focal point of the project, J. Crew has a huge loyal customer base.

6. Marley Lilly

Marley Lilly is a unique online copy shop and monogram for everyone who is in personalized gifts. But unlike other big names, its price point is what sets ML apart. The preferred style has just become so much more accessible and entertaining.

7. Escapada Living

& # 39; Escapada & # 39; means escape in Spanish, which also describes his story and clothes. Falling clothing is a beautiful combination of tropical and sun-stretched clothing. With endless silhouettes and classic charm, it slowly turns into a global brand, while retaining its rightful South (Charleston) roots. Before, fun, colorful and elegant – Escapada Living will put it in the wardrobe.

8. Lucky Knot ” width=”500″ height=”650″ />

Lucky Knot ” width=”500″ height=”650″ />


Do you know how incredible it would be to have clothes to transport you from the beach, the dinner and the bar? The blunt knot does and serves just that. There are a number of prestigious brands that predominantly have a military feel for them, which is a big part of the precious clothing – and so some of us can never get enough of them. Although there is little outside presence in Virginia, it is growing strongly online. But if you're in the area, sign in or check the online collection

9. Lauren James

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